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Curious Letter

 — She receivesan anonymous letter. by harrypotter_rod10/09/053.61

Curious Lorrie

 — She wondered what other men might be like. by Just Plain Bob04/21/073.47

Curious Neighbor

 — Neighbor's wife is curious about size. by nine_inches_ms02/20/054.24

Curious Wife: A Night Out

 — A wife gets aroused while dancing. by Curiouswife198607/18/144.16

Cursing the Six

 — The consequences of a missed pool shot can be severe. by williwhy01/08/093.85

Curtain Twitching

 — Windows, Voyeurs and Cock Teasing Temptresses. by SteveGx04/11/153.94

Curtis & Renee

 — Living out his wife's fantasy. by mrh201301/29/124.13

Curved Cock Needs a Real Fuck

 — Can a guy with a "problem" ever get sexual satisfaction? by imhapless04/18/124.35

Customer Satisfaction

 — Stephanie calls salesman back for her customer satisfaction. by 1Stranger12/16/023.95

Cut and BJ

 — Hairdresser turns whore for her daughter's wedding. by Xamphos05/01/124.06

Cut and BJ Ch. 02

 — A married hairdresser with sexy extra services. by Xamphos201804/19/183.98

Cut and Blow

 — He gets special service from the hairdresser. by Sanichi02/02/104.24

Cut of the Cards Pt. 01

 — The Challenge. by yesterdayman98406/28/134.00

Cute Little Wife Gets a Tattoo

 — Wife gets a tattoo and more. by Tabbisfull07/07/154.25

Cute Wife Dates

 — Wife wasn't sure she wanted to go all the way. by Tabbisfull07/08/154.33

Cute Wife Gets It

 — Cute wife gets a surprise put in her. by Tabbisfull12/05/094.24

Cute Wife Used On a Yacht

 — Sexy yacht stewardess wife gives in and gets laid. by Tabbisfull10/19/144.08

Cute Wife Wants To Be Pregnant

 — Wife's desire to be pregnant got her laid by hubby's friends. by Tabbisfull10/17/144.09

Cute Young Wife gives in to Friend

 — Friend wants husband to help him fuck his wife. by Tabbisfull07/09/154.21

Cutter's Revenge

 — Business betrayal avenged with his partner's wife. by velocette6511/27/023.94

Cutting Class

 — Catching my wife and my brother. by robguy194103/06/122.81

CvsN 05: Altogether Now

 — Jack's best friend & his wife join Jack. by Tx Tall Tales08/20/014.72HOT

CW - End of the World

 — Alan corrects Aaron and Kate mistakes. by Dr_Know07/03/074.23

CW - Hello Walls

 — A friend steals spouse. by Dr_Know06/24/073.27

Cyber Adventure Ch. 01

 — Innocent wife seduced online. by edchk02/03/093.77

Cyber Curious? Cyber Busted!

 — Wife finds more than she bargained for on the Internet. by Sfbullrider01/31/144.06


 — Couple's first step to spicing up their sex life. by azariel06/30/044.31

Cycling in France

 — Drunk on holiday, two friends secretly swap wives. by willtravelfar08/16/074.34

Cycling with Carly

 — Seducing Carly in the countryside. by spoke8109/05/093.51

Cycling with Carly Ch. 02

 — Carly escapes and comes over by spoke8110/14/093.65

Cyn Again

 — Cyn is undressed in the carpool. by CraCyn5502/13/044.49

Cyn Again: Flames Out Of Control

 — After naked commuting, she gets ready to go all the way. by CraCyn5502/17/044.42

Cyn Gets Naughty at a Reception Ch. 01

 — A young wife has fun at a wedding reception! by cynsharer01/11/194.08

Cyn Gets Naughty at a Reception Ch. 02

 — Once home, Cyn role plays a hotwife fantasy. by cynsharer02/28/193.76

Cyn's Plunge

 — Shocked husband witnesses wife's adultery. by maxgrayson05/02/063.12

Cyn-ing Together Ch. 01

 — After surviving challenge, they learn how to play. by CraCyn5504/04/044.40

Cyn-ing Together Ch. 02

 — The party gang, then a new way. by CraCyn5504/06/044.41

Cyndi's Steamy Affair

 — His hot wife has a love affair with the neighbor. by Digital25302/07/074.02

Cyndi, My Wife, & Me

 — A story of three very happy people. by hubbydoug04/11/044.32

Cyndy Decides to Stray

 — She needs to experience sex with another man. by User66608/05/163.68

Cynthia Ganged by Teenagers!

 — Cynthia gets 18-year-old cock throughout the night. by LEATBT10/13/094.45

Cynthia Tamed

 — Upper class wife is slipped a sneaky 'black cock.' by LEATBT12/21/084.12

Cynthia Tamed Ch 02

 — Cynthia learns to cope with two cocks. by LEATBT03/30/094.35

Cynthia's Business Trips

 — She felt that what she did away from home didn't matter. by Just Plain Bob10/09/062.80

Cynthia's Business Trips Ch. 02

 — Her husband is trying to deal with it. by ohio10/19/064.25

Cynthia's Story Ch. 01

 — Couple are picked up by swingers while buying a sexy dress. by LarryArcher02/08/134.50HOT

Cynthia's Story Ch. 02

 — New couple's starts swinger training. by LarryArcher02/09/134.38

Cynthia's Story Ch. 03

 — Cynthia and Francis go to their first swinger's house party. by LarryArcher02/22/134.41

Cynthia's Story Ch. 04

 — Two new couples continue their swinger training. by LarryArcher03/01/134.38

Cypriot Satisfaction

 — 2 guys pleasure my wife. by whiteman36907/11/143.48

Cyprus Affair

 — An angry lonely wife meets a lusty local fisherman. by ukresearcher09/10/123.42

D&D's Adventure in Lust Ch. 03

 — A nude photo shoot, massage, and threesome. by dmwriter03/02/094.11

Daddy Roulette

 — Pregnant when they meet but the marriage works well. by yummicreme02/25/153.40

Daily Rituals

 — Wife & husband stop watching the game. by killerloopone01/24/044.13

Daisey Isn't a Stripper

 — It's not her job description, but she can make an exception. by CeasarBoobage11/23/183.90

Daisy Becomes an Escort

 — A frustrated trophy wife goes further than she intended. by thecardcheat09/03/073.77

Daisy Becomes an Escort Ch. 02

 — Refined English housewife behaves like a filthy whore. by thecardcheat09/06/074.05

Daisy's on Fire

 — My wife loves firemen... by BallParkRat02/13/034.20

Daisy's on Fire Ch. 02

 — The conclusion of the night's events. by BallParkRat08/04/064.02


 — A wife gets a night out. by ofloveandlust11/20/123.86


 — Unjustly blamed for damage to a car. by Ashson08/28/183.89

Damaged Goods

 — Bad judgement can be fatal. by hawkeye00708/15/104.02


 — A man gets to know his wife. by stev224401/24/174.34

Damien Complies

 — Invite after night at S&M club. by yvesmondog10/09/133.00

Damn Car

 — Unfortunate purchase leads problems in marriage. by Britease05/22/104.02

Damn House

 — If only we'd never bought the damn house. by Britease08/15/094.07

Damn If I Know

 — How much longer am I going to keep taking it? by TizWin06/16/113.23

Damn Women Golfers

 — Conversation concerning wives during play. by Captain Steve11/16/033.99

Damn, She's Good

 — She anticipates my needs, before I know I need them. by Atomix8102/01/084.12

Damned If You Do

 — Next door neighbor's wife ensnares couple. by curious2c10/28/074.17

Damned Truck

 — One truck. One tire and my life changed forever. by Scorpio44a02/21/104.24


 — It didn't mean anything, it was just sex. by Just Plain Bob04/20/064.51HOT

Dan and Sandy's First Three-way

 — Wife finally has her first threesome. by MrMrsM06902/01/034.14

Dan Ch. 01

 — Dan discovers something about Joe, then discovers Joe's wife. by tdcolt4407/19/063.90

Dan Wants To Fuck Liz

 — Dan finally gets his chance to fuck my wife. by Dimetrius10/29/133.55

Dan's Homecoming

 — Another 'cats away, mice will play' story. by Just Plain Bob10/16/043.92

Dan's Spanking

 — Barbara pays Dan back for some unkind comments. by kbarue04/29/013.79


 — A married woman gives in to her darkest desires. by Lancerlott02/02/164.30

Dana - An Evening of Play

 — He shaves his wife. by thunderhead1208/03/073.19

Dana - An Offer I Couldn't Refuse

 — A coworker, a snowy night, and an offer I couldn't turn down. by StryTellr05/24/104.14

Dana - An Offer I Couldn't Refuse Ch. 02

 — Part 2 of the seduction of my sexy married co-worker. by StryTellr06/04/104.41

Dana and the Hitchhiker

 — We pick up a hitchhiker with surprising results. by fearthisss02/10/193.34

Dana's Day Dream

 — Vixen wife's day dream about an anonymous playmate. by XplrgMDCpl9402/09/193.21

Dana's First Married Affair

 — Couple tries a threesome. by thunderhead1208/03/073.79

Dana's Second Married Affair

 — First interracial reluctant prostitution. by thunderhead1208/04/073.53

Dance Class

 — While attending dance class, he finds a new partner. by Exakta6611/08/094.01

Dance Class Ch. 01

 — Dance class is great exercise. by Lucky-Devil07/28/034.15

Dance Class Ch. 02

 — One on one dance lessons. by Lucky-Devil07/29/034.19

Dance Class Ch. 03

 — Dance class gets personal. by Lucky-Devil08/28/034.03

Dance Club Slut Ch. 01

 — Wife continues her night as a slut. by ranchhand05/16/034.07

Dance Floor Dare

 — Returned surprise favor for my husband. by Ginger_Sun06/03/164.06

Dance For Me

 — Husband unknowingly plays part in wife's seduction. by Anshu04/16/054.14

Dance of Life

 — A honeymoon to remember. by Moon Glade04/20/034.17

Dance Parties Pakistan

 — It's a real story of young open minded couple in Pakistan. by nabeelpk12/19/134.01

Dance With Gina

 — Businessman demands husband's consent in wife's seduction. by Audio-visual06/20/014.45

Dance With My Wife?

 — A dance for a fuck with your wife? by Magna1212/05/064.17

Dancer Wife

 — Asian wife, beautiful dancer by Orcaman4704/25/034.28

Dances with Annie

 — Working hard on and off the dance floor. by Deep Woods05/13/034.05


 — The doctor's advice helps them comunicate, or does it? by BradCarpenter05/20/132.86


 — Faithful wife gets seduced at a dance. by sexysallysmith04/02/143.73

Dancing Ch. 01

 — Wife is involved with an older man. by michaellajones10/28/164.10

Dancing Ch. 02

 — Second part of Helen's descent into infidelity and Rick's revenge. by michaellajones11/19/164.31

Dancing Ch. 03

 — Wife's descent is halted Rick acts. by michaellajones12/08/164.43

Dancing Ch. 04

 — Final act in the sorry tale. by michaellajones12/26/164.35

Dancing Into Abandon

 — She began the dance a girl and finished it a woman. by Albatross05/15/034.44

Dancing Into Danger Ch. 01

 — A couple's night out dancing gets public, with consequences. by Baron_Cumhausen09/12/163.59

Dancing Lessons

 — His wife decided she'd have a fling; he decided to change. by JimBob4402/09/174.53HOT

Dancing Shayna

 — He looked around and she was gone. by Just Plain Bob05/31/104.06

Dancing The Night Away

 — Two married couples dance and more. by DukeSchool01/19/063.94

Dancing Topless

 — Hubby wants to see wife dance topless with another. by naughtymommy200104/04/024.29

Dancing with Donna

 — Satisfying a passive man's passionate wife. by LaPatitMort06/08/094.28

Dancing, Which I Don't

 — She had to dance, regardless of the cost. by zampa10/15/143.45


 — A tale of an adulterous office romance. by bigmikey35711/12/143.47

Dangerous Ch. 02

 — Fallout from her office fling. by bigmikey35704/11/153.72

Dangerous Ch. 03

 — Angel confronts her husband. by bigmikey35705/04/153.52

Dangerous Game

 — An evening of sex turns lives around. by RoyceH06/23/083.86

Dangerous Guest: Trust Betrayed

 — He teaches a wife about passion and sex. by LeoDavis06/18/034.55HOTEditor's Pick

Dangerous Lifestyle

 — Some people have unhealthy habits. by likegoodwine03/10/124.42

Dangerous Piercing

 — Wife's body enhancement changes her life. by ARGEE01/21/013.93

Dangerous Situation

 — Always hanging over his head. by magmaman03/13/124.00

Dangerous Temptations

 — It's difficult to choose between strong feelings & sense. by Winterfrog07/17/053.93

Dangerously Flirting

 — Wife flirts with men, but it turns out much differently. by NaughtyWhiteWife12/02/063.89

Daniel's Bride

 — She shared a friend's honeymoon. by BUTTERFLY7701/19/034.02

Danielle's Revenge

 — She gets revenge on cheating husband by making him watch. by damonX07/28/023.38

Danielle's Revenge Redux

 — Sequel to Damonx's Danielle's Revenge. by FinishTheDamnStory08/15/134.32

Danielle's Wild Girl's Night

 — She finds relief with another man at a club. by SlutGFCaps08/20/153.56

Danni's Awakening

 — Sex with a stranger in a car. by Tony King11/09/024.37

Danni's Gang Bang

 — Danni learns the hard way. by Tony King11/09/024.19


 — A Cuck and Bull Story. by ofloveandlust09/04/153.70

Danny & Michelle Come Over

 — Wife gets swapped. by Christian Black06/01/024.02

Danny and My Wife

 — Danny strikes lucky with another man's wife. by nostalgiaman07/13/084.21

Danny's Dilemma

 — His wife tried to put the horns on him. by PAPATOAD06/14/09

Daphne was Taken Totally

 — But she redeemed herself. by qualitywheat01/15/143.32

Dara Fishes for a Husband

 — Thai fishes for a husband with a naughty story on the web. by LolaPaul4912/14/184.23

Dara Instructed by Her Husband

 — Deflowered new Thai wife learns pleasure with her husband. by LolaPaul4912/18/184.00

Dara Leaves with Her Husband

 — Dara's man abuses banker as she is paid for. Off to Bangkok! by LolaPaul4912/20/183.38

Dara Lives in Bangkok with Husband

 — Slightly enhanced Thai wife pleasures her husband. by LolaPaul4912/22/183.58

Dara Makes New Friends

 — Dara makes evening friends with whores and a princess. by LolaPaul4903/14/191.76NEW

Dara Visits a Resort

 — Dara experiences a sexual awakening at an exotic resort. by LolaPaul4903/17/192.36NEW


 — Couple invites man to fuck wife. by Romeo Blue10/09/004.15

Darin's Fantasy

 — Jamie discovers her husband's secret fantasy. by emmajordan9012/05/104.26

Daring to Enjoy Life

 — Two couples take it to the ultimate level. by rnumbers12302/28/144.08

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