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Rules of Marriage Ch. 04

 — The conclusion for Sam and Kristen. by thecelt12/04/053.47

Rules of Marriage Ch. 04 - FTDS

 — Sams's Decision - a new ending to thecelt's story. by FinishTheDamnStory08/10/134.08

Rules of Play

 — Infidelity: are there different rules for women? by Quin10/10/093.28

Rumspringa, the Sequel

 — The woman tastes the young girl on my lips. by luvjuice4304/09/124.17

Run For Your Life

 — Man gets between a woman and her boyfriend, and suffers. by Harddaysknight12/01/064.40

Runaway Bay

 — Through the eyes of a 'loving husband'. by Crystals.Hubby04/13/064.02

Runaway Bay Ch. 04

 — Filming begins. by crystal60711/29/054.46

Runaway Bay Ch. 05

 — The filming continues, Day 2. by crystal60712/19/054.38

Runaway Monkey

 — Skilled seducer forced to accept a strange wager. by Winterfrog06/10/074.33


 — She came from the mist... & vanished into it afterwards by Sven the Elder04/09/034.28

Running Late

 — Wife is entertained by two while waiting for husband. by maulstik09/22/103.64

Running Late:...

 — Wife's little lie turns into a wild sexual exhibition. by shavedbuffy07/21/014.02

Running out of Love

 — She cheated because she didn't like to run. by StangStar0608/26/104.36

Running Partner

 — Neighbor wants to run with him. by randallangdon09/20/084.27

Running to Stand Still Ch. 1

 — Teen Argentinean hunk changes couple forever. by Stardog Champion03/27/013.85Editor's Pick

Running to Stand Still Ch. 2

 — Mark and Sherry admit their dark desires. by Stardog Champion03/28/014.29

Running to Stand Still Ch. 3

 — Mark & Sherry spend the weekend apart. by Stardog Champion04/04/014.26

Running to Stand Still Ch. 4

 — Sherry's weekend without Rick. by Stardog Champion04/06/014.11

Running To Stand Still Ch. 5

 — Mark surprises Sherry at the college. by Stardog Champion04/08/014.21

Running To Stand Still Ch. 6

 — Mark asks Pablo a shocking question. by Stardog Champion04/12/014.05Editor's Pick

Rural Encounter

 — A married couple enjoying a picnic are joined by a farmer. by ukresearcher04/08/133.86

Rush to Judgement

 — Cop's wife pays too much attention to gossip. by patricia5110/25/054.45

Rush Week Ch. 01

 — Wife goes sexually wild on college fraternity rush week. by Krystal069009/20/143.83

Rush Week Ch. 02

 — Wife goes sexually wild on college fraternity rush week. by Krystal069009/23/144.10

Rush Week Ch. 03

 — Wife goes sexually wild on college fraternity rush week. by Krystal069009/24/143.92

Ruth's Journey Ch. 3

 — Ruth's loving family takes her clothes shopping. by Capstick11/07/014.19

Ruth's Journey Ch. 5

 — Ruth makes a bid to leave town. by Capstick11/17/013.96

Ruth's Journey Ch. 6

 — Ruth finally finds her way home. by Capstick11/18/013.91

Ruth's Journey, Her Introduction

 — Idyllic life of our heroine turns horribly wrong. by Capstick11/03/014.03

Ruth's JourneyCh. 2

 — Ruth visits the neighbors. by Capstick11/06/013.96

Ruth's Taste Matures

 — Wife enjoys an older lover. by roleplay4us08/29/093.88

Ruth, Chris, and I

 — It's a three to foursome payback. by xxxroads12/08/054.15

Rwanda Adventure

 — As I watched him manoeuvre in traffic... by tkoberon11/06/133.09

Ryan and Friends

 — My night with Ryan and his young friends. by plez2tease07/24/143.95

Ryan Gets His Wish

 — He bugged her until she gave him what he wanted. by Just Plain Bob04/15/073.90

Ryan's Sauna Graduation Party

 — A hot couple give a young stud the present of a lifetime. by HungExecutive01/16/104.33

Ryan's Wedding

 — She's the entertainment at the party. by A_Jerotica696904/09/113.93

Ryan's Wife

 — Ryan escapes his wife at a nightclub and discovers something. by Nothinglikethesun08/13/093.74

S7: Holy War

 — Sequel to Mr and Mrs America, Aftermath. by qhml107/29/164.82HOT

S7: Jihad

 — The shadows of death. by qhml110/25/164.83HOTContest Winner

Sabrina at the Car Wash Ch. 01

 — Car wash job isn't for her, but has its moments. by Silvertuch08/16/053.50

Sabrina at the Shoe Store Ch. 02

 — Sabrina goes in search of new story for husband. by Silvertuch08/17/054.27

Sabrina Gets Hers

 — A cheating wife story. by Just Plain Bob03/17/114.47

Sabrina Swings Solo

 — A swinging wife has an encounter with another man, alone. by swingerjoe02/16/143.91

Sabrina's Surrogate

 — Reserved young wife visits a sex therapist. by Snake13807/21/014.53HOT

Sacramento Adventure

 — A wife watching tale. by mudhentwo07/14/164.10


 — A wife and mother takes her daughters place in a brothel. by ukresearcher05/07/133.38

Sacrificing Love

 — A test of love. by wetapap05/31/083.94

Sail to Despair Ch. 03

 — Angela coaxes youth with sex to help save her husband by Coops81201/10/143.87

Sailboard Lessons

 — Watching my naked wife with her well hung coach. by steelring04/01/163.90

Sailing Adventure Ch. 01

 — Husband and wife are invited sailing. by TuWatchu12/06/144.11

Sailing Adventure Ch. 02

 — Husband and wife learn a new way to sail. by TuWatchu12/16/144.43

Sailing Adventure Ch. 03

 — Husband and wife learn more about sailing. by TuWatchu02/01/154.31

Sailing Onto the Rocks

 — A wife has an adventure on a cruise ship. by Balladeer02/17/122.73

Sailing Onto The Rocks - Sequel

 — What happened after that phone call. by Sid060404/13/123.88

Sailing to Pleasure Island

 — Wife agrees to play game with natives...and loses! by coops18102/08/074.48

Sailing With Friends

 — Couple use their boat for more than sailing. by Coltrane02/12/014.30

Saint Patrick's Day

 — Wild Saint Patrick Day party. by plez2tease02/11/143.77

Sal's Ultimate Fantasy Ch. 01

 — She had no idea what her husband's ultimate fantasy was. by fancyface109/28/063.78

Salami Anyone?

 — Wife is obsessed with another man's meat. by Charley_Ace05/21/013.74

Sales Meeting

 — Proper wife has too much wine, too many studs in hot tub. by SweetDreemz10/30/103.61


 — Wife enjoys a night of dominant play. by crobeson9602/05/163.86

Sally & Harry

 — Is she or is she not? by H20wader12/21/053.65

Sally & Harry (Ed & Jo)

 — Once again faking it. by H20wader12/29/053.84

Sally at the Gloryhole

 — Sally and her husband spice things up... by DirtyHubby50406/09/174.03

Sally Brings Home...

 — Slut wife gives husband a Christmas present. by DiggerDave01/01/054.23

Sally Confesses

 — Sally admits double action to husband. by nassanuk09/28/063.21

Sally Doubles Up

 — Wife gets surprised by two young studs. by nassanuk09/18/064.00

Sally Gets The Sales Job

 — Wife teases and fucks the sales manager with my permission by anilsingh04/07/144.00

Sally in Jamaica

 — Sally fucks strangers in an adult resort in Jamaica. by Fourtsix08/23/094.09

Sally Laid Back at the Office

 — Innocent wife gets a lesson at the office. by johnthomas22104/17/084.27

Sally Likes Showing It Ch. 06

 — Sally might like girl, girl sex. by mseaking09/04/034.45

Sally Likes To Play Around

 — She is a real party girl. by olejimr09/08/083.31

Sally Playing Games Ch. 01

 — Couple spends evening playing pool at the bar. by olejimr10/20/073.98

Sally Playing Games Ch. 02

 — The game moves on. by olejimr10/30/074.19

Sally Playing Games Ch. 03

 — Scratching Lotto Cards. by olejimr01/23/084.42

Sally Playing Games Ch. 04

 — Bring out the Bones. by olejimr02/15/084.25

Sally Shows Her Tits

 — Wife gets carried away after exposing some breast. by PeterRodman10/09/064.31

Sally's Anal Buddy

 — It was just the right size. by Just Plain Bob11/20/103.01

Sally's Birthday

 — She decide to celebrate on her own. by Just Plain Bob11/24/064.40

Sally's Cheating Ways Ch. 1

 — Wife confesses to naughtiness at an office party. by SallyJam08/31/014.35

Sally's Cheating Ways Ch. 2

 — Husband gets to see his wife groped and more. by SallyJam09/03/014.30

Sally's Cheating Ways Ch. 3

 — Sally likes to tease husband by playing the slut. by SallyJam06/05/024.28

Sally's Cheating Ways Ch. 4

 — Sally goes much further than expected at office party. by SallyJam06/06/024.39

Sally's Cruise Ship Screw

 — Sally and her husband go for a cruise, and cruise for sex. by Fourtsix09/12/093.95

Sally's Descent

 — Corrupted wife embraces her inner slut. by Married_Man_6305/30/154.05

Sally's First Black

 — Sally & husband meet Black stranger for threesome. by Fourtsix07/22/024.02

Sally's First Fuck Cheating On Me

 — My wife Sally teases and then fucks my friend. by anilsingh04/29/143.60

Sally's First Time

 — Sallys first taste of group attention. by Keyguy43710/11/123.35

Sally's Limousine Lust

 — Slut wife Sally travels from bar to bar by limousine. by Fourtsix10/27/073.99

Sally's New Master

 — Slutwife gradually falls for chauvinist father in law. by Married_Man_6306/25/154.07

Sally's New Orleans Gang Bang

 — Slut wife Sally fucks and sucks many strangers. by Fourtsix03/03/084.31

Sally's Sexy Story Pt. 01

 — Sally begins to tell her tale. by HANDYMANATHOME01/29/164.04

Sally's Surprising Stranger

 — Watching his wife with a stranger for the first time. by johnthomas22103/29/084.30

Sally's Trip to the Theater

 — A sequel to a story by Just Plain Bob. by carvohi08/16/144.11

Sally's Trip to the Theatre

 — A bad choice on her part. by Just Plain Bob03/15/113.93

Sally's Turn to be the Toy

 — Sally is the prize in this game. by nighttimestories10/19/064.40

Salvaging Life on a Back Road

 — Does recovery bring a man full circle in spite of himself? by Mainefiddleheads05/03/164.46

Sam & Jenny Ch. 1

 — Couple creates a game to kickstart their sex life. by SamandJenny04/01/013.30

Sam & Jenny Ch. 2

 — Sam takes Jenny to a strip club. by SamandJenny04/02/013.97

Sam & Jenny Ch. 3

 — Jenny gets her turn to make a game. by SamandJenny04/08/014.19

Sam & Jenny Ch. 4

 — Jenny gets dinner, dancing & a whole lot more. by SamandJenny04/14/014.38

Sam & Jenny Ch. 5

 — Sam dares Jenny to expose herself in public. by SamandJenny04/15/014.40

Sam & Jenny Ch. 6

 — Sam watches Jenny pick up a stranger. by SamandJenny04/19/014.47

Sam and Elana Ch. 01

 — Sam Comes Home by seamus237802/18/142.96

Sam and Jill: Our First Swap

 — Bush party leads to a lot more. by Justtoold07/10/104.25

Sam and Linda, Marco and Eva

 — Two couples get wild in the Caribbean. by GSpotMan06/19/054.40

Sam Becomes The Conference Whore

 — Away on conference, wife treats husband to "phone sex". by marriedtoamilf10/15/073.77

Sam Becomes The Team Whore...

 — Sam helps the team celebrate a big win. by marriedtoamilf10/07/074.21

Sam Becomes The Team Whore... Ch. 02

 — The coach heard about the party and wanted some too. by marriedtoamilf11/02/074.27

Sam Falls Even Further From Grace

 — Dan & Sam agree to one more time. by scorpio0015511/13/024.23

Sam meets William

 — Queen Amy and Sam meet William for the first time. by QueenAmynSam07/27/172.60

Sam Or Brenda Who's Fantasy Is It?

 — Wife puts twist on husbands fantasy. by Pennyshub03/27/164.25

Sam's Fall From Grace

 — He watches her public seduction. by scorpio0015508/06/023.97

Sam's First Sensual Massage

 — Wife agrees to massage, leads to much more. by Silver10626207/31/164.36

Sam's Party Stranger

 — Sam finds a stranger and a good time. by marriedtoamilf09/29/074.13

Sam's Story

 — She was a buddy - until she was a fuck toy. by Just Plain Bob06/19/033.47

Sam's Story Ch. 02

 — Could he break her of love for that eleven cock? by Just Plain Bob02/28/044.17

Sam's Tease

 — Married wife teasing. by jayman4408/17/113.94

Sam's Visitor

 — Couple's visitor is determined to use them both. by StryWrter703/02/093.83


 — Living with a delightful exhibitionist wife. by ukresearcher12/10/153.61

Samantha and Bruce

 — She loves the guy, but is hung up on another's nine incher. by Matt Moreau08/08/124.21

Samantha Does Her Part

 — Samantha keeps her husbands customer entertained. by southernfellow10/11/114.25

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