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Erotic Couplings Stories

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Crowd Control with Hyper & Downer

 — Roommates pick up chicks who are opposites. by Hornyman69WithU10/14/054.27

Crowded Bar

 — Two bodies get crushed together in a crowded bar. by Levelhead01/17/094.12

Crowded Room

 — Young woman gets it twice. by LadyLee11/06/023.79

Crowded Room

 — He sees her for just a few moments. by Jenny _S05/04/034.29

Crown Freakin Royal

 — Working stiff lives up to his name. by Dusty_Sawyer12/06/014.60HOT

Crucifix & Coffin Ch. 02

 — The prize gets away - for a awhile. by Jizaz_Jester02/12/05

Cruel Irony

 — Doris is in turmoil over her son's marriage to Pam. by cdhawkeye96a07/03/064.35

Cruel To Be Kind

 — Revenge is more fun than Des imagined. by egamar07/07/024.08

Cruise Capers Ch. 01

 — Embarkation. by CalWriter04/24/044.22

Cruise Capers Ch. 04

 — Puerto Vallarta. by CalWriter09/12/043.88

Cruise Capers Ch. 05

 — Mazatlan. by CalWriter10/13/044.58HOT

Cruise Ship

 — How to cruise with a purpose. by bassbelly11/24/074.40

Cruiseline Fling

 — Passionate Encounter by medusathesedusa04/08/143.79

Cruisin' for Sex Pt. 01

 — Slut goes to a custom car show looking for NSA sex. by kristendixon7908/13/144.15

Cruisin' for Sex Pt. 02

 — Slut continues to look for NSA sex at a custom car show. by kristendixon7908/29/143.85


 — A trip on a boat changes a friendship. by BigTri06/23/034.00

Cruising Away

 — A late night rendevous to finish what a friend started. by downhomeguy07/19/074.21

Cruising For Lust at Jakes

 — A search for lust with the right kind of man. by kristydoll09/30/024.00


 — High school crush is finally fulfilled at the 10-year reunion. by MrShyTown11/20/094.07

Crush Ch. 02

 — A high-school crush is partially consumated. by MrShyTown12/08/094.30

Crush Ch. 03

 — High School fantasy goes into high gear. by MrShyTown12/21/094.00

Crush on Teacher

 — Naughty Desiree and her teacher explore their crushes . by JeniStranger02/18/144.02

Crush Party

 — Freshman slut gets first good lay since going off to college. by DanielleQ05/20/083.98

Cry of the Heart

 — She finds forbidden love at work. by Littlelady11/15/013.85

Crying Wolf

 — Angry girlfriend screws her boyfriend's best friend. by The_shadow_rising02/19/114.42

Crystal & The Cowboy

 — Young lady meets the man of her fantasies. by Dingy_Jo06/20/024.59HOT

Crystal Ch. 01

 — Meeting the perfect girl at freshman orientation. by michaeldgorman03/20/104.47

Crystal Clear Cruise

 — A hot and horny encounter on a cruise ship. by looniestu11/22/054.40

Crystal Clear Cruise Ch. 02

 — The shower scene. by looniestu12/26/054.59HOT

Crystal Waves Ch. 01

 — Finding happiness in a new life. by bearscratch01/14/104.46

Crystal Waves Ch. 02

 — Being Mr. Nice Guy almost ruined everything! by bearscratch01/22/104.63HOT

Cuban Strip Poker

 — I introduced strip poker to my wife and Cuban friends. by kanatawolf10/30/144.04

Cuban Strip Poker: The Day After

 — The next day after a previous night of strip poker. by kanatawolf11/04/143.70

Cube Farm

 — A couple finds lust in the cube farm. by ktmccoll02/04/114.53HOT

Cubicle Fun

 — Sales monkey gets lucky at the office. by GameFreak9504/05/124.38

Cucumber Lover

 — A vegetarian tries meat. by Jenna Grey11/07/034.50HOT


 — Policewoman gets her man. by sexyinnylons08/18/064.46

Cuffed & Stuffed

 — Police officer experiences an arresting development. by tn_greeneyez04/19/044.21

Cuffed and Co-Ed Ch. 04

 — Alex pleasures Jill just as she likes it. by ellabee02/27/094.47

Cuffed and Stuffed

 — A ticket for speed turns into a ticket for pleasure! by 911Chicka07/18/104.52HOT

Cul-De-Sac FOUR

 — Cul-De-Sac upper body loving. by Shoreguy07/20/014.40

Cul-De-Sac Introduction

 — All about Harry M. Commo. by Shoreguy07/16/013.46

Cul-De-Sac Ladder I

 — He does repairs for sexy houseife Jean. by Shoreguy07/18/014.23

Cul-de-sac Living

 — A 'Religious' experience? by FantacySeeker08/01/104.31

Cul-De-Sac New Position I

 — He visits a 'good' friend - a neighbor's wife. by Shoreguy07/16/014.16

Cul-De-Sac New Position II

 — Mary tags along, with pleasant results. by Shoreguy07/17/014.40

Cul-De-Sac ONE Door Latch

 — Harry fixes a door latch, & the widow who owns it. by Shoreguy08/18/014.46

Cultural Awakening

 — A single soldier is introduced to German culture by FireStriker01/24/034.48

Cultural Awakening Ch. 02

 — A single soldier meets Ingrid by FireStriker01/28/034.49

Cultural Awakening Ch. 03

 — He meets Elisa. by FireStriker02/07/034.56HOT

Cum & Visit

 — Marie's boyfriend Rob 'cums and visits' her at college. by andros1401/09/034.00

Cum / Don't Cum

 — A recurring dream. by nightfly2202/03/143.38

Cum All Ye Faithful

 — Santa needed some help with his sack. by rachlou11/20/064.53HOT

Cum Drops Keep Falling on My Head

 — Darren meets the wildest roommate. by Many Feathers05/08/064.74HOT

Cum Fly with Me

 — Sarah joins the "Mile High Club". by No Panty Girl08/05/064.31

Cum for Me Ch. 01

 — Briana loves sex with colleague by Suesse05/29/03

Cum for Me Ch. 02

 — Will Briana reconsider? by Suesse06/02/03

Cum for Me Ch. 03

 — Briana and Jordan get back together. by Suesse06/11/03HOT

Cum For the Goddess

 — Novice witch experiences the real Mysteries & then some. by hotcat03/28/024.41

Cum Force Feeding

 — I force feed well-endowed Lucas his sweet cum. by MsGenevieve08/30/144.21

Cum Highway

 — Business trip takes a worthwhile detour. by Urban Goddess05/26/034.36

Cum Home Early Darlin'

 — An afternoon surprise is the kind she likes. by stunninwomin208/30/024.29

Cum in My Panties

 — He jerks off with her panties. by cattitude196509/01/024.32

Cum Lover Ch. 1

 — Mona loves the sticky stuff. by blqlite11/17/013.54

Cum On By

 — Their weekly meeting gets hot. by lanzam07/27/023.95

Cum On Me

 — Lovers cum together in a hotel room. by sluttydreamer02/21/144.00

Cum Ride With Me

 — Lovers take turns in writing fantasy. by Voyeurx210/15/004.50HOT

Cum Shopping With Me

 — Trying on a dress is an amazing experience. by Bethyboo02/06/114.11

Cum Slut Sophie

 — I respond to Sophie's late night booty call. by lightlyfrosted05/25/134.15

Cum Slut Sophie Ch. 02

 — The morning after Sophie submits. by lightlyfrosted06/02/134.35

Cum Slut Sophie Ch. 03

 — Sophie's housemate Mel joins the fun. by lightlyfrosted06/07/134.55HOT

Cum Slut Sophie Ch. 04

 — Sophie's desire for cum is insatiable! by lightlyfrosted07/09/134.37

Cum Slut Valerie at the Movies

 — A hot date with my cum slut ex-girlfriend. by lightlyfrosted03/01/134.28

Cum Slut Valerie Comes Over

 — Hot ex-girlfriend wants to fuck like a porn star. by lightlyfrosted03/07/134.15

Cum Sluts Sophie and Mel

 — Party sluts need a fix. by lightlyfrosted03/01/134.26

Cum Soaked Lovers

 — Things get sticky going from the mirror to the bedroom. by JC10102/03/154.04

Cum Sweetly, Darling

 — Theirs was a delicious oral romance. by MalePatternBoldness04/09/114.40

Cum to Angellean's Hotel Room

 — You & her rendezvous. by Angellean10/15/004.44

Cum With Me

 — You come to her and cum together. by sexy_nimph06/25/034.11

Cum With Me

 — What your first meeting with her would be like. by Sweet_Candi04/18/034.48

Cum With The Cock That Brought You

 — Game Show sex. by sexxytech10/02/134.00

Cum-slut Valerie

 — Valerie wants some cum for old times' sake. by lightlyfrosted01/24/134.37

Cumfort & Joy

 — Holiday self-celebration is interrupted by visitor. by cindysparkles12/03/033.92

Cumming Attractions

 — Stranger performs oral sex on a blonde in a movie theatre. by Eroticdreamescape02/11/144.24

Cumming Attractions Ch. 02

 — Justine is haunted by the stranger and her past by Eroticdreamescape02/16/144.33

Cumming Attractions Ch. 03

 — Justine's chance encounter. by Eroticdreamescape05/19/144.45

Cumming Back for a Fuck

 — I came back to get the cock. by cindy_4u08/14/114.25

Cumming for Karen Ch. 1

 — She finds the right guy to satisfy her 'need'. by UforMe04/08/014.48

Cumming for Karen Ch. 2

 — Gifted Mike continues to satisfy Karen's desires. by UforMe04/11/014.50HOT

Cumming For The Weekend

 — An after hours office encounter leaves a lasting impression. by UhlBWett07/06/114.21

Cumming Home

 — He cums back and takes the woman he wants. by KymmieQuinnell09/15/104.26

Cumming Home Again

 — A visit home leads to a wife to cheat. by Mike Franklin07/25/063.86

Cumming Home Early

 — Man comes home early to surprise his wife. by sadie_babe042901/19/033.97

Cumming Home Late

 — He makes it up to her for working late. by hubbyshoney08/04/034.48

Cumming Into The New Ch. 01

 — Mature woman wants to finally feel sexually alive by blqlite02/16/143.41

Cumming Into The New Ch. 02

 — Mature woman wants to finally feel sexually alive by blqlite02/17/144.13

Cumming Into The New Ch. 03

 — Mature woman wants to finally feel sexually alive by blqlite02/18/143.90

Cumming Into The New Ch. 04

 — A new twist to this tale. by blqlite02/19/144.00

Cumming To America

 — Across the world, a girl is endowed enough for him. by nameuser11/25/093.97

Cumming to America Ch. 01

 — Meeting an online acquaintance while on vacation. by Irish Moss09/19/104.33

Cumming to America Ch. 02

 — A surprise follow-up to their first meeting. by Irish Moss09/20/104.46

Cumming To Terms Ch. 02

 — It's harder to stop fucking Jan than expected. by SEVERUSMAX04/08/064.44

Cumming to Work

 — Secret office lovers enjoy a quickie. by angeldev03/30/013.52

Cumming Together

 — Online lovers finally meet. by AmberLace11/17/074.20

Cumming Together Again

 — You enjoy a hot, sensual exploration. by AGrownAzzMan01/19/034.26

Cumming With Chrissy

 — Bob finally gets his chance. by bw962712/22/014.15

Cumming With Style

 — Gavin gets the wettest fuck of his life with hot stylist. by Archer205001/10/064.56HOT

Cumuppance for Catherine

 — She has teased and pushed him too far! by Laphroaig01/09/124.00

Cunnilingus and Penetration

 — A short passage about cunnilingus and penetration. by ArticulatedEroticism09/16/133.65

Cunty Fingers

 — Sometimes you see someone and you know you'll click. by H_G_03/29/114.68HOT

Cupboard Love

 — Fancy dress party leads to an erotic encounter. by True Blue Aussies03/31/014.20

Cupboard Love

 — Horny teacher's erotic encounter with a sexy MILF. by rachlou02/17/074.48

Cupid Almost Misses

 — Cupid has a bad day. by curious2c02/04/034.44

Cupid Cums Again

 — Erotic Eros can't get enough of Rebecca's pussy. by rogtom_6903/15/024.06

Cupid Makes a House Call

 — Be careful what you wish for! by Bluzworld02/14/104.05

Cupid's Arrow

 — Kina's lover offers a different kind of arrow on V-day. by Vixen21102/11/044.11

Cupid's Arrow

 — Two strangers are paired up for a magical Valentine's night. by odax01/25/124.41

Cupid's Arrow

 — There is nothing hotter than Nikko standing naked... by ijjackson9202/05/134.22

Cupid's Midnight Call

 — The Love God makes a personal appearance. by rogtom_6903/12/024.04

Cups Frozen Over

 — Jack and Brittney are caught out in a snowstorm. by TheJohnsonator0505/01/133.99

Cure for a Headache

 — Massage turns sexual. by luv2flirtamswf3409/05/034.34

Curing A Brat Girlfriend

 — She - & he - finally learn what she needs. by Zazbek06/08/024.27

Curiosity & Her Cat

 — She never before thought of being with a woman. by crows02/13/023.98

Curiosity Filled The Cat

 — A nosey friend gets more than she bargained for. by Dr_Pervv04/12/134.13

Curiousity Ch. 01-04

 — One drunken wife's drive home ends in voyeurism and more... by TheThoth10/02/133.11

Curiousity Ch. 05-09

 — Taking steps to discover the identity of the voyeur by TheThoth10/03/133.60

Curiousity Ch. 10-13

 — Discovering the identify of the voyeur isn't easy... by TheThoth10/04/132.33

Curled Around You

 — A sexy couple, a balcony and a hotel room. by Lotusgirl05/04/09HOT

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