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Two With Uniforms Please

 — Wife enjoys two uniformed cops plus her hubby. by mysteriouswoman210/11/024.36

Two Wives Seduced

 — Two loving wives seduced by big cock. by Imstillfun12/21/164.54HOT

Two Women Surprise Husband

 — They have a surprise for one of their husbands. by Mineforyours10/31/024.17

Two Words

 — An innocuous trigger for infidelity. by ukresearcher10/10/113.06

Two Years Ago

 — They made new friends when they moved to Minnesota. by skearns789b09/25/084.18

Two Years Later

 — She wants to try again. by BigGuy3302/01/174.48

Two Young Broken Hearts

 — Their story. by PTBzzzz11/02/144.02

Two's a Crowd Ch. 01

 — Where I find out that I'm not the only guy in the world. by angiquesophie11/29/084.33

Two's a Crowd Ch. 02

 — Where I wonder who I married nine years ago. by angiquesophie11/30/084.27

Two's a Crowd Ch. 03

 — Where I find out the true meaning of Public Relations. by angiquesophie12/01/084.36

Two's a Crowd Ch. 04

 — Where I discover that I can't kill the woman I married. by angiquesophie12/02/084.37

Two's a Crowd Ch. 05

 — Where I wonder if I married two women or only half of one. by angiquesophie12/03/084.33

Two's a Crowd Ch. 06

 — Where I have to wonder if my wife ever gave up her jocks. by angiquesophie12/04/084.20

Two's a Crowd Ch. 07

 — Where Love once more pretends that it may conquer all. by angiquesophie12/05/084.37

Two's a Crowd Ch. 08

 — Where Erica tops my silly plan with an even sillier one. by angiquesophie12/06/084.29

Two's a Crowd Ch. 09

 — Where things don't get better before they do. by angiquesophie12/07/084.38

Two's a Crowd Ch. 10

 — Where Onslow has several surprises for me – not all pleasant. by angiquesophie12/08/084.24

Two's a Crowd Ch. 11

 — Where I find out that my circus always had a clown. by angiquesophie12/09/083.92

Two's a Crowd Ch. 12

 — An epilogue, but that sounds so pretentious, doesn't it? by angiquesophie12/10/083.70

Two's Company, But Three's Allowed

 — Wife gets to know her husband's friend. by LaReine03/20/024.18

Two's Company, Three Is Better

 — Hubby comes home while repairman works on wife. by SilentLady09/17/024.18

Two's Company, Three's a Great Time

 — Barbara shares herself. by spanishwine02/04/054.11

Two's Company; Three is Even Better

 — Husband and wife help a dear friend who needs cheering up. by incorrect196510/03/114.29

Two-Dollar Whore

 — How I ended up getting fucked by two strangers in a bar. by TwoSnakeMoan04/22/164.17

Two-some, Three-some, Boat-some

 — Young wife has fun on a friend's boat. by MrMsScrewloose04/26/104.40

Two-some, Three-some, Boat-some Ch. 02

 — Her version of a night on the boat with three men. by MrMsScrewloose07/07/134.36

Tying Up Loose Ends

 — She had one regret; her husband helped her erase it. by theo_minor04/14/123.68


 — Any given Sunday, Tuesday, Friday, etc... by closetblonde03/04/083.66

Uber Lucky

 — Taking Dick Stroker for a ride; uber lucky or unlucky? by CreativityTakesCourage03/05/184.40

Ugly American Ch. 01

 — Will travel be an end to the marriage? by cpete02/09/124.69HOT

Ugly American Ch. 02

 — Will his travel bring them back together. by cpete02/15/124.72HOT

Ugly American Ch. 03

 — Travel make or break the marriage? by cpete02/16/124.69HOT

Ugly Things

 — Dealing with a cheater makes some people do ugly things. by JimBob4407/12/174.07

Ultimate hummiliation Of a Husband

 — Wife gave her lover everything she never gave her husband. by Winterfrog10/01/094.06

Ultimate Masturbation Fantasy

 — He jerks-off while wife has sex. by gg57isme05/03/073.34

Ultimate Nightmare

 — 'Moral Courage', just another phrase for 'Just Plain Screwed'. by writingdragon07/21/074.52HOT

Ultimate Pampering Massage

 — Ultimate Pampering Massage for an Indian Wife in St. Pete. by mondoporno07/13/153.94

Ultimate Phone Sex

 — Wife and girlfriend have unexpected adventures. by Barb36D10/06/024.40

Ultra Dysfunctional

 — A dysfunctional family fosters a need for retribution. by imhapless03/18/164.50HOT

Ulysses and Penelope Ward

 — She's a cheater; he's a hard worker; can he win out? by Matt Moreau07/25/134.03

Un-break My Heart

 — More than her body betrayed him. by Chagrined01/23/054.14


 — Helping a cuckolded friend break free. by zeke8102/04/094.38

Unborn Truth of a Cuckold

 — The beginnings of a cuckold. by Edible201212/07/114.32

Uncertain Feelings Ch. 2

 — He discovers more about his wife's secret life. by In Blue01/06/013.67

Uncertain Feelings Ch. 3

 — Reeling from the last surprise, hubby finds another. by In Blue01/31/012.44

Unchain My Heart

 — An unlikely chain of events disrupts a marriage. by moreandmore03/01/184.16

Uncle Ben Has Taken My Wife

 — He's cuckolded by his uncle. by realto06/18/043.12

Uncle Fester's Repudiation

 — Funeral inspires memories of wife's affair. by Cuckoldjim08/23/142.41


 — Should a wife sacrifice to further her husband's career? by edrider7311/28/133.43

Unconditional Love

 — Some say it is blind. by magmaman09/02/124.21

Unconscious Love

 — She wants to know how much sex can she take. by Learningfast08/11/083.83

Unconventional Counseling Ch. 01

 — Husband takes his first steps into cuckoldry. by 99_percent_oral06/09/094.02

Unconventional Fun – Two Narratives

 — Tale told by both the Husband and the Wife's Lover. by EdgarAllenHo02/25/094.02

Uncut Identical Twin's Revenge

 — Husband's uncut twin tricks her into sex. by ucsjm3808/14/063.66

Under Cover Under-the-Covers

 — Wife misses husband so joins him in an undercover operation. by cunningwetcat07/04/124.05

Under Duress

 — A young couple's marriage is hijacked by bullying neighbours. by ukresearcher06/27/122.97

Under His Eyes

 — She never really tried to hide her cheating. by Hypoxia01/09/142.24

Under Surveillance Ch. 01

 — Wife is watched by husband's brother. by denva04/15/054.00

Under Surveillance Ch. 02

 — Being watched on makes wife really horny. by denva04/16/054.12

Under the Bed

 — I listen to my wife fucking another man. by surfdial3304/20/093.81

Under The Dresser

 — Husband find shocking pics and videos under the dresser. by MrRobbur07/30/09

Under the Influence

 — I'll bet someone was betting they could get me drunk. by laptopwriter06/16/174.25

Under The Mistletoe Ch. 02

 — Jason still tries to figure out Bridget's gift. by Lechone12/29/104.02

Under the Table

 — First time swinging experience for two young couples. by Kontroller11/05/094.29

Under the Weather

 — A nurse provides extra special care. by techsan06/11/053.98

Under Tornado Warning

 — A simple story of a simple trucker and his unfaithful wife. by JimBob4402/09/184.68HOT

Undercover Cop Ch. 00

 — Prelude: a cop goes undercover into a brothel to catch a killer. by IngridSwenson05/03/133.89

Undercover Lover

 — Wife is heard by husband having sex with a stranger. by Pkrfan04/10/173.49

Underestimating the Risks

 — She just might like it more than you want her too. by TQM07/30/133.11


 — Darren can't fill her needs, so Ian does. by dchatterly10/19/023.89


 — A husband's stress is relieved by his two feisty wives. by C_Stennett06/09/153.74


 — Did he really have a heart attack or something else? by StangStar0601/06/114.34


 — Surprised by unexpected events. by Rhaven11/24/102.85


 — An unexpected night. by amorouslion02/09/173.94

Unexpected Addition

 — Denise gets her DP and Laura finds a new boy toy. by Chir0n12/03/154.44

Unexpected Cuckold

 — While serving in the Navy, my gf fulfills one of my fantasies. by bklyn_4009/22/17

Unexpected Discoveries Ch. 04

 — Has he made a mistake? by The Wanderer08/20/054.33

Unexpected Discoveries Ch. 05

 — Susan gets her surprise, this time! by The Wanderer08/21/054.37

Unexpected Encounter

 — An attractive coworker's wife lets her go to the seduction. by surraville02/14/054.12

Unexpected Encounter

 — A man abroad meets a cuckold's wife. by TomPullings03/24/054.38

Unexpected Encounter Ch. 1

 — Jack & Sue have an exciting evening with another couple. by oddone01/18/024.41

Unexpected Forgiveness

 — Greg cheats, but is there a way back? by Slirpuff07/17/094.16

Unexpected Hall Pass

 — A wife has an unexpected Hall Pass whilst on holiday. by Inkent08/24/123.86

Unexpected Hall Pass Ch. 02

 — She had unfinish business to work out. But how? by Inkent09/16/123.24

Unexpected Occurrence

 — The "work" around the house continues. by Dirti201403/31/173.95

Unexpected Passions

 — Husband gives permission, and wife excepts. by bigtddybr01/23/094.18

Unexpected Pleasures

 — Wife gets drunk and lets loose. by HMiller04/13/043.91

Unexpected Results

 — What started out as a threesome ended up becoming a twosome. by SandT06/22/132.81

Unexpected Revelations

 — She said something that surprised him. by Lord_Gro03/27/133.75

Unexpected Surprice

 — Home for few days, husband finds a real mess. by Winterfrog11/06/063.89

Unexpected Threesome

 — Wife meets two men at a wedding. by busty_wife09/03/044.39

Unexpected Threesome

 — A couples meetup turns into a threesome. by Imstillfun07/15/164.46

Unexpected Turn Ch. 01

 — How I became a cheating slut and a drug dealer's bitch. by TIron07/17/133.53

Unexpected Turn Ch. 02

 — How I became a cheating slut and a drug dealer's bitch. by TIron07/18/133.40

Unexpected Turn Ch. 03

 — How I became a cheating slut and a drug dealer's bitch. by TIron07/21/133.27

Unexpected Turn Ch. 04

 — Moving but still a slut. by TIron12/05/143.11


 — A wife gives in to a stranger. by johnk75uk05/14/033.54


 — She was the best of women but not the best spouse. by RichardGerald03/13/174.34

Unfaithful Inevitable

 — Loyal wife strays. by NeilMc12303/10/143.52

Unfaithful Wife

 — Wife's night out in new experience. by VARDINO10/12/013.44

Unfaithful Wife

 — Cheating wife is caught. by mustanger7up04/12/032.65

Unfaithful Wife

 — Was she ever faithful to him? by charleybear12/13/054.42

Unfaithful Wife Ch. 02

 — It's been a while. by mustanger7up10/21/044.12

Unfaithful: A Romance

 — Same old story: he catches her with another man. by H. Jekyll10/13/063.56

Unfinished Story Ch. 01

 — Does it ever end? by Decayed Angel11/16/063.86

Unfinished Story Ch. 02

 — I think we're pretty well finished here. by Decayed Angel11/17/062.92

Unforgettable Massage

 — Desi massage. by massagerblore06/18/154.04

Unforgettable Retirement Party

 — Party leads to night of wives fucking. by marriednotmated09/26/114.11


 — Does revenge achieve anything? by Vandemonium108/01/164.40

Unforseen Outcome

 — A couple decides to explore the limits of their sexuality. by fawguy8807/16/133.43

Unhappy Wife Goes Dancing

 — Wife's night out leads to wild orgy. by crosswalk211/27/024.27

Unintended Betrayal

 — The right man at the wrong time leads a married woman astray by OutvoyagedAuthor09/23/133.22

Unintended Consequences

 — He watches his girlfriend flirt with strangers in nightclub. by Patchouli_girl06/21/083.95

Unintended Consequences

 — When you make a choice, you choose the consequences. by BigGuy3311/30/164.08

Unintentional Betrayal

 — Her disrespect is costly. by Writewinger03/28/173.98


 — Six guys go fishing - one wife invites herself. by leathercarver11/05/093.94

Unknowingly I Married A Porn Star

 — He married her, but didn't know about her past. by ARGEE11/22/013.67

Unleashing The Older Woman

 — An older woman is groped by a younger man. by venice52706/04/123.99

Unleashing The Older Woman Ch. 02

 — The older woman reluctantly returns to the cinema. by venice52706/07/124.00

Unleashing The Slut Within Me

 — Prim wife turns to the wild side to find sexual release. by marriedpervs07/16/094.47

Unlocking My Wife

 — Exploring desire with my wife. by DevinTrace06/10/133.96

Unneeded Ch. 01

 — How do you get someone to take more than they want? by Elenriel12/02/154.24

Unneeded Ch. 02

 — A wise counselor puts a wife on the road to redemption. by Elenriel12/08/154.61HOT

Unneeded Ch. 03

 — The husband becomes suspicious and visits the counselor. by Elenriel12/15/154.32

Unplanned Moment of Sharing

 — A story of sharing my wife, unplanned, at a wedding. by LuvShowinHerOff12/03/123.97

Unpredictable Amber

 — Photography leads to threesome. by 6of610/12/144.31

Unquenchable Desire

 — Woman cuckolds her fiancée. by chatbug05/29/033.86

Unquenchable Desire Ch. 02

 — Woman cuckolds her new husband. by chatbug04/15/053.48


 — You don’t stand a chance when he’s on your tail. by FrancisMacomber03/27/124.34

Unrepentant Heart

 — Sequel to 'Un-Break My Heart'; the wife explains. by Chagrined02/01/054.55HOT

Unrivaled Swap

 — A couple seeks a solution to growing apart. by imhapless08/29/144.33


 — He knows about his wife's lovers. by Koivu03/24/043.46

Unspoken Ch. 02

 — Things continue. by Koivu04/06/042.95


 — An email on a crumbling marriage from their daughter. by whatdreamsmaycome08/08/174.05

Unsuspecting Cuckold

 — Couple discovers a new fetish for themselves. by UpstaterNY05/13/044.04

Unsuspecting Hazel

 — Haze gets more than she can handle. by authorpete10/31/063.97

Unsuspecting Roomie on Camp

 — Jasmine finds herself having to share a room with Dave. by laidbackguy12/03/104.28

Unsuspecting Roomie on Camp Ch. 02

 — Jasmine finds herself in a tricky situation. by laidbackguy12/11/104.41

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