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Salvation a la Mode and a Cup of Tea

 — Rebecca in freefall lands hard. by Stardog Champion07/13/054.47

Sam and Jessica

 — They finally relieve the sexual tension. by JellytheBiggler02/06/074.03

Sam Finds Relief In Daddy's Friend

 — Lonely Sam finds relief in father's pal. by Chubby Chic10/23/024.25

Sam's Awakening: Good Morning

 — Married MILF with 20 year old buck. by jayman4408/03/114.02

Sam, How I Surprised Her

 — What to do to a multi orgasmic woman. by socalrhino10/22/054.15


 — Old woman and new servant have fun. by 80niner02/18/024.39


 — Graceful older woman seduces younger man. by DuPain09/03/084.30

Samantha's College Gift Ch. 01

 — Sam's gift of college begins with her first repayment. by LookingForMore05/01/084.35

Samantha's Perfect Present

 — Redheaded MILF gets hot young guy as a gift. by justboycrazy12/20/093.94

Samantha's Secret Ch. 01: The Dream

 — Samantha has a secret she wants to share. by KimF3802/11/184.21

Samantha's Secret Ch. 02: Awakened Desire

 — Samantha is rejected by her husband but learns something new. by KimF3802/15/184.29

Same Route, 50 Years Later Pt. 01

 — Two old ladies go on a jaunt. by uksnowy02/15/173.22

Same Route, 50 Years Later Pt. 02

 — The concluding part of their jaunt. by uksnowy02/16/174.00

Same Time Next Week

 — A massage, an older man and a fuck. Heaven. by sammican111/06/114.51HOT

Same Time Next Year Ch. 06

 — A trip to Napa, and lots of wine & lust. by sexygodess0608/18/07HOT

Same Time Tomorrow

 — Fulfilling naughty fantasies with a younger man. by moonshadow1410/28/044.41

Sammie Series 01

 — A young girl moves in with a fun couple. by sitback12/02/124.59HOT

Sammie Series 02

 — Someone else wants to play. by sitback12/03/124.34

Sammie Series 03

 — Fun for the Wife. by sitback12/04/124.22

Sample Day

 — A lonely man learns that sex is more than just samples. by Loving5010/12/144.47


 — Two friends learn to release stress. by tall75811/05/054.55HOT

Sanctuary Ch. 02

 — An unbelievable bond is created between co-workers. by tall75801/05/064.63HOT


 — Her first lover. by silverace110/28/054.54HOT

Sandra's Summer Ch. 01

 — The zipper got stuck. by Yesarub08/24/104.26

Sandra's Summer Ch. 02

 — Sandra shows Michael a new way to make PB & J. by Yesarub09/06/104.41


 — A happy reunion. by Balrog03/28/104.58HOT

Sandy and Her Mom

 — Boyfriend discovers like mother, like daughter. by Irish Moss11/05/054.41

Sandy – My Best Friends MILF Mom

 — My first time with my best friends mom by kylee_is_hot10/03/084.37

Santa Barbara Ch. 01

 — Young lady visits her secret crush, her best friend's father. by gapster710/05/164.77HOT

Santa Max

 — A Santa fantasy wish fulfilled. by MsLoveLee12/30/114.61HOT

Santa's Sex Slut

 — She meets Santa at the shopping center. by Nemasis Enforcer12/18/054.19

Sapphire Angel

 — A man lusts after his daughter's friend. by Patchwork09/16/084.60HOT


 — Young man and his friend's mom. by arjunsharma03/15/134.42

Sara Elizabeth

 — Friend's mom makes dreams a reality. by clintorres07/15/154.52HOT

Sara's Father in law

 — He's more like her than she ever imagined. by drunkwife03/30/174.51HOT

Sara's First

 — Sara receives education from older neighbor. by dennyboy207/28/074.27

Sara's Wishlist

 — A 19 year old student has a plan for getting what she wants. by Sara_Hawkes12/22/153.89

Sara’s New Boy Toy

 — Sexy business woman has trouble leaving work. by LadyDanali01/27/094.22


 — Older man makes love to a much younger woman. by espeteroh12/08/174.41

Sarah & M

 — Lonely wife finds comfort in younger man's arms. by Marius_McW03/05/024.28

Sarah and David, Neighbors and Love

 — Sarah was in her back yard. by Giveandgetoral06/17/104.57HOT

Sarah's Awakening

 — Neglected wife learns to tease and have her own fun. by centrum100005/19/114.56HOT

Sarah's Lesson

 — A woman tutors a younger man. by robwriteshot06/21/083.95

Sarah's New Patient

 — Two weeks after the New Year's party. by GDC158801/31/064.48

Sassie, My Teenage Bride

 — Young woman, old man. and a fire ring by toepicdic12/10/124.08

Satin Ivory

 — Ian drives off with Donna to his motel. by seatacrch08/13/114.26

Satin Sheets

 — Older woman gives him what he needs under covers. by seduce88801/16/023.04


 — A little fantasy of love making with my wife. by wgafa03/08/093.69

Saturday Night at the Pavilion

 — You never know who you'll meet at the Pavilion. by Ann Douglas01/14/184.76HOT

Saturday Night Fever

 — A roadside motel becomes senior disco heaven. by HarryOrwell05/28/114.39

Saturday's Serendipty

 — A Birthday party, Volleyball, and balls to the wall. by 1965Squash09/23/154.45

Saved by the Belle Ch. 01

 — An encounter in a store leads to a close encounter later by Sir Galahad01/14/034.59HOT

Saved by the Belle Ch. 02

 — The lovenight continues, with surprises. by Sir Galahad01/16/034.68HOT

Saved by the Belle Ch. 03

 — An interesting proposition has satisfying results. by Sir Galahad01/27/034.70HOT

Saving a Marriage

 — Helping a desperate woman and enjoying the experience. by oldbob6810/11/164.51HOT

Saving Brian

 — Rescued from the depths by his mother-in-law and wife's aunt. by dass445003/18/034.44

Saving Grace

 — A week in the life of a sociopath. by golfirlathuli02/10/154.81HOT

Saving Sadie

 — Surmounting the trauma of inevitable life changes. by sr71plt10/21/104.64HOT

Saving Sandra

 — Middle age couple meet unexpectedly at resort hotel. by JamesLacy02/16/044.60HOT

Saving the Company Ch. 01

 — Joe joins the company and meets Bethany. by JoeDreamer12/20/054.63HOT

Saving the Company Ch. 02

 — Joe and Bethany finally have lunch. by JoeDreamer02/24/064.80HOT

Saving the Company Ch. 03

 — Joe and Bethany share a night to remember. by JoeDreamer03/07/064.80HOT

Saving the Company Ch. 04

 — Joe and Bethany's hostile take over. by JoeDreamer04/18/064.78HOT

Saving the Company Ch. 05

 — Happy Ending: Big Changes at the Company. by JoeDreamer07/02/064.85HOTContest Winner

Saving Virgil

 — Two people join forces trying to save a troubled young man. by Cinner07/17/124.12

Savouring Georgina's Delicacy

 — Catching up with Dave before the wedding day - & how! by pinkdasie09/18/054.51HOT

Sawtooth Mountain

 — She was twice his age, but the time was right! by countrycal03/15/064.79HOT

Say The Secret Word

 — Winning has its price. by Ann Douglas01/19/184.61HOT

Saying Stay Ch. 06

 — Ellie starts her second act. by LingerieRobot04/27/144.64HOT

SC's Daughter Ujwala

 — They meet on a flight to Kolkata. by indian_exec200010/02/054.52HOT


 — A couple's romantic evening over turns after unexpected even. by KandyKam01/22/172.30


 — The bitter cold leads an older woman to love. by komrad115605/23/174.77HOT

Scent of a Woman

 — Young man picks up an incredible, older woman. by duppy_conqueror04/17/094.37

Scent of a Woman Ch. 02

 — Mike gets another older woman the next day. by duppy_conqueror04/23/094.49

School Aide Ch. 02

 — Saturday arrives. by Freddieboytoy02/28/054.16

School Aide Ch. 03

 — She holds me captive. by Freddieboytoy03/02/054.10

School Aide Ch. 04

 — Eating out is good. by Freddieboytoy03/04/054.25

School Aide Ch. 05

 — His first "O", and after. by Freddieboytoy03/05/054.25

School Aide Ch. 06

 — Knocking at her back door. by Freddieboytoy03/11/054.28

School Ch. 01

 — Senior school boy fucks his girl friends mom. by mumbai2409/30/144.25

School Ch. 02

 — His next MILF is his teacher. by mumbai2410/16/144.05

School Days

 — 18-year-old girl lusts for sexy teacher. by leikanai01/28/023.97

School Days Ch. 01

 — Amy's seduction of Mr. Love. by Niki_Love08/19/024.15

School Days Ch. 02

 — Amy takes total control. by Niki_Love08/22/024.11

School Days Ch. 03

 — Amy gives Mr. Love double the fun. by Niki_Love11/12/033.88

School Days, Rule Days

 — Two brothers fall in love with a mother and her daughter. by komrad115601/26/164.47

School Daze

 — Jason graduates cum loudly with the help of his teacher. by epiphany6508/06/084.58HOT

School Girl Rayne

 — She forgets her keys in the rain. by Sean Renaud09/24/134.00

School Girl Rayne Ch. 02

 — After seven days the waiting is too much for Anna. by Sean Renaud09/30/134.38

School Nurse

 — School nurse milks Manny before school. by MannyBoy10/25/014.23

School Nurse

 — Fantasy woman finally taken. by mustanger7up04/12/034.38

School Nurse

 — Young father asks out older divorced school nurse. by thehumpman05/11/064.55HOT

School of Life

 — Mya's secret fantasy comes to life with Mr. B. by HexingGirl03/18/134.49

School Reunion

 — Dana attends a school reunion. by GabbyRose07/19/153.66

School Secretary Tastes Power

 — Hand brush with a student becomes a complicated affair. by away44307/09/154.15

School Slut Alternative Ending

 — Perhaps a better ending for the school slut. by realbigsid6911/09/094.26

School's Out

 — Teacher hooks up with former student. by amichaels07/06/034.36

School's Over

 — School graduates bring together two teachers. by skip.6910/25/044.26


 — Housewife seduces hunky young salesman. by SexySuzy01/10/014.30

Schoolgirl Seductress

 — She fantasizes about you. by scarlettdreams07/10/034.35

Science (un)Fair

 — Mr. Marcus judges the City Science Fair. by HarveyMarcus05/10/064.36

Scott & Barbara Ch. 01

 — Barbara gets under daughter's boyfriend's skin. by DankertV02/08/054.72HOT

Scott and Anne... Again?

 — Will Scott find a way to hook up with Anne again? by womenlover05/04/064.62HOT


 — A hot afternoon gives rise to a hot game. by free2look01/07/174.42

Screwing My Sister-In-Law

 — Young man and older sister-in-law discover each other. by kamal1234507/14/074.49


 — Author meets old girlfriend's daughter, who's on a mission. by romancer10/08/154.68HOT

Sea Cruise Pt. 01

 — Sea cruise evolves into a love boat of events. by LaceyDresser03/09/184.37

Sea Cruise Pt. 02

 — Sea cruise evolves into a love boat. by LaceyDresser03/24/184.60HOT

Sea Cruise Pt. 03

 — Sea cruise evolves into a love boat. by LaceyDresser04/03/184.56HOT

Sea Cruise Pt. 04

 — Sea cruise evolves into a love boat. by LaceyDresser04/14/184.46

Sea Cruise Pt. 05

 — Sea cruise evolves into a love boat. by LaceyDresser04/24/184.63HOT

Sea Cruise Pt. 06

 — Sea cruise evolves into a love boat. by LaceyDresser05/23/184.30

Sea Cruise Pt. 07

 — Sea cruise evolves into a love boat. by LaceyDresser06/08/184.42

Seamus & the Sisters

 — Burly Irishman is pleasantly surprised while taking a leak. by womble08/14/034.31

Sean and the Cleaning Lady

 — An older cleaning lady enjoys a surprise at work. by serialscribbler01/06/174.44

Sean and the Market Lady

 — A chance encounter and a tantalizing backside lead to more. by serialscribbler01/08/174.26

Secluded Desire

 — An affair continues. by angel_6902/03/104.61HOT

Second Chance

 — He abuses a vulnerable woman, but pays a heavy price. by Lefreak12/22/074.16

Second Chance at Love Ch. 01

 — Roger runs in to the professor's wife. by andy_r_1445603/21/034.52HOT

Second Chance at Love Ch. 02

 — Voluptuous Jeannie, Fran's cousin, likes Roger. by andy_r_1445603/27/034.34

Second Chance at Love Ch. 03

 — Jeannie and Roger in a love fest. by andy_r_1445603/31/034.49

Second Chance at Love Ch. 04

 — Alice finds good friend in young Eric. by andy_r_1445604/05/034.69HOT

Second Chance at Love Ch. 05

 — Widow Jeannie celebrates birthday with young Roger by andy_r_1445604/07/034.62HOT

Second Chance at Love Ch. 06

 — Widow Angie is loved by younger Bill by andy_r_1445604/15/034.60HOT

Second Chance at Love Ch. 07

 — Eric and Alice make a baby. by andy_r_1445604/20/034.55HOT

Second Chance at Love Ch. 08

 — Widow Dot, Alice's mom, loves Art. by andy_r_1445604/22/034.50HOT

Second Chance for a First Time

 — ...married woman reconsiders premarital sex. by morris4001/29/114.55HOT

Second Chances

 — A mature woman is given a chance to recapture pleasure. by LonelyMom12/23/074.58HOT

Second Chances

 — A mature widower unexpectedly connects with a young widow. by vegasokie0301/27/164.65HOT

Second Chances Ch. 02

 — Teri opens up as our relationship grows. by cuninglinguist6105/08/154.82HOT

Second Meeting

 — On the rebound, a guy finds a former prospect. by HarryOrwell07/18/114.36

Second Opinion

 — The value of a second opinion. by Ann Douglas12/15/174.67HOT

Secret Admirer at the A&P

 — Mysterious love letters, aisle by aisle. by l8bloom07/03/074.44

Secret Arrangement- Electrorgasms

 — Pay for play satisfying yet painful. by papadog08/07/103.94

Secret Arrangement: Procurement

 — After work there is play for pay. by papadog05/26/103.92

Secret Life Ch. 01

 — She sumbits to her attraction for older men. by pamela_ussss11/04/034.44

Secretary 43

 — Mature secretary spruces up to meet demands of young Boss. by Stripemoff12/08/174.36


 — Brad learns secrets about his mother from her friend May. by Many Feathers11/28/084.62HOT

Security Catches Us In The Act!

 — Security catches us while fooling around in rental by RobynG12/26/174.07

Security Check

 — A sensual military story. by JoseffS02/27/144.39

Security Guard

 — Spicing up a senior community. by HarryOrwell07/03/114.31

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