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Fun Times with my Husband's Boss

 — Horny wife needs more0 by emrsumbiggens03/12/063.96

Fun with a Desi Couple

 — How I met an Indian couple and enjoyed with that wife. by mrdesire1212/17/223.44

Fun with a Friend's Wife

 — Having fun with a friend's wife, unknown to her. by phfan08/31/114.14

Fun with Brigitte and Brian

 — IT repairman crosses boundaries with married couple. by Roleplay6705/26/243.39

Fun with Cindi

 — They bring in another man. by DougnCindi03/03/134.45

Fun With David

 — Husband gives blindfolded wife a big surprise. by Runner01/23/014.31

Fun with Dick and Jane Ch. 07

 — Dick and Jane go to a meet then onto a sex club. by DesperateHousewhores03/22/154.30

Fun with Donna

 — Fun with Sharedhousewife. by arizonaken10/29/154.28

Fun with Fitness

 — Wife shares herself with hubby & personal trainer. by LuciousBi-Writes4U10/05/054.15

Fun With Friends

 — You get more than you bargained for. by texasreb136907/05/073.76

Fun with Guys from the Club

 — Wife has a long night with guys we met at the club. by twotexans4fun10/29/184.20

Fun with Hotel Neighbors

 — Wife has fun with a group of hotel neighbors. by twotexans4fun10/30/183.90

Fun with Indian Couple

 — Indian guy fulfills sexual fantasy of Indian cpl. by sidekick43407/26/233.05

Fun With My Hot Wife

 — Last night was fun, tonight is even better. by jon22712/31/123.98

Fun with My Young Lover

 — She has fun with while her husband watches. by gandj13011/08/074.23

Fun with Photos Ch. 06

 — Meagan and Todd consider future fun. by yarnspinnerr06/14/184.42

Fun with Photoshop

 — A fetish for photoshop has unexpected consequences. by TheUrbanCowboy03/05/123.29

Fun With Sister-in-Law

 — Married man shows Sue his goods. by Priapus12/10/004.27

Fun With Sister-in-Law Ch. 03

 — Sue expands her sexual interests. by Priapus11/02/044.44

Fun With Sister-in-Law Ch. 04

 — How my wife and I ended where we are. by Priapus11/08/044.38

Fun With Sister-in-Law Ch. 05

 — Sister-in-law tells her story. by Priapus11/13/044.34

Fun With Sister-in-Law Ch. 06

 — Maids are introduced to our lifestyle. by Priapus11/21/044.37

Fun With Sister-in-Law Ch. 07

 — Sister-in-law gets even. by Priapus12/10/044.40

Fun With Sister-in-Law Ch. 08

 — The games continue. by Priapus05/17/054.35

Fun With Sister-in-Law Ch. 09

 — Games continue with interesting additions. by Priapus12/01/054.31

Fun With Sister-in-Law Ch. 10

 — Story continues to evolve. by Priapus02/09/064.30

Fun with Strangers

 — Wife has first threesome around campfire. by tickletang09/05/114.21

Fun With The Boys Ch. 01

 — Wife has fun with my friends while I am away. by dreamsreal07/25/10

Fun with the Guys Pt. 01

 — Me and my GF receive two guests over for the weekend. by UniverseOwner09/24/214.44

Fun with the Guys Pt. 02

 — Rose wake up in the night but she follow the rules. by UniverseOwner10/03/214.42

Fun with the Guys Pt. 03

 — The rules screwed Rose and we have fun on the beach. by UniverseOwner11/23/214.37

Fun with the Guys Pt. 04

 — We hang out in the pool. by UniverseOwner11/28/214.34

Fun with the Guys Pt. 05

 — Goodbye Mark! by UniverseOwner02/12/223.90

Fun with the Neighbors

 — Happy hour exceeds expectations by netsub05/13/09

Fun with the Waiter

 — Couple's encounter in a restaurant leads to their hotel room. by ARTG06/08/104.16

Funeral Dirge for a Fairytale

 — Ellie's story from At the End of the Tour. by NoTalentHack12/22/224.35

Funeral Harem

 — Should you forgive after 20 years. by satindesires03/22/243.88

Funny as a Heart Attack

 — Feel sick, go home early, you know... by carvohi02/11/144.13

Funny How Things Work Out

 — A first-time wife swapping story. by joelke04/11/063.99

Funny How Time Slips Away

 — Time does fly when you're having fun. by Stultus02/19/124.25

Funny Old World

 — Off to visit Charlie, again. What could possibly go wrong? by MattblackUK06/27/233.85

Funny You Should Ask

 — An old college buddy's account of his unlucky love life. by FrancisMacomber04/05/134.56HOT


 — My fiance was only after my money, so I dumped her. by StangStar0604/26/124.64HOT

Furious Fiancée: Crystal's Dilemma

 — Young woman tries to stop swinging lifestyle. by Latin_Knight_n_KC01/08/083.05


 — The first day of school should be a welcome release. by Azuldrgon09/12/093.21

Furnace Repairs

 — Teasing the furnace repair guys leads to more fun. by Memoirserotic05/11/174.27

Furniture Shopping Can Be Filling

 — Naive wife experiences a strange couple. by sir percy11/02/044.08

Furniture Store

 — Wife bought more than a couch. by donaldd196309/25/053.81

Futile Resistance

 — A terrifying experience turns into a stupefying one. by amyyum04/13/153.86


 — Neighbors are good friends. by OLDER AND BETTER09/29/044.19

Future Farming Ch. 03

 — The ending to 'Future Pharming'. by cookingwithgas08/12/234.02

Future Pharming Ch. 01

 — Wife and husband no longer on the same page. by cookingwithgas07/27/234.18

Future Pharming Ch. 02

 — Life gets worse for Steven, or does it? by cookingwithgas07/28/234.40

Future Wife & My Roommate

 — She succumbs to his roommate's size. by voyeur_hubby08/14/043.81

FWWB: Tanvi's Devil Hours

 — Friend's Wife with Benefits. by Horny_MadGuy12/06/233.49

G Ch. 03

 — Husband finally gets included. by Lucky_Hubby12/05/024.29

G is for Greed

 — He thought his first wife was greedy. His second... by Scorpio44a02/04/104.46

G Spot in Goa Pt. 06

 — Learning from the parents through trial and error. by no1mf07/24/203.71


 — Busty Wife gets cum shower by Hubby and Bro-in law. by tabbyjjkitty211/08/064.12

G: My Wife, the Escort Years 02

 — A flavour of some of my Wifes escort dates. by MarknCarol10/13/224.00

Gabriela - A Lovely Married Woman Ch. 01

 — The story of a lovely married woman... by Ulfric2409/01/213.68


 — Gypsy rescues woman from unhappy marriage. by al_Ussa12/15/103.77

Gaggle of Hens

 — A group of close friends get into the alternative lifestyle. by B_Bailey02/04/173.46

Gaijin Encounter

 — Japanese wife begins American adventures. by mohawk0811/02/024.12

Gaijin Encounter Ch. 02

 — Yuko goes to a strip club. by mohawk0811/04/024.21

Gaijin Encounter Ch. 03

 — Husband comes home to deal with wife's infidelity. by mohawk0811/26/022.89


 — An erotic encounter in a hotel leaves her wondering. by SouthCoastSurfer08/06/124.05

Gail Allows Andre

 — Shy wife submits. by HADRIAN M03/29/034.25

Gail and Mark

 — Shy wife helps husband succeed. by HADRIAN M11/30/074.47

Gail Dives With Richard

 — Shy wife gets excited. by HADRIAN M07/03/034.38

Gail Entertains Leo

 — Shy wife rewards gentleman. by HADRIAN M10/27/024.43

Gail Gathers a Crowd

 — Shy wife and husband snookered. by HADRIAN M08/07/024.42

Gail Guides Samuel

 — Shy wife teaches a young man. by HADRIAN M08/24/024.50HOT

Gail Joins Dareius

 — Shy wife attracts large man. by HADRIAN M10/08/114.48

Gail Meets Werner

 — Shy woman learns to play games. by HADRIAN M12/28/004.45

Gail Names Karl

 — Shy wife enjoys a holiday in France. by HADRIAN M01/31/014.24Editor's Pick

Gail Overnights

 — Shy wife tries to please. by HADRIAN M07/13/034.37

Gail Prefers Peter

 — Southern France holiday spurs couple to explore. by HADRIAN M03/20/014.47Editor's Pick

Gail Sails With Gia

 — Holidays relax shy wife. by HADRIAN M07/22/024.47

Gail Surprises Rian

 — Shy wife sheds reserve. by HADRIAN M06/23/034.41

Gail Tests Bryan

 — Shy wife uses holiday to explore. by HADRIAN M04/24/064.38

Gail Uses Sandor

 — Shy wife trys to please husband. by HADRIAN M08/26/034.45

Gail with Fledging Nicholas

 — Shy wife treats shy guy. by HADRIAN M02/04/034.48

Gaining Confidence

 — Earl continues finding new lovers for Linda by oldfogey02/27/034.29

Galveston Hotwife / Office Slut

 — Galveston hotwife takes on me and my friend. by Flumbsy12/22/233.86

Gambia, West Africa

 — Wife goes to Africa on a secret trip, with cheating included. by Winterfrog09/11/103.69

Gambling Less Than Anonymously

 — A search for true love encounters bizarre circumstances. by imhapless10/08/174.26

Gambling Problem? Call...1...

 — Bad idea to bet your wife without asking her first. by barkirk01/01/214.07

Gambling Problem? Call 1-8...

 — Jordan plays hostess. by barkirk12/27/233.74

Gambling Trip

 — Being naughty in Reno. by magmaman05/11/173.95

Game Boy

 — Rick finds out his marriage wasn't what he thought. by charleybear02/20/054.37

Game Day Guacamole

 — Two couples enjoy a NFL Thanksgiving. by SikFuk12/04/104.39

Game Day with My Buddies

 — Game day with buddies ends with a humiliated cuckold. by verb41108/19/222.93

Game Night

 — Bobby and Amy host Game Night. by basher12303/23/194.40

Game Night

 — Wife takes control in a new game. by Sexandmartinis11/03/213.70

Game Night

 — My buddy's wife desperately want a baby, but he's infertile. by BaratusZedek07/19/234.41

Game Night Gets Wild

 — Four couples build a homemade gloryhole for their wives. by steve1410/23/154.38

Game Night Pt. 02

 — Husband will have to work for his release. by Sexandmartinis11/04/213.97

Game Night Pt. 03

 — Kim steps up her teasing & denial of John. by Sexandmartinis11/17/213.89

Game Night Pt. 04

 — Kim goes out to play with the girls. by Sexandmartinis01/27/223.85

Game Night Threesome

 — Hubby invites his friend to a game night with his wife. by Cuckvoyeurfan02/02/214.31

Game of Cat and Mouse

 — His ploy to cure wife of bedtime headaches backfires. by mintabal323907/01/053.76

Game of Ruins Ch. 01

 — Sexual Game has just begun. by Diabolic_Guy03/24/233.00

Game On

 — Wife plays erotic games with husband, ends up with stranger. by deborah6902/01/204.39

Game Over

 — Degeneration of a couple's partnership. by Robin P01/05/072.83

Game Over

 — Game Dev finds out about his wife. by FullyLoadedUK03/23/213.63

Game Time for Caroline

 — Husband's lack of interest spurs Caroline's affair. by HeartlandHarlot12/03/213.20

Game Time Pt. 01

 — Wife returns after being missing for years. by Flavian09/02/144.30

Game Time Pt. 02

 — What happened to Lana. She tells her story... by Flavian09/04/144.33

Game Time Pt. 03

 — Wife finishes her story. Husband must make some decisions. by Flavian09/06/144.30

Game, Set & Match

 — Bride-to-be must decide whether oral sex is cheating. by Irishdragon06/29/023.99

Game, Set & Match Ch. 2

 — Jenny loses control. by Irishdragon07/08/024.13

Game, Set and Match

 — A blossoming friendship comes to a very real and mutual conclusion. by Bob_603/17/164.16


 — It is interesting in the dark. by magmaman07/28/084.04


 — Elizabeth turns fantasy into reality and James stays home. by AlexHarrison01/20/222.83


 — Former lovers of wife. by fredferguson06/25/232.74

Games & Friends

 — Man walks in on wife with other woman. by MEBD03/16/023.82

Games are Fun

 — Wife's streetwalker game turns real. by Pasifal06/14/243.57NEW

Games Ch. 02

 — Do we ever really know for sure? by magmaman08/01/083.95

Games Night Gang-Bang

 — Allison entertains Brad & his friends. by English Bob06/21/014.19

Games They Play: She Needs a Butler

 — He has to be her butler. by istan8208/18/203.58

Games Wives Play

 — Horny wife lets herself get seduced by stranger. by redwhiteblue05/01/083.84

Gaming Night

 — Wife takes control of my nerdy friends. by tyler99006/29/203.38

Gang Aft Agley

 — Their plan didn't quite work out the way they thought. by rlmdad07/07/204.16

Gang Aft Agley Ch. 01

 — Wedding. by BobNbobbi03/12/133.93

Gang Aft Agley Ch. 02

 — Marriage. by BobNbobbi03/13/133.77

Gang Aft Agley Ch. 02

 — Their plan was flawed to begin with. by rlmdad07/10/203.93

Gang Aft Agley Ch. 03

 — Adventure. by BobNbobbi03/14/133.78

Gang Aft Agley Ch. 04

 — Aftermath. by BobNbobbi03/15/133.72

Gang Bang

 — The night she learned what sex is really all about. by Horny_Housewife110/30/054.11

Gang Bang

 — When friend says she loved a gang bang wife wants one too. by lflyer8203/16/223.06

Gang Bang at the Gym

 — My wife's fantasy, as she told me last night. by jay hanspard08/06/083.51

Gang Bang Wife

 — Sexy lady takes charge of her gang bang. by Patchwork02/27/044.21

Gang Banged by Older Men

 — Inexperienced young wife takes on a group of older men. by Imstillfun04/05/194.69HOT

Gang Banged in Vegas

 — A suburban housewife gets more than she expected in Vegas. by Imstillfun08/23/224.40

Gang of Four

 — Jessica must help her husband keep his job. by eqh6702/11/024.15

Gang Tackled

 — Strait-Laced wife opens up. by barkirk05/31/174.32

Gang-Bang Wife

 — She did her husband proud. by No Panty Girl11/15/063.95

Gangbang as Warmup Ch. 01: Preview

 — Jane gets ready. by ClarasBestFriend11/06/203.67

Gangbang as Warmup Ch. 02: The Main Event

 — Jane gets fucked. by ClarasBestFriend10/25/203.92

Gangbang in a Jacuzzi

 — He shares wife with friends and strangers. by subiana10/19/034.14

Gangbang in Amsterdam!

 — Dee gets gangbanged in Amsterdam. by marriedpervs04/18/074.41

Gangbang in Europe Ch. 01

 — Rotterdam, Irene's first mega gangbang. by ghazan10/20/074.26

Gangbang in New York

 — He shares his woman. by BigBlueSA01/07/094.03

Gangbang in the Garage

 — Husband becomes cuckold in his own garage. by tl8509/30/084.06

Gangbang My Wife

 — He video tapes wife with six men. by babyboo69402/16/024.01

Gangbang My Wife, Anyone?

 — He trains cheating spouse. by Anton10/16/004.06

Gangbanged August Fun

 — Wife changes style from Ice Queen to Queen of heat. by anomalos01/24/23

Gangbanged by Hubby's Friends

 — Husband's friends gangbanged me. by alishbaby9903/13/224.09


 — Wife sows "wild oats". by No Panty Girl03/16/063.94

Ganging Her

 — Man arranges a gangbang for his wife without her knowledge. by DontJudgeMe06/16/104.43

Gangy's Gap Ch. 02

 — Arcadia, Utopia it was not. by Rakiura1004/15/213.74

Gangy's Gap Ch. 03

 — The Return of the prodigal Wife. by Rakiura1004/17/213.19

Gangy's Gap Ch. 04

 — The Road to Styx. by Rakiura1004/19/213.63

Gangy's Gap Ch. 05

 — Our Lives Diverge. by Rakiura1004/21/213.54

Gangy's Gap Ch. 06

 — The Tale of Agnetha and Draxas. by Rakiura1004/23/214.16

Garage Sale

 — When the end arrives you still have memories to get rid of. by moreandmore10/01/234.47


 — It started when my wife ordered me to take out the trash. by StangStar0603/01/124.56HOT

Garden by the Front Door

 — All she left behind were her flowers. by JimBob4406/13/174.30

Garden Centre

 — Seduction of wife by a garden supplier. by ruwanr03/28/153.82

Garden Centre Ch. 02

 — Is he starting to accept that his wife has got a lover? by ruwanr04/28/153.68

Garden Centre Ch. 03

 — Chapter 3. by ruwanr08/15/153.71

Garden Centre Ch. 04

 — Shocking revelations. by ruwanr10/06/153.99

Garden Centre Ch. 05

 — Cuckolded. by ruwanr10/27/153.97

Garden Centre Ch. 06

 — More from her diary. by ruwanr12/25/153.86

Garden Centre Ch. 07

 — Out in the open. by ruwanr02/20/163.04

Garden Party

 — He meets a colleague's wife at a garden party. by Ashson05/29/184.33

Garden Party Ch. 2

 — He exposes his buxom wife to his neighbor Bill. by Dr_Bull07/11/014.25

Garden Party Ch. 3

 — More of the garden and friendly neighbors. by Dr_Bull09/02/014.32

Garden Variety Sex

 — Young gardener participates in rich couple's fantasy. by old_n_dirrty06/03/114.41

Gardening Bliss Ch. 1

 — Wife finds gardening pleasurable with friends. by windward303/29/024.32

Gardening Bliss Ch. 2

 — Passion rules the life of our gardening wife. by windward304/15/024.32

Gardening Bliss Ch. 3

 — Wife is obsessed with need for her many men. by windward305/05/024.09


 — Enjoying the hired help while Hubby watches. by naughtymommy200108/01/024.38


 — Filled. by motos4001/12/173.76

Gary & Katherine Ch. 01

 — Can Katherine get used to being the object of attention? by Zorro6908/11/073.98

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