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Karen Visits The Toy Box

 — Salesgirl convinces Karen to make best purchase. by lisabest6907/21/024.37

Karen's First Year Ch. 01

 — Karen discovers secrets about new boss and his girlfriend. by MastrStoryTeller11/17/104.42

Karen's Mail

 — An unusual letter arrives. by svengali7209/15/104.29


 — 18-year-old gives herself her first orgasm. by bisexplicit04/16/054.36

Katie the Whore Ch. 02

 — Katie continued her adventure with Henry. by Mixedwritings199302/13/114.33

Katie's New Job Ch. 02

 — The morning after the night before. by Gareth7701/23/083.65

Kayla's Unexpectations 02 - Vibrations

 — Her first experience with the little toy. by ms_distinctive02/02/114.54HOT

Kaylee Visits A Friend

 — Kaylee visits a friend from the net. by bandito_slim08/24/064.14


 — Two friends see in the New Year. by Prudo01/08/094.42

Kelly Does Herself By The Book

 — She explores uncharted territory. by Moonlight_3302/19/014.09

Kelly's Afternoon

 — Kelly needs to take care of it - company or not! by mike62wi05/29/053.99


 — Kelreigan masturbates to the red headed cashier. by Hecksithia05/20/122.25

Ken and Raven Ch. 04

 — Raven finds what she needs. by ShyMagpie05/11/144.50

Kendra's Fantasies

 — Bored housewife creates her own fun. by mmebutterfly01/16/053.60

Kerri's Seduction Ch. 01

 — Kerri's journey begins. by IRonMan7807/18/123.73


 — A young lady learns. by Juspar Emvan04/13/023.95

Kim Chronicles Ch. 01

 — Kim finally gets that new toy in the mail. by JessicasBaggerBoy05/31/033.56

Kink with Coffee: The 1st Cup

 — Night shift nookie with a naughty nurse. by Neonurotic07/17/14

Kinky Secrets

 — A young lady pushes herself with toys and desires. by pvclook05/22/124.45

Kinky Secrets Ch. 02

 — A young lady pushes herself with toys and desires. by pvclook05/25/124.39

Kinky Secrets Ch. 03

 — Dildo play and pushing to extremes. by pvclook10/07/124.40

Kinky Secrets Ch. 04

 — Pushing toys and myself to the limit. by pvclook10/08/124.44

Kinky Secrets Ch. 05

 — Finding limits and living with dildos. by pvclook10/14/124.48

Kinky Secrets Ch. 06

 — Getting used to being plugged. by pvclook10/15/124.44

Kinky Secrets Ch. 07

 — Being expanded and well and truly fucked. by pvclook10/24/124.31

Kinky Secrets Ch. 08

 — Being scared and plugged in public. by pvclook11/04/124.51HOT

Kinky Secrets Ch. 09

 — Fuller by the day and looking extreme. by pvclook11/05/124.34

Kinky Secrets Ch. 10

 — Can I take more and do friends help? by pvclook11/06/124.29

Kinky Secrets Ch. 11

 — Waiting for release. by pvclook11/13/124.48

Kinky Secrets Ch. 12

 — Getting close to bursting. by pvclook11/14/124.40

Kinky Secrets Ch. 13

 — Free at last! by pvclook11/15/124.24

Kinky Secrets Ch. 14

 — Getting the equipment was going to be fun. by pvclook11/20/124.49

Kinky Secrets Ch. 15

 — Strange devices and restricted. by pvclook11/21/124.41

Kinky Secrets Ch. 16

 — The toys are out but is that a good thing? by pvclook11/26/124.47

Kinky Secrets Ch. 17

 — Using the doll.. but whis being used? by pvclook12/03/124.69HOT

Kinky Secrets Ch. 18

 — The dildo is big and buttplug is bigger. by pvclook12/07/124.56HOT

Kinky Secrets Ch. 19

 — Getting more involved with the mannequin. by pvclook12/14/124.46

Kinky Secrets Ch. 20

 — Wearing a live corset and taking things further. by pvclook12/19/124.50HOT

Kinky Secrets Ch. 21

 — Trying to fix things makes things worse for her. by pvclook12/24/124.58HOT

Kinky Secrets Ch. 22

 — The fucking from the mannequin was not what she bargained for. by pvclook12/29/124.52HOT

Kinky Secrets Ch. 23

 — Tables are turned as mannequin takes control. by pvclook01/16/134.53HOT

Kinky Secrets Ch. 24

 — Can I do without Daddy and the monster dildos? by pvclook02/10/134.53HOT

KinkyVixen's Diary: The New Toy

 — She can't wait to put that baby to work! by kinkyvixen01/21/104.23

Kissing Cathy

 — She shares the taste of her man. by catsguy206/20/064.53HOT

Kissing Cathy Ch. 02

 — Cathy has Mike put on a show for Jen. by catsguy208/14/064.67HOT

Kissing Cathy Ch. 03

 — Cathy shows Mike her toy. by catsguy204/18/074.50HOT

Kissing Cathy Ch. 04

 — Cathy and Mike make movies for each other. by catsguy210/09/074.62HOT

Kissing Cathy Ch. 05

 — Mike and Cathy have phone sex with Jen by catsguy207/13/084.67HOT

Kissing Cathy Ch. 06

 — Carl joins the fun. by catsguy209/28/094.57HOT

Kissing Cathy Ch. 07

 — Cathy takes Carl with her strap on. by catsguy210/14/104.66HOT

Kissing Cathy Ch. 09

 — Carl plays while Cathy sleeps. by catsguy207/03/124.62HOT

Kissing Cathy Ch. 10

 — After breakfast, the guys give Cathy what she really wants. by catsguy206/13/134.60HOT

Kitten Cums to the Lounge

 — Master takes Kitten to the lounge locked into a new toy. by TrainMe2BGood01/11/143.82

Kitten's Forbidden Fun

 — Kitten plays with herself despite strict orders not to. by imaginos01/08/073.49

L and Me Ch. 02

 — A shower fantasy for you. by silentblackwater05/25/093.91

L'Affaire C. 12

 — After-effects of anal; masturbation about a nemesis. by sharkandpen11/09/104.44

La Playa

 — Self-pleasure on beach leads to pleasure for two. by Valet of Roissy09/18/044.12

Lab Partners

 — She wanted him and she got him. by cjhavoc05/02/123.98

Lady Harrington and I

 — Jocasta inspires me into giving her a very large donation. by water_side10/01/094.73HOT

Lakeside Cabin

 — A boys' weekend by the lake take an interesting turn. by boyswillbeboys02/13/154.53HOT

Lana & the Love Egg

 — Lana & her new boyfriend have fun with a remote control. by AllAboutlegs04/20/124.36

Laptop Sex

 — Alone and horny with my laptop. by WalterCie11/16/082.92

Last Day 01

 — Rebellion can feel so good, even if only you know about it. by Dry_wit06/23/101.00

Last Night

 — She's lucky to have such a partner. by Caliginous07/26/064.15

Last night's Dream

 — A beautiful vision with an unexpected interruption. by Raven_Tintagel03/06/093.00

Last Night's Masturbation

 — I retell how I make myself cum. by LadyOfDesirex07/20/143.83

Late At Night

 — He tells of his favorite pastime. by Jazzin5908/14/044.09

Late Night Call

 — A late night on the phone with her husband. by Sweetp2602/15/073.93

Late Night Fun

 — An unexpected visit from a friend. by misskelita06/16/133.72

Late Night Masturbation

 — When I can't sleep, I find something to occupy my mind. by NymphWriter06/25/144.04

Late Night Phone Call

 — An unexpected call while the husband is away. by Linypsi07/04/104.11

Late Night Rendezvous

 — A solo session has a surprise finish. by MsGinger03/17/093.97

Late Night Swim

 — Skinny dipping can be fun! by jestersqwest12/23/084.38

Late Night With Lisa

 — My freshman roommate comes home drunk... by princessbedhead09/09/134.19

Latex Panties

 — In bed with latex panties I have an accident. by rocketskate12/31/133.51

Laundry Room Fun

 — Just me and my dryer. by hblocalgrl09/25/104.36

Laura's Bet

 — Wife loses bet and has first experience with a toy. by sicpuppy07/03/104.00

Laura's Fruit and Veg Fun

 — Laura's frustration brings unexpected pleasure with fruit. by intimateoutlet02/13/154.22

Laura's Passion for Chocolate

 — Raven bar makes life bearable for a lonely woman. by adamuneven02/26/074.17

Lauren and Grey

 — Strangers meet and turn up the heat - series. by Greynyc11/12/074.29

Lauren and Grey Ch. 02.5

 — The saga continues. by Greynyc12/25/074.43

Lauren and Grey Ch. 03

 — The package. by Greynyc12/26/074.60

Le Semeur Ch. 01

 — A glimpse into the future. by andrewthefirst12/23/114.06

Le Semeur Ch. 02

 — Continuation of a glimpse into the future. by andrewthefirst12/29/114.14

Lea's First

 — Lea gets a new toy - and a first. by amatorytale01/14/054.61HOT

Lead Me

 — Wife masturbates for her husband. by SweetLissa01/28/084.04

Learning to Love Myself Ch. 01

 — Elain is a strange girl. Here's her story. by Mountain Rider06/16/054.63HOT

Learning to Touch Myself

 — A humorous look at a prude learning how to pleasure herself. by ClaudetteLauzon10/17/094.00

Leather and Chains

 — A lover's introduction to her new master (her perspective) by ownerandkitten10/06/133.60

Left Alone To Her Own Devices

 — ..and she had alot of them! by hayreebeeverluver03/06/083.71

Left to My Own Devices

 — Her shower becomes much hotter than expected. by Xeyda02/23/044.40

Leggy Mom and Leggy Daughter Ch. 02

 — Guy jerks off over Kelly's creamy thighs. by leggykathy08/15/124.36

Leigh Asks For (and Gets) More

 — Giving my lover's queen-sized pussy king-sized pleasure. by angryjimmy11/15/134.03

Lena's New Life Ch. 08

 — Lena has some alone time. by toomuchinmyhead03/16/124.50HOT

Lena's New Life Ch. 12

 — She scratches her itch. by toomuchinmyhead05/24/124.42

Lena's New Life Ch. 16

 — An intimate phone call brings them closer. by toomuchinmyhead06/19/124.19

Leo and Nature

 — Lonely man ritually sows his seed on mother earth. by 0ra11yfix8ed04/29/064.48

Lesson Plan

 — A hands-on course in learning to love. by Brandie6901/22/134.50HOT


 — Woman shows two guys how she uses her dildo by Tom D10/08/004.30

Lessons Learned Ch. 03

 — Inside the teacher's car. by Belle_in_south09/03/044.36

Let Go

 — Tension gets to everyone, eventually. by Otus de la Nuit03/19/033.97

Let Me See It

 — My buddy's wife wants to see my big cock. by Arkasha04/05/144.08

Lewd Nude Dudes

 — Whole new meaning to orientation. by vixen8807/19/092.00

Librarian Ch. 01

 — You'd be amazed what you will find here in the library. by MungoParkIII12/01/074.13

Life on the Run Ch. 01

 — First Encounters. by darkknight030702/18/104.14

Light-Headed and Unsuspecting

 — Her first time with herself. by druscilla_nesser11/12/064.13

Lil Bunny

 — Woman & her little stuffed bunny. by My Erotic Tail02/07/044.00


 — Fun for yourself can turn into fun for two. by EmeraldKitten09/05/104.30

Lindsay Learns Something New

 — A young woman learns about masturbation. by Dirty_Al11/20/124.49

Lingering Thoughts...

 — Maturbating while thinking of an ex-lover. by ZeldaHemingway02/14/054.31

Lip Smackers

 — Who knew Lip Gloss could be such fun? by Summery06/14/034.32

Lisa & Will & a Sybian

 — Lisa discovers an exotic toy. by PLJ11/13/043.49

Lisa's Guilty Secret

 — Housewife discovers internet porn... by adamzapple11/26/094.21


 — She masturbates to sounds of neighbours fucking. by sexy_sandrey12/09/094.08

Listening In

 — I listen in as my roommate comes home with a boy. by Loveofsound05/29/114.42

Little Minx Ch. 03

 — Bridget has her first experience with the Rabbit. by Goldeniangel11/21/054.51HOT

Little Pink Vibrator

 — Husband finds little pink vibrator and wife has big plans. by heartofdixie199204/21/124.44

Living Life on the Edge

 — Julia pushes herself to the limit, and pays the price. by julie_julia06/02/134.48

Lola Alone

 — Lola enjoys her own company. by clevergirlname07/15/133.57

Lonely Laura Takes a Bath

 — Laura is 24, single, and stressed. So she takes a bath. by MyPenIsMighty04/22/132.50

Lonely Lovin'

 — She pleasures herself on a lonely night. by Daish01/19/093.92

Loner's Fantasy

 — High school guy jerks to his dream girl, his teacher. by Sexy_Poet01/12/122.80

Lonesome Rain

 — The rain reminds me of the last time I saw him. by Kitty_Senpai10/20/075.00

Long Day At Work

 — She wishes it was your cock. by katlin696909/28/054.09

Long Day Wank

 — Story about my lover's masturbation after a long day. by Dumbobunny09/21/143.67

Long Distance

 — Phone sex with A D/s twist. by ablackerrberry07/13/044.00

Long Distance

 — Her video letter turns explicit. by onlyinadream07/18/044.50HOT

Long Distance

 — Her husband's been gone for almost six week and she's horny. by daniedevoe07/27/054.00

Long Distance Longing

 — Hope shows her boyfriend how much she misses him. by JamesSD06/21/054.27

Long Distance Lovin'

 — During a weekend apart, teen lovers indulge in phone sex. by Irin01/13/083.56

Long Distance Pleasure

 — A man and his wife talk and tease. by toomuchinmyhead07/18/124.29

Long Live TMF! Ch. 01

 — Passing on pleasures to the next generation. by SamScribble02/20/104.26

Long Missed Friend

 — Friends have fun even though they shouldn't. by Thoran01/02/064.16


 — A woman remembers a long lost friend late one night. by sleepy_pixie03/24/094.17


 — She thinks of him in the shower. by rrk22605/18/103.75

Look at Me

 — Watch her play with herself, she likes being watched. by Otazel01/24/114.58HOT

Look Closely But Don't Touch

 — She tortures him with revealing glimpses. by victoriawhita01/14/044.25

Loretta Lariat: Alone in the Wilderness

 — Transitional moments of self-exploration. by justtheone02/07/153.58

Lori Takes On...

 — Wife gives herself hard fuck while husband shoots away. by cwdag08/26/054.37

Lorna's Fantasy

 — Masturbational fantasy for a woman alone. by Tangledskein01/06/044.26


 — A descent into an obsessed madness. by flawed_ethics03/28/054.25

Losing My Hot Tub Virginity

 — A lady, a hot tub, and a wild orgasm. by Assignation04/13/054.03

Lost Between Fantasy & Reality

 — Young man fantasizes about his online lover. by BigBadWolfyBoy101302/23/114.25


 — After online chat session, she plays with lotion. by Wildflower8006/01/044.00

Love, Mjkhnds

 — A case of insomnia, cured. by SomeOneNew02/07/054.52HOT

Lover Man

 — An unfulfilled housewife with a fantasy lover. by SpankMeDaddy09/04/083.70

Lovers Kept Apart

 — Man fantasises about his lover overseas. by Distantfriend11/05/103.67


 — A long lost friend tickles Kim's fancy. by blackstallion2110/16/093.96

Lust in La Jolla Ch. 10

 — The girls react and start to adjust. by DITF04/01/104.74HOT

Lust Unrequited

 — The anticipation of tonight becomes too much. by MeanElf03/15/043.38

Lusting After Derek

 — Alison has a date - with her vibrator. by Alison Chains04/16/064.12

Lusting After Lisa Ch. 01

 — Man begins to submit to desire. by havingfun0111/07/043.62

Lydia Ch. 01

 — College girl awakening. by persorosa06/03/124.00

Lynn and Lee: Toy Time

 — Lynn gives her new toy a maiden voyage. by LesLumens08/09/074.41

Lysa's Encounter Ch. 01

 — The ongoing adventures of Lysa, a young writer. by Vera_Collette04/17/102.89

M is for Masturbate

 — Reality TV takes on a whole new meaning. by Many Feathers06/09/054.61HOT


 — He enjoys machines that bounce. by mcarden7507/22/053.42

Madelyn has Signed In

 — A webcam session takes an unexpected twist. by bi_justin01/02/153.57

Madison's Bikini

 — Guy jerks off to the thought of his best friend's sister. by SlightlyDisturbed01/11/133.25

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