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Dream Vacations

 — He makes her dreams come true. by parts guy11/14/023.76

Dreamfest Ch. 02

 — The dreaming gets stranger. by chillout12/18/024.06

Dreaming in Color Ch. 1

 — Her ex joins them in bed. by WritingDreams04/15/023.99

Dreaming of You

 — He writes down a dream of his wife. by jllebow08/09/023.76


 — An opportunity missed. by magmaman08/04/173.52

Dreams Can Come True

 — Amazing what a little bounce can start. by Avalanche Man06/13/064.05

Dreams Come True

 — Her first threesome to hubbie's delight. by hornyinwhg09/15/053.75

Dreams Come True

 — Mature wife sucks stranger's cock. by MWMottawa01/18/154.06

Dreams of an Everyday Housewife

 — Jean tries her luck with one-nighters. by Softly05/20/054.06

Dreams: The Anniversary

 — A newlywed couple shares anniversary with bridal party. by jaF001/03/103.99


 — Wife surprises by living it out his fantasy. by fantasyfulfiller04/28/054.17

Dreamy Vacation Ch. 01

 — Couple decide to go for vacation and try crazy things. by biggerbetter52011/26/143.99

Dreamy Vacation Ch. 02

 — Second part of no guilt vacation. by biggerbetter52012/04/143.68

Dreamy Vacation Ch. 03

 — European Vacation. by biggerbetter52012/29/143.93

Dressed to the Nines

 — Conservative wife agrees to a memorable anniversary present. by Los0604/22/14

Dressing for the Office

 — When your wife starts wearing stockings for another guy... by steelring04/09/174.09

Dressing Room Exposure

 — My wife finally nude in public. by ttlvr10/20/124.04

Dressing Room Games

 — Man watches voyeur ogle naked woman, & his wife. by SallyJam05/26/014.35

Dressing Up Can Be Fun

 — Fancy dress outfits were so naughty. by exclusivegames04/19/043.96

Dressing Up for Jean

 — He dresses and waits for her. by Miguel5902/13/063.94

Dressy Bessy

 — Man and another's wife. by freemartin5706/10/074.00

Drinking Cum Tea

 — Mila Brooks is caught masturbating and is punished. by livebeornwulf05/19/152.59

Drinking Mr Green at Mike's House

 — He eats a creampie from best mate's mum. by yummicreme07/25/034.09

Drinks After Hours

 — Couple is invited to Carl & Mary's for a drink. by Deela03/11/014.40

Drive by Shooting

 — Was it a random drive by shooting, or a mugging gone wrong? by Denham_Forrest04/14/104.26

Drive In

 — There was a double feature playing. by bighockey03/13/084.04

Driven To Desperation Ch. 01

 — She is oversexed and wants more than he can give. by fluidline111/06/034.17

Driven To Desperation Ch. 02

 — Manish realizes he wants to watch wife with another man. by fluidline112/10/034.12

Driven To Desperation Ch. 03

 — A gift to his wife. by fluidline112/27/034.19

Driven To Desperation Ch. 04

 — He shares wife with another man. by fluidline102/21/044.17

Driven To Desperation Ch. 05

 — He sees them doing it without him. by fluidline102/22/043.32

Driver's Delight

 — A driver gets more than he bargained for. by hot50903/22/034.38

Driving Home

 — First part of a longer cuckold story. by exiledmaster05/20/083.66

Driving Home for Christmas

 — Looking back on Christmases gone by. by DeYaKen11/13/144.74HOT

Driving Home From the Movies

 — She tells him about her favorite part. by bighockey03/13/083.77

Driving Vicky

 — Being a passenger is so boring...or is it? by Vampyr337102/01/074.23

Drop The Towel

 — Get dressed before you answer the door. by Ashson11/13/133.76

Drop Those Cum-Stained Drawers

 — A flash story with (almost) no sex. by A_Bierce04/18/184.12

Drugged and Raped Ch. 01

 — Husband wakes to find he can't move and his wife is planning. by Farmers_Son03/01/184.14

Drugged and Raped Ch. 02

 — An investigation ensues. by Farmers_Son03/02/184.18

Drugged and Raped Ch. 03

 — The plan to make his wife pay. by Farmers_Son03/04/184.24

Drugged and Raped Ch. 04

 — Moving out and cutting ties. by Farmers_Son03/07/184.20

Drugged and Raped Ch. 05

 — Bev has to confess in front of her parents. by Farmers_Son03/09/184.24

Drugged and Raped Ch. 06

 — Bev Stalks Chuck. by Farmers_Son03/17/184.03

Drugged and Raped Ch. 07

 — Chuck makes plans for his future. by Farmers_Son03/20/183.98

Drugged and Raped Ch. 08

 — Going in front of the Planning Commission. by Farmers_Son03/24/183.68

Drugged and Raped Ch. 09

 — A birthday party and a little reconciliation. by Farmers_Son03/25/183.45

Drugged and Raped Ch. 10 - Final Parts

 — The rest of the story. by Farmers_Son03/26/183.20

Druids of Nicasio

 — A guy introduced to fertility interests of horny druids. by Fortunetson03/27/143.52

Drunk at the Movies

 — Wife has her hands full at the theater. by HMiller06/10/043.77

Drunk Wife

 — She must be drunk to have sex with another man. by Vic512/02/033.55

Drunk Wife

 — I got fucked by a group of black men. by drunkmom04/05/143.58

Drunk Wife

 — A fun night of drinking turns a wife into a cheating wife. by LaceyMaine208/04/193.06

Drunk Wife Cheating

 — Work friends share her at the Christmas party. by cuckold4002/24/083.86

Drunk Wife Wants Two

 — His wife wants him and his friend at same time. by jav18409/18/073.80

Drunken Encounter

 — Husband has wife's friend. by romantichica06/06/084.03

Drunken Harry

 — Harry is a stupid drunk! by Just Plain Bob02/09/103.51

Drunken Housewives

 — Wife's batchelorette party is a wild one. by Rich5Spot04/18/063.82

Drunken Temptation

 — His best friend's wife is one hot fuck. by bi_cherrypie03/05/074.01

Drunks or Cops?

 — Jim's wife is very accommodating. by English Bob11/19/024.11

DS: The Beginning

 — Making my prudish wife the group slut. by NineEnigma03/04/174.36

Duck Hunt

 — A married couple's trip to a strip club takes some turns. by LightningSeed08/01/183.90

Dude, Where's My Car Wash?

 — Another adventure with Joe & his slutty wife. by Dennis Page01/25/024.41

Due Diligence Ch. 01

 — Hubby needs to "evaluate" the new stud. by LuckyBuckYT09/18/114.01

Due Diligence Ch. 02

 — The time has cummm... by LuckyBuckYT10/17/114.19


 — Is he losing his wife to her coworker? by hotprof197305/18/193.66

Dueling Massages Ch. 01

 — He & a friend give their wives dueling massages. by crashdvis05/13/084.42

Dueling Massages Ch. 02

 — My friend and I give our wives dueling massages. by crashdvis05/15/084.47

Duncan and Erin Ch. 01

 — Oral sex and masturbation in an outdoor hot tub. by DirtyDirtyDaddy12/10/104.46

Duncan and Erin Ch. 02

 — Kitchen sex interrupted by visitor who ends up watching. by DirtyDirtyDaddy12/10/103.90


 — Loving wife enjoys a trip to the beach. by Zorro6903/27/053.93

Duped Loving Wives

 — Two tricked wives are enjoyed by each other's husband. by sammbeltt06/13/144.47

Dustin's Wife Ch. 01

 — Two guys get revenge against a co-worker. by alparker04/03/06HOT

Dustin's Wife Ch. 02

 — Two guys get revenge on a co-worker. by alparker04/09/06HOT

Dustin's Wife Ch. 03

 — Vicki's story. by alparker04/16/06HOT

Dustin's Wife Ch. 04

 — Vicki goes to a sex store. by alparker04/23/06

Dustin's Wife Ch. 05

 — Vicki goes out looking for more sex partners. by alparker05/22/06

Dutch & Rosa at the Rourk's

 — Dutch & Rosa get it on with Robert & Alice. by Paris Waterman03/14/114.26

Dutch Painting Ch. 01

 — A dinner party leads to bold artistic posing. by NotLloydG09/22/154.40

Dutch Treat

 — 25 years after he was tempted I share my wife with a friend. by tony09090909/27/104.34

Dutch, Robert & Alice

 — A gleeful three-some. by Paris Waterman12/18/103.96


 — Rendering Honors. by Todd17205/21/174.73HOT

DVD Night

 — A cosy night brings two couples together. by StoryScott12/25/124.32

DVD Night Ch. 02

 — Mick's determination to have Dawn leads to another orgy. by StoryScott02/08/133.90

DVD Rental Guy Takes My Wife

 — Salesguy gets lucky with horny couple. by DVDsalesGuy12/20/044.43

DVD Rental Guy Takes Us Both

 — He gets the couple to the next level. by DVDsalesGuy01/12/054.47

Dying Alone

 — Some times the choices you make, can't be taken back. by Huedogg208/18/124.39

Dying Brings Her Fulfillment

 — Dying wife makes a final request for a big cock experience. by RealDoc04/29/084.17

E & E Ch. 04

 — Ginny is found. by Grey Eagle 28610/04/064.63HOT

Each Day

 — Puts him one more day further away from the heartbreak. by JimBob4411/12/174.45

Early 50's

 — Sealing the deal on the first swing. by silvarman12/19/044.24

Early Christmas Party Ch. 01

 — Fiancee entertains co-worker while he is out of town. by MrMsScrewloose11/22/124.08

Early Christmas Party Ch. 02

 — Fiancee entertains co-worker and two of his friends. by MrMsScrewloose11/23/124.13

Early Christmas Present

 — She surprises him with something new. by fairycakes12/12/054.12

Early Discovery

 — Wife's introduction to threesomes. by crawl206/13/044.34

Early Morning Birthday Present

 — He gives his wife a birthday present she'll never forget. by iamtab106/26/073.76

Early Morning Sunrise

 — Early morning action. by BarSinister01/06/093.78

Early Morning Wakeup

 — The morning after a night of fun. by 3isfun202/26/17

Early Retirement

 — A wife deceives her husband and cheats with a colleague. by Freewheel08/05/164.13

Earning Potential

 — They come to a new understanding. by 18months07/25/054.08

Earth Day Adventure

 — Earth Day project leads to fun. by falcon2904/15/044.11

Earth Day Project

 — Old friends find new natures. by falcon2904/11/044.37

Earth Day Rally

 — Playboy-type politician decides to get married. by DG Hear03/28/094.27

East St. Louis Cathouse

 — Omaha housewife spends weekend at Latrell's. by bobfr07/08/024.43

Eastern Sin City

 — One final birthday present. by SubmissiveAlex11/06/143.78

Easy and Hardy

 — Don't miss this modern fable. by Tiberius_Daniel08/03/19

Easy Money?

 — Husband is offered $3000 by a friend for a night with wife. by Sfbullrider11/06/144.07

Eat Me

 — He's learning to be a cuckold. by Likes Watching03/22/044.32

Eat My Creampies

 — A woman gets anally creampied for her husband. by SlutProblems09/13/193.53

Eat the Seed Pt. 03

 — Our wives dance at the local strip club. by Digger6601/01/174.00

Eat Your Fuckin Cake!

 — She wanted to have it with original ending. by Saxon_Hart06/23/124.47

Eating Cum for Her

 — My ideas but her reality was different. by DarlenesToy09/14/183.57

Eating Cum from Kimberly

 — I get a thrill from my wife's infidelity. by steelepen03/14/124.55HOT

Eating her lover's cum from my ex.

 — Katie goes on the pill to filfil cuckold's creampie fantasy. by delicioushumiliation09/03/193.75

Eating Lunch In

 — Ross should eat in more often. by sirhugs04/24/034.31


 — Husband secretly listens to his wife & her sister. by Temuchen01/28/084.23

Ebony and Ivory

 — Fair-skinned wife and husband explore black flesh. by Admancold02/14/143.85

Echo Ridge B&B Pt. 01

 — An exclusive bed and breakfast for high powered executives. by Zeb_Carter04/22/18

Echo Ridge B&B Pt. 02

 — The fun continues at the bed and breakfast. by Zeb_Carter05/18/18

Echo Ridge B&B Pt. 03

 — John and Denise have a night out...with friends. by Zeb_Carter06/17/18

Echo Ridge B&B Pt. 04

 — Stephen and his wife are at Echo Ridge, Denise has fun. by Zeb_Carter11/23/18

Eco-"Friendly" Cleaning

 — The high cost of success in her business. by Tx Tall Tales04/08/134.47

Ed Doesn't Mind Sharing

 — Ed shares his wife, and a story with Rob. by 09cutter10/17/154.08

Ed's Hot Wife

 — Ed's guest finds out just how hot she is. by Seurat03/29/124.19

Ed's Naughty Wife

 — Cynthia was a married woman. by Foxee Browne10/15/073.60

Ed. Psych. Ch. 02

 — Daryl degrades his married conquest further. by steviet02/14/064.23

Edge of No Control

 — Cheating Husband Chronicles #04. by the_harmless08/10/192.70

Educated by a College Boy

 — Wife has first encounter outside marriage. by jitu09/22/024.12

Educating Alan

 — Discovering what's going on around you. by Britease05/03/163.70

Educating Roger

 — Nympho wife educates younger man. by English Bob09/08/044.01

Educational Video

 — A ex does her ex to get what she can't from her husband. by xxlx701/23/103.58


 — What is good for the gander is good for the goose. by JenniferGray09/15/193.79NEW

Edward's Fantasy

 — He arranges for his wife to be seduced for his own pleasure. by MichaelPeterson07/10/164.57HOT

Edward's Homecoming

 — Rose has sensual surprises in store for Edward. by PerkyIconoclast06/29/024.04

Edward's Homecoming: Rose's Surprise

 — Rose gives Edward a surprise. by PerkyIconoclast07/04/023.87

Edward's Homecoming: Unwrapping Rose's...

 — What other surprises await? by PerkyIconoclast07/08/024.12

Eenie, Meenie, Miney...

 — Infidelity can drive people to extremes. by FrancisMacomber03/21/154.44

Effective Lingerie

 — Sarah goes shopping only to come home to a surprise. by RockHardau07/06/063.25


 — Melinda wanted a divorce. She got one. by StangStar0610/13/114.59HOT

Eggnog, Cherry Pastries and Peppermint

 — Accomplished hostess is treated to party of her own. by NaastyMan11/18/054.01


 — Wimp hubby is disrespected and finally decides to leave, but... by Matt Moreau03/26/104.12

Eight Ball in Donna's Pocket

 — Donna gets more than expected. by sharedhousewife04/06/083.99

Eight Days a Week

 — Any day can be a bad one. by Harddaysknight01/16/054.51HOT

Eight In The Pink

 — Wife swing at Club Never. by Softly03/23/024.15

Eight Months

 — Pregnant wife likes it hard and dirty. by AlinaX06/20/194.04

Eight Year Break

 — This time he caught her. by PAPATOAD07/05/08

Eighteen Wheel Christmas Story

 — Trucker gets Christmas present by helping. by CrazyDaveTrucker6012/04/184.22


 — It was my fault. but I couldn't accept her lover. by murphy62109/08/113.79

El Amigo de la Muerte 01

 — Marco teaches a famous actor a lesson. by RogerogerThat07/04/153.85

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