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Lesbian Sex Stories

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Sarah's Happy Holiday

 — Her surprise girlie fun on vacaton. by Sarah the Lioness07/13/024.66HOT

Sarah's New Life Ch. 01

 — Sarah's divorce starts her on new adventures in life. by Ghostwalker10/04/144.65HOT

Sarah's New Roommate

 — Sarah gets to know her new roommate Kelly. by FuckDoll04/19/054.08

Sarah's Quest Ch. 03

 — Sarah finds a BFF. by laserdick10/25/12

Sarah's Sapphic Encounter

 — A shower turns hot for two tired nurses. by GDC158812/11/054.67HOT

Sarah's Shopping Trip

 — Sarah is helped out in the shop's changing room. by jenny4her06/08/104.23

Sarah's Stud

 — Sarah and Kori are both in uncharted territory. by FiveWolves11/08/134.61HOT

Sarah's Visitor

 — Sarah & Wendy find a familiar face at the Red Lion. by MELD900303/01/144.56HOT

Sarah, A New Horizon Ch. 01

 — Divorcee Sarah finds love with a younger woman. by ahaz04/04/064.28

Sarah’s Double

 — Lonely girl loses her lover but find's her double. by ianbornscots10/22/124.31

Sasha & Karen: Night 1

 — What happened with Sasha and Karen after the club. by rgraham66607/01/044.53HOT

Sasha and Clair

 — Married ladies indulge in sex on quiet afternoon. by tayla703/31/054.44

Saskia vs. Belle

 — Two Boxten legends clash behind closed doors. by MELD900304/08/154.48

Satin and Gold

 — It's her first time. by BanditsGirl01/23/083.81

Saturday Just Keeps Going

 — Jill and her lover get ready for the day. by why_not_jill09/19/144.18

Saturday Morning

 — Just some thoughts about someone. by why_not_jill08/18/143.86

Saturday Morning in the Gym

 — She meets a seductive girl in the gym. by Sinara06/13/123.81

Saturday Morning, with Cake

 — Lana is seduced by a lesbian who likes male-on-male sex. by BlackHat3903/05/094.42

Saturday Night in Your House

 — A welcome intruder broadens novice's experience. by julie_julia11/04/054.49

Saturday Night Special

 — Out for dinner and some friends come home with us. by CoyoteGirl6906/26/104.31

Saturday Slave

 — A lost flash drive puts an older woman under control. by boxwood2504/23/15

Saturday's Passion

 — Cheryl's seduction brings sunshine to a rainy Saturday. by rogtom_6903/09/024.13

Saudi Women Eat Pussy Too!

 — Jamaican tomboy seduces hijab-wearing Saudi chick. by Samuelx02/08/132.87

Savage Beauty Ch. 02

 — Rescued, Carmen meets a new love. by SapphicMojo07/26/064.48

Savannah and Colt- Chain Me Up

 — Sav's girlfriend plays a horribly... awesome... trick. by taelifay10/19/113.33

Savannah and Colt: Chain Me Up

 — Sav's girlfriend plays a horribly... awesome... trick. by taelifay12/28/113.26

Save The Best For Last

 — Donna's experience with Mom prepares her for Evelyn. by Donnafse09/23/014.07

Saving Chloe

 — Will Casey be up to the challenge? by trappedinside02/07/144.55HOT

Saving You Saving Me

 — Two woman look for the courage and love to save each other. by Myhands31601/09/104.78HOT

Savory Sharon

 — Her peach-pie is devoured. by LustyLee7702/23/074.45

Savory Sharon Ch. 02

 — Sharon seduces Mary. by LustyLee7703/03/074.41

Saw You At The Library

 — You were the first person she saw. by abracadabra_197710/22/014.04

Say Yes

 — It's just one simple word. by AfroerotiK11/20/133.42


 — Meet a woman who just can't resist the finer things in life. by Stephanie_Rose11/13/084.62HOT


 — Elena finds liberation at college. by Olde_School_Expulsion09/09/114.18

Scarlett & Skye

 — A gay girl and a "straight" girl cross paths in a bar... by sapio_kirstin07/09/144.36

Scarlett & Violet Pt. 01

 — Two shy girls fall in love. by JimBob4407/18/094.54HOT

Scarlett & Violet Pt. 02

 — Their love continues to blossom and grow. by JimBob4407/19/094.66HOT

Scarlett & Violet Pt. 03

 — Christmas brings joy for some, not for others. by JimBob4407/25/094.37

Scarlett & Violet Pt. 04

 — Scarlett and Violet have a falling out. by JimBob4407/30/094.30

Scarlett & Violet Pt. 05

 — Scarlett and Violet try to move on, try to find love. by JimBob4408/02/094.49

Scarlett & Violet Pt. 06

 — Everyone needs to be needed. And to be loved. by JimBob4408/06/094.50HOT

Scarlett & Violet Pt. 07

 — Love and a baby. by JimBob4408/09/094.63HOT

Scarlett Aria

 — Scarlett comes home to Aria after a long day of work. by ScarlettAria07/11/10

Scarlett's Challenge

 — Scarlett must seduce 5 women to win a girlfriend. by YKN494904/14/124.77HOT

Scary Movie

 — Snuggling on the sofa, introduced to lesbian sex. by lunaswift07/09/144.53HOT

Scary Summer Ch. 01

 — My summer vacation from school. by vanderbilt_girl09/02/113.63

Scavenger Hunt

 — Amanda is caught playing with items around the house. by jtfresh205/04/054.47

Scent of a Woman

 — Wife enjoys a different kind of date. by circusleo06901/25/023.36

Scent of a Woman

 — Girl loves girl. by sexnovella07/22/144.26

Scents of Heaven

 — Suburban housewife explores her feelings for neighbor. by Penelope Street03/30/054.75HOT

Scholarship Requirements

 — She pleads for her children's enrollment in exclusive school. by Peter Duncan06/07/074.58HOT

Scholarship Requirements Ch. 02

 — Elizabeth & Tiffany initiate the pregnant Eloise. by Peter Duncan09/06/074.44

School Days

 — Erin and Courtney become more than friends. by Marly_Evans09/11/054.64HOT

School Days Ch. 05

 — Courtney and Erin take out the school librarian. by Marly_Evans11/18/054.62HOT

School Daze

 — Two friends discover each other for the first time. by FlightyFaerie04/28/064.47

School For Whores

 — Dyke grows up in whorehouse & learns the business. by Crew Cut06/02/023.58

School Girls Get Dirty

 — School girl gets blackmailed into sex with fellow student. by kissMYbunni10/06/023.90

School Reunion Ch. 01

 — Four BBW women, 20 years on. by Lady_Fiona06/25/104.25

School Reunion Ch. 02

 — Four BBW women continue their night. by Lady_Fiona06/26/104.20

School Time

 — A naughty schoolgirl gets punished. by Nemasis Enforcer02/02/074.16

School Trip

 — Two teachers find time for each other at the end of the day. by sally_ja_hawkins05/16/074.34

School Trip of Control Pt. 01

 — Sarah is used constantly as her class goes on a trip. by LadyAmy07/18/144.60HOT

School Trip of Control Pt. 02

 — Sarah's classmates continue using her on their trip. by LadyAmy08/16/144.77HOT

Schoolgirl Domme Ch. 03

 — Louise submits to a lesbian MILF. by Codlingsby09/03/134.51HOT

Schoolgirl Foster Sisters' 1st Time

 — 2 girls enjoy a first lesbian experience. by littlelucyjane10/14/104.17

Schoolgirl's Daydream

 — Beautiful Jessica distracts her classmate. by catastrophe01/21/044.28


 — Sherry gets pierced and her friend loves it. by jem050704/17/073.63

Schoolgirls in Lust

 — 2 innocent schoolgirl virgins discover each other's bodies. by littlelucyjane10/14/104.12

Schoolgirls of St. Cats 06

 — Japanese teen is taught how to pleasure another girl. by catwilliams06/18/104.52HOT

Schoolgirls of St. Cats 07

 — Female teacher shows Japanese teen how girls cum together. by catwilliams07/15/104.66HOT

Schoolgirls of St. Cats 09

 — Japanese schoolgirl and teacher talk and masturbate together. by catwilliams09/10/104.54HOT

Schoolgirls of St. Cats 11

 — Teacher has sex with Japanese schoolgirl and two friends. by catwilliams12/03/104.74HOT

Schrödinger's Mittens

 — Quantum theory as applied to exhibitionism. And butt stuff! by FeatherWatt01/16/144.82HOT

Science Experiment

 — I didn't know it was a sexual experiment at the time! by Pelios03/02/094.51HOT

Scottish Blonde In Orlando

 — She goes on holiday hoping to meet a friend. by pixie-princess07/07/074.00

Screwing My Ex

 — Breaking up is hard to do, but sometimes revenge is harder. by Rogue Writer02/05/064.57HOT

Sculpting Without The Mud

 — A steamy first time for two lovers. by MaddyBaby02/10/024.17

Sea Breeze, Free Me

 — Mallon finds real freedom in divorce recovery. by rob9920204/07/063.39

Sea View

 — A gentle seduction. by lipstickles04/09/094.29

Seasonal Seduction

 — Horny college girls exchange special Christmas presents. by Rumple Foreskin11/13/044.38


 — Two women meet on a late night flight. by eroticladywriter11/20/034.35

Second Day of School

 — Lisa & Chris take a vacation after school year. by eroslit03/06/044.53HOT


 — A sexy tale of second encounters. by LiteraryStud04/11/094.46

Secret Admirers Ch. 04

 —  Nikki and Angela try to help Emily out. by hotdm6910/07/124.51HOT

Secret Hunger Ch. 02

 — The continuing story of Clare and Emily. by AdamZasse08/30/124.33

Secret Hunger Ch. 03

 — The girls continue & mom and daughter explore. by AdamZasse09/06/123.88

Secret Kisses

 — Mother and her son's teacher become lovers. by stepjones05/24/054.76HOT

Secret Lesbian Passion in Desert

 — Girlfriends brings her joy in exotic locale. by pussylove6905/10/034.09

Secret Lesbos

 — Two friends find that their joking becomes reality. by sweet_lesbian_love09/07/043.70

Secret Lovers

 — You make it rough, just the way she likes it. by littlepoof12/16/034.12

Secret Revisited

 — Older woman explores her submissive side. by matron22208/23/144.38

Secret Sapphic Lovers

 — Married woman has a Sapphic secret. by mummys dirty angel04/03/044.32

Secret Strangers

 — Lesbians share an erotically charged evening. by kase_pussy_bandit09/18/064.06

Secretary Pleasures Her Boss Lady

 — Secretary is pressured into pleasuring her female boss. by Beth8black12/03/054.38

Secretary Sammy

 — A drab secretary is really a FOX in sheep's clothing. by BrettJ03/21/124.24

Secrete Life of an Indian Wife Ch. 02

 — Sandhya and Geetha get nude and naughty. by kinkydreams66707/15/134.00

Secrete Life of an Indian Wife Ch. 03

 — A deeply shaken Sandhya felt deeply violated. by kinkydreams66712/21/133.21


 — Partner swapping yields delicious discoveries. by rogtom_6901/05/084.25


 — A steamy encounter between two girls. by tashi13705/12/084.05


 — Jasmine rekindles the passion from the Christmas Party. by LittleRedHen02/08/104.57HOT

Secrets Revealed

 — She admits liking woman. She just didn't realize how much. by secretlylez07/29/114.60HOT

Secrets, Fantasies, Lust, & Mischief

 — Nik's nasty thoughts of her friend Felicia and a secret past. by ExotiqBeautii05/21/124.00

Secrets, Fantasies, Lust, & Mischief Ch. 04

 — After months of being in her new city, Nik has an encounter. by ExotiqBeautii07/28/134.12

Security Slut

 — Julie carries a night stick and loves women. by Anajiel11/12/093.79

Seduced by a Stepdaughter Ch. 04

 — Michelle shows a friend what she learned. by blondesubmission04/15/104.46

Seduced by a Story

 — A new mother is aroused by a story of lesbian breastfeeding. by preggo-fan04/19/054.34

Seduced By Her Neighbor

 — Sexy neighbor seduces college girl. by Kittie62103/15/094.47

Seduced By His Mistress

 — When the Wife meets the Mistress the plan changes. by CateJ09/01/144.74HOT

Seduced in a Club

 — She's seduced by another girl in a club. by truelifeconfessions11/09/063.97

Seduced: Susie's Real First Time

 — Susie is seduced by her best friend's mom. by pussylove6902/05/064.08

Seducer or Seducee

 — You decide and let me know. by tinaneesen07/19/134.60HOT

Seducing & Wanting The Boss

 — Will a party bring Lila closer to her sexy boss Lila? by leanne2k07/12/014.11

Seducing An Innocent Gir

 — Older woman enjoys 19-year-old innocent. by rubysen03/27/044.34

Seducing Carmen Completely

 — Lesbian boss plans seduction of a young employee. by AVixenLiterally02/28/124.40

Seducing Dianne

 — A young woman finds herself in the arms of her neighbor. by Tampadad02/26/154.18

Seducing Jasmine

 — Best friends discover how close they really can be. by Bluzworld04/08/123.74

Seducing Jennifer Pt. 28

 — Virgin girls explore each other. by jacktar4805/30/144.49

Seducing My Best Friend

 — She takes friend's hubby, then friend. by Tawny T07/17/004.67HOT

Seducing My Colleague/Roommate

 — I finally act on my desires and succeed in seducing her. by shakaboom9403/17/134.01

Seducing My Roommate

 — Busty roommates finally get it on. by breastysadie11/12/144.13

Seducing Sandra Ch. 01

 — Nikki pursues her coworker. by nikki_202009/27/034.51HOT

Seducing Shelly

 — Ninian seduces her friend Shelly during a weekend visit. by NinaVenus01/31/084.10

Seducing Sonja

 — A univeristy student finally comes out to her crush. by PenIsMightier111/12/104.39

Seducing Sophie

 — College student Kirsty corrupts her new friend. by dirtyfantasies06/14/134.46

Seducing Taylor

 — It's Taylor's first time with Laurie. by Laurie01/11/044.45

Seducing the Babysitter

 — Wife instructs young coed in lesbian sex. by watchdwag11/30/084.39

Seducing the Babysitter Ch. 02

 — Young coed is recruited as a lesbian slut. by watchdwag03/01/094.49

Seducing the Babysitter Ch. 03

 — College coed continues her transformation as a lesbian slut. by watchdwag04/01/094.50HOT

Seducing the Babysitter Ch. 04

 — Coed turns her straight roommate. by watchdwag04/05/094.53HOT

Seducing the Babysitter Ch. 05

 — Taylor's transformation as a lesbian slut is complete. by watchdwag04/23/094.53HOT

Seducing the Babysitter Ch. 06

 — Coed attends a lesbian feast to find she is the main entrée. by watchdwag05/14/094.51HOT

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