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Seduced at 18

 — Sexy neighbor's wife catches him in the shower. by johncorwin04/02/023.94

Seduced by a 72-Year-Old Lady!

 — It's a strange encounter. by KINGKOOKER02/28/054.33

Seduced By a Granny

 — Man meeting friend's granny. by Wordmate07/22/164.03

Seduced by an Older Woman

 — College boy is introduced to the wonders of a mature woman. by dreamweaver553905/09/174.53HOT

Seduced by Best Friend's Mom Pt. 01

 — Best friend's mom is an MILF and she seduced me. by hancock7505/15/174.59HOT

Seduced by Best Friend's Mom Pt. 02

 — The Seduction Continues by hancock7505/20/174.64HOT

Seduced by Best Friend's Mom Pt. 03

 — My sexual relationship intensifies. by hancock7505/22/174.17

Seduced by Best Friend's Mom Pt. 04

 — Unexpected Surprise. by hancock7505/25/174.67HOT

Seduced by Best Friend's Mom Pt. 05

 — Sex Toys. by hancock7506/07/174.57HOT

Seduced by Best Friend's Mom Pt. 06

 — Playing with Fire. by hancock7512/01/174.50HOT

Seduced by Innocence

 — A psychopathic woman seduces a virgin and brags about it. by Mardell12/25/133.70

Seduced by My Ex-Girlfriend's Mom

 — The title says it all. by Swampcooler12/09/154.71HOT

Seduced by My Landlady

 — A 58yo landlady educates her 19yo lodger. by sparktj06/29/144.58HOT

Seduced by My Mother's Boss

 — A young man is seduced by bossy older woman. by rutger507/22/174.55HOT

Seduced By My Neighbor

 — Neighbor takes young man to new places. by jwc1001002/01/053.91

Seduced In Her John

 — Mrs. Robinson-type smoker" seduces naive boy in her john. by Kenny12/13/01

Seduced My Maid and Her Family Ch. 01

 — Seduced my 45 year maid and her family members. by kolkatafriendly06/28/153.51

Seducing Darius

 — She has a date with dad's best friend. by sharkdancer6904/29/084.01

Seducing My Mother-in-Law

 — Grace's brother Rob seduces his busty mother-in-law. by dreamweaver553906/14/164.64HOT

Seducing My Son's Best Friend

 — Lusting for a young cock and son's friend fits the bill. by jerrys112/01/174.32

Seducing Older Men Is Easy!

 — Before current lover, young girl seduces older guy. by RobynG12/02/144.32

Seducing Teacher

 — Coed makes moves on professor. by Blackz_Sidez11/24/044.18

Seducing The Headmaster's Wife

 — College freshman enjoys the headmaster's wife. by latinofantasy08/01/014.02

Seducing the Landlady Pt. 01

 — 35 year old tenant seduces his 60 year old landlady. by stebon5510/24/153.73

Seducing the Nanny

 — The Nanny gets in over her head. by sawandsword07/07/154.24

Seducing the Neighbor Girl

 — Romance between a young professional and high school girl. by Midday_Crisis05/27/124.70HOT


 — Mature couple seduce a young man. Or did they? by tantricjim07/05/114.50HOT

Seduction at College

 — A female teacher fantasizes about a student. by Golden Pen08/04/054.29

Seduction By My Friend's Mom

 — Ranjit's sexy mom seduced him. by luv_me_one_by_one08/04/053.92

Seduction Ch. 01

 — Bright coed lusts for older writer. by neolithic_one06/01/034.35

Seduction Ch. 02

 — Bright coed enjoys roleplay with older writer. by neolithic_one06/06/034.44

Seduction Ch. 03

 — Coed realizes she will always be his. by neolithic_one06/07/034.38

Seduction Ch. 05

 — Megan enjoys being double dipped again. by neolithic_one07/12/034.46

Seduction Ch. 06

 — Megan's surprise birthday party by neolithic_one10/28/034.57HOT

Seduction Ch. 07

 — Megan goes to see a gynecologist. by neolithic_one11/06/034.27

Seduction Ch. 08

 — The gynecologist examines Megan. by neolithic_one11/08/034.33

Seduction Ch. 09

 — Megan's anal examination. by neolithic_one11/17/034.10

Seduction Ch. 10

 — Megan and Julie enjoy each other. by neolithic_one11/24/034.47

Seduction Ch. 11

 — The final day with Julie & Jim. by neolithic_one12/13/034.52HOT

Seduction in sleep

 — Entering girl friend's room while she sleeps. by bee-ess12/19/023.83

Seduction in the Train

 — Older man's train seduction ends superbly. by angel22802/04/054.65HOT

Seduction In The Train: Return Trip

 — Sonia has an eventful journey home. by angel22802/24/054.66HOT

Seduction Lessons Ch. 02

 — Tom's first time with abused widow. by mangrove jack10/21/034.71HOT

Seduction of an Interviewer

 — Human Resources director is easily seduced. by stoneypoint07/15/073.69

Seduction of the Grocery Boy

 — MILF divorcee seduces 18-year-old hunk. by BobBaker03/12/084.36

Seduction of the Grocery Boy Ch. 02

 — Debbie and Richard continue the fun. by BobBaker04/08/084.33

Seduction of the Grocery Boy Ch. 03

 — Richard's friends join the action. by BobBaker04/22/084.53HOT

Seduction on a Plane

 — Older woman/younger man enjoy meeting on plane. by brianup4nething197902/27/114.02

Seduction on the High Sea Ch. 01

 — New life begins for an older divorcee. by maggie200207/11/034.54HOT

Seductive Cindy

 — He impregnates his mother-in-law. by R M Roxinger01/21/024.10

Seductive Lonesome Island

 — Lonely man on an island advertises for female helper. by Egmont Grigor04/02/074.64HOT

Seeing Stars

 — His world is transformed by a young woman's sexual appetite. by angel_grant05/21/114.78HOT

Seeing the Possibilities

 — Sometimes you just have to see the possibilities. by Ann Douglas01/27/184.79HOT


 — One man's experience with adultery. by History Nut07/01/063.88

Selena Ch. 01

 — An online relationship finally gets physical…on the company. by Irish Moss04/18/104.34

Selena Ch. 02

 — Day 1 of the conference and a lot more action in the hotel. by Irish Moss04/19/104.21


 — A young girl wants him; does he want her back? by penandpaper08/27/094.49


 — An older guy gets caught up in a growing fad. by Jimmela08/07/144.65HOT

Senior Citizens Eden Ch. 3

 — Fred, Katherine, and John. by 2002uk01/24/023.96

Senior Citizens Eden Ch. 4

 — Katherine, Fred, and John. by 2002uk01/27/024.24

Senior Couple's Discovery

 — Mature couple learn something new about themselves. by Wes9907/04/144.24

Senior in the Strip Club

 — A senior citizen celebrates his birthday at the strip club. by mmarie310/21/164.39

Senior Living

 — Resident and hired musician play a different tune. by shoeslayer12/11/113.88

Senior Living Ch. 02

 — Another great evening leads to piano lessons. by shoeslayer12/19/113.97

Senior Lovers

 — Chance encounter leads to erotic interludes. by The_old_man07/07/014.57HOT

Senior Seduction

 — An old friend becomes much, much more. by pleasureandfun09/13/074.49

Senior Tour

 — Pretty tour director takes a side trip. by dispatcher5903/24/164.55HOT

Sentimental Education

 — My teacher Trashy Liz. by istanbulnoir07/07/074.35

September Heat

 — A widow rediscovers her passion for love. by Chevalier11/17/024.70HOT

Serena: My Best Friend's Mom

 — A mature exhibitionist sets the boys to jerking. by laziboi11/30/044.30


 — Why not tonight for some new, young cock for Gail? by johnnieblue4409/13/104.46

Serial Seducer Finds Love

 — Bedroom conquistador meets a worthy woman. by Egmont040911/24/094.59HOT

Service for Service

 — Younger lady seduces older lawyer. by Southernlawyer08/13/064.02

Service with a Smile Ch. 01

 — Schoolgirl at the front door, at Harvey's service. by HarveyMarcus03/17/064.27

Service with a Smile Ch. 02

 — Inga returns for another ministry, of Harriett's choosing. by HarveyMarcus04/07/064.48

Service with a Smile Ch. 03

 — Mr. Marcus's meeting with Inga's mother, Dr. Crumholtz. by HarveyMarcus06/05/064.54HOT

Service with a Smile Ch. 06

 — Wife's shocker, and boss's niece returns. by HarveyMarcus08/31/074.50HOT

Service with a Smile Ch. 08 Pt. 01

 — Mr. Marcus visits Annie at college on his birthday. by HarveyMarcus07/18/094.66HOT

Service with a Smile Ch. 08 Pt. 02

 — Mr. Marcus meets his secret coed sex birthday partner. by HarveyMarcus09/08/104.52HOT

Service With A Smile Ch. 09

 — Mr. Marcus meets his secret coed sex birthday partner. by HarveyMarcus07/07/114.41

Serviced At Sea

 — A woman is serviced at sea. by newForesterV204/07/154.48

Servicing Senior Men and Women

 — Learning about the sexual needs of seniors. by sandyvalleylad12/02/114.19

Servicing the Boiler

 — Older woman falls for a fit young plumber. by bad_hobbit08/02/094.53HOT

Serving Mrs. Van Zandt – The Car Wash

 — Boy toy services the boss lady. by milfleglover12/24/113.72

Seth Fans the Flames

 — Frustrated blonde MILF gets more than an electrician. by themilf09/04/074.68HOT

Seth goes to College, Now What?

 — A new young man enters my life Part 1 by SHAKE107/27/024.55HOT

Seven Minutes

 — It was simply impulse. by Cockelbur02/02/144.04

Seventh Inning Stretch

 — An unplanned seduction. by blue_steel9008/31/104.29

Sex Ain't Cheap

 — And it's a lot of fun. by Softly03/13/064.16

Sex at Senior Living Center

 — Widower finds eager widow at private sex party. by jonusstory04/01/154.55HOT

Sex at Senior Living Center Ch. 03

 — Janey, Kate and Marie discuss their recent sexual bouts. by jonusstory04/15/154.13

Sex at Senior Living Center Ch. 04

 — Harry and Marie become lovers. by jonusstory04/17/154.42

Sex Ed

 — A teacher and her student's affair gets wilder than expected. by MawrGorshin12/26/174.04

Sex for Money

 — Sexy Traci needs money to pay her rent. by samandrews07/06/174.49

Sex Gets Better with Age

 — Sex in our 50s and 60s can be the best ever. by DrLit04/15/134.15

Sex in a British Travelodge

 — Chance encounter at a motorway services leads to hotel sex. by sparktj07/23/134.42

Sex in Sweden

 — Young lady makes her boy friend jealous with an older man. by chrisfromlondon11/16/013.49

Sex on the Beach

 — My summer sun and fun fantasy. by LeslieBlue01/16/093.86

Sex Rehab

 — Old warrior gets rehabbed by Italian sex bomb. by MIKEYLICKEY04/25/114.12

Sex Stress Test

 — Senior citizen participates in a research study. by ADOM08/18/024.42

Sex Surrogate Ch. 01

 — Sex-obsessed virgin coed requests teacher's help. by professor9810/10/054.30

Sex Surrogate Ch. 02

 — Student becomes involved with her professor. by professor9810/10/054.50HOT

Sex Surrogate Ch. 03

 — Linda spends the weekend with her teacher. by professor9810/11/054.64HOT

Sex Surrogate Ch. 04

 — Linda and Richard enjoy each other before breakfast. by professor9810/12/054.60HOT

Sex Surrogate Ch. 05

 — Richard and Linda go to San Diego. by professor9810/13/054.66HOT

Sex Surrogate Ch. 06

 — Richard takes Linda to Sea World. by professor9810/16/054.59HOT

Sex Surrogate Ch. 07

 — Richard and Linda get ready to visit Yackamura. by professor9810/23/054.53HOT

Sex Surrogate Ch. 08

 — Richard & Linda join Yackamura on his ship for brunch. by professor9810/29/054.29

Sex Surrogate Ch. 09

 — Richard and Linda on the ship making love. by professor9810/30/054.61HOT

Sex with Fiza Ch. 04

 — Mother-in law Sexed with office boss in a Party. by elisjohnman11/19/094.17

Sex with Land-lady

 — Sexual experience with land lady. by sunnyboyz09/01/023.34

Sex With My Neighbour

 — His fantasy about sexy girl next door comes true. by luv_me_one_by_one06/21/013.94

Sex with The Boss

 — Older woman seduces her young male employee. by knightangel09/22/063.73

Sex With The Chaperone

 — Beer costs party chaperone her panties and more. by Elusive01/12/024.00

Sex with Younger Man (22 to my 49)

 — Older woman takes a younger man to bed. by Natalie344201/11/134.07

Sex, Gossip & DVD

 — College jock rents apartment from superstitious widow. by Imaginator07/18/02

Sex, Lies & A Curious Woman

 — Oral delights with an older woman. by male_man12/03/034.39

Sex, Love and Sabotage

 — Two anti-capitalist saboteurs find love and lust together. by ALandRF01/22/104.12

Sexapades of Janet, Sarah & John

 — Janet, Sarah, and John visit their first Swingers' house. by lonelyjohn7601/20/184.53HOT

Sexcapades on a Plane

 — Fun on a plane, from the perspective of a 20 y.o. male. by heathermartin04/27/163.84

Sexploits Ch. 06: Rene

 — My fantasies with my former boss become realities. by dpingjessie04/28/174.42

Sext Messaging Ch. 01

 — A teacher is contacted by a former student. by Baxter7210/09/074.41

Sext Messaging Ch. 02

 — The teacher agrees to meet the former student. by Baxter7210/10/074.31

Sexual Awakening

 — A woman loses her inhibitions and begins to wholly enjoy sex. by Charles3601/08/164.55HOT

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