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Our Threesome With Jerry Ch. 2

 — Continuation of threesome with a friend. by DMercator06/04/024.36

Our Threesome With Jerry Ch. 3

 — Hot memories of sharing wife & best friend. by DMercator06/10/024.36

Our Time Away Ch. 02

 — A couple makes friends with another couple. by fraoch02/26/094.33

Our Time Away Ch. 03

 — Two couples continue to get to know each other. by fraoch04/08/094.40

Our Time Away Ch. 04

 — The couples are really heating things up. by fraoch08/22/094.38

Our Trip to Canada

 — A little naughtiness before we land. by mummys dirty angel06/20/054.11

Our Trip to Canada Ch. 02

 — Josh and Amy prepare for the evening. by mummys dirty angel06/23/054.00

Our Trip to Canada Ch. 03

 — Josh and Amy see Joanna and Richard. by mummys dirty angel06/27/054.27

Our Trip to Canada Ch. 04

 — Josh and Amy spy on Joanna and Richard. by mummys dirty angel07/05/054.31

Our Trip to Canada Ch. 05

 — Amy meets Joanna and the games begin. by mummys dirty angel08/01/054.05

Our Trip to Florida

 — After meeting and e-mails, we finally spend time together. by ritestuff10007/06/093.88

Our Trip to Florida Ch. 02

 — We continue in the sunroom. by ritestuff10009/06/093.89

Our trip to Germany

 — My wife is fucked on stage. by topo03/09/094.25

Our trip to Hilton Head

 — Wife finds a stud she wants. by mark_schultz08/03/084.28

Our Trip to the Adult Theater

 — Couple visits adult theater to spice up their sex life. by hatch6803/04/064.58HOT

Our Trip To Vegas

 — He gets to see a fantasy of watching his wife come to life. by storylover180409/18/034.18

Our Twentieth Wedding Anniversary

 — My wife Jen surprises me by being shared with another man. by milfwife04/09/154.17

Our Two Girls

 — The trials and tribulations of marriage. by Britease10/13/104.08

Our Vacation

 — Stripper brightens couples get away. by norsedelight05/12/113.90

Our Vacation in Germany

 — A spilled drink leads to a threesome. by fraoch07/31/114.37

Our Vacation in Rio de Janeiro

 — Wife gets totally seduced by Brazilian stud. by bmz10/31/024.07

Our Vacations In Greece Ch. 01

 — A true story of a Latin Maried Couple In Greece. by newlatincpl03/21/104.15

Our Vacations In Greece Ch. 02

 — True Story about our vacation in Greece. by newlatincpl03/25/104.35

Our Vacations In Greece Ch. 03

 — A true story during our vacation in Greece. by newlatincpl03/26/104.33

Our Vacations In Greece Ch. 04

 — A true story of our vacation in Greece. by newlatincpl03/29/104.36

Our Vacations In Greece Ch. 05

 — A true story of a Latin couple vacationing in Greece. by newlatincpl03/30/104.35

Our Vacations In Greece Ch. 06

 — A true story of our Greek vacation. by newlatincpl03/31/104.31

Our Vacations In Greece Ch. 07

 — A true story of our vacation in Greece. by newlatincpl04/01/104.02

Our Vacations In Greece Ch. 08

 — A true Latin couple story while on vacation in Greece. by newlatincpl04/04/104.31

Our Vacations In Greece Ch. 09

 — A latin couple on vacation. by newlatincpl04/25/104.21

Our Vacations In Greece Ch. 10

 — A true Story of a maried couple while on vacation in Greece by newlatincpl04/26/104.33

Our Vacations In Greece Ch. 11

 — Final Chapter - A true story of a latin couple vacationing. by newlatincpl04/27/104.23

Our Valentine Gangbang Adventure

 — Wife enjoys first gangbang. by Curious91701/28/034.44

Our Vanilla Friend

 — A day of many surprises. by graywolf4410/16/074.18

Our Video Moment

 — Wife finds that she loves video fun. by CacheGuy11/30/064.08

Our Visitor

 — A neighbor's son help my wife celebrate my birthday. by fit7509/21/10

Our Wedding

 — Trish and Rob's wedding day - and night. by Rob in AZ03/06/054.49

Our Wedding Day

 — The ultimate wedding gift: FMF. by dave11025602/25/114.40

Our Weekend at the Hunting Camp

 — Pretty wife accompanies her husband to the deer hunting camp. by j26709/26/154.41

Our Weekend with Fran Ch. 01

 — His wife ends up in a gangbang. by Pental04/27/064.19

Our Weekend with Fran Ch. 02

 — The wife sharing weekend continues. by Pental04/28/064.31

Our Weekend with Fran Ch. 03

 — Lunch, a shower, then more fun. by Pental04/30/064.30

Our Weekend with Gary (Final Words)

 — Couple helps a depressed friend. by kenkx06/21/093.91

Our Weekend with Gary (Friday & Saturday)

 — Couple visits a depressed friend. by kenkx01/30/094.29

Our Wild Night Out

 — Wife gives husband an unforgettable show. by wldhrs11/13/024.34

Our Wonderful Threesome

 — Seven years to find Mr Right. by dave11025603/02/114.30

Our Yardman Ch. 1

 — Cheryl tries for a big one. by Saml3107/19/023.98

Our Yardman Ch. 2

 — Cheryl has another good time with the yard man. by Saml3107/20/024.31

Our Years of Sharing My Wife Ch. 01

 — First of many wife sharing encounters. by maturemadness308/03/114.30

Our Years of Sharing My Wife Ch. 02

 — More adventures of my wife sharing. by maturemadness309/20/114.15

Out at Home!

 — A sexual opus. by Irishdragon09/15/07

Out of Africa

 — Man pays price for treatment of a wife. by Britease05/13/134.24

Out of Africa

 — Hot wife works with her sister to cuckold husband. by Boomerang703/12/142.66

Out of Focus Pt. 02

 — Unusual twist gives Lou insight and preparation time. by Flavian05/08/144.46

Out of Focus Pt. 03

 — Dealing with cheating wife leads Lou into violence. by Flavian05/10/144.39

Out of Focus Pt. 04

 — Lou discovers the underlying truth. by Flavian05/12/144.57HOT

Out of Love Ch. 01

 — A weekend with friends, things get out of control. by jezzaz05/16/134.37

Out of Love Ch. 02

 — Six months later and picking up the pieces. by jezzaz05/17/134.35

Out of Love Ch. 03

 — Events and changes keep coming for Jace. by jezzaz06/10/134.18

Out of Love Ch. 04

 — The conclusion for Jace where motivations are revealed. by jezzaz06/11/133.75

Out of Order

 — Wife cheats on husband with waiter while they dine. by rogue0109/05/142.98

Out of the Blue

 — Hit by something unexpected, can he rebuild? by terrunt05/20/163.91NEW

Out Of The Mouths Of Drunks

 — She was drunk, she spoke the truth. But at what cost? by MattblackUK07/02/124.03

Out Of The Past

 — It really was no big deal. by magmaman07/24/133.98

Out of Thin Air Ch. 01

 — Where the stories come from. by Just Plain Bob07/27/064.35

Out of Thin Air Ch. 02

 — More of what Debbie tells me. by Just Plain Bob07/28/064.38

Out of Thin Air Ch. 03

 — Debbie continues. by Just Plain Bob07/29/064.41

Out of Thin Air Ch. 04

 — Debbie continues. by Just Plain Bob07/30/064.20

Out of Town Hotel Excitement

 — The story of a married woman's explosive night w/lover. by tenglish2101/31/153.90

Out of Town Wedding

 — Happily married wife falls prey to a stranger. by atozshoes107/24/014.07

Out of Town, Out of Mind

 — Two couples, away from home, rekindle college fantasies by I.Bitterman02/20/034.35

Out of Town, Out of Mind Ch. 02

 — A strange thing happened on the way to the theater. by I.Bitterman03/05/034.35

Out of Town, Out of Mind Ch. 03

 — A night at the theater turns into a play of passion. by I.Bitterman03/24/034.38

Out of Town, Out of Mind Ch. 04

 — The timid wife becomes curious. by I.Bitterman07/16/034.35

Out of Uniform

 — An erotic military story. by ArmyWife7808/27/123.66

Out on a Boat

 — My wife heads out on a boat with some men. by markbrownbear04/24/133.35

Out on the Town in New Orleans

 — My beautiful wife partying it up with a new guy. by thetonguemaster11/29/073.63

Outdoor Encounter

 — A chance meeting in the woods (MMF). by mark91903/07/074.31

Outdoor Fun

 — Jenny gets a fantasy fulfilled. by Johnonymous11/29/033.94

Outdoor Treat

 — A 'Quickie' in the driveway with the neighbor. by curiousandkinky12/24/083.67


 — Couple discovers a model employee. by haywire39108/30/034.34

Outside the Comfort Zone

 — Wife goes to a Dominatrix to connect with her husband. by MissyDemeanors08/26/154.51HOT

Outsmarted Himself

 — Mark thought screwing sisters was a good idea. by Scorpio44a03/28/104.12

Over Amy

 — A surprise appearance from the wife. by copefreddie07/30/074.04

Over the Cliff Ch. 01

 — Wife's life of debauchery begins. by theonebailey09/04/073.96

Over The Edge

 — A husband's obsession leads to tragedy. by patricia5103/01/054.33

Over the Phone Cuckold Pt. 01

 — Wife accidentally calls husband while getting fucked. by UsedPantiesStore11/30/143.92

Over the Phone Cuckold Pt. 01: Rewrite

 — Due to popular demand, we have rewritten this story! by UsedPantiesStore12/07/143.28

Over the Road

 — Cheating wife has an affair with a truck driver. by otherpeoplesstories07/20/113.56

Over The Years

 — Wishing the wife would show a bit more. by JamesforJane10/31/154.40

Over Worked

 — Cassie spices things up when James is over worked. by Allesol06/17/144.25

Over-Sexed Sister-In-Law

 — Beau has a hard time dealing with his wacky sis-in-law. by imhapless01/13/154.23

Overbooked Hotel

 — Coworkers overbooked hotel makes a fantasy come true. by Hans_12310/04/094.21

Overcome with Jealousy

 — Katie learns things she didn't want to know. by laceasian10/07/093.65


 — A little rage sometimes makes things better. by PAPATOAD10/04/09

Overlapping Letters

 — It does take time for them to arrive. by magmaman05/04/163.65

Overnight Stay

 — Two couples meet and engage. by rockhard4uc01/21/104.09

OverNight Train

 — Man needs help with a little medical problem. by Ashson12/31/154.15

Overnight Trip With My Wife

 — My wife tags along on a business trip. by DJCountrygirlNY04/29/084.30

Overreacting Angry Husband.

 — Cheating wife created an anger out of control. by Winterfrog12/18/093.95

Overseas Assignment

 — Victor and Linda have an arrangement while he is in Turkey. by victorlima05/25/104.03


 — Young wife, new office. by artykay6308/01/133.70

Overtime Ch. 02

 — Karen in front of the directors. by artykay6308/06/133.74


 — The things you see when you have a gun. by torchthebitch04/20/083.98

Overwhelming Urges

 — He wanted to show her off, but it got out of hand. by magmaman01/22/074.06

OWS - Morning Sun

 — Morning, naked in the kitchen: you make him cum. by lars_sunshine10/27/073.87

OWS: Handjob

 — You give pleasure to the man you love. by lars_sunshine04/29/073.98

Oxytocin is a Dangerous Drug

 — A warning for all Literotica fans. by libido417402/17/133.53

P's First Adventure

 — The story of our first threesome! by Plato200209/24/133.59


 — Shane & Hannah Elope. The Fun Continues. by LipsandHips01/14/152.97

Paid In Full

 — Paying Don for previous work. by Saml3107/01/023.60

Paige's Insatiable Thirst

 — Husband's not that angry about wife's ball-draining antics. by MasonLane10/05/063.73


 — My ending for Slow_n_gentle's story. by KOTK03/31/09

Pain, Anguish - Reconciliation?

 — Still in love, but has too much damage been done? by zeke8105/28/073.84

Paint Cheaters with the Same Brush

 — She's no artist, but she is good! by amyyum10/05/134.35

Paint Guns

 — They make a mess. Especially on the wrong target. by Ashson11/06/133.87

Paint Job

 — Horny wife lusts for hunky house painter. by Jaded_writer05/22/013.86

Paintball Deer Hunt Fun

 — Adult fun and games. by arabesque09/19/033.76

Painting the Bathroom

 — Regret can last a lifetime. by 1Thinkingman05/23/124.03

Pakistani Wife's Caribbean Vacation

 — Conservative Pakistani wife's first beach experience. by hitman22112/25/054.08

Pakistani Wife's First Threesome

 — Shy Pakistani wife Hina's first threesome for her husband. by hitman22103/18/064.24

Pakistani Wife's Sensual Massage

 — Conservative Pakistani wife's first full body massage. by hitman22112/25/054.01

Palm Springs

 — Wife takes a lover while on a business trip. by palles11/19/053.84

Palm Springs Pool Fuck

 — Canadian Snowbirds do it in the Condo Pool. by YaletownCouple05/08/113.52

Pam & The BadBoy Ch. 01

 — Wife is cheating with another man. by PrevertedMe06/07/063.87

Pam and Bob

 — A one time affair leads to more fun. by JustJimColo06/08/074.35

Pam and Nancy

 — A tale of getting even. by Just Plain Bob06/23/144.14

Pam and Todd

 — He loves to watch his loving wife. by paula and bob11/27/074.36

Pam is Taken

 — She comes home to surprise from hubby. by jeninflorida12/11/044.07

Pam's Exciting Adventure

 — Wife tries another man after seeing her best friend do it. by ARGEE04/11/013.52

Pam's Guilt

 — Wife fell into trap set by husband's housemate. by amandate12/02/123.69

Pandora's Box

 — Husband urges wife to see other men. by RLM106/05/084.06

Pandora's Box

 — Mike wants to (but agonizes over) sharing his wife. by xleglover01/21/124.36

Pandora's Box Pt. 02

 — Mike pushes his wife to fuck another man. by xleglover02/02/124.31

Pandora's Box Pt. 03

 — How far will Mike push his wife into the arms of another man. by xleglover02/07/124.54HOT

Pandora's Box Pt. 04

 — The last part of this story. by xleglover02/13/124.28

Pandora's Box Unlocked

 — A fictionalized account of a real event. by omen702/04/093.32

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