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Untapped Potential

 — Expanding the world of a relative newcomer to sex. by hectorgonzalez08/30/074.15


 — Infidelity? Oh ... There's an App for that ... by Flavian04/27/154.45

Until Death Do Us Part

 — An abusive husband gets what he deserves. by TxRad05/29/124.25

Until Then Ch. 02

 — Lilith receives a letter from her husband's ex-mistress... by mary91504/26/144.14

Until Then Ch. 03

 — A glimpse of Lilith's wild past... by mary91504/28/143.73

Until Then Ch. 04

 — Sometimes... by mary91505/06/143.21

Until We Meet Again

 — What happens when love dies? by FNS26902/06/154.66HOT

Untitled #01

 — Girlfriend brings home another man. by 08abbey02/03/113.07


 — WTF was my wife doing in Vail?? by Saxon_Hart02/23/144.61HOT

Unwanted Guest Ch. 01

 — Daughter-in-law forced to stay with dominant father-in-law. by Nextstar11/14/123.46

Unwanted Guest Ch. 02

 — Betty is trapped all alone with her father-in-law. by Nextstar11/17/123.87

Unwanted Guest Ch. 03

 — Father-in-law penetrates his daughter-in-law. by Nextstar10/08/133.91

Unwelcome Promotion

 — Man gets promotion at work, but regrets the cost. by misterstan02/09/113.23

Unwrapping Candy

 — Husband wants to watch his wife. by FrederickJones03/18/104.09

Unwrapping Candy Ch. 02

 — Are we going to make lust tonight? by FrederickJones03/21/104.13

Unwrapping Candy Ch. 03

 — After a minute, I rolled to her, taking her into my arms. by FrederickJones03/22/104.45

Unwrapping My Present

 — A birthday present from his wife. by Enamored11/04/034.37

Up Against the Wall

 — A loving couple support a guy whose gal dumped him. by LynnGKS06/02/104.28

Up for Auction

 — Watching my wife and mother sold off for charity. by eroswizard11/22/133.72

Up from LA

 — Her fiance's friend spends the night with them. by jeninflorida04/03/074.18

Up in Michigan

 — Loving Wives can be Loving Wives. by dtiverson09/25/154.36

Upsetting The Cheaters

 — Man gets revenge on cheating wife and her lover. by SW_MO_Hermit09/25/124.21

Upskirt and More

 — Wife tells husband to butt out. by Torridous04/30/033.62


 — Young military wife takes on a black lover. by Likes Watching03/30/044.11

Uptight Chloe Backstory Ch. 01

 — Chloe considers expanding her sexual horizons. by DavidAurian06/16/103.91

Uptight Chloe Backstory Ch. 02

 — Chloe plays with her new toys. by DavidAurian06/27/104.10

Uptight Chloe Backstory Ch. 03

 — Chloe aroused by Kristy in the sauna. by DavidAurian07/03/103.86

Uptight Chloe Backstory Ch. 04

 — Chloe watches gangbang videos, wants a threesome. by DavidAurian07/13/104.20

Uptight Chloe Backstory Ch. 05

 — Chloe meets David, they discuss her upcoming training. by DavidAurian07/21/104.16

Uptight Chloe Backstory Ch. 08

 — Geoff has Kristy, then they begin Chloe's conditioning. by DavidAurian08/21/104.34

Uptight Chloe Backstory Ch. 09

 — Geoff and David finally offer Chloe to a stranger. by DavidAurian09/30/104.06

Uptight Chloe Opened Up Ch. 01

 — Wife explores submissive side; gangbang and orgasm denial. by DavidAurian06/03/104.18

Urges Ch. 01

 — We all have them... by jawanaut03/19/153.91


 — Husband and wife renew their relationship. by mdp_200403/10/073.94


 — Ever been completely used? A different take to revenge. by easylivin10/12/073.80


 — Wife satisfies her urgent appetites. by masterfeedlarry12/02/123.92

Used & Abused Ch. 07

 — "Hurry home!" by Jessiebnh06/13/054.32

Used & Abused Ch. 13

 — Jes is given to the School Janitor. by Jessiebnh04/23/064.24

Used and Abused at Jamaican Beach

 — Wife used at vacation. by jamaludden05/18/163.29

Used and Examined by a Stranger

 — Married woman finds sexual release. by chad197206/06/063.68

Used By My Neighbor

 — Two neighbors scratch an itch. by standingstones02/22/144.17

Used Ch. 1

 — Older couple uses young housewife to promote their business. by Tim Smith06/12/014.23

Used Ch. 2

 — Wife gets in too deep in the underworld of sex. by Tim Smith10/09/014.24

Using A Twenty-Seven Year Old Free Card

 — I can't believe she did it... by Slirpuff04/25/103.83

Using Kim

 — A wife's submissive beginning. by wenchhunt05/10/033.85

Using Kim Ch. 02

 — Pleasure with a submissive wife. by wenchhunt07/10/033.77

Using Sandy

 — Wife helps close a business deal by Tim Smith11/07/024.12


 — Man works his way up, wife works her way out. by jakewho6905/14/123.54

V Day

 — She wants her husband to father her best friend's children. by E.Z.Riter07/31/024.44


 — Wife puts on show during cross-country drive. by AXLaws10/15/003.60


 — Hubby fulfills wife's fantasy with a stranger's help. by Looking4YouToo06/13/014.08


 — Lazy pool afternoon turns fantasy into reality. by richjim09/05/034.13


 — Europe Trip. by Koreangal07/15/143.63


 — Four friends travel on vacation. by jamisonh21305/23/154.20

Vacation Argument

 — She goes her own way after they fight. by toomuchinmyhead04/06/133.51

Vacation at a Nude Resort Ch 3

 — Older woman makes interesting proposal. by VeryHappyHubby10/25/024.28

Vacation Away

 — Wife gets pregnant by another man. by stlimanika11/03/113.48

Vacation Breakdown

 — Wife sucks off tow truck driver while I sleep. by bklyn_4002/04/093.76

Vacation Ch. 03

 — Crystal strips at the all nude club. by raywesty03/15/064.45

Vacation Discovery

 — Wife turns slut for vacation duration. by lecturer42702/20/123.86

Vacation Encounters Ch. 01

 — Hotwife on a date. by maturemadness205/14/114.04

Vacation Fantasy

 — His fantasy awakens a whole new side of her sexuality. by zogwart08/13/073.71

Vacation From Hell Ch. 01

 — He has such a cheating wife. by freefred02/03/033.88

Vacation From Hell Ch. 02

 — He awakens to a hot new day. by freefred02/04/034.08

Vacation From Hell Ch. 03

 — A long night just got longer by freefred02/16/033.99

Vacation From Hell Ch. 04

 — The next day. by freefred03/24/033.99

Vacation From Hell Ch. 05

 — Franks decides to continue vacation. by freefred04/18/033.96

Vacation From Hell Ch. 06

 — The vacation continues. by freefred06/06/034.16

Vacation From Hell Ch. 07

 — The end of the story of Pam and Frank. by freefred10/19/034.31

Vacation Fun

 — A couple has a wild start to their vacation. by bluebaloo01/04/074.26

Vacation Fun

 — Naive husband and wife surprise themselves on holiday. by rclove9501/21/104.47

Vacation Fun

 — Married cougar 1st time in front of husband. by jayman4410/12/113.97

Vacation Fun Ch. 01

 — Getting caught and the bonus. by Rakfan06/10/143.77

Vacation Fun Ch. 02

 — A gang bang on holiday. by bluebaloo08/22/084.30

Vacation Fun Ch. 02

 — The fun continues. by Rakfan06/14/144.08

Vacation Getaway

 — A bored housewife meets a stranger on the beach. by 8hrstr812/28/114.11

Vacation Getaway

 — A wife gets a big surprise during a weekend getaway. by Slyde73409/08/15

Vacation Paradiso

 — Castaway mother & son are stranded on an island. by Therapy R08/18/014.25

Vacation Paradiso Ch. 2

 — A Tribal awaits Mom. by Therapy R08/29/014.26

Vacation Sex

 — Expectations don't always come about. by LP195706/18/123.93

Vacation Suprises

 — Wife lives out husband's fantasies while on vacation. by Slade3406/09/134.37

Vacation Suprises Ch. 02

 — Wife continues to surprise husband with her boldness. by Slade3407/10/134.53HOT

Vacation Surprise

 — husband and wife get crazy on vacation by tremmer11/18/12

Vacation Surprise

 — I make her fantasy come true. by texoma106/05/153.66

Vacation Threesome

 — Her husband ties me up and surprises her with a stranger. by Ladybatt03/11/043.94

Vacation Threesome

 — Vacationing couple meet Anna. by TallBlondeTom11/07/114.43

Vacation Threesome

 — HOT wife and 2 Italian men. by ssp7010/29/113.90

Vacation to the USVI Ch. 01

 — Retreat to St. Croix leads to new experiences. by jbsecretagent2405/11/094.42

Vacation to the USVI Ch. 02

 — Trip to St. Croix offers chance to try social nudity. by jbsecretagent2405/18/094.51HOT

Vacation to the USVI Ch. 03

 — St. Croix vacation leads to experience with social nudity. by jbsecretagent2406/28/094.49

Vacation Twist

 — Beautiful wife has urges. by mozartnflcom09/12/093.67

Vacation Twist Ch. 02

 — Wife returns home and knows she is hot. by mozartnflcom10/24/093.51

Vacation Twist Ch. 03

 — I am taking what is mine. by mozartnflcom01/10/103.60

Vacation Twist Ch. 04

 — She really is a good wife. by mozartnflcom02/20/103.58

Vacation without Hubby

 — Wife takes a hot vacation without her husband, but not alone. by paulsprings01/30/163.61

Vacation: It Finally Happens

 — She succumbs to his desire & takes another man. by JohnSharon09/25/064.02

Vacuum Bag Bed

 — It was just a photoshoot, one never to speak of. by w8vector12/08/074.08

Val & Joe

 — An encouraged affair. by Orcaman4706/16/034.09

Val Finally Gets Into Freak Mode

 — Val lets go and enjoys other men. by applevalyan07/06/054.27

Valentine Exchange

 — Three couples share their Valentines. by Schwingprose03/15/104.29

Valentine Exchange Ch. 02

 — The Valentine's Day party continues. by Schwingprose04/27/104.34

Valentine Treat: WhoreWife Creampie

 — He reacts to detective's video of his wife whoring at hotel. by AverageBear01/27/124.05

Valentine's Celebration

 — Sarah gives her husband a special present for Valentines day. by HottieKatie02/05/134.06

Valentine's Day

 — A surprising weekend. by subknotty10/20/153.30

Valentine's Day Adventure

 — Emily has some fun at her husband's expense. by MistressEmma10/10/153.53

Valentine's Day Anniversary

 — A special anniversary present. by Jonathan Pryce02/04/054.43

Valentine's Day Dinner

 — A loving couple announce she's pregnant. by SnatchALovingwife01/20/142.47

Valentine's Day Divorce

 — Cassie does what it takes to get the terms she wants. by msgrant6701/22/133.21

Valentine's Day Massage

 — Husband sets up special gift massage for his wife. by Snake13807/18/014.64HOT

Valentine's Day Present

 — Wife goes too far for husband's present. by susan1000_9804/16/043.80

Valentine's Interrupted

 — An unwelcome guest disrupts our plans. by rarmons01/21/163.46

Valentine's Wish List

 — Couple make sexual wish lists to make V-Day last all year by Romantic101/30/094.09

Valentines Day

 — Cards lead to naughtiness. by satyrbutwiser08/14/093.72

Valentines To Remember

 — Wife presents glamour photos as Valentines Day gift. by happy2bhubby04/04/033.96

Valerie Gets Hammered Ch. 02

 — Val's continued adventures. by MarlinPerkins07/30/074.36

Valerie Gets Hammered Ch. 03

 — Valerie's torment continues... by MarlinPerkins09/16/123.84

Valerie the Magnificent

 — His loving wife explores her sexuality. by val wrangler01/13/054.54HOT

Valerie the Magnificent Ch. 02

 — Mike helps Val deal with her inner turmoil. by val wrangler04/06/054.47

Valerie the Magnificent Ch. 03

 — Mike figures out what Val really wants. by val wrangler04/15/054.54HOT

Valerie the Magnificent Ch. 04

 — Val tells of her sexual awakening. by val wrangler05/20/054.44

Valerie the Magnificent Ch. 05

 — Things get more hot and heavy. by val wrangler10/06/054.51HOT

Valerie the Magnificent Ch. 08

 — She takes things too far. by val wrangler01/20/064.48

Valerie the Magnificent Ch. 09

 — She goes off on a business trip. by val wrangler04/29/064.48

Valerie the Magnificent Ch. 10

 — She gets to work. by val wrangler04/30/064.47

Valerie the Magnificent Ch. 11

 — Val does the deed, but so does Mike. by val wrangler05/31/064.36

Valerie's After School Year Party

 — A teacher's after school educating of select few. by applevalyan12/03/013.79

Valerie's Thing

 — As far as she was concerned it was okay. by Just Plain Bob03/26/114.19

Valerie, Bill, & Me

 — Wife's fun filled cruise with husband & friend. by applevalyan11/07/014.46

Valery's Date

 — A sexy wife on an innocent date; what harm could that do? by Dark Lord12/08/05HOT

Vampire versus Pixie

 — A really good time passing out Halloween treats by LaPatitMort10/10/084.46

Van Gets a Tattoo

 — She comes home with a tattoo and a little more. by Wilbur08/06/023.95


 — "The Bullet" only winged him. by Ntropy58608/23/094.48

Vanessa and I - Ch 01: Perfection

 — My wife and I enjoy Chloe's perfection. by TEBJrNghwJqw09/08/134.05

Vanessa and I - Ch 02: Our First MFM

 — The first time I had to share my wife with another man. by TEBJrNghwJqw09/21/133.75

Vanessa and I - Ch 03: Clay

 — My gym partner comes over for beer and swimming. by TEBJrNghwJqw10/27/133.92

Vanessa and I - Ch 04: The Punishment

 — Vanessa punishes me for breaking her rule. by TEBJrNghwJqw11/02/133.42

Vanessa and I - Ch 04: The Punishment 2

 — There's a threesome! by TEBJrNghwJqw08/24/143.50

Vanessa and I - Ch 05: Punish Her

 — Turning the tables on my vengeful wife by TEBJrNghwJqw10/09/143.12

Vanessa and I - Ch 06: A Couple

 — V and I meet with a couple for a wild night. by TEBJrNghwJqw12/03/143.72

Vanessa and I - Ch 07: The Next Day

 — A quick story of the day after our first couple's night. by TEBJrNghwJqw03/28/153.68

Vanessa and I - Ch 08: Friends

 — V and I have friends over for a swim. We enjoy the views. by TEBJrNghwJqw05/24/154.05

Vanessa and I - Ch 09: Good Friends

 — I get to know Di a little better. by TEBJrNghwJqw05/25/154.26

Vanessa and I - Ch 10: Jealousy

 — V gets bold with her friends. by TEBJrNghwJqw06/17/153.68

Vanessa and I - Ch 11: Surprise

 — V surprises me when she returns from her trip. by TEBJrNghwJqw09/16/153.87

Vanessa and I - Ch 12: Bikinis

 — Matching sexy bikinis leads to fun with the neighbors. by TEBJrNghwJqw02/23/164.07

Vanessa and I - Ch 13: Anything

 — V will do anything for her lover. by TEBJrNghwJqw05/13/162.54

Vanessa and Marnie in Conversation

 — "How about you try my husband, he's good in bed." by luedon03/03/163.31

Vanessa, My Dearest Friend Ch. 02

 — Mukherjee completes his union with Rohini. by dan5702/27/104.45

Vanessa, My Dearest Friend Ch. 03

 — Vanessa and Rohini share more than happy memories! by dan5703/20/103.72

Vanessa, My Dearest Friend Ch. 05

 — Mukherjee and Rohini visit Dan! by dan5703/31/104.08

Vanessa, My Dearest Friend Ch. 06

 — Miami vices! by dan5704/20/104.45

Vanessa, My Dearest Friend Ch. 07

 — Miami vices! by dan5707/16/104.38

Vanessa, My Dearest Friend Ch. 08

 — A few days in the Chinese brothel. by dan5707/17/103.22

Vanessa, My Dearest Friend Ch. 09

 — The end of Rohini's honeymoon trip. by dan5707/18/104.29

Vanessa, My Dearest Friend Ch. 10

 — A night to remember. by dan5707/19/104.67

Vanessa, my Dearest Friend Ch. 11

 — Playtime in Hindustan. by dan5707/20/103.89

Vanessa, my Dearest Friend Ch. 12

 — Epilogue? by dan5707/21/104.20

Vanessa, My Love Ch. 01

 — Is she cheating? by wetworks_8807/25/053.92


 — Cheating is a pain. by Scorpio4401/09/084.44


 — All the time in the world. by magmaman02/06/153.84

Vasectomy Ch. 04

 — After getting a vasectomy, his wife rewards him. by Joe Bob09/19/034.18


 — Couple goes to Vegas; what will happen next? by jakewho6909/10/113.83

Vegas Baby!!

 — My husband gives me permission to go on a Vegas vacation. by Geilemeid03/29/114.23

Vegas Baby!! Ch. 02

 — My preparations for my trip to Vegas. by Geilemeid04/09/114.46

Vegas Baby!! Ch. 03

 — Finally, I fly over to Vegas with my lover. by Geilemeid05/02/114.41

Vegas Baby!! Ch. 04

 — Let's get married! by Geilemeid01/10/124.24

Vegas Club Night

 — Sitting in our Vegas suite... by sorand06/11/103.86

Vegas Date Night

 — On our date hubby shows me off and more. by jeninflorida08/27/064.19

Vegas Fun

 — Wife gives husband a great surprise. by i69DrDave12/26/073.90

Vegas Fun With New Friends

 — Couple invites others to join in their fun. by biggun7611/01/044.28

Vegas Get Together

 — A cybersex exchange leads to a couple meeting a writer. by LanceinBermuda02/28/154.09

Vegas Odyssey: The Seduction

 — My wife and I seduce a couple staying at our hotel. by raiderh07/10/154.63HOT

Vegas Strip Show Wife

 — He gets his wife to strip for much needed cash. by Roscoe2808/12/084.14

Vegas Trip 0.5

 — When we go, what will happen? by actionexpres08/26/073.52

Vegas Vacation

 — Wige gets more than she bargains for at casino. by sicpuppy02/11/064.24

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