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Hubby Humiliated

 — Husband humilated for premature ejaculation. by fun4all696904/27/063.34

Hubby Learns a Lesson Ch. 01

 — Hot wife indulges in his fantasies and more. by Badboy_7108/27/124.24

Hubby Learns a Lesson Ch. 02

 — Hot wife takes fantasy further. by Badboy_7108/28/124.02

Hubby Learns a Lesson Ch. 03

 — Hot wife teaches husband the new rules. by Badboy_7109/02/123.78

Hubby Said No

 — But wife didn't listen. by 62_goo01/05/153.78

Hubby Slut

 — How a couple discovered their open marriage. by wrknhnt08/28/013.31

Hubby Takes Over

 — Hubby changes the games his wife plays. by juderboy01/26/113.89

Hubby Wanted To See My Inner Slut

 — Housewife gets sexy and has sex. by torrey05/01/114.56HOT

Hubby Wants to Cleanup Own Creampie

 — Wife entertains hubby's request to eat his own cum from her. by dubdub123402/24/154.56HOT

Hubby's Away 2

 — Wonderful Surprise 2. by dirtriders09/07/103.42

Hubby's Away, We Play

 — . . . and so the fuckfest begins. by donttellhimk05/27/123.85

Hubby's Away, We Play Ch. 02

 — . . . and so the fuckfest continues. by donttellhimk09/05/123.76

Hubby's Best Friend

 — Husband's friend enjoys "hotwife". by sharedhousewife10/13/114.30

Hubby's First Threesome

 — Hubby finally gets Wifey to fulfill his threesome fantasy. by HappyMarriedMan7107/12/104.03

Hubby's Late Again

 — It's been a while... by SinglePack04/15/174.16

Hubby's Not A Daddy

 — Three kids - three different fathers. by agnes69s06/24/023.18

Hubby's Slut Heather Ch. 01

 — Hubby has a wonderfully submissive slut wife. by hubbysheather02/13/084.19

Hubby's Slut Heather Ch. 02

 — Heather's work as submissive advances. by hubbysheather02/13/084.25

Hubby's Slut Heather Ch. 03-04

 — Special lunches become a daily thing. by hubbysheather04/15/084.32

Hubby's Surprise

 — Hubby spies on wife with a new guy. by whiskybuff07/13/033.94

Hubris at Sea

 — Karen's 'naughty boys' took her to sea. by MattblackUK07/04/183.81

Hullabaloo Party

 — One cancelled wedding & three divorces. by Winterfrog08/28/044.29

Humble Pie for Thanksgiving

 — His labors ruined when his wife stays out late. by Bakeboss11/16/101.83


 — Wife fulfills husband's need for humiliation. by elia_cdl08/31/074.17

Humiliated by a Slut (and Loved It)

 — Slutty ex changes me forever. by mywayyourway10001/20/11


 — Wife humiliates husband in front of his workmate. by orther501/08/023.65

Hung Go, a Club

 — A wife's initial infidelity leads to cuckolding club visits. by ukresearcher06/22/143.77

Hung Yearnings

 — Young wife yearns for big in her life. by Littlemissblair03/27/014.05

Hunk Best Friend

 — He brings his best friend home. by goduke0603/29/074.07


 — She seduces a faithful husband. by shapeshifter3705/30/054.23


 — Who fooled the fool who fooled someone else? by Fredoberto03/13/193.61


 — Late-night beach game gets out of control. by quinn rogan07/05/014.31

Hunting Club

 — Giving wife to friend. by bobbieb03/24/094.17

Hunting Club Revisited

 — Wife's first gangbang story. by bobbieb03/25/094.34

Hunting Weekend

 — Brings horny wife to camp for the guys. by BobCollier10/15/094.24

Hurry Home

 — Wife surprises him by bending him over the kitchen table. by KCJones09/28/054.24

Hurt Me - I Deserve It

 — A husband punishes his wife for cheating. by SansjoyP01/17/153.73

Husband & the Stranger

 — Her husband lives out a fantasy of hers. by jeninflorida06/01/044.14

Husband and a Surprise

 — My husband treats me to a surprise. by comingofage05/25/193.61

Husband and Lovers Ch. 01

 — A loved wife transgresses for a fond past. by indianmasala04/11/083.61

Husband and our Financial Planner

 — The jilted wife gains the upper hand. by maninconn11/08/083.40

Husband and Wife Find Their Spark

 — Sometimes we need to remember what we want. by redkissy05/04/174.28

Husband Appreciation

 — The greatest hand job. by Virginiawild02/14/113.70

Husband Arranges Another Threesome

 — Wife experiences big surprise with two studs. by Darla10/26/034.38

Husband Arranges Another Threesome Ch. 02

 — She continues to pleasure two older men. by Darla10/28/034.40

Husband Away, Wife Plays

 — She has 2 nights of fun while husband is fishing. by calgarybabe3905/01/113.76

Husband Away, Wife Plays Ch. 02

 — Husband away on a fishing trip while I have a great time. by calgarybabe3905/09/113.69

Husband Calls Her a Cock Whore

 — Colleague relates her gangbang experience. by bruce4902/22/083.98

Husband Confesses to Cheating Wife

 — Michelle wondered if she got busted. by away44310/15/173.25

Husband encounters wife's adultery Pt. 01

 — Husband catches wife with a stranger at a hotel. by mobydick201909/10/193.54

Husband Encourages Wife

 — Husband encourages wife to be flirty leading to sharing. by Mike201208/31/194.59HOT

Husband Encourages Wife Ch. 01

 — Husband wants his wife to be like her divorced friend. by xleglover02/23/104.40

Husband Encourages Wife Ch. 02

 — Jen goes clubbing with Tina, while Michael waits at home. by xleglover02/28/104.34

Husband Encourages Wife Ch. 03

 — Michael buys Jen a gold anklet. by xleglover03/10/104.38

Husband Encourages Wife Ch. 04

 — Michael wants Jen to go farther, and Tina helps. by xleglover04/22/104.47

Husband Encourages Wife Ch. 05

 — Jen makes Michael's fantasy a reality. by xleglover05/07/104.54HOT

Husband Figures It Out

 — Husband comes to his senses after wife has twins. by lover195305/03/192.91

Husband for a Day

 — Sex with a colleague in the workplace can be. by The_Dolphin12/19/074.33

Husband Found a Guy for Me

 — A happily married couple wants some spice. by rkiller11/16/133.55

Husband Found Me and Neighbor

 — My husband found me with our neighbor and what happen after. by annmssb104/04/12

Husband Gets Lesbian Pregnant

 — Husband helps lesbian couple get pregnant naturally. by southdakota200502/03/134.00

Husband Gets Me Bred

 — Impotent husband supplies baby-making donor. by Likes Watching09/29/054.33

Husband Gives His Wife Away Ch. 01

 — Tricked by his boss into becoming a cuckold. by edmead10/08/104.09

Husband Gives Wife Reins

 — Finding their way back to each other. by lizardbeth6510/25/133.91

Husband has a BIG Surprise for You

 — Husband surprises wife. by MAwriter01/23/193.71

Husband Has a Limit

 — Husband decides that he doesn’t want to be dominated. by lover195305/02/193.71

Husband Helps Out a Friend

 — Maya discovers adventure when Husband's friend moves in. by Martinfreeman44308/24/193.37

Husband is Finally Set Free Ch. 02

 — Marcus and his wife. by lover195305/24/192.33

Husband Kicks Cheating Wife Out

 — Husband divorces cheating wife. by lover195305/18/194.14

Husband Loses Bet, Wife Settles It

 — My husband bet his friend a night with me and lost. by deborah6911/02/174.18

Husband Or Lover Or Why Not Both

 — Teasing wife or cheating bitch? by Omega1208/14/122.00

Husband Re-Introduces Wife to Sex

 — Husband brings wife a sexual gift. by fantasyfulfiller04/30/053.77

Husband Seduced by Latina

 — A married man cheats on his wife. by Netoru07/22/143.89

Husband Shares his Bed and his Wife

 — Husband invites guest to share his bed...and his wife. by RobertYork1202/03/194.40

Husband Shares Wife

 — He convinces friend to help teach wife a lesson. by innocentwife05/14/014.20

Husband Shares Wife

 — Little did he know what would come of a phone call. by shoeman196506/07/054.15

Husband Surprises Me in Dream!

 — Kinky wife dreams about husband sharing her with a new man. by Wickedgoddess08/01/183.94

Husband Swap Pt. 01

 — Two couples on holiday try something. by SlightlyRude01/18/194.13

Husband Swap Pt. 02

 — A bit of a bummer for the girls. by SlightlyRude01/19/194.01

Husband Swaping

 — Indian couple seduces their friends. by naveen4008/10/044.11

Husband Takes Too Long to Come Home

 — Fucking a random stranger while waiting for husband. by drpepper91109/04/182.91

Husband Training 101 Ch. 02

 — She plans to cuck husband and watches anal play. by rodryder4411/15/183.25

Husband Training 101 Ch. 03

 — Hubby interrupts plan to cuckold him. by rodryder4411/20/183.67

Husband Training 101 Ch. 04

 — The brothers share their wives, Ashley fucks on the beach. by rodryder4411/27/183.77

Husband Wakes Up

 — Husband realizes wife is unfaithful and leaves. by lover195304/28/192.97

Husband Wants a Hot Wife

 — Sucking a stranger in parked car gets it going. by MaeWestFan04/01/184.38

Husband Watches as Wife is Tempted

 — Will she cheat, and just how is cheating defined? by SPEN STERLING11/13/094.30

Husband Watches Black Sex

 — Denisa's husband wants to watch her. by gonzi204/15/044.19

Husband Watches Wife with Friend

 — Wife is seduced by friend while husband watches. by steverl07/01/164.39

Husband's 3some Birthday Party

 — Next door neighbour helps her surprise him. by MrsCanyon06/03/074.26

Husband's Awakening

 — He found out exactly what he had suspected and feared. by Winterfrog10/02/133.84

Husband's Best Friend

 — Wife fantasizes about husband's buddy. by SweetAss2105/05/054.33

Husband's Best Friend

 — Housewife's desire to be in the arms of her husband's best friends. by 7inchjunior10/18/134.03

Husband's Boss, and My FIL

 — Changed my life forever. by qualitywheat06/09/163.97

Husband's Childhood Friends

 — A surprise visit by husband's friends ends hot. by hornybeauty10/12/044.22

Husband's Dream

 — Wife's unexpected answer to Husband's fantasy. by IrnWlf12/11/144.09

Husband's Fantasy

 — His sexual fantasy comes to life. by Lady_Rogue05/12/073.74

Husband's Fantasy Backfires Pt. 01

 — This is a re-write of my story "Husband Encourages Wife." by xleglover11/30/104.29

Husband's Fantasy Backfires Pt. 02

 — Mike watches Darius gain more control over his wife. by xleglover05/05/124.19

Husband's Fantasy Backfires Pt. 03

 — It gets more intense for Jen with the Stallions. by xleglover07/12/124.16

Husband's Fantasy Backfires Pt. 04

 — Jen gets cocaine from Tyrone by xleglover07/18/124.16

Husband's Fantasy Backfires Pt. 05

 — How far will Jen go to please Darius? by xleglover08/02/124.06

Husband's Fantasy Backfires Pt. 06

 — Jen decides to get bigger breasts for Darius. by xleglover08/08/124.21

Husband's Fantasy Backfires Pt. 08

 — After Jen's date with Darius ... by xleglover10/04/124.26

Husband's Fantasy Backfires Pt. 09

 — Jen's descent continues. by xleglover10/29/124.13

Husband's Fantasy Backfires Pt. 11

 — Jen gets double Ds to be popular again. by xleglover12/27/124.28

Husband's Fantasy Becomes Hers

 — At hubby's urging, Carol brings in another man. by mannydcamp06/24/014.41

Husband's Mistake

 — She could not control. by bena4u12/19/154.06

Husband's Mistake Ch. 01

 — Chapter 1. by bena4u12/22/153.71

Husband's Mistake Ch. 03

 — Saeeda became really cheating housewife. by bena4u12/25/154.01

Husband's Nonpromotion

 — Wife proves she is still capable. by luckyhusband502/15/153.71

Husband's Own Creampie

 — Me and my husband had fun. by DatsunZ09/24/154.31

Husband's Revenge

 — Man gets back at his unfaithful wife & her companions. by Friskee_cpl10/01/084.28

Husband's Revenge

 — A husband gets his wife in trouble at a sexy party by JayBrooks01/09/113.12

Husband's Revenge

 — She wants to return to him. by aliveinpr03/19/173.73

Husband's Revenge Ch. 01

 — He learns of her infidelity. by Headhuntertales11/15/044.34

Husband's Revenge Ch. 02

 — He plans to get even. by Headhuntertales11/16/044.33

Husband's Revenge Ch. 02

 — Husband goes from toys to bringing another man home. by Hubby818209/20/163.69

Husband's Revenge Ch. 03

 — A surprise twist. by Hubby818209/27/163.34

Husband's Roommate

 — Wife teases his roommate. by whiskybuff11/09/034.28

Husband's Version Of How We Met

 — How I met my wife. by luckycouple84503/16/113.91

Husband's Voyeur Experience

 — He watches wife with stranger thru two way mirror. by Darla09/23/034.46

Husband’s Wish Fulfilled

 — Brenda catches up on what she missed. by toomuchinmyhead06/05/114.48

Husbands Always Want to Know

 — Paul wants to the details of his wife's cheating. by ptstewart08/22/083.59

Husbands Birthday Gift

 — He and his wife bring another woman to their bed. by Tanqueray06/28/044.21

Husbands Fantasy Fulfilled

 — Occupying her time, his fantasy is fulfilled. by mcgraw3308/17/064.16


 — Faithful wife is tricked into sex with her teenage neighbor. by meldimax01/27/154.42

Hutch's Property Ch. 01

 — No Trespassing! Trespassers will be prosecuted, severely. by bucksilver03/03/114.26

Hutch's Property Ch. 02

 — Lorna’s decent, Ken’s crash landing. Hutchinson’s repair. by bucksilver03/13/114.17


 — Faithful wife succumbs to husband's predatory colleague. by ukresearcher02/10/132.82


 — Stroke changes my wife's sexual drive by Johnsexlife12/31/083.22

Hypocrite or Cuckold

 — Wife's infidelity forces husband to decide. by StormX02/20/102.63

I Also Join in the Fun

 — Wife's lover brings his sister along. by manavata05/15/053.70

I am a Conflicted Woman

 — A woman has second thoughts about her 6 year affair. Or does she? by JoeVerde112/12/182.95

I am a Cuckold

 — Reluctant wife becomes an eager wife. by Consenting_Husband05/31/153.87

I Am a Dominator of Couples No. 01: Faye

 — White "bull" tells secrets of the trade. by maladaptor10/01/144.33

I Am a Dominator of Couples No. 02: Martha

 — Husband asks me to sexually awaken his wife. by maladaptor02/12/164.29

I Am a Dominator of Couples No. 03: Mary

 — A commission lucrative and unusual. by maladaptor04/25/174.20

I Am a Dominator of Couples No. 04: Alice

 — How it all began. by maladaptor04/19/193.99

I am a Married Woman

 — Men at work grope me often and want me to have sex with them. by wifelvrman02/04/163.62

I am a Patient Man

 — Not Ozzie and Harriet for sure. by Skippy4709/21/183.62

I Am Cuck Ch. 01

 — The start of my life as a willing cuckold. by westcoastjohn02/28/124.16

I Am Cuck Ch. 02

 — The start of real cuckolding. by westcoastjohn05/09/123.49

I Am Game

 — Wife brings truce between best friends. by JHammock11/26/093.79

I am Happily Married to a Slut 010

 — She gets a piercing… I get a piercing. by sarcasyreez07/04/123.58

I Am His Slut Wife

 — She's ready for something. by raj_250612/03/024.15

I Am My Brother's Keeper

 — How do I keep my sister-in-law from cheating on my brother? by amischiefmaker07/23/133.99

I Am Not A Lesbian, But

 — Just like old times, only better. by wonderful07/22/024.20

I Am Not a Nice Guy

 — Angry ex-husband moves on. by Streetdog01/09/164.43

I Am Not a Slut

 — Virtuous wife pays the price for her poor decisions. by AnitaBEaton07/30/103.69

I Am Not A Slut Wife

 — I'm not, I'm not, I'm not. by Triedtobegood08/10/044.05

I Am Not A Wimp Pt. 01

 — Or was he? by cageytee04/19/074.23

I Am Not A Wimp: Another Sequel

 — A silly mistake or a serious betrayal? by jack_straw05/27/074.25

I Am Not a Wimp: My Sequel

 — Sequel to I Am Not a Wimp. by fdkman26205/13/073.65

I Am On The Menu

 — She looked good enough to eat. by TopflightWife08/06/073.92

I Am Such A Fool

 — Man figures he missed out on life after an illness. by DG Hear12/19/074.28

I AM the Boss!!!

 — Husband takes charge of his wife, demands her to obey him. by wifelvrman11/10/113.62

I am Torn Between Bliss and Guilt

 — A Cougar is approached by an eager cub. by so100th04/16/193.65

I Am Where You Belong

 — She said, "It's no problem." But it was. by Pultoy05/02/123.79

I Am Woman

 — Late to grow up; late to sexually mature. by Softly09/26/024.01

I Ate Her Creampie, and It Was Good

 — They bring home a fresh man for her enjoyment. by sharingissogood07/03/064.50HOT

I Became a Slut

 — I fully embraced my husband's wishes and became a slut. by hotcynners06/16/114.51HOT

I Believed in Her. Did I?

 — Did his doubt push her over the edge? by angiquesophie12/11/063.92

I Bet It Could Pt. 01

 — Husband and wife start explore a sharing fantasy. by kdanielotis03/09/194.24

I Bet It Could Pt. 02

 — Husband and wife plan the next step, but there's a surprise. by kdanielotis03/10/194.18

I Bet It Could Pt. 03

 — Wife takes charge with next meeting. by kdanielotis03/12/194.32

I Bet My Girlfriend

 — Poker games gone wrong as my shy gf is the prize. by mikeanddanielle04/25/123.52

I Blush Too Damn Much Ch. 01

 — Reunion & an old friend bring back good memories. by bonnietaylor04/22/08

I Blush Too Damn Much Ch. 02

 — Meeting John for lunch and playing with his cock. by bonnietaylor04/23/08

I Blush Too Damn Much Ch. 03

 — She returns to John's hotel room after lunch. by bonnietaylor04/26/08

I Blush Too Damn Much Ch. 04

 — We both cum in his hotel room. by bonnietaylor04/28/08

I Blush Too Damn Much Ch. 05

 — Very good sex - with my husband for a change. by bonnietaylor05/01/08

I Blush Too Damn Much Ch. 06

 — She finds out her husband is cheating. by bonnietaylor05/03/08

I Blush Too Damn Much Ch. 07

 — John meets me at the airport and takes me to my room. by bonnietaylor05/06/08

I Blush Too Damn Much Ch. 08

 — John fucks me and I fuck him for three days. by bonnietaylor05/06/08

I Blush Too Damn Much Ch. 09

 — She sees husband fucking his boss in her bed. by bonnietaylor05/10/08

I Blush Too Damn Much Ch. 10

 — Bonnie meets John's wife. by bonnietaylor05/15/08

I Blush Too Damn Much Ch. 11

 — As time goes by with the affair. by bonnietaylor05/19/08

I Blush Too Damn Much Ch. 12

 — She joins the party with Ann, John and Bob. by bonnietaylor05/26/08

I Blush Too Damn Much Ch. 13

 — Our sex lives have changed and it pleased me. by bonnietaylor06/12/08

I Blush Too Damn Much Ch. 14

 — Her first swinger's party and first big cock by bonnietaylor06/13/08

I Bring You Dinner

 — She brings you dinner and a treat. by cincy2904/29/033.92

I Came Home Early & Came Ch. 01

 — She was with Lisa. by Curtain07/22/034.24

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