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Wrestling With Life's Cruel Irony Ch. 03

 — Pam finds the courage to tell Jeff the truth. by cdhawkeye96a09/04/064.34

Wrestling With Life's Cruel Irony Ch. 05

 — Jeff confesses a temptation; Tara looks to the future. by cdhawkeye96a09/12/064.22

Writer's Block

 — Sadie inspires her husband. by bustybabe2307/18/033.76

Wrong Gloryhole

 — Consequences of the wrong gloryhole. by Creampielover9912/12/153.74

Wrong Number

 — Wife has phone problems. by Britease10/29/114.10

Wrong Place at the Wrong Time

 — He's kidnapped & accused of fucking another's wife. by Looking4YouToo06/29/013.92

Wrong Room!

 — Shy wife makes orgy-sized mistake by marriedpervs09/29/093.92

Wrong Side of the Bed

 — Husband and wife switch bodies. by JosephMama01/09/084.14

Wrong Side of Town Ch. 04

 — A situation is resolved. by Tail End Pete09/13/05

Wrongful Revenge

 — Wife is tricked into hurting husband with depraved sex. by simple4910/25/063.35

Wrongful Revenge Ch. 02 - FTDS

 — A wrongful revenge retaliation. by FinishTheDamnStory09/28/144.13

Wrote Finis to Her Marriage

 — She cheated he divorced and later forgave. by Fran2612/19/103.89

Wyatt and Ellie

 — Just another B.T.B. story. by carvohi06/16/144.56HOT


 — A new level of swinging. by KissingMarriedWomen06/20/104.15

X squared minus H over P

 — It's her body; her new husband can't tell her what to do. by JimBob4405/04/173.84

Xavier Smith

 — Brutal in the ring, he was lethal outside of the ring. by JimBob4412/19/094.53HOT

Xmas Blow Job

 — At last - My wife gives me a blow job. by WirdSmiff01/13/184.21

Xmas Night Out

 — A shy wife is tempted to share her body by tony09090911/12/134.22

Xmas Wishes: How Do You Sleep BTB

 — A modern Christmas Story. by StangStar0612/27/114.35

Yacht vs Motor

 — A becalmed yacht can attract a pirate. by Ashson07/15/134.19

Yankees vs. Mets

 — Watching big game with a buddy and his wife. by thehumpman05/25/054.18

Yapping Dogs

 — Some bitches never stop yapping. by JimBob4407/28/174.50HOT

Yapping Dogs Ch. 02

 — An ending to 'Yapping Dogs.' by JimBob4405/03/184.63HOT

Yapping Mongrels

 — A darker alternate ending to 'Yapping Dogs.' by JimBob4405/02/184.39

Yardmen Return

 — The yardmen hired return to service the wife. by Saml3102/01/063.99

Ye Olde Cat House

 — Couple inherit a whore house by sex4u464708/20/094.35

Yellowstone Discovery

 — Wishing for something won't make it so. by itmgr201006/14/094.57HOT

Yes They DO Get Along Well

 — My wife does my brother. by patdown09/20/093.72

Yes, Again and Again

 — Variety of sexual activities by married couple. by keithswest04/20/073.78

Yes, I am a Pervert

 — My wife agrees to suck a stranger's cock while I watch. by Pimpofwife02/13/103.66


 — Suddenly, he's not half the man he used to be. by Harddaysknight10/24/054.18

Yesterday's Gone

 — My wife went black and she'll never go back. by davidwatts10/27/044.38

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

 — The title says it all... by Slirpuff05/05/104.38


 — Wife finds sexual fitness at the YMCA. by palles09/12/063.91

Yo-Yo Chronicles Ch. 01 Ending

 — No way! I'm keeping my balls! by FinishTheDamnStory12/31/134.46

Yo-yo Chronicles Ch. 02-1 Ending

 — Turning the tables. by FinishTheDamnStory03/02/144.32

Yo-yo Chronicles Ch. 02-2 Ending

 — Payback Inc.: The Beginning. by FinishTheDamnStory03/05/144.32

Yo-Yo Chronicles Redux Ch 01.5-02.5

 — Different ending to a well written story. by cpete12/08/134.23

Yoga Transforms Wife

 — Wife performs on her male Yoga partners. by Whitetipped03/07/123.58

Yoni's Seaside Resort Ch. 01

 — Kyrhan is invited to the Barbados by a friend. by dan5710/25/093.06

Yoni's Seaside Resort Ch. 02

 — Yoni and Princess play with Kyrhan and his wife. by dan5711/01/093.68

You Are Your Problem Ch. 01

 — I flirted, I looked, hell - I even touched. by CeeeEsss12/30/084.28

You Are Your Problem Ch. 02

 — The challenge: "Betcha cain't do it." by CeeeEsss12/31/084.36

You Asked?

 — A cougar takes surf lessons. by hotwife32sd12/10/093.71

You Belong to Me Ch. 01

 — Porter and Peggy - the empty nest and other birds. by BobNbobbi09/25/103.93

You Belong to Me Ch. 02

 — Peggy and Silver in her marriage bed. by BobNbobbi09/30/103.65

You Belong to Me Ch. 03

 — Peggy entertains her Silver lover for the weekend. by BobNbobbi10/05/103.39

You Belong to Me Ch. 04

 — Peggy and Silver's first date. by BobNbobbi10/22/103.73

You Belong to Me Ch. 05

 — Threesome for Peggy and Porter. by BobNbobbi08/14/114.11

You Belong to Me Ch. 06

 — Peggy, Porter, all their partners - Full Circle. by BobNbobbi11/05/113.60

You Bet Your Wife Episode 01

 — Gameshow where your wife pays up for wrong answers. by quale11/23/094.41

You Can Call Me Jo

 — JoAnn makes best of a bad night. by Snakebit11/27/024.00

You Can Fuck My Wife

 — He yearns to see her with another man. by Blucher04/15/044.01

You Can Fuck My Wife Ch. 02

 — I love seeing another man fuck my wife when she's drunk. by Blucher03/19/104.14

You Can Go Home Again

 — She destroyed his life. Can she build it back again? by blackrandl195803/17/174.61HOT

You Can Handle It Ch. 01

 — Barbara doesn't think she should be a grandmother. by johngalt4708/02/034.16

You Can Handle It Ch. 03

 — Is Barbara discovered? by johngalt4708/15/034.45

You Can Handle It Ch. 05

 — How many people to make you happy? by johngalt4708/29/034.45

You Can Handle It Ch. 06

 — It's the Hollywood ending. by johngalt4709/02/033.55

You Can Love Too Much Ch. 01

 — After 30 years, wife needs more than just husband. by Hooked195707/03/173.04

You Can Love Too Much Ch. 02

 — Some rough times, but I think I'm winning the battle. by Hooked195707/12/173.06

You Can Love Too Much Ch. 03

 — Cuckolded husband finally pushes the revenge button. by Hooked195707/21/173.79

You Can Love Too Much Ch. 04

 — Some stories need to be finished. by Hooked195710/11/173.81

You Can't Do That

 — A wife feels she should take a lover. by Harddaysknight06/08/074.55HOT

You Can't Do That! Ch. 01

 — She knows that pisses me off. by qhml103/14/134.68HOT

You Can't Do That! Ch. 02

 — Showed you, by golly. by qhml103/18/134.48

You Can't Do That! Ch. 03

 — Sheila. by qhml103/23/134.45

You Can't Fight Nature

 — Like father, like daughter. by StangStar0611/30/124.62HOT

You Can't Just...

 — Memory. by payenbrant10/14/164.33

You Can't Please Everybody

 — Not all men BTB in the end. by Huedogg206/17/124.09

You Can't Throw Everything Away Ch. 01

 — Oprah's book of the month causes problems. by shuttlepilot09/03/114.39

You Can't Throw Everything Away Ch. 02

 — What was in that damn book? by shuttlepilot09/11/114.35

You Can't Throw Everything Away Ch. 03

 — Eileen and Jeanette come to the rescue. by shuttlepilot09/19/114.33

You Cheat!

 — He comes to accept being cheated on. by littleman197211/21/062.37

You Could've Heard a Pin Drop

 — People in the bar are quiet waiting for the confrontation. by woodmanone12/26/094.48

You Could've Heard a Pin Drop Ch. 02

 — Jake's life after the confrontation. by woodmanone02/21/104.67HOT

You Don't Cheat the Hangman

 — Creole women does what it takes to save husband. by subwryter03/03/133.07

You Don't Deserve A Good Man

 — Misguided and selfish woman discovers herself. by stevewaterloo08/10/143.83

You Don't Fuck With JC

 — A wife and her lover pay for their disrespect. by whiteone_redone04/23/064.38

You Don't Pull On Superman's Cape

 — I guess I knew what I was talking about. by Slirpuff06/14/104.53HOT

You Excited Her

 — Tradesman flirts with customer's wife. by Ashson12/25/154.14

You Fucked Where? Ch. 01

 — The strange places I've fucked. by LeaRN5702/13/123.95

You Fucked Where? Ch. 02

 — Another story of strange places I've fucked. by LeaRN5702/17/124.23

You Fucked Where? Ch. 03

 — Another installment in my series of odd places I've fucked. by LeaRN5702/18/123.96

You Get What You Fucking Deserve

 — An ode to the loving wives that I will never understand. by Tara_Neale12/24/124.16

You Have Come Home From a Long Week Ch. 2

 — Wife and husband invite another to join in. by Nympho1308/09/023.94

You Have Come Home...

 — Loving wife invites a friend to play. by Nympho1304/27/023.56

You Just Don't Fuck With Bubba

 — Husband finds out wife is cheating and gets his revenge. by Sfbullrider12/02/144.08

You Just Never Know

 — I just never dreamed that my wife would ever go swinging. by WayneGibbous10/07/113.96

You Little Tease

 — Wife pleases herself while teasing husband. by TongueInLips6904/18/10

You Never Can tell

 — You never can tell who is speaking the truth!! by dangerouslydead10/28/104.06

You Never Forget How

 — Husband is puzzled by wife's surprising behavior. by ohio08/22/094.17

You Never Give Me Your Money

 — Is love of money the root of all evil? by Harddaysknight06/01/074.54HOT

You Never Know

 — Prim and Proper not So Prim and Proper. by n2it2ru01/27/144.13

You Never Know Ch. 01

 — A story from the Elf. by Elf_Goldberg02/09/094.06

You Never Know Ch. 02

 — A story from the Elf. by Elf_Goldberg02/10/093.97

You Only Live Once

 — Married couple let it all hang out. by mojoworkin10/30/034.22

You Only Think You're In Control

 — Wife cuckolds blustering husband with his friends. by Imstillfun01/17/164.52HOT

You Play, You Pay

 — She went after everything she wanted. by wieliczka03/20/184.06

You Really Are Worth Every Penny

 — A waitress sells her body to get money for a dream house. by runningonblade09/10/123.04

You Scratch My Back, I'll...

 — Wife's hard work pays off for everyone. by carboncopy08/26/144.25

You Should Be Naked More Often Ch. 03

 — We find a way so several strangers can see her naked. by showife09/07/104.43

You Want Me To Do What?

 — Husband wants reluctant wife to try swinging. by taylorsam07/20/174.33

You Want Me To Do What? Ch. 02

 — Doug and Kari continue to explore swapping. by taylorsam07/26/174.29

You Want Me To Do What? Ch. 03

 — Kari and Doug explore a key party. by taylorsam08/02/174.40

You Want Me to What!

 — She want me to be a cuckold for a week...not. by huedogg10/28/114.31

You Watch

 — I watch me watch myself with Barbara. by tdallyn07/18/144.10

You Were Always on My Mind

 — Hospitalized man vows to treat his wife better. by patricia5107/15/094.70HOT

You Win Some, You Lose Some

 — A story of growth, acceptance & wife sharing. by Max ODrive07/06/014.59HOT

You Won't See Me

 — She makes the mistake; he makes the decision. by Harddaysknight01/22/054.15

You'd Better Sleep with Him Then

 — My wife tries hard to impress her boss. by digimoo211/29/173.22

You'd Have To Force Me

 — Neighbour wants to play. by Ashson04/20/133.81

You'll Always Have Paris

 — Going after your dreams can have consequences. by StangStar0602/03/113.97

You'll Look Good, I Guarantee It

 — Husband gets some help trying on suits. by StackedAction06/01/174.29

You're Fired!

 — I'll see you at home. by BigGuy3307/22/174.10

You're It

 — Three couples play a childhood game. by Slickman03/28/044.42

You're Missing the Point

 — Life isn't like a Hallmark Movie. by Huedogg211/11/124.25

You're Nobody ... Ch. 06

 — Afternoon Delight: Doing Mrs. Klugman. by Grouchojim05/03/154.58HOT

You're Not Going Anywhere!

 — Does real love conquer all? by carvohi04/24/134.29

You're Our Bitch Now - FTDS

 — Blackmailing and screwing the wrong man's wife. by FinishTheDamnStory01/30/154.49

You've Got Another Thing Coming

 — It ain't happening in my house. by BigK1012/04/154.29

You've Got To Hide Your Love Away

 — Coming home early and all the usual problems. by Harddaysknight05/21/094.20

You’ve Got Mail Ch. 01

 — Your wife has a lover. Want to see the pictures? by LynnGKS01/29/133.91

You’ve Got Mail Ch. 02

 — I was between her legs but in her head she was fucking Ben. by LynnGKS02/12/133.60

You’ve Got Mail Ch. 03

 — Your wife is quality pussy. I’m gonna service her regular. by LynnGKS02/21/133.99

You’ve Got Mail Ch. 04

 — Helpless with arousal I watched that bastard fuck my wife. by LynnGKS04/21/133.51

Young Bride Satisfies Best Friend Ch. 02

 — She moves from brother to best friend. by imagine1303/16/08

Young Bride Satisfies Brother in Law

 — Wife finds her wild side while visiting brother. by imagine1307/31/07HOT

Young Bride's First Cheat: My Brother

 — On a family trip, young wife takes brother in law. by katsttrier08/20/09

Young Cheating Wife

 — First time infidelity upsets young couple's marriage. by Un4givon204/05/023.46

Young Couple in FMF Threesome

 — Emma visits a young married couple - surprise midnight FMF. by sensouli05/15/154.34

Young Couple Meets Older Love

 — Younger meets Older and both get a whole new life by Mikro12/16/114.53HOT

Young Cuckold

 — I let my wife mount another man. by Markdown7203/14/143.82

Young House Wife

 — Shy Indian wife wants a child. by decent_1001108/15/073.81

Young House Wife Ch. 03

 — Shy Indian wife wants a child. by decent_1001109/04/074.11

Young House Wife Ch. 05

 — Shy Indian wife wants a child. by decent_1001112/07/074.30

Young House Wife Ch. 06

 — Shy Indian wife wants a child. by decent_1001101/24/084.31

Young Lover for My Wife

 — She plays with our 18-year-old neighbor while I spy. by texasguy48xx01/16/154.29

Young Lover for My Wife Ch. 02

 — She tells me about her first experience. by texasguy48xx01/18/154.43

Young Lover for My Wife Ch. 03

 — Will she go all the way with him? by texasguy48xx01/23/154.40

Young Lover for My Wife Ch. 04

 — Text messages make all of us cum. by texasguy48xx03/03/174.37

Young Man, Older Woman

 — I fuck a young man for my husband. Why? by mandywilluk200002/10/134.19

Young Neighbor Ch. 01

 — I watch my neighbor grow up in front of my eyes into a fox. by homeforbreakfast07/21/104.28

Young Neighbor Ch. 02

 — Feelings become more complicated. by homeforbreakfast07/29/104.31

Young Shared Military Wife

 — Sharing with the troops. by sharedhousewife10/07/104.25

Young Studs for Carol Ch. 08

 — The tall stud enjoys the small housewife. by thekarpathianman07/15/143.58

Young Widow Finds Hot Sex

 — A young widow sheds her sexual repression. by DionysusReturns01/15/094.45

Young Widow Meets The Marquis

 — Alex's sexual adventures continue, meeting the Marquis. by DionysusReturns01/27/094.15

Young Wife on Girls Weekend

 — Night gets exciting when Hanna bumps into a hunky BBC. by Suchet12/22/173.72

Young Wife's Infidelity

 — 22 yo wife's real infidelity husband's fantasy how it went. by david_f02/10/183.73

Young Wife: Ruined Ch. 02

 — A man's wager ruins something valuable. by CleoRa10/08/144.29

Young Wife: Ruined Ch. 03

 — A man and wife come to terms with their sex lives. by CleoRa10/13/143.83

Young Wives Need Special Training

 — Molly & Susan have flings with each other's husbands. by Dinsmore06/20/054.19

Your Cheatin' Heart Pt. 01

 — I catch my wife cheatin'. by senorlongo04/23/154.41

Your Cheatin' Heart Pt. 02

 — Vendetta. by senorlongo04/29/154.33

Your First New Man

 — You explore a swinger club with your husband. by scrawlspace04/10/084.28

Your Husband is Fucking My Wife

 — That stupid bitch. How the hell did she let you get away? by LynnGKS02/03/134.38

Your Legs or Your Wife

 — She made the supreme sacrifice for her husband. by Just Plain Bob01/29/063.86

Your Love

 — The song by the Outfield. by StangStar0610/16/154.64HOT

Your Morning Manhood is All Mine

 — I can't wait to suck your big cock and claim my cum prize. by RachelLP10/11/154.16

Your Mother Should Know

 — Husband becomes a liar, but why? by Harddaysknight10/19/054.60HOT

Your New Toy

 — She helps a friend and her husband with something new. by Dinew12/06/064.12

Your Night Out

 — Wife does two. by hornyhubby2911/30/094.07

Your Pimp's Here Ch. 01

 — Wife Shannon is seduced by a pimp. by janandjustin08/08/044.11

Your Thank You

 — You thank me for supporting your shared love. by Patsplaything12/06/054.05

Your Thank You Ch. 03

 — Tested and found I passed. by Patsplaything04/20/064.26

Your Turn

 — To a fair minded husband the sky is the limit. by mintabal323910/17/063.34

Your Turn

 — Couple takes turns involving a third party. by Explorer22212/09/064.28

Your Turn Ch. 02

 — Couple involves a third party and gets an alpha male. by Explorer22211/19/094.16

Your Turn Ch. 03

 — Wife engages a dominatrix for her husband. by Explorer22205/06/134.19

Your Wife

 — He gets your wife so you can experience Cuckolding. by wifwat06/18/033.78

Your Wife

 — The first time at your Place. by VicCountry08/07/153.51

Your Wife For The Contract

 — Wife forced to perform for several Arabs. by Tony King03/02/024.28

Your Wife is Going to Get Fucked

 — A fantasy comes true at the end of a late night party. by shivadancer11/13/154.27

Yours to Use

 — A passionate and submissive sex encounter. by Fiery_woman10/10/143.18


 — It should have been the holiday of a lifetime. by ukresearcher10/16/113.19

Yvette's Summer Adventure

 — Married wife desires another cock. by roomfor1more05/05/113.57

Z Axis = X2-5Y

 — Math is complicated. Cheating is simple. by JimBob4403/08/183.78

Z's Christmas Party Surprise

 — Z and her husband's boss and rival. by Z and Larson06/19/063.91

Z's Decision

 — Larson learns Z's new rule about real men. by Z and Larson03/25/03

Z's First Time

 — Z & Larson discover the cuckold lifestyle. by Z and Larson11/13/02HOT

Zain's Little Harem

 — Zain, a successful architect, tries open marriage. by somemann12303/27/163.84

Zeb and Frances Mercer

 — Married thirteen years, about to be divorced. by Matt Moreau08/05/113.80

Zeb, Deborah, and The Garbage Men

 — Zed wants to see his name in a story. Deborah writes it. by flabuf08/03/122.67

Zee's Awakening

 — Asian Wife opens up to new friends. by Ricelovertoo04/10/164.15

Zero Fifty or One Hundred, a sequel

 — An alternative ending to Ahazura's story of the same name. by StrangeLife08/14/163.77

Zero Tolerance

 — My wife, ignored in high school, was a slut at the reunion. by StangStar0607/19/124.64HOT

Zero Tolerance Ch. 01

 — Problems begin in a loving marriage. by K.K.01/20/064.35

Zero Tolerance Ch. 02

 — Mark finds Susan at the party. by K.K.01/21/06HOT

Zero Tolerance Ch. 03

 — Final chapter in Mark and Susan's story. by K.K.01/22/06

Zero, Fifty or One Hundred

 — Another Sequel to Ahazur's Story. by Streetdog02/26/164.42

Zero, Fifty, or One Hundred

 — What will she choose? by Ahazura02/06/164.45

Zero, Fifty, or One Hundred - Alternate

 — An alternate continuation of Ahazura's story. by stormbreyer02/16/163.31

Zero, Fifty, or One Hundred - The Conclusion

 — What did she choose? by Ahazura02/11/164.47

Zero, Fifty, or One Hundred Pt. 02: Alt. Ending

 — An alternate ending to Ahazura's Zero, 50, or 100 Conclusion. by swingerjoe02/13/163.08


 — Bored wife. by Imbadman05/25/164.15

Zoe's Perfect Marriage Ch. 01

 — A cheating wife transforms her marriage... and her husband. by HelloVera09/18/154.16

Zoea: My Wife

 — Mistakes were made; what does he do now? by DG Hear06/25/064.23


 — Boss/secretary and their virtual affair. by Melody03/14/053.86

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