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Loving Wives Stories

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 — Neighbor's wife wakes up and smells the coffee. by Manjaro_Eve12/04/014.25

Grounds For Divorce Ch. 01

 — A cheating wife's infidelity is revealed. by PolyLvr11/03/113.47

Grounds For Divorce Ch. 02

 — Tracy and Tom explore their feelings and sexual relationship. by PolyLvr02/02/123.35

Group Fun in the Jacuzzi

 — Wife takes on three young men with husband's support. by julieneedscock06/05/084.03

Grow A Pair

 — Wife helps husband advance his career - maybe. by notforsaleyet11/23/144.13

Growing Another Set of Gonads

 — When enough is truly enough. by Slirpuff12/14/094.44

Growing Pains & Pleasures

 — Husband & shared wife enjoy new neighbor couple. by SafTman209/19/064.40

Growing Pains & Pleasures Ch. 02

 — Naive wife learns more about sex. by SafTman211/19/014.20

Growing Pains & Pleasures Ch. 04

 — Wife expands her sexual experience. by SafTman211/28/014.22

Growing Pains & Pleasures Ch. 05

 — Wife expands her sexual awareness by SafTman211/29/014.34

Growing Pains & Pleasures Ch. 06

 — Wife's sexual adventures grow wilder.. by SafTman212/12/014.29

Growing Pains & Pleasures Ch. 07

 — Wife's sexual adventures continue by SafTman212/13/014.38

Growing Pains & Pleasures Ch. 08

 — Wife further expands her sexual horizons. by SafTman212/18/014.36

Growing Pains & Pleasures Ch. 09

 — Wife expands her sexual activities. by SafTman212/19/014.33

Growing Pains & Pleasures Ch. 10

 — Wife grows bolder. by SafTman212/22/014.26

Growing Pains & Pleasures Ch. 11

 — Cheating wife continues to spiral out of control. by SafTman209/23/064.18

Growing Pains & Pleasures Ch. 12

 — Wife tries regain control as she grows sexually. by SafTman205/31/094.14

Growing Pains & Pleasures Ch. 13

 — Sexual adventures grow more complicated. by SafTman208/07/113.86

Growing Pleasures

 — A couple has a hot massage together. by elpavilion10/11/144.47

Guess What Dear, We're Divorced

 — A lesson in cutting your losses. by writingdragon01/24/044.41

Guess Who Called

 — Old lover calls to chat, finds warm reception. by romancer11/18/113.65

Guess Who's Coming At Dinner?

 — A boring dinner meeting turns hot. by AmythystDawn10/23/084.06

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?

 — Loving wife pleases even another man. by Little Dreamerman04/21/023.96

Guess Who?

 — Guess who's coming to Thanksgiving Dinner. by StangStar0611/22/124.49

Guessing Game

 — Wife has to guess who is doing what. by williwhy06/07/054.17

Guest House Ch. 04: Night Cap

 — Dylan has a night out with three gorgeous wives. by TheRaz0r12/20/134.34

Guest House Ch. 05: Veronica

 — Dylan helps veronica and finds trouble. by TheRaz0r01/31/144.20

Guest House Ch. 07: Conclusion

 — Dylan's stay at the guest house comes to an end. by TheRaz0r11/12/154.28

Guest's Wish Is Granted

 — Couple grants guest's wishes for a night. by jay_kumar04/21/024.11


 — How to tell the truth? by magmaman04/10/104.16

Guilt Ch. 02

 — Perhaps just a bit of deceit is best? by magmaman04/14/104.34

Guilt Ch. 03

 — It will not go away by itself. by magmaman05/04/104.41

Guilt Ch. 04

 — For today, things are just fine. by magmaman05/16/104.05


 — A happily married woman cheats; remorse quickly follows. by ohio06/13/074.07


 — Everybody just knew what he had done by stev224410/21/153.91

Guilty Pleasure

 — Amy doesn't meet her "type" until she's married. by amyyum09/01/153.99

Guilty Until Proven Innocent

 — Wife thinks husband is cheating, she gets even. by Sfbullrider01/18/153.65

Gulf Coast Condo

 — Great views of my wife. by oculardemo05/01/104.03

Gulf Coast Condo Ch. 02

 — Better views of my wife. by oculardemo05/19/104.05

Gun Gun Teddy Bear

 — The Monster Before Monster. by Todd17209/21/164.56HOT

Gunny Beauregard

 — Living hard when sometimes you just want to live. by Mainefiddleheads09/02/164.45

Guy Time, with a Girl Ch. 1

 — Shelly spends time with the guys. by Blue Rose12/15/004.27

Gwen and Her Mother in Law

 — A taste of revenge. by Just Plain Bob06/23/054.17

Gym Girl to Hotter Wife

 — Once timid wife dominates cuckold husband. by beachpeach06/11/124.02

Gym Instruction

 — A wife gets some extra physical workout. by easyballs12/04/143.78

Gym Instruction Ch. 02

 — Wife receives more personal instruction. by easyballs01/05/154.09

Gypsy Love

 — Jerry gets mixed up with a Roma family. by amischiefmaker12/23/154.26

H2 Oh!

 — Hot wife's first extra-curricular experience. by marriedtomilf02/08/054.02

H2 Oh! Ch. 02

 — Husband discovers wife strayed. by marriedtomilf02/10/053.58

Habitual Humans

 — A cohabitating couple rekindles their relationship. by shay7712/30/023.96

Had A Hard Day Dear?!

 — A couple unwind in their own ways. by jw280112/21/054.31

Hailey Came to Please

 — Wife admits she was a whore in college. by masterfeedlarry05/27/143.98

Hailey Worked the Day Shift

 — Wife recounts how she worked in a strip club during college. by masterfeedlarry11/14/134.12

Hailey's Rebound

 — Wife recounts how she became a slut in college. by masterfeedlarry10/29/134.24

Hair Raising Tales Ch. 1

 — Her husband wants her to do another man. by belab09/01/023.69

Hair Trigger Clit

 — A young woman's unusual condition causes problems. by amyyum08/27/144.52HOT

Haircules Ch. 2

 — A drunk Andy hands over his girlfriend. by belab08/30/024.07

Haircules Ch. 3

 — Andy joins in as Joan orally tells them off. by belab08/31/024.23

Hairy Karen

 — His hairy women fetish is satisfied with wife's help. by ARGEE06/06/014.38

Haley And Our Mature Neighbor

 — His sexy wife does it in front of him. by phi14901/31/074.25

Half a World Away

 — Was his wife of 38 yrs cheating? by ambnomad08/13/164.48

Half Dome

 — Eric and Claudia seek resolution long after the indiscretion. by sophist80107/04/133.82

Half Her Age, Twice The Fun

 — My gorgeous wife gets to grips with a teenage lad. by gdsvalentine08/15/104.31

Half Sisters

 — We were years apart but became good friends. by DG Hear12/19/143.93

Half Sisters Ch. 02

 — What happened after the pregnancy. by DG Hear12/22/144.22

Half-Moon Valley

 — One wrong turn contributes to setting a relationship right. by goaltender09/28/163.90NEW


 — A wife has explores her wild side. by jennagurl200703/04/083.91


 — We attended an exclusive Halloween party. by baddad5302/24/113.98

Halloween Belly Dancer

 — Wife shows off her belly dancing skills at a party. by timmyid205/08/164.23

Halloween Cross-Dressing Bash Ch. 07

 — Gloria relates the Glory Hole story. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER10/22/084.00

Halloween Discovery

 — A couple find out more about themselves at a party. by fawguy8810/23/123.94

Halloween Discovery Ch. 02

 — The second part of Danny's Dilemma. by fawguy8811/22/123.86

Halloween Experiment...

 — Wife questions husband's fidelity & confronts her own. by babylon10/02/024.19

Halloween Hotwife

 — My wife cuts loose at a Halloween party. by Sugar-ray10/28/104.07

Halloween in Germany

 — Couple is invited to one wild party. by biggles10/12/014.23

Halloween Masquerade

 — She fulfils his fantasy & rekindles their marriage. by Lovepotion6910/18/034.44

Halloween Massage

 — Couple uses massage to have fun. by KhonshusFist06/03/094.30

Halloween Night & Nazi Mind-Control

 — MP captain finds himself & wife sucking SS cock. by Coxswain10/15/08

Halloween Party

 — An unexpected three-way fantasy. by bizr10/15/014.05

Halloween Party

 — Halloween mask loosens up reluctant wife. by Jim4got06/16/064.14

Halloween Party

 — Lynette finds a new friend at party. by wcuddyf10/06/06

Halloween Party

 — Wife helps Frankenstein at a Halloween Party. by Ache4Sex03/22/164.10

Halloween Party Reunion

 — I never wanted my wife to meet my college friends. by DG Hear10/10/144.05

Halloween Party with Anna

 — A couple attend halloween party. by dan0904/06/094.04

Halloween Share

 — My first time with hubby watching. by cosmo280204/04/133.77

Halloween Switch

 — Can Mark and Dan pull off the switch with Lily finding out by baxternz10/08/144.27

Hand Me Downs

 — Little Sister finally gets a hand me down she can use. by StangStar0604/21/114.57HOT

Handing Over Hayley

 — A couple start their cuckolding slutwife journey by Turpitudismo04/22/143.61

Handjob Ch. 08

 — The wife of a cuckold tells all. by CuckoldGuy03/10/164.22


 — A surprise in the woods. by geronimo_appleby08/19/064.18


 — A hot wife solicits the services of a well-endowed man. by DevisPixi10/13/153.42

Handyman Hank

 — Hank fixes newlywed's problems. by thecarolinadreamer01/06/154.29

Handyman Hank Ch. 02

 — Hank fixes Miss Peggy's problems. by thecarolinadreamer01/18/154.37

Handyman Hank Ch. 03

 — Hank protects Bessie from a murderous Hubby. by thecarolinadreamer02/03/154.41

Hanna's Desire Pt. 01

 — A tale of a woman who learns that there is more to enjoy. by NHWpleasure12/30/113.72

Hannah Gets a Seeing To

 — Lover tries pleasure of 2 men while he watches. by buckysquirrel12/03/024.25

Hannah Goes Pro

 — Bird goes whore. by buckysquirrel12/04/024.23

Hannah Has A Taste of Abroad

 — Hannah enjoys a prostitute with her guy. by buckysquirrel12/05/024.27

Hannah Takes It For The Team

 — A dressing room strip leads to by slut bird getting some. by buckysquirrel12/06/024.17

Happening Now Pt. 01

 — Husband convinces wife to have sex with another man. by death_is_a_sin05/02/143.47

Happening Now Pt. 02

 — Wife has sex with a mutual friend. by death_is_a_sin05/06/143.50

Happiest Family in the World

 — Nisha welcomes another woman in to the family. by bloominglily04/05/164.05

Happily Isn't Always Faithfully

 — She was exactly his type. by Askawakky08/19/064.19

Happiness Is A Warm Gun

 — When you cuckold a friend, you have to protect yourself. by Harddaysknight04/04/064.43

Happy 10th Anniversary, Darling

 — He receives the ultimate anniversary present. by SKIP6908/13/033.79

Happy 4th of July, Mrs. Johnson

 — She awakens to a stranger's kiss. by Mister_Shy03/25/124.40

Happy Anniversary

 — He makes plans, but she has a surprise of her own. by StaffWriter01/14/063.75

Happy Anniversary

 — Couple go on a cruise for their 15th Anniversary. by goo_6207/30/023.01

Happy Anniversary

 — Husband and wife celebrate with a night of wild sex by Cheekyoz04/19/134.20

Happy Anniversary - Amy's Story

 — A cheating Wife, a loving husband and the end of a marriage. by Sid060405/27/124.01

Happy Anniversary Ch. 01

 — Photo shoot starts a couples new journey. by mikexx3311/03/124.30

Happy Anniversary Dear

 — She picked the wrong day to meet with another man. by cageytee04/22/084.38

Happy Anniversary Honey

 — Hubby watches wife with man. by Falcon10/09/004.02

Happy Anniversary My Love

 — Depressed on her anniversary, she gets a surprise. by zeke8102/10/094.35

Happy Anniversary!

 — James gives Marissa an anniversary she'll never forget! by pagangirl06/02/074.05

Happy Anniversary, Baby!

 — Wife invites bi couple to help celebrate. by jack_straw07/03/044.09

Happy Anniversary, Jim!

 — Anita has some boudoir photos taken. by MisfitToy05/09/094.37

Happy Anniversary, Jordan!

 — It didn't start off as planned, but it ended even better. by TheHowlingLycan07/26/102.25

Happy Birthday

 — She surprises husband with a threesome. by bethanneishere06/05/044.16

Happy Birthday

 — His fantasy becomes a reality, like it or not. by conquen11/05/043.95

Happy Birthday

 — Wife gives friend a special birthday gift. by ali2teaseu08/22/064.34

Happy Birthday

 — Kellie gives her working husband the best birthday gift ever. by Gudzinya04/19/113.86

Happy Birthday

 — Fiancée gets intimate with my friend during my birthday. by oriontoday06/25/143.50

Happy Birthday Darling

 — Husband arranges a hunk for wife's birthday. by Unihorn11/02/044.21

Happy Birthday Honey

 — A loving birthday morning. by Kathi07/01/094.28

Happy Birthday Hubby

 — Wife gives husband an overdue fantasy, with interest! by Valveoil09/02/144.32

Happy Birthday Hubby!

 — She brings home an old school friend for hubby. by Geilemeid08/08/074.41

Happy Birthday My Love

 — Husband treats wife and friend to a incredible experience. by SweetVibes08/03/094.38

Happy Birthday to Me

 — Wife brings her friend Kelly into couple's sex life. by Agoodman95407/12/084.39

Happy Birthday to Me Ch. 01

 — A young Chinese wife excites her husband. by ChloeTzang02/16/164.64HOT

Happy Birthday to Me Ch. 02

 — Isabelle is slowly learning what excites her husband. by ChloeTzang02/17/164.74HOT

Happy Birthday to Me Ch. 03

 — Isabelle becomes a little more adventurous. by ChloeTzang03/02/164.75HOT

Happy Birthday to Me Ch. 04

 — Isabelle's night continues... by ChloeTzang03/30/164.75HOT

Happy Birthday to Me Ch. 05

 — Isabelle learns something new about her husband... by ChloeTzang04/07/164.73HOT

Happy Birthday, Honey!

 — Surprise present for his fortieth birthday. by exjock02/26/093.49

Happy Birthday, J.

 — Wife pays for her husband to fuck a stripper in front of her. by LillithAmadeus04/14/164.02

Happy Birthday, Sweetheart

 — Wife gets caught cheating, heartache ensues. by HarryHaversackers02/22/073.34

Happy Campers

 — Couples swap partnersin the great ourdoors. by Felonius04/08/053.82

Happy Ending?

 — One man tries to cope. by DonLeeds05/30/142.04

Happy Endings

 — Being married to a masseuse has its advantages. by deevo11/14/114.14

Happy Friday

 — Wife shows off. by lewap06/13/033.62

Happy Home

 — Loving couple in Yoga angles... by sujitha2001/15/123.26

Happy Honeymoon Ch. 1

 — Couple drinks special drink at Jamaican resort. by ParkerG09/04/004.12

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