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Nude Dance

 — Husband watches wife dance with single guy at nudist club. by exhibitionistguy01/12/084.08

Nude Fantasy

 — Nudist husband lives a fantasy. by woodchuck5507/10/084.11

Nude Island Resort

 — A day on a nude Island with wife. by Honeymaker12/09/174.08

Nude on Stage

 — She could do that, and more. by naughtyladylover01/01/124.07

Nude Resort

 — My wife and I have some sexy fun at a nude resort. by italianentropy10/08/034.11

Nude to Seal the Deal Ch. 02

 — Tina commits fidelity and gets and outrageous offer. by Wifetheif01/01/154.27


 — Father's death nudges son out of loveless marriage. by JimBob4405/03/194.54HOT

Number One Fan Ch. 05

 — The final chapter for Lance and Allie, start of a new life. by 8teenholes09/20/12

Nurse Finds a Way

 — His shy nurse wife helps out a patient. by Rem110012/02/083.97

Nurse Jackie

 — A male nurse gets revenge on cheating wife and her paramour. by Balladeer04/28/124.02

Nurse Training

 — Wife's training pays of for hubby. by ne1forfun10/05/103.93

Nurses Night Out

 — Wife spends time with a new friend. by palles08/31/043.87

Nurses Night Out Ch. 02

 — Hubbie must know. by palles09/02/043.24

Nurses Night Out Ch. 03

 — Wife and hubbie rekindle their love. by palles09/16/043.49

Nursing School

 — Mother's milk and a friend. by bofenkamp12/30/104.10

Nursing The Enemy Ch. 01

 — One nurse, one patient, and a husband. by SylviaG10/28/083.38

Nursing The Enemy Ch. 02

 — A teasing and flashing nurse. by SylviaG10/30/083.56

Nursing The Enemy Ch. 03

 — Will the nurse choose her husband or the patient? by SylviaG11/01/083.19


 — A day in the city. by bigdentate01/04/15

NYE Surprise

 — Wife dressed up for me?? by midwestfeet01/30/182.67

NYE with Closer Friend

 — Friend shows up to party single, wife takes care of him. by Steven6912/30/133.88

Nympho Wife Ch. 01

 — Follow the sexual conquests of his nymphomaniac wife. by Sam188810/15/054.28

Nympho Wife Ch. 03

 — Follow the sexual conquests of my nymphomaniac wife. by Sam188807/20/064.18

Nympho Wife Ch. 04

 — Follow the sexual conquests of my nymphomaniac wife. by Sam188807/21/064.28

Nympho Wife Ch. 05

 — Follow the sexual conquests of my nymphomaniac wife. by Sam188801/08/084.32


 — A naughty housewife's misadventure. by Lee_Yin_Yin09/25/013.87


 — Young wife has uncontrollable urges. by Grey Eagle 28611/23/053.72

Nymphomaniac Wife

 — She makes a hot day hotter. by marriedpervs10/10/074.36

O Christmas Ball, O Christmas Ball

 — Couple's romantic Christmas Eve does not go as planned. by BlueFish1111/21/083.83

O What a Night

 — Lover lays out a limo plan for me. by sloanforfun07/20/163.98

O'Farrell Theatre

 — Darren asks Jan to do something for him. by bobfr03/06/034.44

O'Scouries Valentines Day Wife

 — Man leaves cheating wife on Valentines Day. by scouries02/05/084.42


 — Ray leaves his cheating fiancee for her Hot Granny. by StangStar0608/01/114.76HOT


 — Sheik arrives home, where his wives await him. by PsuedeONhym07/23/073.54


 — Desmond has a barrow in the marketplace. by blackrandl195803/31/184.38

Obama Baby

 — Getting preggers was never so much fun. by woozywinks01/10/083.37


 — A cuckquean wife takes her husband's mistress as her own. by Lucky10200102/11/164.38

Obedient Vivian

 — My obedient fiancé fulfilling my sick desires. by depech07/22/113.72

Obedient Wife Flashes Truckers

 — Wife indulges my fantasy flashing truckers & more. by MrBlueUK08/16/123.73

Obedient Wife Flashes Truckers Ch. 02

 — Wife joins trucker in his cab. by MrBlueUK08/28/123.73

Obedient Yet Naughty

 — Hot wife made to suck and fuck stranger outdoors. by lovinlife082810/03/084.11

Obey Me!

 — Husband has the answer to their failing marriage. by scorpio0015502/26/014.37

Objects in the Mirror

 — I took a chance at regaining what I'd lost. by StangStar0610/02/134.49

Obscene Caller: First Encounter

 — Wife submits to obscene phone caller. by bobguy06/26/023.71


 — Wife's diary shows she's another man's slut. by craigool12/10/042.92


 — She knows he cheated. Paybacks are a bitch. by Longhorn__0708/27/054.67HOT


 — There was a mystery man. by Just Plain Bob02/26/103.17


 — One man's need to show his wife has its consequences. by grgy5602/11/143.72


 — How it all began by CleoRa06/29/144.34

Obsession Ch. 01

 — Married woman services young man. by Chuckie08/10/034.24

Obsession Ch. 01

 — Young dutiful wife obsessed with neighbor's huge cock. by CleoRa06/19/144.22

Obsession Ch. 02

 — Her continued obsession with a younger man. by Chuckie08/31/034.27

Obsession Ch. 02

 — Obsessed with neighbor's cock. by CleoRa06/23/144.20

Obsession Ch. 04

 — Married woman serves young man & his friends. by Chuckie01/01/053.90

Obsession Ended, Another Started

 — Picking up the pieces of an obsession gone wrong. by AtomicD09/19/053.79

Obsession: Corrupting Becky

 — His wife has her first lesbian experience. by AnotherHotWife06/02/094.17

Obsession: Ten Naughty Moments

 — A husband struggles with his wife's interracial desires. by AnotherHotWife05/22/093.96

Obsessions of a Married Woman Ch. 01

 — Young wife finally feels needed and filled. by RomanMichael08/20/094.28

Obsessions of a Married Woman Ch. 02

 — Kelly continues the affiar. by RomanMichael08/21/094.17

Obvious, in Retrospect

 — Two couples and a beach house. by angstypleasure04/19/094.15

Obvious, in Retrospect Ch. 02

 — Vacation spouse swapping continues back home. by angstypleasure07/14/094.31

Oceanfront Love Affair

 — Two married couples meet on vacation in paradise. by Cheri Sweet Lips05/20/013.85


 — I crossed the ocean for her, but it wasn't enough. by StangStar0601/13/124.45


 — He overcomes the teasing woman on the beach. by WickedNaughtyThoughts01/04/184.07

Odd Couple

 — It was not quite what it seemed to be. by magmaman06/28/133.83

Ode to a Hot Wife

 — A day of appreciation for my lovingly shared wife. by dispatcher5902/08/193.81

Ode to a Redhead

 — A couple devote their time and attention to oral worship. by naughtywriter205/28/154.34

Of All People

 — How could she do this to me? by BigGuy3312/15/163.91

Of Lambs and Hunters Ch. 01

 — Early days, knowing about lambs. by erosdon12/10/154.26

Of Lambs and Hunters Ch. 03

 — Of body over mind. by erosdon01/12/164.14

Of Lambs and Hunters Ch. 04

 — Falling deep. by erosdon01/28/164.00

Of Lambs and Hunters Ch. 05

 — Deep physical longings. by erosdon03/27/164.38

Off Road Encounter

 — Hot wife enjoys the attention of a back road lover. by dlawson02/28/133.73

Off The Rocks Pt. 01

 — It was over when it started. by HCallahan03/03/142.79

Off The Wall

 — Sarah does a boudoir photo shoot for her husband. by PerkyPunkySassy01/11/184.01

Off to the Races

 — Hubby watches as wife gets some strange. by luv2eat12/13/033.70

Off to the Races

 — It was the last thing he expected. by Just Plain Bob12/21/18

Off to Work

 — What a way to start the day. by danca051712/09/064.09

Offering My Wife To A Friend

 — His wife enjoys a friend while he watches. by sanjayjain05/18/043.82

Offering Up Allison

 — Wife is offered to her husband's friends. by CindysBob10/15/044.18

Office Cuckold Ch. 03

 — Leah finds out... by Cuckjosht07/31/143.71

Office Cuckold Ch. 04

 — The wedding. by Cuckjosht08/01/143.51

Office Cumslut Ch. 01

 — Creampie from naughty wife. by DrLuverotica04/04/133.86

Office Fun

 — Naive young woman stumbles across a couple at work. by DoorX08/11/014.44

Office Hunting

 — Execs from home office find working wife more than willing. by LT196301/18/143.75

Office Party and Musical Chairs

 — At a raunchy office party, Indian wife plays musical chairs. by aurelius198208/08/094.36

Office Politics Pt. 01

 — Hubby's boss demands favours from wife. by Robsound06/20/14

Office Politics Pt. 02

 — What will Katy do to get Ben a promotion? by Robsound06/26/14

Office Politics Pt. 03

 — Katy finally pays for Ben's promotion. by Robsound07/24/14

Office Politics Pt. 04

 — Katy pays the price. by Robsound07/27/14

Office Politics Pt. 05

 — Jeff gets his promotion. by Robsound07/31/14

Office Politics Pt. 06

 — Ben sets off for Brazil and a new life. by Robsound08/24/14

Office Politics Pt. 07

 — Katy goes to Paris. by Robsound10/06/14

Office Prize

 — I get offered as an office bonus at work. by TeX_T_C05/23/113.90

Office Sex - Day 01

 — Sex with the Boss's wife and the Secretary. by ILoveMarriedWomen06/07/194.25

Office Sex - Day 02

 — I turn the boss's wife into my slut. by ILoveMarriedWomen06/16/194.11NEW

Office Slut - The Beginning Ch. 01

 — It was a dark and rainy night. by Lordshark01/04/11

Office Slut - The Beginning Ch. 02

 — Viewing the CD. by Lordshark01/12/11

Office Slut - The Beginning Ch. 03

 — The story continues. by Lordshark01/19/11

Office Slut - The Beginning Ch. 04

 — Taking the job. by Lordshark02/01/11

Office Surprise

 — A boring day at the office? Not with this start! by S2art04/07/013.71

Office Surprise

 — Wife surprises husband with an office fuck. by vegasdude02/24/113.86

Office Visit

 — She drops by his office. by jay hanspard03/18/054.31

Office Visit

 — Wife pays special visit to husband. by Johnonymous09/25/044.33

Office Wife

 — Jake goes to work for a most unusual firm. by MajorRewrite01/11/154.66HOT

Office Work

 — Horny wife surprises husband, & ends up surprised. by Easy Street06/08/024.04

Office Work Ch. 01

 — "Sexy outfits" as Part of Her Job Description. by RipRespon01/07/184.07

Office Work Ch. 02

 — I'm an Expert, and This is a Strip Club. by RipRespon01/09/184.13

Office Work Ch. 03

 — Really Fucking Smashed. by RipRespon01/10/183.99

Office Work Ch. 04

 — A Rift Between Us. by RipRespon01/11/183.70

Office Work Ch. 05

 — The Game of Find That File. by RipRespon01/13/183.89

Office Work Ch. 06

 — Conclusion: I'm Pretty Sure You Want to Watch. by RipRespon01/14/183.43


 — Traffic stop turns erotic for young wife. by Sarah K.10/16/004.40

Officer Cock

 — One drunk wife, one unforgettable traffic stop. by KagedButterfly11/12/074.17

Oh Baby

 — I didn't know getting pregnant could be so hard. by hoochinya10/30/093.83

Oh Boy!

 — Laurie meets my coworkers. by Lauries Husband09/25/044.07

Oh Brother

 — An unexpected phone call leads to an adventure. by Patrick02/28/014.42

Oh Brother Ch. 2

 — Jane comes along to comfort Jeremy. by Patrick03/07/014.39

Oh Brother!

 — Wife agrees to a bit of brother-in-law love. by jeforest01/31/054.00

Oh Brother! Ch. 01

 — My wife enjoys my brother while I secretly watch. by _brent_12301/02/164.56HOT

Oh Dear, John?

 — Jilted wife decides to find a playmate. by Charley_Ace01/15/024.03

Oh Elena

 — Could one woman cause so many to fall?... by mary91505/26/153.12

Oh Elena Ch. 02

 — I did say I was sorry. by mary91505/29/152.89

Oh For the Love of a Brown Eyed

 — Girl. Love the second time around. by chilleywilley01/07/144.00

Oh Fuck!!!

 — Sometimes your good luck just runs out. by oldiethevoyeur07/15/13

Oh My God!

 — Navy Chaplain's wife has her second coming. by kelley_and_tracy01/07/034.40

Oh My God! The Jezabelle Factor

 — Chaplin's wife begins her descent by kelley_and_tracy09/19/034.08

Oh My God! The Second Cumming

 — Navy Chaplain's wife sees the light. by kelley_and_tracy01/15/034.33

Oh No!

 — Jan's playing as a whore turns real. by janandjustin12/02/024.36

Oh No.

 — Succumbing to best friend's husband. by Abitclose08/31/154.14

Oh the Games People Play Now

 — The old lady did ask him nicely. by magmaman11/19/094.31

Oh the Games People Play Now Ch. 02

 — Danny was trying to come up with an idea. by magmaman11/27/094.19

Oh Those Day Games

 — A day at the ballpark. by LP195708/12/173.24

Oh Those Day Games Ending

 — The end to a long day at the ballpark and at home. by LP195709/13/173.03

Oh Those Day Games Pt. 02

 — After I dropped her off. by LP195708/18/173.16

Oh Those Day Games Pt. 03

 — Karen's perspective of the day. by LP195708/25/173.16

Oh What a Night!

 — My wife agreed he was the biggest and the best she ever had. by chilleywilley05/01/173.92

Oh What a Night!

 — Couple looks for excitement and finds plenty. by Writerly41706/06/193.24

Oh What a Surprise

 — Married Lucy is tempted for one night with the tourist John. by lucioz12/27/093.90

Oh What A Wife

 — Husband and Wife entertain a secretary. by fantasex1312/12/053.89

Oh! Stephanie

 — Just what does Stephanie think she's up to? by The Wanderer08/16/054.12

Oh, Sh*t

 — I know she's cheating and I'm going to make her pay. by BillandKate03/26/193.74

Oh, So Very Very Close.

 — Husband and wife relive the old times. by Bazzza12/21/074.28

Oh. What a Shock

 — Erotic reading leads to an adventure. by daggett07/03/034.34


 — Naive teacher gets big cocked by student - & hubby? by scouries11/06/064.43

Oil's Well That Ends Well

 — Husband overhears wife's plans. He takes action. by Sfbullrider04/23/144.10

Oilfield Cheating Saga Redux

 — Another cheating wife story. by c1992w09/18/16

Ok I'll do It, Again Pt. 01

 — Part 1 of a 3 Part Series of continuation of an old story. by ozinsom7705/09/173.76

Ok I'll do It, Again Pt. 02

 — Swinging, grooming and open marriage. by ozinsom7705/21/173.91

Ok I'll do It, Again Pt. 03

 — A couple trying to deal with love and sex not exclusive. by ozinsom7706/12/173.61

Okay I'll do it

 — Fiancee strips at bachelor party. by hornet05/12/034.41

Okay, I Created A Monster

 — Loving wife finally gives in to husbands request by BigFeet1507/26/034.02

Okay, So I'm a Slut!

 — Confessions of... a different kind of loving wife. by Michael14202/18/153.74

Old Classmate

 — Husband's boss turn out to be wife's old HS friend. by barkirk06/10/173.98

Old Country

 — City girl is content; then Old Country came to town... by Flavian10/17/144.14

Old Flame Re-ignited

 — I spy my old girlfriend over a fence as I walk my dog. by bobswuk08/01/183.37

Old Fool

 — He can forgive her once, but after that... by ohio08/24/054.28

Old Friend and Good Times

 — Reunion with old friend leads to interesting night. by McMitchell06/28/074.28

Old Friend, New Experience

 — Wife takes the next step with an old friend. by unclecrusty12/05/104.21

Old Friends

 — He discovers that he is a cuckold and seeks revenge. by Grey Eagle 28611/19/054.31

Old Friends Become Special Friends

 — Spouses forced to live far apart find substitutes. by SpratGilfis08/01/174.35

Old Friends Ch. 01

 — Alexa & Blake share a night of wild passion in a hotel. by LaceyEdwards08/16/103.66

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