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April's Story Ch. 05

 — April & Ponce start to explore their kinky fantasies. by Goodhusband07/26/084.35

April's Story Ch. 06

 — April & Ponce tell Danny about their kinky game. by Goodhusband07/28/084.41

April's Story Ch. 07

 — April & Ponce play while Danny's out with Mandy. by Goodhusband07/31/084.37

April's Story Ch. 08

 — Everyone gets ready to go to the Tomb. by Goodhusband08/01/084.30

April's Story Ch. 09

 — The night at the Tomb. by Goodhusband08/02/084.34

April's Story Ch. 10

 — April fucks the cable guy. by Goodhusband08/07/084.43

April's Story Ch. 11

 — The boys tell April that Big Julius is a virgin. by Goodhusband08/08/084.44

April's Story Ch. 12

 — April & Ponce meet a very exotic middle-aged woman. by Goodhusband08/10/084.37

April's Story Ch. 13

 — April has her date with Adam. by Goodhusband08/14/084.39

April's Story Ch. 14

 — April goes out with Jake and Tony. by Goodhusband08/15/084.40

April's Story Ch. 15

 — Jamal fucks April during a football party. by Goodhusband08/16/084.32

April's Story Ch. 16

 — April gets tragic news. by Goodhusband08/22/084.46

April's Story Ch. 17

 — Danny, Ponce and April get jobs at an unusual restaurant. by Goodhusband08/23/084.38

April's Story Ch. 18

 — April & Danny are invited to dinner at Helen's house. by Goodhusband08/24/084.30

April's Story Ch. 20

 — April, Ponce and Danny start work at the Goldenrod. by Goodhusband08/28/084.49

April's Story Ch. 21

 — Big Reggie Diamond comes into the Goldenrod. by Goodhusband08/29/084.37

April's Story Ch. 23

 — Helen has a party before April's debut at the Black Knight. by Goodhusband09/02/084.45

April's Story Ch. 25

 — April's first evening at the Black Knight continues. by Goodhusband09/04/084.43

April's Story Ch. 27

 — A Sunday football party turns into an orgy. by Goodhusband09/10/084.30

April's Story Ch. 28

 — The police wake April. by Goodhusband09/12/084.04

April's Story Ch. 29

 — A shy student offers to help April with her calculus. by Goodhusband09/12/084.36

April's Story Ch. 30

 — April and Mark explore their relationship. by Goodhusband09/14/084.41

April's Story Ch. 31

 — April and Mark prepare for dinner at Helen's. by Goodhusband09/15/084.34

April's Story Ch. 33

 — After they're married April decides to cuckold Mark by Goodhusband09/18/084.29

April's Story Ch. 34

 — April has her first affair as a hot wife. by Goodhusband09/20/084.31

April's Story Ch. 35

 — April learns that affairs can be filled with complications. by Goodhusband09/19/084.33

April's Story Ch. 36

 — April gets ready for her first trip to Baxter's. by Goodhusband09/21/084.35

April's Story Ch. 37

 — April's first evening at Baxter's. by Goodhusband09/23/084.36

April's Story Ch. 40

 — April returns to Baxter's and meets new friends. by Goodhusband09/27/083.94

April, Her Husband, & Her Lover

 — April continues her relationship after marriage. by English Bob10/26/013.56

Aquae Sulis Pt. 01

 — A tale of Ancient Love. by ChasteCuckold02/17/113.73

Aquae Sulis Pt. 02

 — A tale of love. by ChasteCuckold03/03/113.13

Arab Prince: Supplier's Wife

 — Supplier's wife pays the price for his arrogance. by Randy4Sure11/23/054.20

Arabian Exchange

 — Sally's new job makes her greedy for big men. by fanatic28201/08/064.10

Arabian Night

 — Unsatisfied Indian housewife falls for it in Dubai. by anunair06/07/054.38

Arbor Side Ch. 01

 — A refined southern couple are caught up in a world of wild. by davechop11/11/123.62

Arbor Side Ch. 02

 — Continuation of Arbor Side Part 1. by davechop02/15/132.76


 — A wife's secret rendezvous ends in tragedy. by Salamis10/25/074.39

Ardmore Pt. 04

 — Love and betrayal in Ardmore. by Salamis11/03/074.52HOT

Are There Men Like That - Marge Ch. 01

 — A friend has cuckolded her husband. by PattyMarie09/11/114.33

Are There Men Like That - Marge Ch. 02

 — A friend has cuckolded her husband. by PattyMarie09/12/114.26

Are There Men Like That - Marge Ch. 03

 — A friend has cuckolded her husband. by PattyMarie09/13/113.91

Are We Even Now? Pt. 01

 — Drastic steps as wife does mutual friend. by BlBones02/04/083.54

Are We Even Now? Pt. 02

 — No, I'm just getting started. by BlBones02/05/082.80

Are We Even Now? Pt. 03

 — What difference does it make? by BlBones02/06/082.74

Are We Even Now? Pt. 04

 — What do you think? by BlBones02/07/082.86

Are We Even Now? Pt. 05

 — Oh Yes, And then some. by BlBones02/08/082.92

Are You Curious?

 — My gf enjoys the pussy, but enjoys fucking the husband more. by chicouple756012/18/103.87

Are You Finished With Me?

 — Reluctant wife feels ovewhelmed to give in to advances. by cungy2210/06/094.24

Are You Finished Yet?

 — Husband discovers his wife's infidelity in a painful way. by Mordant9607/09/173.85

Are You Having Fun

 — She wanted fun and ended up alone. by murphy62105/17/113.98

Are You Ready For Some Football

 — Wife finds Monday Nights are good nights. by knockman09/01/013.87

Are You Sure About This? Ch. 01

 — Misunderstanding nearly tears would-be swingers apart. by Catalingus200501/06/093.87

Are You Sure About This? Ch. 02

 — Events continue to spiral out of control by Catalingus200501/07/093.64

Are You The One?

 — A straightforward request. by magmaman04/09/064.15

Are You...?

 — Who is cheating on whom? by HankDolworth02/01/164.20

Are You...? Pt. 02

 — A couple faces their fears and renews their commitment. by HankDolworth02/04/164.28


 — Just doing her job. by Just Plain Bob08/09/054.29

Ari Ch. 02

 — She would do anything to make it up to him. by ohio07/20/114.37

Ari Ch. 03

 — Will he let her back into his life? by ohio07/22/114.52HOT

Ari Pt. 02

 — A sequel to Just Plain Bob's classic. by karan987611/07/123.70

Arizona Sunset

 — Young father dates a neighbor. by jamisonh21303/11/163.93

Armando and Friends

 — A wife decides to take on more than one again. by Saml3109/27/093.60

Armando The Limo Driver

 — Limo driver takes the wife for a free ride. by Saml3107/23/093.86

Armie Field's Cuck Wedding

 — Discovering one is a cuckold is actually quite a clear process. by chauncygardner01/11/163.70


 — Jumping to conclusion's can be a mistake. by The Wanderer08/07/054.35

Army Buddies

 — He gives his buddy the ultimate gift: his wife. by wingwagon05/06/034.42

Army Wife

 — Donna's early years: letting go further! by sharedhousewife10/22/084.34

Army Wife

 — Tom thanks Greg by sharing his wife. by longdongjohn09/07/094.22

Aroma of a Simple Housewife

 — True quenched desires mutually with housewife. by Gajagamini10/14/123.53


 — Michelle is driven crazy with the garbage men's aromas. by flabuf07/31/123.57

Aroused By A Shocking Experience Ch. 1

 — Indian couple & friends share more. by cbe10002/24/023.60

Aroused by Cheating Pt. 01

 — Jen discovers how exciting it is to cheat on her boyfriend. by xleglover07/30/094.20

Aroused by Cheating Pt. 02

 — Jen can't help herself cheating on her fiancee Michael by xleglover08/06/094.35

Aroused by Cheating Pt. 03

 — Jen learns the consequences of cheating. by xleglover09/29/094.02

Aroused by Cheating Pt. 04

 — Can Jen resist cheating on her honeymoon? by xleglover10/04/093.73

Arousing Leigha Ch. 01

 — They wanted the her, no matter what it took. by SweetLeigha05/08/074.39

Arousing Leigha Ch. 02

 — They wanted the young bride no matter what it took. by SweetLeigha05/11/074.36

Arousing Leigha Ch. 03

 — They must have young wife, no matter the cost. by SweetLeigha05/14/074.44

Arousing Leigha Ch. 04

 — They had to have the young wife, no matter the cost. by SweetLeigha05/17/074.48

Arousing Leigha Ch. 05

 — They wanted the young wife, no matter the cost. by SweetLeigha05/21/074.48

Arousing Leigha Ch. 06

 — They wanted the young wife no matter the cost. by SweetLeigha05/23/074.46

Arousing Leigha Ch. 07

 — They wanted the young wife no matter what it cost. by SweetLeigha05/27/074.00


 — An unconsummated arranged marriage needs a friend. by Goldeniangel08/17/124.50HOT

Arresting Beverley

 — Beverley has to deal with the police by English Bob01/26/033.38

Arriba! Aruba

 — Couple turn fantasies into realties. by Charley_Ace05/07/014.21


 — A long-time chat friend comes to visit. by passiflora08/09/063.48

Arrogance is a Crime

 — And Dianne was certainly guilty of that. by JimBob4403/07/184.27

Arrogance the Aphrodisiac

 — Unfaithful wife. by NeilMc12304/15/143.20

Art Class

 — Wife agrees to pose for Erotic Art session. by happy2bhubby05/26/034.35

Art Classes

 — Wife gets carried away. by handwriter03/31/073.92

Art for Art's Sake

 — He paints her, she paints him. Who paints her husband? by maninconn06/12/094.03

Art Lovers

 — A married couple find romance separately at an arts dinner. by Leftwriter01/03/054.32

ArtGravity Ch. 01

 — A wife's flirting online gets her into wonderful trouble. by ArtGravity08/04/133.58

Arthur's Revenge

 — A legendary fantasy of infidelity, betrayal and revenge. by SharedSigne07/12/164.20

Arthur's Revenge Pt. 02

 — A legendary fantasy of infidelity, betrayal and revenge. by SharedSigne07/16/163.79

As Above, So Below

 — Man pays for the consequences of his wife's affair. by blucucko10/14/141.97

As I Walked In

 — He walks in to find servant banging his wife. by mixoscopist09/09/053.58

As I Watched

 — Husband pays for his cheating. by mrbill4u03/05/112.97

As is, Where is, No Questions Asked

 — He wants his kidnapped, sex-slave wife back. by Softly09/22/024.02

As It Happened

 — Estanged partners find extramarital lust. by Darkwade05/20/053.79

As Long As It Takes

 — She cheated & was now waiting for him to come back. by DG Hear07/18/064.51HOT

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