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Primetime Charna: Fresh Meat

 — New men provide adventure & arousal for couple. by Audio-visual07/12/014.39

Primetime Charna: Nude Model

 — Wife models nude for college photography classes. by Audio-visual07/05/014.35

Primetime Charna: Vacation Wife

 — She is taken on vacation by her lovers. by Audio-visual07/09/014.06

Princess Gives It Away

 —  I found out my wife was cheating. I planned revenge. by dab1001/18/134.26

Princess Plug

 — Husband Buys Anal Toy for Wife. by BigBunsLover06/21/153.94

Priorities-Jack & Emma

 — A work on communication and priorities. by muirmadra06/12/094.57HOT

Prison Cuckold

 — Fantasy World where wife goes to prison with husband. by Take_it_by_Force02/21/10

Prison Works

 — She is tempted while husband serves sentence. by emisweetie06/06/043.91

Prison Works Ch. 02

 — There are more temptations. by emisweetie06/08/04

Prison Works Ch. 03

 — A bitch is born. by emisweetie06/12/04

Prisoner at the Bar

 — You can only push sanity so far before... by Vandemonium109/09/174.34

Prisoner of Lust Ch. 2

 — Turnabout is fair play. by intriguess03/23/013.39

Prisoner's Wife Learns Hard Lesson

 — Prisoner husband arranges relief for wife. by ARGEE11/22/013.99

Pristine Priya

 — Virginal Indian housewife comes to the US for an adventure. by wigwam2504/30/114.20

Private Dancer

 — I had a task to achieve, and I was going to achieve it. by jezzaz11/09/164.09

Private Eyes

 — They're watching you, They see your every move. by StangStar0605/19/114.63HOT

Private Investigations

 — PI couple use unusual interrogation techniques. by English Bob06/13/033.99

Private Island Ch. 01

 — A couple are invited to a mysterious private resort. by crimson5602/03/093.95

Private Island Ch. 02

 — We arrive and discover what awaits us. by crimson5602/10/094.34

Private Island Ch. 03

 — The adventure causes stress for some guests. by crimson5602/23/094.30

Private Island Ch. 04

 — The sex heats up and one couple faces tragedy. by crimson5603/11/094.27

Private Lessons

 — Ann gets an offer for a private work out a hot soccer coach. by necouple69xxx05/09/144.10

Private Miller

 — Private Miller's visit was much more than they expected. by AliciaBishop04/24/104.36

Private Sex Show Goes Too Far

 — Wives eye young stud of live sex show. by Bazzza05/08/044.27

Private Time

 — Couple share private time with a friend. by pamper110/25/034.02

Private's Retreat

 — A wife wanks in the woods. by scrawlspace04/25/083.78

Priya and Raj

 — Newly married Indian girl loses herself in new job. by mathuranjali198301/19/123.72

Priya: Journey of a Shy Girl Ch. 01

 — Priya's evolution from a shy to a slut-wife. by rahul_agrawal08/01/073.87

Priya: Journey of a Shy Girl Ch. 02

 — Priya's evolution from a shy girl to a slut-wife. by rahul_agrawal08/22/074.19

Priya: Journey of a Shy Girl Ch. 03

 — Priya's evolution from a shy girl to a slut-wife. by rahul_agrawal09/12/074.26

Priya: Journey of a Shy Girl Ch. 04

 — Priya gets experience & gets married to Rahul. by rahul_agrawal01/10/084.22

Priyanka Starts an Affair

 — Priyanka , a married woman starts affair with a man. by indianwife01/20/163.93

Prize Fighter

 — Should have known better. by magmaman04/06/114.41


 — He knows the whole truth, but she doesn't care about it. by Winterfrog10/10/084.16


 — He discovered that his wife was stepping out. by dangerouslydead06/25/094.21

Processing Rosa

 — Immigration officer welcomes Mexican woman to America. by blinkerskite09/26/064.06

Produce Man's Big Meat Ch. 01

 — I watch my wife Jenn run into the Produce Man. by Younglover112412/14/164.19

Produce Man's Big Meat Ch. 02

 — Jenn needs a second helping of the Produce man. by Younglover112405/20/174.21

Professional Excellence Ch. 05

 — Howard brings home a friend. by Touch_type07/05/173.80

Professional Wife Abused at Home

 — Turned on by dirty sex. by jrnooner06/03/133.07

Professional Wife Trainer Ch. 01

 — I take my wife to be trained by a professional sex trainer. by biggerredder109/12/173.82

Proliferate Afternoon (Ch. 1)

 — Wife brings David home to meet hubby. by Jimilinden10/15/004.00

Proliferate Counsel (Ch. 3)

 — She and Leo help Marci with her sex life. by Jimilinden10/15/004.25

Proliferate Dinner (Ch. 2)

 — She & hubby enjoy her coworker & his wife. by Jimilinden10/15/004.23

Proliferate Drill (Ch. 4)

 — What a pleasure it is to serve your country! by Jimilinden09/01/004.29

Proliferate First Memory (Ch. 5)

 — Marcy tells about her first time. by Jimilinden11/29/004.28

Prom Date

 — His wife goes to the prom with a young stud. by jcace10/28/023.57


 — Make a promise and live to regret it. by Britease01/30/104.33

Promise Kept

 — Husband is blindsided by wife's actions. by MrRobbur06/20/154.20

Promises, Promises...

 — Why did he come to visit us? Really. by Scorpio44a03/02/114.14


 — Open your legs and I'll promote your husband. by GotBacon12/13/163.82

Promotion Ch. 01

 — Sam decides to seduce Janie to break the news. by emma57903/28/114.20

Promotion Ch. 02

 — Sam ends his trip early to suprise Jane. by emma57903/29/114.06

Propositioned Over a Water Heater

 — A visit to my sister in law's takes an interesting turn. by saustin543212/27/104.28

Prosecco and Animal Lust

 — A young wife finds fulfillment from an unexpected source. by badidea21106/17/164.15


 — You send your wife out for a night on the town. by Selene10/17/004.30

Prostitute Part Time

 — Wife earns additional money to pay the bills. by Vic501/07/044.39

Prostitute Part Time Ch. 02

 — Wife continues to earn money. by Vic501/13/074.37

Prostitute Part Time Ch. 03

 — Betty goes to beach hotel to find men. by Vic502/16/074.29

Protecting the Wife Ch. 01

 — My neighbor's infidelity with my wife turned to my advantage. by ardentsuitor03/28/073.94

Protecting the Wife Ch. 02

 — My neighbor's "help" with my wife's infidelity. by ardentsuitor03/29/073.98

Protecting the Wife Ch. 03

 — A young man is the solution to Helen's infidelity. by ardentsuitor03/30/073.56

Protective Services

 — Young wife needs a bodyguard for two weeks. by Ashson02/20/144.11


 — A wife's old boyfriend blackmails her and winds up dead. by gldngolfer10/28/154.53HOT

Prove It!

 — Sex on a cruise ship's balcony while her husband watches us. by VoxNihili04/26/174.25


 — lends a hand for an unsuspecting cuckold. by drooge06/17/104.24

Prudish Wife Surprises Me

 — Friends coerce wife into playing strip pontoon. by discreetjames08/20/093.86

Prudish Wife Surprises Me Ch. 02

 — Anita reluctantly plays cards again. by discreetjames11/19/094.50HOT

Prudish Wife Surprises Me Ch. 03

 — My wife continues to be educated by my 'friends'. by discreetjames09/25/124.32

Prudish Wife's Vacation Adventure

 — Shy reserved wife gets wild with a group. by subFLmale08/21/034.45

Pssst, It's About Your Wife

 — Why your sex life improved. by Softly05/13/013.86

Psychological Payback Pt. 01

 — The wife of a gambling addict must settle his losing bets. by The Big Bopper07/09/094.29

Psychological Payback Pt. 04

 — Can conservative wife become plaything of Nick the bookie? by The Big Bopper10/23/094.32


 — He thought she was going to PTA meetings. by StangStar0605/05/114.47


 — Hubby watches men take advantage of Flashing Wife. by wifwat06/06/034.02

Pulling a Train Ch. 01

 — She wants to fill any of her husband's desires. by CJ Wilde12/27/054.35

Pulling a Train Ch. 02

 — Wife continues to keep her husband happy. by CJ Wilde01/19/064.24

Pulling on the Train!

 — Wild sex with stranger on a train. by marriedpervs09/29/093.83

Puma Sessions Ch. 01

 — MILF's seduced and trained to serve a young stud. by AnybodyEverybody09/28/154.17

Puma Sessions Ch. 02

 — MILF's seduced and trained to serve a young stud. by AnybodyEverybody09/29/154.29

Punch and Judy

 — What's it all about then? by MortonGrange01/13/183.18


 — Trick to trigger a wife's libido succeeds too well. by ukresearcher04/07/063.73

Punishing a Husband

 — Plans are in motion for Brad to be taught a lesson by schilders7411/20/133.75

Punishment That Fits the Crime

 — Dealing with unfaithfulness. by steelring04/29/143.23

Puppet on a String

 — Man tricked into face-to-face with ex-wife by loved ones. by DFWBeast07/17/174.24

Pure Lust and True Love

 — A tawdry gangbang leads to love, then partner sharing. by Sarishepard01/26/173.98

Pure Stroke

 — A home invasion stroke story. by Skip1934a10/29/063.34

Purple Glitter

 — She thought he cheated. She tried to get revenge. by patientlee12/29/134.34

Purple Rain

 — Loving wife, cheating husband. by DG Hear11/23/094.60HOT

Push Me, Pull You!

 — Bisexual wife fucks husband and both neighbours. by marriedpervs10/13/104.33

Pushed Past My Comfort Zone

 — Will the second time around be a charm? by Slirpuff07/16/094.10

Pushed Too Far

 — He has to see how wife will act when he notices her. by ricknlynne02/15/043.40

Pushing Limits

 — Our journey into decadance. by AlanaAllyn08/18/034.32

Pushing My Luck

 — Getting greedy with her body on a warm summer weekend. by SueBry12/16/024.14

Pushing the Boundaries

 — He is excited by the idea of his wife with her ex-boyfriend. by Lord_London12/23/094.16

Pushing the Ultimate Button

 — Two wrongs can torch a marriage. by Strapper6601/08/133.95

Pushpa's Ambition

 — Wife lends husband a helping hand. by CelticFringe12/29/063.79

Pussy & Pearls

 — Wife gets what's coming to her. by makofin12/18/023.60

Pussy Poker

 — Please Lord don't let my husband get a hard on. by LynnGKS04/23/154.24

Pussy Sucker Trainee

 — A wife and her mother train a young husband well. by DylanMitchell51209/27/133.59

Pussy Whipped

 — Soon-to-be husband is humiliated. by Clausimotto08/27/042.78

Pussy Whipped!

 — Young married man; wimp or what? by carvohi03/28/134.40


 — Husband admits that it is his wife that rules family. by Bakeboss02/24/113.52

Pussycat Pussycat

 — He waits for his wife to come home. by darkrealm112/12/023.72

Put It Here

 — Wife gets fireworks from friend's son. by alparker08/29/06

Put It In Writing!

 — He tricked into submitting to his wife cuckolding fantasy. by maninconn12/04/123.61

Put to the Test Ch. 03

 — Peter finds he's a better man than he thought. by Chagrined01/31/054.39

Put to the Test Ch. 04

 — All is revealed; reward and retribution. by Chagrined02/01/054.49

Putting Her Foot Down

 — A wife puts her foot down with her errand husband. by EmeraldSolitaire08/19/153.41

Putting on a Show

 — What happens when a couple share their voyeur turn ons. by gk_81112/05/173.96

Putting on the Red Light Ch. 01

 — Anne told her fiancee that she would be teaching English. by HypotheticalConfessor09/05/164.03

Pyro Petey

 — Hot revenge in more ways than one. by PAPATOAD09/12/09

Q & A...and Exposure

 — He exposes his wife & shares her info online. by alysonshubby204/27/083.82

Q Without U

 — The wife and her lover want no consequences. by JimBob4405/29/174.37

Qia Jea and I

 — Romance in Italy. by SplendidSpunk04/11/113.96

Quarter on the Pinball Machine

 — A Loving Wives tale way beyond sissy. by JessicaMandella09/20/173.57

Quattro Ch. 01

 — A young couple's sex life becomes a little more complicated. by bertt111/19/074.25

Quattro Ch. 02

 — A young couple's sex life becomes a little more complicated. by bertt111/20/074.33

Quattro Ch. 03

 — A young couple's sex life becomes a little more complicated. by bertt111/21/074.16

Queen Anne Theater Ch. 01

 — We visit an old porno theater and are inspired. by red17001/19/164.31

Queen Bee

 — Married couple's fantasy of sex with others comes true. by Softly06/12/014.11

Queen of Hearts

 — Wife's first gangbang. by BlueBard06/24/034.44

Queen of Pain and Pleasure Ch. 03

 — The queen encounters her lover again. by Sanialus01/21/154.36

Queen Vivian

 — My name is Vivian Cunningham-White and I'm not crazy. by MendonFishers01/20/114.12


 — A man realizes his fantasies stem from wife's infidelity. by VladimirKnockoff09/22/103.43

Quench the Deepest Thirst

 — A truly sensuous encounter described by husband and wife. by Nimrod912/19/113.84


 — "To be or not?" That was the question I asked myself. by Algonquin Twit04/09/103.83

Quick Repair Service 02

 — Son watches his mommy fuck the repairman. by JimBob4412/09/164.09

Quick Sneak

 — She found herself on her knees next door. by redstickmeow04/04/064.25

Quick Sneak

 — The pleasure of an illicit event. by redstickmeow208/05/143.34

Quick! Get Under the Bed!

 — A loving wife keeps hubby happy and their marriage working. by LynnGKS09/20/103.60

Quickie On The Road

 — A lonely business man helps out with a quick revenge fuck. by Carnevil901/16/074.26

Quid Pro Quo = SSBBW Ch. 03

 — Conclusion: FUCKING her MIND and her BODY!! by mondotoken12/24/154.20

Quid Pro Quo Ch. 01

 — Young wife really wants business success. by mohawk0803/08/034.32

Quid Pro Quo Ch. 02

 — Howard gets his revenge. by mohawk0803/18/034.29

Quid Pro Quo Ch. 03

 — Blackmailed wife receives a little training. by mohawk0807/12/034.30

Quid Pro Quo Ch. 04

 — In the conclusion, William finds out. by mohawk0809/19/033.42

Quiet Day at Work

 — A threesome at work story. by WhiskeyInATeaCup170711/07/163.99

Quiet Lady

 — Lady drops in for casual encounter. by Alias36b01/08/173.62

Quiet Night

 — Fantasy of an affair. by LateAtNight454510/10/153.93

Quiet Resolve

 — She married him so she could kill him. by PAPATOAD10/31/11

Quiet Surprise

 — Best friend joins in with husband and wife. by tamol01/23/023.72

Quiet Weekend Away Turns Naughty

 — Plans for quiet weekend alone are altered. by shooter44n4510/07/054.42

Quinn and Kimberly Harris

 — Betrayal of a most terrible sort. by Matt Moreau01/29/143.99

Quiz Night

 — No one loses on purpose, do they? by biggles08/05/043.51

R Rated

 — A cinema visit where the film wasn't the main atraction by badidea21112/16/144.05

R's First Adventure

 — Wife plays a flirt while husband watches. by jambeaux12/27/07

RABs Ch. 01

 — A loving wives tale with bite. by StangStar0604/18/134.61HOT

RABs Ch. 02

 — The conclusion of RABs. by StangStar0604/25/134.63HOT

Race among the Ruins

 — Why try? this one is out there...She cheated, He moved on. by StangStar0609/19/114.72HOT

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