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Flesh For Fantasy Ch. 05

 — Jamie is welcomed home. by velvetpie06/12/054.50HOT

Flesh For Fantasy Ch. 06

 — Jamie makes love to Carina ... or does he? by velvetpie06/13/054.38

Flesh For Fantasy Ch. 07

 — Jamie is taken onto the ship. by velvetpie06/14/054.32

Flesh For Fantasy Ch. 08

 — Jamie does an alien. by velvetpie06/15/054.34

Flesh For Fantasy Ch. 09

 — Jamie and the Primor meet. by velvetpie06/16/054.45

Flesh For Fantasy Ch. 10

 — The Primor is freed. by velvetpie06/18/054.55HOT

Flesh, Blood, & Bone

 — Death comes to Rachel, and she embraces it willingly. by Morrighan114305/11/044.57HOT

Florida Wolfman in Ontario

 — Haitian-American werewolf from Florida in Ontario. by Samuelx09/07/133.71

Flower of Beauty

 — A rare plant with an unusual method of reproducing. by purplecf03/05/074.08

Flowers for the Dead

 — The signs were there, if only she would see them. by SylviDoll05/30/184.27

Flowers for the Dead Ch. 02

 — Daphne gets closer to her destiny. by SylviDoll06/04/184.48

Flowers for the Dead Ch. 03

 — Daphne's nightmare is not what she thought it was. by SylviDoll06/11/184.56HOT

Flowers of the Sapphire Moon Ch. 01

 — A scientific expedition takes a unique turn for adventure. by MetaXerxes05/15/094.37

Flowers of the Sapphire Moon Ch. 02

 — There is no escape from the strange cave. by MetaXerxes05/19/094.25

Flowers of the Sapphire Moon Ch. 03

 — New beginnings for the research team. by MetaXerxes06/08/114.50HOT

Flowers of the Sapphire Moon Ch. 04

 — Jennifer escapes the cave, but something isn't right. by MetaXerxes11/23/124.28

Flowers of the Sapphire Moon Ch. 05

 — Jennifer's adventure continues. by MetaXerxes12/08/124.24

Flowers of the Sapphire Moon Ch. 06

 — A glimpse of truths, and loss of control. by MetaXerxes06/02/134.45

Fluttering of Heart Beats

 — Start of a new empire. by chicki03/29/173.21


 — In the deep darkness of night and fog, there is something. by barbarian queen 205/27/044.23

Following the Feeling Ch. 01

 — Crossing paths with werewolves. by cricketmuse09/25/084.65HOT

Following the Feeling Ch. 02

 — Bad Alpha, learn some manners. by cricketmuse09/30/084.66HOT

Following the Feeling Ch. 03

 — Where every paranorm knows your name. by cricketmuse10/11/084.72HOT

Following the Feeling Ch. 04

 — Nosy friends, a first date. by cricketmuse02/25/094.73HOT

Following the Feeling Ch. 05

 — Later that day... by cricketmuse03/11/094.78HOT

Following the Feeling Ch. 06

 — Sleepover! by cricketmuse03/17/094.75HOT

Following the Feeling Ch. 07

 — The sleepover continues. by cricketmuse08/03/094.75HOT

Following the Feeling Ch. 08

 — The morning comes. by cricketmuse03/27/114.73HOT

Following the Feeling Ch. 09

 — Will Kiera ever folllow orders? by cricketmuse03/28/114.75HOT

Following the Rules: Minotaurus

 — Maron wore red on the wrong day. by NightBlade2110/30/143.71

Fondest Dreams Ch. 01

 — Sequel to Destruction of the Vlkolak; Zsálya's Story. by lilgirlsix08/12/134.75HOT

Fondest Dreams Ch. 02

 — I think you are very good at being scary, Willi. by lilgirlsix09/03/134.74HOT

Fondest Dreams Ch. 03

 — Cloudwalking. by lilgirlsix09/04/134.79HOT

Fondest Dreams Ch. 04

 — I need you, Willi! by lilgirlsix09/13/134.79HOT

Fondest Dreams Ch. 05

 — I give you: the world! by lilgirlsix09/21/134.82HOT

Fondest Dreams Ch. 06

 — What is the most fun you have ever had? by lilgirlsix09/28/134.84HOT

Fondest Dreams Ch. 07

 — "I am going to be murdered," she whispered. by lilgirlsix10/06/134.87HOT

Fondest Dreams Ch. 08

 — His dreams were a torment to his mind. by lilgirlsix10/12/134.80HOT

Fondest Dreams Ch. 09

 — What happens tomorrow? You go home. by lilgirlsix10/22/134.85HOT

Fondest Dreams Ch. 10

 — The end...for now. by lilgirlsix10/28/134.86HOT

Food of the Light

 — A guardian angel satiates a girl’s hunger. by SiriusDivine09/15/16

For a Song...

 — A young man unwilling changes on stage. by Lycandope11/03/164.14

For Art's Sake

 — A tale of the Minotaur as a sexy scultpure. by Lady_Amante06/13/084.44

For Eternity

 — She met him at Halloween Party. by kara2410/20/024.61HOT

For Life

 — A man's secret is revealed at a Halloween party by Roke10/11/014.56HOT

For Silence's Sake

 — Another unmated gathering, connections. by KemMyst12/01/134.68HOT

For Silence's Sake Ch. 02

 — Sampson's first, aftermath. by KemMyst12/08/134.73HOT

For Silence's Sake Ch. 03

 — Emmanuel's upset, joining in, Thomas' transgression. by KemMyst04/12/144.75HOT

For Silence's Sake Ch. 04

 — Discovery about Emmanuel, Continuing Upheaval by KemMyst04/16/144.71HOT

For Silence's Sake Ch. 05

 — Out with Lorelei, New resolution, attack & mother's concern. by KemMyst04/19/144.72HOT

For Silence's Sake Ch. 06

 — Nathan's announcement, Beta's sorrow, the other male. by KemMyst04/26/144.70HOT

For Silence's Sake Ch. 07

 — Presents - small, large,? by KemMyst05/15/144.74HOT

For Silence's Sake Ch. 08

 — Away, an item returned, more turmoil. by KemMyst06/20/144.70HOT

For Silence's Sake Ch. 09

 — Plans, A decision, Coming together, Revelations. by KemMyst08/06/144.73HOT

For the Love of Atlantis Ch. 01

 — Atlantis, a town, a world, a cult? by Poisonlove12/02/173.78

For the Love of Atlantis Ch. 02

 — Growing up sucks! by Poisonlove12/09/174.14

For the Love of Atlantis Ch. 03

 — Secrets uncovered and plans to escape. by Poisonlove12/17/174.20

For the Love of Atlantis Ch. 05

 — It's time to escape from Atlantis. by Poisonlove12/22/174.67

For the Love of Atlantis Ch. 06-07

 — Life Goes On. by Poisonlove12/26/173.50

For the Love of Atlantis Ch. 08 Final

 — Final chapter. by Poisonlove12/29/174.00

For The Love of Botany Ch. 1

 — Young female worker meets a very hungry plant. by Athena_e1902/12/014.30

For The Love of Botany Ch. 2

 — Sarah gives birth to plant's offspring. by Athena_e1902/17/014.42

For the Love of Botany Ch. 3

 — She gets revenge & pleases people on the way. by Athena_e1902/21/014.42

For the Love of Botany Ch. 4

 — Sarah & Jenny overrun the building, & the world by Athena_e1905/13/014.45

For the Love of Botany: Future Ch. 01

 — Can a descendant set things right? by Athena_e1910/10/064.56HOT

For the Love of Botany: Future Ch. 02

 — Ariana's flight continues into the Breeding Colony. by Athena_e1910/24/064.38

For the Love of Botany: Future Ch. 03

 — Ariana's punishment begins. by Athena_e1901/16/074.34

For the Love of Botany: Revolution 1

 — Rebels try to overcome plants invasive force. by Athena_e1911/13/014.38

For the Love of Botany: Revolution 2

 — Renae is brought back to base. by Athena_e1912/02/014.28

For the Love of Botany: Revolution 3

 — Renae conquers friends. by Athena_e1912/22/014.33

Forbidden Attraction

 — What happens when a werewolf and a young vampire meet. by 89asian_gypsy0912/16/114.43

Forbidden Ch. 06

 — Sinafay and Lina escape. by FaeLina05/28/084.78HOT

Forbidden Love

 — A human, a mermaid, and the Gods who hate it. by fgmntfmgnshn05/11/164.40

Forbidden Love 01

 — It was the dream. by ParanormalQueen09/24/094.57HOT

Forbidden Love 02

 — What exactly are we celebrating, again? by ParanormalQueen09/27/094.66HOT

Forbidden Love 03

 — It had been two days since THAT night. by ParanormalQueen09/30/094.67HOT

Forbidden Love 04

 — Aleksander stalked out of the drawing room... by ParanormalQueen10/03/094.74HOT

Forbidden Love 05

 — It's time for him to choose a wife. by ParanormalQueen10/09/094.73HOT

Forbidden Love 06

 — He'd be here soon. by ParanormalQueen10/15/094.72HOT

Forbidden Love 07

 — Belle sighed as she stared... by ParanormalQueen10/23/094.68HOT

Forbidden Love 08

 — The time for the pure breds to be matched had arrived. by ParanormalQueen10/30/094.61HOT

Forbidden Love 09

 — The much waited for event was being held in Paris. by ParanormalQueen11/03/094.66HOT

Forbidden Love 10

 — Aleksander looked around impatiently... by ParanormalQueen11/04/094.75HOT

Forbidden Love 11-12

 — Finale and epilogue. by ParanormalQueen11/07/094.60HOT

Forbidden Love Ch. 01

 — Love between a vampyre and lycan cross forbidden boundaries. by Yeijiro08/02/054.51HOT

Forbidden Love Ch. 02

 — Together they hunt, creating a stronger bond. by Yeijiro08/02/054.46

Forbidden Moon

 — Wrong turn leads to primal encounter with a werewolf. by CrimsonScribe07/01/064.62HOT

Forbidden Night

 — Necromancer summons her master from long ago. by katalynn04/29/034.00

Force of a Hurricane

 — An unstoppable force. by d4rk4ngel09/02/164.19

Forced by the Devil Ch. 01

 — Kai is taken, but why? by anna_leo_06/27/174.29

Foreign Skies

 — The vampire world is a hard life. by RedDrake198304/16/144.04

Forest Dark In Stillmoon Park

 — She comes at night to my woods. by MyEros33302/24/034.45

Forest Nymph Ch. 01

 — Meet the lonely forest nymph. by Tarnishe10/24/023.83

Forest Nymph Ch. 02

 — Tira makes a special find. by Tarnishe01/13/034.08

Forest Pack: Tristan Ch. 01

 — Alpha werewolf finds his human mate. by emogirl1302/04/124.34

Forest Pack: Tristan Ch. 02

 — Rhea resolves to forget about Tristan. by emogirl1302/08/124.42

Forest Pack: Tristan Ch. 03

 — Tristan keeps his promise. by emogirl1303/03/124.57HOT

Forest Pack: Tristan Ch. 04

 — Developments... by emogirl1304/12/124.64HOT

Forest Pack: Tristan Ch. 05

 — Rhea's explanation. by emogirl1308/28/124.63HOT

Forest Spirit

 — A close encounter in the deep forest. by love24x11/11/094.39


 — The blades choose. by barbarian queen 204/17/054.57HOT

Forever Halloween

 — Student of vampires attends an interesting Halloween party. by Nicadaemus10/16/014.28

Forever Love Ch. 01

 — They meet, but... by marie_fantasy02/07/124.48

Forever Love Ch. 02

 — A heart break and a sudden twist... by marie_fantasy02/17/124.54HOT

Forever Love Ch. 03

 — Will she ever realize? by marie_fantasy02/28/124.51HOT

Forever Love Ch. 04

 — Unrevealing of the truth... but can she take it? by marie_fantasy10/25/124.42

Forever Night

 — The night creature takes a wife. by darkrivers03/11/034.42

Forever Night Ch. 02

 — Bonnie's awakening. by darkrivers03/14/034.41

Forever Night Ch. 03

 — The long delayed chapter. by darkrivers12/21/034.36


 — The sex is from another world, or underworld. by dansemajik05/11/014.10

Forgotten Ch. 01

 — Michellle is abandoned by her pack and finds love. by ladyofdark198103/21/104.51HOT

Forgotten Ch. 02

 — Shell's unexpected surprise. by ladyofdark198110/01/104.67HOT

Forgotten Ch. 03

 — It's bigger than the two of them. by ladyofdark198110/13/104.62HOT

Forgotten Ch. 04

 — Shell is a wolf after all, but doesn't like it. by ladyofdark198110/26/104.63HOT

Forgotten Ch. 05

 — Michael gives his mating another shot. by ladyofdark198111/22/104.58HOT

Forgotten Ch. 06

 — Everything back to normal ... apparently. by ladyofdark198101/24/114.69HOT

Forgotten Ch. 07

 — An unwanted reminder of the past. by ladyofdark198104/25/114.67HOT

Forgotten Ch. 08

 — Carol just doesn't get it. by ladyofdark198105/24/114.80HOT

Forgotten Ch. 09

 — Meeting the family. by ladyofdark198105/17/124.75HOT

Forgotten Ch. 2

 — Damon is back...or is it just a dream? by dansemajik05/24/014.37

Forgotten Ch. 3

 — Damon is back, with some new tricks up his sleeve. by dansemajik06/07/014.45

Forgotten Fairy Tale

 — What should a monster do? by icey_hearted05/13/184.53HOT

Forgotten Links

 — Widow finds solace within her brother-in-law. by wudelfin12/24/054.34

Forgotten Past

 — Werewolves, demons, & one bad-ass babe. by Malhi07/24/023.68


 — Every couple needs to spice things up sometimes. by mersennius_prime06/13/184.47


 — A moonlit night, a maid and a knight. by bulld09/26/114.27

Forsaken Ch. 00

 — A forsaken witch, and an Alpha hell-bent on ending her kind. by Troubled_Rose04/18/184.47

Forsaken Love

 — My heart beats swiftly for a three-winged angel. by LadyShadowcross08/27/094.77HOT


 — Finally we learn all the secrets about our poor Kitty. by SrahFox09/19/164.48

Found: The Story of Tatum and AJ Ch. 01

 — A sexy stranger lures Tatum into a dirty, romantic affair. by PinkPrincessCass07/16/094.18

Found: The Story of Tatum and AJ Ch. 02

 — Tatum discovers AJ knows more than he lets on. by PinkPrincessCass07/20/094.65HOT

Fountain Fairy | Fairytale Porn

 — On his quest, he was ordered to seek the Fountain Fairy. by LewdLesbian04/08/183.93

Four Little Gnomes Make A Woman's Day

 — Beth plays with gnomes. by bignhairydick08/31/064.16

Fourth Time's a Charm

 — The cat's out of the bag. by tvail02/14/124.15

Fox and the Hare

 — Anthro fox and anthro hare have some bondage fun. by GoldenChains07/02/174.14

Foxglove Fairy

 — There are fairies at the garden of her bottom. by Rainbow Skin06/18/034.28

Franscesca and the Lord

 — A ShadowLord tries to humiliate the kinfolk he found. by Blackie6709/14/023.56

Free Falling

 — Moving might be better than expected. by DeepLines03/11/154.56HOT

Free Time Fun

 — When a soldier finally gets some time off. by LemonStar11/02/053.59

Freedom of Flight

 — Kidnapped!! by whitesabretooth03/13/094.76HOT

Freedom of Flight Ch. 02

 — Rescue. by whitesabretooth03/31/094.83HOT

Freedom of Flight Ch. 03

 — Recovery and first stirrings. by whitesabretooth05/01/094.83HOT

Freedom of Flight Ch. 04

 — Tarval and Alanna grow closer. by whitesabretooth06/21/094.81HOT

Freedom of Flight Ch. 05

 — Yay - shopping and fighting. by whitesabretooth08/06/094.81HOT

Freedom of Flight Ch. 06

 — Happy Birthday girls and Tarval makes his move. by whitesabretooth08/26/094.86HOT

Freedom of Flight Ch. 07

 — Taking the bull by the horns...or the Gephalim by the wings. by whitesabretooth09/29/094.84HOT


 — Theo and Jonathan meet their mates. by Iread2relax12/29/144.73HOT

Freya & Yin: Empowered Goblin

 — Empowered goblin drains and captures two female adventurers. by Dajaska02/14/184.13

Friends and Foes Ch. 01

 — Sequel to 'Cats and Dogs'. by ingarlm02/21/094.63HOT

Friends and Foes Ch. 02

 — A phone call shatters the peace. by ingarlm03/01/094.75HOT

Friends and Foes Ch. 03

 — Their meeting brings unexpected news. by ingarlm03/07/094.70HOT

Friends and Foes Ch. 04

 — They meet their long-lost brother. by ingarlm03/14/094.72HOT

Friends and Foes Ch. 05

 — Learning about Sky's past. by ingarlm03/21/094.69HOT

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