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A Pretty House Maid

 — My wife and I loved our maid. by Vic508/27/034.31

A Price Well Deserved

 — A horny wife offers her pussy to her husband's best friend. by Kurisu07/13/063.81

A Primrose Path Ch. 01

 — An early swing adventure. by Pholkie Phred09/22/063.88

A Primrose Path Ch. 02

 — Kat and Art continue down the path. by Pholkie Phred11/17/063.44

A Private Room

 — A couple enjoy a very unusual restaurant experience. by silversword09/16/174.01

A Private Tea Party

 — Your wife surprises you with an erotic gift. by Ceilidh_is_here10/14/074.13

A Promise

 — A promise must be kept even if you are not together anymore. by woodmanone07/04/174.42

A Promise For Sex

 — Wife feels obligated to provide sex for friend. by Vic508/09/033.91

A Promise Kept, with Regret

 — The end of a beautiful relationship. by travelingprof05/10/182.70

A Promise of Bigger Things to Come

 — Wife's friend got her curious about younger guy and big dick. by Sfbullrider08/17/163.88

A Promising Acting Career

 — A young teaching assistant faces a difficult decision. by Badwolf12307/08/113.82

A Promotion At Stake

 — She'd even sleep with another woman for him. by charms7512/20/044.29

A Proof of Love

 — Erik and Anna takes a leap into cuckold lifestyle. by Fenixfeather07/27/083.68

A Proposal

 — Chuck makes a sexy proposal to Jan. by janandjustin09/18/034.32

A Prostitute for a Day

 — Asian housewife fulfils a long-held fantasy. by loveking10/02/054.21

A Public Service Message

 — A scorned man finds his calling. by Myhands31603/27/184.18

A Punished Wife

 — There is laid off and then there is.... by Domwoolf12/29/083.95

A Punished Wife Ch. 02

 — Rodger finds a way to beat the summer blues. by Domwoolf08/15/094.17

A Punished Wife Ch. 03

 — Sports weekend party. by Domwoolf05/15/104.33

A Punishing Affair Ch. 1

 — Tom gets revenge on cheating wife. by CJT09/28/003.99

A Punishing Affair Ch. 2

 — Husband teaches wife not to cheat. by CJT09/28/003.38

A Question of Balance

 — You know she'll cheat eventually. What do you do? by Alfie Higgins07/07/054.15

A Question of Love and Infidelity

 — One woman's journey of discovery. by Mandy0107/20/103.88

A Question of Trust

 — He caught her with his best friend. by Just Plain Bob09/28/094.04

A Quick Trip To The Theater

 — Married couple go on a little adventure to a local theater by loverofFUN06/24/144.58HOT

A Quickie

 — A visit to an anonymous pvc clad nurse. by LucyCanyon01/25/093.74

A Quickie Caused Trouble

 — Don't get mad, get even and enjoy. by Vic507/25/043.65

A Quid Pro Quo Christmas

 — Cold night, newlyweds, & lottery winnings. by Stardog Champion12/10/043.84

A Quiet Affair

 — Long-time friends have their first rendezvous. by l8lastnight01/24/143.74

A Quiet Little Town

 — A honeymoon couple are taken captive in a remote town. by storysman12/10/014.15

A Quiet Little Town Ch. 2

 — The town tries to break Helen. by storysman01/12/024.24

A Quiet Night In

 — My hot wife, a friend and I have an unexpected get together. by johnnyjay0508/14/133.85

A Race to Remember

 — Finding out she loves being a hotwife slut. by sharing_couple12/06/154.01

A Rainy Afternoon in Barcelona

 — Inspired by a visit to the sex museum. by aquilegia09/14/053.66

A Random Encounter?

 — A seemingly random hookup, or is it? by DonCologero12/31/104.23

A Rare Piece

 — An antique brings sexual joy to three people. by Fall Writer05/30/053.77

A Real "Loving Wife's" Tale

 — Julie's love comes through loud and clear. by amyyum01/24/144.27

A Real Birthday Treat for Him

 — Wife brings sexy lesbian as birthday treat for husband. by HotRed69XX01/30/084.26

A Real Friend

 — Mike and Jan go visit their perfect single guy. by MikeAndJan08/07/014.13

A Real Friend

 — Old friend visits and takes his wife. by elia_cdl09/07/063.75

A Real Loving Wife

 — Carol saved her. by qualitywheat07/26/153.73

A Real Sale

 — He watches his wife getting fucked while buying a car. by oldfogey08/10/053.88

A Real Surprise Party

 — Hubby and guests surprise a cheating wife. by Harddaysknight06/15/044.50HOT

A Real Whore, Acting The Part

 — Actress wife is not acting with Black man. by Linda Jean07/13/024.36

A Really Big One

 — She enjoys her first really BIG cock. by Bi_c6905/14/014.27

A Reasonable Accommodation

 — Average guy's surfing leads to a reasonable accommodation. by imhapless03/01/134.13

A Rebound Marriage

 — Two years after a turnaround marriage her Ex reappears. by BrookHayes06/04/073.26

A Reckless Affair

 — John and Roberta push the envelope. by markensen07/14/153.83

A Relaxing Bath

 — Jane takes care of me after a long day at work. by Piercedpaul11/29/113.74

A Remarkable Fantasy

 — Wife lives out fantasy with another man. by AbbeyP05/27/064.30

A Remote We Can Share

 — A remote control vibrator leads to a daring night out. by hello_moto01/26/084.27

A Reno Trip

 — Reaching for something. by magichandslee01/29/044.20

A Replacement Gone Bad

 — Husband had to leave on business, she found a replacement. by Sfbullrider09/26/143.74

A Respectable Lady Like Lauren Ch. 01

 — Beauty and arrogance meet street smarts and opportunity. by urban_legend55504/26/104.35

A Restaurant Encounter

 — Married couple meets the maitre d'. by burner4607/03/144.06

A Retirement Plan

 — When things don't go your way. by wieliczka11/12/144.22

A Reunion Surprise

 — Husband attends wife's reunion and gets a surprise. by Thompson9908/21/123.32

A Revealing Night at the Restaurant

 — The girls flaunt their assets, and four becomes five. by Chir0n10/15/154.44

A Revenge Fuck

 — Revenge, and somebody gets fucked. by wieliczka01/16/154.24

A Revenge Fuck Gone Bad

 — Carol gets back at her husband with unexpected results. by Slirpuff06/12/094.11

A Rich Fetish

 — Out of the mouth of babes by Van1 & CreativityTakesCourage. by SemperAmare05/18/183.72

A Ride Home

 — He never expected this when he gave you a lift. by evershears08/03/034.17

A Ride in the Back Seat

 — Playing with the wives in the back seat. by fireballxl503/13/054.45

A Ripe Peach

 — A peachy pregnant quickie. by sirderek284308/19/054.07

A Risky Game

 — A wife's view of married couples playing a kissing game. by TheDoctah12/30/143.69

A Roman Party

 — Wife agrees to be sold. by Danieluk12/22/074.21

A Romantic Sensual Desi Massage

 — Desi massage. by massagerblore01/04/153.55

A Romp In The Kitchen

 — Wife wants more spice in her sex life. by luvstoplay6908/30/033.85

A Romp in the Rockies

 — A case of mistaken identities turns erotic. by Art Martin09/03/044.26

A Room With A View

 — Cuckholded hubby follows wife to a hotel. by English Bob07/20/003.45

A Run-in with the Law

 — Alone on backroad with two state troopers. by necouple69xxx12/01/084.08

A Rural Town

 — A tale of power and corruption. by A Firm Gentle Sir09/19/033.98

A Rush of Blood to the Head

 — Lucy finds her husband's new coworker interesting. by GirlintheMoon03/16/144.21

A Rush of Blood to the Head Ch. 02

 — Lucy is brought to her knees. by GirlintheMoon04/04/144.17

A Rush of Blood to the Head Ch. 03

 — Lucy is backed into a corner and has a few decisions to make. by GirlintheMoon04/16/144.44

A Rush of Blood to the Head Ch. 04

 — The conclusion. by GirlintheMoon05/08/144.50HOT

A Sad Story

 — A sad story about a cheating wife. by Slirpuff07/16/094.25

A Sad Story Ch. 02

 — The conclusion to the Ken and Carol story. by Slirpuff07/27/094.09

A Saturday Night Performance

 — He and another man's wife put on a show. by redrock12102/01/063.80

A Satyr In Full Ch. 2

 — The Satyr seduces a plump policeman's wife. by Marxist10/03/013.95

A Scarlet Affair

 — Two friends from literotica chat decide to meet in real life. by mrwords01/04/17

A Season of Giving

 — A mutual friend becomes more. by The_allegory_man11/21/16

A Second Chance

 — The only question that remains to be answered. by Slirpuff02/13/103.93

A Second Life Ch. 09

 — Chelsea goes on a temporary work assignment. by Mang0nel09/21/124.54HOT

A Secret Between In-Laws

 — His challenge uncovers a story she never intended to tell. by Austin45412/22/073.57

A Secret Naughty Valentine

 — May comes true for Sam. by liplocked02/04/154.09

A Secret Place

 — Couple contemplates a threesome. by Alan Fox10/15/004.33

A Secretary Changed Ch. 16

 — Come Sail Away With Me. by subslutjenna08/04/154.52HOT

A Sensuous Butt

 — Wife offers her butt to a stranger. by Foxe-Male06/16/023.75

A Service Wife Ch. 1

 — Young Service wife gets a job in sex store. by Linda Jean07/03/024.29

A Service Wife Ch. 2

 — Sandy learns the ropes really fast. by Linda Jean08/04/024.56HOT

A Sexual Awakening Ch. 01

 — Who know's what one really wants? by Kurt567904/26/08

A Sexual Booster Shot!

 — Consenting to her infidelity gives their sex life a boost! by gabbylianos06/09/114.36

A Sexual Switcheroo

 — Who do you make love to, and who do you fuck? by amischiefmaker11/08/144.17

A Sexual Twist

 — Wife and friend trick an unsuspecting husband. by jack_ffrost10/25/074.56HOT

A Sexy Massage

 — Husband treats his wife to a professional massage. by dave11025603/25/114.44

A Sexy Surprise

 — After a hard day i just want to go to bed... by Ttbrad112/30/153.99

A Sexy Wife: Jamie's Night Out

 — Wife looks for a lover to fulfill her fantasy. by hotwifewantscock02/07/013.86

A Sexy, Somewhat Naive Wife

 — And her daughter's boyfriend. by qualitywheat08/27/154.27

A Shared Fantasy Begins

 — A shared fantasy of sharing his wife is realized. by Bobbie696901/08/094.04

A Shared Wife

 — She gave her husband his birthday gift. by TopflightWife05/25/063.83

A Shave and a Haircut

 — A few changes and would his wife know him? by Just Plain Bob03/24/074.30

A Shave in the Spa

 — She shows friend how good it is to go bare. by The Scrumptious One08/01/034.22

A Shitty Way to End a Marriage

 — Straight down the toilet. by qhml103/30/164.60HOT

A Shocking Betrayal

 — Yes her cheating was shocking. by charleybear01/30/154.31

A Shoe Store Show

 — He gets big turn-on seeing wife show off the first time. by lrwriter04/23/074.38

A Shopping Experience

 — Amelia and Nolan meet up again in a shopping center. by marcopolo2208/08/13

A Short But True Story

 — Wife tries to find a lover. by oldguyfl02/07/093.46

A Short But Wet Dash

 — The weather helps fulfil a bi-fantasy. by dontiwish201206/06/134.18

A Short Conversation

 — Two women talking. by Paris Waterman09/24/113.13

A Short Story

 — They both had a bad day. by Web_Spinner07/22/104.31

A Show For Russ

 — Wife puts on show for husband's friend. by MarlinPerkins09/20/024.10

A Shy Wife Cuts Loose

 — A lucky husband watches. by RoughNTumble06/05/144.35

A Side I Had Never Seen

 — Professor is unwittingly videotaped by her husband. by usm1carbine10/25/013.99

A Simple Act of Greed

 — Jealousy puts couple at odds. by leapyearguy07/19/064.13

A Simple Case of Infidelity

 — In situations like this no one knows what they're doing. by carvohi04/17/154.11

A Simple Case of Infidelity Pt. 02

 — Leslie returns to Oakland. by carvohi05/10/154.37

A Simple Case of Infidelity Pt. 03

 — Ground Zero, Leslie's first day back. by carvohi05/25/154.36

A Simple Case of Infidelity Pt. 04

 — Time spent in purgatory. by carvohi06/09/154.28

A Simple Case of Infidelity Pt. 05

 — The last chapter dealing with Leslie's adultery. by carvohi06/24/154.16

A Simple Case of Opportunity

 — 18-year-olds exploit possibility of mistaken identity. by SmithPortinoi11/29/074.35

A Simple Enquiry

 — What's the big deal? by dtiverson04/02/154.11

A Simple Pizza Dare

 — Dare gone very right. by tantrik72104/24/183.52

A Simple Solution Ch. 04

 — Testosterone recycling. by jlltec03/02/094.30

A Simple Trap

 — An affair is brought up to daylight. by Winterfrog08/27/103.92

A Single Encounter With a Blindfold

 — A couple in a low-key marriage try using a blindfold. by Auryman09/05/113.48

A Sizzling Summer Night (3 of 4)

 — More adventures of the exhibitionist leather couple. by johncockenfurs05/07/094.16

A Slight of Tongue

 — Abby helps her husband overcome his insecurities. by LunarSirius02/21/153.44

A Slightly Different Marriage

 — Not your usual marriage. by Just Plain Bob10/13/113.50

A Slippery Slope

 — Will one little slip lead to a wilder side? by BreastCase10/25/082.95

A Slippery Slope Ch. 01

 — Husband gets taste of wife's infidelity. by Hamsa07/11/043.46

A Slow Dance

 — An unfaithful wife and a dead lover. Did the Husband do it? by RichardGerald04/12/164.63HOT

A Slow Submission Ch. 01

 — New couple begins the slow journey of a lifetime. by marriedcouple4fun06/14/084.13

A Slow Submission Ch. 02

 — They continue along the path to their ultimate pleasure. by marriedcouple4fun06/18/084.11

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