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Non Human Stories

A Spell On You - Demon falls victim to his own powers.
A Ghostly Fantasy
- Professor has otherworldly experience.
A Scary Affair
- Couple has intimate encounter with the paranormal.
- He gives aliens a little sex education.
Alien Attack - A woman meets an alien looking to breed.
Beauty and the Horny Beast - Adult version of the child's classic.
Big Foot - Sara & Jessie meet Yowl.
Big Foot Pt. II - Yowl satisfies Sara, and Jessie seduces Pops.
Blood Lust Pt. I - Unlikely guy becomes a vampire hunter.
Chinese Mary - Jacob falls hard for mysterious dancer.
Creature of the Night I - Busty woman is visited while sleeping.
Creature of the Night II - She needs to feed.
Creature of the Night III - Catherine's first kill.
Creature of the Night IV - Her victim isn't what he appears.
Creature of the Night Pt. V - Catherine visits a women's college.
Drusilla Pt. I - Woman must make the ultimate choice.
Eternally Yours - Vampires in passion-filled threesome.
Extract - Aliens seek seed from humankind.
Full Interface - Data gives input to the Enterprise.
Full Moon Rising - Lonely werewolf spies his princess.
Green Ladies From Outer Space - Man gives spacegirl a lift.
Horny Vampire - Bloodsucker discovers he's allergic to blood.
Hotel Hell -  Ghostly temptress seduces travelers.
Hunger - He satisfies her supernatural cravings.
Hunger - Insatiable vamp goes out on the town.
If You're A Bitch... - Doctor gets revenge on cheating wife.
Kimberly Goes Vamp Pt. I - Vixen develops a supernatural craving.
Kimberly Goes Vamp Pt. II - Johnny runs into bloodthirsty hottie.
Kimberly Goes Vamp Pt. III - Kimberly & Johnny become an item.
La Historia Romantica... - Planetologist-96 meets Earth Woman.
Michelle - Vampiric mist descends on horny girl.
Nurses - Young nurses become sex slaves to aliens.
Outdoor Adventure Pt. I - Camping girls meet Sasquatch.
Outdoor Adventure Pt. II - Two girls get busy with Bigfoot.
Outdoor Adventure Pt. III - Jeanna & Amber enjoy Sasquatch.
Pagan Pleasure Pt. I - He comes at night to show her bliss.
Perhaps with a Vampire - Hungry bloodsucker takes lovely blonde.
Phantom Lover Ch. I - Strange being lusts for human woman.
Prey For Me Pt. I - Locusts on Harleys are loosed from the abyss.
Prey For Me Pt. II - Supernatural seductions begin; the vamp bites.
Prey For Me Pt. III - Beautiful women begin to mysteriously disappear.
Prey For Me Pt. IV - P.I. searches for missing dick and pussy.
Prey For Me Pt. V - The good (looking) doctor makes house calls.
Prey For Me Pt. VI - The screech owl, Lilith, marks her prey.
Prey For Me Pt. VII - Cowgirls and Indians make war and piece.
Prey For Me Pt. VIII - The gorgeous pooper scooper butts in.
Prey For Me Pt. IX - Lilith compromises the governor and his ass.
Prey For Me Pt. X - A possible motive gets an erection.
Prey For Me Pt. XI - The Queen of Hearts steals a heart.
Prey For Me Pt. XII - Yakuza coke up a deal.
Prey For Me Pt. XIII - Yellow Rose's sucking saves Texas.
Prey For Me Pt. XIV - Babes become the bait.
Prey For Me Pt. XV - Biker babe bait apply practical Magic.
Prey For Me Pt. XVI - Biker babes do oral lessons.
Prey For Me Pt. XVII - Bigfoot gets a taste of pussy.
Prey For Me Pt. XVIII - Biker babes ponder incest and bestiality.
Prey For Me Pt. XIX - Biker babes seek supernatural sex.
Roger That, Scotsquatch - Beauties roger the beast.
Sea Tale - Sea creature seduces couple.
Shadows Fall at Sunrise - Vampire Lesten pays Wendy a visit.
She's Different - His cyberlover knows too much about computers...
Slink - Meet a race of sexually advanced beings.
Spirit Lover - Encounter gives new meaning to cybersex.
Starfleet Captive - Klingon captain claims her prize.
Tales from Smasher's... Pt. II - Cal picks up 4-breasted alien.
Teletubbies -  Kid's favorites in an X-rated adventure.
The Anguish of Counselor Troi - She's molested by horny vine.
The Goblin King - Elizabeth Janson meets the Master.
The Greek Vacation - Girl befriends hunky centaur.
The Haunted House - He enters spooky dwelling, and more...
The Haunted House Pt. II - Sly ghosts follow him home.
The Haunted House Pt. III - Ghosts introduce themselves.
The Haunted House Pt. IV - He discovers the girl's journal.
The Haunted House Pt. V - He reads the girls' adventures.
The Keeper & The Kept - Lori enters Justin's dark world.
The Lady of Dark Desires - Lady is taken by dark angel.
The Purchase Ch. I - Couple buys the ultimate toy.
The Sex Machine - Time traveler is shown the future of lovemaking.
The Singer - He's followed in the rain by mysterious woman.
The Succubus - Survivor of strange attack tells a wild story.
The Taking of Robin - 500-year-old bloodsucker lusts for redhead.
The Turquoise Woman - He feeds life-giving fluid to hungry alien.
They Walked Among Us - She meets mystery man at local pub.
The Ancient Prophecy - A demon and a virgin meet.
To Swallow The Dark - Demon seizes a nobleman's daughter.
To Swallow The Dark Pt. II - Lisa gives herself to the demon.
Tryxlfem - Space engineer wins a female Trxyl.
Whacking Material - Man has sex with faceless women in white room.
Where's MY Roger? - Roger gets a little chicken and a lot of chick.
Wild in the Wilderness - Horny vines pleasure two women.

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