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Mystery Pie Ch. 03

 — Who is the source? by mufdvr510/07/044.07

Mystery Woman

 — He made a trip to the fish store. by Just Plain Bob02/05/063.96

Mystery Woman

 — When Brian learned a secret he should have kept silent. by imhapless01/29/154.03

Mystic Valley Sex Ch. 3

 — After a long day, Casey gets pleasured by Karen. by Danger Mouse 00310/19/014.15

Mystique Ch. 01

 — A authors story is brought to life. by trog196010/27/094.04

Mystique Ch. 02

 — An author's story comes to life. by trog196011/20/094.18

Mystique Ch. 03

 — An author's story comes to life. by trog196002/01/103.74

N.Y.C. Vacation

 — Young wife is seduced. by LustyLee7704/17/054.26

Naïve Couple Meet Woodsman Ch. 01

 — Camping leads to more. by weddinghelper05/06/144.01

Nadine's Needs

 — She thought her hubby was cheating. by Just Plain Bob01/29/063.75

Nagging Will Get You Nowhere...

 — Hubby "punishes" her per request of her net buddy. by TrixieScooterpie08/17/073.86

Naive Diah and the Old Perverts

 — Tied boyfriend watches Asian girlfriend seduced by perverts. by AndrewStories03/18/193.31

Naive or Stupid - Take Your Pick

 — Husband finds his wife in bed with her boss. by callmesparky07/13/144.45

Naive to Naughty

 — Wife surrenders to temptation in Thailand. by LustyLee7704/15/064.25

Naked Corpse

 — I find a naked woman's body in a ditch. by oggbashan06/20/184.03

Naked Embarrassment

 — Tyler publicly humiliates and punishes Scarlett. by milkydreaming5108/11/183.51

Naked Tease

 — Wife teases a man in front of her husband. by BuckandBrandy03/10/064.32

Name That Dick

 — What game is much more fun than basketball? by imhapless08/29/124.11

Naming Her Price

 — Wife is proven wrong by hubby's best friend. by xenome04/15/043.72

Nan and Big Dicks

 — I found out she had a secret. by Just Plain Bob06/09/104.13

Nan Breaks Out

 — After swinging at her Mom's, Nan brings home a wild new self. by Valendon06/22/174.20

Nan's Boyfriends

 — He was surprised to find out he was just one of many. by Just Plain Bob04/02/072.50

Nan's Old Flame

 — Invited to a party he did not want to attend. by Just Plain Bob07/07/102.41


 — Becoming a man and having second chances - will it succeed? by BillandKate09/08/174.55HOT

Nancy and the Produce Man Pt. 01

 — My wife's adventures at Safeway. by Calvin42712/06/114.08

Nancy and the Produce Man Pt. 02

 — Nancy and Ben pose for me. by Calvin42712/07/114.37

Nancy and the Produce Man Pt. 03

 — Things get a little out of hand. by Calvin42712/08/114.10

Nancy and the Produce Man Pt. 04

 — My wife getting ready for two guys. by Calvin42712/09/113.93

Nancy and the Produce Man Pt. 05

 — Ben and Karl enjoy my wife. by Calvin42712/10/114.40

Nancy Gets Fucked By a Pro

 — Pro ball player invites sexy milf to hotel room. by SluttyEllen02/01/08

Nancy Innocent to Slut

 — A short tale about things going wrong. by Just Plain Bob12/19/18

Nancy's Christmas Party

 — Her hubby wouldn't go with her, so she went alone. by Just Plain Bob02/11/113.28

Nancy's Mid-life Awakening Ch. 25

 — Nancy and Paul conduct an "intervention". by Saltysooner05/03/192.56

Nancy's Mid-life Awakening Ch. 33

 — Nancy deals with her own mid-life crisis. by Saltysooner05/11/192.47

Nancy's Night Out

 — Trying to find herself. by Sasquatch in Fla07/22/143.05

Nancy's Wild Saturday Ch. 01

 — My wife wants to try something new. by Calvin42704/15/094.07

Nancy's Wild Saturday Ch. 02

 — My wife's "date" gets out of hand by Calvin42704/16/094.00

Nanny for a Week Ch. 02

 — Anna Does the Limo Driver. by Yesarub02/12/144.49

Napa Sexual Awakening

 — Husband and wife go on a Napa getaway. by sorand03/26/084.11


 — A surprise in Naples (Florida). by Pholkie Phred12/11/043.20


 — A loving weekend for two. by viking1203/29/043.72

Nasty Knickers Comes Home

 — Hot wife has presents for husband. by PhilFantasy07/22/023.78

Nasty Things

 — Wife is shared for the first time. by locovox7106/10/053.74

Nasty Weather

 — She gets carried away by her lustful feelings. by SueBry05/04/033.96


 — Natalie's ex joins us. by jontemple110/19/133.61

Natalie Gets a Show

 — My wife has fun with a male stripper. by staghusband07/11/184.17

Natalie Plans a Party

 — But what about the "I promise?" by dude152504/05/173.27

Natalie's Confession

 — A story for her husband. by nataliefla120503/06/093.88

Natalie's Game

 — This time, it's her turn to fulfill her deepest desires. by rbo07/10/064.28

Natalie's Party Confession

 — My wife make's the turn and turn's me on. by dude152504/06/173.94

Natalie's Pleasure

 — She has a long hot one at the beach. by dandyleglogs04/20/024.17

Natalie's Ski Vacation

 — Natalie and Stan enjoy an evening in the hot tub. by deborah6909/27/184.41

Natalie's Submission

 — Another letter to her husband. by nataliefla120503/07/093.79

Natalie's Vegas Birthday Ch. 01

 — Husband sets wife up with male escort. by nastycouple10/17/104.15

Nathan Gets His Way Ch. 02

 — Cuckold humiliation. by hotchiksmalwily01/31/103.96

National Confess Your Adultery Day

 — What could possibly go wrong? by ReedRichards12/07/183.94

National Hero

 — A national hero has a simple wish. by amyyum04/30/193.65

National Security:Turn the Page

 — I've always wondered what happened next... by StangStar0605/11/134.15

Native Tongues

 — Wife helps an all male tribe. by parts guy11/13/024.25

Native Tongues Down South

 — They're just monks! How erotic can that be? by parts guy04/06/034.28Editor's Pick

Native Tongues Enjoy Earth Day

 — This holiday sucks a little, but my wife sucks a lot. by parts guy04/17/034.29

Native Tongues Find Their Sea Legs

 — Dozens of men, a horny girl, & a submarine. by parts guy07/13/034.25

Native Tongues Latest Assignment

 — What the hell is "nude day"? by parts guy06/24/033.98

Native Tongues Up North

 — Where will they end up this time? by parts guy01/09/034.33


 — One uninhibited lady. by magmaman01/30/183.97

Natural Desires Ch. 01

 — Married school teacher gives in to her natural desires. by gypsy palliser04/07/053.65

Natural Desires Ch. 02

 — The next episode between teacher and ex-lover. by gypsy palliser04/21/053.72

Natural Insemination

 — Reserved woman discovers exciting new insemination procedure. by Jenny_C10/11/114.34

Natural Insemination Ch. 02

 — Katie and her husband discuss her impending treatment. by Jenny_C10/26/114.17

Natural Insemination Ch. 03

 — Katie returns for a second appointment. by Jenny_C10/27/114.42

Natural Insemination Ch. 04

 — Katie gets a first hand demo of what is in store for her. by Jenny_C11/07/114.47

Naughty & Nice

 — Husband's gift to Wife is jaw-dropping naughty. by hubbyfantasies12/30/133.59

Naughty Asian Wife in Vegas

 — Chinese wife enjoys threesome for her birthday! by Atypical_Asian_Wife12/01/134.43

Naughty Boy Gets Punished

 — He learns tough lesson about treating his wife right. by Biochem01/02/063.29

Naughty Candy

 — Candy and her husband learn a lesson about cheating. by Smuttyandfun07/01/183.62

Naughty Dinner Date

 — An evening of exposure at dinner. by Peglegparrot02/22/154.16

Naughty Games - Round 01

 — Game played when I am away on business. by Biochem01/11/123.90

Naughty Jolene Fucks Her Client

 — My naughty hairdresser wife wants her client. by meatmywife06/17/074.05

Naughty Ladies of Whispering Pines

 — Bachelor finds his new neighborhood full of surprises. by walterio10/30/074.44

Naughty Leeann

 — Leeann struggles to stay faithful. I struggle with jealousy. by John Randolph06/13/172.96

Naughty List

 — Mrs. gets her merry revenge by having her stocking stuffed. by cvillerook12/06/173.92

Naughty Maid Service Ch. 01

 — A wife decides to add some adventure and cash to her life. by Tim Smith04/29/094.34

Naughty Maid Service Ch. 02

 — In deeper for Sherry, and love. by Tim Smith04/30/094.11

Naughty Marlene

 — Has this cheating wife been caught out at last? by pop_5403/06/033.93

Naughty Neighbor

 — Stocking wearing wife plays with neighbor. by sabina4u10/25/043.66

Naughty Neighborhood

 — Jill meets the neighbor. by rndabt02/07/024.38

Naughty New Neighbors

 — Young neighbors ask older neighbor for unusual favor. by mab799103/01/134.58HOT

Naughty New Orleans

 — Good time leads to an even better one. by oldfogey07/13/033.18

Naughty New Orleans Ch. 02

 — Betty continues her wild time. by oldfogey07/18/034.22

Naughty New Years

 — Wife loses control at party. by dogfood04/29/053.63

Naughty Nicole

 — Nicole becomes a cheating wife. by black saphire02/09/064.10

Naughty Nicole Ch. 02

 — Nicole takes it one step further while Peter is away. by black saphire09/26/114.32

Naughty Nicole Ch. 03

 — The second half of the day when Peter is away. by black saphire11/14/113.76

Naughty Wife

 — Too much to drink fulfills his fantasy. by frisco03/06/043.66

Naughty Wife

 — I could tell that Lynn enjoyed having Rob there. by wardy2u06/07/164.04

Naughty Wife Ch. 01

 — While hubby is away, she likes to play. by billndeb3789102/11/024.03

Naughty Wife Ch. 02

 — Her secret date. by billndeb3789102/18/024.25

Naughty Wife Ch. 03

 — She seduces the phone man. by billndeb3789103/17/024.31

Naughty Wife Ch. 04

 — Sex with a stranger in their home. by billndeb3789107/01/024.30

Naughty Wife Ch. 05

 — A trip to the porno theatre. by billndeb3789107/17/024.38

Naughty Wife Ch. 06

 — She slips off to meet 'him'. by billndeb3789109/17/024.26

Naughty Wife Ch. 07

 — The sex dare club is in full swing. by billndeb3789109/23/024.12

Naughty Wife Ch. 08

 — Another trip to the adult movie theatre. by billndeb3789106/10/034.30

Naughty Wife Ch. 09

 — She puts on a web cam show. by billndeb3789103/15/044.15

Naughty Women Prefer Good Men

 — Cheating wives always leave visible clues for their men. by Winterfrog02/24/054.16

Naughty, Naughty

 — Married couple take naughty to the max. by DenverYo08/01/104.13

Navy Bride

 — Sailor's wife gets the itch. by standingstones11/03/123.87

Navy Wife Adventures

 — Navy wife has permission to play while hubby is away! by NavyWife3105/09/094.35

Navy Wives-Amanda

 — Amanda meets her husband's friend at the Navy Ball. by HappyWife8511/13/094.14

Navy Wives-Amanda Ch. 02

 — Amanda goes on a secret date with Nate. by HappyWife8501/24/104.18

Navy Wives: Brenda

 — Wife enjoys an ex-boyfriend with husband's approval. by HappyWife8508/21/093.87

Nawty Wife Turns Whore

 — Fantasy becomes reality and wife becomes a whore. by cumwhore6307/31/113.45

Nebraska & Our First Time

 — Let's begin by having sex with each other. by JohnnyandRenee06/08/053.76

Need For Revenge Ch. 01

 — Wife shows true self at a party. I demanded a divorce. by DG Hear06/03/124.20

Need Pt. 01

 — A loving wife meets a new dominant neighbor. by Apisto4210/01/154.27

Need Pt. 02

 — A loving wife gives up more to the new neighbor. by Apisto4210/03/154.36

Need Pt. 03

 — She learns a little more about herself. by Apisto4210/11/154.38

Need Pt. 04

 — She talks to her husband. by Apisto4212/11/154.10

Need Pt. 05

 — Before the Christmas party. by Apisto4201/21/164.42

Need Pt. 06

 — It (almost) all comes out. by Apisto4203/12/164.30

Need Pt. 06 Continued

 — Final outcome. by Apisto4203/18/164.25

Need Some Help Ch. 01

 — Cheating wife stumbles once. by Wonderman104/03/184.00

Need Some Help Ch. 02

 — Wife makes mistake and deals with consequences. by Wonderman104/20/183.83

Need Some Help Ch. 03

 — Husband and wife struggle with their marriage. by Wonderman105/10/183.69

Need To Taste Others

 — He plans to have his wife's fantasy filled by Guda. by manavata05/11/054.04


 — Adultery at its unsexiest. by DiaperedSiouxsie01/14/023.88

Neena's Dream

 — A loving wife has a wet dream about a hero in a story. by Loveslut03/19/143.10

Neglect Invites Intrusion

 — Neglected horny wife goes searching. by Little Dreamerman05/05/023.65

Neglected No More

 — Straying wife risks pregnancy. by brooke3012/14/043.98

Neglected Wife

 — True confessions of a neglected wife. by sunnyboyz11/12/023.51

Neglected Wife Ch. 01

 — Long neglected wife finds a playmate to satisfy her yearning. by RedguyTx02/16/113.83

Neglected Wife Ch. 02

 — Neglected wife is caught by her husband with her new lover. by ljwp0508/04/06

Negotiating My Prenuptial Agreement

 — Former cheerleader turns the tables on a doctor & his lawyer. by msgrant6709/04/114.06

Negotiation Skills

 — A Deal's a Deal. by KevinandNina04/08/164.07

Neha Taken by Hubby's White Boss

 — INDIAN housewife is taken by her hubby's white boss. by indianwife07/07/104.22

Neighbor Kid

 — Couple initiates a young neighbor into their play. by markindy05/02/114.60HOT

Neighbor Kid Ch. 02

 — Young guy next door explores more with hot couple. by markindy06/11/124.51HOT

Neighbor Photo Shoot

 — Neighbor lady has a fantasy. by Brian658806/23/184.34

Neighbor Substitutes for My Husband Pt. 01

 — Rob gets Julie a substitute "husband" while he's away. by Itascan07/26/174.12

Neighbor Substitutes for My Husband Pt. 02

 — Wife gets neighborly while husband is away. by Itascan08/02/174.29

Neighbor Surprise

 — Gayle & Kathy surprise me. by spyman06/14/034.33

Neighbor's Wife

 — Sexy lady satisfies the guy next door. by Chuck Wood11/27/004.13

Neighbor's Wife is a Teacher

 — Teacher's fantasy fulfilled. by JustRong06/11/104.23

Neighborhood Obedience

 — Couple moves into a new neighborhood next to a black couple. by dirk_staton06/13/153.81

Neighborhood Scandal

 — Cuckold comes out. by MistyMorgan06/21/033.19

Neighborhood Wives: Maddie

 — A secret fantasy is revealed. by KickSaveAndABeauty11/30/054.24

Neighborly Blackmail Ch. 03

 — Dave & Bev put their plan in motion to seduce John's Wife. by XplrgMDCpl9403/31/194.23

Neighborly Hospitality

 — Hot wife introduces a twist into their stale relationship. by AfroerotiK11/17/06

Neighborly Lust

 — Sex starved mom becomes neighbor's sex toy. by withatwistor202/18/044.37

Neighborly Lust, Maid Service

 — Sex starved mom becomes a paid service. by withatwistor202/22/044.37


 — Husband catches wife with the boy next door. by Lillyflower7203/12/023.92


 — Alice and Roy moved in next door. by LeoFire05/25/143.95

Neighbors and Friends

 — They're just being neighborly. by OLDER AND BETTER10/21/054.26

Neighbors Ch. 02

 — Alice returns to Cole and Jennifer's home for some fun. by LeoFire05/29/144.08

Neighbors Pt. 01

 — We get to know the neighbors. by rocketman6002/23/164.28

Neighbors Pt. 02

 — We get to know the neighbors even better. by rocketman6002/24/164.07

Neighbors Son & My Drunk Wife Maria

 — Hot wife shared with neighbors son and friend. by youngdaringcpl06/18/094.38

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