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Sweet Home Alabama

 — Black and white friends share everything. by hammertime08/05/034.43

Sweet Lorraine

 — Lorraine gets laid by her office manager. by evensteven08/20/053.90

Sweet Lovable Wife

 — Sweet wife discovers something sweet for her. by Tabbisfull07/16/164.43

Sweet Lucia

 — Husband encourages wife to become black cock slut. by DocLuck02/03/154.20

Sweet Marilyn

 — Third time with this mature married hottie. by Brighton02/22/044.32

Sweet Relief

 — A devoted wife helps her husband put a bad day behind him. by CoventinaNyx01/21/174.20

Sweet Revenge

 — Wife gets even with her husband. by Geilemeid03/09/053.43

Sweet Sunflower Ch. 01

 — Married woman picks me up in a park. by Heironymous01/25/104.30

Sweet Sunflower Ch. 02

 — She reveals that her husband craves cream pie. by Heironymous01/28/104.37

Sweet Sunflower Ch. 03

 — The cuckolding comes to an end. by Heironymous01/31/104.09

Sweet Sweet Revenge

 — Tom seeks revenge on his ex-wife. by Many Feathers08/03/054.29Contest Winner

Sweet Tea

 — A pre-hunt maintenance call turns into a lusty affair... by kkrew04/26/133.96

Sweet Tea Ch. 02

 — Loading up for the big hunt gets delayed... by kkrew04/30/133.83

Sweet Tooth

 — One addiction leads to another. by amyyum02/02/163.66

Sweet Wife Cares for Her Husband

 — A tired, hardworking husband with a loving wife. by Indigomoon62707/25/204.23

Sweet Wife; A Male Sex Drive

 — He never dreamed she'd fuck other men. by maxgrayson11/27/083.23

Sweet, Innocent Amy

 — "Innocent" wife changes her ways after one night at the bar. by twowheelguru08/21/064.04

Sweet, Kind, Gentle Adultery

 — Religious sex partners put aside faith for mutual pleasure. by nazza198001/30/213.75

Sweet, Sweet Revenge

 — Twisted minds and perverted justice make for awkward closure. by hubbyfantasies01/04/143.55

Sweeter Than Chocolate

 — Wife decides to cuckold husband. by MistyMorgan11/01/033.75

Sweeter Than Roses

 — Housewife is intrigued by her more worldly neighbor. by Penelope Street04/28/06

Sweetheart, do you love me?

 — I did until you asked. by Skippy4711/28/223.58

Sweetie Pie

 — A fun vignette. No cheating wives or husbands. by rick_oh05/30/154.10

Sweetie, Please - I MUST Not Cum!

 — A penis growth story - every orgasm makes him grow more! by tevyus05/15/124.07


 — The cliché of all clichés: he came home early. by Just Plain Bob08/04/064.17

Sweets Fair Surprise

 — Nothing is sweeter than my wife's honey, and not just for me. by casalcomlindaesposa01/26/184.17

SWIB 01: We Need to Talk

 — She said they needed to talk but they never did. by 012Say08/05/214.41

SWIB 02: and She Got It

 — She wanted it bad - and she got it. by 012Say09/08/214.08

SWIB 03: The Truth

 — The truth is sometimes elusive. by 012Say09/24/214.08

SWIB 04: After She Fired Him

 — Business partners share the same exwife/wife. by 012Say01/05/224.30

SWIB 05.5: Trading Up

 — The resolution of an effort to get a wife to trade up. by 012Say07/26/223.79

SWIB 05: Trading Up

 — Husband pursued another "to trade up" - maybe it is time to. by 012Say07/17/224.32

Swim Coach

 — Wife acts on fantasy with younger swim coach. by GallowaysGhost09/17/093.94

Swim Coach Ch. 02

 — Next practice, the break is even more surprising. by GallowaysGhost09/22/093.83

Swim Coach Ch. 03

 — Jill reviews her actions. by GallowaysGhost09/30/09

Swim School Stud

 — First the Pool, Then the Swim Lessons, Then Her Affair. by Nakedcraving02/11/222.89

Swim Season Ch. 01

 — A cocky young man learns about consequences. by hotwifefan12/18/084.35

Swimmer Saves Marriages

 — Happy marriages are in danger at conferences. by Winterfrog04/17/053.86

Swimmer Saves Marriages Ch. 02

 — Once again, the swimmer saves their marriage. by Winterfrog08/04/053.94


 — Our exploration of and in the new pool. by luckyman9905/31/064.20


 — Cheating wife surprises husband with new exercise. by OPrime03/08/163.84

Swimming in the Rubicon

 — Alex dips her toe in the waters of freedom. by HordHolm12/27/233.87

Swimming with Sharks

 — A curious couple finally visit a lifestyle resort. by Wonderlustovered10/10/204.29

Swing Ch. 01

 — A couple experiment with swinging. by HenryDBlack09/21/114.07

Swing Club

 — Couple visits swing club for the first time. by Geilemeid04/11/054.23

Swing Club

 — Married couple's first visit to a swinger's club. by Daniel103/12/044.28

Swing Club Sally

 — Sally & husband fuck & suck strangers at swing club. by Fourtsix03/12/084.16

Swing Cruise Day 01

 — Husband learns how slutty his Wife really is. by VASwing12/29/164.23

Swing Goes Aussie

 — Aussie couple changes their life in the USA. by lovespa01/26/174.24

Swing is Our Thing

 — Jonathan and Carol, upscale, newly married learning to swing. by swinginsam07/26/164.23

Swing Open, Swing Closed

 — Don't know what you've got til it's... by StangStar0606/09/114.14

Swing Party Creampie

 — Couple joins a swing club. by creamypussylover09/06/034.31

Swinger Hockey Watch Party

 — Wife and I enjoy a hockey watch party with swinger friends. by kenandabbey08/21/204.13

Swinger Party Experiment

 — It was not their thing. by magmaman11/03/114.22

Swinger Training Ch. 02

 — Continued story of couple exploring the swinging life. by Grey Eagle 28610/19/073.98

Swinger Wives Are Sluts

 — How two guys changed the Nashville sex scene. by adrenaline6193801/22/14

Swinger Wives Are Sluts Ch. 02

 — Grandma got it good by adrenaline6193801/23/14

Swinger's New Ad

 — Marcy & Paul place an advertisement. by Sparky Kronkite10/15/003.38

Swinger's New Ad Ch. 2

 — Marcy & Paul meet Judy & Jimmy. by Sparky Kronkite10/17/004.09


 — Experienced couple seduces novice couple. by Slickman01/12/054.60HOT

Swingers By Chance

 — Two straight couples become swingers overnight. by acerider06/07/064.38

Swingers Club Monthly Dinner

 — Bernie & Brenda join a swingers club. by Vic511/13/024.13

Swingers New Ad Ch. 3

 — Duo updates their advertisement. by Sparky Kronkite11/06/002.93

Swingers Wanted

 — Couple places ad on swingers' site. by PeterHunglow10/17/004.21

Swingers' Surprise

 — A couple's plans to swing lead to unexpected & sexy results! by Ahabscribe12/05/103.94

Swingin' on a Star

 — Moving on from a bad situation. by StangStar0602/27/154.39


 — I meet swinging couple. by Brian658809/06/194.12

Swinging 101

 — A primer on mid life swinging. by richardbedfordwhite04/14/233.97

Swinging 60's Cuckold

 — A couple in the 60's discover cuckolding and embrace it!! by cuckytoher07/04/183.72

Swinging Adventures - 1st Gang Bang

 — Gang Bang during our Anniversary Holiday. by leomaking08/14/204.22

Swinging Adventures - Indian Couple

 — Indian couple's introduction to swinging. by leomaking03/12/193.85

Swinging Adventures - Threesome

 — First Threesome Experience of a swinging couple. by leomaking09/19/194.05

Swinging Bi

 — Wife spices up her marriage & fulfils a fantasy. by Nemasis Enforcer08/29/054.21

Swinging Bi Couple

 — Swinging Bi couples fucking and sucking each other. by Anal Slave03/24/243.70

Swinging for Dummies

 — How to not do it. by stev224412/03/184.27

Swinging for the First Time

 — Couple enjoys first swing with brother-in-law. by MiamiCuban05/11/064.29

Swinging Goes Wrong

 — Swinging ends with husband cuckolded and humiliated. by verb41106/07/222.72

Swinging in Ontario

 — Couple attends their first swing party. by harryandlori08/10/074.17

Swinging in Ontario Ch. 02

 — Lori and Harry get an invite after the party. by harryandlori10/20/074.22

Swinging In Rooms 233 And 234

 — Black and white couples swing in an Adult Motel. by MaryAnn67802/15/094.24

Swinging is Awesome

 — Two couples take to swinging and find it good. by mintabal323906/20/053.95

Swinging Isn’t For Me

 — She saw what she had to loose before it was to late. by Topspot10101/19/244.32

Swinging Memories Pt. 01

 — The start of our adventures leading to oldstyle swinging. by topcattopone07/27/204.29

Swinging Memories Pt. 02

 — A weekend away with Katie. by topcattopone07/31/204.41

Swinging Palms Ch. 01

 — Married couple explore swinging with friends. by Dread_Pirate_Kedar02/03/244.11

Swinging Palms Ch. 02

 — Couple tries a soft swing with friends on vacation. by Dread_Pirate_Kedar02/06/244.09

Swinging Palms Ch. 03

 — Soft swing gets a little harder in the hot tub. by Dread_Pirate_Kedar02/20/244.15

Swinging Quickie

 — Kim swings with her husband as they fuck a young stud. by Martins01/14/094.05

Swinging Relationships Ch. 01

 — Couple experiences their first swing. by Castaway_9910/17/084.28

Swinging Relationships Ch. 02

 — We host an intimate party for some of our close friends. by Castaway_9911/11/084.31

Swinging Seniors: About June

 — A prequel that explains my few years with June. by DG Hear09/08/134.15

Swinging Ski Trip Ch. 01

 — Wife and Hubby have a good time. by DaddyO Wil05/23/04

Swinging Ski Trip Ch. 02

 — Wife and Hubby slide the slippery slopes. by DaddyO Wil05/24/044.23

Swinging Star Ch. 01: Newlyweds Move In

 — Newlyweds move into a very friendly town. by Pathericwhiteboi03/04/213.70

Swinging Star Ch. 02: The First Party

 — The Newlyweds attend their 1st Party. by Pathericwhiteboi03/05/213.89

Swinging Tales Ch. 01

 — Wife gets wet over lesbian story. by auserotica03/28/133.96

Swinging With An Older Couple

 — An older couple they met at a nude resort. by whitbear10/03/014.09

Swinging with Bruce

 — Swinging threesome with a new friend. by Tidewater134712/04/004.19

Swinging with Carly

 — Things get more intense, dirtier. by spoke8101/18/103.73

Swinging with Julie Ch. 01

 — A fun night of firsts with Julie. by Lionheart7203/26/114.11

Swinging with Julie Ch. 02

 — Julie puts on a show, with a little audience participation. by Lionheart7203/27/114.21

Swinging with Julie Ch. 03

 — Julie decided to have some fun at a party. by Lionheart7204/10/114.30

Swinging's Not Just for Playgrounds

 — They're swinging with new friends. by Jam X09/13/024.16

Swinging, A Different View Point

 — Three men relate their experience with swinging. by ambnomad07/12/173.81

Swinging, The First Step

 — Better than scalloped potatoes. by MaryAnn67807/28/084.38


 — An old marriage heats up with a little fantasy. by Someone2know207/12/204.20


 — First time at a swingers party turns submissive for her. by Big Gunz06/09/104.40

Swingtown Ch. 02

 — She submits again to her swinger party lover. by Big Gunz02/27/134.25

Swipe Right, Wife's Night, Aloha

 — I set my wife up with a local in Hawaii, she shared details. by loveofstory05/12/234.15

Swiss Spring Break

 — Marie gets more than she bargained for when John turns up. by Thomas22John12/12/034.16


 — Or was it a switch? by magmaman01/19/103.94


 — Tied up, blindfolded husband discovers his wife's switch! by WickedNaughtyThoughts01/07/183.75


 — Married women want to satisfy their fantasies with a man. by rawallace07/13/203.97

Switch - Flip Side

 — Two different men, two unfaithful wives, one couple wins. by rawallace08/10/203.91

Switch, Swap and Swing

 — Two couples switch spouses before swing club visit. by Eroica02/09/064.53HOT

Switched On

 — Secret partner swap leaves Olivia wanting more. by Odeon09/18/234.11

Switching or Not?

 — We plan a partner swap, but she has other plans. by colecouple3710/20/092.32

Swollen, and Well Used

 — Husband finds out why she had an affair. by Softly02/27/013.51

Sybian Surprise

 — She finally tried the Sybian. by Griscom12/15/204.04

Sybil's Slow Sexual Seduction Ch. 04

 — Tina has converted Sybil to a new sexual style of life. by Tawny T10/13/234.03

Sycamore Hill Pt. 01

 — A troubled marriage. by justthejanitor06/25/164.37

Sycamore Hill Pt. 02

 — A very troubled marriage. by justthejanitor06/26/164.36

Sydney Surprise

 — A naughty night in Sydney turns into a great new experience. by peteinperth08/04/114.19


 — She wanted to feel young again. by murphy62102/21/114.12

Sympathetic Surrogate

 — Virgin diabetic patient helps his counselor get pregnant. by justavirginme01/25/123.72

Sympathy Head

 — Wife too drunk, so her friend helps out. by thehumpman12/01/034.15

Synced Brain Waves

 — A seminal event leads to brain syncing. by imhapless11/04/214.19

T And The Internet

 — His wife finds his downloaded pictures. by N2TsAss09/13/053.94

T Loves Her Breakfast

 — What does a horny nurse want for breakfast? by N2TsAss09/22/054.23

T Loves Tammy's Juice

 — Someone else can make her cum. by N2TsAss10/13/054.09

T Shares at Margaritaville

 — T shares hubby's cock & her pussy with blonde parrothead. by N2TsAss10/29/054.40

T&L 01: Rules aren't to be Broken

 — Four friends swing. One breaks the rules. by ChuckandAndrea04/16/213.80

T&L 04: The Next Step Forward

 — Swinging couples take a big step forward. by ChuckandAndrea04/22/213.99

T's Husband is None the Wiser

 — Young wife and friend blindfold husband and take on 3 studs. by ladventures109/12/193.54

T's Panties

 —  White panties and pussy juice - what a combo! by N2TsAss09/19/053.97

Tabbi Get It and Likes It

 — Husband comes home to a hot little wife. by Tabbisfull10/16/124.42

Tabitha- My Hot Little Wife

 — Learning To Share. by Tabbisfull09/23/104.40

Table 17

 — Claire St. John & her husband are good tippers. by English Bob03/20/044.19

Table for Two

 — There are three sides to every story. by Rollinbones01/24/203.95

Table for Two Ch. 01: First Blood

 — Unsuspecting husband is served divorce papers. by saddletramp195608/09/224.63HOT

Table for Two Ch. 02: Revelations

 — Mike learns the depths of his wife's betrayal. by saddletramp195608/17/224.69HOT

Table for Two Ch. 03: Opening Salvo

 — Mike takes action against wife and conspirators. by saddletramp195608/26/224.61HOT

Table for Two Ch. 04: Final Act

 — Conclusion. Justice is served, Mike finds love. by saddletramp195609/02/224.61HOT

Tables are Turned CAGED

 — A cuckold couple take things further. by BucksSluts10/20/233.66

Tactile Dysfunction

 — Torie thinks she has everything under control. by Quantified07/23/143.04

Tagliatelle Bolognese

 — Cheaters, fears and suspicions. by LeoLeFanu02/21/223.78

Tahiti Ambrosia cum

 — An all inclusive - Spa Tahiti. by RDoctor07/07/103.82

Tahiti Ambrosia cum Ch. 02

 — Preparing Next Session. by RDoctor12/22/113.67

Tahiti Ambrosia cum Ch. 03

 — Last weekend, Scene 1. by RDoctor10/07/163.32

Tail Casserole

 — Observations from the easy chair. by Mainefiddleheads12/02/174.13

Tainted Arrangement

 — You want me to pick up your wife & take her to the motel? by SunrockSin07/12/084.05

Take A Chance!

 — If you change your mind, I'll be first in line. by carvohi04/03/134.49

Take a Number, The Three Musketeers

 — A tale of an extra hotel room and a Hotwife's Sexcapades. by Vegas702snd05/12/22

Take Action

 — A cheating wife loses her way and pays the price. by OPrime02/11/163.59

Take Home Waitress

 — Holiday couple asks waitress back to hotel. by mista_saxman08/15/054.09

Take It on the Run: An Author Challenge Invitational

 — Do it, and just be prepared for the ride, wherever it takes you. by Literotica12/04/23

Take It or Leave It

 — A redo to answer questions and add an ending. by Slick74205/10/213.99

Take Me to the River

 — Wash me in the water. by danoctober11/24/184.17

Take Me with You

 — An outsider exploits her fears to threaten my marriage. by BillandKate07/16/204.50HOT

Take My Slut Wife, Please!

 — Joel & Danny get a good job. by English Bob03/07/024.09

Take My Wife, Please

 — Husband makes a shocking discovery. by bulld09/01/003.82

Take My Wife...Please

 — Wife fucks other men to excite husband. by Will Bounder09/01/003.88

Take Out the Trash

 — 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover Preview Story. by blackrandl195804/20/204.50HOT

Take Wife to Strip Club

 — Strip club visit equals no holes barred. by example3604/17/204.00


 — Blindfolded & loving it. by taken1301/04/054.03

Taken Aback

 — Hubby sneaks up on wife while she does dishes. by HotTamale06/08/013.84

Taken Again

 — Shalini taken second time. by aravinda_chn10/22/094.37

Taken at a Party Pt. 01

 — A stud fucks my date at a party. by johan2606/16/153.45

Taken at a Party Pt. 02

 — A stud fucks my wife at a party. by johan2606/17/153.60

Taken at a Party Pt. 03

 — The relationship between Marta and Aaron deepens. by johan2606/18/154.05

Taken at a Party Pt. 04

 — Aaron and Marta exert further control over me. by johan2606/19/153.95

Taken at a Party Pt. 05

 — I become a full-fledged cuckold as Aaron takes my wife. by johan2606/02/163.88

Taken at a Party Pt. 06

 — Aaron has me cater a party for him and Marta. by johan2606/03/163.79

Taken By Another Man

 — My husband allowed me to be seduced by another man. by juan2909/21/103.75

Taken by Husband's Best Friend

 — Husband's best friend takes wife. by naugwife05/18/083.98

Taken by My Girlfriends Husband

 — Komal becomes part of a couples fantasy and then is fucked. by ztarm09/05/224.03

Taken by Surprise

 — Wife provides much need stress relief. by hotcouple4004/04/204.10

Taken by the Cleaner Ch. 02

 — Cleaner and wife conspire to train cuckhold. by Interstices111/29/204.00

Taken For a Spin

 — A cycle of temptations for a newly married couple. by hornynri02/12/214.07

Taken With My Permission

 — One-man woman surrenders to hubby's friend. by Pprbackwriter07/26/033.90

Taking a Back Seat

 — He shares her with another man. by socabi5001/09/064.32

Taking a Bite Out of Halloween

 — Sometimes an opportunity is too good to pass up. by moreandmore10/07/184.33

Taking a Toy

 — They just wanted to borrow my girlfriend for the night by Axelotto11/15/164.20

Taking a Wife

 — A wife changes dancing partners. by Erd201/02/142.79

Taking a Wife to Slutdom

 — How a wife in a sexless marriage is taken to slutdom. by here_subbie11/12/222.95

Taking a Wife to Slutdom Pt. 02

 — Part 2 - cucking the husband. by here_subbie11/19/223.36

Taking Action

 — Bev's tired of waiting for husband to make first move. by baf198702/09/063.35

Taking Action

 — Wife is used and husband gets revenge. by MrRobbur08/15/104.21

Taking Advantage

 — Did she know the score? by magmaman03/04/094.11

Taking Advantage of Govt. Snooping

 — Allison loves The Patriot Act. by amyyum09/30/134.38

Taking Advantage of the Situation

 — Fantasy of sharing her comes true. by stlimanika12/06/154.27

Taking Allison Ch. 01

 — Young couple tries wife sharing with an older man. by EasyDen11/24/204.52HOT

Taking Allison Ch. 02

 — Jake invites the young couple over for a boat ride. by EasyDen11/27/204.45

Taking Allison Ch. 03

 — Allison has her first threesome with Jake and his friend. by EasyDen12/15/204.51HOT

Taking Allison Ch. 04

 — Allison spends the night with Jake without her husband. by EasyDen08/29/214.37

Taking Back My Family

 — How a husband and father gets his family back. by tejmjm5505/30/193.61

Taking Bunty in the Kitchen

 — Bunty had both holes basted today in the kitchen. by ur_firman09/01/173.83

Taking Care of Business

 — A wife's business trip fixes a marriage. by Mjolnir006/04/163.62

Taking Care of Mike

 — Friends give my wife lessons on seduction and sexuality. by ultramannc03/04/204.00

Taking Care of Mrs. Lakewood Pt. 01

 — Wife volunteers husband to help out neighborhood ladies. by CrazyDaveTrucker6011/18/224.30

Taking Care of Mrs. Lakewood Pt. 02

 — The further adventures of Mike and Alice. by CrazyDaveTrucker6005/23/234.36

Taking Care of Poor Ron

 — My loving wife tries to cheer up my depressed brother. by CrazyDaveTrucker6011/07/233.36

Taking Care of Sharon

 — A concerned husband frets about keeping his wife happy. by CBruch04/02/232.28

Taking Care Of The Pool Man

 — Asian wife keeps a promise after exposing herself. by tikusair05/01/084.02

Taking Carol

 — Russ takes Carol out, then takes her in front of hubby. by DominiRico07/19/064.28

Taking Control

 — A description of the way things are to be. by magichands01/03/023.44

Taking Employee at a Party

 — Boss takes a married female employee. by Sexybeast889909/22/184.16

Taking Heidi

 — He discovers his straight laced wife's secret hunger. by MiamiCuban06/18/014.30

Taking Her Friend’s Place

 — A widow responds to a shocking request from a friend. by Susan McK06/17/233.97

Taking Her to Him

 — He describes an encounter of his wife and a lover. by Mr_Butterfly02/17/09

Taking It Both Ends

 — Lustful wife on holiday entertains two men while hubby watches. by cl10/16/024.07

Taking It to the Next Level

 — Wife and I go next level with another couple. by rubberbiscuit06/15/174.01

Taking Kenny's Wife

 — Kenny strayed, Laura played. by scene-it-all03/31/044.23

Taking Life One Day At A Time

 — Wife gets revenge when she thinks husband has cheated. by Sfbullrider10/05/153.53

Taking Measurements

 — A couple hatches a plan to seduce a carpenter. by Compulsive_Fornicator11/23/123.99

Taking My Husband Back

 — Stay at home wife catches cheating husband in the act. by JDoe_anon09/25/213.46

Taking My Revenge

 — My wife helps me get revenge on my school bully. by jankyman11/28/172.41

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