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Italians Do It Best

 — Matt groaned as he watched his younger cousin with Aria. by SexyJennaInk10/12/053.15

Ivy & Harley's Fun Night Out

 — Poison Ivy helps mend Harley Quinn's broken heart. by BatmansDick06/11/154.70HOT

Ivy Finds Answers

 — Ivy valentine (Soul Calibur IV) finds what she wanted. by LiteroticaUser66602/01/184.64HOT

iZombie: Dom of the Dead

 — Liv's latest brain is whip-smart. by Zev9503/09/164.57HOT

iZombie: The Wanking Dead

 — Liv eats a nymphomaniac's brain: grave mistake. by Zev9511/26/154.55HOT

Ja'ak and Sarai Ch. 01

 — An encounter leads to something more... by Something_Random105/27/093.62

Jabba's Shemale Slave Pt. 01

 — A shemale is enslaved by Jabba The Hutt. by mkh7808/29/194.00

Jabba's Shemale Slave Pt. 02

 — A shemale is enslaved by Jabba The Hutt. by mkh7809/11/194.00NEW

Jabba's Slaves: Aayla Secura & I

 — Slaves to Jabba the Hutt perform. by mr_prickture06/15/063.77

Jabba, The Hutt's Slave Boy Pt. 01

 — Life of a gay slave in Jabba The Hutt's palace. by mkh7806/19/194.33

Jabba, The Hutt's Slave Boy Pt. 02

 — Life of a gay slave in Jabba The Hutt's Palace. by mkh7807/01/194.00

Jabba, The Hutt's Slave Boy Pt. 03

 — This is the tale of how I became Jabba's gay slave boy. by mkh7807/11/193.50

Jack & Selina

 — Jack & Selina before they were famous (excerpt) by Millsy08/24/104.76HOT

Jack Ripley - Takes Hollywood Ch. 01

 — Jack Ripley makes rounds with modern Hollywood starlets. by rileyil7704/30/174.48

Jack Ripley - Takes Hollywood Ch. 02

 — Jack Ripley sexually conquers modern Hollywood starlets. by rileyil7705/11/174.00

Jack White Plays Meg's Drums

 — Jack and Meg White have some fun. by JIM1307/15/093.41

Jackie's Initiation

 — Jacqueline Emerson gets inducted into a super secret club. by TromeoQue08/24/143.59

Jackie, Oh!

 — Summer job on a yacht leads to a fantasy come true. by DevisPixi07/15/154.38

Jackman Breaks Loose Ch. 01

 — Fed up with all the craziness, actor needs a break. by shandal07/17/093.95

Jackman Breaks Loose Ch. 02

 — She understands he needs release. by shandal07/18/094.35

Jackman Breaks Loose Ch. 03

 — She allows him the freedom to find pleasure. by shandal07/19/094.42

Jackman Breaks Loose Ch. 04

 — The final day, has he found a solution. by shandal07/20/093.61

Jacqueline Joins the Mile High Club

 — Romeo meets Jacqueline Fernandez in a flight and nails her. by nextcenturyromeo05/30/153.60

Jacqueline Joins the Mile High Club Ch. 02

 — Romeo conquers Jacqueline Fernandez and makes her his whore. by nextcenturyromeo06/18/153.83

Jade Keeps Rollin' with Deadman, Inc.

 — Harley fetish leads to encounter with Red Devil Big Evil. by hrefnadrakis10/11/024.67HOT


 — The Bermuda Triangle episode. by sgrspc69er04/28/054.14

JAG Revisited Pt. 01

 — Sarah & Harm recount old affairs starting with Lt. Pike. by baranbrat08/29/14HOT

JAG Revisited Pt. 02

 — Harm and Sarah recount more affairs starting with Krennick. by baranbrat09/14/14HOT

JAG Revisited Pt. 03

 — Sarah & Harm Continue, they add Bud, Harriet, Bobbi and more. by baranbrat09/25/14HOT

JAG Revisited Pt. 04

 — Sarah and Harm Continue, adding Annie, Dalton, A.J. & More. by baranbrat10/30/14HOT

JAG Revisited Pt. 05

 — Sarah and Harm Continue exploring affairs W/ Coulter & more by baranbrat11/09/14HOT

JAG Revisited Pt. 06

 — Sarah and Harm continued reminiscing affairs include Jordan. by baranbrat11/19/14HOT

JAG Revisited Pt. 07

 — Sarah and Harm Continue exploring affairs W/ Skates & more. by baranbrat12/23/14HOT

JAG Revisited Pt. 08

 — Sarah and Harm continue exploring affairs W/Rene, Mic & More. by baranbrat01/29/15HOT

JAG Revisited Pt. 09

 — Sarah and Harm continue exploring affairs W/Turner & Jen. by baranbrat02/21/15HOT

JAG Revisited Pt. 10

 — Sarah and Harm Continue exploring affairs W/Manetti & Clay by baranbrat03/01/15HOT

JAG Revisited Pt. 11

 — Harm Continue exploring affairs W/Catherine Gale & More. by baranbrat04/22/15HOT

JAG Revisited Pt. 12

 — Sarah and Harm Continue exploring affairs W/Coates & Webb. by baranbrat04/25/15HOT

JAG Revisited Pt. 13

 — Harm and A.J. with Coates and Harriet Plus Coates W/ Mattie by baranbrat05/04/15HOT

JAG Revisited Pt. 14

 — Sarah and Harm Continue exploring affairs W/ Mattie & Cammie. by baranbrat05/14/15HOT

JAG Revisited Pt. 15

 — Mac & Harm finally have their Bachelor & Bachelorette Party. by baranbrat05/31/15HOT

JAG's Office Affairs

 — Things are not what they seem when Mac is summoned. by angelgirl3811/16/084.21

JAG: Cottage on the Cliff

 — Sarah & John in a remote cottage in Japan. by Katherine English 201/19/014.09

JAG: Mile High Club

 — JAG officers kill time en route to Hawaii. by Clive Cromwell II12/31/044.32

JAG: Sarah Ch. 01

 — Sarah MacKenzie's wild years in the Arizona desert. by Katherine English 201/18/013.88

JAG: Sarah Ch. 02

 — Sarah MacKenzie goes to Okinawa with John Farrow. by Katherine English 201/19/014.00

JAG: Sarah Ch. 03

 — Sarah tries law school, Bosnia, and John Farrow. by Katherine English 201/20/014.06

JAG: The Seaman Brown Case Ch. 01

 — Rabb and Roberts have fun with female officers. by TVfreak06/01/084.67HOT

JAG: The Seaman Brown Case Ch. 02

 — Seaman Brown he gets off in more ways then one. by TVfreak06/11/084.43

JAG: The Seaman Brown Case Ch. 03

 — A full blown orgy at MacKenzie's apartment. by baranbrat07/31/08HOT

JAG: The Seaman Brown Case Ch. 04

 — Lt. Singer sets the trap for Seaman Brown. by baranbrat11/25/08HOT

JAG: The Seaman Brown Case Ch. 05

 — Seaman Brown finally gets her and his. by baranbrat11/27/08HOT

Jaina's Humiliating Medical Exam

 — Jedi Jaina Solo has a humiliating medical exam! by HandcuffGirl11/01/104.52HOT

Jake's Trip Home

 — A welcome surprise at the rest stop. by hungwhiteboy07/06/183.74

James Bond meets Modesty Blaise

 — 007 meets his female counterpart. by 123z01/07/184.45

James Bond Redux Ch. 01: Doctor No

 — Featuring the extended sex scenes from the movie. by 123z10/13/174.31

James Bond Redux Ch. 02: From Russia...

 — Bond in From Russia With Love, X-rated version. by 123z10/16/174.45

James Bond Redux Ch. 03: Goldfinger

 — Bond is rewarded with lots of pussy, Pussy Galore in fact. by 123z10/18/174.27

James Bond Redux Ch. 04: Thunderball

 — Extended scenes that never made the movie, surprisingly! by 123z10/23/174.40

James Bond Redux Ch. 05: Only Live Twice

 — Once is good, but twice is nice. by 123z10/29/174.30

James Bond Redux Ch. 06: OHMSS

 — 007 falls in love. by 123z11/05/174.33

James Bond Redux Ch. 07: Diamonds

 — 007 has plenty o' tool. by 123z11/22/174.38

James Bond Redux Ch. 08: Live & Let Die

 — 007 gets Moore. by 123z11/28/174.38

James Bond Redux Ch. 09: Golden Gun

 — 007 has a Goodnight. by 123z12/08/174.44

James Bond Redux Ch. 10: Spy Who Loved

 — Bond sleeps with the enemy, twice, plus a harem girl too. by 123z12/15/174.33

James Bond Redux Ch. 11: Moonraker

 — Bond sees stars. by 123z12/23/174.33

James Bond's End

 — The Bond girl gives James more than he can handle. by jaxblaster08/08/113.00

James' SEX TV Ch. 01

 — I start a new sex channel with Kim Kardashian. by DickThePimp09/18/183.38

James' SEX TV Ch. 02

 — Kim and I get freaky and build our channel. by DickThePimp09/21/183.67

Jamie Westenhiser

 — Miss May 2005 is discovered & uncovered. by hopeolsonfan04/13/054.33

Jana Gets the Man

 — Jana Kramer finally hooks up with the guy behind her song. by jjgarces03/28/174.67

Jane Fonda Does Literotica

 — Barbarella fucks 'em all. by 123z09/04/184.00

Jane Jetson - Miss Solar System

 — Jane Jetson enters the Miss Solar System contest. by philsogood6911/14/104.63HOT

Jane Jetson's Secret Life

 — Jane Jetson is blackmailed by H.G. Cogswell. by philsogood6909/27/074.60HOT

Janeway and 7 of 9

 — Janeway helps 7 of 9 learn about her humanity. by Harrowborg10/06/024.36

Janeway and 7 of 9 Ch. 2

 — Janeway seduces 7, & is discovered. by Harrowborg10/09/024.16

Janeway and 7 of 9 Ch. 3

 — Janeway is taken by 7 & Kim. by Harrowborg10/23/024.25

Janeway and 7 of 9 Ch. 4

 — Janeway and 7 find out about their baby. by Harrowborg02/17/034.31

Janeway and 7 of 9 Ch. 5

 — Janeway gives birth to 7's baby and announces wedding by Harrowborg02/21/034.31

Janeway and 7 of 9 Ch. 6

 — Janeway and 7 of 9 consummate their marriage, by Harrowborg02/21/034.55HOT

Janitorial Engineer Ch. 01

 — Our hero worships at the temple of Shannon Elizabeth. by Messiah of Catchers07/01/033.60

January Jones: XXX-Men Ch. 01

 — January begins her journey as a pornstar. by celebutante07/19/114.02

Japan 1891

 — Adventures of the Norwegian Explorer Henrik Sigerson. by Aloysius_J_Smith08/29/084.06

Jared Club Has a Mary Christmas

 — Mrs. Claus gives the Celestial bounty hunter a present. by Anthonybthomas12/03/074.12

Jay the AD Ch. 01: Jessica Alba

 — Jay the Assistant Director hooks up with actresses. by TheGreenArrowDP200107/21/184.32

Jay the AD Ch. 02: Olivia Holt

 — Jay the Assistant Director hooks up with actresses. by TheGreenArrowDP200107/31/184.53HOT

Jayne Mansfield Sexual Journey

 — The actress her sexual awakening. by duanep04/06/084.12

Jayne Mansfield's Curse

 — She struggles against the spell placed by the strange man. by Boxlicker10110/01/074.77HOT

Jayne Middlemiss: Wish You Were Here

 — Jayne Middlemiss meets young fan in hotel room. by spurt-reynolds05/09/024.09

Jayne's Jungle Adventure

 — Her capture was a lot more fun than she would have expected. by Boxlicker10110/25/084.17

Jedi Adventures: Pirate Attack II

 — Alema Rar and Jysella Horn track down pirates. by HandcuffGirl07/16/124.47

Jedi Alema Rar at a Bondage Club

 — Sexy Jedi Knight Alema Rar visits a bondage club! by HandcuffGirl12/31/104.67HOT

Jedi Alema Rar Gets Pulled Over

 — She gets pulled over for speeding. by HandcuffGirl05/25/104.59HOT

Jedi Alema Rar Visits Hapes

 — Jedi Knight Alema Rar Visits her friend Tenel Ka on Hapes. by HandcuffGirl10/15/094.63HOT

Jedi Alema Rar Visits Hapes Ch. 02

 — Alema Rar has the Force stripped away. by HandcuffGirl10/20/094.73HOT

Jedi Alema Rar Visits Hapes Ch. 03

 — Dinner, and an. . . orgy? by HandcuffGirl10/31/094.71HOT

Jedi Alema Rar Visits Hapes Ch. 04

 — Alema Rar is packaged and delivered. by HandcuffGirl11/13/094.72HOT

Jedi Stowaway Ch. 01

 — An Old Republic Tale. by Yshomatsu09/19/114.69HOT

Jedi Stowaway Ch. 02

 — Young Jedi fights for his life. by Yshomatsu01/17/124.76HOT

Jedi Stowaway Ch. 03

 — The Consequences of Immortality. by Yshomatsu07/19/154.87HOT

Jedi Submissive Ta'tan'ia

 — Jedi Knight Ta'tan'ia learns to submit to Chief Daala. by HandcuffGirl12/04/114.31

Jedi Submissive Ta'tan'ia Ch. 02

 — Will Queen Tenel Ka submit to Chief Daala? by HandcuffGirl12/08/114.54HOT

Jedi Submissive Ta'tan'ia Ch. 03

 — Tenel Ka in bondage/Ta'tan'ia serves Chief Daala. by HandcuffGirl12/19/114.56HOT

Jedi Submissive Ta'tan'ia Ch. 04

 — Queen Tenel Ka accepts Daala's collar. . . and chastity belt. by HandcuffGirl12/23/114.67HOT

Jedi Submissive Ta'tan'ia Ch. 05

 — The Queen's twin cousins submit to Regent Daala! by HandcuffGirl12/30/114.71HOT

Jedi Submissive Ta'tan'ia Ch. 06

 — Queen Tenel Ka learns to negotiate shackled & on her knees! by HandcuffGirl01/16/124.68HOT

Jedi Submissive Ta'tan'ia Ch. 07

 — Ta'tan'ia is loaned to Moff Fel. by HandcuffGirl01/24/124.70HOT

Jedi Submissive Ta'tan'ia Ch. 08

 — Is Tenel Ka better off under Daala than she was The Empire? by HandcuffGirl01/31/124.68HOT

Jedi Submissive Ta'tan'ia II Ch. 01

 — Our submissive heroine meets a pair of Hutt slavegirls! by HandcuffGirl04/12/124.56HOT

Jedi Submissive Ta'tan'ia II Ch. 02

 — Syal visits the Empire. Ta'tan'ia in a fetish maid's outfit! by HandcuffGirl04/22/124.63HOT

Jedi Submissive Ta'tan'ia II Ch. 03

 — Ta'tan'ia seduces and dommes a sexy holojournalist for Daala by HandcuffGirl05/02/124.55HOT

Jedi Submissive Ta'tan'ia II Ch. 04

 — Ta'tan'ia becomes Daala's live in submissive! by HandcuffGirl05/13/124.64HOT

Jedi Submissive Ta'tan'ia II Ch. 05

 — Are Ta'tan'ia's collar, cuffs, and chastity belt permenant? by HandcuffGirl05/20/124.55HOT

Jedi Submissive Ta'tan'ia II Ch. 06

 — Ta'tan'ia gets used to life with permenent restraints! by HandcuffGirl05/25/124.39

Jedi Submissive Ta'tan'ia II XBonus

 — A luxury yacht, sexy babes in bikinis, collars, & high heels. by HandcuffGirl05/30/124.30

Jedirotica Ch. 01

 — A jedi's hunt for her enemy takes a dire turn. by stewart_white06/17/044.58HOT

Jedirotica Ch. 02

 — The Sith Campaign to topple the Jedi takes a novel turn. by stewart_white08/23/044.40

Jedirotica Ch. 03

 — Campaign of stealth ends & open war begins. by stewart_white08/25/044.33

Jedirotica Ch. 04

 — The Jedi Counsel finally gets a victory. by stewart_white08/30/044.37

Jefferson Gets Some Help

 — Peg, Kelly and Bud help their neighbor by GraphicsGuy01/05/054.52HOT

Jefferson Gets Some Help Ch. 02

 — Bud joins the festivities. by GraphicsGuy01/25/054.34

Jefferson Gets Some Help Ch. 03

 — Al arrives home and joins the party. by GraphicsGuy02/22/054.32

Jefferson Gets Some Help Ch. 04

 — Marcy arrives to serve them. by GraphicsGuy02/27/054.50HOT


 — Though it's inappropriate, they can both get what they need. by humantouch10/07/144.57HOT

Jen & Brad's Excellent Anniversary

 — Jennifer Aniston & Brad Pitt celebrate their anniversary. by star_driver11/30/014.52HOT

Jen-Hewitt's Lover

 — Celebrity is submissive pawn in wife's plot to frame husband. by Archer205002/09/084.18

Jen-Hewitt's Lover Ch. 03

 — Fan blackmails celebrity & friend into all-girl threesome. by Archer205005/07/084.55HOT

Jenna Jameson Competition

 — Fan wins the best competition ever. by kenman262608/25/034.22

Jenna Jameson's Only I.R. Scene

 — Jenna joins Sarah Young for an interracial threesome. by 123z09/28/173.36

Jenni Cam: The Parents Find Out

 — The Ringley's discover what Jenni does for a living. by ErnstBlofeld09/07/012.82

Jennie & Shannen's Impression

 — Jennie Garth & Shannen Doherty impress a "director." by eatjld10/26/094.78HOT

Jennie and Shannen go for the Gofer

 — Jennie Garth and Shannen Doherty need help from the new guy. by eatjld05/22/094.52HOT

Jennie Finch: Concert Night

 — Jennie Finch and her boyfriend make love after a concert. by SkyBubble09/10/193.80NEW

Jennifer and Ben's Escape

 — J-Lo and Ben Affleck love in Paris. by Penny_Lane104/27/033.60

Jennifer and Liz go Swinging

 — Jennifer Aniston hooks up with Liz Hurley in England. by 123z03/14/184.18

Jennifer and the Tentacle Monster

 — She finds trouble in Hong Kong. by TheeGoatPig01/21/064.15

Jennifer Aniston Buys Some Cock

 — Jen nails a 'hugely' talented young hustler. by mef05/30/073.35

Jennifer Aniston does Literotica

 — Jennifer Raffles, amateur cat burglar. by 123z04/13/184.28

Jennifer Aniston On 'The View'

 — Jennifer Aniston proves once and for all she's not Rachel. by peeder_exposed06/17/082.65

Jennifer Aniston On 'The View' Ch. 02

 — Whoopie Goldberg shows why she's a star. by peeder_exposed06/24/083.67

Jennifer Aniston on Japanese TV

 — Actress on foreign TV talk show gets a bukkake during interview. by DarknessSurroundsMe10/08/124.45

Jennifer Aniston vs. Courteney Cox

 — Jennifer Aniston... Courteney Cox... Oh Yeah! by DickThePimp09/27/183.46

Jennifer Capriati at the U.S. Open

 — Anna sends Jennifer a 'present'. by jackjohn09/01/013.70

Jennifer Esposito

 — Make up artist gets the girl of his dreams. by sandman10107/09/074.20

Jennifer Garner and I

 — Reporter gets more than an interview from star. by uglydude9903/06/053.08

Jennifer Gets Dirty

 — Jennifer gets special attention from Christina Aguilera. by sexy_jessie09/21/034.26

Jennifer Lawrence Meets The Fanboys

 — It's Jennifer out promoting the next "Hunger Games" movie. by muhabba08/16/134.21

Jennifer Love Hewitt

 — Love & UPS guy are trapped in an elevator. by jaroslav04/07/024.10

Jennifer Walcott - My Dream Girl

 — Fun at the Playboy Mansion. by 123z12/28/174.38

Jennifer's Nhyte

 — There's a former Nhyte in town, looking to make friends. by Darlantan04/06/074.64HOT

Jennifer's Rehearsal

 — Jennifer Lawrence reenacts screenwriter's J-Law smut fic. by Robertdoc09/02/134.37

Jennifer's Wild Weekend

 — Jennifer Lawrence has wild weekend of firsts with boyfriend. by Robertdoc09/04/144.47

Jennifers Audition

 — Jennifer Ellison starts her sexual journey. by chlp05/24/184.33

Jenny's Adventure

 — World of Warcraft roleplay character story. by Zaralovessmut06/23/174.00

Jenny's Dilemma Ch. 01

 — Jennifer Lawrence joins Romeo's harem. by nextcenturyromeo01/16/174.12

Jenny's Dilemma Ch. 02

 — Romeo claims Jennifer Lawrence. by nextcenturyromeo01/17/174.33

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