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A Slow Waltz

 — Couple finds others to share their passions. by fantasex1311/26/053.77

A Slut For Use

 — Maria explores her submissive side. by English Bob12/08/044.07

A Slut of a Wife

 — A wife who loves cock has fun on a trip. by haveahotwife11/16/144.13

A Slut Wife And A Cuckold Husband

 — Wife's journey from shy wife to cock-hungry slut. by i_am_the_watcher02/10/104.04

A Slut Wife And A Cuckold Husband Ch. 02

 — Wife's journey from shy wife to cock-hungry slut. by i_am_the_watcher07/21/104.37

A Slut Wife And A Cuckold Husband Ch. 03

 — These are the further adventures of an unfaithful wife. by i_am_the_watcher08/04/104.25

A Slut Wife And A Cuckold Husband Ch. 04

 — The further adventures of an unfaithful wife. by i_am_the_watcher11/16/104.23

A Slut Wife And A Cuckold Husband Ch. 05

 — A wife's journey into depravity. by i_am_the_watcher08/18/144.18

A Slut Wife And A Cuckold Husband Ch. 06

 — Wife is fucked by 5 boys whilst pretending to be asleep. by i_am_the_watcher04/07/154.00

A Slut's Confession

 — Allowed to stray, provided she tells him every detail. by mpqm196810/13/054.29

A Slut's Confession Ch. 02

 — Their summer holiday begins with a bang. by mpqm196810/27/054.20

A Slut, Not a Whore

 — Slut Abigail visits her husbands work site. by lecturer42707/15/173.57

A Slut. An Insatiable Slut.

 — A husband's late realization of his wife's real needs. by hunter_gatherer09/06/14

A Slut?

 — Wife questions whether she is a slut. by ambise04/03/153.91

A Small Indiscretion Ch. 01

 — A small indiscretion...and decisions to be taken. by alex_lover03/29/154.09

A Small Indiscretion Ch. 02

 — A small indiscretion... and decisions to be taken. by alex_lover04/01/154.34

A Small Indiscretion Ch. 03

 — A small indiscretion... and decisions to be taken. by alex_lover04/03/154.30

A Small Indiscretion Ch. 04

 — A small indiscretion... and decisions to be taken. by alex_lover04/07/154.14

A Small Indiscretion Ch. 06

 — A small indiscretion... and decisions to be taken. by alex_lover04/11/154.49

A Small Indiscretion Ch. 07

 — A small indiscretion...and decisions to be taken. by alex_lover04/14/153.91

A Small Matter of Sex

 — Jude loved sex. by terrytel04/22/093.95

A Small Misunderstanding

 — She thought she was giving him his wish. She was wrong. by QuantumMechanic08/04/083.71

A Small Test

 — Will his wife comply & stroke another man's cock? by MandL07/25/074.44

A Smart Set Of Cheaters

 — Wife tries to prove she is too smart to get caught cheating. by SW_MO_Hermit08/14/114.62HOT

A Snack by the Pool

 — My wife encourages me to show off my skills. by justaguy6702/26/133.78

A Snap Decision

 — Couple decide to go for it. by Edanthony01/07/033.98

A Snap Decision

 — Kelly relives good times with an old friend. by Kirsten_McCurran10/15/114.16

A Sneaky Suspicion

 — Husband tapes cheating wife and watches. by R.T.McCants03/12/063.02

A Snippet 01

 — An incomplete set-up: dirty wife. by medley04/16/093.45

A Soldier Returns

 — A soldier comes home to a loving wife that indulges him. by iluvphoz7106/29/10

A Soldier's Tale

 — Our first foray into extra-marital sex. by cpumagick06/25/094.26

A Soldier's Tale

 — After a long deployment, a Soldier returns to his wife. by Reardon105/27/144.48

A Soldier's Wife

 — Husband asks for threesome and wife gets anal. by mredick08/26/05

A Solo Evening

 — She goes to our friends apartment to play and fucks more. by CloseEncounters09/29/03

A Song for Lara Ch. 01

 — Spanish adventures. by dan5707/25/103.62

A Song for Lara Ch. 02

 — Lara remembers her school years. by dan5707/26/103.78

A Song for Lara Ch. 03

 — A visit to the doctor. by dan5707/29/103.52

A Song for Lara Ch. 04

 — Lara visits her husband's den. by dan5707/30/103.65

A Song for Lara Ch. 05

 — Home visit. by dan5707/31/103.40

A Song for Lara Ch. 06

 — Vacations in Africa.. by dan5708/01/103.80

A Song for Lara Ch. 07

 — Return to Timbuktu. by dan5708/16/103.31

A Song for Lara Ch. 08

 — Hospital generale. by dan5708/17/103.26

A Southern Sail

 — They sail the Caribbean & experience the swinging life. by burner4601/01/064.01

A Special Anniversary

 — Husband gets what he thought he wanted. by newgirl9909/15/102.69

A Special Anniversary Gift

 — Wife has a surprise planned for their anniversary. by zeke8105/03/094.24

A Special Birthday! Pt. 01

 — My husband knows how to make a birthday girl feel special! by DezHills04/20/183.88NEW

A Special Birthday! Pt. 02

 — My very special birthday celebration continued! by DezHills04/23/183.58NEW

A Special Delivery

 — Amelia and Nolan have a risky encounter. by marcopolo2210/20/13

A Special Delivery Ch. 01

 — Shelby gets a special delivery at work. by ShelbyNaughtyGirl08/17/134.03

A Special Delivery Ch. 02

 — Shelby has a special surprise for her husband. by ShelbyNaughtyGirl09/19/133.95

A Special Guest

 — A husband and wife getaway, with one extra. by DaisiesInWinter01/11/154.09

A Special Hair Styling

 — Sexual thrill behind the hair salon. by elaine200012/13/034.07

A Special Massage Pt. 01

 — A luxury vacation turns steamy. by AlexaAllaire02/24/173.98

A Special Massage Pt. 02

 — A massage turns sensual while Hank is out. by AlexaAllaire05/08/174.32

A Special Monday Night

 — A fantasy coming true. by sandbcouple109/03/143.56

A Special Occasion Ch. 02

 — Their night with a friend continues. by showife08/19/064.27

A Special Occasion Ch. 03

 — Their special evening with a friend comes to a close. by showife08/20/064.33

A Special Present Ch. 01

 — My wife gets a very special valentine. by closetdramaqueen03/23/094.00

A Special Treat

 — Woman gives her lover a special present. by Fit Like04/28/123.91

A Spectator Sport

 — Game night takes on a new twist. by Tricia52FF09/02/014.04

A Sperm Coated Pussy

 — A man learns his place. by Royal_Prince03/09/013.69

A Stable Marriage Recipe

 — Fucking: God's oldest and best gift to the world. by rshyam09/19/053.77

A Steamy Oh God

 — Innocent wife loses it in the locker room. by notbillyb06/13/024.24

A Steamy Summer Night Ch. 01

 — Macy lets go of her inhibitions on a hot summer night. by Agoodman95406/23/084.40

A Steamy Summer Night Ch. 02

 — My wife explores being exposed and public sex. by Agoodman95406/23/084.35

A Steamy Summer Night Ch. 03

 — The day after the night before. by Agoodman95406/28/084.34

A Steamy Summer Night Ch. 04

 — Lovers found and lost...and lessons learned. by Agoodman95406/29/084.33

A Step Too Far

 — While husband is away, she went too far. by angel_eyes535006/28/042.60

A Step Too Far

 — He didn't mean to share his Asian wife. by a_random_user11/27/123.88

A Sticky Wicket Ch. 01

 — Jack wasn't even Twelfth Man with his own wife! by MattblackUK03/18/134.31

A Sticky Wicket Ch. 02

 — Wendy learns about herself. by MattblackUK03/26/134.04

A Storied Romance

 — Fool me once, shame on me; fool me twice...? by Cobbler102312/07/104.42

A Story for Kong5

 — Boss pimps out his secretary. by alanstewart26202/14/133.72

A Story for You

 — Suzy gets her man. by Vickson7301/15/15

A Story I Never Told My Wife

 — She loves to hear about my past. by havehotwife07/24/033.72

A Story of Guilt

 — "It happened," she told him. by magmaman03/08/114.54HOT

A Straight Guy in Provincetown

 — A stud seduces MILF's in Cape Cod's Provincetown. by The Style Guy08/24/064.36

A Strange Car in the Driveway

 — A story of a revenge fantasy gone wrong. by dimaggio509/08/173.10

A Stranger Among Us

 — Wife wants husband to video her with another man. by Sfbullrider04/20/183.48NEW

A Stranger Calls

 — Your wife brings home a surprise stranger. by aliensub2306/28/143.56

A Stranger Waits

 — Young wife is seduced. by johnk75uk12/10/024.27

A Stressed Wife's Affair Ch. 01

 — Stressed out wife discovers stress management. by dkmywife04/18/093.95

A Stressed Wife's Affair Ch. 02

 — Stressed wife continues affair as hubby watches. by dkmywife09/26/093.71

A Strip Club Plan

 — Wife asks husband to go back to the strip club0 by pastmyprime2312/31/143.75

A Stripper is Born

 — Account of her Return Home after her first Night. by tangaloungedreaming11/05/124.04

A Stud Search

 — Sterile man finds a solution to getting wife pregnant. by bbw4youngercocks106/05/064.29

A Studio Session

 — A shy wife allows a photo shoot to get out of hand... by cuckandy11/23/164.36

A Study in Monogamy and Sexuality

 — Researchers follow Amy's changes in perspective over 26 years. by amyyum02/08/143.93

A Study in Scarlet Ch. 01

 — Perception can be stronger than reality. by Blue8801/17/074.51HOT

A Study in Scarlet Ch. 02

 — A confrontation is near. by Blue8801/18/074.64HOT

A Study in Scarlet Ch. 03

 — The conclusion. by Blue8801/18/074.56HOT

A Study of Sensation

 — First person erotic encounter. by Silentwings04/10/10

A Stumbling Marriage Pt. 01

 — They thought they had a strong marriage. by AliHomeygrass07/11/153.68

A Stumbling Marriage Pt. 02

 — The strain gets worse. by AliHomeygrass07/15/153.79

A Stumbling Marriage Pt. 03

 — An emotional time bomb or two go off. by AliHomeygrass07/17/153.90

A Stumbling Marriage Pt. 04

 — She can't help herself. by AliHomeygrass07/19/153.87

A Stumbling Marriage Pt. 05

 — And now the end is near. by AliHomeygrass07/23/153.16

A Submerged Life

 — Ordinary married woman loves cocks (other than her hubby's). by JethroD01/01/083.77

A Submissive at Heart Ch. 01

 — A young man's fetish finally Materializes by hotbottom103/14/124.36

A Sugar Daddy Affair

 — Wife leaves husband for a sugar daddy. by Sfbullrider02/24/144.30

A Summer Day Surprise

 — A beautiful wife gets taken after tanning in the backyard. by sweetdesires11/18/134.04

A Summer Heat

 — The beach vacation is extra sexy this year! by Stephen7Redo07/02/094.30

A Summer Job Encounter

 — Young bartender meets a hot regular client. by SCGentleman01/02/05HOT

A Summer Night in Wellfleet

 — Swinging should be planned ahead of time. by zanker09/07/163.79

A Summer Night Out

 — What should I wear? by thebuffalo12/26/143.64

A Summer Romance

 — A husband's selfish distraction leaves his wife vulnerable. by ukresearcher05/29/143.36

A Sunday Afternoon

 — You share your lovemaking on the 7th day. by silverace106/27/054.06

A Surprise Affair Ch. 02

 — A wife and her girlfriend are surprised. by Kat7303/31/094.31

A Surprise Ending...

 — Wife puts on a show for hubby's delight. by wikidkul10/27/033.93

A Surprise Evening

 — Devoted submissive wife rewarded for pleasing her husband. by CamillaHumby12/16/113.89

A Surprise For Both Wife & Husband

 — Everyone enjoyed the experience. by vitesse11/09/034.06

A Surprise For Ellie

 — Ted reveals to his wife that he is bi. by Tedfriendly12/15/044.05

A Surprise for Gina

 — Gina has a run-in with a lady officer. by maiajoi04/22/083.92

A Surprise for Susan

 — Her dream comes true. by Toolmo04/20/084.14

A Surprise In The Night

 — A husband and wife get a surprise in a foreign land. by pleasantman03/04/083.89

A Surprise Night at the Club

 — Wife makes me watch as she takes two strangers. by riskyduo07/05/103.90

A Surprise Threesome

 — He surprises her with their fantasy -and she tells about it! by jklqs200311/26/084.26

A Surprise Visit

 — ...with my ex-wife by Moraldoubt12/15/103.93

A Surprise Visit Ch. 01

 — She agrees to sex with husband's Black employer. by neolithic_one03/20/064.08

A Surprise Visit Ch. 02

 — Susan's sexual needs are revealed as she submits. by neolithic_one03/28/064.07

A Surprise Visitor

 — Talk about a blast from the past. by BigGuy3301/17/174.47

A Surprising Night at the Pub

 — We all have fun. by Danieluk01/07/093.92

A Surprisingly Good Weekend

 — Kelly organises a surprise weekend away. by ozkelly01/22/044.31

A Suspicion

 — Wife disguises with wigs to check on husband. by WiggyPhil03/23/103.96

A Swapping Mistake

 — A couple made a mistake; husband doesn't handle it well. by DG Hear05/31/084.22

A Sweet Revenge

 — Adam ignores his wife at his own peril. by English Bob08/13/002.50

A Sweet Revenge, Soon Regretted

 — Swift revenge on her husband is soon regretted. by Bodie10/14/022.38

A Swing Door Opens Wider

 — Tim gets her again. by oldfogey03/02/024.26

A Swinger's First Vanilla Bar Pick

 — A swinger ventures into the land of the non-swingers. by Creamyirish07/08/10

A Swinging Door Opens Ch. 3c

 — Mike & Linda continue their experiences. by oldfogey01/22/024.21

A Swinging Door: Mike Again

 — The last we'll see of Mike for a while. by oldfogey04/14/023.79

A Swinging Life: Second Encounter

 — Couple attends a swinging party. by Tidewater134709/01/004.05

A Table for Four

 — On vacation, my wife gets wild at the RV park. by PKong06/17/034.04

A Taken Wife

 — His cuckolding is complete or is it? by jcace05/21/033.62

A Tale of Ants and Termites

 — He found something that should not have been there. by Just Plain Bob08/26/094.21

A Tale of Immorality Ch. 01

 — A pinch of infidelity. by angiquesophie08/31/074.04

A Tale of Immorality Ch. 02

 — A note of deceit. by angiquesophie09/01/074.02

A Tale of Immorality Ch. 03

 — A whiff of debauchery. by angiquesophie09/02/074.02

A Tale of Immorality Ch. 04

 — A glimpse of adultery. by angiquesophie09/03/073.86

A Tale of Immorality Ch. 05

 — A touch of excess. by angiquesophie09/04/073.77

A Tale of Immorality Ch. 06

 — A taste of doom. by angiquesophie09/05/073.70

A Tale of Immorality Ch. 07

 — A stroke of consequence. by angiquesophie09/06/074.27

A Tale of Immorality Ch. 08

 — A foretaste of damnation. by angiquesophie09/07/073.90

A Tale of Lust and Deception

 — An erotic journey of a woman to her freedom. by buzzinga08/16/143.41

A Tale Of Many Mistakes Ch. 01

 — It all came crashing around him. by likegoodwine10/28/104.50HOT

A Tale Of Many Mistakes Ch. 02

 — A wall of anger is building up. by likegoodwine11/23/104.54HOT

A Tale Of Many Mistakes Ch. 03

 — And then, sadness. by likegoodwine11/29/104.55HOT

A Tale Of Many Mistakes Ch. 04

 — Pettiness time three. by likegoodwine12/05/104.48

A Tale Of Many Mistakes Ch. 05

 — Life goes on. by likegoodwine12/06/104.42

A Tale Of Many Mistakes Ch. 06

 — Sometime good things can come from bad ones. by likegoodwine12/07/104.39

A Tale Of Many Mistakes Ch. 07

 — I lost my body armor one piece at a time. by likegoodwine12/08/104.21

A Tale of Murder

 — There is always a flaw. by magmaman05/23/124.17

A Tale of Southern Tail

 — Bruce, I’ve been fucking your wife for almost two months. by LynnGKS06/26/113.84

A Tale Of Two Bitches

 — He learns a lesson about dogs and women. by Rhein106/16/114.13

A Tale of Two Cocks

 — Debbie & Sue decide to switch husbands for a night. by Dash_Andrews6908/20/073.78

A Tale of Two Dildos

 — A wife helps her husband open up. by Turbidus05/29/154.52HOT

A Tale of Two Sisters

 — Two sisters and one guy. by carvohi05/14/144.48

A Tale of Two Sisters Ch. 02

 — Two sisters and one guy.* by carvohi05/15/144.56HOT

A Tale of Two Sisters Ch. 03

 — Something or some things just aren't adding add up. by carvohi05/17/144.56HOT

A Tale of Two Sisters Ch. 04

 — Being stupid doesn't mean your dumb. by carvohi05/19/144.60HOT

A Tale of Two Wives Ch. 01

 — Life's not fair or predictable but can be blessed. by FatjackFallstaff12/23/173.51

A Tale of Two Wives Ch. 02

 — Love risen from the ashes faces a new fire. by FatjackFallstaff02/27/183.92

A Tale of Two Wives Ch. 03

 — A fairly dramatic conclusion. by FatjackFallstaff03/06/183.80

A Tale of Two...Titties?

 — Two giant boobs ruined my marriage? by StangStar0608/29/124.39

A Taste of His Own Medicine

 — Girlfriend sucks and fucks guy with big cock at party. by janders05/28/124.04

A Taste of Honey

 — BBW finds double hole pleasure in the woods. by BEST EROTIKA 200210/06/013.95

A Taste of the Erotic

 — Couple enjoy a little bit of swinging. by ali1bali10/20/133.47

A Teacher's Tale

 — Did you ever wonder about that attractive lady teacher? by ronquaning02/02/123.60

A Teacher's Way Out of a Dilemma Ch. 02

 — Pam and John agree to the principal's offer. by SubBabs07/10/104.26

A Teacher's Way Out of a Dilemma Ch. 03

 — They fall deeper into the control of their Master. by SubBabs07/19/104.10

A Teacher's Way Out of a Dilemma Ch. 04

 — Pam and John experience true submission under Kevin. by SubBabs07/23/104.34

A Teacher's Way Out of a Dilemma Ch. 05

 — Pam is presented to Kevin by her husband. by SubBabs07/28/104.14

A Teacher's Way Out of a Dilemma Ch. 06

 — Pam and John evolve into their new life. by SubBabs08/03/104.26

A Teacher's Way Out of a Dilemma Ch. 07

 — Kevin prepares Pam to become his sub. by SubBabs08/08/104.21

A Teacher's Way Out of a Dilemma Ch. 09

 — Pam trys to have relationship with husband and lover. by SubBabs08/13/103.90

A Teacher's Way Out of a Dilemma Ch. 10

 — Kevin returns with a surprise for Pam. by SubBabs08/16/103.97

A Teacher's Way Out of a Dilemma Ch. 11

 — Pam attends the BDSM auction as a pet. by SubBabs08/27/104.27

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