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Miller's Crossing Ch. 03

 — 3rd part of fantasy involving Wentworth Miller. by goddess_cerridwen12/13/065.00

Million Dollar Baby

 — Playmate Karen Price in the gym. by hopeolsonfan07/26/054.39

Million Dollar Girl

 — He is bet $1,000,000 to do the imposible. by SEXGODESS12308/19/023.74

Mimi Rogers & her Full Body Massage

 — Hot, sexy women, Angie Dickinson, Mimi Rogers & Helen Mirren by SusanJillParker09/17/144.00

Minabi and Ami (BWC4)

 — Minabi decides to put their slave to good work. by Purrversion01/06/103.56

Minabi and Sia (BWC2)

 — Minabi and Sia spend a little quality time together. by Purrversion12/19/094.00

Minabi and Sia2 (BWC5)

 — Minabi and Sia let go of their reservations in the cantina. by Purrversion01/07/104.00

Minabi's Gift (BWC1)

 — A short snippet of writing done for IRC based Star Wars RP. by Purrversion12/18/094.83

Mind Fucking Kelly Kelly

 — Kelly Kelly gets a visit from a talented stranger. by docdoomandgloom06/29/124.46

Mind Games Pt. 01

 — A squad of Sisters struggle to stay in the Emperor's light. by mersennius_prime06/11/184.15

Mind Games Pt. 02

 — Sequel to Mind Games. by mersennius_prime06/12/184.33

Mind Warp 01: The Schooling of a Bard

 — Overworked Xena actress late night fantasy. by Shadow5011902/26/135.00

Mind Warp 02: Dreamweavers

 — New generation of controlling forces. by Shadow5011911/04/131.00

Mind Warp 03

 — A Very Happy Birthday by Shadow5011905/14/143.00

Mind-Fucking Estella

 — Estella Warren receives a strange visitor into her home. by docdoomandgloom01/25/124.03

Mind-Fucking Hayden

 — Hayden Panettiere has her mind dominated. by docdoomandgloom10/11/114.51HOT

Mindy Main's Traffic Stop

 — Busty porn starlet Mindy meets the long "arm" of the law. by maniaxxxe06/06/104.43

Mini-Skirts & Legs

 — Donna Fiducia & Brenda Buttner get 'sexrections' from Jack. by Foxfan6912/11/024.23

Miranda Joins In - Cuntry Sluts

 — Miranda Lambert joins in on the fun. by AngelE08/10/124.43

Miranda's Design

 — The moment Miranda turns 25, her father's plan begins. by Futalover14111/03/123.90

Miranda's Design Ch. 02

 — The moment Miranda turns 25, her father's plan begins. by Futalover14112/29/124.21

Mirror's Edge and Curves Ch. 01

 — Faith is arrested and strip-searched. by siblingspank08/04/094.26

Mirror's Edge and Curves Ch. 02

 — Faith gets paddled as a part of her training. by siblingspank08/05/094.09

Misadventures in Time

 — World of Warcraft, Horde, Dragons. by SnowRunner10/07/103.83

Misadventures of Parker Posey

 — Parker and Jessica Biel become passionate, kinky lovers. by WalterFool08/27/073.89

Mischief Makers Ch. 01

 — A SHIELD agent offers Loki a chance at redemption. by Diezi07/23/144.53HOT

Mischief Makers Ch. 02

 — Loki joins the team to investigate a sex club. by Diezi07/25/144.64HOT

Mischief Makers Ch. 03

 — The team deals with separation and other issues. by Diezi07/28/144.64HOT

Mischief Makers Ch. 04

 — The team has some 'double' trouble. by Diezi08/01/144.79HOT

Mischief Makers Ch. 05

 — It's not all fun and games. by Diezi08/07/144.84HOT

Mischief Makers Ch. 06

 — Passion, heartache, longing and uncertainty. by Diezi08/14/144.88HOT

Mischief Makers Ch. 07

 — Surprises, a new mission and even more trouble by Diezi08/26/144.79HOT

Mischief Makers Ch. 08

 — Renewing, building and testing bonds. by Diezi09/09/144.70HOT

Mischief Makers Ch. 09

 — There is much to celebrate. by Diezi09/16/144.92HOT

Mischief Makers Ch. 10

 — The team makes some important discoveries. by Diezi10/01/144.81HOT

Mischief Makers Ch. 11

 — Team prepares for battle as the double's plan unfolds. by Diezi10/21/144.88HOT

Mischief Makers Ch. 12

 — The final showdown. Can the team out-maneuver the double? by Diezi06/23/165.00

Mischief Makers Ch. 13

 — Politics, regrets and farewells. (Last Chapter) by Diezi12/13/164.83

Mischief Makers Pt. 02 Soul Eater Ch. 01

 — Loki's back to fight a powerful lich and reunite his family. by Diezi01/28/174.88

Mischief Makers Pt. 02 Soul Eater Ch. 02

 — The team gathers to start making their plans. by Diezi05/02/174.80

Mischief Makers Pt. 02 Soul Eater Ch. 03

 — (Non-Erotic) A traumatic reunion between father and son. by Diezi05/27/175.00

Miss August 2001

 — Jennifer Walcott and a friend relive old times of kinky fun. by cadeauxxx08/19/164.72HOT

Miss Hairy Armpits 2002 Ch. 2

 — The contest narrows down. by belab06/21/024.08

Miss Hairy Armpits 2002 Part III

 — The final onslaught as winner raises her arms. by belab06/22/023.81

Miss Slutty India Ch. 01

 — Aishwarya, Sushmita & Lara - ready to submit. by nextcenturyromeo05/11/044.24

Miss Slutty India Ch. 02

 — Sush is slutty, Aish and Lara obedient. by nextcenturyromeo10/17/044.26

Miss Slutty India Ch. 03

 — Riya Sen joins the sluts. by nextcenturyromeo10/18/043.76

Miss Teen Delaware: Teen Porn Star

 — What if Melissa King had made more than one movie? by metron1803/04/134.30

Miss Texas Contest

 — How you get in the top three at Miss Texas pageant. by theoldone08/08/103.75

Miss Torres Makes a Man

 — WWE Diva Eve Torres makes a man out of a whipped hubby to be. by daxg200102/03/154.31

Miss USA Gets Trumped!

 — Tara Conner reveals the sex world of celebrities. by MagicWand12/31/064.07

Miss Zadie Tyburn

 — Young actress meets up with older film producer. by ROBERTODAVO05/21/181.50

Missing My Mistress

 — Sarah's life is great but she misses something. by MTL1710/06/134.17

Missing the Cut

 — Pro golfer's daring bet to win battle of the sexes. by thrillerauthor06/02/034.76HOTEditor's Pick

Missy Visits Sheldon

 — Sheldon's twin sister Missy comes to visit. by fearthisss05/17/184.65HOT


 — A drunk McKayla Maroney gets mistaken as a prostitute. by tevok07/15/154.61HOT

Mister Tumble's Christmas

 — A sweet fantasy of love for a troubled young single mom. by Tara_Neale11/24/144.49

Mistletoe Magic

 — Friends discover a new meaning of holiday magic. by delectable3004/07/013.70

Mistress Bought

 — Jason Statham visits a professional Dominatrix. by NightGirl35908/25/104.29

Mistress Lively

 — Blake Lively dominates her slave Selena Gomez. by Celeblove9208/04/113.70

Mistress Lively Ch. 02

 — New & old slaves, punishing Leighton, and an enema. by Celeblove9211/24/11

Mistress Sometimes

 — Femmedom erotic comedy with David Duchovny. by psychocatblah10/28/034.56

Mixed Doubles, Remixed Pt. 01

 — Retelling of a Betwitch TV story in an alternate universe. by abashful110/22/122.75

MizDad Goes To Yoga

 — The Miz's father finally decides to start getting in shape. by wrestlerotica02/17/164.09

MizDad's Halloween Party

 — At the Mizdad's Halloween party, he has surprise encounters. by wrestlerotica11/04/154.29

MJ's Secret

 — MJ has a hidden secret! by Gl_Dave2812/30/173.18


 — Jamie's first encounter with his idol, Marilyn Manson. by LoveHatesYou02/19/044.56

mObscene Ch. 02

 — More sex and drama from the God of Fuck. by LoveHatesYou03/11/045.00

mObscene Ch. 03

 — What happens when Jamie returns? by LoveHatesYou03/13/044.83

Modern Family Affair

 — Haley seduces her Mom. by MTL1707/19/174.54HOT

Modern Family Affair Ch. 02

 — Alex joins the fun. by MTL1711/21/174.55HOT

Modern Family Affair Ch. 03

 — Claire and Haley double team Alex. by MTL1705/18/184.52HOT

Modern Family Futa Pt. 01

 — Claire gets help from Haley after she changes. by Stories_From_the_TV01/15/174.63HOT

Modern Family Futa Pt. 02

 — Gloria and Alex have some fun under the sun. by Stories_From_the_TV04/22/174.71HOT

Modern Family Futa Pt. 03

 — Everyone gets together for the finale. by Stories_From_the_TV06/01/174.69HOT

Modern Family Legacy Pt. 01 Ch. 01

 — The Whoring of Claire Dunphy. by RoryOmore10/29/163.76

Modern Family Legacy Pt. 01 Ch. 02

 — Claire attends a strange business meeting. by RoryOmore11/02/163.35

Modern Family Legacy Pt. 01 Ch. 03-04

 — Claire puts her ass on the line, but will it be enough? by RoryOmore11/07/164.00

Modern Family Legacy Pt. 01 Ch. 05-06

 — The boss arrives unexpectedly and demands some explanations. by RoryOmore11/09/163.91

Modern Family Legacy Pt. 01 Ch. 07

 — The boss inspects Claire and Rebecca gets a good ass fucking. by RoryOmore11/16/164.07

Modern Family Legacy Pt. 01 Ch. 08

 — Claire and The Little Duchess get their turn too. by RoryOmore11/19/164.29

Modern Family S4E18: Claire's Charm

 — Claire convinces Pam to her way of thinking... with sex! by Stories_From_the_TV04/15/164.58HOT

Modern Family S4E6: Haley's Party

 — Gloria dominates Haley after she tricks her by Stories_From_the_TV08/18/144.53HOT

Modern Family: Girl Time

 — Gloria has Haley for a snack. by terminatrix9205/08/174.40

Mom the Superheroine 01

 — A retired superheroine, her daughter, and an old enemy. by KatieTay06/04/124.18

Mona's A

 — Alison finds one thing she likes about Mona. by MTL1705/20/154.69HOT

Mona's A Ch. 02

 — Alison continues to be a pain in Mona's ass. by MTL1706/15/154.79HOT

Mona's A Ch. 03

 — Alison continues to humiliate Mona. by MTL1707/07/154.74HOT

Mona's A Ch. 04

 — Alison gives Mona a call. by MTL1708/24/154.76HOT

Mona's A Ch. 05

 — Alison let's Emily use Mona. by MTL1710/15/154.79HOT

Monday Night Lights

 — Adrianne Palick & DJ Cotrona Visit WWE RAW. by Dice_Casden05/03/134.50

Money On Mark

 — She buys an evening with Mark Wahlberg at a charity auction. by Chaton12/01/014.14

Mongol Nights

 — Kiefer Collection: Part 5 by BardsLady09/07/034.62

Monica & Jeri

 — A mystery is solved and a new partner is welcomed in. by farechilde02/20/084.03

Monique St. Pierre

 — Playmate of the Year does a favor. by hopeolsonfan05/11/054.77HOT


 — Mr. Monk takes a bath. by Hollow_Eyes08/19/094.30

Monk :What Really Happened in That

 — Natalie trapped with three men. by shaggy7706/30/134.44

MONK: Happy Birthday Mr. Monk

 — Natalie gives Monk a special gift. by shaggy7704/08/134.49

MONK: Natalie's Bad Day

 — Natalie is taken hostage. by shaggy7706/25/134.36

MONK: Sharona Gets Married

 — Sharona invites the gang to her wedding. by shaggy7706/25/134.59HOT

Moore, Moore, Moore!

 — Demi Moore puts on a show for hard-working chauffeur. by star_driver09/20/014.56HOT

More Katy and Jenn

 — More fun with Katy Perry and Jennifer Aniston. by historycup03/13/134.08

More Strip Poker with Kelly Monaco

 — After we got her naked, she demanded a rematch with just me. by Boxlicker10107/12/124.28

More Than Friendship

 — Tara & Willow gave Buffy a hot show. by buffysummers03/29/024.44

More Than Just "Friends"

 — "Friends" gang does a little more than hang out. by Lonely112/22/003.86

More Than Just 'A Quick One'

 — Zelda has a dream come true at a Who concert. by ZeldaT07/28/043.75

More Than My Boss

 — Jena loves her boss, Ms. Mirren. by TromeoQue08/24/144.24

More than One Erection

 — One gay teenager has his deepest desires cum to life. by FantasyPhoenix01/04/134.13

More Than One World

 — Rory meets a girl with something extra. by ThoraB08/03/114.53HOT

More! Than a Hero Ch. 01

 — At the disco drummer 'saves' a girl. by juturuna06/27/074.33

More! Than a Hero Ch. 02

 — Getting caught, not walking? by juturuna06/28/073.75

More! Than a Hero Ch. 03

 — He discover's a secret, decides to share Maela. by juturuna06/29/07

More! Than a Hero Ch. 04

 — The next day: it wasn't the last. by juturuna06/30/075.00

Mork & Mindy

 — Mork reports to Orson his knowledge of earthling mating habits. by PerogyAndSauerkraut09/23/013.50

Morning Fun With The New Guy

 — New guy has some fun with Holly Willoughby. by britishjack06/29/104.06

Mortal Kombat - Smoke Ch. 01

 — Chapter 1 - Strangers and Shadows. by Kindasortacrazy04/22/134.69HOT

Mortal Kombat vs DCU: Dark Desires

 — Batman & Wonder Woman encounter Sonya Blade & Kitana. by JTCIII03/11/114.73HOT

Mortal Kombat- A Wraith's Love

 — Noob Saibot takes a consort at Drahmin's urging. by Mackenzie Taylor06/23/114.67HOT

Mortal Kombat: Kings and Spies

 — Onaga seduces a spy. by Mackenzie Taylor06/08/114.09

Mortal Kombat: Order's Consort

 — Hotaru chooses a consort. by Mackenzie Taylor06/01/114.82HOT

Mortal Kombat: Silk and Steel

 — Jacqui Briggs submits to Kitana after being defeated. by xXSaphXx05/13/154.75HOT

Mortal Kombat: The Sorcerer's Slave

 — Quan Chi finds the perfect slave at the auction. by Mackenzie Taylor03/09/124.86HOT

Moth to a Snowflake

 — Pyro and Iceman from the X-men fall in love. by ladydrace03/13/084.66HOT

Motorstorm: Morning Pass Ch. 01

 — Based around the events of the popular video game. by Porn_Pendulum09/27/083.50


 — Steve and Peggy find each other after Bucky's death. by BrokenUnicorn01/26/174.75HOT

Movie Premiere

 — Shay Mitchell gets it on at a movie premiere. by Lazyninjas06/17/16

Mr Benn On The Ward

 — TV hero has a hospital adventure. by jumpfer03/16/042.83

Mr. Disco Ch. 01

 — Lucy Pinder meets a model agent while partying in Ibiza. by cadeauxxx11/16/164.57HOT

Mr. Disco Ch. 02

 — In London, Lucy Pinder introduces Luke to Michelle Marsh. by cadeauxxx11/27/164.83HOT

Mr. Disco Ch. 03

 — Luke falls in love with Lucy Pinder while doing business. by cadeauxxx12/13/164.29

Mr. Disco Ch. 04

 — Jennifer Ellison seduces Luke into a trap, cheating on Lucy. by cadeauxxx02/01/174.54HOT

Mr. Disco Ch. 05

 — Lucy surrenders herself to Nigel Taylor for Luke's freedom. by cadeauxxx06/10/17

Mr. Disco Ch. 06

 — Lucy joins Holly Peers, Michelle Marsh nurses Luke. by cadeauxxx08/02/17

Mr. Disco Ch. 07

 — A dangerous game of lust and betrayals... by cadeauxxx11/06/174.92HOT

Mr. Disco Ch. 08

 — Nigel and Lucy go to Miami, Luke meets with Keeley Hazell. by cadeauxxx12/31/174.79HOT

Mr. Disco Ch. 09

 — Rosie Jones meets Varga, Keeley and Luke search for clues. by cadeauxxx02/15/184.83HOT

Mr. Softee

 — Trish Stratus loves ice cream. by Formerly Ty08/31/023.35

Mrs. America Ch. 02

 — Mrs. Texas says, "I Know What Boys Like". by ISawYourMommy12/09/064.52HOT

Ms Swift’s New Fav-Pit Photographer

 — Pop star cruelly teases & manipulates photographer's fetish. by JIM1308/08/172.65

Ms. Croft

 — Lara Croft has invited you to the opera. by farechilde12/29/074.49

Ms. Croft Ch. 02

 — Lara Croft has you for an afternoon at the mansion. by farechilde03/27/084.72HOT

Multiple Madness

 — Since Havoc's death, she hasn't been the same. by DarkTalon02/09/024.42

Mumba Rumba

 — Threesome with sexy Irish singer. by philitup07/06/044.42

Mushroom Kingdom Tales #01

 — When Bowser kidnaps Peach, it ends with a different outcome. by Wariomero07/13/154.26

Mushroom Kingdom Tales #02

 — On Mario's way to rescue the Princess, Rosalina interferes. by Wariomero09/09/154.64HOT

Mutant X

 — Hunky superhero must choose between sexy girls. by MatthewMarcus209905/04/063.67

Mutant X: Realization

 — Hunky superhero discovers his bisexuality. by MatthewMarcus209905/04/063.86

Mutating Morals Ch. 01: Fuck Buddies

 — A geneticist uses Taylor Swift in a plot to change the world. by CelebDreamer06/09/154.68HOT

My Adventures in Hollywood Ch. 01

 — Lizzy Caplan loves my script, and that's not all she loves! by TromeoQue07/30/134.25

My Adventures in Hollywood Ch. 02

 — Kat Dennings invites me into her shower. by TromeoQue07/31/133.81

My Afternoon With Maury

 — He meets Maury, master of the DNA test... by GToast04/08/084.24

My Afternoon with Snooki

 — I learn she takes what she wants. by Bakeboss08/07/103.14

My Always

 — A passionate night for Willow and Tara (from Buffy) by Saille02/25/034.53HOT

My Amazing Night with Christina Ch. 01

 — Female fan gets more than an autograph. by Xtinas_Girlfriend10/10/044.51HOT

My Amazing Night with Christina Ch. 02

 — Christina & Pepper's relationship continues. by Xtinas_Girlfriend12/18/044.77HOT

My Best Summer Holiday Ever Ch. 01

 — Two mates get more than they could ever wish for on holiday. by wtdgirl102/24/073.83

My Blind Date with Alyssa Milano

 — A blind date is set up between a mutual friend. by Kash_the_priest02/15/104.55HOT

My Boss Stephanie McMahon

 — Having some fun with Stephanie McMahon, Snooki and Jwoww. by DickThePimp06/16/184.09NEW

My Boss, Mr. Oldman

 — Girl gets chance with celebrity Gary Oldman. by styfyny07/15/054.46

My Celebrity Wife

 — Great married sex is jump started at a Halloween party. by LaPatitMort09/03/064.59HOT

My Date with Alyson Hanigan

 — One of Liz's favorite fantasies. by lizthewizz200010/10/024.13

My Date with Emily

 — Emily Osment gives a dying boy more than he wished for. by LOAnnie201/06/124.59HOT

My Date With Miko Lee

 — Did it really happen? by Jody M Lee10/18/044.29

My Day With Gillian Anderson

 — He gets to fulfill a wild fantasy. by SuperShyGuy01/20/034.36

My Days of a Pornographer

 — I finally get with Selena Gomez. by jakec12109/05/104.29

My Dinner Date

 — A contest becomes much more. by hotqueen103/10/074.56HOT

My Dinner Date Ch. 02

 — The adventure continues for Desiree & WWE's Batista. by hotqueen108/03/073.90

My Dream Girl

 — Shauna has him for breakfast. by Bgibbons02/28/044.38

My Encounter With Tobey McGuire Ch. 1

 — How one woman met actor Tobey McGuire. by Lolita3005/17/023.63

My Encounter With Tobey McGuire Ch. 2

 — Tobey Maguire returns to New York…with a friend. by Lolita3007/09/024.60HOT

My Erotic Mind & Howard Stern

 — Her fantasy of sexual pleasures with Howard Stern, by Erotica_Writings06/28/044.11

My Evening with Harris Faulkner

 — Sex with anchor Harris Faulkner. by MrFantasym03/05/074.31

My Evening with Harris Faulkner Ch. 02

 — More sex with beauty news anchor. by MrFantasym03/24/074.46

My Fantasy Island: Jessica & Sarah

 — I meet Jessica Alba and Sarah Carter. by willielongfollow07/22/084.30

My Fantasy Island: Olsen's

 — He meets Mary-Kate and Ashley. by willielongfollow08/02/083.08

My Fantasy Island: Scarlett & Sarah

 — I meet Scarlett Pomers and Sarah Paxton by willielongfollow07/21/083.67

My First Day with Josh

 — Josh CUMS to stay with Terri for a few days. by Grobanian_Princess09/26/064.00

My First Time With Gordon Brown

 — An intern gets quite an intro to the Prime Minister. by stopadeeboomba10/26/083.00

My Footballing Fantasy

 — A dreamy encounter with a favorite footballer. by irisheyesgirl07/10/113.91

My Fun with Evolution Ch. 01

 — New intern learns truth about WWE's evolution. by nicklered02/07/053.86

My Fun with Evolution Ch. 02

 — It's more than she bargained for. by nicklered01/07/064.40

My Girlfriend's Mom Lorraine Kelly

 — My girlfriend Rosie has a very famous mother, Lorraine Kelly by Willoughboobie09/10/174.44

My Immortal

 — Lucky fan gets tickets to night of fun with Amy Lee. by shaghard8805/26/054.58HOT

My Immortal Ch. 02

 — More sex adventures with Amy Lee. by shaghard8804/27/064.67HOT

My Internet Confession

 — Frankie takes a step on the slippery slope towards adultery. by DarcyLansdowne01/04/174.73HOT

My Internet Confession Pt. 02

 — Frankie's slippery slope becomes a cliff. by DarcyLansdowne01/23/174.68HOT

My Internet Confession Pt. 03

 — Frankie Midland comes to Orson surprise surprise! by DarcyLansdowne08/18/174.50

My Internet Confession Pt. 04

 — Frankie has another new and unexpected sexual experience. by DarcyLansdowne08/25/174.38

My Internet Confession Pt. 05

 — Frankie slips deeper into a life of debauchery and crime. by DarcyLansdowne09/22/174.00

My Life As A Male Porn Star

 — Dan the porn star regales us with his experiences. by snagdragon09/17/014.27

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