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Meeting Mariah

 — Female fan makes music with Mariah Carey. by jessijessi3402/08/024.31

Meeting Michelle

 — A special car ride with Michelle Branch. by Smokeshow12/21/022.43

Meeting Mr Romance

 — Fabio helps me out with a tire and much more. by cinnamon197704/30/074.40

Meeting Mr Romance Ch. 02

 — Fabio comes to visit, again. by cinnamon197705/14/074.25

Meeting Mr Romance Ch. 03

 — Sunday, weekend is over. by cinnamon197705/28/073.50

Meeting Robert Doob

 — A weird encounter with Kiefer Sutherland. by TheMoody105/31/044.43

Meeting Sarah Hyland

 — A night with Sarah Hyland. by 13James1309/17/133.24

Meeting Sarah Palin

 — Help Sarah get even with Todd... by Gh0stw1nD11/11/113.94

Meeting Stacy Keibler Ch. 01

 — A WWE fan goes backstage with Stacy. by JmanVA489110/29/032.79

Meeting the Undertaker

 — She only wanted to serve him. by mithrell02/20/064.00

Meeting Up With Angela Lansbury

 — After knowing her as a neighbor, now I meet up for adult fun by Enjoyslife4202/07/124.69HOT

Meeting Up With Angela Lansbury Ch. 02

 — We continue the fun in a remote. by Enjoyslife4208/01/124.50

Meeting Up With Angela Lansbury Ch. 03

 — Sex and fun in the remote cabin with Angela. by Enjoyslife4208/03/124.22

Meeting Velma Dinkley

 — I meet Velma from the show Scooby Doo. by Spurtulator06/20/124.45

Meeting Vin Ch. 1

 — Small-town girl meets a superstar. by Destiny Fantasia09/18/02

Meg and Andrew Ch. 01

 — While You Were Out carpenter is knocked for a loop. by fun girl 2003/24/034.29

Meg White: Debased Live

 — Meg White from the White Stripes gets put into the spotlight, by StripesLovr08/29/084.12

Megan - Cunning Fox

 — The second hot encounter with Megan Fox. by Noj01/19/094.56HOT

Megan - Freeing the Fox

 — A runner gets lucky with Megan Fox. by Noj10/01/084.66HOT

Megan - Taming the Fox

 — Megan Fox: Subbed n Shagged. by Noj02/08/094.66HOT

Megan and me

 — Megan White turns out to be a wild cat. by notthatkinky07/16/074.00

Megan FoXXX

 — Fresh off her Transformers fame, Megan cuts loose. by metron1804/08/124.47

Megan Gets It

 — Megan gets with me. by Redrum000910/20/091.77

Megan's Body

 — Amanda Seyfried indulges in Megan Fox. by Noj01/10/104.51HOT

Melfina's Learning

 — Gene's odd comment causes Melfina to wonder about herself. by WFEATHER03/25/094.25

Melina's Balcony Fantasy

 — Beth fulfils one of Melina's fantasies. by MTL1709/12/094.82HOT

Melissa Ruach Kaley Cuoco Blacked

 — Melissa was going to get married the next day. by AWO4me10/18/133.13

Mellow Yellow Ch. 23

 — Tina Yin reformats Bill Gates' hard drive by miskeivitch06/12/034.38

Memories! Ch. 01

 — Mac from JAG loses her memory & gets close to the Admiral. by Katherine English 201/08/014.12

Memories! Ch. 02

 — The rabbit dies, & baby makes three. by Katherine English 201/08/014.36

Men are Better Than Machines

 — Borderlands 2. Axton walks in on Gaige & one of her machines. by NESeverine10/10/134.58HOT

Men of Shienar, Women of Arad Doman

 — A Shienaran soldier encounters a domani in the baths. by SaucyEroticProductions09/16/124.50HOT

Men's Sexual Confessions: Bob

 — Men talk candidly about their sex lives. by PositiveThinker12/22/093.62

Mending Wounds Ch. 01

 — Angel's a doctor & Buffy's his patient. by angel1303/29/023.12

Mending Wounds Ch. 02

 — Holland has sinister plans for Buffy. by angel1303/30/023.56

Mending Wounds Ch. 03

 — Darla wants to stir things up. by angel1304/14/024.00

Mending Wounds Ch. 04

 — Buffy leaves Riley & kisses Angel. by angel1304/15/024.25

Mending Wounds Ch. 05

 — Buffy thinks about Angel. by angel1304/16/023.80

Mending Wounds Ch. 07

 — Buffy gets ready for her date with Angel. by angel1304/18/024.50

Mending Wounds Ch. 08

 — Darla interrupts Buffy & Angel's date. by angel1304/19/025.00

Mending Wounds Ch. 09

 — Buffy & Angel get closer. by angel1304/20/025.00

Mending Wounds Ch. 10

 — Buffy goes to Angel's house for romantic date. by angel1304/21/024.00

Mending Wounds Ch. 11

 — Buffy spends the night with Angel. by angel1304/23/024.20

Mending Wounds Ch. 12

 — Buffy meets Angel's friends for dinner. by angel1304/24/023.67

Mending Wounds Ch. 13

 — The date ends for Buffy & Angel. by angel1304/25/023.75

Mending Wounds Ch. 14

 — Buffy gets her revenge on Riley. by angel1304/26/024.67

Mending Wounds Ch. 15

 — Buffy has thoughts about Angel. by angel1304/27/025.00

Mending Wounds Ch. 16

 — Buffy welcomes Angel back. by angel1304/28/024.50

Mending Wounds Ch. 17

 — Angel & Buffy dealing with their relationship. by angel1304/29/023.60

Mending Wounds Ch. 18

 — Buffy has her day in court. by angel1304/30/024.20

Mending Wounds Ch. 19

 — Angel goes to see Buffy at work. by angel1305/01/023.25

Mending Wounds Ch. 20

 — Buffy and Angel get intimate. by angel1305/02/024.38

Mending Wounds Ch. 21

 — Buffy and Angel argue. by angel1305/03/024.00

Mending Wounds Ch. 22

 — Angel plans a surprise for Buffy. by angel1305/04/023.67

Mending Wounds Ch. 23

 — Angel proposes to Buffy. by angel1305/05/025.00

Mending Wounds Ch. 24

 — The future for Buffy and Angel. by angel1305/06/025.00

Mending Wounds Ch. 6

 — Buffy goes home. by angel1304/17/024.33

Mephiso and Faustus

 — Mephisto gives Faustus relief. by Taunus09/05/082.00

Merry Christmas Mr. Monk

 — Julie gives Mr. Monk a special gift. by shaggy7706/17/134.31

Merry Christmas, Detective Gordon

 — Gotham's Jim Gordon enjoys both Fish and Barbara Xmas Eve. by Kethandra11/20/144.32

Merry ChristmASS, Bitch Boy!

 — Mistress's Brittany and Chantz fuck him again. by humbleslave12/28/054.26

Merry XXX-Mas

 — With his powers, do you really think Santa's a saint? by RoseThorn01/18/013.87


 — Superman vs. Ultra-woman by UP2U07/22/094.35

Michael Jackson and Friend!

 — Vampire MJ, say whaaaa... by paladinefizban06/17/124.50

Michael Jackson: My Tribute

 — Through the eyes of a little Southern girl. by wife2hotblk12/13/092.96

Michelle Branch's Photo Shoot

 — Lucky photographer goes on location with Michelle Branch. by Guitarslinger5011/10/074.45

Michelle Malkin: Conference Call

 — Michelle Malkin gets it on at a conference. by SkyBubble08/05/064.03

Michelle Malkin: In the Pool

 — The columnist and a guest make love in the pool. by SkyBubble06/16/083.27

Michelle Trachtenberg Gets Loaded

 — Up & coming musician gets lucky with Buffy's sister. by georgiamain05/03/094.15

Michelle Wie & Susann Pettersen

 — Michelle and Susann do a workout. Caddie helps too. by MagicFingers01/04/134.45

Michelle Wild Porn Star in Paris

 — Single guy dates a girl who resembles actress Michelle Wild. by walterio12/19/104.27

Mickie Gets What's Hers

 — The title pretty much sums it up. by MTL1708/02/074.74HOT

Mickie Gets What's Hers Ch. 02

 — Maria wants an interview but Mickie has other ideas. by MTL1709/08/074.89HOT

Mickie Gets What's Hers Ch. 03

 — Mickie tells Trish her true intentions. by MTL1711/11/074.87HOT

Mickie Gets What's Hers Ch. 04

 — Mickie puts Ashley in her place. by MTL1711/05/074.75HOT

Mickie Gets What's Hers Ch. 05

 — Mickie gets extreme with Lita. by MTL1711/13/074.27

Mickie Gets What's Hers Ch. 06

 — Mickie has some fun with Maria and Maria's boyfriend. by MTL1711/15/074.83HOT

Mickie Gets What's Hers Ch. 07

 — Mickie puts Melina in her place. by MTL1712/19/075.00HOT

Mickie Gets What's Hers Ch. 08

 — Mickie has fun with Edge and Lita. by MTL1702/08/084.75

Mickie Gets What's Hers Ch. 09

 — Mickie has some fun with Melina and Jillian. by MTL1705/20/084.48

Mickie Gets What's Hers Ch. 10

 — Mickie puts Candice in her place. by MTL1706/19/084.55HOT

Mickie Gets What's Hers Ch. 11

 — Mickie puts Torrie in her place. by MTL1707/29/084.54HOT

Mickie Gets What's Hers Ch. 12

 — Mickie has some fun with Lillian. by MTL1702/19/094.69HOT

Mickie Gets What's Hers Ch. 13

 — Mickie and her bitches get a taste of Trish. by MTL1707/25/134.50HOT

Mickie Gets What's Hers Ch. 14

 — Mickie puts Victoria in her place. by MTL1711/21/144.00

Mickie Loves Dem Cowboys

 — Mickie James meets Miles Austin and Tony Romo. by Dice_Casden10/04/134.83

Mickie's Mine

 — Trish and Melina fight over Mickie. by MTL1707/20/094.44

Mickie's Mine Ch. 02

 — Trish and Melina take turns with Mickie. by MTL1709/22/094.71HOT

Mickie's Mine Ch. 03

 — The contest between Melina and Trish comes to an end. by MTL1702/24/124.80HOT

Mickie's Mine Ch. 04

 — Mickie makes her choice. by MTL1712/22/124.76HOT

Midge Helps Donna Keep Her Man

 — Donna is afraid Eric will leave her, so Midge helps her out. by Flugal06/05/114.32

Midnight Blues

 — Melisssa Manchester gets interrupted by producer Vini Poncia. by Pandoras Desire05/24/064.50HOT

Midnight Dancers Ch. 01

 — Four friends are rescued by their fave music group. by Myalyn08/29/054.17

Midnight Dancers Ch. 02

 — The guys identities are revealed. by Myalyn09/10/055.00

Midnight Dancers Ch. 03

 — Jill finds waiting for Darin was more than worth it. by Myalyn09/13/054.90HOT

Miki Garcia

 — Miss January 1973 conquers D.C. in the Love Machine. by hopeolsonfan09/06/054.71HOT

Mila Kunis Meets The Fanboys

 — Mila Kunis is promoting her movie at ComicCon. by muhabba04/13/134.26

Miley and Me

 — Sometimes the things we least expect, become reality. by MileyAndMe04/20/114.13

Miley Breaks Out Of Her Shell

 — Miley gets sick of waiting for her brother to make his move. by TromeoQue05/19/134.22

Miley May's Filling Experience

 — Porn Star Miley May encounters a fantasy with big results. by Jeromeodawg02/02/142.88

Miley's Harem Ch. 01

 — Taylor, Selena, Demi, & Anna learn their first lesson. by junkie6902/22/144.22

Miley's Harem Ch. 02

 — More fun with the girls, and Taylor is taught a lesson. by junkie6902/23/144.20

Miley: When Innocence Was Lost

 — How the sexy pop star, at age 18, left innocence behind. by DeeFuhreese04/10/144.31

Milla's Crossing

 — Milla Jovovich crosses a line from good girl to bad. by Darlantan10/20/064.50HOT

Miller's Crossing Ch. 01

 — FanFic about Wentworth Miller. by goddess_cerridwen11/13/064.43

Miller's Crossing Ch. 02

 — Wentworth Miller fantasy story. by goddess_cerridwen11/27/064.75

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