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Just Business

 — He cheats on his wife. by MightyZor08/03/043.42

Just Cruising

 — Bisexual encounter on a cruise ship. by marriedpervs12/11/083.97

Just Deserts

 — Seducing a best friend's wife seldom ends well. by ukresearcher08/04/153.70

Just Dessert

 — Wife has fun at a pool party. by Roscoe082911/05/053.64

Just Dessert

 — Trophy wife used as entertainment by shaunreagh08/26/103.69

Just Desserts

 — Who said there's no such thing as a free dinner? by wonderful11/27/024.10

Just Desserts

 — Hardworking guy comes home to a special treat. by JohnB7307/28/033.64

Just Desserts

 — A spanking story. by Malinov05/21/123.77

Just Desserts

 — Retribution on cheating spouse and her lovers. by SW_MO_Hermit11/04/144.38

Just Do It

 — A handyman builds a veranda. by Ashson04/25/133.98

Just Don't

 — Cheating wife learns a lesson. by onlinereader424206/16/173.69

Just Easing the Pain?

 — Now if she hadn't gone bowling. by magmaman03/18/093.74

Just For Fun

 — Advert leads to a pleasurable evening. by taurents01/25/023.94

Just For Old Times

 — Julie takes her husband back to a summer in her past. by quinn rogan06/24/034.03

Just For You

 — After a long day at work. by slavegirl199210/20/154.11

Just Friends

 — Wives and Husbands. by Suburb11/18/173.66

Just Give Me One Good Excuse

 — Husband finds trouble on wife's leg. by MrRobbur01/19/144.04

Just Going To Chat

 — Beautiful, shy wife gets a surprise. by lookinaround8808/19/143.67

Just Going With It

 — He and Ana get hot on vacation. by lloyd1206/16/044.10

Just Guessing

 — He didn't have a clue she was cheating. by PAPATOAD06/15/08

Just Imagine It

 — My girl friend and my wife. by Britease09/08/084.27

Just in Time

 — Wife finds husband just in time to save their marriage. by zeke8107/20/064.12

Just Keep Texting

 — My wife texts all about meeting someone new at a nightclub by ZeroDarkDirty12/05/173.57

Just Like Matthew

 — A wife, a detective, a phone call, how did it happen? by Captain Steve03/08/053.39

Just Like Old Times

 — A Married Couple looks to have a new adventure. by Random_fun11/10/154.45

Just Live With It!

 — All Hallows Eve tale. by JeepsBlues11/06/173.58

Just My Imagination

 — Will her fantasy become a reality? by sweetnpetite09/07/033.93

Just My Imagination

 — Does he imagine she's cuckolding him? by cuckytoher01/15/132.63

Just Now

 — You're never going to believe this, but... by Many Feathers08/10/094.16

Just Old Friends

 — Should have done it years ago. by Mainefiddleheads01/05/164.44

Just Once

 — Wife is seduced by a serial seducer. by michaellajones09/23/174.32

Just Once Is Never Enough

 — Wife discovers explicit photos and wants what she sees. by fanatic28210/08/144.15

Just One More Drink

 — Sally goes drinking with coworkers and ends up being shared. by HotHockeyWife11/20/154.03

Just One Night, The Aftermath

 — Has Pandora's box been opened? by maxfly10/14/084.12

Just One Night, The Aftermath Ch. 02

 — More adventures in Cancun. by maxfly11/02/084.01

Just One Night, The Aftermath Ch. 03

 — The adventure comes to an end; will their marriage survive? by maxfly11/08/083.99

Just One Night...

 — Bored housewife gets freedom for just one night. by maxfly06/29/083.79

Just Outside Baton Rouge

 — Wife flashes trucker; which leads to more. by Tombone01/19/094.35

Just Rewards

 — Mutual adultery leads to husband's humiliation. by chatbug01/17/012.55

Just Shut-Up And Fuck Me

 — Wife submits to wisdom of husband's dull point. by cliterotia12/15/054.10

Just Small Changes

 — I didn't understand but something had changed. by guitarman10009/23/084.16

Just South of Sane Ch. 01

 — The beginning of the end. by ronmac06/27/033.48

Just The Beginning

 — Jessica & Gareth start their honeymoon at home. by SexySecretary09/12/013.44

Just the Neighbor Ch. 01

 — His wife tells a story he just doesn't believe. by WeJaySal04/08/034.26

Just the Neighbor Ch. 02

 — It wasn't just a story, it was true by WeJaySal04/08/034.29

Just The One Time

 — The price one pays for cheating. by DG Hear05/08/064.25

Just The Three of Us

 — He shares exhibitionist wife with divorced friend. by Ravenwood11/30/034.40

Just to Relax

 — Misadventures of a libertine. by Captain Steve03/09/034.16

Just Too Happily Married

 — Just another cheating song. by carvohi03/11/153.68

Just Trying To Help Pt. 01

 — Cheating, Romance, Love, It's all here. by DG Hear12/04/074.67HOT

Just Two Girls Out On The Town

 — Mother and daughter do female bonding. by Just Plain Bob03/02/073.77

Just What Does Constitute Cheating

 — When lines get blurred. by Slirpuff06/10/104.26

Just What He Wanted

 — Helen gives James an early Christmas present. by vitesse11/11/053.97

Just What I Needed

 — Husband watches as wife is picked up by a woman. by blueday02/18/064.20

Just What The Doctor Ordered

 — Jill's doctor prescribes the perfect cure! by Ramblerman09/06/104.40

Just Working

 — Cheating wife finds a girlfriend at work. by westerntiger05/11/074.13


 — Husband unfortuately gets his wish. by Crwth12/30/053.76


 — Love is a life sentence. by oshaw03/17/174.73HOT

Justice for Julie

 — A wife cheats or does she... by Zeb_Carter12/28/17

Justine's Celebrity

 — Slut wife seduces the TV anchorman. by hotbossman04/05/014.17

Justine's Initiation

 — Stunning wife enjoys her first threesome. by hotbossman04/05/014.23

Juvenile Escapades

 — Three guys dump three cheating wives. by PAPATOAD02/16/10

JWWBT Ch. 06

 — Brad and Will are caged for the first time in their lives. by hubbyhw06/14/143.43

Kaitlyn's Story

 — Young Kaitlyn needs it on a regular basis. by MormonChicks09/26/114.35

Kallie Discovers a New World Ch. 01

 — A soccer mom realizes that there is more out there. by Ironwill199502/05/104.11

Kallie Discovers a New World Ch. 02

 — We learn more about her husband. by Ironwill199502/25/103.93

Kalpana & "Sir" Ch. 01

 — Mature woman falls for randy old executive. by indian_exec200008/21/094.26

Kalpana & "Sir" Ch. 02

 — Kalpana's slow seduction. by indian_exec200004/16/174.19

Kalpana & "Sir" Ch. 03

 — Kalpana succumbs to Shyam. by indian_exec200004/26/174.21

Kalpana & "Sir" Ch. 04

 — Kalpana re-lives her day with Shyam. by indian_exec200007/21/173.67

Kalpana & "Sir" Ch. 05

 — A short and sweet afternoon assignation. by indian_exec200011/22/173.45

Kalpana & "Sir" Ch. 06

 — Lazy footwork in Alibaug. by indian_exec200012/01/173.07

Kamal & His Wife Ch. 01

 — Older man spies on young housewife. by erotic_indian_3002/19/114.03

Kara's Husband's Boss

 — Kara tells of Christmas party with her husband's boss. by SluttyEllen10/06/07

Karen and Mark

 — Wife wants to have her cake and eat it, too. by valeriahart05/29/084.38

Karen Ch. 01

 — She was a perfect wife, wasn't she? by Blue8808/06/054.32

Karen Ch. 02

 — Will they or will they not? by Blue8808/21/054.26

Karen Ch. 03

 — What now? by Blue8808/22/054.29

Karen Ch. 04

 — Karen comes clean - it's Jack's move. by Blue8808/30/054.29

Karen Ch. 05

 — Jack makes a decision, as does Sara. by Blue8809/01/054.47

Karen Ch. 06

 — The conclusion, and new beginnings. by Blue8809/04/054.49

Karen Continues Our Hotel Game

 — Karen sucks the room service waiter live on camera. by Dinfos07/10/173.93

Karen Expands Her Horizons

 — Karen tells husband she wants to have sex with another man. by Ramblerman04/28/112.85

Karen Gets It All

 — A visit to her best friends house turns hot. by hotstuffinNH02/09/113.35

Karen Has a Plan

 — Wife lives gangbang fantasy for hubby. by Dayna Jo10/16/004.18

Karen Rides Again

 — Karen finds she wants to experiment further. by intriguedcple09/21/033.90

Karen's Ambush

 — Karen burns herself. by Vandemonium106/12/164.39

Karen's Birthday Surprise

 — Cheering Karen was his pleasure. by hotstuffinNH08/12/024.38

Karen's Challenge

 — A co-worker's crude comment is a challenged unfulfilled. by randallangdon12/09/094.29

Karen's Drunken Fuck

 — Karen gets some young Cock at work. by MrPovey10/22/164.04

Karen's Lust Makes a Baby

 — Two men and Karen, then a baby. by hotstuffinNH08/14/024.16

Karen's Repairman

 — Those card games were getting out of hand. by Just Plain Bob12/22/103.43

Karen: A Cheating Slut Wife

 — Karen gets caught cheating by her husband and pays the price. by beermaker04/30/064.49


 — Wife brings home hot exercise partner. by JackJillUT11/07/104.40

Karina Writes

 — Friends tricked into wife swap form bond. by Tallus02/15/024.17

Karla - A Self Confessed Slut

 — She's always been promiscuous. by geronimo_appleby05/04/084.00

Karla Gets Satisfied Ch. 01

 — Gym junkie wife finally gets what she needs. by steviet09/08/043.48

Karla's Swimming Lessons

 — Instructor helps her with much more than swimming. by Trapper ak Bobby11/22/05

Karli's Birthday

 — My pregnant wife fulfils her group fantasy. by Aussie_Ton06/20/084.06


 — As you give, so shall you receive. by Ashson05/31/134.21

Karma - Kindness of Acquaintances

 — A Mature BTBs story. by wieliczka08/13/164.56HOT

Karma Ch. 01

 — My best friend's abuse of my trust and my wife. by Sid060408/27/124.29

Karma Ch. 02

 — My best friends abuse of my trust and my wife. by Sid060409/21/124.34

Karma Ch. 03

 — Revenge gone wrong and moving on with our lives. by Sid060409/29/124.31

Karma Ch. 04

 — To the victor go the spoils. by Sid060401/04/134.06

Karma is a Bitch

 — The universe realigns. by Magicidan04/23/154.65HOT

Karma is a Bitch Pt. 02

 — The Universe Realigns. by Magicidan08/18/164.69HOT

Karmen's Afternoon Delight

 — Karmen's caught alone in a compromising position. by marriedtomymaster01/16/094.02

Kat and Tom Ch. 01

 — Husband gives wife to neighbour for the weekend. by steviet12/26/144.18

Kat and Tom Ch. 02

 — Wife and neighbour take relationship further. by steviet10/03/164.10

Kat Ch. 1

 — Visiting sister-in-law gets husband & wife hot. by KaerfNrop04/03/014.15

Kat Discovers Hubby's Friend

 — Work with friend turns into threesome with wife. by katinheat8104/15/134.11

Kat Mewsings

 — Wife keeps her husband at arm's length - but not her lover. by Reikin_Havoc08/29/083.50

Kat's Cruise Ch. 01

 — Kat's adventures take her on a cruise. by Merry_Mack10/22/144.30

Kat's Lunch Date At The Park

 — Kat reunites with hubby's friend Chris at the park. by katinheat8107/30/133.69

Kat's Poker Game; The Lead-Up

 — Hubby's Poker League leads her to unfamiliar territory. by PrevertedMe12/12/164.33


 — Kate gets her revenge. by TryAnything12/23/024.20

Kate and Eric Strike Back

 — Kate helps Eric get back at his cheating wife. by Sean Renaud07/28/143.52

Kate at the Party

 — Loving wife Kate is tempted by another man. by wifesawhore01/11/182.47

Kate Becomes a Hot Wife

 — Kate becomes a hotwife on holiday. by paul_kate01/19/094.27

Kate Ch. 01

 — She fulfills husband fantasy while hiking through desert. by BillandKate12/21/064.36

Kate Ch. 02

 — Vacations seem to be the ticket to her cutting loose. by BillandKate12/29/064.25

Kate Ch. 03

 — Kate tells me about her past. by BillandKate01/29/074.29

Kate Does it Again

 — Husband catches wife in compromising position. by Runner01/14/013.65

Kate Flirts with Submission

 — A married woman thrilled by her first submission experience. by fulfilled_ann11/13/10

Kate in Greece

 — I watch my wife being groped by a Greek waiter. by jack422103/31/103.75

Kate in Miami

 — Wife enjoys the sun, sand and more. by BillandKate03/21/084.18

Kate Returns to Modeling

 — A mature wife goes back to modeling. by BenFitzhume06/26/104.36

Kate Returns to Modeling Ch. 02

 — Hot Milf continues modeling and experiencing a new sex life. by BenFitzhume08/07/104.31

Kate Stays Home

 — Bill goes riding, Kate runs into an old neighbor. by BillandKate01/14/164.01

Kate Stays Home Ch. 02

 — Bill and Kate take a ride and meet up for a threesome. by BillandKate01/16/164.08

Kate Stays Home Ch. 03 - Final

 — The final chapter in the Kate series. by BillandKate07/26/173.74

Kate Visits The Hospital

 — In which my wife is seduced by a hospital consultant. by jack422104/25/114.02

Kate Visits The Hospital Ch. 02

 — The seduction of my wife continues. by jack422105/07/113.51

Kate's Adventures Ch. 01

 — Wild wife takes a young stud. by alnash10/22/123.88

Kate's Adventures Ch. 02

 — Kate continues to go wild by alnash10/23/123.87

Kate's Christmas Costume Party

 — Kate attnds a Work Christmas party & is fucked by Santa. by Steve English12/29/103.88

Kate's First Experience

 — First time in 26 years, Kate tastes another man. by dyhp900112/14/043.54

Kate's Impregnation

 — Kate is fucked and impregnated by old Arab shopkeeper. by Steve English12/29/103.94

Kate's New Lover

 — Kate meets with her new lover while Hubby serves. by Nevada_Knight03/18/173.34

Kate's Night In

 — Kate has a night in with hubby's new boss. by kate-english11/12/054.31

Kate's Night Out

 — Wife goes to pub with hubby's colleagues. by kate-english09/18/054.16

Kate's Old Man

 — Husband watches drunk wife take on older man. by Steve English09/06/054.31

Kate's Old Man Ch. 02

 — Husband watches drunk wife take on older man. by Steve English12/29/104.35

Kate's Second Time Around

 — Kate answers the call for a quickie. by dyhp900112/15/043.26

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