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Hard Times with Mom Ch. 06

 — Mother & son begin a road trip and try to return to normal. by kylewhitney10/03/094.57HOT

Hard Times with Mom Ch. 07

 — Mother and son loosen up on the road. by kylewhitney10/07/094.53HOT

Hard Times with Mom Ch. 08

 — Mother and son spend the night with Aunt Linda. by kylewhitney10/09/094.54HOT

Hard Times with Mom Ch. 09

 — Mother and son get comfortable with Aunt Linda. by kylewhitney10/16/094.49

Hard Times with Mom Ch. 10

 — Mother and son get wild with Aunt Linda. by kylewhitney10/17/094.60HOT

Hard Times with Mom Ch. 11

 — Mother and son on the road again, just the two of them. by kylewhitney10/18/094.49

Hard Times with Mom Ch. 12

 — Mom and son finish their road trip with a bang. by kylewhitney10/22/094.68HOT

Hard Times with Mom Ch. 13

 — Mother and son resolve their incestuous relationship. by kylewhitney11/04/094.78HOT

Hard Times: Don't Ask Alice Shit

 — Her story. by susansnow05/17/163.32

Hard Times: Fun in the Water

 — He and Sister-in-Law get close and then sis joins in. by Dorado02/22/094.53HOT

Hard Times: My Girl Sasha

 — Alice (Sasha) and Paul at it again. Meet Michelle's Dad. by susansnow09/22/163.71

Hard to Fathom

 — Widower Dad gels with his 18-year-old daughter. by SPERMANENT03/10/103.73

Hard to Forget Ch. 01

 — Dan needs to forget his ex, Bobbi has needs of her own... by LustfulWishes08/09/154.11

Hard to Forget Ch. 02

 — Bobbi plans her seduction, but things never go as planned. by LustfulWishes08/12/154.12

Hard, Tight and Horny

 — A jaded duo lure 3 others to their bi playground. by libidinal05/06/044.69HOT

Hardcore Family Fuckers

 — Matt gets inducted into the family sex club. by Toolboy512/10/074.10

Hardcore Family Fuckers Ch. 02

 — Matt's induction continues as Tom joins in. by Toolboy512/11/074.40

Hardcore Family Fuckers Ch. 03

 — Matt's sister Karen joins his induction party. by Toolboy512/12/074.17

Hardcore Family Fuckers Ch. 04

 — Further adventures of a sex mad family. by Toolboy512/13/074.33

Hardcore Family Fuckers Ch. 05

 — The entire family enjoy a summer's day gangbang by Toolboy512/14/074.40

Hardcore Family Fuckers Ch. 06

 — The summer's day gangbang cums to an end. by Toolboy512/15/074.54HOT

Hardest Choice Ch. 01

 — Brad's sisters & mother are so loving. by pixie_baby04/18/064.51HOT

Hardest Choice Ch. 02

 — It heats up at Brad's house. by pixie_baby05/04/064.53HOT

Hardest Choice Ch. 03

 — Sexual tension at home comes to a climax. by pixie_baby09/02/064.52HOT

Hardest of Choices

 — They both love, her but only one is allowed to. by loved4eternity06/19/104.05

Hardest of Choices Ch. 02

 — They both want her - and she wants them. by loved4eternity06/20/104.26

Harmless Fun?

 — Sister is happy that big brother is home. by ChadTheWriter02/24/064.47

Harmless Fun? Ch. 02

 — Sister makes plans for big brother and mom. by ChadTheWriter03/15/064.46

Harper Valley 3: Goodbye Innocence

 — Parentally bereft one might think, I cave in to pressure. by Phrenetic_Ice04/20/064.64HOT

Harper Valley Revisited

 — Young woman decides to seduce her father. by Janet201/30/064.59HOT

Harper Valley Revisited: The Party

 — He and his daughter attend the party. by Janet202/15/064.76HOT

Harrie Ch. 02

 — Harrie goes from ass fucking trannie ho to pornstar. by abroadsword09/09/104.00


 — Cousin has a magical gift. by Kirk48200211/17/034.12Editor's Pick

Harry's Spring Break Ch. 6

 — The initiation of pretty cousin Othelia. by Sabledrake02/09/024.54HOT

Harry, Carol, and Me

 — Family feasting and fucking. by JeanneSis12/05/144.20

Harsh Notes

 — A young man's dirty wishes play-out in a family way. by billwells105/27/173.19

Harsh Winter

 — Son and Mother. by KEaster4611/25/143.90

Harsh Winter

 — Widow fines love in her family. by wildaraven131310/19/173.98

Hart gebumst vom Stief-Papa... 03

 — Papa und Sara in der Dusche. by SaraKleines09/03/154.34

Hash Brownie Stepmom Seduction Pt. 01

 — Kinky stepdaughter goes all out to seduce kinky stepmom. by janey1608/27/174.59HOT

Hat Trick Ch. 01

 — Matt & Ashley misbehave. by dellagordo11/06/044.72HOT

Hat Trick Ch. 02

 — Matt's aunt comes to visit. by dellagordo08/12/054.73HOT

Hat Trick Ch. 03

 — Mom and Matt, the main event. by dellagordo05/22/064.77HOT

Haunted House Fun

 — Cousins tour haunted houses together. by nephewjerry10/04/014.10

Haunted Sex House

 — Mother and son take refuge in abandoned house on Halloween. by FeverDreamer10/21/084.24


 — A husband's death creates an unholy bond. by MDF25102/04/094.50HOT

Haunting at Chimera Cove

 — Antique store's ghosts provoke an unanticipated reaction. by naughtychanteusez09/28/074.09

Haunting of McKay Manor Pt. 01

 — Can the ghost of Tate and Nora heal a mother and son. by soul7106/02/184.44

Have Faith...

 — Wife seeks salvation in God and he is left without? by Manofthehillpeople05/26/044.50HOT

Have Faith... Ch. 02

 — Daughters take relationship with dad further. by Manofthehillpeople06/05/044.67HOT

Have Faith... Ch. 03

 — Does John give in to his daughter's desires? by Manofthehillpeople01/22/094.51HOT

Have Faith... Ch. 04

 — Cassidy confronts the reverend's wife. by Manofthehillpeople12/19/104.46

Have Faith... Ch. 05

 — Cassidy finally gets her father...with help. by Manofthehillpeople06/06/114.62HOT

Have Faith... Ch. 06

 — The family's actions start to boil over... by Manofthehillpeople06/26/114.53HOT

Have Faith... Ch. 07

 — Monica reveals the truths about her choices. by Manofthehillpeople05/19/124.34

Have Fun with Jake and the Twins

 — Jake meets with his dream girl and her twin sister. by Bethicus1806/15/104.32

Having a Daddy Fantasy

 — Mother and daughter both have a daddy fantasy. by Giveandgetoral08/16/124.48

Having A Step-Daughter

 — A 45 year old man has his 18 year old girl. by julieshining11/08/053.59

Having Another Bash

 — Bash brings out the best in Janie and Kenzie. by King_of_Fulfolk10/22/124.38

Having Faith

 — Sin City lives up to its name. by Sadie2603/19/033.88

Having Hope

 — Resisting her means removing temptation, but will Hope go. by SynnDee07/21/124.65HOT

Having Ryan, Getting Daddy?

 — Hannah & Ryan settle their differences. by Angel Dangerous07/28/014.45

Having Sex on the Phone

 — Son calls Mom at work. by ladyofsin_9808/08/024.42

Having Sex with my Daddy

 — Daughter likes other girls but really wants her dad too. by Giveandgetoral04/15/124.51HOT

Having Some Fun Ch. 01

 — Son finds photos of mom. by Roscoe2808/04/104.04

Hawaiian Valentines "Lei" for Daddy

 — Katy gets "lei-d" by her Daddy. by scouries02/01/084.64HOT

Haylee and Trevor: Bra Tease

 — Trevor's adopted younger sister is set to tease and please. by hayleec08/17/163.97

Hayley's Naughty Night Out With Sis

 — Hayley finds herself in a gangbang in the club, with her sis by Fortify08/19/144.41

He 'Seams' Such A Good Boy Boy!

 — A nephews awakening at the hands of his Aunt. by Quillman07/19/074.05

He Aims, He Shoots, He Scores

 — The family takes air hockey to another level. by Slickman03/02/034.68HOT

He Aims, He Shoots, He Scores Again

 — The family continues to enjoy their air hockey game. by Slickman03/19/034.70HOT

He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother Ch. 1

 — Sister realises her love for brother. by curlyandcurvy06/08/024.16

He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother Ch. 2

 — She gets close to her brother. by curlyandcurvy06/11/024.49

He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother Ch. 3

 — Mum joins in the fun. by curlyandcurvy06/29/024.38

He Aint Heavy...

 — The first time I met my older half-brother. by TactileCazza04/13/134.10

He and I, Home Again Pt. 01

 — Adopted brother returns home, and so does she. by MissInstapix01/26/174.29

He and I, Home Again Pt. 02

 — Adopted brother returns home, and so does she. by MissInstapix01/31/174.29

He Called Her Janice

 — A mom and son consummate their mutual passion. by trigudis01/02/164.31

He Came, He Saw Ch. 01

 — Step-sister shocks him after hand job from girlfriend. by cumallday05/17/064.27

He Came, He Saw Ch. 06

 — Step-sister's bisexual confession leads to hot sex. by cumallday09/14/064.61HOT

He Controls His Step-Daughter

 — James decides to teach Marie a lesson about breaking curfew. by csassy06/28/084.26

He Could Wait Until Later To Relieve Himself

 — Intruder films his insurance policy. by Pogue Mahone08/07/034.49

He Cuckolds His Father

 — And his father was aware of it. by qualitywheat08/21/154.42

He Cums At Aunt Jan's Party Ch. 01

 — Chicago Aunt provides free lodging to nephew. by Personaltrain6910/28/084.19

He Didn't Even Know He Wanted Her

 — He gets a new job, and a new kind of love from daughter. by bi_cherrypie04/01/104.49

He Doesn't Love You

 — Son and Mom finally do it. by standingstones06/20/154.32

He Finally Fucks His Younger Sister

 — Brother and Sister finally fuck after years of desire. by fluffernutter06/23/134.31

He Gets What He Deserves

 — A porn hound gets exactly what he deserves from his aunt. by nick44james07/20/084.20

He Gets What He Deserves Ch. 02

 — Nephew finds himself in a situation he has waited for. by nick44james07/24/084.13

He Hurts Me

 — A mother is pained by her son's actions. by Mikelh09/09/014.26

He is With Grandma Now

 — Mikey moves in with grandma & gets a surprise. by mikeynicholson05/08/013.38

He Knew Her, But She Didn't

 — A complete life changing experience. by qualitywheat04/22/123.87

He Likes to Nibble on My Cupcakes

 — Son makes naughty cupcakes w/busty innocent lingerie mommy by MyVintageMommy02/24/143.90

He Loves His Sister More

 — Home from two years away, he finds his sister more mature. by lusciouspeach10/06/09

He Owns Me Now

 — A sexy MILF exposes herself and gets totally owned. by mindrazor09/20/154.30

He Really Did Love His Mother

 — He got her in the end. by qualitywheat05/31/124.37

He Shot His Sister

 — Sherry needed sexy pictures and enlisted her brother's help. by JayLikestoRead01/14/174.48

He Shot His Sister Again

 — Sherry wants Steve to take pictures of her in a bikini. by JayLikestoRead01/17/174.49

He Shot His Sister Around the World

 — Sherry wants Steve to take pics with international settings. by JayLikestoRead02/08/174.53HOT

He Shot His Sister in the Back

 — Steve remembers that Sherry used to wrestle. by JayLikestoRead02/16/174.36

He Shouldn't Have, But He Did!

 — A really really loving wife. by qualitywheat09/14/114.28

He Spanked His Sister

 — Instead of punishment, she got excited. by Trip_Dalton01/10/154.60HOT

He Spanked His Sister Ch. 02

 — Family history unfolds. by Trip_Dalton01/14/154.47

He Still Loves Mac's Cock

 — His wife and her mother love it more. by CharlieL10/17/064.58HOT

He Took Over Where His Son Left

 — Father-in-law has his prey. by mahima3005/02/064.14

He Wanted His Daughter-In-Law

 — ex-Marine was used to getting what he wants. by VeryDirtyMind03/13/184.39

He Wanted To See More Of Me

 — German student tells how it starts with her father. by leBonhomme09/27/124.13

He Wants His Aunt

 — Aunt and Nephew discover hidden passion. by karen_luvs_2_suck10/15/054.39

He Wants His Aunt Ch. 02

 — Aunt makes her way back to University to fuck Nephew. by karen_luvs_2_suck10/24/054.42

He was Always There Pt. 01

 — If only charity were of the body. by sinwizard03/22/184.62HOT

He was Always There Pt. 02

 — Charity sans strength, mom joins the giving. by sinwizard03/27/184.66HOT

He was Always There Pt. 03

 — The thanks for being there continues... by sinwizard04/28/184.65HOT

He was Always There Pt. 04

 — Finally...the other twin finds happiness. by sinwizard05/04/184.62HOT

He Was Only 18

 — A Dad brings his son to his girl friend for his first taste. by ravenswood09/23/094.19

He's Got them Both

 — Barry takes Michelle & her mom to prom and bed by BrettJ04/21/124.53HOT

He's Got them Both Ch. 02

 — Barry's cousin Colette comes to visit his little "family". by BrettJ05/01/124.64HOT

He's Just Curious

 — A young man discovers his true feelings about his sister. by TromeoQue03/20/134.33

He's Mine Ch. 01

 — Anna can't help her desires for her brother. by Xarth10/18/144.69HOT

He's Mine Ch. 02

 — Anna and Riley deal with their feelings and get closer. by Xarth10/21/144.73HOT

Head Doctor

 — A young man seeks help with his demons. by ChancesAre02/11/184.71HOT

Head Games

 — Shared sexual pleasure. by WalterCie09/25/103.76

Heading Home For A Swim

 — He heads home for a dip and more. by standingstones11/18/144.32


 — The impregnation orgy takes on whole new levels and aspects. by SEVERUSMAX10/31/153.96


 — I help my widowed brother rediscover his libido. by luvthex03/29/174.36

Healing David

 — Can she make her brother smile again? by LeanneSinclair05/09/134.47

Healing Hands Ch. 01

 — He helps his injured aunt and his mother. by mustanger7up03/04/034.41

Healing Hands Ch. 02

 — Mom, son, & aunt play. by mustanger7up04/12/034.53HOTContest Winner

Healing Mom

 — Doing what I can to help mom discover happiness again. by BigKahunaCat2106/26/114.04

Healing Pt. 02

 — I begin telling my brother my story of sexual awaking. by luvthex04/14/174.54HOT

Healing Pt. 03

 — I explore further my erotic adventures with my brother. by luvthex07/13/174.48

Healing Seduction

 — Two sisters give Sammy a reason to live. by AARON FINLEY05/04/034.25

Healing Warmth

 — Mom faces health crisis alone until son tries to help her. by clinton0912/16/104.24

Healthy Motivation

 — Aunt and cousin help a young man get healthy! by Ahabscribe04/15/114.64HOT

Hear No Evil!

 — Son hears mom with his childhood friend. by becpa06/18/092.97

Heart Shaped World

 — Tom and his sister blah blah blah. by DiaperedSiouxsie04/06/034.22

Heart Strings

 — A love of music brings a brother and sister together again. by MSTarot09/05/124.71HOT

Heart's Guardian

 — Motherly lovemaking mends a young man’s broken heart. by JDecker12/30/144.31

Heart's Hunter

 — Missteps to Sex With Stepmom. by MichaelWest02/21/13


 — Daughter rebounds with dad. by standingstones09/26/134.31

Heartbreak and Thereafter

 — Mother's love can be the true cure for broken hearts. by bangopee11/24/064.29

Heartbreakers Ch. 01

 — At Madison High, the Challenge begins. by CorvusTurrim77710/10/164.02

Heartbreakers Ch. 02

 — Ringleader Mindy takes the Challenge. by CorvusTurrim77710/11/164.24

Heartbreakers Ch. 03

 — Curvy Heather takes the Challenge. by CorvusTurrim77710/12/164.15

Heartbreakers Ch. 04

 — The two Queens meet after school. by CorvusTurrim77710/13/164.52HOT

Heartbreakers Ch. 05

 — Haley's Challenge and Mindy's bitter victory. by CorvusTurrim77710/14/164.54HOT

Heartbreakers Ch. 06

 — The Queens turn Madison High upside down. by CorvusTurrim77710/15/164.63HOT

Heartbreakers Ch. 07

 — Mindy gets a just revenge on her mother. by CorvusTurrim77710/16/164.69HOT

Heartbreakers Ch. 08

 — The Streaker Debacle and Trevor's Sexy Seduction. by CorvusTurrim77710/17/164.19

Heartbreakers Ch. 09

 — Mass orgy at Haley's house and... Pirates! by CorvusTurrim77704/04/184.77HOT

Heartbreakers Ch. 10

 — Disclosure and the Night Of Illusions begins. by CorvusTurrim77704/06/184.57HOT

Heartbreakers Ch. 11

 — The Night Of Illusions continues. by CorvusTurrim77704/07/184.75HOT

Heartbreakers Ch. 12

 — Mindy finally has it out with her mother. by CorvusTurrim77704/13/184.44

Heartbreakers Ch. 13

 — Transformation, ascension, and lots of hot, steamy sex. by CorvusTurrim77704/14/184.27

Hearts of Gold

 — Taboo moment leads to a romance a teacher must deny. by RedHairedandFriendly01/02/124.59HOT

Heat Goes on with Jack and Irene Ch. 01

 — Another erotic adventure of the sexy siblings Jack & Irene. by watcherofthenight12/23/084.30

Heat Goes on with Jack and Irene Ch. 02

 — The sexy siblings in an erotic & steamy encounter. by watcherofthenight01/20/094.35

Heat of the Night

 — A father visits his daughter's room. by MisterReason03/16/113.90

Heat, Humidity and a Film

 — In the heat of the night a mother and son filfill their love. by Moondrift08/11/104.37

Heat, Stress, Burns, and Cuts Ch. 01

 — A monumental conspiracy brings a Paris chef into a new world. by masonrk04/06/164.68HOT

Heat, Stress, Burns, and Cuts Ch. 03

 — Danger In Paris Leads Danny to Tokyo Sooner Than Expected! by masonrk06/24/164.68HOT

Heat, Stress, Burns, and Cuts Ch. 04

 — Danny learns about the Society of Assassins, and its leader. by masonrk07/16/164.68HOT

Heat, Stress, Burns, and Cuts Ch. 06

 — Daniel and crew arrive in Houston, a mysterious face appears. by masonrk02/22/174.63HOT

Heat, Stress, Burns, and Cuts Ch. 08

 — Danny has dinner with the mayor, and more mysteries unveiled. by masonrk06/06/184.63HOT


 — His little sister grew up. by auole1207/06/044.06

Heather & Alex

 — A brother and sister make love on her bed. by TromeoQue07/28/153.95

Heather & Joy

 — Two girls play at a family reunion. by Ignoble09/22/114.16

Heather - My Special Stepdaughter

 — Linda was wonderful, but her daughter was even better. by Venus_Lover05/15/074.48

Heather and Bryan Have Fun

 — The brother-sister duo go DOWN in an elevator. by BrettJ09/19/064.39

Heather and Bryan's New Life Ch. 02

 — Heather & Bryan get away for a little quality time together. by BrettJ11/21/124.58HOT

Heather and Bryan's New Life Ch. 03

 — Heather goes to visit Daddy and LOVES his sexy new wife by BrettJ12/24/134.41

Heather and Michael Ch. 01

 — Twins speed date then go camping with parents. by 8letters07/19/134.50HOT

Heather and Michael Ch. 02

 — Twins go all the way while camping. by 8letters07/23/134.69HOT

Heather and Michael Ch. 03

 — The twins have a great summer together. by 8letters09/26/134.57HOT

Heather and Riley Ch. 01

 — Daughter and mother have an accident in the kitchen. by MillerHighLife12/04/063.95

Heather Carlson, RN

 — Heather prepares a young man for surgery. by Grey Beard12/09/024.25

Heather Ch. 15

 — Mother finds out. by maudecardy10/29/114.25

Heather Ch. 16

 — Heather's official jiggling. by maudecardy10/30/114.55HOT

Heather Learns to Drive a Stick

 — Daughter learns to drive stick on or off road. by ARIM11B01/06/083.78

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