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A Mother's Love Ch. 05

 — Mom and son have a getaway with Darcy. by Leetah05/23/084.60HOT

A Mother's Love Ch. 06

 — Mom, son and girlfriend have a lovely time. by Leetah05/29/084.61HOT

A Mother's Love Ch. 07

 — A newcomer has joined the lovers. by Leetah06/05/084.51HOT

A Mother's Love Ch. 08

 — Mom & Darcy visit an adult shop, with surprising results. by Leetah06/13/084.42

A Mother's Love Ch. 09

 — Mom has a lovely time of mild BDSM with son and girlfriend. by Leetah10/01/084.62HOT

A Mother's Love For Her Son

 — How a mothers plans can be turned around! by Mummys_Wet03/11/133.69

A Mother's Love in 1949 Ch. 01

 — Shy son comes of age still a virgin. Mom has a plan. by Borntolust07/02/154.43

A Mother's Love in 1949 Ch. 02

 — To Carol, to Mrs Gaffney, back to Edna. Mom's plan works. by Borntolust07/09/154.58HOT

A Mother's Love in 1949 Ch. 03

 — Carol and Edna, Lucy loves her Mom. by Borntolust07/16/154.64HOT

A Mother's Love in 1949 Ch. 04

 — Cynthia teaches, Lucy seduces. by Borntolust07/25/154.68HOT

A Mother's Love in 1949 Ch. 05

 — Edna, Carol and Lucy. Mrs Gaffney too. by Borntolust08/06/154.68HOT

A Mother's Love in 1949 Ch. 06

 — The women get together. Plans are made. by Borntolust08/20/154.68HOT

A Mother's Love in 1949 Ch. 07

 — Rick joins the women. by Borntolust09/25/154.68HOT

A Mother's Love in 1949 Ch. 08

 — Planning begins. Rick is home for Christmas. by Borntolust10/22/154.69HOT

A Mother's Love in 1949 Ch. 09

 — Love and marriage. by Borntolust11/06/154.62HOT

A Mother's Love Is The Best Love

 — I found the love of my life when I was in my forties: my son by WayneGibbous03/13/114.38

A Mother's Love Never Dies

 — Jasmine come backs to consummate her love for her son. by lovecraft6810/19/124.69HOT

A Mother's Lust

 — Mother surprises son on his 18th birthday. by storyteller195104/30/024.53HOT

A Mother's Lust

 — Mom discovers the thrill of being watched. by Nipplepump02/12/074.33

A Mother's Lust

 — Mom desperately wants to fuck her son. by MR0ROMANTIC01/05/153.66

A Mother's Lust

 — Mom is lusting after her sleepwalking son. by BigPappy4205/02/174.17

A Mother's Memoir Ch. 02

 — Mother's journal recounts her deflowering. by Risktaker4809/15/124.65HOT

A Mother's Milk

 — Did she have other motives in mind? by dateingagain11/12/114.38

A Mother's Milk Ch. 02

 — A Mother's Perspective. by dateingagain12/14/113.92

A Mother's Milk Ch. 03

 — A Mothers Perspective. What the fist fuck felt like. by dateingagain12/28/114.25

A Mother's Milk Ch. 04

 — A Mothers Milk Update. by dateingagain11/08/124.16

A Mother's Mistake

 — Mother has sex with her son. by FarmGirlJill07/22/104.37

A Mother's Mistake Ch. 02

 — The rest of a mom's story about her first time with her son. by FarmGirlJill04/16/124.53HOT

A Mother's Nasty Craving

 — Slut mother seduces her son and daughter. by craverandscarlett01/17/164.46

A Mother's Needs

 — Mom gets caught. by Momstheboss07/10/144.35

A Mother's Needs Ch. 02

 — A mother is caught by son. by Momstheboss09/04/164.18

A Mother's Needs Satisfied

 — A young man is made to watch his mother be defiled. by CuckSon23708/11/163.48

A Mother's New Love For Her Son

 — A story about mother/son love. by subpup10/30/014.49

A Mother's Nurture

 — An unhappy wife sneaking her son into the garage. by PanzerFeck08/30/164.51HOT

A Mother's Obsession

 — Cadice can't get her son's cock out of her mind. by Drakon6606/24/174.57HOT

A Mother's Only Option

 — Mom is there to provide 'extensive' care for your 'sickness'. by darkblaze01207/22/103.59

A Mother's Passion

 — More of what you crave the most. by Nipplepump03/07/074.42

A Mother's Perversion

 — She wants her son to cause her pain by parabolus05/24/104.09

A Mother's Plan

 — A daughter is seduced by her stepfather. Brother joins. by NTsarina12/03/144.17

A Mother's Point of View

 — A mother and her son change together at the pool. by WinterIsCumming04/26/164.15

A Mother's Pride

 — Mum catches her son in a compromising position. by TightsManUK07/15/124.39

A Mother's Pride Ch. 01

 — Matt shocks his mother about his lack of experience. by GeorgieH12/09/144.61HOT

A Mother's Pride Ch. 02

 — Hannah joins her mother and brother's nylon passion. by TightsManUK09/08/124.47

A Mother's Pride Ch. 02

 — It's the next day and Matt learns it's really happening. by GeorgieH12/13/144.60HOT

A Mother's Pride Ch. 03

 — Mum and son continue - even when aunt Maisie shows up. by GeorgieH12/17/144.54HOT

A Mother's Pride Ch. 04

 — They take the fun to a hotel - but then there's a phone call. by GeorgieH12/20/144.46

A Mother's Promise Ch. 01

 — Bobby discovers sister's and mother's panties. by Pro_Ball_Player08/08/064.45

A Mother's Promise Ch. 02

 — Bobby masturbates in front of his mother. by Pro_Ball_Player08/09/064.71HOT

A Mother's Promise Ch. 03

 — Turnabout is fair play; he pleases her & she shows him. by Pro_Ball_Player08/12/064.75HOT

A Mother's Promise Ch. 04

 — Panties on the brain. by Pro_Ball_Player02/18/074.67HOT

A Mother's Promise Ch. 05

 — Mom asks son to put on a masturbation show. by Pro_Ball_Player02/21/074.69HOT

A Mother's Promise Ch. 06

 — Mother licks up Bobby's cum & gets carried away. by Pro_Ball_Player02/26/074.70HOT

A Mother's Promise Ch. 07

 — Tenderly, Bobby and his mom find a way. by Pro_Ball_Player03/09/074.73HOT

A Mother's Promise Ch. 08

 — Mother prepares Bobby for what's coming. by Pro_Ball_Player04/10/074.71HOT

A Mother's Promise Ch. 09

 — Bobby gets his first taste of submission. by Pro_Ball_Player04/11/074.69HOT

A Mother's Promise Ch. 10

 — Mother dresses son in panties; they masturbate together. by Pro_Ball_Player04/13/074.69HOT

A Mother's Promise Ch. 11

 — Mother grants Bobby's strap-on wish. by Pro_Ball_Player04/19/074.52HOT

A Mother's Promise Ch. 12

 — Mother makes love to Bobby with the strap-on by Pro_Ball_Player04/23/074.61HOT

A Mother's Promise Ch. 13

 — Bobby's Sister sees him masturbating. by Pro_Ball_Player07/15/074.63HOT

A Mother's Promise Ch. 14

 — Mother strips Bobby in front of his sister. by Pro_Ball_Player07/23/074.63HOT

A Mother's Promise Ch. 15

 — Mother leaves Bobby's sister in charge while she goes out. by Pro_Ball_Player07/27/074.60HOT

A Mother's Promise Ch. 16

 — Mom strips Bobby in front of his aunt. by Pro_Ball_Player12/08/074.63HOT

A Mother's Promise Ch. 17

 — Mom and aunt prepare Bobby for his 'procedures'. by Pro_Ball_Player12/15/074.63HOT

A Mother's Promise Ch. 18

 — Bobby's journey intensifies with mom, aunt and Erika. by Pro_Ball_Player12/27/074.73HOT

A Mother's Revenge Ch. 01

 — Sheryl finds her husband and daughter having sex. by 1sickbastard01/01/114.35

A Mother's Revenge Ch. 02

 — Sheryl puts her plans into action and seduces her son. by 1sickbastard01/08/114.45

A Mother's Revenge Ch. 03

 — Jimmy plays along to discover his mom's game. by 1sickbastard02/13/114.54HOT

A Mother's Revenge Ch. 04

 — Mom & son have a date and discover sister's secret. by 1sickbastard02/16/114.64HOT

A Mother's Rival for Her Son

 — She finds sexual happiness, then loses it. by oldnhorny09/11/094.31

A Mother's Rival for Her Son Ch. 02

 — She feels the distance is getting greater. by oldnhorny09/26/094.44

A Mother's Rival for Her Son Ch. 03

 — Mom finally meets her rival. by oldnhorny10/03/094.52HOT

A Mother's Sacrifice

 — What mum gave up she is really missing. by Zorro6910/19/064.46

A Mother's Sacrifice

 — Joanne uses her body to heal her son and herself by lovecraft6806/16/124.75HOT

A Mother's Sacrifice

 — Nikki returns home from her first semester of college. by Sinstories12/13/174.56HOT

A Mother's Scorn

 — Mother gives son more than he bargained for. by Orac10/25/014.26

A Mother's Secret Needs Ch. 1

 — Morally-upright wife & mom succumbs to dark urges. by ShadowLord03/18/014.43

A Mother's Secret Needs Ch. 2

 — Suzy vows to never sin with Jack again. by ShadowLord04/14/014.57HOT

A Mother's Secret Needs Ch. 3

 — Suzy & Jack enjoy a month of forbidden lust. by ShadowLord09/26/014.56HOT

A Mother's Secret Needs Ch. 4

 — Revelation. by ShadowLord05/24/024.44

A Mother's Secret Needs Ch. 5

 — The conclusion at last. by ShadowLord03/29/034.51HOT

A Mother's Seduction

 — Mom's sexual reawakening by her son & his girlfriend. by Writerotic03/31/084.25

A Mother's Seduction

 — Mother turned on by college son. by ronnie1112/06/084.42

A Mother's Seduction

 — Frustrated mom can't stop herself...and seduces her son. by Cutestarr6511/29/154.38

A Mother's Seduction Ch. 02

 — Cathy goes all the way. by ronnie1112/09/084.52HOT

A Mother's Seduction Ch. 03

 — Mother decides to ask her friend to join them. by ronnie1106/29/094.51HOT

A Mother's Seduction Ch. 04

 — Lisa takes it all the way in her ass. by ronnie1107/06/094.56HOT

A Mother's Seduction Ch. 05

 — Two Cougars tease without mercy. by ronnie1107/16/094.53HOT

A Mother's Seduction Ch. 06

 — Bringing someone new into the group. by ronnie1111/29/094.57HOT

A Mother's Seduction Ch. 07

 — Jealousy, and a new girl joins the harem. by ronnie1101/27/104.57HOT

A Mother's Seduction or Love?

 — Mother and son story. by Momstheboss04/27/134.20

A Mother's Sin

 — Mom discovers son's a horny pervert! by venomlegions04/22/134.13

A Mother's Sin Ch. 01

 — The temptation begins. by cindyexposed06/18/144.40

A Mother's Sin Ch. 02

 — The next day. by cindyexposed06/19/144.51HOT

A Mother's Sin Ch. 03

 — Gary climbs into my bed, uninvited! by cindyexposed06/20/144.61HOT

A Mother's Sin Ch. 04

 — I am in real trouble. by cindyexposed06/21/144.63HOT

A Mother's Sin Ch. 05

 — We head home after the funeral. by cindyexposed06/28/144.57HOT

A Mother's Sin Ch. 06

 — Our big date. by cindyexposed06/29/144.67HOT

A Mother's Son

 — Mother teaches son to become a lover. by Satin and Lace04/27/084.28

A Mother's Tail

 — Father wants to watch but gets more than he bargained for. by bumblegrum11/04/134.48

A Mother's Tale

 — Mom tells the story of first time with her sons. by Lillyflower7212/03/014.26

A Mother's Tale

 — Fantasy crosses a line for her son. by Emmah03/23/034.18

A Mother's Touch

 — Mom is none too embarrassed by her son's masturbation. by MichaelRoberge03/30/014.37

A Mother's Touch

 — Mother's injury brings her daughter closer. by Many Feathers01/16/094.64HOT

A Mother's Touch Ch. 02

 — How a mother can be caring to a helpless son. by riganut06/26/074.45

A Mother's Trap

 — Mom gets son Jon to seduce her. by gamma3305/17/014.11

A Mother's View

 — Mother gives in to her son's forbidden desires. by NaughtyRoma08/24/024.38

A Mother, Her Son And A Webcam

 — She grows jealous of her son's new hobby. by ahungson07/11/064.36

A Mother-in-law's Surprise

 — She certainly could have taught her daughter how to fuck. by Wes9909/17/134.32

A Mother’s Night Out

 — Gray takes his mother out dancing. by BlackSnake08/16/054.13

A Mothers Love

 — Daughters offer perplexes her mother. by Whats_next_2_the_Moon04/23/144.29

A Mothers Love For Her Son

 — Mother helps me through a difficult time. by dateingagain03/15/114.34

A Mothers Mistakes

 — Chris watches Mom with her lover. by rgjohn03/22/054.77HOT

A Move to Daddy's

 — College student moves back with father by Van99902/13/034.26

A Move to Daddy's Ch. 02

 — Daddy wants more than rent. by Van99902/15/034.58HOT

A Much Needed Houseguest Pt. 01

 — Her brother-in-law needs a place to stay for a few days. by Niki_Montana07/20/164.52HOT

A Much Needed Houseguest Pt. 02

 — The morning after, and he's not done with her. by Niki_Montana07/23/164.36

A Mutual Learning Experience

 — Liquor gives mother courage to seduce son. by Borntolust08/27/134.42

A Mutual Learning Experience Ch. 02

 — David and His Mother continue their explorations. by Borntolust09/06/134.53HOT

A Mutual Learning Experience Ch. 03

 — David and Mother expand their horizons. by Borntolust10/21/134.55HOT

A Mutual Learning Experience Ch. 04

 — David and Mother and Aunt Janet by Borntolust10/28/134.57HOT

A Mutual Learning Experience Ch. 05

 — Weekend with Janet continues, Edith? by Borntolust11/23/134.61HOT

A Mutual Learning Experience Ch. 06

 — Aunt Edith joins the group. by Borntolust12/03/134.59HOT

A Mutual Learning Experience Ch. 07

 — All together again, then Uncle Earl gets involved. by Borntolust12/19/134.60HOT

A Mutual Learning Experience Ch. 08

 — Michelle learns about her family. by Borntolust01/05/144.61HOT

A Mutual Learning Experience Ch. 09

 — Michelle back home with Mike...and Rachel. by Borntolust01/13/144.67HOT

A Mutual Learning Experience Ch. 10

 — David and Mother enjoy new thrills, Edith too. by Borntolust04/05/144.62HOT

A Mutual Learning Experience Ch. 11

 — Martha and Ruth arrive. Caught. by Borntolust07/02/144.60HOT

A Mutual Learning Experience Ch. 12

 — Ruth and Martha tell their story; Mother and Martha connect by Borntolust07/06/144.70HOT

A Mutual Learning Experience Ch. 13

 — Interesting times. A family merger? by Borntolust07/12/144.71HOT

A Mutual Learning Experience Ch. 14

 — Major events. by Borntolust10/15/144.68HOT

A Naive Bride

 — She knew nothing of marriage life, so brother-in-law teachers her. by sirajahmed1010/18/074.51HOT

A Naive Curiosity Ch. 01

 — A father is confronted by his naive twin teenagers about sex. by PoeticAvarice06/06/124.17

A Naive Curiosity Ch. 02

 — Lesson 2: Give as good as you get. by PoeticAvarice06/07/124.34

A Naive Curiosity Ch. 03

 — Dad teaches with a more hands-on approach. by PoeticAvarice06/14/124.39

A Naughty Desire for Daddy

 — Lisa yearns for older men, even her father! by Lisa_cums06/08/013.97

A Naughty Desire for Daddy Ch. 2

 — Daddy and Uncle punish Lisa. by Lisa_cums06/12/013.78

A Naughty Girl for Mommy

 — Mom makes her son her "daughter". by MrStiffyTwo02/16/144.29

A Naughty Little Moment

 — Text messaging leads to some naughty fun. by MisterAnderson09/11/084.65HOT

A Naughty Little Moment Pt. 02

 — Mother and Son continue naughty fun. by MisterAnderson05/18/104.52HOT

A Naughty Niece

 — Sonya try to teach Uncle Jake a less, but the tables turn by DdysAngelFace09/14/024.28

A Naughty Niece

 — His niece is visiting. by EdwardSimms12/06/123.91

A Need Fulfilled

 — He longed for his mother's love. by BlueInfidel03/22/074.50HOT

A Needful Mother

 — Mother needs help from her son. by black saphire05/24/074.47

A Needy Step-Sister

 — She needs help but then so does their mother. by erinsisle02/25/144.29

A Nephew Come to Stay

 — Sexual nephew conquers his aunt, ready to do same to cousins. by markydaysaid07/25/124.17

A Nephew Come to Stay Ch. 02

 — A sexy stud ruins his cousin's life. by markydaysaid04/18/133.86

A Nephew's Story

 — Young aunt and nephew find love with each other. by bmunchausen12/11/094.59HOT

A Nephew's Visit

 — John's stay promts his aunt's sexual lust to explode. by GreenLover04/25/034.31

A New Ability

 — A teenager learns he can stop time, and hot trouble ensues. by prankster34502/17/153.96

A New Beginning

 — Kristy's road to happiness takes many different turns. by ANNE24010/11/034.74HOT

A New Beginning

 — Father makes a discovery about his wife & son. by rjohnson09/13/034.35

A New Beginning

 — Mother and son resume their relationship. by btraven12/21/073.92

A New Beginning Ch. 01: Erudition

 — A brilliant scientist and father must fix his mistake. by AeternalDreamer10/09/174.28

A New Beginning Ch. 02: Tidings

 — The further adventures of scientist Jules Stevenson. by AeternalDreamer10/11/174.43

A New Blue Bikini

 — Ethan helps Mom & sister find a swimsuit that fits. by jallen94405/05/014.18

A New Boss In The House

 — Son take over as boss of the house. by Satyriasis6908/02/013.43

A New Chapter for Janie & Brian

 — Janie rendezvoused w Brian right under her daughter's nose. by AugMilf07/10/144.09

A New Dawn

 — An orphaned niece moves in with her LAPD detective uncle. by chunks07/17/114.70HOT

A New Dawn Ch. 02

 — An orphaned niece moves in with her LAPD detective uncle. by chunks08/30/114.75HOT

A New Dawn Ch. 03

 — An orphaned niece moves in with her LAPD detective uncle. by chunks09/17/124.79HOT

A New Dawn Ch. 04

 — An orphaned niece moves in with her LAPD detective uncle. by chunks11/25/124.81HOT

A New Dawn Ch. 05

 — Johnny Rand goes into battle again. by chunks09/08/134.84HOT

A New Dawn Ch. 06

 — Ass Night. by chunks07/07/154.82HOT

A New Dawn Ch. 07

 — What the fuck do I do now? by chunks12/25/174.54HOT

A New Day Dawns

 — A brother and sister's unconditional love. by LuthienEllesar10/01/064.40

A New Depth of Intimacy

 — Boyfriend wants to play with girlfriend's sister. by ricksouza10/25/093.77

A New Domination Ch. 03

 — New players enter the game - with new excitements. by bumblegrum05/07/134.64HOT

A New Family

 — A Mother gets close to her son. by Rickfromillinois01/29/154.22

A New Family Beginning Pt. 01

 — A new sexual beginning. by flashgordon56200610/12/174.42

A New Family Beginning Pt. 02

 — Two families get together. by flashgordon56200610/15/174.47

A New Family Beginning Pt. 03

 — The new beginning. by flashgordon56200610/20/174.43

A New Family Summer Tradition

 — Stepmoms are not always evil... by JR_Bourne10/13/174.17

A New Family Summer Tradition Ch. 02

 — Cindy shows what real stepmom love looks like... by JR_Bourne11/24/174.33

A New Family Therapy

 — Ricky and Kelsie's mother introduce a sexy therapist at home. by PenLightStories08/04/174.41

A New Fantasy Ch. 01

 — Guy in early twenties discovers a new fantasy. by subguyts12/24/133.60

A New Found Love

 — He impregnates his own sister to save her marriage. by charms7511/09/064.31

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