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It Was Just A Fantasy Ch. 03

 — The aftermath of disastrous fantasy. by rpsuch06/25/044.01

It was Just a Fling

 — She said it didn't mean anything. by Just_Words10/19/184.16

It was Just a Fling Pt. 02

 — ending to the story. by Just_Words10/26/184.08

It was Just a Little Thing

 — But it ends a marriage. by TheMarlboroMan09/05/194.30

It was Just One Time!

 — She made a big mistake. by ReedRichards12/24/173.67

It was Just One Time! - The Sequel

 — Just for etchiboy. by ReedRichards03/03/184.29

It Was Just Sex, Honey Ch. 01

 — What else could she say? by Night Scribe06/12/053.91

It Was Just Sex, Honey Ch. 02

 — She had a lot "else" to say. by Night Scribe06/17/054.04

It Was Just Sex, Honey Ch. 03

 — When all else has failed. by Night Scribe07/10/054.34

It was More than Just Sex

 — I love my wife. by flashgordon56200610/18/173.95

It Was My Idea

 — He awaits his wife's return from her first fling. by B_Happy06/25/033.92

It Was Only A Joke

 — Husband's joke leads to his cuckolding. by taurents10/27/032.59

It was So Easy to Figure It Out

 — Getting shocked into your own little world. by moreandmore03/08/184.18

It Was Something in Her Voice

 — He just knew there was a boyfriend. by GaryAPB11/05/064.19

It Was Still HIS Idea

 — He wanted to be a cuckold, I was still unsure. by Leggy_Teaser12/30/073.54

It was The Ladies' Idea

 — Sarah and Tami had a plan... by bbare04/19/193.78

It Was Worth The Effort

 — She agreed, with much persuasion. by mick112202/15/093.65

It was Written in the Stars Ch. 01

 — Did Cora believe too much in the stars instead of life? by laptopwriter08/17/134.42

It was Written in the Stars Ch. 02

 — What did Barbara have to say? by laptopwriter08/18/134.54HOT

It was Written in the Stars Ch. 03

 — When the planets collide... by laptopwriter08/19/134.64HOT

It Wasn't a Dream

 — Struggles between a loving couple and her greater sexuality. by mikoli576311/13/133.63

It Wasn't My Fault

 — He didn't come home early, but his marriage was still over. by MattblackUK02/20/133.46

It Went Wrong

 — He got his fantasy and it hurt. by Just Plain Bob04/27/074.01

It's a Christmas, Carol

 — My wife wanted to go out on Christmas day? by StangStar0612/21/134.40

It's a Fuck-Me Song

 — Married woman finds dangerous sex while camping with friends. by Jeanx2storm05/08/073.92

IT's a Funny World

 — My best friend seduces my wife. by goyse07/20/172.98

It's a Monster

 — Our breakup caused Beth to change. by StangStar0611/20/144.38

It's a Place of Beauty - Theresa

 — A woman's solace begins with her own penance. by Mainefiddleheads03/22/164.45

It's a Simple Matter of Trust

 — Jealous co-worker gets revenge by tricking a wife to cheat. by Sfbullrider11/29/133.43

It's A Small World

 — A chance meeting ends in discovery. by Bob_607/05/153.71

It's Against the Law Ch. 01

 — Crushed by his wife's infidelity, Dalton seeks revenge. by laptopwriter06/14/134.51HOT

It's Against the Law Ch. 02

 — Revenge was his, now what? by laptopwriter06/15/134.53HOT

It's Against the Law Ch. 03

 — He won't sit around feeling sorry for himself. by laptopwriter06/17/134.65HOT

It's Against the Law Ch. 04

 — Life goes on. by laptopwriter06/18/134.66HOT

It's All My Fault

 — She sees how one mistake can ruin a marriage. by Redlyte02/25/072.78

It's All My Fault Ch. 02

 — After all thats happened she want to get her husband back. by Huedogg204/27/124.13

It's Another Family Tradition

 — Sam gets to participate in the Powell Family Scramble. by Canadagander06/02/04HOT

It's Been a Tough Year

 — Troubles arise when money gets tight. by laptopwriter01/10/154.46

It's Been A While

 — He and Lin collide. by FingerTwister03/15/053.54

It's Been Hard Being Good

 — A passed out wife, two horny friends and a husband watching. by DarkAngelRider09/30/084.33

It's Been So Long

 — You haven't touched me in months. by SouthenDaisyBelle02/14/173.72

It's Better Than Showtime

 — Shannon's first extramarital sex, with several men at once. by Mysticbonds12/20/104.34

It's Better This Way

 — A rich socialite female needs to be married, right? by imhapless06/11/134.07

It's Complicated

 — I broke my vows to save my marriage. by NicoleSix09/27/103.87

It's Fun To Play at the YMCA

 — She enjoys men's locker room. by petitemom12/06/034.28

It's Gill with a 'G'

 — A story of two eighteen year olds and a complicated life. by Kezza6701/23/094.51HOT

It's Gone Too Far

 — The first in a series about how my wife got her way. by everso196906/13/103.42

It's Good to be Strong

 — A strong woman has her way. by maninconn01/30/093.07

It's Hard To Find A Good Plumber

 — But, just like all the rest, she broke his heart. by JimBob4407/19/154.53HOT

It's In The Wrong Catagory

 — And the title has nothing to do with the story. by qhml102/02/144.77HOT

It's Just a Game

 — But what are the stakes? by stev224410/12/164.28

It's Just a Job Ch. 01

 — Gigolo gets urgent call from client. by Orgin Grinder10/14/044.22

It's Just A Yard

 — Almost bankrupt couple delves into porn films. by tamol12/28/034.32

It's Just Business

 — It helps her sales but it turns him into a cuckold. by Bakeboss12/03/092.44

It's Just Exercise

 — A mother of two takes up triathlon training. by imhapless05/29/144.02

It's Just Sex

 — Josie has a wild night of sex with our island waiter. by sneeb04/07/113.75

It's Lunch Time

 — Office fantasy comes true! by deprivedwife09/29/093.82

It's My Birthday Party

 — My wife gives me more than one surprise for my birthday. by nighttimestories12/17/094.37

It's My Fantasy

 — It's her turn to have the fulfillment. by DevKaif07/27/073.79

It's My Party

 — Events around my birthday party make me cry. by exjock06/16/083.58

It's My Party

 — Friends are called selfish for strange reasons. by Harddaysknight01/23/193.86

It's My Party & I'll Cry If I Want To

 — Wifey's party fun causes heartache. by Charley_Ace06/17/014.15

It's No Mistake

 — An action or judgement that is wrong or in error. by Ntropy58608/07/144.21

It's Not As Simple As "I Do"

 — Wedding vows get complicated as time goes by. by amyyum02/20/143.65

It's Not Cheating at Disney

 — A drunk wife gets used while at Disney. by dwriter12312/07/163.98

It's not Cheating If Divorced

 — A wife & mother divorces for sex she missed in her youth. by dorbb203/28/193.71

It's Not Like It Looks

 — The death of a marriage; a three act play. by Magicidan02/02/154.49

It's Not My Damn Business

 — Part of More Saga, entertainment not serious stuff. by Tiberius_Daniel06/05/19

It's Not My Fault

 — Wife thinks her husband wants her to be a slut. by hotwetwife10/23/064.07

It's Not What You Think

 — The evidence says guilty, but there's been no crime. by zeke8103/03/073.38

It's Not What You Think

 — He's a wounded Vet. She is... well who knows? by harrycarton03/16/144.23

It's Not What You Think

 — A different look at Girls' Night Out. by sbrooks103x04/25/193.98

It's Only Acting

 — Kelly and her co-star get in deep with new role. by wonderful02/13/033.88

It's Only Fair Ch. 01

 — A man realizes something is wrong in his marriage. by Vanadorn05/12/144.17

It's Only Fair Ch. 02

 — A man's life continues, but not the way he expects. by Vanadorn05/14/144.30

It's Only Fair Ch. 03

 — A man's road in life becomes rutted. by Vanadorn05/16/144.12

It's Only Fair Ch. 04

 — A man makes a hard decision. by Vanadorn05/19/144.49

It's Only Fair Ch. 05

 — A man walks the road with help. by Vanadorn05/22/144.51HOT

It's Only Fair Ch. 06

 — A man finds answers in the gutter. by Vanadorn05/25/144.59HOT

It's Only Fair Ch. 07

 — A man drives the road of life with purpose. by Vanadorn05/29/144.47

It's Only Love

 — A marriage fidelity check. by Harddaysknight02/05/054.35

It's Only Love Ch.02

 — Couple understimates foe in marriage fidelity scheme. by Harddaysknight03/10/094.23

It's Only OK When I Do It

 — Sandy is stuck between her husband and his brother. by CeasarBoobage04/16/183.38

It's Only Peanuts

 — She cheated; should she be forgiven? by hansbwl01/20/073.13

It's Only Sex

 — Husband deals with cheating wife and his boss. by saddletramp195611/22/183.97

It's Only Tea

 — Young wife is relieved by her boss. by ErrantWayfarer05/26/073.88

It's Only Your Hand

 — Expanding a wife's horizons on a nude beach. by Steve Orshon11/11/054.43

It's Only Your Hand Ch. 02

 — Sean & Paula meet Charlie and Rose. by Steve Orshon12/18/054.54HOT

It's Only Your Hand Ch. 03

 — Sean & Paula meet an interesting couple at a pub. by Steve Orshon10/26/064.49

It's the Same Old Story

 — George comes home early to be confronted by Tammy. by K.K.05/25/064.34

It's Time

 — They finally take the plunge. by biggun7608/30/044.30

It's Time Ch. 02

 — Maria enjoys another first. by biggun7601/21/054.26

It's What Daddy Wanted Ch. 01

 — A young girl has an affair to satisfy her father. by LiamChristopher12/28/184.34

It's What Daddy Wanted Ch. 02 - Conclusion

 — Can the truth finally reach Jim? by LiamChristopher12/29/184.11

It's What Janet Wanted

 — My wife convinced me to swap with our friends. by bbare06/13/173.77

It's What Mates Do

 — Sammy decides to give Norm a helping hand. by Ashson06/02/133.98

It's Your Decision

 — Husband drifts away and tried to come back. by Adrianaloves2doit07/11/093.31

Italian Job

 — Wife gets more than bargained for in first-time fantasy. by Qcabs05/30/073.24

Italian Master

 — A couple shares in Italy. by MistyMorgan03/27/063.83

It’s a Place of Beauty

 — Vacationland birthed out of misery. by Mainefiddleheads01/10/164.51HOT

It’s All-Good

 — Epilogue to 'Something We Have to Talk About'. by nici02/10/073.69

It’s Easy To Spot A Cheater

 — You don't need to be rich to expose and jettison a cheater. by amyyum12/24/134.13

It’s Hard To Explain…

 — He explains submissivness to his wife. by jlltec02/16/094.29

It’s Only Once A Month

 — He made me fuck him but said, ‘Its only once a month.' by LynnGKS02/26/133.86


 — Sometimes the good guy wins in a cheating wife story. by RedTempest07/12/154.09

Ivory Tower

 — Too much information ruin a marriage? by cpete07/22/124.55HOT


 — Can people change? by StangStar0605/26/114.54HOT

Ivy Pt 02 (aka Jasmine)

 — What happens when the love of his life is gone? by trojan567809/06/114.59HOT

Izanami: She Who Invites You To Enter

 — Ballet training comes in handy. by Marc DeLancy09/16/044.24

I’ll Be Ready

 — A casual gesture leads to a new party for his wife. by Troy the Voyeur10/24/023.99

J and J

 — Another cheating wife story. A separate future is planned. by Farmers_Son08/06/184.39

J and J Ending

 — My ending to the story. Please feel free to add or change. by Farmers_Son08/06/184.12

J&S Journey - Sidestory Ch. 01

 — Jessica Dominates Young Girls. by hesse111/06/173.47

J&S Journey - Sidestory Ch. 02

 — J&S Make Slut Calendar. by hesse111/07/172.92

J&S Journey - Sidestory Ch. 03

 — Jessica Finds her Perfect Woman. by hesse111/08/173.23

J&S Journey into Insatiable Ch. 01

 — J & S begin their Journey with Tow. by hesse110/29/163.84

J&S Journey into Insatiable Ch. 02

 — Jessica Teaches Young Girl not to Mess with her Man. by hesse110/30/164.01

J&S Journey into Insatiable Ch. 03

 — Jessica's and Steve's Public Show. by hesse110/31/164.06

J&S Journey into Insatiable Ch. 04

 — Jessica Fucks in Public Bar. by hesse111/01/164.13

J&S Journey into Insatiable Ch. 05

 — Jessica's Lesbian Slave Daydream. by hesse111/02/163.88

J&S Journey into Insatiable Ch. 06

 — Jessica gangbang turns into gangrape. by hesse112/29/163.96

J&S Journey into Insatiable Ch. 07

 — Jessica has a little gay fantasy about her hubbie. by hesse111/06/173.78

J&S Journey into Insatiable Ch. 08

 — Jessica Goes Full Bore Cuckold on Steve with Two Pounders. by hesse111/07/173.54

J&S Journey into Insatiable Ch. 09

 — Jessica's first black guy is her fellow slave. by hesse111/08/173.24

J&S Journey into Insatiable Ch. 10

 — Jessica dominates two young female fans. by hesse111/09/173.63

J&S Journey into Insatiable Ch. 11

 — Jessica Rides Room of Dildos on Camera for Audience. by hesse111/10/173.65

J&S Journey into Insatiable Ch. 12

 — Jessica is used by 5 women 5 different ways. by hesse111/11/173.83

J&S Journey into Insatiable Ch. 13

 — Jessica, the Attendant and the Cop. by hesse111/12/173.49

J&S Journey into Insatiable Ch. 14

 — Jessica Goes over the Edge Into Insatiable: Gangbang Hooker. by hesse111/13/173.58

J&S Journey into Insatiable Ch. 15

 — Jessica Slut for 5 Different Guys, 5 Different Ways. by hesse111/14/173.59

J&S Journey into Insatiable Ch. 16

 — Jessica Seduces Straight Girlfriend. by hesse111/15/173.77

J&S Journey into Insatiable Ch. 17

 — Jessica seduces straight conservative friends. by hesse111/16/173.50

J&S Journey into Insatiable Ch. 18

 — Steve leads Jessica into adult bookstore gangbang. by hesse111/17/173.57

J&S Journey into Insatiable Ch. 19

 — Remembering How the Journey to Insatiable began with Bang! by hesse111/18/173.53

J&S Journey into Insatiable Ch. 20

 — Jessica's Lesbian Gangbang. by hesse111/19/173.69

J-Day Ch. 1

 — Fallen couple enters the world of swinging. by McTeach01/08/023.74

Jack & Jill

 — Husband's friend Jack plays with Jill. by zack123402/14/063.94

Jack and Diane

 — Wife cheats and gets unholy offer. by fritz5103/31/193.84

Jack and Diane

 — Cheating wife and boss plot to destroy hubby. by saddletramp195611/30/184.04

Jack and Diane Ch. 05-07

 — The romance and the divorce. by torchthebitch12/05/074.41

Jack and Pandora - The Beginning

 — Two lovers and their journey to each other. by WallabyJack08/08/192.96

Jack Bell: Redux Ch. 01

 — The after story of Jack. by Blue8809/14/054.45

Jack Bell: Redux Ch. 02

 — Resolution and redemption. by Blue8809/15/054.25

Jack Fulfills Wife's Fantasy

 — Jack and his wife fulfill her fantasy of two cocks at once. by jacksnaughtywife08/30/184.27

Jack Plus Two...

 — An erotic surprise for Jack. by JoanieG05/10/174.15

Jack's Return

 — Round two with four. by luckyhusband501/12/083.46

Jack's Story Ch. 01

 — Jack's job ends. Jack's wife does the Bishop. by MormonChicks01/11/124.09

Jack's Story Ch. 02

 — Jack's job ends. Jack's wife does the Bishop. by MormonChicks01/25/124.35

Jack's Story Ch. 03

 — Jack's job ends. Jack's wife does the Bishop. by MormonChicks02/07/124.42

Jack, Jill and the Strippers

 — Couple gets down & dirty with male strippers. by bisexual_slut04/13/054.06

Jack-o-Lantern Arrives Late

 — He arrives a pumpkin, but leaves a cuckold. by Bakeboss10/02/093.85

Jack-shack Wife

 — Wife takes a job giving hand jobs. by exmarine8512/16/024.16


 — One of my first lovers and our amazing sex life. by hohoby206/30/114.19

Jackie and Artie Ch. 01

 — The Beginning - Discovery and Recognition. by Goodhusband08/07/133.97

Jackie and Artie Ch. 02

 — The Beginning - Connie. by Goodhusband08/13/133.94

Jackie and Artie Ch. 03

 — The Beginning - Nattie and The Goldenrod. by Goodhusband08/17/134.27

Jackie and Artie Ch. 04

 — The Beginning - Connie and Nattie. by Goodhusband08/18/134.27

Jackie and Artie Ch. 05

 — The Beginning - Jackie comes home. by Goodhusband08/25/134.18

Jackie and Artie Ch. 06

 — The Beginning - Alas poor cuckold. by Goodhusband08/28/134.05

Jackie and Artie Ch. 07

 — The Beginning - Playing and Experimenting. by Goodhusband08/29/134.22

Jackie and Artie Ch. 08

 — The Beginning - Milton Craig. by Goodhusband09/07/134.29

Jackie and Artie Ch. 09

 — The Beginning - Artie prepares Connie for a date. by Goodhusband09/09/134.20

Jackie and Artie Ch. 10

 — The Beginning - Connie and Phil. by Goodhusband09/16/134.26

Jackie and Artie Ch. 11

 — The Beginning - Jackie reveals a secret to Artie. by Goodhusband09/21/134.13

Jackie and Artie Ch. 12

 — The Beginning - Jackie and Artie play kinky games. by Goodhusband09/22/134.27

Jackie and Artie Ch. 13

 — The Beginning - They plan for Jackie's date with Ron. by Goodhusband09/28/134.29

Jackie and Artie Ch. 14

 — The Beginning - Artie helps Jackie dress for her date. by Goodhusband09/29/134.21

Jackie and Artie Ch. 15

 — The Beginning - Artie watches Jackie party with Ron. by Goodhusband09/29/134.29

Jackie Ch. 02

 — Wife joins in with the Trophy Wife. by pwapp01/24/064.43

Jackie Entertains Paul, Mel & I

 — Wife dances nude for the guys. by DaddyO Wil04/10/044.32

Jackie Is Not Curious Anymore

 — Mike's wife has her first taste of pussy. by MrLucky08/13/014.30

Jackie Likes to Play

 — Wife sharing / exhibition and interracial / gay male. by Boudreaux111101/19/083.90

Jackie Makes Two Submit

 — Jackie cuckolds her husband, then her lover. by nocluescooby04/30/063.97

Jackie's Club Appearance

 — Wife enters a strip contest. by DaddyO Wil04/10/044.29

Jackie's Discovery

 — How do you define cheating? by csmsmith09/30/054.19

Jackie's Discovery Ch. 02

 — Secrets are hard to keep. by csmsmith10/30/053.74

Jackie's Wal-Mart Experence

 — Husband's work accident forces wife into the workplace/ by Boudreaux111101/19/083.48

Jackie, My Ex, Starts Her Adventure

 — My ex-wife and I started playing with others. by Beeman200502/27/093.96

Jackson Hole

 — Motorcycle trip turns into an unintentional swap among friends. by rjordan07/23/173.52

Jacob's Ladder

 — Exploring Life's Many Rooms. by dtiverson07/04/174.72HOT

Jacqui's Wedding Ch. 01

 — Michelle and I go to Jacqui's wedding. by robertl01/18/173.75

Jacqui's Wedding Ch. 02

 — Michelle brings one of the groomsmen back to our hotel. by robertl01/24/173.99

Jacquie, A Cuckold's Story

 — He discovers your secret. by Tafod Arian10/16/003.80


 — Wife has her first Gang Bang and he loves it. by wifwat12/08/043.86

Jacuzzi Ch. 01

 — From his view. by BlBones08/20/083.98

Jacuzzi Ch. 02

 — The wife tells her story. by BlBones08/21/084.03

Jacuzzi Ch. 03

 — There certainly was more. by BlBones08/21/083.42

Jacuzzi Twosome, Turned Threesome

 — Husband and wife are joined by a male guest. by MrsCanyon12/08/064.33

Jade on the Beach

 — Fucked a stranger while her hubby watched. by KayandDee02/10/094.26

Jade's Special Day

 — My girlfriend does anything I say for 24 hours, part 1 by Lukenjade04/17/113.94

Jade's Special Day Ch. 02

 — Our day of adventure continues... by Lukenjade04/21/114.29

Jade's Special Day Ch. 03

 — Luke's slave girlfriend fulfills her final challenge! by Lukenjade05/17/114.30

Jaded Over Women

 — Man fed up with women swears never to be involved again. by andtheend01/16/103.61

Jail Bait

 — Wife services inmate. by No Panty Girl03/18/063.90

Jail Breaking

 — The sad tale of a man who learned too much. by RichardGerald01/01/154.60HOT


 — A low self-esteem woman becomes a dynamo. by amyyum08/21/194.11

Jailed Cuckold & Bullied BETA Son

 — Jailed dad cuckolded by MILF stepmom & buddy's younger bro. by I_Love_MILF01/09/192.57

Jailhouse Gang-Bang

 — Stella is brought in to cheer up the cons. by English Bob10/04/014.14

Jaime and Mike's Unexpected Cruise

 — Jaime didn't know what kind of cruise they were on. by bobfr12/28/104.39

Jake and Antonia

 — Not exactly star crossed lovers. by Just Plain Bob01/27/184.24

Jake and Audrey Ch. 02

 — The young couple make new friends and build a life together. by jsmangis02/28/184.33

Jake and Hannah

 — Anniversary dinner night turns into night of debauchery. by Mike201211/22/164.45

Jake's Story, Take Two

 — A different best birthday present ever! by MattblackUK12/31/124.37

Jake's Tale

 — Loving husband surprised by wife's betrayal. by BillandKate12/31/154.34

Jake's Tale Ch. 02

 — Sarah explains why she betrayed Jake and Jake responds. by BillandKate01/03/164.15

Jake's Third Visit

 — Threesome gets more comfortable in adventure. by i8u269er10/22/023.81

Jamaica Mistaka

 — Gorgeous wife gets unwanted attention. by Tabbisfull10/23/104.22

Jamaica Slut

 — Older wife discovers her inner slut in Jamaica. by KiliMon04/21/174.31

Jamaica Vacation

 — The vacation was just too expensive. by murphy62101/04/133.63

Jamaican Escape

 — Wife enjoys young stud while in Jamaica. by dvalla10/06/134.22

Jamaican Honeymoon

 — Honeymooning couple broaden their horizons. by husband10112/24/124.11

Jamaican Me Horny

 — Is she or isn't she? by SluggerOToole03/25/193.12

Jamaican Pleasures

 — Stan & Connie visit Hedo in Jamaica. by stanleytpowers01/08/054.12

Jamaican Resort Day 01

 — Carol and I go to Jamaica for a vacation and she goes wild. by hornycarol04/21/164.24

Jamaican Resort Day 02

 — Our Jamaican sex games continue. by hornycarol04/23/164.37

Jamaican Resort Day 03

 — We continue our vacation. Carol fucks while I watch by hornycarol04/25/164.34

Jamaican Resort Day 04

 — Carol continues her wild ways. I love it. by hornycarol04/29/164.32

Jamaican Resort Day 05

 — The hottest couples massage ever. by hornycarol05/03/164.32

Jamaican Vacation

 — Vacation in Jamaica. by Lisa34d08/26/113.95

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