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My Life As A Male Porn Star Ch. 2

 — Dan meets Nina Hartley & Tracey Adams. by snagdragon11/06/014.43

My Life is Different Ch. 01

 — Willow and Buffy discover lesbian love together. by Schlank10/20/154.18

My Life is Different Ch. 02

 — Healing spells and cunnilingus. by Schlank02/21/164.60HOT

My Life is Different Ch. 03

 — Ropes, bondage and intense lesbian sex. by Schlank05/04/164.30

My Life is Different Ch. 04

 — Buffy and Willow spend Christmas Day together. by Schlank06/29/164.72HOT

My Life is Different Ch. 05

 — The Doctor and Martha Jones pay a visit to Sunnydale. by Schlank07/20/164.79HOT

My Life is Different Ch. 06

 — Doctor Who and Martha Jones leave Sunnydale. by Schlank09/26/164.59HOT

My Life is Different Ch. 07

 — Buffy and Willow are going after Faith. by Schlank11/15/164.71HOT

My Life is Different Ch. 08

 — Buffy and Faith reunite and set aside their differences. by Schlank01/18/174.62HOT

My Life is Different Ch. 09

 — Bondage and lesbian sex on Principal Snyder's desk? by Schlank04/03/174.50HOT

My Life is Different Ch. 10

 — Willow is strip-searched and spanked. by Schlank05/30/174.38

My Life is Different Ch. 11

 — Mulder and Scully show up on Willow's campus. by Schlank08/08/174.57HOT

My Life is Different Ch. 12

 — Agent Mulder learns the truth about the Hellmouth. by Schlank11/25/174.54HOT

My Life My Swagg

 — My swagged out life of sex. by DickThePimp06/13/192.39NEW

My Love for Natalie

 — Chance meeting with Natalie Portman lights up my life. by zeemaza12/30/134.44

My Love for Natalie P.02

 — My love for Natalie Portman continues. by zeemaza01/04/144.54HOT

My Love for Natalie P.03

 — How my love for Natalie Portman changed my life. by zeemaza02/02/144.21

My Love For You Is In In Your Blood

 — Evanora doesn't know why Theodora misses Glinda by Zev9502/16/144.05

My Lover Arati

 — An orgy of Bollywood stars at her beach house. by nakedindian09/19/053.33

My Mind Was Frozen In Your Love

 — Red & Lizzie are stranded by a snowstorm. by abeautifulmessofcontradictions01/04/164.78

My Mistress Kathie Lee Gifford

 — Kathie Lee Gifford is my Mistress and slut. by DickThePimp07/31/183.85

My Mom's Been Made A Bitch Ch. 2

 — Wildness continues, with help from WWE's Xpac. by JeffDaWildOne07/09/024.31

My Mother Vidya, Sri

 — South Indian man loves his celebrity mother. by lovermachan02/14/034.42

My Name is Michael

 — Can mortal enemies fall for each other? by blacksonja138111/18/154.71

My New Best Friend Ch. 01

 — Steve is a huge WWE fanatic but his life is about to change. by UniqueWWETales03/06/174.09

My New Best Friend Ch. 02

 — Steve plays a role in his friendship with Alexa. by UniqueWWETales03/07/174.05

My New Best Friend Ch. 03

 — A well prepared dinner turns into a passionate night. by UniqueWWETales06/15/173.79

My New Woman

 — Jennifer Lawrence meets older widower in New York by Robertdoc05/22/144.39

My Next Door Neighbour Famke Jansen

 — Famke gives her new neighbour something to remember. by Kash_the_priest02/13/074.49

My Night with a Backstreet Boy

 — She gets lucky with Nick Carter. by NaturalBeauty03/02/042.69

My Night With Avril Lavigne!

 — Avril Lavigne gets some time alone with The Legend. by The Legend01/18/042.36

My Night with Demi

 — A night with Demi Lovato. by 69kinkyangel6902/28/183.58

My Night With Jennifer Aniston

 — Stood up at prom, guy hitches ride--with Jennifer Aniston. by clinton0910/16/11

My Night With Lara Flynn Boyle

 — Femme fatale made me her sex slave. by just a thing07/19/034.80HOT

My Night with Lizzy Hale

 — A bartender has a sexy night with heavy metal girl. by hotelcalifornia362008/06/122.95

My Night with Marilyn

 — Man recalls his fling with famous blonde bombshell. by aquamarine7705/03/014.45

My Night with Matthew Morrison

 — I finally confess to my naughty encounter this summer. by PrincessErin10/01/114.54HOT

My Night with Slash

 — Reporter spends a night with Slash from Guns N Roses. by Cherie_love04/18/154.33

My Night With Spider-Man

 — X-Man Jean Grey's one night stand with Web Head. by griffiev07/22/024.24

My Night with Trace

 — She meets her favorite country singer, Trace Adkins. by bunny337402/27/084.33

My Number 1 Fan Ch. 01

 — What happens when Alyssa Milano reads his stories. by beaverhunter7611/03/023.93

My Other Single Friend

 — Olivia Wilde stays the night with another single friend. by MeanBlackjack09/07/114.38

My Panties Don't Lick Me

 — Chief Beifong learns to care for her girlfriend's things. by wiseupjanet04/23/193.25

My Prince, My Prisoner

 — Prince William becomes love slave. by AmericanGoddess01/27/044.21

My Roommate Erin Andrews

 — Erin Andrews and I with Jamie Lee Curtis and Kylie Jenner. by DickThePimp08/06/183.40

My Salon Is Full Service

 — Stylist gets a special customer: Eddie Vedder. by Chaton05/20/012.67

My Savior: Buffy & Spike Ch. 01

 — Buffy & Spike struggle with their feelings. by kurvy_katt09/12/044.29

My Savior: Buffy & Spike Ch. 02

 — Buffy & Spike again try to "talk". by kurvy_katt09/13/044.29

My Sensual Excursion with Dakota

 — Slightly shortened from the same CSSA story, by redjed11/06/124.00

My Sister Ann Coulter

 — Freaky fun with my hot sister Ann Coulter. by DickThePimp01/10/192.65

My Sister's Ex-Girlfriend

 — Laurel gets pushed into finally telling Nyssa how she feels. by MTL1706/22/164.59HOT

My Sister's Ex-Girlfriend Ch. 02

 — Laurel gets sex tips from Sara. by MTL1711/21/164.42

My Sister's Ex-Girlfriend Ch. 03

 — Laurel gets sex tips from Sara, and Felicity. by MTL1703/21/174.79HOT

My Sister's Ex-Girlfriend Ch. 04

 — Laurel gets some advice which is a pain in the ass. by MTL1706/25/174.75HOT

My Sister's Ex-Girlfriend Ch. 05

 — Laurel and Nyssa at Sara's and Felicity's wedding. by MTL1705/29/184.29

My Sister's Ex-Girlfriend Ch. 06

 — Nyssa asks Laurel an important question. by MTL1701/25/194.50

My Sister's Wedding

 — Alex enters her sister's dream. by MTL1708/21/184.44

My Sister's Wedding Ch. 02

 — Kara and Alex have a girl's night. by MTL1701/09/194.45

My Sister's Wedding Ch. 03

 — Kara and Alex come out. by MTL1703/13/194.62HOT

My Sister's Wedding Ch. 04

 — Alex asks Kara an important question. by MTL1705/25/194.25

My Slutty Neighbor Giada

 — I meet and fuck my sex crazed neighbor Giada De Laurentiis. by DickThePimp07/01/183.85

My Stay in Hollywood Ch. 1

 — Alicia Silverstone knocks on his door. by nasty104/24/012.29

My Stepmother the Ten

 — One night with his stepmother, Bo Derek. by nickybats1303/10/064.58HOT

My Stripper Monica Ch. 01

 — Monica from Friends becomes my stripper and more. by DickThePimp09/12/183.65

My Threesome with a Rockstar

 — Threesome with a rockstar. by msmyspace02/07/073.64

My Trip

 — Chance encounter with WWE's Triple H leads to romance. by touche06/30/044.46

My Trish Stratus Locker Room Fantasy

 — What happens when fans sees Trish live. by wwekiller12/19/073.98

My Two Jens

 — Jennifer Aniston & Jenifer Love Hewitt have fun. by nasty105/15/012.80

My Under the Cover Angel

 — A woman has Sunday morning sex with Kellan Lutz. by justboycrazy09/22/103.80

My Weekend with Claire

 — A 24-year-old woman's fantasy weekend. by Selbryth07/06/06

My Weekend with Tyra Banks

 — Man recounts his weekend in Las Vegas with Tyra Banks. by EroticFic87603/11/063.30

My White Trash Life Motherfucker Ch. 01

 — Living a fucked up white trash life motherfuckers. by DickThePimp12/29/182.50

My Writing Assignment

 — She was given an assignment by a cyber lover. by 1Kiki06/12/054.42

Mystery Lover

 — A woman is seduced and loved by another woman. by SissyJane10/29/094.26

Mystice: The Making of a Slave

 — Mystice is sold into slavery by her father. by LokiKarameikos07/07/094.17

Mythbusters: After Hours

 — Kari and Grant revisit the quicksand experiment. by ViridianQS08/17/154.32

Mythbusters: Kari's New Show

 — Sexy redhead Kari Byron gets a wild new hosting job. by Pyrofanity03/17/124.49

Mythbusters: Kari's New Show Ch. 02

 — Kari Byron continues her sex filled interview. by Pyrofanity04/10/124.36

Mythbusters: Kari's New Show Ch. 03

 — Kari films her final scene to seal her interview. by Pyrofanity05/13/124.44

Mythbusters: Tips for Tits

 — What happened after the cameras were turned off. by mythterious12/30/154.35

N.C.I.S.: Tales from the Crypt

 — Threesome in the Morgue. by willielongfollow08/05/084.13

Nadal Nets His Girl

 — The tennis star has a encounter with his biggest fan. by Sporadicus8310/03/093.80

Nadine Jansen, Agent 48EE

 — Nadine's 1st mission, how it all started by jolicamarillo04/21/044.16

Nadine Jansen, Agent 48EE Ch. 02a

 — Hot anal sex, NJ style. (MF version) by jolicamarillo05/13/044.18

Nadine Jansen, Agent 48EE Ch. 02b

 — Caribbean beauty samples Nadine's ass. (FF version) by jolicamarillo05/13/044.51HOT

Nailed In My Office

 — Brittany and Chantz continue his humilatio. by humbleslave09/11/054.22

Nailing the Interviewer

 — Katie Nolan goes all the way to get herself back on TV. by jjgarces12/27/143.57

Nailing the Interviewer Pt. 02

 — Katie gets caught in the act by her co-worker Molly McGrath. by jjgarces01/03/153.53

Nailing the Interviewer Pt. 03

 — Katie works out her differences with Taylor Swift. by jjgarces02/12/153.17

Nailing the Interviewer Pt. 04

 — Katie and John have some fun on the set with Alex Morgan. by jjgarces06/21/154.50HOT

Nailing the Tracks Pt. 01

 — Hung Black Stud "produces" Lena Meyer-Landrut. by daxg200112/09/164.40

Nailing the Tracks Pt. 02

 — Hung Black Stud "produces" Lia Marie Johnson. by daxg200112/29/164.18

Nailing the Tracks Pt. 03

 — Hung Black Stud "produces" Kesha. by daxg200101/18/174.27

Nailing the Tracks Pt. 04

 — Hung Black Stud "produces" Bebe Rexha. by daxg200101/30/174.56HOT

Nailing the Tracks Pt. 05

 — Hung black stud "produces" Danielle Bradbery. by daxg200102/08/174.38

Nailing the Tracks Pt. 06

 — Dylan tells Kesha about the time he "produced" Rebecca Black. by daxg200102/17/174.44

Nailing the Tracks Pt. 07

 — Jason the Manager makes a "deal" with Christina Milian. by daxg200102/22/174.00

Nailing the Tracks Pt. 08

 — Kesha makes a booty call. Rodriquez "parties" with Miss K8. by daxg200103/02/174.50

Nailing the Tracks Pt. 09

 — Dylan has some VIP room fun with Chanel West Coast by daxg200103/09/174.14

Nailing the Tracks Pt. 10

 — Halsey finds out if a rumour about Dylan is true or not. by daxg200103/22/174.29

Nailing the Tracks Pt. 11

 — Young black stud 'produces' Sydney Sierota. by daxg200104/14/173.71

Nailing the Tracks Pt. 12

 — Jason has a 'business meeting' with R&B singer Tinashe. by daxg200104/29/174.22

Nailing the Tracks Pt. 13

 — Now Playing: Amy Lee of Evanescence. by daxg200106/28/173.86

Nailing the Tracks Pt. 14

 — Dylan breaks away from a party with Lana Del Rey. by daxg200111/17/173.88

Nailing the Tracks Pt. 15

 — A Mile High Club hook-up with Rita Ora. by daxg200110/12/184.25

Nailing the Tracks Pt. 16

 — Now Playing: UK popstar Anne-Marie. by daxg200111/16/184.40

Nailing the Tracks Pt. 17

 — Hung Black Stud hooks up with Nicola Benedetti. by daxg200106/06/193.50

Naked And A Supergirl

 — Red Kryptonite makes Kara unable to wear clothes for 2 weeks. by Zev9512/14/154.40

Naked Celebrities for Nude Day

 — Celebrities drunk and get naked, when models are a no show. by SusanJillParker06/27/123.52

Naked News Ch. 1: Carmen Russo

 — Man dreams of an encounter with Naked News anchor. by Love and Lust01/07/023.25

Naked News Ch. 2: Devon Calwell

 — Visit to health club leads him to news anchor. by Love and Lust01/17/024.00

Naked Trek

 — Klingon meets human in Star Trek DS9. by Alii Nui04/21/044.37

Nameetha – Getting into Stardom

 — Tamil / Indian Actress Nameetha getting her first role. by indycama09/17/063.31

Nancy Cameron's Prom Night

 — Young buxom beauty loses her virginity. by hopeolsonfan04/18/054.48

Naomi's Boy Toy

 — Supermodel takes what she needs from chauffeur. by star_driver08/09/014.47

Naomie Harris does Literotica

 — Naomie recalls Miss Moneypenny's job interview. by 123z06/05/183.92

Nar Shaddaa Rules

 — A game of pazaak. by evil_kitten05/11/074.55HOT

Nasty Cum Sluts Vol 01

 — Porn stars indulge in nasty cumplay. by Harry Palmer02/09/054.22

Nat's Ordeal

 — Maria's best friend, Natalie Portman, is in trouble! by emmajordan9012/10/104.05

Natalia Dyer: Finishing Up On Set

 — Natalia Dyer jumps in the shower after finishing up on set. by FictionByKristen08/12/183.78

Natalie & Kat Meet the Fanboys

 — Natalie and Kat have a Meet and Greet at ComicCon. by muhabba01/09/144.51HOT

Natalie Gulbis & Beatrice Ricari

 — Smoking hot LPGA pros become very close at a tournament. by walterio10/31/104.60HOT

Natalie Imbruglia and Her Desire...

 — Natalie Imbruglia desires more so she goes and gets it! by Arber12/02/124.27

Natalie Portman's True Love

 — Natalie Portman gets the man of her dreams. by LiveinSin04/23/064.07

Natalie Portman: Rave Girl

 — Brunette at a rave is more than he bargained for. by carnagejackson05/22/014.19

Natalie's Revenge

 — Natalie Portman learns about her husband's infidelities. by TheBigLove12608/13/11

Natalie's Revenge Ch. 02

 — Jimmy gets caught fucking Natalie Portman by his dad. by TheBigLove12602/05/12

Natalie's Revenge Ch. 03

 — Natalie introduces Jimmy to her friend, Mila Kunis. by TheBigLove12604/01/15

Natalya and Nikki Bella #01

 — Natalya and Nikki get it on. by JessWeis12311/13/164.38

Nathan Price and The Hidden City

 — The adventures of a treasure hunter! by Porn_Pendulum02/02/093.50

Naughty Girl

 — One of Holly Valance's dancers gets lucky. by Noj07/27/034.40

Naughty Girl

 — Tonight I'll be your naughty girl. by allthingsgoddess08/08/173.80

Naughty Tales: Jennifer & Sarah Ch. 01

 — Jennifer Hewitt & Sarah Gellar become best friends. by Gunn11/27/042.38


 — The NCIS team finds their latest investigation to test bonds. by acerdrive03/12/104.41


 — Ziva confesses to Abby. by VenemousVillain04/06/114.31

NCIS - Kate Exposed!

 — SA Kate Todd has her lovely ass exposed to the world. by Richard96302/20/083.51

NCIS Ch. 01

 — McGee falls in love with victim who's being hunted. by bellastarr02/05/093.12

NCIS Ch. 02

 — Ziva and McGee enjoy a stay in the city than never sleeps. by acerdrive09/06/104.18

NCIS Ch. 03

 — NCIS's closes in on Tony's innocence. by acerdrive05/11/114.67HOT

NCIS Pt. 01

 — Bishop mates the King! by jamax10/10/184.62HOT

NCIS Sasha's Return

 — Catfight/Sexfight between Sasha Alexander and Cote de Pablo. by cody23411/26/15

NCIS: The Inside Story Ch. 01

 — McGee has a hard morning. by bjmichaels02/17/144.01

NCIS: The Inside Story Ch. 02

 — The team investigates an unusual death. by bjmichaels02/18/144.00

NCIS: The Inside Story Ch. 03

 — NCIS is not your typical workplace...or is it? by bjmichaels02/22/144.23


 — A Starfleet ensign finds time to relax. by Fuinimel11/22/164.56HOT

Nebula and Thor: Guardians, Lovers.

 — Thor teaches Nebula the finer things about physical intimacy. by shadoblivion06/03/194.64HOT

Need a Little Company Ch. 01

 — Marcy and Paul's affair continues in this Cabin Fever fanfic. by SFCTaleSpinner02/25/144.36

Need a Little Company Ch. 02

 — Marcy and Paul decide to wait out the crisis in bed together. by SFCTaleSpinner02/27/144.08

Need a Little Company Ch. 03

 — Marcy struggles with the aftermath of the cabin incident. by SFCTaleSpinner06/03/144.67

Need a Little Company Ch. 04

 — Marcy asks to spend the night after the funeral with Paul. by SFCTaleSpinner06/14/144.58HOT

Need a Little Company Ch. 05

 — Paul enjoys himself when he is asked to repay an old favor by SFCTaleSpinner12/08/144.00

Need a Little Company Ch. 06

 — Marcy and Paul share their grief and guilt. by SFCTaleSpinner12/09/144.00

Need a Little Company Ch. 07

 — To numb their grief, 2 friends screw until they fall asleep. by SFCTaleSpinner12/10/144.25

Need a Little Company Ch. 08

 — Marcy struggles to cope with the prospect of immanent death. by SFCTaleSpinner12/11/144.40

Need a Little Company Ch. 09

 — Marcy comes to an important decision about her future. by SFCTaleSpinner12/12/144.50

Need a Little Company Ch. 10

 — Paul seeks Marcy out in hopes of sleeping with her again. by SFCTaleSpinner04/24/155.00

Need a Little Company Ch. 11

 — Paul scores with his third trimester babymama. by SFCTaleSpinner07/04/154.71

Need a Little Company Ch. 12

 — Paul and Marcy have dinner, followed by a memorable dessert. by SFCTaleSpinner11/19/164.40

Need a Little Company Ch. 13

 — Paul admires the majestic baby belly he made. by SFCTaleSpinner12/11/164.25

Neighbourhood Watch

 — Alison Brie enjoys some alone time in front of her neighbor. by MeanBlackjack06/17/184.68HOT

Neighbours Pt. 01

 — Scarlett Johansson sexes up a stranger on holiday. by thedancingwizard03/28/194.37

Neighbours: Elly & Karl

 — Karl gives Elly a medical, with his cock by spurt-reynolds05/16/024.47

Neighbours: Elly & Michelle

 — Elly & Michelle trade sexy secrets. by spurt-reynolds05/17/024.30

Neighbours: Flick Scully

 — Flick finds new way to sell Grappa. by spurt-reynolds04/09/024.20

Neighbours: Susan & Drew

 — Susan Kennedy kisses it better for Drew. by spurt-reynolds04/10/024.39

Nero and Star: Revised

 — Shadowrun(tm) and my own twisted real-time run. by Harold Masters09/10/034.00

Netflix and Chill

 — Karen is invited to a girls night. by MTL1702/07/194.50HOT

Network TEN Late News

 — A cunning stunt and a cunning linguist. by DemisOSprey03/12/064.78HOT

Nev and Max (A Love Story)

 — Max tries to win Nev's love. by JigglyPuffs01/19/163.88

Nev and Max (A Love Story) Ch. 02

 — Nev admits his feelings for Max. by JigglyPuffs03/26/164.50

Nev and Max (A Love Story) Ch. 03

 — Chapter 3. by JigglyPuffs10/01/165.00

Nev and Max (A Love Story) Ch. 04

 — Where do we go from here? by JigglyPuffs11/27/163.50

Never Assume

 — JC & Nikki learn to never assume. by delectable3003/19/024.29

Never Been Kissed

 — Sherrie Austin's been kissed - guess by whom! by nasty105/22/013.79

Never Could Imagine Sex Like This

 — DiNozzo gets it on with a colonel's daughter. by beyach03/09/094.24

Never Could Imagine Sex Like This Ch. 02

 — DiNozzo and new gf almost get caught. by beyach03/12/094.41

New Blood Ch. 01

 — A new Turk joins the fold and Reno is immediately interested. by Firewolfdt03/23/114.00

New Girl - A Little Help Pt. 01

 — Jess & Cece need each other. by irishboy200004/19/143.85

New Girl In Town

 — Chuck Bass spends night with the new girl. by creampieprincess03/13/123.62

New Girl Rises

 — Cece reminds Jess why she needs to live life to its fullest. by terminatrix9209/14/124.23

New Killer on the Block Ep. 01

 — A post-Mania RAW debut leads to domination of a top star. by wrestlingisreallycool01/17/194.32

New Orleans Nights

 — Mark Callaway finds soulmate after 150+ years. by lonewolfsmate05/22/044.62HOT

New xXx-Men: Issue #1

 — This ain't your kid's superhero comic book! by X Writer05/04/033.74

New Year's Cockin' Eve

 — Carrie Underwood, Demi Lovato & Taylor Swift celebrate NYE. by jjgarces01/07/164.63HOT

New Year's Dream

 — Dreams of sex. by Kleinmaggie4001/25/182.67

New York Lovers

 — Kate Mara and Scarlett Johansson hook up at a party. by cadeauxxx11/06/16

New York Triad Ch. 1

 — Two women meet Orlando Bloom in FAO Schwartz. by alex_cat09/08/024.29

New York Triad Ch. 2

 — The rest of the afternoon with Olrando and his playmates. by alex_cat09/10/024.54HOT

New York Weekend

 — Surprises with Tom Selleck. by sparkle810/05/134.43

New York Yankees' Lucky Charm Ch. 01

 — How she became their lucky charm. by leavessnailtrails11/15/054.00

Next Boyfriend

 — Lauren Alaina hooks up with a fan after her show. by jjgarces03/28/174.43

Next in Line

 — Alternate future for Star Trek's Klingon Worf by brunorivera08/22/044.36

Nibblet Ch. 01

 — Dawn and Spike in the future. by badgirl29808/12/024.52HOT

Nibblet Ch. 02

 — Spike finds out Dawn's secret. by badgirl29808/14/024.20

Nibblet Ch. 03

 — Faith comes home. by badgirl29808/14/024.38

Nibblet Ch. 04

 — It's almost time for a trip. by badgirl29808/16/024.39

Nibblet Ch. 05

 — Road trip. by badgirl29808/16/024.35

Nibblet Ch. 06

 — Did he just bite her? by badgirl29808/18/024.56HOT

Nibblet Ch. 07

 — A night in the vampire hotel. by badgirl29808/19/024.20

Nibblet Ch. 08

 — Angel finished collecting the dishes from breakfast... by badgirl29808/20/024.64HOT

Nibblet Ch. 09

 — Spike is starting to grow on Faith. by badgirl29808/26/024.56HOT

Nibblet Ch. 10

 — Faith wakes up Spike. by badgirl29808/28/024.50HOT

Nibblet Ch. 11

 — Angel broods. by badgirl29808/28/024.54HOT

Nibblet Ch. 12

 — Singing! by badgirl29809/13/024.18

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