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Awakening the Slut Inside Donna Ch. 3

 — Tony exposes wife to new pleasures with Lisa at the club. by TMONY10/21/024.37

Awakening the Slut Inside Donna Ch. 4

 — He uses Donna & Lisa for his own satisfaction. by TMONY10/22/024.33

Awakening the Slut Inside Donna Ch. 5

 — Fun in the sun with a new friend. by TMONY10/22/024.34

Awakening the Slut Inside Donna Ch. 6

 — A limo drive to remember. by TMONY10/29/024.32

Awakening The Slut Within Me Ch. 1

 — Wife gradually achieves complete fulfillment. by coppered05/03/024.33

Awakening The Slut Within Me Ch. 2

 — Wife further explores her newly found sexuality. by coppered05/05/024.35

Awakenings Ch. 01

 — The Beginning by Goodhusband04/10/144.17

Awakenings Ch. 02

 — Tricia, Jodie and Jennifer Rawlins. by Goodhusband04/17/144.26

Awakenings Ch. 03

 — A fateful Saturday. by Goodhusband04/24/144.06

Awakenings Ch. 04

 — On the road. by Goodhusband05/01/143.77

Awakenings Ch. 05

 — Discussion, dissonance and then delight. by Goodhusband05/07/144.14

Awakenings Ch. 06

 — San Francisco. by Goodhusband05/16/144.24

Awakenings Ch. 07

 — The weekend continues. by Goodhusband05/22/144.31

Awakenings Ch. 08

 — Chantel and Simone. by Goodhusband05/29/144.36

Awakenings Ch. 09

 — Amy and Mel become Michael's mentors. by Goodhusband06/05/144.34

Awakenings Ch. 10

 — An email from Ruth. by Goodhusband06/13/144.30

Awakenings Ch. 11

 — A plan for Ruth and David and a conversation with Jeanne. by Goodhusband06/20/144.35

Awakenings Ch. 12

 — Jeanne calls and tells them about the trip to Bradys. by Goodhusband06/27/144.29

Awakenings Ch. 13

 — An email from Ruth about her trip to Brady's with David by Goodhusband07/29/14

Awakenings Ch. 14

 — Jeanne is concerned about Tricia and Paul. by Goodhusband08/01/14

Awakenings Ch. 15

 — Jeanne calls to tell Michael, Mel and Amy about her date. by Goodhusband10/30/14

Awakenings Ch. 16

 — Jeanne tells Michael, Mel and Amy more about her date. by Goodhusband11/04/14

Awakenings Ch. 17

 — Ruth and David's second trip to Brady's. by Goodhusband11/06/14

Awakenings Ch. 18

 — Jeanne's new friend. by Goodhusband11/08/14

Awakenings Ch. 19

 — A little kinky sex, Tricia and Paul and Jeanne's next date. by Goodhusband11/19/14

Awakenings Ch. 20

 — Cuckold boot camp continues. by Goodhusband11/23/14

Awakenings Ch. 21

 — The night at the Goldenrod Supper Club. by Goodhusband11/25/14

Awakenings Ch. 22

 — Trouble with Trent, a tearful goodbye and new friends. by Goodhusband12/01/14

Awakenings Ch. 23

 — Christmas in San Antonio. by Goodhusband12/03/14

Awakenings Ch. 24

 — New Year's Eve in San Antonio. by Goodhusband12/18/14

Awakenings Ch. 25

 — A tempestuous conclusion to New Years Eve. by Goodhusband12/22/14

Awakenings Ch. 26

 — Jeanne and Michael both find new friends. by Goodhusband05/26/154.42

Awakenings Ch. 27

 — Michael tells Jeanne about Maureen. by Goodhusband05/28/154.40

Awakenings Ch. 28

 — Ruth meets Matt and Jeanne's wild evening. by Goodhusband06/06/154.38

Awakenings Ch. 29

 — Michael and Maureen read an email from Ruth. by Goodhusband11/13/154.37

Awakenings Ch. 30

 — The Polynesian Lounge. by Goodhusband11/16/154.35

Awakenings Ch. 31

 — Ginger and Scotty describe their relationship. by Goodhusband07/17/164.25

Awards Banquet Slut

 — Wife becomes a slut at a company award weekend in her honor. by Imstillfun06/15/164.48

Awards Night

 — In which I am nominated for a Literotica Award, in Las Vegas. by jezzaz09/06/134.06


 — A husband and wife separated and filled with longing. by semolina11/08/104.33

Away Day Ch. 01-02

 — Wife accidentally re-discovers ex-boyfriend. by charlybananna07/09/034.11

Away Day Ch. 03

 — George convinces Jackie to meet again. by charlybananna07/09/034.24

Away Day Ch. 04

 — Husband helps Jackie dcide about cuckolding him. by charlybananna07/11/034.20

Away Day Ch. 05

 — Jackie basks in pleasure of female sexual power. by charlybananna07/11/034.12

Away Day Ch. 06

 — End of the story, pain, suffering, a new start? by charlybananna07/20/033.73

Away for a Dirty Weekend

 — My wife Claire and I were going away for a dirty weekend. by tidylike04/18/13

Away for the Night

 — Evening is fun for the four of them. by cd1411/05/05

Away for the Weekend

 — What happens when wife is away. by TomThum03/16/204.15

Away on Business Ch. 01

 — Anna has her first affair on business trip. by Wifetales3009/06/193.74


 — Is Michelle really going to cheat on Paul? by Lost_Weegie03/01/222.23

Awe Of Power

 — She was young and held him on a pedestal. by ShellySmith04/25/063.89

Awesome Threesomes

 — We couldn't decide so we tried both: MFM and FMF. by sar195312/08/174.10

Awesome with a Couple

 — This is a story about a bull with a couple. by young22m11/21/173.38

Awkward Church Games Pt. 01

 — Wife volunteers to be a part of a church auction. by Speakingeasy01/28/184.09

Awkward Church Games Pt. 02

 — Cindy learns what it is like to be a slave. by Speakingeasy01/31/183.70

Awkward Church Games Pt. 03

 — Cindy sees her Master's attitude change for the better. by Speakingeasy02/11/184.19

Awkward Church Games Pt. 04

 — Things get cloudy for Cindy. by Speakingeasy02/14/183.92

Awkward Church Games Pt. 05

 — After a short break, things heat up again for Cindy. by Speakingeasy03/06/184.01

Awkward Church Games Pt. 06

 — Cindy finds here world turned upside down. by Speakingeasy06/13/184.09

Awkward Church Games Pt. 07

 — Cindy recovers and makes some changes. by Speakingeasy06/15/193.75

Aye Aye Captain

 — A woman gives herself to the men she loves. by ofloveandlust07/01/104.05

‘Til Fate Do They Pt. 01

 — Doing a kindness for a friend leads a couple to new things. by MrBlueSkies07/05/213.85

‘Til Fate Do They Pt. 02

 — Events move on, slowly. by MrBlueSkies07/16/213.31

‘Til Fate Do They Pt. 03

 — Liz takes the initiative. by MrBlueSkies07/28/213.43

‘Til Fate Do They Pt. 04

 — Both enjoy something different. by MrBlueSkies08/04/213.63

‘Til Fate Do They Pt. 05

 — The dynamic changes - as it was destined to? by MrBlueSkies08/12/213.38

‘Til Fate Do They Pt. 06

 — Fate takes a hand. by MrBlueSkies08/21/213.58

B John and Mary

 — We meet John and Mary purely by chance. by MarknCarol03/10/224.03


 — One couple, one guest and a lot of cuckoldry & BDSM. by strong_but_sub05/04/073.98

B-ball Night

 — Wife sort-of-willing hostess for watching the game. by MrMsScrewloose05/27/134.38

Babita with Tailor

 — Indian wife Babita cheats her husband with tailor. by vickyone10/19/194.05

Babs and Her Co-worker Gareth

 — My Fiance cheats on me with her work colleague. by spookypaul08/10/222.46

Babs Ch. 01

 — A not love story. by conanthe07/18/214.07

Babs Ch. 02

 — Modern Marriage. by conanthe07/24/213.98

Babs Ch. 03

 — Happy Ever? After. by conanthe08/23/214.21

Babs Ch. 04

 — After. Math. by conanthe11/05/214.10

Babs Ch. 05

 — Happy? Endings. by conanthe12/02/213.94

Babs Was A Real Loving Wife

 — Until she met Ted, then wow! by qualitywheat05/24/122.92

Baby Browning

 — A series of mistakes ends badly. by demander10/05/234.15

Baby Challenge - New Version

 — A rewrite of a story I published a few months ago. by Gamblnluck07/15/214.32

Baby Crazy Ch. 01

 — Introduction to Harry and Cassie/Andria. by HarryBoyles12/22/213.61

Baby Crazy Ch. 02

 — Crazy College years. by HarryBoyles12/26/213.19

Baby Crazy Ch. 03

 — Baby craze starts. Harry boils over. by HarryBoyles12/28/213.12

Baby Crazy Ch. 04

 — Mental balance and crazy good strip tease. by HarryBoyles12/31/213.38

Baby Crazy Ch. 05

 — Finale. The cure for the baby craze. by HarryBoyles01/01/223.72

Baby Gets Eaten for Lunch

 — Husband eats wife for lunch. by angel8603/31/093.87

Baby maker

 — Dan and Beth find other way when she can't get pregnant. by JulieAnn4203/24/204.02

Baby on the Brain

 — Wife goes to another for help having a baby. by Irishdragon11/10/053.70

Baby On the Brain Ch.02

 — Who's worse, the wife or the brother? - FTDS by FinishTheDamnStory12/26/134.33

Baby Sister Pt. 02

 — The Mom as hot as her daughter and was quite protective of her. by Cowboy_Bill12/09/164.27

Baby's In Black

 — There are things a man just can't forget. by Harddaysknight01/18/074.38

Baby, I'm Home

 — Follow-up story about his horny red-headed BBW wife. by BIG LIK10/02/013.70

Baby, Love

 — A detective meets his match with a femme fatale. by dsoul03/28/113.68

Baby, Scratch My Back

 — A loving wife finally opens up. Everywhere. by cerection06/12/124.06

Baby, You Can Drive My Car

 — Does size really matter? by Harddaysknight01/27/054.40

Babymaker Bert, Serial Impregnator

 — Prologue and Chapter 1. by blozo05/09/24

Babymaker Bert, Serial Impregnator Pt. 02

 — In which Bert is informed of his great success. by blozo05/30/24

Babymaker LLC

 — How desperate is Amy to have a baby? by amyyum04/03/173.87

Babysitter Auditions Pt. 01: Kylie

 — I wanted a live-in babysitter; she offered more. by TitManDDo11/13/204.57HOT

BabySitter Birthday Present

 — His wife finds him the perfect present. by Ashson10/26/134.18

Babysitter Birthday Surprise

 — An ailing wife gives her husband a very special gift. by darkoverlord604/14/184.28

Babysitter Denouement

 — The one with Kylie and Megan; Lori is served; the fallout. by TitManDDo02/26/214.46

Babysitter's Argument

 — Wife and babysitter have a fight. by Ashson11/02/134.27

BabySitter's Present

 — The BabySitter is asked to supply a birthday present. by Ashson07/22/134.22

BabySitter's Wine

 — A glass of wine will relax you after the kids are in bed. by Ashson06/19/134.30

Babysittin' Blues

 — Why would she have a prophylactic wrapper in the diaper bag? by JakeRivers04/08/064.10


 — Divorced father does some babysitting. by Ashson05/31/134.22

Babysitting Snafu

 — Baby's dirty diapers lead to divorce. by amyyum03/18/224.20

Bachelor Party Banging

 — She was on her hands & knees. by luckyhusband503/10/083.87

Bachelor Party Cuckhold

 — A different ending. by Omegaman5612/26/203.64

Bachelor Party Cuckold

 — Man pays for bachelor party. by beatoffboy10/13/053.35

Bachelor Party for Two Ch. 01

 — Bride-to-be throws a special bachelor party. by Joey Midnight04/24/054.36

Bachelor Party Gang Bang

 — Wife strips at bachelor party, gets more than expected. by Imstillfun10/18/164.50HOT

Bachelor Party Paranoia

 — A warning to a certain Literotica Author. by Alleykat8607/25/124.10

Bachelor Party Surprise

 — Kristy saves the new business. by nighttimestories07/23/064.45

Bachelor Party Switch

 — From the story ideas forum -- Title says it all. by Britease03/06/093.94

Bachelor Party Threesome

 — Wife agrees to be Bachelor Party hooker. by Rusty4406/17/134.29


 — Girls pick an interesting way to spend theirs. by penguindance05/08/023.26

Bachelorette Party

 — Fun ain't always for the young. by Oldfarticus11/03/063.89

Bachelorette Party Chaperone Pt. 01

 — Hank golfs while Maggie chaperones girls gone wild. by KingBandor10/19/194.38

Bachelorette Party Chaperone Pt. 02

 — Hank starts to sweat Maggie's behavior. by KingBandor11/01/194.21

Bachelorette Party Chaperone Pt. 03 - Finale

 — Hank confronts Maggie about her slutty trip. by KingBandor11/05/193.68

Bachelorette Wild Party

 — Wife and best friend start something special. by rjust201/15/143.60

Back Alley Cuckold

 — Joanne's experience at the bar. by beachball01/06/113.93

Back Booth Backwash

 — Hot wife is shared by all at adult video store. by Dakota_North02/18/034.41

Back From Another Deployment

 — Loving husband and wife share a night. by Sexy_Stacey08/29/054.25

Back from the Wake

 — A loving wife finds distraction on a long drive. by LightningSeed04/20/192.69

Back in the Kitchen: Slut Wife IV

 — Dan isn't even close to being finished with Meg. by DampKitten04/03/243.52

Back in the Saddle

 — A couple rediscover their sexual chemistry. by rood_peper10/16/124.11

Back on the Block

 — Business man divorces wife and falls for a hooker. by StangStar0601/13/114.62HOT

Back on the Block Ch. 01

 — Conclusion: can Jason be happy with a hooker? by StangStar0601/20/114.74HOT

Back Scratches Affair Ch. 01

 — He sees scratches on guy's back just like his wife had. by TabooTeller02/08/074.10

Back Scratches Affair Ch. 02

 — Everyone talks about what happend. by TabooTeller02/10/074.08

Back Scratches Affair Ch. 03

 — They continue talking and there's kinky sex. by TabooTeller02/17/073.92

Back Scratches Affair Ch. 04

 — Epilogue: what happens eight months later. by TabooTeller01/27/093.63

Back Seat Surprise

 — Do tinted windows hide us from the party? by CeasarBoobage05/31/114.05

Back Through the Looking Glass

 — It's Never What You Think. by dtiverson02/04/194.05

Back to Bristol Ch. 01

 — One wife, one husband, one ex-husband. by GaryAPB07/18/074.48

Back to Bristol Ch. 02

 — One wife, one husband, one ex-husband. by GaryAPB07/19/074.57HOT

Back to Bristol Ch. 03

 — One wife, one husband and one ex-husband. by GaryAPB07/20/074.57HOT

Back to Bristol Ch. 04

 — One wife, one husband, and one ex-husband. by GaryAPB07/21/074.60HOT

Back to Bristol Ch. 05

 — One wife, one husband, one ex-husband. by GaryAPB07/22/074.64HOT

Back to Bristol Ch. 06

 — One wife, one husband and one ex-husband. by GaryAPB07/23/074.64HOT

Back to Bristol Ch. 07

 — One wife, one husband and one ex-husband. by GaryAPB07/24/074.61HOT

Back to Bristol Ch. 08

 — One wife, one husband, one ex-husband. by GaryAPB07/25/074.63HOT

Back to Bristol Ch. 09

 — One wife, one husband and one ex-husband. by GaryAPB07/26/074.56HOT

Back to Bristol Ch. 10

 — One wife, one husband and one ex-husband. by GaryAPB07/27/074.53HOT

Back to Bristol Ch. 11

 — One wife, one husband and one ex-husband. by GaryAPB07/28/074.55HOT

Back to Bristol Ch. 12

 — One wife, one husband and one ex-husband. by GaryAPB07/29/074.58HOT

Back to Bristol Ch. 13

 — One wife, one husband and one ex-husband. by GaryAPB07/30/074.59HOT

Back to Bristol Ch. 14

 — One wife, one husband, and one ex-husband. by GaryAPB07/31/074.61HOT

Back to Bristol Ch. 15

 — One wife, one husband, and one ex-husband. by GaryAPB08/01/074.50HOT

Back to Bristol Ch. 16

 — One wife, one husband, and one ex-husband. by GaryAPB08/02/074.61HOT

Back to Bristol Ch. 17

 — One wife, one husband and one ex-husband by GaryAPB08/03/074.55HOT

Back to Bristol Ch. 18

 — One wife, one husband, and one ex-husband. by GaryAPB08/04/074.62HOT

Back to Bristol Ch. 19

 — One wife, one husband, and one ex-husband. by GaryAPB08/05/074.60HOT

Back to Bristol Ch. 20

 — One wife, one husband and one ex-husband by GaryAPB08/06/074.61HOT

Back to Bristol Ch. 21

 — One wife, one husband, and one ex-husband. by GaryAPB08/07/074.62HOT

Back to Bristol Ch. 22

 — One wife, one husband and one ex-husband. by GaryAPB08/08/074.73HOT

Back to My Wife and Her Hung Lovers

 — My wife, her hung lovers, I finally moved back with my wife. by rogerme01/17/133.20

Back to Reno

 — He wanted to watch for a change. by magichands09/04/024.00

Back to School

 — Adventurous wife returns to college. by cooper04/23/013.80

Back to School

 — Wife goes back to school. by Mr5654343406/27/213.24

Back to School

 — Can she go back to college and stay faithful? by demander02/28/223.99

Back To School Affair

 — Married woman finds erotic affair after school. by Janice6407/30/084.07

Back to the Adult Bookstore

 — Making another trip to the local bookstore for more fun! by aimeesassets11/14/094.32

Back to the Beach

 — Young wife is tempted by well endowed stranger. by race_196210/27/084.14

Back to the Beginning

 — Wife's holiday fling makes couple reassess relationship. by SMFlint202101/10/243.38

Back to the Black Cat Club

 — Going back for our second adventure with a stingers club. by Yukaz05/10/233.89

Back to the Spa

 — A wife's first DP. by burner4612/26/034.21

Back with My B.F

 — A chance encounter with a former boyfriend. by dsoul01/24/103.60

Backdoor Man

 — Neighbor teaches banker about backdoor deposits. by alparker08/29/06


 — A wronged husband requires vengence. by PAPATOAD05/25/08


 — Attempted travagement leads to orgy. by marriedpervs05/21/043.88


 — A wife's revenge doesn't turn out like either expected. by Kinxx06/10/114.18

Background of Hot Wife

 — Info on my hot wife. by havehotwife07/27/033.61

Backseat Diane

 — Wife mistakes a stranger's grope for hubby's roleplay. by Joel01/16/013.71

Backseat Driving

 — My wife in the backseat with a stranger. by Adeon03/23/034.32


 — An innocent church wife is introduced to husband's wild side. by bzzzman01/03/124.30

Backsliding Ch. 02

 — Innocent church wife begins her descent. by bzzzman02/27/124.42

Backsliding Ch. 03

 — Innocent church wife takes a wild ride. by bzzzman03/05/124.47

Backsliding Ch. 04

 — Wife begins experimenting with sinful pleasures. by bzzzman03/15/124.46

Backsliding Ch. 05

 — Beautiful church wife completes her transformation. by bzzzman03/26/124.45

Backsliding Ch. 06

 — Sarah corrupts her sister. by bzzzman05/16/124.48

Backsliding Ch. 07

 — The Conclusion: formerly innocent church wife comes full circle...almost. by bzzzman06/02/124.43

Backstabbing Bride

 — Slutty wife turns on him. by gcrules07/21/042.02

Backyard Bikini

 — Wife's sunbathing leads to an outdoor threesome. by nokvo06/22/074.27

Backyard Rubdown

 — Hubby's friend applies lotion and more. by dogperson7801/01/174.05

Backyard Surprise

 — Husband discovers wife is full of surprises. by PhillipTraum07/07/133.58

Bad Boys?

 — Fun with the wife down the street. by redpilldad05/23/174.42

Bad Brother

 — Hard to decide which one was bad. by Omega1209/06/132.50

Bad Brother Bad Wife

 — Family reunions don't always work out. by Omega1206/03/142.16

Bad Case of Cabin Fever

 — He wasn't supposed to be there until the next day. by Just Plain Bob11/30/063.13

Bad Chaperone

 — A married milf blows the 18-year-old quarterback at promblow. by Silkyvi03/12/194.15

Bad Chemistry

 — Wife wakes up sandwiched between hubby & best friend. by atip9908/05/013.95

Bad Chemistry: Mike's Side

 — Mikes' account of the MMF threesome. by atip9908/08/013.50

Bad Choice

 — Evening out went wrong. by Britease04/23/163.90

Bad Choice, Good Choice

 — A young woman makes two extremely different decisions by amyyum06/08/144.41

Bad Choices

 — Wife makes a bad choice, but can she fix it. by ozdogmz0101/13/213.69

Bad Choices Again

 — Beverley makes a choice. by ozdogmz0101/26/212.93

Bad Day

 — Husband discovers wife is a cheating whore, and gets revenge. by WyoD_S03/28/064.21

Bad Day

 — You just never know what you're going to find in a trash can. by The Wanderer10/17/064.16

Bad Day

 — His started off bad and didn't improve. by FullyLoadedUK02/29/204.27

Bad Day at Black Rock

 — Both of them are tempted. Will one give in? by demander09/02/224.29

Bad Day at the Greasy Grass

 — I hated O'Brien. by dtiverson11/23/174.82HOT

Bad Decisions

 — She made a lot of them and paid the price. by saddletramp195601/24/204.52HOT

Bad Delivery Night Turns Out Great

 — Sexy wife caught pleasuring others, right? by verysimplegal07/03/143.54

Bad Football Bet

 — Wife wagers her body on football bet. by sharedare12/03/033.97

Bad Fortune of a Poor Father Ch. 01

 — A son watches his father defeated as his mother is seduced. by fargas11110/21/103.77

Bad Fortune of a Poor Father Ch. 02

 — The stud continues his conquest of the family. by fargas11110/27/103.53

Bad Fortune of a Poor Father Ch. 03

 — Khaled moves to a city with conspiracies and loving wives. by fargas11110/30/103.76

Bad Girl

 — A wife is very "bad". by MoiBien06/04/123.73

Bad Girlfriend

 — She cheats on her boyfriend and he finds out. by atixxx03/24/242.10

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