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First Time Stories

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The New Neighbour Ch. 02

 — Intercourse occurs. by ridged03/02/084.17

The New Student

 — The new student gets herself a new boyfriend. by lady-royals01/28/044.14

The Niece

 — She had a plan but got more than she she bargined for. by TxRad05/15/074.36

The Night

 — She's ready to go for it. by KarennaC05/22/084.01

The Night I Did "IT"

 — The night she lost her virginity. by RedHairedandFriendly07/02/064.12

The Night I Discovered a Woman

 — Denise decides to try another woman for the first time. by ofloveandlust08/15/154.54HOT

The Night Manager

 — A male virgin and a beautiful woman. by xtcnymphette01/24/054.65HOT

The Night Manager Ch. 02

 — 18-year-old virgin awakens her sexual skills. by xtcnymphette01/31/054.76HOT

The Night My Cherry was Eaten

 — Author's story: 19 year old virgin discovers being dirty. by exploding_grapes01/12/093.97

The Night Of My Firsts

 — My girlfriends and my firsts. by joejoejoe105/30/124.26

The Night Rider

 — Office pulls over police chief's sexy daughter. by Isabelle2212/11/024.27

The Nixon Girls Ch. 03

 — Jane: a second Penny found. by thelastenglishking03/10/064.54HOT

The Nun's Accident

 — A Nun gets saved on a snowy day. by Abigdiesel07/27/164.19

The Oakwood Academy: Rachel

 — Virgin learns about sex. by BigMeanie03/13/104.20

The Obscene Call

 — Sitter receives frightening phone call by Reefkeeper02/16/144.12

The Office

 — Younger man discovers the Manageress's secret by Robin P07/31/094.30

The Office Intern

 — Fucking the office intern. by Mastergo02/16/184.62HOT

The Office Understudy

 — The relationship of Janet with Larry and first time sex. by mdiver12/24/134.26

The Okie’s Roommate

 — Great books are only a pretext here. by Longstretch02/26/093.96

The Old Man and His Wife

 — The first adventure for a young man. by woolgatherer08/30/074.02

The Older Male Virgin

 — Company boss is surprised by a younger woman. by Scot123404/29/154.60HOT

The Older Virgin

 — Older woman is taught. by Scot123404/19/154.56HOT

The One Night Stand!

 — Sex/erotica. by Karnastorries11/11/13

The Only Man I Thought I Loved

 — Long time friends become first time lovers. by WhyWait081003/23/083.78

The Only One I've Ever Lusted For

 — The story of the events leading up to my first time. by Sugary_Comfort08/12/114.23

The Orphanage Ch. 01

 — Helpful nuns are more than they appear. by Dickers03/26/074.39

The Other Side of a Cocky Man

 — Two opposing lawyers hookup. by Rscott052907/05/144.12

The Other Side of the Window

 — 18-year-old guy ia fascinated by older neighbor. by furryfan09/26/084.67HOT

The Outing

 — Maddie falls in love with her sitter. by MyNameMayBeLucas08/01/144.03

The Panty Girls Society

 — Girl joins after school activities. by rockandroller12/02/024.41

The Panty Teaser

 — Young woman won't allow her panties to be removed. by LeCoach11/12/084.37

The Paperboy

 — I take the paperboy's virginity. by DonnasDream11/16/174.48

The Passion of a Virgin

 — Shyness attracts. by alexcarr06/01/113.62

The Patron

 — Young man learns the ropes of his father’s legacy. by Grey_Dragon07/10/084.01

The Pawn

 — Bride a business pawn and sex slave. by Beckia201305/20/133.82

The Peeping Mom

 — The mother next sees...and then acts. by AuthorApril07/23/124.71HOT

The Pendant

 — Yardman finds a pendant while doing the lawns. by Ashson10/02/144.20

The Perfect 10

 — A beautiful teen experiences her first. by Up4Cyber08/01/084.35

The Perfect Evening

 — Two 18 year olds enjoy their first experience. by Icarus_uk09/03/034.20

The Perfect Job

 — Samantha finds herself in a sticky situation at work. by AlyssaBabe10/15/10

The Philanderer and Her Top Secret

 — I didn't know she was a virgin, but I knew I loved her. by Epmd60709/24/074.33

The Photo Session

 — A hot photo session leads to even hotter activities. by Frank Stone08/30/024.40

The Physics of Attraction

 — Nerd loses his virginity at the library. by IshtarsMoon02/27/084.50HOT

The Physics of Love

 — A student babysits for her teacher; they fall in love. by catfacts06/25/144.31

The Picker's Pleasure Ch. 02

 — When the boat's a rockin'... by Isuelt the fierce11/24/054.19

The Pickup

 — Young man meets an older woman. by P40eBu511/12/044.31

The Pin Ch. 03

 — Heather gives up her Pin...and her virginity. by Stick_Man02/04/124.13

The Pink Ninja

 — An angry young man fights for his virginity. by xelliebabex02/28/154.58HOT

The Place of Remembering

 — Rcollections of her first thrill. by adam applebiter07/22/054.26

The Point

 — View into my life from my point of view. by stickivicki05/22/134.29

The Pool

 — Young lover out in the woods. by TxRad08/22/134.70HOT

The Pool

 — A virgin with a wild imagination is finally awoken. by esselle01/11/184.08

The Pool House Ch. 01

 — Naive coed meets a sophisticated couple. by fin09/25/044.56HOT

The Pool House Ch. 02

 — Yvonne poses and has an unexpected encounter. by fin09/26/044.59HOT

The Pool House Ch. 03

 — Yvonne's story concludes. by fin09/27/044.69HOT

The Pool Pt. 01

 — What would you do to have access to a pool for the summer? by taylorsam06/28/174.50HOT

The Powerless

 — A weakling becomes a stud. by PoeticAvarice05/30/124.25

The Preacher's Daughter

 — The story of my first sexual experience. by Lola4904/15/10

The Prize

 — Group of horny guys are playing poker with you for your virginity. by MarzyDotes07/08/113.85

The Prize Ch. 02

 — Buck moves to collect his prize but will Melissa bite? by MarzyDotes07/13/114.63HOT

The Prize Ch. 03

 — Buck moves to collect his prize but will Melissa bite? by MarzyDotes07/31/114.67HOT

The Prize Ch. 04

 — Buck wins Melissa in a bet but can he tame her? by MarzyDotes06/06/124.06

The Pro and The Addict: MFM

 — First MFM experience. by NellieMae02/03/183.42

The Production Assistant

 — Nurses assist young man at the local sperm bank. by Unintentional10/24/174.29

The Professor and Sherry

 — Asian coed receives special treatment from her professor. by jedeye101/29/063.67

The Project

 — A goal oriented student doesn't need the distraction. by Reefkeeper03/18/144.15

The Prom Queen

 — A first time followed by many more. by ainu07/13/054.66HOT

The Proposition

 — Grace has an awkward question to ask Tom. by __Lisa__08/15/094.71HOTContest WinnerEditor's Pick

The Proposition

 — Young woman makes a proposal to a man to pay for college. by Lucky Mann03/01/174.42

The Proposition: Obligations Met

 — Relationship between Jim & Jenny grow beyond business deal. by Lucky Mann03/04/174.40

The Purple Panties Eater

 — A young man discover what it is like to be hunted. by Angelpheonix01/27/104.20

The Pursuit of Pleasure Ch. 01

 — A heavy football player meets the love of his life. by CarltonFade2307/07/173.67

The Quicky Cafe

 — Unexpected things happen so fast they seem unreal. by Kat90003/18/163.57

The Quiet Librarian

 — She finally finds the sex she's always wanted. by ainu12/09/034.59HOT

The Rainbow Lounge

 — A young explores gay sex. by charlessmythe11/16/164.35

The Ranch

 — He man gets to live with his father in a Nevadas brothel. by heryankee02/20/034.22

The Ranch Hand

 — An intense thunderstorm leads to an afternoon of passion. by WickedlySweetnSinful09/19/174.47

The Ranch Hand Ch. 02

 — The aftermath of the heat of passion in a thunderstorm. by WickedlySweetnSinful10/05/174.41

The Ranch Hand Ch. 03

 — Dannielle's education reaches new heights. by WickedlySweetnSinful10/19/174.45

The Rawhide & the Cowgirl

 — A tryst on the trail. by rockandroller06/28/034.59HOT

The Real Effects of The Axe Effect

 — He finds out about Axe body deodorant. by kimberlykitten07/06/043.67

The Real Estate Agent

 — Casual Sex. by Newkinkstories04/15/164.30

The Recluse: Version Two

 — Jeremy is seduced by an older woman. by unpublished04/11/034.35

The Red Baroness

 — Two young men travel to a brothel. by MungoParkIII07/24/073.79

The Red Horse

 — An illegal brothel and a boy's first time. by cyloncrusader02/02/063.73

The Reluctant Submissive

 — This Story is inspired by real life events. by onall4s211211/18/163.89

The Renter

 — He's caught masturbating by a 19-year-old virgin. by retiresoon09/15/094.00

The Repressed Librarian Ch. 02

 — She's not as staid as he'd thought. by Tdisk07/03/154.47

The Reunion

 — Young Marine rescues long lost love. by Waynesgirl03/27/183.76

The Ride Home

 — Simple thank-you kiss leads to best friend sex. by Corbin54305/06/053.34

The Ride Home

 — His unexpected move proves to be full of worth. by Candypops01/10/173.55

The Riding Lesson

 — A riding lesson gets out of control. by opels05/27/064.63HOT

The Right Place and Time

 — It's his first time. by americandemon04/02/03

The Right Place At The Right Time

 — His fortunes at a pub change dramatically. by p2sailorman02/11/044.29

The Ritual

 — What he sees is really no accident. by Merlinslair01/03/094.43

The Robot at Play

 — The story depicts the conflict in the mind of a woman. by PrettyPalu04/14/163.38

The Romance of a Fat Girl

 — A fat, unloved girl finally finds her sexuality. by Bill_the_Butcher01/20/084.24

The Rooster

 — College Freshman taken advantage of by upper class girls by rhinotoons05/04/044.23

The Royal Snob

 — Pirates capture a King's niece. by luvthedesserts06/01/124.07

The Sad Virgin

 — Tonguing a virgin. by kenya_tree12/14/123.80

The Salon Ch. 01

 — The first cut is the sexiest. by stevetruestories11/17/154.73HOT

The Salon Ch. 02

 — Donna receives a surprise tip from Jeremy. by stevetruestories12/11/154.77HOT

The Saturday Girl Ch. 01

 — Coming of age story series seen through 3 pairs of eyes. by rogerbig12/17/123.57

The Saturday Girl Ch. 02

 — Boyfriends. by rogerbig01/21/133.91

The Scarlet Affair Ch. 01

 — The relationship goes past good friends. by GallopingStyx02/15/074.41

The Scarlet Affair Ch. 02

 — Things start to heat up between two Gothic lovers. by GallopingStyx02/22/074.60HOT

The Scene Ch. 01: The Script

 — Married man mentors local teenage actress. by YoureWet01/16/164.23

The Scene Ch. 02: Not a Dry Seat

 — Harry discovers just how wet a virgin can get. by YoureWet01/19/164.39

The Scene Ch. 03: Props Department

 — Chloe soaks her new stage knickers. by YoureWet01/20/164.57HOT

The Scene Ch. 04: The Fourth Wall

 — Chloe is a handful when she's been drinking. by YoureWet01/24/164.65HOT

The Scene Ch. 05: Curtain Call

 — Harry receives the best birthday present of his life. by YoureWet01/26/164.53HOT

The Scholar

 — We are taught so many things; why not this? by CamillaHumby09/17/124.13

The School Assignment

 — He becomes study tool for sex ed. assignment. by dowd_elwood_p07/31/03HOT

The School Hunk Ch. 02

 — They emerge from the woods. by shawnsgrl2202/06/104.43

The School Sick Bay

 — Matron at a boys' boarding school gives an important lesson. by Slowandeasy4704/04/174.32

The Schoolgirl's Dirty First Time

 — Lydia dreams of her teacher, never imagining she may be his. by CatherineFox06/25/114.36

The Schoolmarm Ch. 03

 — "Are you really going to do what we read about?" she asked. by GloriaWill02/14/104.41

The Schoolroom

 — Her first time and with a teacher! by WickedWench1302/10/034.24

The Schoolteacher Requires Some Help!

 — Cheating wife with young stud. by easyballs04/11/163.95

The Science of Sex Ch. 01

 — Student and friend find a fun way to experiment. by shadywriter01/12/084.50HOT

The Sculpture

 — Inexperienced Jessica wants to please her Professor. by GoodGrl198309/08/074.27

The Sculpture Ch. 02

 — You make love to your virgin art student. by GoodGrl198311/27/074.30

The Sculpture Ch. 03

 — Professor takes her & makes her watch in the mirror. by GoodGrl198301/06/084.06

The Secret Journal

 — Schoolgirl's fantasy of getting tied up and used is granted. by catfacts06/18/144.27

The Secret of Dickin Close

 — Young girls protected from a virile young cock. by joulie09/01/114.23

The Secret Pact

 — Childhood friend asks for a favour. by Svenskaflicka05/24/054.42

The Secret to Success

 — Can you lose your virginity to a toy? Jules just did. by CiaoSteve09/29/174.22

The Seducer

 — How a lonely boy becomes a Seducer? by heartbreakkid9609/09/154.34

The Seduction of Aisha

 — Muslim virgin gives in to older white man's advances. by QuietStorm197009/03/123.82

The Seduction of Emma

 — A couple finds themselves and explores their relationship. by RichardLeslie04/18/184.70HOT

The Seduction of Keith

 — A faithful husband and father can't resist the temptation. by pghpa03/07/17HOT

The Setup

 — Roommate plans for friend to give up her virginity. by AutumnWriter05/27/064.57HOT

The Sex Story

 — His first time was on their weddiing night. by Alice_Nestleton02/08/044.10

The Sex Tutor Pt. 01

 — A young girl learns sex from an older man. by dave_jones_5012/11/154.34

The Sexual Awakening of Virtuous Ch. 01

 — Stranger in parking lot changes virgin. by txshygal0407/01/044.29

The Sexual Awakening of Virtuous Ch. 02

 — First heartbreak, first revenge. by txshygal0408/26/043.79

The Shave

 — Got him! by Suburb12/22/174.46

The Shoot Ch. 02

 — Jane gives her virgin nerdy nephew more then just a job. by TLMorgan11/30/124.12

The Shopping Trip

 — A shopping trip becomes an erotic adventure. by mcds56603/20/153.19

The Shot-Putter's Sister

 — She chaparoned mixers and found her first lover. by Longstretch02/19/094.18

The Shower

 — She gets very wet with the girl next door. by Pegasus_Girl12/09/024.45

The Shower

 — Things heat up between friends the summer before college. by burbonstgirl08/08/054.13

The Shower

 — Part 2. A steamy shower as foreplay. by esselle01/16/184.17

The Shy Girl

 — English teacher teaches her something new. by deepemerald05/08/044.37

The Shy Kid, Tim

 — English Teacher and Student find something sexy in common. by BrandonKav701/03/163.33

The Simone Affair

 — First time for Cal with an experienced girl. by CamScorp06/28/174.06

The Simone Affair Revisited

 — Cal fucks Simone's friend, Billie and takes her virginity. by CamScorp08/22/174.25

The Sister

 — Kyle has a surprise encounter with his best friend's sister. by sydneycarton704/14/184.01

The Sisters

 — His girlfriend, her sister, and one lucky guy. by powellmanu02/15/034.03

The Sisters

 — He meets, seduces two sisters. by Grouchojim06/23/154.40

The Sitter Ch. 02

 — Emily helps a boy discover his potential by DantesCristo01/16/144.73HOT

The Sitters

 — First-time fun with the sitters. by randy12307/17/104.17

The Six Month Challenge

 — The true story of taking Sophie's virginity. by jaykayen02/09/174.26

The Ski Trip

 — How I lost my virginity twice on the same day. by 4eyedbrit01/23/094.62HOT

The Sleepover

 — Girls & friend's mom don't let him sleep. by dowd_elwood_p01/24/044.63HOT

The Sleepover

 — Addison's best friend's big brother has a late night surprise. by EvelynEden07/23/154.33

The Sleepover

 — Her friend's older brother crashes the party. by hergasm09/04/174.52HOT

The Slow Bowler

 — 19-year-old virgin cricketer seduces school friend's mum. by mangrove jack06/29/064.68HOT

The Slow Burn

 — It's the fire in your veins, until only pleasure remains. by cityoflights01/29/104.68HOT

The Small And Large Of It

 — A tale of two cocks. by suzie3w08/28/134.47

The Sober Young Man

 — Two first-timers give it a go. by AnAmericanDarling05/15/074.44

The Soccer Girl

 — Cute Spanish girl catches him and gives her first handjob. by fuckingenglish02/27/114.33

The Soccer Mom Ch. 01

 — He learns to please. by ChefChip12/13/024.08

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