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Annes Possessions Ch. 01 - Slaves Obtained (4.19)Anne submits her husband next day is a date with coworker. BDSM 03/13/24
Annes Possessions Ch. 02 - Getting Ahead (4.70)Anne moves across the country to support her husband's dream.  Hot BDSM 03/17/24
Annes Possessions Ch. 03 - Tee is formed (4.63)Anne explores more of Tee's submission, begins the journey.  Hot BDSM 03/18/24
Annes Possessions Ch. 04 - Tee is Property (4.77)Anne sorts out property, orders jewelry and Jade is bought.  Hot BDSM 03/19/24
Annes Possessions Ch. 05 - Anne and Jade (4.60)Tee rests while Anne and Jade shop, Anne makes a friend.  Hot BDSM 03/20/24
Annes Possessions Ch. 06 - Yoga, Jewels (4.56)Anne displays four instead of two. Lori brings a surprise. BDSM 03/21/24
Annes Possessions Ch. 07 - Size Matters (4.30)Anne goes shopping, plays golf, Ian gets a vagina. BDSM 03/22/24
Cheer Camp 1 Tryouts Day 01 (4.38)Girls dream of being on Ron's cheer squad. extreme measures. BDSM 03/25/24
Cheer Camp 2 The Offer (3.92)The girls start with a special offer from Ron. BDSM 03/31/24
Cheer Camp 3 Teammates (4.64)Ron chooses his fifteen and keeps the two to party with.  Hot BDSM 04/01/24
Cheer Camp 4 Graduation (4.42)Most of the team goes to an NIL party. Two go to a poolparty. BDSM 04/02/24
College Besties (4.54)Best friend caught in dorm being naughty.  Hot BDSM 05/14/23
College Besties Building Commences (4.65)Lisa gets the house furnished and builder on it.  Hot BDSM 05/22/23
College Besties Business Starts (4.28)Promise aquired and Promise accepted. NonConsent/Reluctance 05/19/23
College Besties Moving out of dorm (4.24)Lisa gets a home and moves her girls out of the dorm. BDSM 05/17/23
College Besties Start of a Business (4.24)The slaves are put into a system. Will it pay? BDSM 05/18/23
College Besties Studio Building (4.44)Lisa has Jill oversee the studio build out for the business. BDSM 05/22/23
College Besties Virginity for sale (4.55)Lisa gets the virgins prepared for the auction of the hymen.  Hot BDSM 05/23/23
College Besties Warm The House (4.27)The house is occupied now they play. BDSM 05/17/23
Daisy and Cora Ch: 2 Part Series
Daisy and Cora Ch. 01: Moving into Papa's (4.13)Daisy and Cora are starting college and need a place to stay. Incest/Taboo 03/23/24
Daisy and Cora Ch. 02: Parties for Girls (4.57)The girls serve at a Poker Party then play at a Pool Party. BDSM 03/24/24
Gang Ho (3.93)Gang dispute settled through submission combat in gym. BDSM 05/13/23
Jim's Girls Ch: 10 Part Series
Jim's Girls Ch. 01: Learning on a Curve (4.40)Jim returns to college and treats two sophmores respect. BDSM 12/14/23
Jim's Girls Ch. 02: Naming and Claiming (4.58)Jim takes his girls as pets and puts them in the yard.  Hot BDSM 12/15/23
Jim's Girls Ch. 03: Moms and New Suits (4.56)Jim's Pets Moms Come for the holidays and new suits.  Hot BDSM 12/16/23
Jim's Girls Ch. 04: Moms in Suits (4.70)Jim's Pets and thier Mothers as Pets.  Hot BDSM 12/17/23
Jim's Girls Ch. 05: Lost Bet and Ponies (4.55)Jim takes the girls to a weekend at Anne's Ranch.  Hot BDSM 12/19/23
Jim's Girls Ch. 06: JP's Homecoming (4.41)Jim takes Pain Slave back home with JP to clean house. BDSM 12/20/23
Jim's Girls Ch. 07: Defined Roles (4.59)Jim gets the roles around the mansion more defined.  Hot BDSM 12/21/23
Jim's Girls Ch. 08: Almost Pony Showtime (4.50)Jim takes two to Anne's to watch his ponies and new players.  Hot BDSM 12/22/23
Jim's Girls Ch. 09: Ponies Compete (4.43)The ponies compete, a boy loses his virginity, and Jim wins. BDSM 12/23/23
Jim's Girls Ch. 10: Realtor Secured (4.64)Jim begins Pete's training and secures a realtor.  Hot BDSM 12/24/23
Julie is a Slut Ch: 4 Part Series
Julie is a Slut Ch. 01: After Beatdown! (4.46)Julie went to a beach party. Rival beats her down. BDSM 09/14/23
Julie is a Slut Ch. 02: Agrees to Forever (4.39)Julie agrees to permanent Slave Slut servitude to Anya. BDSM 09/15/23
Julie is a Slut Ch. 03: Mary Joins (4.54)Julie's Mom joins Anya and is tested!  Hot BDSM 09/16/23
Julie is a Slut Ch. 04: Enter the GangBang (4.39)Julie and Mary participate in a gangbang for Anya's pleasure. BDSM 09/17/23
Majoring in Human Sexuality (4.38)Finding ones self while studying for a Masters degree. BDSM 06/10/23
Miss Finny's School for Girls: 4 Part Series
Miss Finny's School for Girls Ch. 01 - Vivian (3.98)Vivian's mother wants Miss Finny to straighten her life up. BDSM 12/26/23
Miss Finny's School for Girls Ch. 02 (4.21)Ms Finny gets girls on track, Misty arrives. BDSM 12/27/23
Miss Finny's School for Girls Ch. 03 (4.40)Miss Finny gets Victoria on track at a party. BDSM 12/28/23
Miss Finny's School for Girls Ch. 04 (4.21)Miss Finny gets a shot at Aba then the maids learn to throat. BDSM 01/01/24
Mistress Sicily Ch. 01 - Taking Francine (4.53)Sicily identifes Francine as submissive and take possession.  Hot BDSM 02/18/24
Mistress Sicily Ch. 02 - Ranch Business (4.26)Francine submits fully and the ranch does business. BDSM 02/19/24
Mistress Sicily Ch. 03 - Clean up after (4.65)Sis returns and cleans up and total submission of Joys.  Hot BDSM 02/20/24
Mistress Sicily Ch. 04 - Stag Party (4.00)Sis and Slut plan then execute a batchelor party for Jim. BDSM 02/21/24
Mouse to Goddess: 3 Part Series
Mouse to Goddess Ch. 01 (4.46)Jenn, dumpy teenager joins Marine Corp and finds her nemesis. BDSM 08/19/23
Mouse to Goddess Ch. 02 - Pet, Slut, Slave (4.38)The Pet submits. The Slut arrives and an artist submits. BDSM 08/20/23
Mouse to Goddess Ch. 03 (4.41)The submission of Pet and Slut becomes complete R.O.D. comes. BDSM 08/21/23
Mouse to Goddess Ch. 04 - Sluts Pets ROD (4.42)The Marine Dominant does the right thing gaining submissives. BDSM 09/05/23
Mouse to Goddess Ch. 05 - Mom Cums (4.54)Jenn's Mom gets VRBO to look for new home.  Hot BDSM 09/06/23
Mouse to Goddess Ch. 06 - Mother Daughter (4.30)Mom and her wife come to help Jenn find a house. BDSM 09/07/23
Mouse to Goddess Ch. 07 - Jenn Wins Again (4.69)Jenn moves into her house and takes a pet to prom.  Hot BDSM 09/08/23
Mouse to Goddess Ch. 08 - Tom's Present (4.50)Jenn gives Tom a gift and no good deed goes unpunished.  Hot BDSM 09/09/23
Mouse to Goddess Ch. 09 - Rod Plays a Game (4.00)Jenn's R.O.D. is used as prize for Greta's game. BDSM 09/10/23
Mouse to Goddess Ch. 10 - Victory Party (4.67)Jenn gives the Defense of the team a victory party.  Hot BDSM 09/11/23
Pool Party (3.95)The step daughter and her friends have a pool party. Incest/Taboo 08/06/23
Ron's Cheer Girls Ch: 4 Part Series
Ron's Cheer Girls Ch. 01: Poker (4.38)The girls serve at the final poker party for a cruise. BDSM 04/03/24
Ron's Cheer Girls Ch. 02: Cruise (4.83)The top five of the poker party plus June get to the cruise. BDSM 04/04/24
Ron's Cheer Girls Ch. 03: Dinner (4.57)The top five of the poker party plus June get to the cruise. BDSM 04/05/24
Ron's Cheer Girls Ch. 04: The Captain (4.83)Captain's arousal seen by Bill and she reports for duty. BDSM 04/06/24
The 7th Ward (3.64)Life altering events for two athletes in New Orleans. NonConsent/Reluctance 04/21/23
The Debtor: 2 Part Series
The Debtor (4.49)Unpaid Gambling debt gets a couple a new life. BDSM 05/25/23
The Debtor Ch. 02 - Post Surgery Training (4.55)Bess takes Inga's training and applies it.  Hot BDSM 06/08/23
The Debtor Ch. 03 - Major Life Changes (4.42)Bess digs into the Bank deeper creating a new life. BDSM 06/09/23
The Debtor Ch. 04 - Bess's House Fills (4.74)Bess is building her house and getting ready for a big day.  Hot BDSM 06/10/23
The Debtor Ch. 05 - Streamlining for Bess (4.42)Twins go home, Trixie is revealed post op. New homes found. BDSM 03/17/24
Wasp: 6 Part Series
Wasp 01: Captured and Submission (4.40)Spark has been captured. Wasp goes to save her mother. BDSM 03/02/24
Wasp 02: Maria Softens the Heroines (4.50)Maria breaks Spark, learns about Blue and takes a pet. BDSM 03/03/24
Wasp 03: Getting in Shape and War (4.20)Maria claims two prisioners. The girls get into shape. BDSM 03/04/24
Wasp 04: Moving Day (4.50)Wasp's mother revealed and Maria moves to the country. BDSM 03/05/24
Wasp 05: Ponies Dressed, and Ridden (4.56)Maria gets the ponies in tack and trains to cart ride. BDSM 03/06/24
Wasp 06: Her Main Riding Pony (4.44)Maria goes for a ride and selects her main mount. Now babies. BDSM 03/07/24
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