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Incest/Taboo Stories

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Her Brother's Child Pt. 01

 — Angela & Christian share an illicit relationship. by acitica07/27/084.31

Her Brother's Child Pt. 02

 — Angela & Christian were almost caught in the act. by acitica08/04/084.32

Her Brother's Cum is the Cure Ch. 01

 — The cure for her depression is her brother's cum. by NaughtyBlush05/19/174.19

Her Brother's Giant Cock

 — Potent potion changes geek, arouses sister. by Liv2licku03/27/024.44

Her Brother, The Maniac

 — A brother and sister have fallen in love. by Racheldiaz05/04/183.88

Her Brother, The Maniac 02

 — A sister and brother are in love... by Racheldiaz05/05/184.25

Her Brother, The Maniac 03

 — A brother and sister have fallen in love. by Racheldiaz05/08/184.42

Her Brother, The Maniac 04

 — Brother and sister fall in love. by Racheldiaz05/09/184.18

Her Brother-In-Law's Revenge

 — A woman pushes her brother-in-law too far and pays with body. by rutger506/14/174.15

Her Cherry Moon

 — Jenny doesn't know how to deal with her feelings. Mom does. by lampilot09/07/173.85

Her Clueless Dad

 — She thought her dad was clueless, but... by lickablenipsddd10/13/043.67

Her Daddy at Last

 — His stepdaughter finally calls him Daddy. by LilaBlossom09/01/074.45

Her Daddy at Last Ch. 02

 — Heather and her Daddy explore their new relationship.. by LilaBlossom09/06/074.57HOT

Her Daddy Comes at Night

 — Good girl waits anxiously for daddy to come into her room. by artemis_198412/07/174.17

Her Daddy's Big Cock

 — Father and Daughter cannot avoid an incestuous affair. by walterio04/22/104.42

Her Daddy's Secret

 — Webcam spices up romance between father & daughter. by lilywhite3101/02/064.18

Her Daddy's Secret Ch. 02

 — Jenny's Grampa gets a turn. by lilywhite3101/18/064.28

Her Daddy's Secret Ch. 03

 — All of Daddy's secrets come out. by lilywhite3101/27/064.38

Her Daughter's Dildo

 — Claire (finally) discovers her daughter Amy's dildo. by Perfideous12/12/164.24

Her Daughter's Gift

 — A mother's secret wish comes true. by steelyd07/07/10

Her Daughter's Husband Ch. 02

 — Kayla continues her long running affair with her son-in-law. by Big Gunz10/25/154.42

Her Daughters' Sex Toy Ch. 01

 — MILF takes-on all cummers. by patty_parker6003/31/044.24

Her Decision

 — She lets her uncle fuck her. by fuckman11/26/083.60

Her Education

 — Brother is available for Sis and Mom0 by Sir_Erotica03/25/104.47

Her Enormous Son Ch. 05

 — Andrew gets Beth & a special bonus: his mother. by kimberlykitten10/09/044.35

Her Father in Law

 — Gave her what her husband couldn't. by qualitywheat01/08/184.19

Her Father's Daughter

 — Jake gives Jenny a spanking. by erotic_writer_girl03/07/043.93

Her Father's Queen

 — A common tale of royal incest. by jaybee06/11/02

Her Fiancé's Father Ch. 07

 — Wedding morning sex. by rxm7610/22/064.55HOT

Her First Menage

 — She has first menage with twin brothers. by MistressX05/24/054.42

Her First, Her Last, Her Only Ch. 01

 — Candace finally loses her virginity. by Evolution20XX09/28/044.01

Her First, Her Last, Her Only Ch. 02

 — Candace continues her learning experience. by Evolution20XX11/14/044.39

Her Gift to Me

 — Her gift to her husband? Her sister. by kurrginatorX04/02/184.37

Her Guardian

 — A story of lust, sex, infatuation, in-law incest. by 171101/22/074.46

Her Horny Little Brother

 — Max gets a surprise visit from his sister. by kimberlykitten04/15/054.24

Her I Could Trust

 — A man turns to his sister when other women failed him. by BigGuy3309/02/164.56HOT

Her Idea

 — It was his wife's idea, & they loved it. by jaybee12/11/02

Her Inconvenience

 — Brother seduces sister at the movies. by Sweet Daisy09/04/034.13

Her Jealous Sister

 — Anal with her and a sly sister. by sensualsense08/23/044.17

Her Man Forever

 — A short story of a mom and a son. by DaDom10/01/124.08

Her Manuscript

 — Mum needs help with her story. Ian volunteers himself. by CharleneBarr05/31/184.65HOT

Her Moans

 — Asking my brother to take my ass slowly. by Satyropan10/03/114.48

Her Mother's Black Stockings Ch. 01

 — Mom lets daughter spy on kinky solo play. by Nipplepump11/27/044.27

Her Mother's Black Stockings Ch. 02

 — She spies on her filthy mother. by Nipplepump11/28/044.42

Her Mother's Date

 — Daughter takes mom out on the town. by Littlemissblair10/09/004.38

Her Mother's Daughter

 — Mother seeks help with abusive daughter. by Writer34512/05/154.07

Her Mother's Hot Twin

 — Aunt Bev cums to visit, or vice versa. by Nipplepump11/27/044.23

Her Mother's Hot Twin Ch. 02

 — A dirty reunion. by Nipplepump12/11/044.35

Her Mother's House Ch. 01

 — Dressing for her daughter's pleasure. by Nipplepump12/12/044.33

Her Mother's House Ch. 02

 — Sadie's horny daughter starts to snoop. by Nipplepump12/12/044.27

Her Mother's House Ch. 03

 — She's alone in mommy's room. by Nipplepump12/14/044.18

Her Mother's Neighbor

 — Tina takes an interest in gardening. by Nipplepump12/19/044.22

Her Mother's Shopping Trip

 — The devious duo make a new friend. by Nipplepump12/13/044.51HOT

Her Mother's Special Room Ch. 01

 — Tina makes a startling new discovery. by Nipplepump12/25/044.47

Her Mother's Special Room Ch. 02

 — Tina's initiation. by Nipplepump01/13/054.41

Her Naked Brother Uncovers Desires Ch. 01

 — She is turned on by the sight of her brother. by suzie3w05/25/164.14

Her Naked Brother Uncovers Desires Ch. 03

 — Another boundary is crossed. by suzie3w06/07/164.43

Her Name Is Ana

 — Uncle throws his niece a suprise party. by rosemadder4706/15/093.36

Her Name Was Alice Pt. 05

 — Bobs panty fetish morphing into something more. by Myths08/19/144.71HOT

Her Name Was Alice Pt. 06

 — Ongoing story of Alice and Bob, his wife and daughter. by Myths11/14/144.48

Her Name Was Alice Pt. 07

 — The concluding part of Bob and Alice's story. by Myths01/02/154.59HOT

Her New Fuck Toy

 — It happens to be her son. by standingstones12/06/174.22

Her Niece, Her First

 — Heidi has her first lesbian experience with her niece. by AspenFan204/28/034.38

Her Only Son

 — After getting hurt in the war, son comes home. by jessy1912/28/054.52HOT

Her Pass

 — Demure wife gets a pass when her husband cheats. by jack3034110/15/154.61HOT

Her Pass Ch. 02

 — Anne returns to Jack against all better judgment. by jack3034110/23/154.71HOT

Her Punishment

 — 18-year-old Anna dresses like a whore, so daddy treats her like one. by ShadowsBelladonna10/16/103.89

Her Reward

 — Her new story aroused Daddy, now she's in for a treat! by SwitchMami04/08/134.16

Her Roommates and Her Daddy

 — She feels the lust her roommates get to experience. by kingnero07/09/084.13

Her Second Chance

 — A birth mother and her son fall in love after meeting. by Lostzilla07/31/064.40

Her Secret Crush

 — He & his mate take sis to nude beach. by princessjennie07/07/044.67HOT

Her Secret Crush Ch. 02

 — Katie is seduced by step-brother & his best friend. by princessjennie06/22/054.67HOT

Her Secret Crush Ch. 03

 — Her brother and his friend want to play a game. by princessjennie11/24/054.66HOT

Her Secret Crush Ch. 04

 — Her step-brother surprises her with a good morning fuck. by princessjennie10/10/064.63HOT

Her Secret Crush Ch. 05

 — Her step-brother catches her with her boyfriend. by princessjennie09/30/084.71HOT

Her Secret Crush Ch. 06

 — Katie lets her brother spank her and finds she likes it. by princessjennie07/06/094.60HOT

Her Secret Desire for Daddy

 — DJ is seduced by his Step Daughter. by dannyboy6610901/07/184.55HOT

Her Secrets

 — He discovers sister-in-law's secret. by Ursus arctos12/20/034.49

Her Senior Year

 — Getting to know my cousin. by aplbomr10/29/113.53

Her Sister

 — Family sex. by Suburb12/30/174.28

Her Sister Ch. 01

 — Sisters Katie & Nikki find their true feelings for each other. by JessicaS01/30/134.11

Her Sister Ch. 02

 — The sisters explore their romantic and sexual attraction. by JessicaS02/07/134.41

Her Sister Ch. 03

 — Katie and Nikki join in bliss. by JessicaS02/10/134.67HOT

Her Sister's Shadow Ch. 01

 — Two sisters in lust. by xaviersgirls12/07/074.21

Her Son's Secret

 — Paul can't keep this big a secret from his mother, Kathy. by James_Steele11/27/174.73HOT

Her Special gift

 — She gets a special gift of love from her daddy and Uncle. by lickablenipsddd09/21/043.65

Her Special Love

 — Roberta & Will have something special. by Bryant Layne07/13/044.53HOT

Her Stuff

 — Her brother's curiosity provokes her. by LeanneSinclair05/07/133.98

Her Stunning Wedding Night

 — July's marriage was more than well consummated. by qualitywheat06/23/124.41

Her Tattoo

 — Brother helps sister with her quest to have a tattoo. by Ares900211/12/094.54HOT

Her Thirst Ch. 01

 — A brother sparks his sister's dominance. by Inkysquid71803/06/174.40

Her Trick, My Treat

 — Ex's little sister's trick becomes my treat. by storyteller1910/19/174.61HOT

Her Two Favorite Men

 — Ally's uncle becomes more than family. by littlemissnaughtygal06/15/044.41

Her Two Favorite Men Ch. 02

 — Ally's long time fantasizing finally pays off. by littlemissnaughtygal06/16/044.53HOT

Her Two Favorite Men Ch. 03

 — Ally takes her uncle when Scott is away. by littlemissnaughtygal09/22/044.48

Her Uncle Joe's Bed

 — His bed is big enough for two. by lickablenipsddd10/26/043.77

Her Uncle's Love Ch. 01

 — John and Amber discover their love for one another. by Illusionz07/06/124.14

Her Uncle's Secret

 — Unwitting 18 year-old ballerina is uncle's fantasy. by PacoFear05/20/094.42

Her Uncle's Touch

 — Uncle provides a healthful touch. by OldDog01/13/024.10

Her Very First Time

 — A daughter crosses lines with her father. by TroyMcElroy10/25/143.98

Her Voice

 — A man becomes aroused by the sound of his sister's acting by Sillyman03/30/034.48Editor's Pick

Herb Cums For Breakfast

 — Another Lust in the Loft tale. by sirhugs08/26/034.32

Herb Garden in the Window

 — Brother and sister lust after older man. by JimBob4405/29/174.26

Here "Comes" The Bride

 — Father gives his wedding gift first. by kkaytlyn01/20/174.20

Here Cum The Parkers!

 — Patty & Her Daughter indulge their lesbian anal cravings. by patty_parker6007/29/113.89

Here Cummeth the Ass-Man

 — Mom explains to son that masturbation is normal. by fire2flame04/01/084.52HOT

Here Cummeth the Ass-Man Ch. 02

 — Things heat up when grandparents arrive. by fire2flame04/14/084.61HOT

Here Cummeth the Ass-Man Ch. 03

 — Mat gets what he gives. by fire2flame05/25/084.62HOT

Here Cums the Bride

 — His sister gets divorced, so he steps in to make her happy. by ilikeithot630808/05/154.72HOT

Here Cums the Bride Pt. 02

 — Time to get even with my sister's cheatin ex. by ilikeithot630805/28/164.75HOT

Here Kitty, Kitty

 — Daughter finds out mom's secret. by Robb11/10/064.49

Here We Go Again

 — A man's remembrance of his past. by clampealer03/15/164.32


 — A superhero origin with a twist. by dellagordo05/07/174.70HOT

Hero in The Family

 — A daughter gets smitten by good samaritan dad. by SPERMANENT02/06/173.45

Hero Looking For Redemption

 — Brother looking to redeem himself with his sister. by LostHero05/20/134.61HOT

Hero Worship

 — His sister thinks of an unusual way to thank him. by LilaBlossom09/28/074.50HOT

Hey Big Brother

 — Matt comes home for a visit and his step sister gets him. by tinytot2407/18/114.41

Hey Big Brother Ch. 02

 — Sarah takes their relationship to the next level. by tinytot2407/22/114.44

Hey Big Brother Ch. 03

 — Love and sex. by tinytot2407/27/114.40

Hey Big Brother Ch. 04

 — Sarah shows Matt her toy. by tinytot2408/04/114.48

Hey Big Brother Ch. 05

 — Matt and Sarah. by tinytot2408/15/114.50HOT

Hey Big Brother Ch. 06

 — Secret sex, a shower, and a bust. by tinytot2410/14/114.52HOT

Hey Big Brother Ch. 07

 — The wedding date is set and the buns in the oven! by tinytot2411/21/114.47

Hey Big Brother Ch. 08

 — Here comes the bride. by tinytot2412/09/114.29

Hey Big Brother Ch. 09

 — Honeymoon, shower, yum. by tinytot2412/30/114.45

Hey Gramps

 — Gramps is connected and help his daughters and granddaughter. by opachuck1109/15/174.44

Hey Gramps Origin

 — How it started. by opachuck1110/13/174.02

Hey Needle Dick!

 — Step siblings get angry and he shuts her up. by bulletprooftiger06/21/094.24

Hey Roomie

 — Budget cuts force siblings to live together. by akbashev01/13/054.38

Hi Daddy!

 — My little girl was always happy to see me. by MisterReason08/26/104.00

Hidden Camera

 — Son gets caught taping his mother. by gumie3511/11/103.81

Hidden Camera and Desires

 — Hidden camera caught his daughter smoking pot... and more... by MrIllusion05/03/174.61HOT

Hidden Desires Pt. 01

 — A man is interested in his Ex Step-father. by Beefaroni06/29/163.89

Hidden Desires Pt. 02

 — A man and his Stepfather take things further. by Beefaroni07/01/164.30

Hidden Fantasy

 — Brother finds hot tape of sis in action. by Steffi Johnson10/09/004.47

Hidden Fun

 — Son takes advantage of injured mom. by Andrea Stevens10/01/004.15

Hidden in the Basement

 — A new life. by Gypsy_6904/23/183.67

Hidden In the Snow Ch. 01

 — Julie's ski-trip with her mother, cousin and aunt. by funtoppings04/29/144.54HOT

Hidden In the Snow Ch. 02

 — The culmination of Julie's love story with her family. by funtoppings09/30/154.75HOT

Hidden Love Ch. 01

 — Cousins find each other. by Inkysquid71811/05/174.69HOT

Hidden Love Ch. 02

 — Cousins further their love in secret. by Inkysquid71812/08/174.80HOT

Hidden Pics

 — He discovers the hidden photos. by standingstones02/25/134.23

Hidden Valley Ch. 01

 — Group finds hidden valley with hidden results. by KY ridgerunner09/07/044.31

Hidden Valley Ch. 02

 — Young ones leave to get pregnant. by KY ridgerunner09/09/044.52HOT

Hidden Valley Ch. 03

 — The kids return to the valley. by KY ridgerunner09/18/044.52HOT

Hidden Valley Ch. 04

 — The new guys meet more of the women. by KY ridgerunner09/20/044.61HOT

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