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Erotic Horror Stories

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The Serpent Warlock Ch. 01

 — He possesses his female student. by SerpentWarlock12/29/144.49

The Session Ch. 01

 — Dr. White, Addiction Specialist. by mvicious04/14/114.41

The Seventh Circle

 — When Marcus woke in a cold sweat, he knew the best night... by JCPaul05/07/133.83

The Sexorcist

 — Only one man can stop Sally's new friends... by Kingmaker71110/07/144.49

The Sexually Potent Gnome

 — An English Rose meets a horny demon. by horrorotica11/01/12

The Shade in Millwater: 38 River Street

 — A couple celebrates their anniversary at a B&B. by Latenight_Pondering09/26/164.55HOT

The Shade in Millwater: Going Home

 — What did Ed bring home from the desert? by Latenight_Pondering03/31/174.50HOT

The Shadow Knows

 — Bumps in the night. by tabber08/07/184.38

The Shaft

 — Mindy goes to Edge Play for kinky fun & gets the shaft. by HungryGuy09/06/052.86

The Shamanic Trial

 — He seeks the god of Sex and Death. by SwordOfOrnias02/03/154.00

The She-Wolf

 — Victorian England, Werewolf Story - Similar to The Wolf Man. by Lycandope10/03/124.80HOT

The Ship of Souls

 — Two friends embark on a voyage into the unknown. by holliday196010/03/16HOT

The Shower

 — A spectral encounter. by DaddyHeart02/29/083.81

The Sickle

 — People are dying; who's doing it and why? by DG Hear10/16/064.64HOT

The Silent Chronicles: Silent Birth

 — A pregnant woman must give birth during a zombie invasion. by yaoi_lover_2109/20/114.55HOT

The Silent Chronicles: Silent Escape

 — Anya, Baby Rose and Agent Nikoli leave the safe zone... by yaoi_lover_2111/23/144.47

The Silver Wolf Pt. 01

 — Old werewolf stalks a new victim. by IowaIke02/03/18

The Silver Wolf Pt. 02

 — Seduction and conquest. by IowaIke02/04/18

The Silver Wolf Pt. 03

 — Love ends. by IowaIke02/05/18

The Sin Eaters

 — Cultures clash as the un-dead feed on the corrupted. by Turbidus06/20/153.87

The Sin Eaters Ch. 02

 — The newbie learns more about Scooter and himself. by Turbidus06/30/154.33

The Sins of the Fathers

 — Is the girl a football star wants, a devil in disguise? by DECantor01/26/123.43

The Sitters Club

 — A disturbing tale of sex & obsession. by DarkLit05/31/033.90

The Solution Pt. 04

 — A Wife Descends with the Garbage Man. by GF1307/05/163.75

The Solution Pt. 05

 — The Garbage Man Can. by GF1312/04/164.00

The Somali Vampire Empire

 — Somali vampire chronicles his 9000-year existence. by Samuelx02/04/153.67

The Sorceress

 — Sorceress tries to bring her dead lover back to life. by moonlight elf10/13/054.25

The Soul Worm

 — A dark and seductive danger lurks in eerie caverns. by manyeyedhydra10/01/084.58HOT

The Spawning - Chapter 1

 — An ancient evil awakens. by BookWurm10/10/064.30

The Spell of Salacity

 — Children's mistakes haunt their future lives as witches. by Dingus Guy10/28/044.14

The Sphere

 — A tale of vampyre sex. by Tarakan03/28/053.47

The Spider's Brothel

 — A team of ghost investigators go to the Spider's Brothel. by Miles6310/24/134.30

The Spirit of Rosemont Plantation

 — Night of intense passion leads to a horrifying discovery. by LSanders10/12/084.66HOT

The Spirit Sisters Visit

 — A young man is visited when taking a shower. by AlexaWriter12/06/164.39

The Stanger

 — Vampire, romance, hypnosis. by n_pearl_8412/22/134.15

The Start of Something New...

 — Ashley must survive a zombie apocalypse, with a zombie... by DeadlyDanielle06/10/173.41

The Storm

 — Woman is ravished by a spirit. by BlackSnake05/10/063.84

The Storm

 — She's controlled by someone she thought she could trust. by Sara69212/24/094.29

The Storm Ch. 02

 — Sara finds herself willing to enter the catacombs. by Sara69201/01/104.67HOT

The Storm Ch. 03

 — Sara enters into darkness to conceive. by Sara69201/06/104.26

The Storm Ch. 04

 — Sara finds herself a prisoner. by Sara69201/25/104.47

The Storm Ch. 06

 — Normalcy returns to Sara's life. by Sara69212/20/104.47

The Storm Ch. 07

 — Sara finds purpose. by Sara69212/25/104.64HOT

The Stranger

 — Josie Rawlings meets her match. by frustratedpoodle05/20/044.10

The Succubus

 — A man is visited in his sleep by something... unnatural. by SpiderMike7301/08/144.02

The Succubus 'n The Yogi Ch. 01

 — I was attacked last night as I sat in the Padmasana pose. by Ashesh912/12/162.25

The Succubus and I

 — A man is seduced by a succubus. by nonamesjustpunch06/08/184.17

The SUCKubus Ch. 01

 — Succubus + Girl + New Moon. Sucky times ensue. by yitty1006/24/163.85

The Summoned

 — She summons a lascivious inhuman creature and pays the price. by Nameless_Rose07/02/184.60HOT

The Summoning of Clara

 — Wayward college nerd summons demoness. by JagFarlane02/03/134.21

The Surrogates

 — Twin brothers get involved in a dangerous new technology. by cupbearer02/12/163.81

The Sweetheart Removal Agency

 — The card read, "The High-School Sweetheart Removal Agency" by manyeyedhydra01/20/144.43

The Switch

 — Bondage - with a twist. by AmbrosiaBlood01/12/084.14

The Taking of Amy Johnson

 — A beauty-queen-turned-politician can't beat the Devil. by PlatypusJones10/19/124.48

The Tale of Laurels Abbey

 — A grisly gothic tale. by Julie2004/29/113.50

The Tale of Two Spies Ch. 01-02

 — Rachab meets two spies from the Israelite camp. by diegoroyo08/23/164.16

The Tale of Two Spies Ch. 03-04

 — Rachab meets two spies from the Israelite camp. by diegoroyo08/27/163.86

The Tale of Two Spies Ch. 05-06

 — Rachab meets two spies from the Israelite camp. by diegoroyo08/27/164.00

The Talisman

 — A strange talisman envokes its power. by Ballzac10/17/094.48

The Talisman is the Longest Man

 — Little amulet makes big difference in one guy's life. by DJBlax10/22/054.31

The Taste of Her Lips

 — Fat man's hunger for the goddess in the bar. by The Mutt10/24/043.58

The Teaching Assistant

 — Sexy college assistant is a real man-eater. by Segue Cabaret10/10/054.32

The Tentacles Ch. 01

 — There are 3 girls in the house. by Slambeasty08/15/112.75

The Thing in the Basement

 — An H.P. Lovecraft style erotic horror tale. by YANKEE DAN04/23/064.24

The Thirst: From 'Bridget's Nights'

 — Can the hunger drive her to an unspeakable act? by patricia5104/06/064.80HOT

The Thirteenth Virgin

 — Inside Master's Laboratory on Halloween - a satire, of sorts. by wantsomefun195110/03/124.40

The Tragedy of Cordelia Martin

 — What really happened to Cordelia Anne Martin. by NobodyWorthKnowing02/18/124.62HOT

The Trail of Don Juan

 — Sometimes obsession can lead to madness. by Solitary_Thinker10/13/054.60HOT

The Transformation of Man Ch. 01

 — Powerful man is transformed by a powerful woman. by j3zza10/21/064.33

The Trap

 — An internet troll finds unexpected consequences. by horrorotica07/10/13

The Trap of Flesh

 — A nameless killer comes full circle to release his true love. by James Cody10/21/134.03

The Traveler and the Angel

 — Lone woman seeks refuge from bad weather. by LadyWicked07/17/062.89

The Trick and the Treat

 — Not all monsters are supernatural. But some are. by AlexMakin10/20/154.45

The Trunk in the Attic Pt. 01

 — Caleb buys an old house and finds he is not alone. by bourbononice08/13/174.65HOT

The Turning

 — Sara gets the Ghul. by dirtyjoe6907/05/064.00

The Turning Ch. 01

 — Vampire makes Kallisti his Queen and slave. by KallistiHam02/06/063.74

The Turning of Ted Smith

 — Vampire hunter is transformed into his prey. by tonidelasalle01/15/074.41

The Umbrella

 — An impromptu sexual rendezvous with horrifying results. by cynter01/02/043.05

The Unholy Virgin

 — She finds out her real self on her ravishment. by ScorpioVirgin11/05/073.85

The Uninvited Ch. 05-1

 — The Nanci Report - a fine line between reality and fantasy by elausente03/15/144.40

The Unrequited Ch. 00: Prologue

 — In 1808 a wealthy Plantation owner's wedding is ruined. by Gaius866606/22/164.21

The Unrequited Ch. 01

 — Gus lives a charmed bachelor's life in the French Quarter. by Gaius866606/27/164.16

The Unrequited Ch. 02

 — Gus & Jasmine naked morning is interrupted by Gus's sister. by Gaius866606/28/164.19

The Unrequited Ch. 03

 — Gus sees Magnolia Grove, its a deal of a lifetime! by Gaius866606/29/164.37

The Unrequited Ch. 04

 — Move in Day, Gus & Jasmine break the house in by having sex. by Gaius866606/30/164.50HOT

The Unrequited Ch. 05

 — Spooky happenings, Gus sister tries to send blind date. by Gaius866607/01/164.62HOT

The Unrequited Ch. 06

 — The Mist in the hall, the wall of rosaries. by Gaius866607/02/164.65HOT

The Unrequited Ch. 07

 — Jasmine is touched by spirit, Gus has a housewarming party. by Gaius866607/03/164.50HOT

The Unrequited Ch. 08

 — Jasmine is attacked in shower, Seance at the party. by Gaius866607/04/164.29

The Unrequited Ch. 09

 — Gus gets an ultimatum, Jasmine tells Zeke of attack. by Gaius866607/05/164.72HOT

The Unrequited Ch. 10

 — Marie has a vision, Gus finds Jasmine's phone. by Gaius866607/06/164.60HOT

The Unrequited Ch. 11

 — Doug gets a picture of the ghost, Ghost visits Gus's dreams. by Gaius866607/07/164.52HOT

The Unrequited Ch. 12

 — Doug contacts investigators, Jasmine is threatened in mirror. by Gaius866607/08/164.52HOT

The Unrequited Ch. 13

 — Jasmine too terrified to go home, mysterious breakfast cook. by Gaius866607/09/164.53HOT

The Unrequited Ch. 14

 — Marie & Tony go into the swamp, meeting with investigators. by Gaius866607/10/164.54HOT

The Unrequited Ch. 15

 — Marie's Mom explains the curse of Magnolia Grove. by Gaius866607/11/164.53HOT

The Unrequited Ch. 16

 — Gus sees a ghostly reflection, House revealed Demon infested. by Gaius866607/12/164.69HOT

The Unrequited Ch. 17

 — Gus attacked, the dark forces start to rise. by Gaius866607/13/164.70HOT

The Unrequited Ch. 18

 — A night of seduction, A priest is called, Doug gets lucky. by Gaius866607/14/164.68HOT

The Unrequited Ch. 19

 — Warnings are given, and ignored; things turn ugly. by Gaius866607/15/164.48

The Unrequited Ch. 20

 — Ceremony in the Cemetery, Ed prepares. by Gaius866607/16/164.35

The Unrequited Ch. 21

 — The Party and the return of Captain Tony. by Gaius866607/17/164.67HOT

The Unrequited Ch. 22

 — The sacrifice is made. by Gaius866607/18/164.54HOT

The Unrequited Ch. 23

 — Gus is prepared for sacrifice. by Gaius866607/19/164.73HOT

The Unrequited Ch. 24

 — Bless me father... by Gaius866607/20/164.50HOT

The Unrequited Ch. 25

 — Evil exists. by Gaius866607/21/164.57HOT

The Unrequited Ch. 26

 — The Prince of Lies. by Gaius866607/22/164.67HOT

The Unrequited Ch. 27

 — Joues de Mile. by Gaius866607/23/164.33

The Vampire Inside

 — A Stranger in the Cemetery by jab1304/21/144.35

The Vampire Inside Ch. 02

 — What am I? by jab1304/23/144.69HOT

The Vampire Inside Ch. 03

 — Melissa. by jab1304/28/144.36

The Vampire Isabella

 — Isabella journey's through long years to defeat Dracula. by Morbid_Saint02/20/094.00

The Vampire Levanth

 — He must feed and the prey comes easy. by BlueFish1110/24/084.24

The Vampire of Venice

 — A kiss before dying. by TamLin0109/06/164.41

The Vampire Queen Scarlet

 — I wake up to find a cum-eating vampire standing over me. by RottenPines10/07/173.74

The Vampire's Buffet

 — The nearby women's dorm provides for all his needs. by Boxlicker10110/05/064.25

The Vampire's Smile

 — Raven is looking for prey but gets more than she bargained. by C_S_Leonidas09/20/164.05

The Veiled Web

 — A flash story of innocence and love gone wrong. by DFWBeast04/01/154.05

The Velvet Choker

 — Lydia's job cleaning houses uncovers more than she expected. by Selena_Kitt10/23/084.48

The Vengeance Demon Ch. 01

 — Raan satisfies more than just her clients' wishes. by Magnetismic03/27/154.40

The Vengeance Demon Ch. 02

 — Raan plays well with others when she's not killing them. by Magnetismic04/09/154.60HOT

The Vessel

 — Strange woman appears in town & seduces a local dreamer. by ggroyale08/04/094.18

The Vindictive Stranger Ch. 01

 — A demon takes revenge on his mother and abortionist. by SEVERUSMAX10/01/064.33

The Vindictive Stranger Ch. 02

 — Jonathan continues his plot for vengeance. by SEVERUSMAX11/05/084.10

The Vindictive Stranger Ch. 03

 — Dr. Gunderson faces the music. by SEVERUSMAX11/04/144.14

The Viral Load

 — An infected girl finds she can take away others' illnesses. by ExileAi04/14/124.16

The Visitor

 — Legend of the Serangappi Ch. 1. by nmaine2109/28/134.67

The Voyeur

 — Her husband finds out she is having an affair. by ButcherBoy01/09/103.65

The Wallflower Ch. 01

 — Suburban girl has no choice but to stay the night. by BlessingAndCurse07/04/144.04

The Wallflower Ch. 02

 — Lily knew it was too good to be true. by BlessingAndCurse07/08/144.30

The Wallflower Ch. 03

 — Lily must appease the Spirit. by BlessingAndCurse07/17/144.54HOT

The Wallflower Ch. 04

 — Lily finds out more about Nicholas. by BlessingAndCurse08/09/144.63HOT

The Wallflower Ch. 05

 — Lily waits for her punishment. by BlessingAndCurse09/02/144.77HOT

The Wallflower Ch. 06

 — It's back to the drawing board for Lily. by BlessingAndCurse10/30/144.71HOT

The Wallflower Ch. 07

 — Lily escapes her crazy life for one night. by BlessingAndCurse12/16/144.69HOT

The Wallflower Ch. 08

 — Lily's going out on a date, but she's not the only one going. by BlessingAndCurse05/09/154.62HOT

The Wallflower Ch. 09

 — Nicholas has had enough. by BlessingAndCurse07/05/154.77HOT

The Wallflower Ch. 10

 — The future looks pretty bleak for Lily. by BlessingAndCurse08/23/154.68HOT

The Wallflower Ch. 11.5

 — As old friends leave, new friends replace them. by BlessingAndCurse12/20/154.56HOT

The Wasp of St. Judith's

 — Night-shift nurse, an old musician, and a new co-worker. by Bramblethorn02/17/154.70HOT

The Watcher Ch. 01

 — A young woman is plagued by eyes at night. by SecondCircle02/25/134.43

The Watcher Ch. 01

 — Dream house. by zinfer07/07/154.43

The Watcher Ch. 02

 — Prying eyes return for Jenna's show. by SecondCircle03/08/134.70HOT

The Watcher Ch. 03

 — A relieving afternoon and a terrifying night... by SecondCircle03/31/134.33

The Watcher Ch. 04

 — A revelation, a nightmare, and a keepsake. by SecondCircle05/09/134.71HOT

The Watcher in the Water

 — Fenrohir inadvertently awakes a nameless fear. by naughtybabygirl01/12/094.26

The Watcher Pt. 02

 — Kristie's brother in-law comes to visit. by stickyfate01/30/154.43

The Watcher: A Haunted House Story

 — Young couple move into a haunted house. by stickyfate11/03/144.16

The Weeping Thing Ch. 01

 — Strange dreams, sobbing sounds and nymphs in the woods. by CorvusTurrim77708/18/164.49

The Weeping Thing Ch. 02

 — The crusty landlord becomes the second seduction. by CorvusTurrim77705/16/184.60

The Weeping Thing Ch. 03

 — A broken man is given a difficult choice. by CorvusTurrim77705/17/184.50

The Weeping Thing Ch. 04

 — Hell in Paradise, and an unwilling sacrifice. by CorvusTurrim77705/18/184.00

The Werewolf

 — Is there a monster in the woods, or something worse? by TamLin0101/04/154.05

The Whisper

 — Emerson hears a voice. Where will it lead him? by Drmaxc06/02/124.00

The White Dress

 — She looked like the girl next door, but was she more. by Betty Johnson09/26/043.54

The Wicked Witch

 — A witch decides to have a little fun with Jack by Sean Renaud05/06/143.80

The Wife and Skeleton

 — Be careful what you wish for. by Clare_Ca04/24/093.38

The Wife of Satan

 — Tom finds a way to rekindle his marriage for good. by SoCaliComfort10/06/113.91

The Wilbraham Fungus Ch. 01

 — A strange fungus infects a doctor and her assistant. by SirSinn02/06/144.37

The Wilbraham Fungus Ch. 02

 — Mia's father helps her handle her changes. by SirSinn03/27/144.44

The Wilbraham Fungus Ch. 03

 — Kat's father changes; Mia finds a new recruit. by SirSinn04/26/144.48

The Wilbraham Fungus Ch. 04

 — Kat and her father are in a whole heap of trouble. by SirSinn05/22/144.41

The Wilbraham Fungus Ch. 05

 — The Lord of The Fungus sows his seed by SirSinn06/24/144.53HOT

The Wish

 — What happens to men when not happy with lovers. by mistresswillowraven07/15/053.62

The Wish

 — Love affair leads Kaitlin to a life of imprisonment. by H Dean10/24/054.27

The Witch in the Woods

 — An old witch prepares for an unwilling guest. by KendallCarver10/17/164.32

The Witch in the Woods

 — Daryll finds the witch who loves to suck more than your soul. by RDLEK06/01/174.17

The Witch of Dark Hollow

 — As the trial commences, dark and terrible things occur. by Sabledrake06/11/034.63HOT

The Witch Who Sucked Me

 — John and Suzy get taken by a witch! by sethp10/04/104.23

The Witch's Apprentice

 — A young girl is faced with the supernatural and dark desires. by Krumpus10/17/114.17

The Witch's Dollhouse Pt. 01

 — For his 18th birthday, Philip is given a cursed manor. by KennyCumBuckets08/02/184.63HOT

The Witch's Familiar on His Porch

 — He was kind to the stray cat in October. by JuanVato10/12/104.26

The Witch's Master

 — Unsuspecting woman becomes a sacrifice to her master. by skirtchaser8202/20/124.42

The Witches Noir

 — Two young witches make a mistake. by subslutjenna11/08/154.43

The Witches of Bliss

 — Babe-o-licious witches keep men in orgasmic delight. by bawdyboy02/04/114.10

The Wolf and the Woman

 — Beastly man meets a woman, but with a twist. by thearchduke10/14/104.00

The Wolves of Berlin

 — Hunting werewolves in occupied Paris. by TamLin0108/21/154.71HOT

The Wolves of Paris

 — A terror of a different sort stalks revolutionary Paris. by TamLin0105/08/144.63HOTEditor's Pick

The Woman in the Woods

 — A Saxon wisewoman is disturbed by a stranger. by Llacheu07/03/114.40

The Wonders of Wonderland Ch. 01

 — Maria embarks on a quest to reclaim her stolen diary. by LateNightStories10/07/144.31

The Woods Ch. 01

 — How could a walk home of only one block lead to this? by Toons10/06/044.20

The World Ended on Halloween

 — Something...strange happened on Halloween night... by vorcla10/23/094.16

The Worm

 — Accident in supermarket changes her life. by sack10/13/053.64

The ZAR, A Turkish Tale

 — Sexy Berber demon invades a young woman. by Teela10010/03/083.56

Them Old Mountain Stories Ch. 01

 — Striking deals with dangerous girls and inhuman aristocrats. by stlgoddessfreya02/10/154.75HOT

Them Old Mountain Stories Ch. 02

 — She'll drink your bourbon, she'll drink your blood. by stlgoddessfreya02/25/154.85HOT

There Was Always A Price

 — The act of summoning a succubus carries with it a price by Femsubamber08/05/164.30

Third Person Ch. 03

 — Heather makes a horrifying discovery in the attic. by Christian Black10/26/054.28

Third Person Ch. 04

 — The truth is revealed. by Christian Black01/29/064.33

Third Person Ch. 05

 — The joy (and terror) of body-swapping sex. by Christian Black02/19/064.32

Third Rung Of Hell Ch. 01

 — Diandra battles her demons - literally. by sunqueen9505/01/043.33


 — Vampire saves a girl from rapists; she repays the favour. by Darkinferno05/30/124.55HOT


 — Conrad has a thirst but not as great a thirst as his twin. by dreadlecta09/24/133.28

Thirstless Blood Ch. 01

 — A vampire's awakening. by emptyness06/18/054.64HOT

Thirteen Years

 — Back then, it got her mother. Now, it's after her. by Munachi10/11/064.53HOT

Thirteenth Seduction

 — A duel of wits with a succubus. by Ironiclaconic10/07/124.63HOT

This is the Day

 — A tale of erotic madness and horror. by Dr_Vril03/07/142.64

This Old House

 — My new house has many secrets. by CoventinaNyx07/07/164.51HOT

Thomas Ch. 01

 — Hidden away from the world, Thomas takes revenge. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER12/26/073.83

Thomas Ch. 02

 — Hidden away from the world, Thomas takes revenge. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER12/28/073.58

Three Graces of Maidstone

 — The Three Graces erotic automaton was lost. by oggbashan10/01/084.36

Three Square a Day Ch. 01

 — Beware what you wish for. by dreadrocksean01/02/092.64

Thrill, Sex and Challenges

 — Muscular Stud tricked into challenging hungry demons. by Americanna09/06/144.20


 — You will pay for it. by harrypotter_rod02/04/073.50

Thy Flesh, Consumed Pt. 01

 — Nona's caged in a Demoness; Nathan's in over his head. by EHawkins11/23/064.43

Thy Flesh, Consumed Pt. 02

 — Lilith gets a pet, Nate gains a dark familiar. by EHawkins02/10/074.76HOT

Ticket to Heaven

 — Ticket to heaven actually goes the other way. by My Erotic Tail04/23/044.35

Tight Place

 — About what could happen in a lift. by Heel77804/15/132.96

Till Death When We Part

 — The Big Easy isn't so easy for a woman who curses her ex by Mary Riley09/05/034.30

TnT Ch. 01

 — Incestuous twins Talon and Thorne develop a dangerous kink. by slyc_willie06/27/134.32

TnT Ch. 02

 — The twins strike again, frustrating the detectives. by slyc_willie06/28/134.42

TnT Ch. 03

 — Riaz and June catch a break in the case. by slyc_willie06/29/134.29

TnT Ch. 04

 — The detectives track down the twins and learn their past. by slyc_willie06/30/134.67HOT

TnT Ch. 05

 — The twins take another victim; Riaz finally gets to unwind. by slyc_willie07/01/134.53HOT

TnT Ch. 06

 — Talon and Thorne are finally brought in for questioning. by slyc_willie07/02/134.53HOT

TnT Ch. 07

 — Talon and Thorne take revenge . . . and June. by slyc_willie07/03/134.69HOT

TnT Ch. 08

 — The aftermath. It's all over now . . . isn't it? by slyc_willie07/04/134.80HOT

To Boys, With Love

 — Trick-or-treat just got a whole new meaning. by jmbasquiat_fan10/11/043.75

To Grandmother's House We Go

 — Another fractured fairy tale. by oneiria09/07/182.00

To Reign in Hell Ch. 01-06

 — Regular guy learns of his true demonic self. by SEVERUSMAX10/25/174.24

To Search in the Shadows

 — Ruth is a young woman in search of a real vampire. by StephenThorn10/13/084.68HOT

To Serve & Protect: Night Watch

 — Two cops go after a serial killer. by patricia5101/17/044.65HOT

To Serve & Protect: The Stalker

 — Woman tries to eliminate her rival. by patricia5107/11/044.33

To Serve All His Days

 — Be this the warrior's promised paradise or... by Nakod Apa01/06/104.40

To The Rescue

 — A warrior rescues a maiden from slavers, or does he? by nonamesjustpunch06/13/184.30

To Trust in Death

 — I put my soul in his hands; he put vengeance in mine. by sacrificedangel10/06/114.69HOT

To Wake The Dead

 — Gina finds herself fighting through a zombie infestation. by Morbid_Saint11/05/083.61

To Wake The Dead Ch. 02

 — Little Natalie is now grown, and battles the dead with help. by Morbid_Saint11/15/084.33

To Wake The Dead Ch. 03

 — Natalie and Karina are on the move again. by Morbid_Saint01/22/093.67

Too Loose for Terror Ch. 01

 — Be careful when you wish upon the dead. by FireSiren07/22/053.19

Too Loose for Terror Ch. 02

 — They creep, but who are the exhibits? by FireSiren07/22/053.64

Too Loose for Terror Ch. 03

 — Tom learns the virtues of the nursing community. by FireSiren07/23/053.33

Too Loose for Terror Ch. 04

 — Tom exposes the terrible secret of Sunnyville Asylum. by FireSiren07/26/053.15

Too Loose for Terror Ch. 05

 — The zombies come alive for one more feed. by FireSiren07/27/053.17

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