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L’Ecole Pour Des Femmes (School for Women)

 — He decides to send wife for specialized instruction. by Eroica05/05/094.20

LBD in Las Vegas

 — Seniors making new friends in Las Vegas. by puckish_panda3902/15/184.08

Lynne's First Fling Ch. 1

 — Lynne relearns the joys of sex from another man. by Rod Walloper03/14/014.07

Lynne's Homecoming

 — Lynne comes home a changed woman by whbonney11/13/013.48

Lynne's Revenge Ch. 1

 — Lynne plots her revenge against Marvin. by whbonney11/17/013.80

Lynne's Revenge Ch. 2

 — She closes in on Marvin. by whbonney11/19/014.13

Lynne's Revenge Ch. 3

 — Lynne meets the brothers. by whbonney11/22/014.06

Lynne's Revenge: The Final Chapter

 — Marvin's reign ends. by whbonney11/23/012.88

Lynnette Meets Shelly Ch. 01

 — Wife gets ready for dinner with guests. by VeryNaughtyGirl02/27/073.89

M Is For Matinee

 — She loves him enough to help him land a big account. by velvetpie05/04/044.03

M is for Mayhem

 — The first indication of cheater? A police call! by techsan05/06/074.12

M's Naughty Surprise

 — M prepares a naughty surprise for her man. by princessnomad03/12/123.97


 — My wife thinks Ira is me. by murphy62106/20/113.55

Mac's Birthday

 — She gives him his fantasy. by ThatSexyIrishGirl03/08/064.27

Mac's Little Slut

 — Bill enjoys unusual party with best friend. by English Bob07/15/024.21

Macy Sheds Another Inhibition

 — Wife sheds another of her inhabition in the tropics. by Agoodman95407/21/084.26

Macy Sheds Another Inhibition Ch. 02

 — Wife continues shedding her inhibitions. by Agoodman95408/08/084.43

Macy Sheds Another Inhibition Ch. 03

 — Wife continues to explore teasing and pleasing on vacation. by Agoodman95403/13/094.25

Macy Sheds Another Inhibition Ch. 04

 — Macy and I push the envelope to a new adventure. by Agoodman95403/29/094.43

Macy’s Choices

 — A woman's bad boy marriage can lead to bad men. by Mainefiddleheads08/04/164.48

Mad Dog and the Dream Ch. 01

 — They're selling postcards of the hanging. by SirThopas10/19/104.07

Mad Dog and the Dream Ch. 02

 — Hang on St. Christopher, on the passenger side. by SirThopas10/23/104.27

Mad Dog and the Dream Ch. 03

 — Where do we go now, but nowhere? by SirThopas10/25/103.58

Mad Maxine

 — Tales from Behind the Bar #4. by X_Bishop09/10/064.21

Maddie and the Summer of Seven

 — A 34-year-old wife meets a determined young intern. by badidea21109/03/163.77

Maddy and I...Prelude

 — Maddy is a tease to her husband's delight. by speedy4712/14/084.30

Maddy's Wedding and Honeymoon Ch. 01

 — Maddy and Scott have a cuckold wedding and honeymoon. by Thadsgood09/04/183.85

Maddy's Wedding and Honeymoon Ch. 02

 — Maddy continues her hotwife lifestyle on the honeymoon. by Thadsgood09/05/183.98

Maddy's Wedding and Honeymoon Ch. 03

 — Maddy finds a rougher lover. by Thadsgood09/06/184.02

Made Fresh

 — You bring your husband a surprise after a girl's night out. by voyeuristical10/25/024.24

Madeira wine

 — Wife is seduced by black basket star. by Winterfrog04/26/043.22

Madge Gives A Gift

 — Friends come to visit. by Just Plain Bob12/29/054.28

Madhu's Job

 — She was looking for fun and got more than she wanted. by sadhu21307/27/144.06

Madifan and Jessica Carlisle

 — He's a hero; she cheats: stormy marriage. by Matt Moreau05/19/094.01


 — They fulfill their wildest fantasy with hired help. by jt12301/05/044.37

Madison's Mission

 — Married Madison lusts after the housing contractor. by aselene4406/03/083.92

Madness Ch. 02

 — Addiction sends slut wife on path to destruction. by jack_straw07/16/043.48

Mae Goes To Work

 — Another cats-away-mice-will-play story. by Just Plain Bob11/26/042.84

Mae's Choice

 — She would be his bitch forever. by Just Plain Bob11/04/064.18

Maeve and Rob Ch. 01

 — A rough beginning. by Just Plain Bob01/11/104.57HOT

Maeve and Rob Ch. 02

 — From a rough beginning to...? by Just Plain Bob01/14/104.38


 — How I came to fuck the same woman twice 20 years apart. by badidea21108/13/164.19

Maggie and Dannie - Tattoo Parlor

 — Maggie and Dannie go for a Tattoo, Maggie gets fucked. by David_Zero05/20/174.05

Maggie and Jay Ch. 01

 — Jay wants to watch Cam with his wife Maggie. by Ebolaone11/18/074.28

Maggie Becomes My Whore Ch. 01

 — Young wife becomes boss's slut. by ProfessorM12/18/134.37

Maggie Becomes My Whore Ch. 02

 — Young wife becomes professor's whore. by ProfessorM12/19/134.42

Maggie Gets Wild

 — Conservative wife lets loose at the casino. by BuntSingle08/17/084.22

Maggie Goes Shopping

 — Wife gets a big surprise while shopping. by okayjack07/10/133.98

Maggie is "Taken" By The Law

 — The Lieutenant fucks my wife and she likes it. by okayjack02/24/143.76

Maggie is "Taken" By The Law Ch. 02

 — We accept LT's invitation to dinner at his house. by okayjack02/28/143.86

Maggie is "Taken" By The Law Ch. 03

 — Maggie learns about the Irish Initiation. by okayjack03/05/143.85

Maggie Misbehaves

 — She wasn't the only one. by Just Plain Bob12/30/054.00

Maggie Realizes My Fantasy

 — Date night becomes naughty night for my wife. by leo1284605/16/174.26

Maggie's First Four Hands Massage

 — Two men massage my wife to pure pleasure. by okayjack11/21/124.19

Maggie's First Gang Bang

 — Maggie pays tribute to our men in uniform and loves it. by okayjack11/29/124.24

Magic Amulet Redux

 — Amulet has strange effects. by Mushrum09/05/083.53

Magic Carpet

 — Turkish holiday holds erotic surprises for couple. by Mercurio02/04/014.15

Magic Mountain

 — Magic mountain. by bigmikey35712/07/143.68

Magic Pills

 — Better living through modern science. by jackiegirl19902/19/044.60HOT

Magic Pills Ch. 02

 — Do the pills really work? by jackiegirl19902/16/054.48

Magic Pills Ch. 03

 — Linda's therapy begins. by jackiegirl19902/22/054.56HOT

Magic Pills Ch. 04

 — Magic Pill therapy is an unqualified success. by jackiegirl19902/26/054.53HOT

Magic Pills Ch. 05

 — Magic Vegas Style. by jackiegirl19903/03/054.50HOT

Magic Pills Ch. 06

 — Jackie gets a real surprise. by jackiegirl19903/10/054.59HOT

Magical Mystery Tour 01: Story List

 — Read all the Magical Mystery Tour event stories! by Literotica03/17/184.76HOT

Maid To Be A Slut

 — Elizabeth tries to spice up her marriage. by English Bob09/21/044.24

Mail Order Bride Pt. 01

 — Another two days in the life of the author Mr. Peterswiftt. by peterswiftt06/21/174.29

Mail Order Bride Pt. 02

 — Part two of the true rendition Mail Order Bride. by peterswiftt06/22/174.08

Mail Order Bride Pt. 03

 — Part 3 of the Mail Order Bride that you've been waiting on. by peterswiftt06/28/174.32

Mail Order Bride Pt. 04

 — Continuation of a saga in the life of Peterswiftt. by peterswiftt06/30/174.20

Mail Order Bride Pt. 05

 — The final chapter of Mail Order Bride. by peterswiftt07/14/174.15

Mail Order Woman

 — Just what he wanted. by Orcaman4705/12/032.28

Maipenrai Loving

 — The art of being deeply in like. by sr71plt04/01/103.89

Major Mistake

 — Her plan to trade up didn't work. by PAPATOAD03/12/10

Make A Wish Upon Your Wife

 — A surprise threesome after pillow talk. by copper5005/09/044.21

Make an Old Man Happy Ch. 01

 — Older gent seduces lonely housewife. by alreadysaidtoomuch07/17/143.82

Make an Old Man Happy Ch. 02

 — Mandy continues her descent. by alreadysaidtoomuch07/25/143.99

Make Him Cry Uncle

 — It was a full proof plan by laptopwriter01/02/184.40

Make Him Do It

 — A bisexual husband and cock hungry wife make dreams reality. by Cuck30209/05/184.31

Make Me Die A Little Ch. 1

 — Wife gets payback as husband & hostess watch. by coaster1234507/30/024.33

Make Me Die A Little Ch. 2

 — Wife gets payback. by coaster1234508/05/024.32

Make Me Happy

 — She decides to fulfill her husband's fantasy. by scorpio0015502/26/014.29

Making a Baby

 — Back in the days before In Vitro... by 1FootGuy01/25/124.37

Making a Choice Ch. 01

 — Wife submits for the sake of her family. by Unprotectable02/23/133.91

Making a House Guest at Home

 — His wife enables a threesome with his friend. by pumken11/09/103.94

Making A Movie Ch. 01

 — Her first experience with making porn. by sweetthing086404/22/084.25

Making A Movie Ch. 02

 — Her porno debut starts with a huge dildo. by sweetthing086404/23/084.27

Making a Princess

 — Couple brings wife's friend into their bedroom. by livingoncloud901/03/084.42

Making a Tape

 — A compilation to help her understand how much she is missed. by BillandKate12/28/184.29

Making Amends Ch. 01

 — His wife wants him to pay for cheating. by Headhuntertales01/10/054.10

Making Amends Ch. 02

 — Wife makes a mistake while punishing hubby. by Headhuntertales01/11/054.09

Making Amends Ch. 03

 — Can their marriage survive? by Headhuntertales01/12/054.12

Making Amends Ch. 04

 — Can she win her husband back? by Headhuntertales01/15/054.10

Making Amends Ch. 05

 — Can Sally make amends for her actions? by Headhuntertales01/16/054.11

Making Amends Ch. 06

 — Can Bill forgive? Can they stay together? by Headhuntertales01/18/053.67

Making an Honest Woman Ch. 01

 — Betrayal is the only truth that sticks. by wendylicker04/06/184.39

Making an Honest Woman Ch. 02

 — Never trust wholly those who have deceived you even once. by wendylicker04/20/184.51HOT

Making an Honest Woman Ch. 03

 — Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance. by wendylicker05/10/184.39

Making an Honest Woman Ch. 04: Epilogue

 — In which Dan Tucker steps off the stage. by wendylicker05/18/184.48

Making Baby

 — She will do anything to get pregnant. by biggles08/06/073.94

Making Choices

 — His wife thought he might like to swing. She was wrong. by blackrandl195810/26/184.46

Making Connections

 — Young couple try something new. by Ghostbear5809/01/054.14

Making Do

 — When one avenue to pleasure closes, another opens. by ldrequiv01/09/104.34

Making Ends Meet

 — He finds out the truth about his wife. by 75corner01/02/053.34

Making Ends Meet

 — Young housewife tries to make ends meet. by naugwife01/05/083.99

Making Fantasies Reality Pt. 01

 — Joe & Tricia live out their fantasies. by monkeyjoe301/24/044.39

Making Friends

 — Couples become REALLY close friends. by diedre_dandy09/14/054.19

Making Hay Ch. 01

 — A couple have sex in a barn then a stranger intervenes. by OldeGold06/23/154.44

Making Hay Ch. 02

 — Our couple have another chance encounter with the farmer. by OldeGold06/25/154.35

Making Hay Ch. 03

 — Our couple conclude their story with the stranger. by OldeGold06/27/154.41

Making Her His

 — A white wife pleases her husband. by Karenkay01/28/144.08

Making Him Watch

 — His girlfriend is fucked while he watches. by mac7307/24/143.10

Making It Real

 — Couple goes from cuckold-type fantasy to reality. by janders05/29/124.15

Making It Swing

 — An English couple have a first visit to a Swingers Club. by OldeGold11/14/164.36

Making It Up To Me

 — After she confesses an affair, she convinces me to stay. by cheatermike12/13/093.76

Making it Work

 — A married couple find a way to keep intimacy alive. by leostyles6910/08/133.61

Making It Work Ch. 01

 — Mike and Jen work to get beyond the video. by xleglover10/11/134.01

Making It Work Ch. 02

 — Jen hooks up with Darren by xleglover10/20/134.20

Making It Work Ch. 03

 — Jen meets Keri O'Reilly. by xleglover10/28/134.25

Making It Work Ch. 04

 — Keri learns more about Jen. by xleglover12/06/134.38

Making It Work Ch. 05

 — Jen thinks about dating again. by xleglover12/14/134.02

Making It Work Ch. 06

 — Jen dates Tom. by xleglover12/19/134.22

Making It Work Ch. 07

 — Jen dates Tom and Mike watches. by xleglover12/24/134.06

Making It Work Ch. 08

 — Interlude: The author responds to some feedback. by xleglover12/25/134.32

Making It Work Ch. 09

 — Jen goes out with Tom and runs into neighbors. by xleglover01/04/143.87

Making It Work Ch. 10

 — Jen and Mike try to reconnect, going on vacay. by xleglover01/17/143.93

Making It Work Ch. 11

 — Things get heavy between Jen and Tom by xleglover01/23/144.17

Making It Work Ch. 12

 — Tom wants Jen to leave Mike. by xleglover01/29/144.20

Making It Work Ch. 13

 — Jen tells him. by xleglover02/02/144.05

Making Love to His Wife

 — Jake and Laura take their relationship to another level. by swingerjoe02/12/144.21

Making Love to My Asian Wife

 — Husband makes love to wife after long absence. by whiskeytfox07/03/173.96

Making Lunch

 — Wife and her friend eat what husband prepares for them. by zeke8103/28/104.24

Making Movies

 — Wife's wild night is caught on tape. by marriedpervs06/25/043.95

Making My Fantasy Real

 — A story of a threesome with my husband. by mdiver04/28/154.27

Making My Husband into a Cuckold

 — I turned my husband into a cuckold. by smallcuc8004/03/153.81

Making My New Wife a Slut

 — I made my new wife into a slut...and we both love it. by datwayne07/13/104.37

Making New Friends

 — An English couple experience their first foursome. by OldeGold10/19/164.56HOT

Making New Vegas Friends

 — They enjoy another couple in Vegas. by JayAzJ09/10/044.20

Making of a Cuckold

 — Wife of Couple lead to my imitation of Cuckolding. by easyballs12/22/144.11

Making of a Cuckold: The Sequel

 — Their go at cuckolding nearly destroys them. by Matt Moreau09/30/082.90

Making Of a Hotwife?

 — was I making a hotwife, or was she training her cuckold? by Wifeswatcher09/24/144.29

Making of a Slut Wife

 — She learned something new about herself. by VFR194408/25/114.17

Making of a Slut Wife

 — Shy and innocent wife trained to crave cock. by ringbearer12/02/17

Making of a Slut Wife Ch. 02

 — The journey continues. by VFR194408/28/114.39

Making of a Slut Wife Ch. 03

 — The journey to being a hot wife continues. by VFR194408/29/114.34

Making of a Slut Wife Ch. 04

 — From shy virgin to hot wife. by VFR194408/31/114.33

Making of a Slut Wife Ch. 05

 — She learns more about herself. by VFR194409/06/114.33

Making of a Slut Wife Ch. 06

 — The Journey Continues. by VFR194404/23/134.12

Making Partner

 — Jason Larson has worked hard. by Art Martin06/13/103.73

Making the Best of TEOTWAWKI

 — Man's wife brings a nubile young thing to their bed. by fieroluvr200105/01/134.06

Making the Leap from Two to Three

 — Living out fantasies can be risky. by kariakin2211/23/183.25

Making the Swim Team

 — Two sides of a big decision. by Moon Glade05/24/034.17

Making Up

 — She finds fun way to apologize to you. by Baby_Kat09/26/044.17

Making Up

 — A little rouge here...a little wet there. by baccgirl06/03/074.08

Making Up for Lost Time

 — Asian housewife awaits husband's return. by mughalpunjabi06/11/074.21

Making Up For Lost Time Ch. 02

 — Jeff and Jenny finally get together after a gap of 25 years. by Badwolf12304/15/094.23


 — Living in Malawi is a lonely place without your wife. by slavenjoe11/25/082.54

Male Harem

 — Max's boss throws a highly unusual party. by Maximilianorubin01/01/073.76

Man Behind the Mask

 — Is it still cheating if it could be your husband? by EleanaMonteago02/02/113.63

Man Enough

 — How to overcome an age-old problem. by HeavyHeartLaments02/26/144.33

Man Enough Ch. 02

 — The conclusion and the result. by HeavyHeartLaments03/01/143.94

Man in a Suitcase

 — Traveling man gets help relaxing. by velvetpie01/21/054.22

Man in the Bar

 — She picks up good-looking stud while hubby is watching. by Geilemeid01/13/064.29

Man in the Mirror Ch. 01

 — A man questions his worth when he catches his wife cheating. by javmor7904/30/174.32

Man in the Mirror Ch. 02

 — Paige's taunts cause Arthur to struggle with his confidence. by javmor7905/10/174.46

Man in the Mirror Ch. 03

 — Arthur's Conclusion: Lessons learned. by javmor7905/25/174.65HOT

Man Meets Woman

 — Handsome man meets a ballbuster of a woman at a bar. by soppingwetpanties03/12/183.63

Man on a Mission

 — Husband and wife pretend to be strangers with aliases. by kristensmith4u06/16/134.33

Man Woman Nature

 — From feminist to womanhood. by mj370210/22/103.67

Man-up, Pussy!

 — Why can't I keep my nose out of other people's business? by laptopwriter07/19/164.48

Mandatory Training

 — Out of town training creates uncontrollable temptation. by brain_damage05/11/084.15

Mandingos 609

 — A black coworker seduces a couple and ends with a gangbang. by dirk_staton06/16/154.11


 — A tempted wife goes to the gym. by csmsmith11/21/053.99

Mandy - Love Of My Life

 — An erotic love story. by zakk190011/19/133.67

Mandy and the Wimp

 — He found out that his wife was cheating. by Just Plain Bob11/19/064.25

Mandy Collect the Rent

 — Mandy collects more than just the rent. by daztec201006/20/163.79

Mandy Entertains

 — On a warm day, wife gets hot entertaining company. by Itascan03/05/174.21

Mandy Gets Her Loan

 — Mandy has to convince the bank manager to give her the loan. by daztec201005/17/154.08

Mandy Has Company Over

 — Mandy will play when husband is away. by shiningarmor08/14/023.65

Mandy Plays Nikita

 — Mandy's role plays as a classy hooker and loves it. by daztec201003/17/174.05

Mandy Plays Nikita Pt. 02

 — Mandy has another adventure as Nikita the classy hooker. by daztec201004/30/173.85

Mandy's Best Ever Massage

 — Mandy meets a new friend, who gives good massage. by daztec201001/17/184.02

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