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Becky and Her Son Pt. 01

 — Becky and her son John develop a sexual relationship. by rgjohn09/23/104.62HOT

Becky and Her Son Pt. 02

 — The story continues. by rgjohn01/23/114.61HOT

Becky and Robbie Ch. 01

 — My closest and tightest friend, my twin sister, was a hottie. by Venus_Lover07/09/094.25

Becky and Robbie Ch. 02

 — Becky looked so hot in her bikini for her date with Rodney. by Venus_Lover07/10/094.51HOT

Becky and Robbie Ch. 03

 — The afterparty with Sharon & Becky was the real party. by Venus_Lover07/11/094.65HOT

Becky and Robbie Ch. 04

 — Soul mates consummate their intense love for one another. by Venus_Lover07/12/094.59HOT

Becky and Robbie Ch. 05

 — Becky and I reconfirmed our love again and again. by Venus_Lover07/13/094.55HOT

Becky and Robbie Ch. 06

 — Sharon volunteers Terry to take Abbie's virginity but Jenny? by Venus_Lover07/14/094.62HOT

Becky and Robbie Ch. 07

 — Our mother could understand that Becky & I were lovers. by Venus_Lover07/15/094.55HOT

Becky and Robbie Ch. 08

 — The Final Chapter: more good times for Robbie & Becky. by Venus_Lover07/16/094.61HOT

Becky Ch. 01

 — Becky and Dad give into lust. by luvdabutt12/19/044.44

Becky Ch. 02

 — Becky brings a friend, and dad plans on getting his wife. by luvdabutt08/11/054.49

Becky Ch. 02

 — William secretly watches his daughter pleasure herself. by Many Feathers08/01/114.27

Becky Gets Even

 — Becky finds a way to get back at him. by honeydew05/24/013.91

Becky Gets Even Ch. 2

 — Becky gets together with her grandfather & Jesse. by honeydew06/09/014.09

Becky in the Blizzard

 — Beckys life is changed forever when she gets snowed in. by fieryimagination10005/15/104.15

Becky Likes to Watch

 — Becky watches Bob and Sheryl get it on. by lurkingdirk02/01/074.46

Becky the Hypnotist

 — Sister Becky gets caught out by her brother & tries revenge. by GeorgieH08/25/124.42

Becky Visits Grandpa: Bizarre Twist

 — She is taken by her grandfather & his two old friends. by wetfranky04/22/143.70

Becky Wilson

 — Farmgirl starts a relationship with her Daddy. by Lonedaddy09/23/104.25

Becky's Adventures Ch. 01

 — Grandnephew comes to town. by swampian11/24/024.47

Becky's Best Birthday

 — A favorite family member gets her birthday off right. by Luvinmemories03/14/123.82

Becky's Lesson

 — Teacher and Daddy give Becky a private sex-ed lesson. by josephine2812/28/094.22

Becky's South Beach Spring Break

 — Rebecca meets her black half brother. by scouries06/18/064.56HOT

Becky, My Older Sister

 — Matt drives her home from college. by anon5621200108/02/014.42

Becoming 'Dad' Ch. 01

 — Infatuated with my roommate's 18 year-old son. by Tbonez04/06/183.96

Becoming 'Dad' Ch. 02

 — My roommate's 18 year-old son tests my limits. by Tbonez04/08/183.97

Becoming 'Dad' Ch. 03

 — My roommate's son hatches a plan. by Tbonez04/12/184.08

Becoming a Hot Mom

 — A mother discovers her son and friends want her. by Imstillfun09/04/154.58HOT

Becoming a Nudist Family

 — A family tries living a nudist lifestyle. by Heather2604/16/164.72HOT

Becoming a Patient of Doctor Lisa

 — A depressed man seeks the help of his qualified sister. by Authorised01/16/104.10

Becoming a Patient of Doctor Lisa Ch. 02

 — Doctor Lisa asks a friend to help with my treatment. by Authorised01/22/104.38

Becoming a Playboy

 — He and his cousin's 18-year-old daughter. by big_mouse08/02/062.81

Becoming a Submissive

 — Her first time being a submissive to her sister. by Fran2608/21/104.57HOT

Becoming a Submissive Ch. 02

 — My training and submission to my sister continues. by Fran2608/28/104.48

Becoming a Submissive Ch. 03

 — She is used by her sister and a friend. by Fran2609/10/104.61HOT

Becoming Big Brother's Favorite

 — Lizzy seduces big brother big time. by balloonanimal11/21/124.55HOT

Becoming Big Brother's Favorite Ch. 02

 — Big brother finds himself addicted to the charms of little sister. by balloonanimal11/26/124.54HOT

Becoming Bree Ch. 01

 — Sheltered young woman explores life's pleasures. by BrettJ02/06/054.35

Becoming Bree Ch. 02

 — Sabrina finds out what her mom's REALLY like. by BrettJ02/20/054.50HOT

Becoming Bree Ch. 03

 — Sabrina's Mom takes her on a wild shopping excursion. by BrettJ03/12/054.49

Becoming Bree Ch. 04

 — The next step in Sabrina's evolution. by BrettJ04/22/054.45

Becoming Bree Ch. 05

 — Sabrina's lessons in lust begin with her aunt. by BrettJ05/11/054.43

Becoming Bree Ch. 07

 — Sabrina goes out dancing. by BrettJ06/11/054.72HOT

Becoming Bree Ch. 10

 — At her own party, Bree gets a few nice surprises. by BrettJ08/11/054.71HOT

Becoming Ch. 01

 — Blake discovers there's something different about him. by Reardon103/19/144.15

Becoming Ch. 02

 — Blake discovers his true nature. by Reardon104/08/144.47

Becoming Daddy's

 — Father and adult daughter get closer. by IrishRose121506/18/054.02

Becoming Daddy's

 — Sadi just graduated, now daddy owns her. by SadiMarii08/14/144.03

Becoming Daddy's Girl

 — Frustrated wife finally gets satisfied by daddy. by pegyn04/17/103.98

Becoming Father Michael Ch. 01

 — Michael finds celibate is the last thing a trainee father is. by abroadsword12/20/114.32

Becoming Father Michael Ch. 02

 — Michael helps the young wives become mothers by abroadsword01/18/124.40

Becoming His Ch. 01

 — Finding my role in this family. by wettbbw4u08/05/114.17

Becoming his Whore

 — How Lynn became her father's fucktoy. by Hisdirtygirl7602/15/174.10

Becoming Legless

 — The desire was to be fucked so hard he couldn't walk. by egmontgrigor201008/17/104.20

Becoming More than a Mother

 — A chance event changes their lives forever. by Panthers7003/30/183.88

Becoming My Brother's Girlfriend

 — They pretend to be lovers to make his ex jealous. by jessy1910/16/034.52HOT

Becoming My Step Son's Ch. 01

 — A holiday with step son brings out my inner slut. by MrSpunki04/14/164.42

Becoming My Step Son's Ch. 02

 — Things got a lot hotter as my son unleashes my slut. by MrSpunki04/20/164.49

Becoming the Alpha Male

 — Opportunity presents itself: will Randy usurp his father? by MaryAnderson06/28/134.56HOT

Becoming the Alpha Male Ch. 02

 — The beach is the perfect place to conquer a mom. by MaryAnderson07/14/134.61HOT

Becoming the Alpha Male Ch. 03

 — Randy joins his Mom in his father's bed. by MaryAnderson07/25/134.62HOT

Becoming the Alpha Male Ch. 05

 — Jen expands her sexual horizons on a trip to Boston. by MaryAnderson09/29/134.60HOT

Becoming the Alpha Male Ch. 06

 — Randy adds his pretty teacher to the household. by MaryAnderson10/28/134.61HOT

Becoming the Alpha Male Ch. 07

 — The alpha male ascendent. by MaryAnderson11/19/134.60HOT

Becoming The CO

 — Young man takes control of his mother and sister. by Sandy_Fox10/16/084.18

Becoming the Man

 — Son helps mother, and grows up. by Borntolust11/28/134.37

Bed and Breakfast with My Hairy Mom

 — A little mother and son getaway. by daitalianjob02/02/164.26

Bed Sharing with Mom

 — Herbal medicine requires service to son’s cock. by HeyAll11/11/164.52HOT

Bedmate: A Sister in Need

 — Bachelorette's dilemma is solved by brother. by MrJack02/13/114.32

Bedridden BBW Mom

 — She gets comforted by her son. by taste_tea02/25/034.20

Bedridden BBW Mom Ch. 02

 — Son comforts and shows mom how much he really loves her. by taste_tea03/20/034.36

Bedroom Eyes

 — Kristen offers Tonya and her fiance a unique wedding gift. by BrettJ11/07/154.35

Bedroom Pet Pt. 02

 — Monica visits her sister and expands the creature's harem. by homealone_44711/12/104.42

Bedroom Window

 — A new neighbor spies a father and daughter's hot tryst. by bi_cherrypie02/14/074.45

Bedroom Window Ch. 02

 — Horny neighbor is in for a treat... Ashley's grandpa is here. by bi_cherrypie02/21/074.35

Bedtime Fantasies of Daddy

 — It's bedtime but her thoughts drift to daddy sneaking in. by CreamyCupcake10/24/144.07

Bedtime on My 18th Birthday

 — When I come of age, my mother wants bedtime to mean more. by bigwomenrule12/02/144.11

Bedtime Stories Ch. 01

 — Renewing a tradition brings love to life for uncle and niece. by bawidgetcoms05/05/134.33

Bedtime Stories Ch. 02

 — Joey and Jenny encounter problems. Includes non-consent. by bawidgetcoms05/14/133.88

Bedtime Stories Ch. 03

 — As Jenny recovers, she feels ready to seduce her uncle. by bawidgetcoms05/19/134.30

Bedtime Treat Ch. 01

 — Father enters his daughter's room and gives her a treat. by Rheyn07/29/173.96

Beefy Loving

 — Daughter has a thing for her stocky father. by standingstones02/01/144.22


 — A daughter sneaks a beer with painful consequence. by Magicien08/26/023.71

Beetlesmith's Ch. 16

 — Catharsis. by dresbach09/27/124.65HOT

Before He Goes

 — Sister helps her brother before he ships out. by randyolegoat09/12/084.42

Before He Goes

 — Mother and son desire each other. by standingstones01/29/144.43

Before He Goes Ch. 02

 — Katie challenges her sister to help their brother out. by randyolegoat09/20/084.46

Before He Goes Ch. 03

 — Brian gets a new bed. by randyolegoat11/07/084.47

Before His Arrival

 — Little Sister gets excited about her big bro. by Kay-C04/28/03

Before I Knew It

 — Older sis finds younger sis is all grown up. by Sugarsam03/07/033.78

Before the Bar Ch. 01

 — Post WWII: A decapitated family faces the Future. by Intelligencelover07/04/164.37

Beginnings Ch. 01

 — A mum discovers her son loves her nudism & so does a friend. by GeorgieH05/21/154.58HOT

Behaviour Modification

 — Trish helps mom rediscover her sexual self. by ColetteJulie07/21/164.44

Behind Closed Bedroom Doors Ch. 01

 — Confession of making of a whore. What really happened. by TallBlondeBustyBlueEyedBimbo05/06/163.65

Behind Closed Bedroom Doors Ch. 02

 — The confessions of the making of a whore. by TallBlondeBustyBlueEyedBimbo05/07/164.09

Behind Closed Blinds

 — Mother comes to stay with jilted lonely son. by PanzerFeck01/08/174.48

Behind Closed Blinds Ch. 02

 — The unspeakable done, they make it worthwhile. by PanzerFeck01/11/174.42

Behind Closed Blinds Ch. 03

 — Steven and his mother go deeper. by PanzerFeck08/08/174.56HOT

Behind Closed Blinds Ch. 04

 — Bliss interrupted - coming home to our love nest. by PanzerFeck09/26/174.54HOT

Behind The Lodge Doors

 — A sequel to "A Trip To Daddy's Lodge" by LolitaXXX09/04/114.25

Behind the Rose Door Ch. 01

 — Sexual adventures between mother and daughter by LynnK102/03/074.33

Behind The Shed

 — Siblings find a fun activity to do together... by Cphucker05/30/144.81HOT

Behind the Shed Again

 — Siblings keep the fun going... by Cphucker06/21/164.57HOT

Beholder of My Heart

 — This is about Tyler and Rosa. by sweetblissmash01/29/114.19

Being a Good Neighbor

 — I meet the woman next door, then she brings her daughter. by WayneGibbous09/07/104.48

Being a Man for Himself

 — A man makes life changes after facing mortality. by Grillytilly12/10/164.70HOT

Being a Man for Himself Ch. 02

 — A box with bars can at least see out. by Grillytilly04/19/174.61HOT

Being a Nephew

 — An understanding aunt helps her eager nephew. by bangopee11/30/064.24

Being a Slut for Uncle

 — Donna seduces her sexy uncle. by deepemerald02/01/064.35

Being a Whore for My... Ch. 01

 — Late-blooming mom & son discover nasty sex. by Lena_Hornee05/28/044.47

Being a Whore for My... Ch. 02

 — She woke up determined to end it. by Lena_Hornee05/29/044.56HOT

Being Busted Brings Benefits

 — Mother catches son jacking. by jasliz04/15/124.63HOT

Being Busted Brings Benefits Ch. 02

 — The arrangement continues. by jasliz04/22/124.65HOT

Being Busted Brings Benefits Ch. 03

 — Mom and son enjoy dad being gone. by jasliz04/27/124.70HOT

Being Busted Brings Benefits Ch. 04

 — Dad still gone but a complication arises. by jasliz05/06/124.70HOT

Being Busted Brings Benefits Ch. 05

 — Dealing with Makayla. by jasliz05/12/124.69HOT

Being Busted Brings Benefits Ch. 06

 — Mother has a new concern and then a plan. by jasliz05/18/124.51HOT

Being Busted Brings Benefits Ch. 07

 — Things don't go as planned. by jasliz06/15/124.52HOT

Being Busted Brings Benefits Ch. 08

 — Finally the last chapter. by jasliz06/30/124.56HOT

Being My Sister's Boyfriend

 — She pretends brother is boyfriend when he's caught watching. by Archer205011/18/074.47

Being Nosey Pays Off

 — Mom is caught writing explicit material. by nubreedsexual06/07/043.34

Being Watched

 — Mum watches son and is discovered. Arrangements are made. by ttcrusader11/04/144.60HOT

Being with Ben

 — Cousins share an unexpected love. by Chased08/13/054.62HOT

Being with Ben Ch. 02

 — Cousins decide what to tell the family about their love. by Chased08/23/054.70HOT

Being with Ben Ch. 03

 — The cousins choose must either life or love. by Chased10/18/054.76HOT

Bell Glade Beauty

 — Allison takes the road less traveled. by NYUProf10/23/064.31

Bella's Halloween Treat

 — Bella and her daddy have a Halloween party accident. by xobabygirl10/20/144.29

Belly Dancing Sister

 — She entertains at her brother's stag party. by Kayaker08/18/024.53HOT

Beloved Bitch

 — A quarreling brother and sister make up, in a big way. by MarcoTambo10/19/174.32

Beloved Sister

 — He becomes a man with his older sister. by badboy1060009/28/024.10

Ben & His Mom

 — Ben learns a thing or two from his pregnant mother. by klrxo04/29/034.11

Ben & Nat: Love at Home Alone Pt. 01

 — His gorgeous step-sister helps him forget a bad girlfriend. by Stelmaw07/16/164.52HOT

Ben & Nat: Love at Home Alone Pt. 02

 — Things heat up and they have the whole night ahead of them. by Stelmaw07/19/164.54HOT

Ben & Nat: Love at Home Alone Pt. 03

 — A big surprise followed by a fantasy fulfilled. by Stelmaw07/21/164.64HOT

Ben & Nat: Love at Home Alone Pt. 04

 — Patience rewarded. by Stelmaw07/23/164.60HOT

Ben and Beatrice

 — What will they do when they hear the other is in love. by Grillytilly12/19/164.53HOT

Ben and Julie Ch. 02

 — Ben meets his mother-in-law-to-be. by monkem07/29/064.56HOT

Ben and Julie Ch. 03

 — My Trish how you have grown. by monkem08/08/064.62HOT

Ben and Julie Ch. 04

 — Julie journeys into Ben's family. by monkem08/27/064.60HOT

Ben and Julie Ch. 05

 — A golf game. by monkem09/08/064.66HOT

Ben and Julie Ch. 06

 — Julie's trip to the Islands. by monkem09/22/064.27

Ben and Katie's Story Ch. 01

 — A brother has new feelings for his young sister. by Jerrycurious05/01/104.39

Ben and Katie's Story Ch. 02

 — Brother & sister and forbidden love. by Jerrycurious05/09/104.34

Ben and Katie's Story Ch. 03

 — A brother has new feelings for his young sister. by Jerrycurious05/27/104.43

Ben and Katie's Story Ch. 04

 — A brother has new feelings for his young sister. by Jerrycurious05/28/104.33

Ben and Katie's Story Ch. 05

 — Now it's brother, sister and sister's friend. by Jerrycurious06/01/104.47

Ben and Lindsay: Incest Getaway

 — Brother and sister forced together realize they like incest. by Cokeman07/30/154.64HOT

Ben Got His Wish

 — All the way. by qualitywheat11/09/164.44

Ben Wa's Won't Pass Security

 — Daughter tries to wear her balls in airport. by Wyden Long07/12/024.59HOT

Ben's Birthday Surprise Ch. 01

 — College guy gets visit from his sexy mom. by Blonde Partridge 201/24/054.06

Ben's Birthday Surprise Ch. 02

 — The big day arrives, and the fun begins. by Blonde Partridge 201/28/054.20

Ben's Birthday Surprise Ch. 03

 — Ben & his mom get it on at the Budget Inn Motel. by Blonde Partridge 204/09/054.22

Ben's Little Aisling

 — Ben meets with his daughter's school adviser. by Bungaku09/11/174.23

Ben's Party Ch. 02

 — New member joins the club; Ben is surprised who. by Lion2465508/12/064.52HOT

Beneath the Sea

 — A brother and sister realize their love for each other. by cerulean1007/25/104.14

Benny's Boob Triumph

 — He wants older sister's big breasts. by T.G. Penmaster12/10/034.33

Bent & Broken Ch. 01

 — Young aunt takes over her college nephew's space. by fsqueeze07/11/174.57HOT

Bent & Broken Ch. 02

 — Nephew takes care of injured Aunt. by fsqueeze07/13/174.62HOT

Bent & Broken Ch. 03

 — Unforeseen trauma strikes; the relationship is tested. by fsqueeze07/14/174.52HOT

Bent & Broken Ch. 04

 — Conclusion. His aunt resists, but he's no quitter. by fsqueeze07/17/174.74HOT

Bereavement and After

 — I connect with my sister-in-law. by dermantel06/07/104.07

Beside You

 — Man and mother-in-law "comfort" each other after tragedy. by Dar_Jisbo12/28/174.19

Best 18th Birthday Present Ever

 — Sister's birthday is improved, thanks to her older brother. by nymphbelle10/02/134.42

Best Big Brother Ever

 — Anything for my little sister! by CarlusMagnus03/28/174.54HOT

Best Big Brother Ever Ch. 02

 — I can't think of a better man for the job. by CarlusMagnus06/30/174.66HOT

Best Birthday

 — Carrie gets a little carried away on her birthday, read on. by Another_horny_Writer06/02/113.93

Best Birthday Ever

 — My birthday comes early when my sister gifts me a slut. by marquisdeslut01/22/154.34

Best Bitch In Town

 — Son reads sexy novel to gorgeous blind mom. by scorpio0015501/07/014.55HOT

Best Daddy Ever

 — My Daddy still loves me the best. by LorenzoAbajos09/21/164.07

Best Earth Day Ever

 — Sarah celebrates earth day with her son. by Ambrose191104/10/114.21

Best Ever, Can We Keep Doing It?

 — Party time leads to best sex ever - with my sister. by Huntertheman04/12/094.06

Best Family - Showering with Family

 — A young man showers with his two sisters and mother. by jagwalip01/04/174.49

Best Friend's Daddy

 — I fuck my best friend's daddy. by KinkyKCGirl07/13/16

Best Friend's Daughter

 — He gets with his buddy and buddy's daughter. by blanca6307/01/073.57

Best Friend's Sexy Older Sister Ch. 03

 — After London trip, she gives him a homecoming to remember. by BigTimmy3006912/03/054.40

Best Friends

 — He's surprised to find sister at home; she was waiting. by harley2311/10/023.88

Best Friends

 — A mother and son get intimate. by jack3034109/13/044.33

Best Friends

 — Father walks in on daughter's lesbian orgy. by deepemerald01/07/064.52HOT

Best Friends

 — She's knocked up by her Father-in-law. by Voluptuous4009/08/054.24

Best Friends

 — Em and Tam become lovers and then joined by Ems brother. by FuckQueen11/01/12

Best Friends Ch. 02

 — Her seduction of him continues. by jack3034109/27/044.53HOT

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