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Exposing Katie 003

 — Katie gets naked at his office. by Tom and Katie06/09/034.36

Exposing Katie 007

 — More office exploits & a late night drive. by Tom and Katie12/19/034.41

Exposing Katie 008

 — Continued office exploits with new twists. by Tom and Katie01/30/044.32

Exposing Katie 012

 — Exposure turns more public and ends in a wonderful evening. by Tom and Katie08/04/044.28

Exposing Katie 014

 — Drawing Sharon further into the games. by Tom and Katie01/31/054.42

Exposing Katie 017

 — Pulling Sharon in... by Tom and Katie06/29/064.45

Exposing Life's Cruel Irony Ch. 03

 — Royce receives a gift while Jeff and Pam become frustrated. by cdhawkeye96a10/18/064.23

Exposing Life's Cruel Irony Ch. 05

 — Doris' confession and Royce's reaction. by cdhawkeye96a10/25/064.10

Exposing Life's Cruel Irony Ch. 06

 — Fate intervenes & keeps Pam from a big mistake. by cdhawkeye96a10/30/064.23

Exposing Life's Cruel Irony Ch. 07

 — Vince gets all his reward and Doris finds peace. by cdhawkeye96a11/16/064.23

Exposing My Wife At A Hotel Window

 — Wife reluctantly agrees to strip in front of a hotel window by doogie9101/09/173.66

Exposing Sharon

 — Reluctance all the way, but maybe... by magichands07/24/034.34

Exposing Sharon Ch. 02

 — We tried a couple. by magichands07/30/034.43

Exposing Sharon Ch. 03

 — It was just a little piece of elastic. by magichands07/30/034.25

Exposing Sue

 — Wife exposes herself to the tree crew. by Zenrider07/05/104.17

Extending My Love For My Wife

 — Husband copes with his penis size. by cool_sf_room12/06/014.09

Extra Fun

 — Lucky husband comes home to a surprise. by pretzlgurl01/02/083.88

Extra Marital Affair

 — Indian wife meets old friend on a train. by Susimol10/16/003.83

Extra-Marital Sharing

 — Wife wants to fulfill her husband's fantasy. by fulfilled_ann07/18/09

Extra-Marital Temptation

 — A married mother gets curious about extra-marital sex. by fulfilled_ann05/08/094.11

Extracurricular Activity

 — Getting caught by someone OTHER than the spouse. by TheEndBegins04/12/124.41

Extreme Makeover – Girl Next Door E

 — Young wife get revenge on cheating husband. by L0tsaluck10/25/114.22

Eye Appointment

 — Eileen is examined thoroughly AFTER her eye exam. by alexandria_lee09/02/123.61

Eye Opening Trip Ch. 01

 — While out of town, husband begins to suspect wife cheats. by SW_MO_Hermit01/09/124.39

Eye Opening Trip Ch. 02

 — Life after the divorce and finding a new love. by SW_MO_Hermit01/10/124.58HOT

Eye Opening Trip Ch. 03

 — After divorce for cheating Ann finds new love and marries. by SW_MO_Hermit01/11/124.48

Eye Opening Trip Ch. 04

 — After a tragedy Jim and Ann reconcile and remarry. by SW_MO_Hermit01/12/124.42

Eyes That Saw Him

 — What to do when you turn invisible? by angiquesophie05/08/074.44

F Day

 — Fantasies fulfilled as Ellie gets her wish. by DreamOn02/03/044.45


 — Living with your mistakes. A Dark and Ugly tale. by sirsemega01/25/104.14

Facebook Old Friend

 — Facebook friend meet up. by himnher200306/09/173.26

Facing An Evil Truth Ch. 01

 — A wife's caught between an immoral and moral nightmare. by TBA_UK07/24/083.81

Facing An Evil Truth Ch. 02

 — The slope gets slippier for the wife. by TBA_UK07/25/083.44

Facing the Facials

 — Wife learns where her husband likes best to cum. by djeroticon11/25/054.50HOT

Fade Away

 — Can revenge on a cheating wife be executed too perfectly? by imhapless12/02/134.12

Fade to Black

 — He doesn't take a beating from her lover lying down. by maninconn12/25/084.39

Fading Star

 — Star light, star . . . bright? by sr71plt11/16/074.42


 — An anon and his favorite BTB author behaving like real men. by JessicaMandella09/12/173.41

Failing The Test

 — Frigid wife sets up hubby to see if he'll cheat. by handysr08/09/144.05

Failure To Communicate

 — That is what it really was. by magmaman01/29/124.20

Failure To Communicate Ch. 02

 — An unexpected result. by magmaman02/03/123.97

Fair Exchange

 — The exchange rate isn't necessarily one for one... by badidea21110/30/142.87

Fair is Fair

 — Helen makes Richard a deal when he catches her. by Wayac06/09/103.93

Fair Play

 — His wife has a thing about getting even. by Grey Eagle 28611/17/073.97

Fair Swop?

 — What's a car worth? by Britease03/26/144.26

Fair Trade

 — A cheating wife for a kidney. by murphy62102/23/134.08

Fair Trade Value: Her Side

 — Trish agrees to Mike's price for the Chevelle. by TrulyTerrific11/01/054.23

Fair Trade Value: His Side

 — Randy discovers there is more to this deal than a car. by TrulyTerrific11/02/054.25

Fair-Weather Friends

 — Man's life takes a left-hand turn, and he wasn't driving. by radk03/09/134.62HOT

Fairytale Wife

 — A wife lives out an unexpected fairytale. by FairytaleWife12/16/104.14

Faith and Hope

 — One marriage lost and another found. by PTBzzzz02/14/124.44

Faith is a Funny Thing

 — Want to be cuck in denial about his wife. by edsoames12/31/142.48

Faith, Friendship, and Passion

 — Two conservative Christians fill each other's needs. by Architect966909/15/134.58HOT

Faith, Friendship, and Passion Ch. 02

 — Brad and Rebecca's friendship grows. by Architect966911/04/134.44

Faith, Friendship, and Passion Ch. 03

 — Brad and Rebecca today. by Architect966904/16/144.41

Faith, Hope, Charity, and Cheating

 — Husband's revenge. by Winterfrog10/01/054.42

Faithful Ch. 01

 — Once faithful wife slides down a slippery slope. by aardvark_sample11/25/103.61

Faithful in Her Fashion

 — Unfaithful wife returns, but things have changed. by RichardGerald07/06/174.43

Faithful Wife's Fall from Grace Ch. 01-03

 — Jen is close with her brother-in-law Joey. by xleglover12/27/164.21


 — She knew what faithfulness meant, she’d be so until death. by MungoParkIII09/21/073.16

Faithfulness and

 — Janine returns attending to the needs of her dead husband. by MungoParkIII10/26/073.69

Faithfulness and Fidelity

 — Janine marries her brother-in-law, finding the joy of fidelity. by MungoParkIII11/17/073.31

Faithfulness in Fargo

 — Can a pussy hound reform? by MarvinS02/03/123.09

Faithfuly Yours

 — Some things are best unknown. by 1Thinkingman05/20/122.81


 — She used to be the perfect wife. by Natalie Would08/09/023.68


 — Everyone knew about those Maitland Girls. by Todd17210/07/164.55HOT

Fall Cross Country...

 — Husband coaches a runner while the head coach runs his wife. by StangStar0610/07/104.59HOT

Fall Semester

 — Teacher succumbs to her illicit sex dependency. by Dear_Dora03/27/094.28

Fallen Ch. 1 Pt. 1

 — Maria pays her husband back. by Sandia06/02/023.50

Fallen Ch. 1 Pt. 2

 — Maria finally comes. by Sandia06/11/023.91

Fallen Ch. 1 Pt. 3

 — They take a ride together. by Sandia06/17/023.89

Fallen Ch. 1 Pt. 4

 — They look at pictures. by Sandia06/18/023.65

Fallen Ch. 2

 — They have a fight. by Sandia08/06/023.16

Falling Down - Climbing Up

 — Husband got a flu and found a clue about what the wife did. by Winterfrog03/12/104.24

Falling Down - Climbing Up Ch. 02

 — Divorced husband tries to find the main road to happiness. by Winterfrog03/15/104.26

Falling off of the Swing

 — My wife thought swinging would keep us together. by StangStar0604/14/124.32

False ID

 — A bored wife assumes a sluttier persona. by Kathy B01/08/044.35


 — It pays to get your name out there. by AvgWhiteMan09/09/114.12


 — You can go home again, but home can change you. by aka_Mike11/23/164.50HOT

Family (Re)Union

 — A wife gets close to her father-in-law while on vacation. by ShaneLucas09/04/174.21

Family Bonding

 — John's and his family are picked off one by one. by BlueMuffin10/07/153.91

Family Ch. 02

 — Home is where you are surrounded by your loved ones. by aka_Mike11/28/164.65HOT

Family Ch. 03

 — Neither name or blood make you family... by aka_Mike12/06/164.65HOT

Family Ch. 04

 — "Sometimes blood, for the sake of sparing it, is spilled." by aka_Mike12/11/164.64HOT

Family Duty Ch. 01

 — Father's sperm is the solution. by pathetic_cuck04/02/10

Family Friend Ch. 01

 — A longtime family friend becomes closer. by pcarst11/05/084.20

Family Friend Ch. 02

 — They go on vacation with their friend. by pcarst11/06/083.96

Family Guy

 — Will her actions force his decision? by cpete09/14/124.54HOT

Family Guy Redux

 — Cpete's story where now the cheating wife wins. by chilleywilley10/10/122.96

Family Help

 — Sister-in-law helps solve his problem. by hammertime06/09/044.41

Family Help

 — A family helps a younger brother in his sex life. by matody12/14/093.80

Family Jewels Ch. 01

 — A visit from his wife's brother changes his life. by stevedore12/20/103.49

Family Plan

 — Family planning leads to family breakup. by Axelotto11/15/164.13

Family Planning

 — A husband and wife get through their first pregnancy. by ThatGuy8811/08/173.96

Family Reunion Ch. 01

 — This couple's family adventure. by DukeDakota04/05/043.86

Family Reunion Ch. 02

 — This couple's family adventure continues. by DukeDakota04/29/044.07

Family Search

 — An unexpected twist in Ryan trying to find his birth family. by imhapless01/30/174.21

Family Skeleton

 — Some things are better left not known. by steelring02/24/163.72

Family Tradition

 — You want me to do what? by BigGuy3307/07/163.68

Family Tradition: Next Generation

 — Tradition, or fidelity? by GeorgeAnderson09/25/164.46

Fancy Dress Time

 — A Halloween threesome. by vitesse10/01/064.33

Fancy Dress Whore Ch 3 of 3

 — We both enjoy Courtney's new sideline. by irxgbr03/01/064.47

Fancy Dress Whore Ch. 01

 — Courtney dresses as a whore for the party. by irxgbr02/23/064.44

Fancy Dress Whore Ch. 02

 — Will Courtney sell her favours? by irxgbr02/26/064.43

Fancy That

 — What can you expect when your wife dresses so sexy? by Castlemania09/26/164.10

Fancydress Tart

 — Claire gets her fill at a party. by nylonlover04/04/044.17


 — She surprises her husband with a treat. by dig_vball02/21/023.79

Fantasies Become Reality

 — A couple story about their first visit to an adult bookstore. by PervyJ10/19/173.45

Fantasies by Pornokeo Ch. 01

 — Ellen meets her Prince Charming. by Pornokeo06/06/034.02

Fantasies Can Be Dangerous

 — My wife's fantasies about large cocks but is it a fantasy. by crisscross203708/12/094.27

Fantasies Can Come True

 — A chance meeting ignites a dream. by Whiskey Will08/07/014.24

Fantasies Can Cum True

 — Her first threesome with two men. by Sweet_Candi04/02/034.32

Fantasies Ch. 01

 — Rick's fantasy is fulfilled. by Sweetcheekss05/17/034.36

Fantasies Come True

 — A story of love and awakening. by rjohnson11/10/013.93

Fantasies Do Happen

 — Ex-Sister In Law fulfills a fantasy for Chirstmas. by atruesag05/03/063.97

Fantasies Fulfilled

 — Slut wife comes out of the closet. by Orexis05/14/044.03

Fantasies Fulfilled

 — I catch my wife with another man and end up being used. by miff6905/29/144.20

Fantasies Fulfilled

 — A married couple looks to spice things up in the bedroom. by swingerjoe04/07/174.44

Fantasies Fulfilled Ch. 03

 — Gavin goes home. by Genderal10/03/064.33

Fantasies Fulfilled Ch. 10

 — Elaine takes the lead. by Genderal04/16/074.40

Fantasies Fulfilled Ch. 11

 — Friendly Neighbours. by Genderal04/16/074.45

Fantasies Fulfilled Ch. 12

 — Trying to get on with the neighbours. by Genderal04/14/084.39

Fantasies Inc. Pt. 01

 — Loving wife helps other's with their roleplay fantasies. by novacouple4u07/30/074.30

Fantasies Inc. Pt. 02

 — Loving wife gets rough treatment from a stranger. by novacouple4u08/16/074.22

Fantasies Inc. Pt. 03

 — A loving wife returns to make another fantasy come true. by novacouple4u08/30/074.28

Fantasies of Foliage

 — Wife finds lust in Paradise. by frankies9011/18/013.84

Fantasies Shared

 — He wanted to spice things up. by Fantasies Shared09/21/044.27

Fantasies Shared Ch. 02

 — David learns a little more. by Fantasies Shared09/27/044.33

Fantasies Shared Ch. 03

 — Will David's decision be the right one? by Fantasies Shared10/01/044.25

Fantasies Shared Ch. 04

 — David finally acts on his desires. by Fantasies Shared10/06/044.35

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