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 — A real man takes care of creeps. by Winterfrog08/06/074.29


 — Christine & George go through an ordeal. by English Bob09/28/013.62


 — I have the perfect way to overcome my infatuation. by imhapless05/18/183.94

Killer Blonde 02

 — His beautiful wife said she had a surprise for him. by JimBob4401/17/174.18

Killer Blonde 03

 — Those that play with killers should expect that fatal blow. by JimBob4401/18/173.90

Killer Fantasy

 — Fantasys aren't real, are they? by Grey Eagle 28611/21/053.75

Kilts & Cheerleader Skirts

 — A Halloween Party is all treat. by jjcole05/14/034.35


 — A slut is born. by kinkdude07/15/083.84


 — Wife is caught cheating. Husband wants the truth. by HerCuckman10/11/112.73


 — Lost her to others. by Britease11/11/133.10

Kim Accepts the Indecent Proposal

 — Husband Garrett enjoys as wife Kim takes the neighbor deep. by unfaithfulwives02/17/194.01

Kim Can Handle It Ch. 01

 — Platonic meeting turns into one hot night for Kim. by ricknlynne09/02/064.33

Kim Ch. 02

 — The story continues. by kinkdude08/03/083.96

Kim Helps a Friend with Photo Shoot

 — Loving wife Kim decides to help her friend by modeling. by nakeddream11/23/184.00

Kim Pt. 02

 — Sequel to KIM. by Britease11/20/133.98

Kim's Big Night Out

 — Hubby spies on wife and gets the shock of his life. by cuckwannabe11/26/083.02

Kim's Birthday Shock

 — Kim gets a beauty parlor treatment. by ARGEE09/28/014.16

Kim's Boss Ch. 02

 — Kim spends a weekend with her former boss. by tony09090904/04/124.23

Kim's Hitchhiker

 — Kim picks up a hitchhiker and takes home for hubby. by ffilc01/16/113.63

Kim's Horny Birthday

 — Wife begs husband to fullfill her fantasies and fuck her. by Knightlylust10/07/134.33

Kimberly & Lori

 — Man's lust for wife's sister is returned. by YNOT06/28/004.35

Kimberly Cums Out Ch. 02

 — Husband watches his wife in a MFF. by palles10/08/073.66

Kimiko's Secret

 — A Japanese hotwife enjoys a new man. by railwriter12/14/153.70

Kindling and Tears

 — A careless wife burns herself. by JimBob4411/06/164.16


 — What happens to greedy bastards. by Lilymay102/11/053.61

Kindred Spirit Ch. 01

 — Two couples meet by chance and explore compatibility. by Jacquioh08/04/034.13

Kindred Spirit Ch. 02

 — Continuation of the experiment by Jacquioh08/06/034.30

King and Queen Cuckold Pt. 01

 — He serves his wife and her lover. by cuckytoher06/29/183.95

King and Queen Cuckold Pt. 02

 — His submission deepens. by cuckytoher06/30/184.12

King and Queen Cuckold Pt. 03

 — He submits further. by cuckytoher07/01/183.36

King and Queen Cuckold Pt. 04

 — He continues his submission. by cuckytoher07/02/183.99

King of Hearts

 — Growing up is hard to do. by StangStar0604/11/134.51HOT

Kinky Camping Trip

 — Two country boys made for wife's gang bang. by MrsCanyon05/17/074.07

Kinky Landlord

 — This landlord knows how to entertain the renters. by ukswinger08/21/023.67

Kinky Neighbors

 — Cheating wife cuckolds hubby with kinky neighbor. by fun4all696909/29/134.04

Kinky Nikki Ch. 02

 — The story of a debauched housewife in New Zealand. by olderguy56604/23/093.94

Kinky Reversal

 — Husband submits to his wife. by falcon2909/05/054.16

Kinky Voyeur Husband

 — Helping friend seduce wife. by YukonWolf01/15/163.99

Kinky Wednesday

 — Road trip turns to a Kinky day of wife sharing. by StillStroking12/19/154.14

Kip and Jon Get My Wife

 — Works buddies from abroad enjoy my wife in the pool. by wildp05/11/123.65

Kira at Bikapur

 — Kira's adventures chapter 4: a second honeymoon. by dan5701/16/084.00

Kira's First Errands Ch. 01

 — How Kira became a submissive. by dan5703/22/083.98

Kira's First Errands Ch. 02

 — From part time wife to part time mother. by dan5703/23/083.96

Kira's New Adventures Ch. 08

 — Three girls for Gupta. by dan5710/11/093.83

Kirsty's Confession

 — A loving wife recounts a sordid night of fun. by Bazzza05/22/084.18

Kiss Her

 — A husband gets his birthday wish. by BlueFish1110/18/084.01

Kissing and Hugging with Fred

 — Wife submits to dance instructor. by twatchman11/20/143.85

Kissing Boys

 — Just one slip leads to the hottest sex of their marriage by bridger jack04/25/084.12

Kissing Cousins

 — College guy comes to stay with his married cousin. by sharedhousewife08/06/144.18

Kissing His Cousin

 — Wife fulfills a naughty fantasy for her husband. by quiskya05/04/074.12

Kissing His Cousin Ch. 02

 — The aftermath of fuck. by quiskya05/11/073.85

Kitchen Gang Bang

 — Wife becomes a slut & hubby, a cuckold. by wifwat05/13/043.85

Kitten is a Tease

 — Wife teases husband with tale of accidental exhibition. by Erotic Reverie12/09/113.97

Kitten is a Tease Ch. 02

 — Husband indulges wife then gets even for teasing ways. by Erotic Reverie02/01/123.78


 — A fragment of life as lovers. by ofLebanon08/30/113.81

Kittie Comes Out Pt. 01

 — Loving wife's first threesome? by Arpea06/25/154.06


 — Wanting a house, couple trades wife for down payment. by Wifetheif04/18/154.15

Kitty Ch. 02

 — Continuation of Kitty and Doug's adventure. by Wifetheif04/29/154.21

Kitty Party in Paris Ch. 01

 — Shandeep meets Dr Patrick. by dan5707/04/094.18

Kitty Party in Paris Ch. 02

 — Mona exposes her marital problems. by dan5707/05/094.00

Kitty Party in Paris Ch. 03

 — Harpreet was always working nightshift - His wife felt bored. by dan5710/26/093.62

Kitty Tales: Blair Pt. 01

 — Couple swing with a BDSM twist. by kitty4bi12/16/05HOT

Kitty Tales: Blair Pt. 02

 — Swing couple with a BDSM twist. by kitty4bi12/19/05HOT

Klassy Lady

 — Wife's weekend adventure in a brothel. by catomanytales10/10/034.49

Klassy Lady: The Dandelion Field

 — Wife's sexy picnic. by catomanytales05/09/044.33

Klassy Lady: Working Holiday Ch. 01

 — Back to the brothel. by catomanytales02/04/054.34

Klassy Lady: Working Holiday Ch. 02

 — Chloe's busy first night back. by catomanytales02/11/054.35

Klassy Lady: Working Holiday Ch. 03

 — More customers for Chloe. by catomanytales02/19/054.34

Knife in the Back

 — A tribute to swingerjoe. by dragonmann7204/10/183.28

Knock Knock

 — Wife meets new neighbour instead of her husband. by adam_writer07/11/07

Knocking Up Nanci

 — Nanci wants a baby daddy and so much more. by Ray Dario03/21/174.27

Knot What She Expected

 — A young married teacher gets taught a lesson. by badidea21102/21/163.90

Know Nowt Nigel

 — Unsuspecting Nigel had no idea of the shenanigans at home. by Spencerfiction01/02/154.23

Know Thy Self, know Thy Enemy

 — Her actions changed him and not for the better. by TCct09/03/154.52HOT

Know Who Your Friends Are

 — Love, adultery and succumbing to temptation. by Cleardaynow10/18/133.57

Knowing Dana

 — She's been told no so many times she's finally saying yes. by RedHairedandFriendly07/08/073.92

Komaki's Creampies

 — Frank likes eating Komaki's creampies, even when donated. by yummicreme01/04/114.34

Komal's Transformation

 — Unfulfilled urges transforms a rich housewife. by FreshFlower01/15/183.80

Komal's Transformation Ch. 02

 — Indian Housewife and her slips - willingly or reluctantly. by FreshFlower09/20/183.85

Korean Army Wife

 — Asian wife can not get enough at home. by LikesWatching207/18/084.08

Kosmo: Is Bigger Really Better?

 — Conservative magazine author does personal research. by Slickman10/09/044.60HOT

Kris Becomes a Toy Ch. 1

 — A housewife becomes a toy as her husband watches. by MiamiCuban05/01/014.26

Kris Becomes A Toy Ch. 2

 — Threesome goes out on the town. by MiamiCuban05/04/014.26

Kris Becomes A Toy Ch. 3

 — Husband and wife continue their wicked ways. by MiamiCuban06/14/014.30

Kris the College Mate

 — Jessica meets Kris who peps up her dull married life. by freeman6401/25/153.50

Kris' Victory

 — A blindfold, and a couple's first threesome. by richardesq07/15/014.06

Kristen Taken on the Subway

 — Kristen gets taken in front of her husband. by Archie8906/23/164.39

Kristen's Stud Student

 — Event changes how husband views wife. by sxt99905/11/093.42

Kristen: Odessa and Beyond

 — An epilogue by Kristen on her life after the cruise by ken philips03/30/143.59

Kristi and Our Spring Chores

 — Chas appreciates Kristi's helping hand. by gatsby030306/19/164.24

Kristin's Fall

 — Innocent housewife is seduced and manipulated. by natalie_undie10/08/074.09

Kristin's Night Out

 — A young married mother goes drinking, finds passion. by BenderJohnsen03/16/164.39

Kristin's Thank you

 — A pregnant woman surprises her sleeping husband. by collegiate11/03/083.88

Kristina's Wild Side

 — Innocent wife discovers the party scene of drugs and sex. by RobertKing02/22/144.21

Kristine's Exploits

 — Kristine starts flashing her tits and it leads to alot more. by voyeourx04/22/093.39

Kristy's Seattle Adventure

 — She explores a new side with and without her husband. by hughgreckshun06/05/034.29

Kristy's Surprise

 — She thought she had the night planned... by Kristy Luv09/29/013.25

Kruti A Friends Wife

 — This how Kruti come into my life and we had some fun. by amreed91112/21/064.03

Kruti A Friends Wife Day 02

 — The day Kruti gets used and her nipple done. by amreed91112/23/064.04

Kryptonite Ch. 02

 — Husband uses wife's memory of big cock for control. by Harddaysknight04/24/044.35

Kryptonite Ch. 03

 — Buddy's big dick makes for an interesting trip. by Harddaysknight06/22/044.25

Krysta Becomes a Whore

 — A housewife's descent into prostitution. by Meg_a02/21/113.71

Kurti 01

 — Indian housewife is used. by evileb66609/17/083.95


 — He came into our lives to fuck us both. by Scorpio44a05/16/114.09

Kyle & My Wife

 — High school bully takes wife in front of husband by TripleG02/13/012.46

Kylie Takes Her Chance

 — Wife pleases her boss for money without husband knowing. by ARGEE12/06/014.05

Kym and Phil's tale

 — A wife is offered a job in exchange for sex. by Imstillfun04/12/164.30

L.A. in New Orleans Ch. 01

 — Wife enjoys boss. by baremetal04/06/094.20

L.A. in New Orleans Ch. 02

 — Wife enjoys boss. by baremetal04/09/094.38

L.A. in New Orleans Ch. 03

 — Wife enjoys boss. by baremetal04/12/094.26

L.A. in New Orleans Ch. 04

 — Wife enjoys boss. by baremetal04/20/094.38

L.A. in New Orleans Ch. 05

 — Wife enjoys boss. by baremetal04/23/094.27

L.A. in New Orleans Ch. 06

 — Wife enjoys boss. by baremetal04/27/093.97

LA Nightout

 — Wife lives out a fantasy. by mardrjc12/03/113.66

La Rubia Gringa

 — A tale of revenge, times two. by ReedRichards06/19/192.78NEW

Labor Day Bike Rally

 — Vicky and Tina star in an MRC feature. by sggylvr09/23/173.04

Labor Day of '05

 — Couple shares their Labor Day weekend. by xxxroads09/16/054.27

Labor Day of '07

 — Ruth Chris and Mine - latest chapter. by xxxroads02/27/084.08

Labor Day Weekend

 — A wild night starts at the club. by olejimr09/19/083.47

Lacey's Story Ch. 01

 — An unhappy wife is given permission to date. by imsiege11/09/113.73

Lacey's Story Ch. 02

 — Wife agrees to date. by imsiege11/12/114.25

Lacey's Story Ch. 03

 — Wife goes on her first date with another man. by imsiege11/16/113.97

Lacey's Story Ch. 04

 — Naughty wife goes back for seconds. by imsiege11/19/113.82

Lacey's Story Ch. 05

 — I finally meet my wife's lover. by imsiege11/24/113.83

Lacey's Story Ch. 06

 — Wife may be interested in more than she realizes. by imsiege03/09/124.09

Lacey's Story Ch. 07

 — Phone fun. by imsiege06/25/123.82

Lacey's Story Ch. 08

 — Wife enjoys two cocks for the first time. by imsiege07/11/124.07

Lacey's Story Ch. 09

 — Wife spends the night with hubby and lover. by imsiege02/05/143.46

Lacey's Story Ch. 10

 — Lacey is "punished" for fucking around. by imsiege12/01/113.56

Laci's New Job

 — Laci and Jeremy decide to work together... by MemphisRaines0604/12/183.78

Laci's New Job Ch. 02

 — Laci tells Jeremy about her first day. by MemphisRaines0604/21/183.43

Laci's New Job Ch. 03

 — Laci and Jeremy go shopping. by MemphisRaines0605/25/183.06

Lactating Lesbian Lady Ch. 5

 — Rosita makes a startling announcement. by Tawny T10/14/024.58HOT

Lacy Finally Loosens UP

 — Beautiful wife finds that sex outside of marriage can be fun. by jealouscuck04/10/174.21

Lacy Finally Loosens UP Ch. 02

 — Beautiful young wife gets more on the side. by jealouscuck05/05/174.63HOT

Ladies Book Club Ch. 01

 — Wife has excuse to get out of the house. by aliveinpr09/15/173.52

Ladies Book Club Ch. 02

 — Wife has excuse to leave the house. by aliveinpr09/16/173.91

Ladies Book Club Ch. 03

 — Wife has excuse to leave house. by aliveinpr09/17/173.76

Ladies Night In

 — Book Club Milfs enjoy a rainy night together. by mrsupe10/04/104.24

Ladies Night Out

 — Ladies Night Out - HOT FUN! by JennyfromNJ07/18/183.63

Ladies of the Club Ch. 01

 — “Don’t tease me,” she whispered. “Just do me. I need it." by LynnGKS03/05/134.29

Ladies of the Club Ch. 02

 — How do I tell Diane? I can't talk about sex with my wife! by LynnGKS03/08/134.32

Ladies of the Club Ch. 03

 — "A fat ugly girl taught you how to fuck?" He asked. by LynnGKS03/17/134.33

Ladies of the Club Ch. 04

 — My nuts were in a vice and she had her hand on the crank. by LynnGKS04/02/134.42

Ladies of the Club Ch. 05

 — "Just like that?" Diane asked. "Just get naked and fuck?" by LynnGKS04/13/134.42

Ladies Tailor

 — Hot trophy wife submits to her tailor. by nextcenturyromeo07/28/064.47

Ladies Tailor Ch. 03

 — Tailor Raj fucks two hot trophy wife sluts. by nextcenturyromeo01/22/104.52HOT

Lady Charlie's Debut

 — Charlie gets her first hall pass. by LadyCharlieshubby08/10/183.35

Lady Constance's Lover

 — A 19th century lady discovers passionate sex with a labourer. by LizInTrouble06/13/193.06

Lady Denisa's Gang Banged

 — Lady & black men celebrate VE day. by gonzi204/06/044.08

Lady in The Black Dress

 — Wife enjoys sights at the bar. by pinkpanties201309/17/133.97

Lady Madonna

 — He learns he will not be present for his child's inception. by Harddaysknight10/18/044.48

Lady of the Evening

 — Bob's hotheaded wife isn't one to back down. by Tazz06/18/023.88

Lady's A Tramp

 — Wife agrees to cuckold & finds happiness. by Mrs_Takin07/22/024.04

Laid Like a Rug

 — Getting satisfaction on a cheating wife. by PAPATOAD09/22/09

Laid Off Then Laid

 — Wife loses her job, then finds new one. by Lucky-Devil07/18/024.22

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