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Vegas Vacation

 — A couples Vegas vacation gets out of hand. by lets_experiment11/29/104.19

Vegas Vacation Ch. 01

 — The high roller trip kicks off in style. by Husband_of_Hottie07/21/093.90

Vegas Vacation Ch. 01

 — We swing on vacation...making new friends. by LIVINLIFENR50S07/25/124.16

Vegas Vacation Ch. 02

 — A day at the pool... by LIVINLIFENR50S07/26/123.91

Vegas Week

 — Vacation for Henry and Elle. by HalElle09/04/093.88

Vegas... Finally

 — I finally get to watch my wife fuck! by rmx125200108/03/174.09

Velma Goes to Work

 — Times were tight and she was going to help out. by Just Plain Bob06/03/113.43


 — Cheating can be a rough game. by Winterfrog06/07/084.28


 — LeighAnn gets even for Mike's affair, then shows him the video. by aldenbradley05/08/013.70


 — After so many years... Why Mary did you do it. by Redstones12/31/173.21

Vengeance Pt. 02

 — A dark ending to a cheating wife. by Redstones01/05/182.17

Vengeance, a Flash Story

 — The story of Samantha, a wife who had everything. by Magicidan12/18/154.30

Venus Butterfly

 — Husband satisfies sister-in-law. by JustRong06/01/104.44

Verde River Cougar

 — A hot wife on river. by sharedhousewife05/27/104.39

Verklärte Nacht

 — Two people walk through a bare, cold grove. by angiquesophie03/17/174.18

Verna and Clyde Truesdale

 — She loves hubby but needs her boss too. Talk about catch-22s. by RC196004/05/112.91

Verna's Threesome

 — He shares his wife with deprived buddy. by biggiejimmi07/11/014.39


 — A tale of lust. by HermanOnly04/25/114.20

Veronica at the Spa

 — Veronica's at it again...this time in a Spa. by v3r0n1ca07/26/014.19

Veronica Ch. 02

 — The Conclusion. by HermanOnly08/01/114.04

Veronica Gets Massaged

 — What a smart girl does when caught with a cock in her mouth. by Pantah600003/18/064.23

Veronica in the Bar

 — Slowly, Veronica realises her dream is coming true. by Pantah600012/01/074.27

Veronica in the Woods

 — Even tied to a tree, she's in complete control. by Pantah600002/11/064.37

Veronica's Birthday Surprise

 — Husband gives wife her wildest fantasy. by jack_straw06/17/024.10

Very Bad Things

 — A Curtis Story. by FD4508/28/133.78

Very Close Friends Ch. 04

 — Horny wife gets taken care of when friend is in town. by fraoch06/19/144.31

Very Close Friends Ch. 05

 — We visit Jerry at his house. by fraoch05/31/164.43

Very Different Valentine's Days

 — A couple's story. by mikoli576301/21/143.73

Vested Interest

 — Husband's big cock friend comes for his wife. by BobCollier07/17/114.05

Veteran's Parade

 — Airman fixes more than airplanes. by anonymousbosch07/09/123.93

Veterans Day

 — Wife shows WWII veterans her appreciation. by Webheadga11/27/163.83

Vetting a Marriage Ch. 01

 — When your wive's infidelity is discovered - by the FBI. by larrylegendBoston3311/21/164.27

Vetting a Marriage Ch. 02

 — Emily's perspective, and what happens next. by larrylegendBoston3311/22/163.91

Vetting a Marriage Ch. 03

 — Marty gets a modicum of vengeance. by larrylegendBoston3311/24/163.77

Vice Cop Wife

 — Married policewoman enjoys her first gang-bang. by elia_cdl02/03/064.18

Vicki's Hot Wife Evolution Ch. 01

 — Couple's journey through a Hot Wife fantasy. by VictorCharlie02/21/174.42

Vicki's Hot Wife Evolution Ch. 02

 — Couple looks to find another to bring into their bedroom. by VictorCharlie03/09/174.40

Vicki's Hot Wife Evolution Ch. 03

 — Vicki starts to make her own rules in the relationship. by VictorCharlie03/14/174.38

Vicki's Hot Wife Evolution Ch. 04

 — The hotwife life style gets darker for the couple. by VictorCharlie03/25/174.12

Vicki's Hot Wife Evolution Ch. 05

 — The couple ends their drought and break new ground by VictorCharlie04/17/174.12


 — Vickie is faced with a terrible dilemma. by the Troubador10/23/043.35


 — She was too good to be true. by Just Plain Bob10/29/104.46

Vickie Steps Out

 — Loyal wife Vickie steps out to have some fun. by westtnfreak08/29/083.63

Vickie, The Baby & Me

 — She wanted to be a mommy in the worst way. by Just Plain Bob11/19/043.31

Vicky's Surprise

 — He watches while she takes 2 studs. by wildcouple07/15/123.89

Vicky's Vacation

 — Takes horny wife fishing, and she catches a big cock. by BobCollier10/29/133.74

Vicky's Wild Weekend

 — Vicky helps her boss cheat and ends up having a wild time. by Sasha_Vogue05/19/164.43

Victim of Lust

 — How excessive sex hunger could lead to victim of lust. by dreamer11711/21/123.00

Victims And Volunteers

 — He finally decides a drunken slut isn't worth the trouble. by JimBob4404/02/133.93

Victims And Volunteers Ch. 02

 — Being a whore is better than being a drunken slut. by JimBob4404/08/134.48

Victims Ch. 01

 — A cuckold learns the truth. by LeoDavis02/22/054.30

Victor and Isabelle

 — She dumps hubby before he dumps her, but... by Matt Moreau11/28/104.08

Victoria's Surprise

 — His wife has a erotic night of surprises waiting for him. by swtna07/23/123.67

Victoria’s Secret

 — Jim resolves himself to uncover Victoria's secret. by Shinzon06/24/083.45

Victoriaslice Licked Out His Wife

 — Kelly's husband comes home to find Victoria licking her out. by Victoriaslice07/24/093.86

Video Amateurs

 — A husband videos his reluctant wife fucking and sucking. by betwixt_and_between12/29/103.78

Video Amateurs Ch. 04

 — Fun-filled bukkake session; Nicole enjoys her first squirt. by betwixt_and_between01/05/114.06

Video Chat Cuckold Pt. 01

 — Hubby's flight cancelled. Wife lured into new lifestyle. by ImACuck01/05/183.87

Video Chat Cuckold Pt. 02

 — Joe discovers the whereabouts of his wife, Kristy. by ImACuck01/11/183.18

Video Dream Girl

 — Video Dream Girl is real. by nighttimestories07/30/073.92

Video Shoot

 — Please make a video of us having sex. by L8ly7508/24/154.12

Video Story: MILF Wife's First Swinger Club

 — Beautiful MILF wife Julia Ann shares her first swinger club experience. by LitTV01/02/173.92

Video Surprise

 — A couple helping out some friends find something unexpected. by rclove9503/26/104.08

Video Tapes Don't Lie

 — A husband gets a shock at what's on tape. by Wifenizor06/16/013.08

Video Vengeance

 — She sent her Fiance a revenge video to get back at him. by StangStar0602/03/123.96

Vietnamese Diana's Latest Adventure

 — Diana & hubby have Tony over for the weekend. by gwapodan04/05/054.31

Vietnamese Diana's Party

 — Vietnamese wife Diana has fun at office party by gwapodan02/23/054.28

View from the Sidelines

 — Wife drops her inhibitions. by Travel Bugs01/04/063.84

View from the Stairs

 — Husband watches wife orally nurse her patient. by Lyks2BTeezd10/18/054.12

Vigilantes Pt. 01 of 02

 — Disappearance and Dismay by FrancisMacomber10/12/124.60HOT

Vigilantes Pt. 02 of 02

 — Revelations and Revenge. by FrancisMacomber10/13/124.63HOT

Vikki 's New Job Ch. 01

 — Vikki's new job and her three bosses. by wendyetmark07/14/084.23

Vikki 's New Job Ch. 02

 — Vikki gets more acquainted with her bosses. by wendyetmark11/12/084.10


 — Sex is rampant in the English village by DBarclay01/29/094.18

Village Bike

 — An indiscretion and its consequences. by DonLeeds12/29/133.51

Vince's Party

 — Young wife seduced while husband watches. by serpentongue01/07/114.05


 — The revenge of an ex-wife. by Mrs_Takin06/26/023.68


 — Wife gets the bad guys, one by one. by Foxe-Male06/21/024.01

Violating Their Marital Bed

 — Latina Wife Sharing, Seduction and Sex. by SlyDog96901/23/163.97

Violation is Hers

 — Husband fulfills wife's gangbang fantasy. by ToServeHim11/18/043.88

Virgin Buddy Can't Get Laid

 — Friend complains about sexlife and gets more than pity. by Comicshopbob11/03/164.20

Virgin for His Wife

 — He found a young cock for his wife. by powerofthemind11/26/123.64

Virginia Ménage

 — Can a man shortchanged balance the scales? by Mainefiddleheads03/08/164.30

Virtually Swapping Ch. 01

 — My girlfriend tries to convince me to swap husbands. by wordartist02/16/173.96

Virtually Yours

 — A couple uses a new cyber toy to explore swinging. by ViSexual02/25/094.06

Visit from a Old Flame (Take 01)

 — Wife enjoyed by husband and ex-boyfriend. by LoudNoisesScareMe04/21/17

Visit to a Strip Club

 — Samantha's first trip to a strip club. by InnerStrength02/18/144.08

Visit to the Nude Beach Pays Off

 — Maggie is charmed by a Frenchman and his wife. by okayjack01/25/134.38

Visit to Varanasi

 — An excursion to a very sacred place in India. by dan5704/09/14

Visit to Yorkdale Mall

 — My second time being with another man,this time at Yorkdale. by ishyone10/18/113.56

Visit With Friends

 — Married couple's erotic TLC lifts a friend's spirits. by DarthGator02/22/054.27

Visit With The Dark Men

 — Men enjoy his Scandinavian tramp of a wife. by ben90805/08/013.77

Visiting her Sister.

 — Jessica gets away for the weekend and it changes her life by hotdoc3111/18/103.66

Visiting Portsmouth

 — Wife has fun with visiting US sailors. by ukwide01/02/043.98

Visiting Richard Gronier

 — She didn?t know he knew about her affair. by ohio09/11/084.55HOT

Visiting You At The Office

 — Knowing you're alone at work, she visits. by gemsy2101/06/043.99


 — Harriet was expecting a visitor that morning. by Algonquin Twit01/21/103.82


 — A home invasion goes right. by Tio_Narratore01/19/094.11

Visual Aid

 — Wife helps with a lesson. by makemedoit08/24/124.16

Viva Las Vegas

 — Surprise encounter with strangers in a hot tub. by petitemom04/23/044.31

Viva Las Vegas

 — What cums in Las Vegas... by Sheath196909/08/064.07

Viva Niagara Falls

 — He allows a stranger to have his way with his wife. by Midnight Jam10/02/054.15

Vivian Comes Out of the Closet

 — She cheated and he decided to catch her. by Just Plain Bob01/14/072.73

Vixen's Adventurous Night

 — Vixen hotwife enjoys a young lover. by AZsun1712/19/173.25

Vixen's Hotwife Adventure Ch. 01

 — She proudly confesses her sluttiest act. by VixenSlut05/15/054.25

Vixxen Ch. 07: Adventures in Vegas

 — Vixxen found love, but not where she expected. by VixxTheLover03/17/174.00


 — A helpmeet, a warrior, and a priestess. by ldrequiv04/30/10

Voices from Another Room

 — A tale of love lost, and found again. by Adrian Leverkuhn05/02/09Editor's Pick

Voices in My Head

 — Who knows the truth? by magichands11/07/034.14

Voluntary Cuckold

 — Hubbie desires above all else to be cuckolded. by Matt Moreau02/25/083.78

Volunteer Jenny Helps the Circus Ch. 1

 — Wife joins the circus. by Capstick11/24/004.28

Volunteer Jenny Helps the Circus Ch. 2

 — Jenny meets Sally. by Capstick11/27/004.17

Volunteer Jenny Helps the Circus Ch. 3

 — Jenny discovers hypnosis. by Capstick12/01/003.78

Volunteer Jenny Helps the Circus Ch. 4

 — Jenny strips for the crowd. by Capstick12/02/004.09

Volunteer Jenny Helps the Circus Ch. 5

 — Jenny sings. by Capstick12/04/003.94

Volunteer Jenny Helps the Circus Ch. 6

 — Jenny attends a party. by Capstick12/05/004.23

Volvo Shows A Clue

 — Husband administers justice for cheating wife. by Winterfrog06/04/043.91

Vonda's Scoreboard

 — Keeping track. by Just Plain Bob02/14/052.97

Vonnie, BDLB

 — A typical American middle class story. by Just Plain Bob05/09/074.22


 — A man determines that his wedding vows are important. by Agena05/25/104.42

Voyage of Discovery

 — Kate finds what was missing in her life. by rufriter05/15/133.92

Voyeur Night

 — Dance club or strip club; which does she choose? by Leland4803/04/024.06

Voyeur on an Unfaithful Wife Series

 — Chantal becomes friend with benefits to Dave’s roommate. by dreamweaver553903/30/173.62

Voyeur Pt. 01

 — Wife plays with her lover with hubby tied up in the corner. by Bacon4u202/24/104.25

Voyeur Pt. 02

 — Wife feeds cuckold hubby her creampie. by Bacon4u203/09/104.34

Voyeur Pt. 03

 — Wife forces hubby to pleasure her lover. by Bacon4u203/15/104.17

Voyeur Pt. 04

 — Wife enjoys a DP from her lover and hubby. by Bacon4u203/22/103.94

Voyeur's Fantasy

 — Husband watches wife cheating with a big cock. by BobCollier07/14/104.13

Voyeur's Fantasy Ch. 02

 — Husband watches wife continue big cock adventure. by BobCollier07/30/104.27

Voyeur's Fantasy Ch. 03

 — A hot and humorous voyeuristic interlude. by BobCollier08/08/104.14

Voyeur's Fantasy Ch. 04

 — Spies on wife in a big cock gangbang. by BobCollier02/22/114.25

Voyeur's Fantasy Ch. 05

 — Big cock infatuation--How it started with the end. by BobCollier03/20/113.89

VP of Sexual Fulfillment Ch. 01

 — A couple opens things up. by meddlesome11/24/114.23

Vulnerable Wife

 — Your wife is cuffed, thinking it's for you. by ShareTheGirlsLove01/31/123.55

W.A.W.C. Club

 — Wife's after work club meetings get out of hand. by MrRobbur03/29/09

W.A.W.C. Club Ch. 02

 — The men finally see what the women are up to. by MrRobbur04/18/09

Wager a Wife

 — Newly married couple, sailors, and a poker game gone wrong. by Lynn_Elliot05/28/123.91

Wait All Day for a Surprise

 — I wait at home for you to...bring home a friend? by decades05/03/093.39

Wait for Dessert

 — Teasing girlfriend makes some dinner. by vivandjack08/23/064.19

Wait for Me

 — I loved her, I hope she comes back to me. by paulskins02/12/164.30

Waiting At Home Ch. 01

 — Husband waits for wife to come home. by Thaiclippe10/13/114.09

Waiting At Home Ch. 02

 — Wife comes home to husband. by Thaiclippe10/14/113.92

Waiting for a Girl Like Laura

 — I go to a tribute band concert and have an amazing sex. by writersbloxx02/23/173.97

Waiting for Abby

 — Reminiscing the dirty fantasies and role plays. by nitewriter3411/07/163.89

Waiting for Erica

 — A man anxiously awaits the return of his slut wife. by RogerWinters10/18/144.03

Waiting for the Electrician

 — Not your typical handyman. by JustLikeEwe11/01/084.40

Waiting for the Exeter Express

 — When her libido and his ability pull in opposite directions by DeYaKen01/09/144.61HOT

Waiting for the Reward

 — She's promised the ultimate, but making me work for it. by anselsgirl11/12/094.23

Waiting for the UPS Guy

 — She takes charge. by galahadesq05/13/084.22

Waiting for You

 — Wanton wife pleases her man. by Wanton and wet12/11/054.30

Waiting for...

 — She waits for him, prepares for him. by HankDolworth08/10/123.12

Waiting, Just Waiting

 — For my wife to kill me. by JimBob4404/15/174.32


 — Flirtaious fun and cream pies. by HotwifeKatie02/03/144.06

Waking Up

 — She starts with just touching 'him'. by flabuf06/29/123.85

Waking Up With a Monster

 — How well do you know the woman you married? by StangStar0602/19/144.61HOT

Waking Up with a Smile Ch. 01

 — Hubby wakes up to fantasy come true. by curjls12/17/024.39

Waking Up with a Smile Ch. 02

 — Hubby's threesome continues. by curjls12/25/024.37

Walk Around The Lake

 — Wife's display and sex with a stranger. by wldhrs12/13/094.31

Walk Home From The Pub

 — A walk home with an unexpected friend present. by mickthetrick10/24/143.93

Walk the Dog, Dump the WIfe

 — Logic uncovers wife's affair. by chilleywilley03/20/104.17

Walkathon Versus Fuckathon

 — There's a new charity in town - winner take all. by BigKahunaCat2108/01/114.34

Walking my Dog Ch. 01

 — A 41 year old housewife hooks up with 2 young guys. by MaeWestFan05/06/134.20

Walking my Dog Ch. 02

 — 40+ Housewife has more action with 20 year old hard body. by MaeWestFan06/12/174.16

Walking On The Edge

 — Conversations with a cuckold. by StrangeLife06/25/133.90

Walking the Fine Line

 — She needed a little comeuppance, but did he? by magmaman02/11/064.13

Walking the Fine Line Ch. 02

 — You don't know what you got 'til it's gone. by magmaman02/18/064.48

Walking the Line

 — There's a thin line between love and hate. by Huedogg206/03/124.29


 — How does a couple deal with infidelity? by bb121204/29/164.08

Walls of Pleasure

 — There were only five dicks, it really isn't cheating... by fntsydrmr08/19/163.91

Wally Finds Out

 — Just another cheating wife story. by Just Plain Bob06/17/174.40

Walt and Rhonda Ch. 01

 — Ronda gets special service. by toomuchinmyhead02/21/114.39

Walt and Rhonda Ch. 03

 — Rhonda goes out with friends and meets a guy. by toomuchinmyhead03/11/114.00


 — A wife, a husband, a lover... But not the same old story. by Joe45603/30/163.58

Walter and Celia

 — She found an excuse to cheat. by murphy62108/23/114.26

Walter and Natalie Ch. 01

 — I'd had just about all I was going to take from her. by coaster209/29/114.32

Walter and Natalie Ch. 02

 — Stepping back from the edge of the cliff. by coaster209/30/114.48

Walter and Natalie Ch. 03

 — How it all turns out. by coaster210/01/114.60HOT

Walter Kresky's Loving Wife

 — A woman's work is never done. by Charles Petersunn04/03/094.38

Wanda is Watching

 — The title says it. by Just Plain Bob06/16/173.71

Wandering Wicked Thoughts

 — Boredom at work leads to a stranger's cock. by StackedAction07/20/173.67

Wandering Wife

 — Wife welcomes hubby's friend home from war. by randyandi09/26/044.28

Wandering Wife Ch. 02

 — She continues to play with their mutual friend. by randyandi01/08/054.19


 — Cheating wife caught, watched and cleaned by Husband by 08abbey02/03/113.21

Wanna Bet

 — Wife loses wager with husband, but wins lesbian sex. by Bootner10/17/004.46

Wanna Get a Pizza...and Fuck? Ch. 01

 — My wife, and my ex-wife and one crazy night! by earthmvr05/29/124.52HOT

Wanna Get a Pizza...and Fuck? Ch. 02

 — My wife, and my ex-wife and one crazy night, continued! by earthmvr06/02/124.62HOT

Wanna Get a Pizza...and Fuck? Ch. 03

 — The end of one crazy night with my wife, and my ex-wife! by earthmvr06/09/124.56HOT

Wanna Play?

 — Elevator ride is more than a lift. by jadedSHADOW04/20/024.07

Wannabe Wife Watcher

 — Man persists in pursuit of his goal. by WillB01/18/024.34

Want It Or Not, Little Wife Gets It

 — Cute wife taken at a party. Did she want it? by Tabbisfull03/03/114.10

Want to Watch the Game

 — Mate invites him over to watch the game. by Ashson09/08/173.91

Wanting to be Caught

 — Her husband's best friend catches her fantasizing about him. by DarkAndTwisty51106/22/163.80

Wanting What She Didn't Have Ch. 01

 — Jill evaluates her life and finds it lacking. by MiandEv200705/22/104.12

Wanting What She Didn't Have Ch. 02

 — Jill and Anita become closer. by MiandEv200706/23/104.24

Wanting What She Didn't Have Ch. 03

 — Jill attends her first party and is surprised. by MiandEv200706/21/124.15

Wanting What She Didn't Have Ch. 04

 — Jill and Bob cannot get on the same page. by MiandEv200707/19/124.16

Wanting What She Didn't Have Ch. 05

 — Bob and Jill try to work things out. by MiandEv200708/08/124.08

Wanting What She Didn't Have Ch. 06

 — Things get out of control. by MiandEv200708/16/124.07

Wanting What She Didn't Have Ch. 07

 — The conclusion. by MiandEv200710/16/123.99

Wanton Desire

 — Horny wife teases husband before blindfolding husband. by darrion07/13/024.20

War of the Carrols

 — Wife walks out to be with her lover. by Softly02/14/073.73

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