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Walk In The Woods

 — Walking in the woods can be sensual. by mgag1210/01/013.44

Walk In the Woods

 — Husband and wife enjoy some alone time in the woods. by housewife0907/24/143.85

Walk On Water

 — He takes her to a magical spot; and they both fly. by iamredrider03/15/094.48

Walking After Midnight

 — The faint sounds of the music filtered... by Thisisntme02/09/104.64HOT

Walking into Fire

 — He walks back into her life intent on claiming her. by knitedreams09/01/074.73HOT

Walking into Fire Ch. 02

 — The last night of their fling brings confusion. by knitedreams09/20/074.77HOT

Walking into Fire Ch. 03

 — Jessie soul searches while Duncan and Tessa play. by knitedreams10/06/074.80HOT

Walking into Fire Ch. 04

 — An engagement and the celebration of life. by knitedreams11/29/074.75HOT

Walking the Dog Ch. 01-04

 — A mystery near Norfolk. by smilodonwriter01/27/034.79HOT

Walking the Dog Ch. 05-07

 — No idyll ever lasts. by smilodonwriter02/05/034.80HOT

Walking the Dog Ch. 08-10

 — Near the North Sea. by smilodonwriter02/07/034.80HOT

Walking the Dog Ch. 11-13

 — The mystery deepens. by smilodonwriter02/17/034.79HOT

Walking the Dog Ch. 14

 — All is revealed, & dog comes into his own. by smilodonwriter03/22/034.80HOT

Walking the Dogs

 — Christine reminisces. by Hercules_unleashed02/03/064.57HOT

Walking Wet Dream

 — An ordinary girl falls for an extraordinary soldier. by hopelessdreamer07/17/134.87HOTContest Winner


 — He takes her in an alleyway, and she can't get enough. by Leah Bordello10/22/004.10


 — Plain Jane finally meets the man of her dreams. by jack_straw11/07/074.75HOT

Wallflower Girl

 — Déjà vu and an erotic encounter. by authorguybailey10/19/134.86HOT

Wally and the Super

 — A love affair between the Super and the neighbor's Dad. by mattwatt4309/05/114.68HOT


 — A wild and crazy guy. by TeretheTree03/10/033.72

Wandering Thoughts

 — Lovers once forgotten reconnect in more than mind. by izzystarzlin12/08/103.62

Wandering Vagabond Heart

 — The ocean at night. by Ninjaskill01/18/024.50

Wanna Makeout?

 — Friends take a casual joke to the next level. by randomanony12307/11/114.16


 — All he wants is you. by Pervis Brown10/26/054.68HOT

Wanting Erica

 — Yvonne gets to know her enigmatic colleague Erica. by enigmadarkxyde11/05/124.41

Wanting More

 — The end of the story for Cindy and Chester. by bassbelly04/04/084.64HOT

Wanting Tina Back

 — Randall hopes he can convince Tina to stay with him. by NTRmaster07/14/102.88

Wanting What You Can't Have

 — Sara loves Paul, but will she get her happy ending? by buttyninja03/28/104.31


 — Wounded soldier finds solace in the arms of the enemy. by roswalien06/08/134.61HOT

War Bride

 — Rescue turns into something much more. by bassbelly05/29/084.40

Warm and Clear

 — A drink. A car. A phone call. by Torontic11/04/064.67

Warm Summer Night

 — First encounter after a break-up. by sxlx4401/12/113.36

Warmth of a Mid Autumn Night

 — Leo could never find the right moment to propose. by Romantic_Intellectual09/04/11

Warmth of a Mid Autumn Night Ch. 19-21

 — On the Way Back Home. by Romantic_Intellectual09/07/11

Warmth of a Mid Autumn Night Ch. 22

 — Noted: This is a novel, not a short story. by Romantic_Intellectual09/08/11

Was all a Dream

 — Lovers and friends refuse to hold back. by Dien09/08/114.00

Was It Real Or...?

 — Husband comforts wife during storm. by Suzie Samuels09/13/004.49

Wash & Wear

 — First date doesn't turn out like he planned. by redtalon1110/16/044.09

Washing Dishes With Plus

 — Watching her man from behind proves too much. by plus7s prettygirl06/05/024.49

Washing the Goddesses Hair

 — A romantic story of loss and hope and a little magic. by Stultus06/01/074.73HOT

Wasted Years

 — Older man and young soulmate enjoy an evening. by oldlover4011/15/093.93

Wasted Years

 — Failure to communicate can be a life destroyer. by Spykke03/18/124.61HOT

Wasted Years Ch. 02

 — The next day. by oldlover4012/22/094.00

Wasting Time

 — To be or not to be involved; that is Ethan's question. by wetapap12/17/064.80HOT

Watch Over Me

 — They finally stopped drawing circles around each other. by demure10102/25/144.68HOT


 — She arrives home early...and gets a voyeuristic thrill. by Count_Belasarius07/04/123.89

Watching Love Grow

 — A story of unconditional love. by HeftyxXxHoney05/17/073.85

Watching Simon Fall

 — A tragic accident changes her life forever. by Munachi04/03/074.57HOTContest Winner

Watching Thea

 — I couldn't help but watch her. by NotWithoutMyShoes09/24/104.58HOT

Watching You

 — He watches his girl in the shower. by ZenWriterX12/27/044.46

Watching You

 — A fantasy comes true as I watch you with her. by Andara03/22/074.58HOT

Water Lily Girl Ch. 01

 — Lovett #2 - Mired in sadness, he finds a lass mired in mud. by Stultus10/02/094.70HOT

Water Lily Girl Ch. 02

 — Lovett #2 - While one flower of love fades, another blooms. by Stultus10/04/094.73HOT

Water the Fire

 — A lonely girl crosses paths with a fire breather's son. by LawrenceD08/26/094.60HOT


 — Hike leads to discovery of a waterfall. by hag42401/22/054.42


 — The two of you take a romantic drive. by mgmopus11/19/014.00


 — Lost in their past, a couple journeys to makes amends. by ChibiPotatoes12/24/144.03

Waves and Dreams Ch. 01

 — Two locals meet on the beach. by leejames07/10/104.48

Waves and Dreams Ch. 02

 — Jack and Laney go swimming at the aquarium. by leejames07/11/104.68HOT

Waves and Dreams Ch. 03

 — Jack and Laney spend a day at the beach. by leejames07/24/104.55HOT

Waves n Beauty

 — You have relaxation therapy with fantasy. by pamper102/20/074.60

Waves of Passion

 — A close friendship blooms into the love of the century. by eyesofmystery11/02/034.29

Wayne Finally Fucks 'Destiny'

 — Two lovers finally get to become one. by Destiny696901/15/033.61

We Could Be Heroes

 — So she had a bad childhood, who hadn't? by MayaBeauus06/07/103.29

We Create a Life

 — Young couple carefully plans the moment of conception. by nielt031312/12/054.69HOT

We Don't Need Words

 — He gives her everything she's been missing. by LoreLai09/30/064.73HOT

We Finally Meet

 — Long-distance lovers close the distance. by Nicola3101/06/024.32

We Finally Meet

 — Online lovers finally meet in person. by RenoDan01/07/054.62HOT

We Finally Meet

 — Joey and Ronda finally meet in person. by fancyface104/25/064.30

We Finally Met

 — Six long months waiting, our time together finally arrives. by NoLonger11/07/014.50HOT

We Meet Again

 — High School sweethearts reunite. by Skip1934a10/06/074.57HOT

We Meet Again

 — Years later, a man reunites with his long lost love. by gk_elliott11/23/134.15

We Meet Again on a Train

 — Sue and Don finally get together. by Donna1906305/10/084.53HOT

We Met at the Library

 — "I have never.." She said. by magmaman06/10/104.72HOT

We Met Online...

 — Distant lovers first encounter - sort of. by toast3701/22/084.42

We Need To Talk Ch. 02

 — Bedding widowed sis-in-law; ex-wife comes to visit. by julybear703/29/114.75HOT

We Need To Talk Ch. 03 (Conclusion)

 — The week before the wedding; a sister joins them in bed. by julybear705/27/114.75HOT

We Own a Legal Brothel! Ch. 09

 — Chantal's work gets a little harder. by irxgbr08/07/054.34

We Say Goodbye

 — Can he turn platonic relationship into trip around the world? by hotpup06/10/044.60HOT

We Were Friends

 — Friend shows him joy of receiving oral. by tamnestra06/06/044.48

We Were Just Friends

 — They were friends, then love made them chaste. by TitianaPeaks08/27/072.71

We Were Meant To Be

 — My story of how I met the one I'm meant to be with. by Dbaemlilaen12/19/103.95

We'll Have What They're Having

 — A husband gets some tips on reigniting their flame. by MsQuote05/18/124.47

We're Getting There

 — We experience some "firsts", but are still virgins. by steves_mom08/17/114.43

We've Got Tonight

 — He was alone and she made him an offer. by woodmanone01/09/124.62HOT

Weathering Out the Storm

 — Two lovers caught in the storm. by brokenangelwings06/16/104.42

Web Friends Meet

 — Two people finally meet after meeting on the web. by mred000105/20/054.42

Wedding Bells

 — Stranded on her way to her wedding, she finds a man. by sum12watch06/26/034.49

Wedding Games Ch. 02

 — Passion and Lust lead to Love. by LeoDavis09/11/134.71HOT

Wedding Night

 — A first taste of love as a married couple by IL02/06/034.35

Wedding Night

 — A flustered newlywed couple enjoy their first night together. by Amela03/24/103.73

Weddings = Love Forever Ch. 01

 — One wedding that would change their lives forever. by little_dreamer03/24/093.85

Wee Hours Playtime

 — Guy has best sexual experience of his life... without sex. by sdb9312/30/093.25

Week Away

 — Visit to a lover. by DarkerShadows11/27/132.80

Week's Vacation Day 01

 — Brian & Michelle meet in person and the passion ignites. by wetandwhat02/18/154.43

Week's Vacation Day 02

 — The passion continues between young lovers. by wetandwhat02/27/154.56HOTNEW


 — For you, Corazoncito. by hot-male77512/28/024.44

Weekend at the Lake

 — She wants him. by fadedgiant10/13/144.38

Weekend Getaway

 — Tale of weekend away with former lover. by MelissaDyan05/30/034.45

Weekend Getaway

 — Young husband takes his wife to family's private camp. by Abdulbenthere01/27/084.26

Weekend in St. Michaels

 — Chat meeting leads to real life. by LesterTwo02/23/094.30

Weekend in the Mountains

 — Car trouble leads to erotic pleasure. by Selecto08/19/013.72

Weekend Lover Ch. 01

 — The office hunk makes a claim. by Ada Stuart08/31/074.66HOT

Weekend Lover Ch. 02

 — Living the fantasy. by Ada Stuart09/06/074.82HOT

Weekend Lover Ch. 03

 — Tempting the chef. by Ada Stuart09/26/074.82HOT

Weekend Lover Ch. 04

 — Take what you want. by Ada Stuart10/27/074.77HOT

Weekend of Love Ch. 01

 — A young couple. An empty house. Let the fun begin. by countryboy0905/17/09

Weekend Surprise

 — The cool breeze tousled his hair. by Silent_Lover04/30/073.50

Weekend With Kate Ch. 01

 — Nick and Kate have a picnic. by A.W. Root09/14/054.33

Weekend With Kate Ch. 02

 — NIck and Kate cum along the way. by A.W. Root09/15/054.67HOT

Weekend With Kate Ch. 03

 — NIck and Kate eat breakfast on Sunday morning. by A.W. Root09/16/054.73HOT

Welcome Home

 — He welcomes her home in a most delightful way. by wildrose01/31/013.96

Welcome Home

 — Lovers turn a simple taxi ride into something exciting. by steelvalentine09/23/014.40

Welcome Home

 — You have been missed. by texastornado01/26/044.09

Welcome Home

 — Two friends find themselves together after five years. by honeywldcat10/25/06HOT

Welcome Home

 — An older college student falls for one of his teachers. by MoogPlayer06/12/084.80HOT

Welcome Home

 — Adam's welcome home "gift" isn't all what it seems. by toberbaby07/16/083.81

Welcome Home

 — A couple in love make up for lost time and long distances. by GrammarIsSexy06/27/104.35

Welcome Home

 — Absence (or is it abstinence) makes the heart grow fonder. by hotdamnazgirl10/26/114.39

Welcome Home

 — He returns from business...both long for the touch. by Stud_Bi_Writer05/28/124.58HOT

Welcome Home

 — Shane gets a warm welcome home. by Die_Bewaker_Van_Siele10/14/124.12

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