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Business Trip with Wife - Prelude

 — How he got there with Kim. by Max4711/20/074.06

Business Trips Are Worth The Effort

 — They meet in a hotel. by kellygirlaj02/20/093.96

Business Vacation with the Wife

 — Wife's first stray with husband's black colleague. by BenFitzhume07/30/063.92


 — One way to get out of a ticket... by magichands01/10/034.19


 — Wife slips away to a seedy bar and gets in trouble. by patricia5109/18/034.27


 — Husband spots 2 foxes, but it's wife who fucks them. by Sams_Island09/07/083.91

Busted Ch. 01

 — Wife finds hubby's on-line porn account. by coastalkidite01/05/143.63

Busted Ch. 02

 — Hubby meets wife's new friends. by coastalkidite01/06/143.39

Busted Ch. 03

 — Training continues. by coastalkidite01/07/143.59

Busted Ch. 04

 — Understanding the rules. by coastalkidite01/08/143.61

Busted Ch. 05

 — Moment of truth by coastalkidite01/09/143.42

Busted In Las Vegas

 — Couple pays the ultimate price for cheating. by Wifenizor06/08/013.79


 — A man walks in on a wife's private party... by Daniel_Steele06/29/172.40

Busty Wife Wants Husband's Friend

 — Sexy wife wants husbands good friend bad. by kel31bi11/23/024.09

Bustysandra Pleases Hubby

 — Busty wife tries dogging. by Bustysandra05/07/123.93

But Hon It Was Only Sex

 — A wife needs someone to compare you to. by Slirpuff09/05/094.11

But Honey, It Was Just A Dance

 — The way she was acting led Harry to believe she was cheating. by laptopwriter03/07/154.49

But I Don't Like Swedish Fish

 — Wife teaches hubby a new way to fish. by DierdreC03/11/024.33

But I Won't Do That

 — Wife doesn't want to fuck another man - does she? by KarennaC02/11/084.24

But I Won't Do That Ch. 02

 — Wife has a replay with other man. by KarennaC03/13/084.47

But I Won't Do That Ch. 03

 — Jemma learns one of Parker's secrets. by KarennaC03/25/084.40

But I Won't Do That Ch. 04

 — Jemma and Gordon use a toy. by KarennaC04/06/084.41

But I Won't Do That Ch. 05

 — His friends are persuasive. by KarennaC04/09/084.48

But I Won't Do That Ch. 06

 — She has company while he's out of town. by KarennaC04/15/084.34

But I Won't Do That Ch. 07

 — Jemma takes control; Parker gets his share. by KarennaC04/18/084.35

But I Won't Do That Ch. 08

 — Jemma and Parker attend a house party. by KarennaC04/21/084.07

But I Won't Do That Ch. 09

 — Jemma's last hurrah by KarennaC04/28/084.23

But I Won't Do That Epilogue

 — Jemma & Parker find new ways to spice things up. by KarennaC05/03/084.13

But Love Is Blind....

 — Could he forgive her? by Blue8812/04/054.21

Butt Dial Breakup

 — Revenge isn't always sweet; fantasies aren't perfect. by StangStar0611/23/103.84

Buying a New RV

 — My busty wife is a master negotiator. by TwoSnakeMoan04/22/164.31

Buying the Farm

 — Some folks are too clever for their own good. by Scorpio4405/15/064.60HOT


 — Bound and helpless she doesn't know what to expect! by BluebirdDreams11/06/114.12

By Any Other Name

 — A name called out in the middle of sex makes a wife worry. by patricia5112/03/104.11

By Kay

 — Why she liked it. by biggles09/29/104.06

C is for Clueless

 — Some people have not a clue. by Scorpio4410/29/074.48

C'est La Vie

 — A divorced man sneaks into his estranged daughter's wedding. by Denham_Forrest04/26/144.62HOT

C'mon, Let's Spice It Up Ch. 04

 — Wife's initiative takes things to a different level. by loving_hubby01/05/084.13

C'mon, Let's Spice It Up Ch. 05

 — Consensual infidelity? Or a truly loving couple? by loving_hubby01/12/084.31

C'mon, Let's Spice It Up Ch. 07

 — Hubby in rejuvenated marriage finds wife an on-line lover. by loving_hubby02/26/094.10

C'mon, Let's Spice It Up Ch. 08

 — Rejuvenated couple's first taste of a swingers club. by loving_hubby07/20/094.37

C'mon, Let's Spice It Up Ch. 09

 — Emancipated couple go all the way with another. by loving_hubby04/08/104.33

Cabin Essence

 — It was me and four men all alone in the woods at night. by Shamrockk06/06/123.89

Cabin Fever

 — A couple's snowy adventures. by kspor01/04/053.93

Cabin Fever

 — Wife goes to extremes to break a taboo. by Licorne04/05/033.87

Cabin Fever

 — Two couples spend a weekend together in the woods. by Rodwarrior01/19/104.07

Cabin Fever Ch. 01

 — He arranges for her sexual liberation. by lunablu6901/25/044.08

Cabin Fever Morning Comes

 — A continuing adventure in the cabin. by kspor01/16/054.00

Cabin Fever Parts Ch. 01-02

 — Two couples swap partners over a weekend. by bunny337401/16/084.01

Cabin Fever Parts Ch. 03-04

 — Two couples swap partners over a weekend. by bunny337401/17/083.99

Cabin Fever Parts Ch. 05-06

 — Two couples swap partners over a weekend. by bunny337401/18/084.20

Cabin Fever Parts Ch. 11-12

 — Two couples swap partners over a weekend. by bunny337401/21/084.15

Cabin in the Woods

 — A husband's fantasy is lived out in a cabin in the woods. by CheriSM07/28/104.29

Cabin Outing

 — Wife agrees to weekend as a slave to a stranger. by DarkYaish08/21/173.58

Cabin Trip Truth or Dare

 — Two couples have fun in a cabin, then things take a turn. by TitianWood03/10/163.74

Cabins in the Snow

 — A woman finds her inner slut when snowed in with guests. by Imstillfun11/18/164.56HOT

Cable "Hook-Ups"

 — When the husband is away, she will play. by poisonedapple703/03/153.62

Cabo Fun Ch. 01

 — What happens in Mexico... by cleenwheels06/03/063.09

Cacy The Wedding-Slut

 — She finally gives in at her wedding. by changer66607/26/033.95

Caddyshack Jenny Ch. 1

 — Jenny discovers husband's secret. by Capstick01/01/013.50

Caddyshack Jenny Ch. 2

 — Jenny caddies at husband's club. by Capstick01/03/013.73

Caddyshack Jenny Ch. 3

 — Jenny meets the other caddies. by Capstick01/03/014.01

Caddyshack Jenny Ch. 4

 — Jenny caddies in hubbies group. by Capstick01/04/014.04

Caddyshack Jenny Ch. 5

 — Jenny puts on show for golfers. by Capstick01/04/014.01

Caddyshack Jenny Ch. 6

 — Jenny eats banana on the golf course. by Capstick01/04/013.84

Caddyshack Jenny Ch. 7

 — Jenny helps golfer find his ball. by Capstick01/04/014.15

Caden's Tale Pt. 01

 — A tale of infidelity and love. by carvohi08/05/154.28

Caden's Tale Pt. 02

 — A tale of infidelity and love. by carvohi08/06/154.44

Caden's Tale Pt. 03

 — A tale of infidelity and love. by carvohi08/07/154.59HOT

Caden's Tale Pt. 04

 — A tale of infidelity and love. by carvohi08/08/154.47

Caesar's Salad

 — Swarthy plumber plugs holes at home, hubby watches video. by stacey_lynne08/18/083.16


 — Where their relationship began...and where it ended? by PapaRomantic12/19/163.94

Cafe - Epilogue

 — A decision is made - but is it the right one? by PapaRomantic12/27/164.39

Cafe Au Lait

 — Married black doctor ensnares Blues musician. by cueball96105/12/123.89

Caged Cock Tease

 — His wife makes his chastity fantasy come true. by NewNaughtyWriter11/13/114.29

Caged No More

 — Of marriage, divorce, and personal growth. by rick_oh06/24/154.23

Cait and My Roommate

 — Cait gets frisky with my roommate... by Mikeykj6911/10/173.84

Cait the College Slut Pt. 01

 — College Slut. by Mikeykj6910/17/174.03

Caitlin Loses Control Ch. 01

 — Sex was always comfortable. But it won't stay that way. by Lovethefun05/31/164.00

Caitlyn's Auto Service Experience

 — Cate's Honda needs servicing, as does she. by Undecided2Bsure11/13/173.65

Calculating Nemesis

 — Something odd is happening. What is his wife doing? by Kezza6703/09/104.55HOT

California Cheating

 — A wife gets her lotion, in more ways than one. by mpblackbelt03/23/093.98

Call Girl Wife

 — My wife was a call girl. by sharedxwife02/27/143.56

Call Me A Slut Wife If You Must

 — Love, life and cheating. by Diane Marie01/11/023.75

Call Me Bunny

 — Just a cuckold or something else? by Boondocker4212/09/163.28

Call Me Bunny [+ prologue]

 — Just a cuckold or something else (with prolog). by Boondocker4202/23/173.37

Call Me Suzy

 — Kevin take his wife on their first date in years. by Sean Renaud11/01/134.22

Caller ID Ch. 01

 — Soccer mom meets a young lover. by Kathi02/01/073.65

Caller ID Ch. 02

 — She is tempted by foreign young man. by Kathi02/02/074.08

Caller ID Ch. 03

 — Potential lover makes a move. by Kathi02/03/074.11

Caller ID Ch. 04

 — He becomes impatient. by Kathi02/04/074.07

Caller ID Ch. 05

 — She picks a fight with husband. by Kathi02/05/074.12

Caller ID Ch. 06

 — Husband becomes suspicious. by Kathi02/06/074.11

Caller ID Ch. 07

 — Their first kiss. by Kathi02/07/074.21

Caller ID Ch. 08

 — Has she lost control? by Kathi02/08/073.96

Caller ID Ch. 09

 — Her daughter catches her. by Kathi02/09/073.99

Caller ID Ch. 10

 — They have sex for first time. by Kathi02/10/074.05

Caller ID Ch. 11

 — Husband makes decision. by Kathi02/11/074.22

Caller ID Ch. 12

 — She chooses lover over family. by Kathi02/12/073.90

Callgirl Ch. 01

 — How he met her. by krmcm01/20/084.20

Callgirl Ch. 02

 — Intimacy. by krmcm04/28/084.05

Callgirl Ch. 03

 — Before the wedding. by krmcm05/20/083.97

Callgirl Ch. 04

 — The wedding. by krmcm05/19/083.94

Callgirl Ch. 05

 — The Break Up. by krmcm06/09/083.08

Calli's Interest Payment

 — Farm wife pays interest on bill with neighbor. by dirtwrench12/31/084.31

Calli's Interest Payment Ch. 02

 — A farm wife keeps paying. by dirtwrench02/01/094.22

Callie Submits

 — Wife submits to husband's fantasy. by vegasdude08/16/124.18

Calling His Bluff

 — Mature wife tries to cure her husband's obsession. by barneybettyswing11/24/084.03

Calling Home

 — Husband tormented by wife's phone call. by Quin11/02/072.69

Calling The Plumber

 — Cindy's quick flash turns into much more. by English Bob06/14/034.16

Calm Like a Bomb

 — Mike finds out more than he bargained for about Simone. by Lady_Sith04/21/174.45

Cam Night

 — A couple play for the watchers. by jaksmith02/02/123.19

Cam Wife Debbie

 — Wife fucks for me on cam. by mike_dunbar509/06/123.91

Camera Testing

 — Jane gets some strange while Dick watches by camera. by RVPlayers07/15/103.90

Camera Whore

 — Wife causes husband anxiety while appearing on reality TV. by Free_Speeched03/21/07

Cameraman & The Porno Star

 — Cameraman works with star, and marries her. by ARGEE11/22/014.23

Cameron and Manny

 — Wife wants to be a prostitute, hubby is not enthused. by Matt Moreau10/22/084.03

Cami in Handcuffs

 — Wife submits to light bondage play. by YANKEE DAN06/30/083.88


 — Will he accept help or end it all? by me395701/15/064.15


 — Victim of trickery or complicit participant? by Jazz_E_too03/09/173.44

Camp Encounter

 — Teased boss takes control. by Alberta Al04/23/013.98

Camp Encounter Ch. 2A

 — Kris returns to work. by Alberta Al04/23/013.89

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