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Big Bang Theory

 — Gerry almost gets herself skewered by an alien. by MarciaR10/03/034.18

Big Bully

 — First day of school turns weird. by larry7440301/03/073.56

Big Dragon

 — Computer ring gives a Greek girl a "boyfriend upgrade." by CrisIdolBouncer03/09/074.18

Big Red: Conception

 — The greatest hero in all of Hyu'Jardon is conceived! by MikeisMike07/03/103.78


 — What's really out there in the woods? by barbarianqueen02/10/044.34


 — Lost in space with 2 perfect sex-bots. by Christian Black09/22/034.24

Bird Woman: Naked Superhero

 — The hilarious adventures of a naked Indian superhero. by DaveDevlin06/08/07

Bird Woman: Naked Superhero Ch. 02

 — The naked Indian superhero fights aliens& criminals. by DaveDevlin07/24/07

Bird Woman: Naked Superhero Ch. 03

 — The naked superhero fights a robot from Zenwar. by DaveDevlin10/25/07

Birth of an Incubus

 — Lust in the flesh takes advatage of horney woman. by tungyerass02/27/104.14

Birth of the Succubi

 — Dark secrets in the heart of rural England. by Rab12304/16/054.36

Birthday Surprise

 — Audrey's birthday gift exceeds her wildest dreams. by mindventure09/27/134.65HOT

Bisexual Alien Abduction

 — Guy is abducted by male and female aliens. by christian_hm08/06/074.10

Bisexual Demons in Love

 — Rejected by angel's daughter, demon meets gay lover. by Samuelx09/19/082.86

Bisexual Somali Wizard

 — Somali wizard battles demons in Ottawa, Ontario. by Samuelx05/15/132.00

Bishop Ch. 01

 — FBI Agent Bishop makes his moves as magic & mayhem ensue. by GypsyGirl8406/07/064.67HOT

Bitter Sweet Bitter Meat Ch. 01

 — Would her respect for her kind reward her at last? by DireLilith04/05/07

Bitter Sweet Bitter Meat Ch. 02

 — When a woman does what she must do. by DireLilith04/06/07

Black and White

 — A human paladin and his undead wife rekindle passions. by Et2bruttus08/09/114.85HOT

Black Avenger From Space

 — African-American superhero fights off aliens. by Samuelx11/12/122.18

Black Empire

 — Genetically engineered superman rules the future. by Samuelx08/21/091.33

Black Female Superheroes

 — The life and times of a superstrong black woman. by Samuelx11/18/082.29

Black Female Telepath In Canada

 — Adventures of a black woman who reads minds in Ontario. by Samuelx03/10/132.57

Black Godhead

 — Black man gains magical powers and worshipers. by Samuelx08/03/082.44

Black Gold

 — Cat man and deadly dark elf. by DireLilith05/30/07

Black Guard Archives Ch. 01

 — Dehsod finds an equal. by ajax_2310/25/024.52HOT

Black Journal Ch. 21

 — Dream Part 2. by Dhc00033302/25/154.50

Black Knight

 — My first story. by Rallynoangels05/13/114.29

Black Man Becomes Immortal

 — The life and times of a 2000-year-old Black man. by Samuelx04/16/091.88

Black People Rule The Cosmos

 — Black man uses time machine to change history. by Samuelx03/29/091.68

Black People Rule The Galaxy

 — African-American superhero saves the galaxy. by Samuelx03/22/091.64

Black People Take Over The World

 — Time-traveling black hero changes the world. by Samuelx03/13/092.46

Black Power Upgrade

 — African man with super powers wanders Toronto. by Samuelx03/06/132.89

Black Rain Ch. 01

 — A colony ship crash lands on a distant alien world. by bluefox0710/28/064.48

Black Rain Ch. 02

 — As storm approaches, they discover a new problem. by bluefox0710/29/064.54HOT

Black Rain Ch. 03

 — The pirates begin their raid as the skies darken. by bluefox0710/30/064.65HOT

Black Rain Ch. 04

 — The rain falls and death rules the night. by bluefox0710/31/064.66HOT

Black Silk Choker

 — You receive a mystery gift that starts a rewarding night. by MightyWurm08/01/104.14

Black Super Couple Rules World

 — Black superhero couple rules the world. by Samuelx02/27/091.33

Black Superwoman in Canada

 — Mutant woman fights prejudice in futuristic Montreal. by Samuelx05/15/131.22

Black Superwoman's Planet

 — The natural superiority of Black Women. by Samuelx04/17/091.65

Black Time Traveller-Vikings

 — A black time traveller goes back in time to the viking age. by eriksweden12/30/134.18

Black Vampire King

 — The life and times of the first Black Vampire King. by Samuelx08/09/092.05

Black Vampire Lord

 — Black man becomes Lord of the Undead. by Samuelx11/13/062.45

Black Vampire Prince

 — Black man becomes Prince of the Undead. by Samuelx11/13/063.05

Black Vampire Utopia

 — Black vampire discovers mythical vampire utopia. by Samuelx08/21/081.91

Black Vampire's Haven

 — The adventures of a black vampire couple in Boston. by Samuelx11/28/081.00

Black Vampire: It's My Life

 — The life of an ordinary black male vampire. by Samuelx12/11/112.92

Black Werewolf/Arab Princess

 — Haitian-American werewolf and Lebanese girl in Ottawa. by Samuelx04/19/121.57

Blackbeard's Downfall

 — Edward Teach's reign near Bath, North Carolina. by simply_cyn09/12/044.36

Blackbeard's Downfall Ch. 02

 — Penelope finds herself aboard Blackbeard's ship. by simply_cyn10/25/044.08

Blackhawk Hall Ch. 01

 — A new servant joins the staff in the Hall. by Darkniciad04/10/064.73HOT

Blackhawk Hall Ch. 02

 — Arilee learns to fight, and to love. by Darkniciad04/11/064.75HOT

Blackhawk Hall Ch. 03

 — First taste of a woman amidst the growing mystery. by Darkniciad04/18/064.71HOT

Blackhawk Hall Ch. 04

 — Ari is reunited with a recent beau in the Wayfarer's Rest. by Darkniciad05/13/064.75HOT

Blackhawk Hall Ch. 05

 — The beautiful half-elven wizardess Crystania. by Darkniciad06/04/064.76HOT

Blackhawk Hall Ch. 06

 — The conclusion: will the defenders of the Hall survive? by Darkniciad06/25/064.84HOT

Blacktung and Wyxt Ch. 01

 — Wyxt, my troll hunter, and her ex, Blacktung's exploits. by Purrversion06/28/094.40

Blacktung and Wyxt Ch. 02

 — Blacktung and Wyxt continue their play with a friend. by Purrversion06/29/094.14

Blacktung and Wyxt Ch. 03

 — Blacktung and Wyxt entertain company at their home. by Purrversion06/30/093.73

Blacktung and Wyxt Ch. 04

 — Blacktung receives a request from the apothecaries. by Purrversion07/02/093.38

Blacktung and Wyxt Ch. 05

 — Wyxt is ambused in the Drag while Blacktung is away! by Purrversion07/03/093.50

Blacktung and Wyxt Ch. 06

 — Blacktung, Yonti, and Wyxt revisit Brill for another round. by Purrversion07/04/094.25

Blacktung and Wyxt Ch. 07

 — Blacktung is nowhere to be found, and Wyxt revisits Throk... by Purrversion07/05/093.75

Blacktung and Wyxt Ch. 08

 — Wyxt is literally thrown to the wolves by the amused Throk. by Purrversion07/06/094.00

Blacktung and Wyxt Ch. 09

 — Throk uses a potion to play with Wyxt - Last of this series. by Purrversion07/07/093.86

Blaha and Javon

 — When Javon gets injured, Blaha gets creative. by Ctyolene01/18/124.42

Blaha and Luis

 — Alien girl meets human guy. by Ctyolene11/24/114.29

Blaha and Luis - Parcour

 — Human finds creative use for belt to keep his girl. by Ctyolene12/19/114.48

Blame It On Bacchus

 — Vesta and her virgins do as the title suggests. by AMOWAT03/09/034.65HOT

Blazing Glory Ch. 01

 — Adventure begins with a fateful meeting with a demon. by ShadwNinjaX12/09/114.73HOT

Blazing Glory Ch. 02

 — Trouble threatens Blaze in the form of Kendra's old nemesis. by ShadwNinjaX12/17/114.75HOT

Blazing Glory Ch. 03

 — A winsome, voluptuous catwoman vies for Blaze's heart. by ShadwNinjaX12/22/114.81HOT

Blazing Glory Ch. 04

 — Blaze and friends encounter a powerful but lonely guardian. by ShadwNinjaX12/27/114.84HOT

Blazing Glory Ch. 05

 — The hunt leads Blaze to the deadliest assassin in the world. by ShadwNinjaX12/30/114.85HOT

Blazing Glory Ch. 06

 — Blaze's hunt leads to a town with hot springs and dragons. by ShadwNinjaX01/03/124.87HOT

Blazing Glory Ch. 07

 — Amidst meeting the gods, a terrible fate comes to Blaze. by ShadwNinjaX01/05/124.90HOTContest Winner

Blazing Glory Ch. 08

 — Help and danger come in the mystical land of the elves. by ShadwNinjaX01/09/124.86HOT

Blazing Glory Ch. 09

 — The high seas are not safe as Blaze and his friends thought. by ShadwNinjaX01/14/124.86HOT

Blazing Glory Ch. 10

 — Blaze's shipwrecked group now face the wilds of Sevar. by ShadwNinjaX01/19/124.83HOT

Blazing Glory Ch. 11

 — Kendra's secret unfolds to one in a dangerous desert town. by ShadwNinjaX01/24/124.84HOT

Blazing Glory Ch. 12

 — Kendra's secret is revealed in the chaos of war. by ShadwNinjaX09/16/124.87HOTContest Winner

Blazing Glory Ch. 13

 — Hatred and fury run wild in the race to rescue Kendra. by ShadwNinjaX06/07/144.85HOT

Bleeding Heart Ch. 01

 — The Mad Pirate claims his prize. by secret_reader01/11/154.28

Bleeding Heart Ch. 02

 — An unholy marriage. by secret_reader01/14/154.48

Bleeding Heart Ch. 03

 — Kraken. by secret_reader01/18/154.42

Blessings of a Healer Ch. 01

 — A futanari healer is taken to be the concubine of a warlord. by cultofstrawberry09/23/144.56HOT

Blessings of a Healer Ch. 02

 — Ialia and Azan finally consummate their bond. by cultofstrawberry09/27/144.64HOT

Blessings of a Healer Ch. 03

 — Ialia gets more used to her new position. by cultofstrawberry10/07/144.61HOT

Blessings of a Healer Ch. 04

 — Ialia is pleasantly surprised by her lord and master. by cultofstrawberry10/07/144.66HOT

Blessings of a Healer Ch. 05

 — Azan takes the time to enjoy his futanari lover. by cultofstrawberry11/04/144.71HOT

Blind Date

 — Supernatural comedy romance about finding the right person. by Groade09/16/104.67HOT

Bliss Ch. 01

 — A misnamed half-demon girl gets tamed by a succubus. by sengmengida06/26/104.25

Bliss Ch. 02

 — Bliss learns her lesson. by sengmengida07/01/104.41

Bliss Ch. 03

 — Bliss is leashed- but not around the neck. by sengmengida07/11/104.46

Bliss Ch. 04

 — Oral attention leads Bliss' mother down memory lane. by sengmengida07/17/104.58HOT

Bliss Ch. 05

 — Penitent reminisces about Bliss' conception. by sengmengida07/17/104.47

Bliss Ch. 06

 — Bliss and Penitent's sleep is filled with dreams of lust. by sengmengida07/18/104.44

Bliss Ch. 07

 — Penitent runs her errands- and they're all sex. by sengmengida07/23/104.38

Bliss Ch. 08

 — Mischief tells the story of her latest seduction. by sengmengida07/24/104.26

Bliss Ch. 09

 — Missy's story of seduction continues, with Bliss listening. by sengmengida07/28/104.60HOT

Bliss Ch. 10

 — Blss experiences her first seduction through Mischief's tale. by sengmengida07/31/104.56HOT

Bliss Ch. 11

 — The darkest chapter yet. by sengmengida08/06/104.32

Bliss Ch. 12

 — Bliss practices her seduction skills in a dream. by sengmengida08/07/104.63HOT

Bliss Ch. 13

 — Bliss tames Penitent. by sengmengida08/13/104.42

Bliss Ch. 14

 — Durzai's waking life is plagued by dreams of Bliss. by sengmengida08/16/104.31

Bliss Ch. 15

 — Bliss shows Durzai her skills- in more ways than one. by sengmengida08/20/104.47

Bliss Ch. 16

 — Bliss reunites her parents in the dreamworld. by sengmengida09/14/104.43

Bloated Ch. 1

 — Kerri has fun with a new soft drink. by Banjo AKA Xero07/14/02

Blood and Flesh Ch. 01

 — A hungry half-breed finds an eager donor in a demon. by U4ea09/09/084.40

Blood and Iron

 — Betrayed and hiding out, he finds adventure. by WarLordwrites01/19/074.61HOT

Blood and Iron Ch. 02

 — Moving slowly around the cabin... by WarLordwrites02/05/074.58HOT

Blood and Iron Ch. 03

 — Betrayed hiding out he finds adventure. by WarLordwrites02/11/074.67HOT

Blood and Iron Ch. 04

 — Betrayed, hiding out he finds adventure. by WarLordwrites02/17/074.70HOT

Blood and Iron Ch. 05

 — Betrayed hiding out he finds adventure. by WarLordwrites02/28/074.69HOT

Blood and Iron Ch. 06

 — Betrayed hiding out he finds adventure. by WarLordwrites03/01/074.70HOT

Blood and Iron Ch. 07

 — Betrayed hiding out he finds adventure. by WarLordwrites03/06/074.67HOT

Blood and Iron Ch. 08

 — Betrayed hiding out, he finds adventure. by WarLordwrites03/12/074.68HOT

Blood and Iron Ch. 09

 — Betrayed hiding out, he finds adventure. by WarLordwrites03/16/074.78HOT

Blood and Iron Ch. 10

 — Betrayed hiding out, he finds adventure. by WarLordwrites03/17/074.76HOT

Blood and Iron Ch. 11

 — Betrayed, hiding out, he finds adventure. by WarLordwrites03/24/074.70HOT

Blood and Iron Ch. 12

 — Betrayed, hiding out, he finds adventure. by WarLordwrites03/25/074.70HOT

Blood and Iron Ch. 13

 — Betrayed, hiding out, he finds adventure. by WarLordwrites03/26/074.76HOT

Blood and Magic

 — Scene between master and servant vampires. by submissivekitten2503/07/144.00

Blood and Roses

 — Most men are monsters - some quite literally. by kitfox08/24/054.57HOT

Blood and Semen

 — Gladiator battle to the death, but not before an orgy. by jaxblaster08/12/113.96

Blood Chronicles Ch. 01

 — A sword and sorcery fantasy story . by Dead_Strings03/20/114.54HOT

Blood Enemies/Lovers

 — Beloved rival. by Dhc00033301/30/144.07

Blood for a Succubus Ch. 01

 — Jacob's friend wants his blood to summon a succubus. by kuellar11/08/104.43

Blood for a Succubus Ch. 02

 — Jacob is seduced and almost taken. by kuellar11/26/104.48

Blood for a Succubus Ch. 03

 — Jacob meets the Mother of all succubi. by kuellar12/10/104.60HOT

Blood-Magic Slave

 — Slave is seduced and taken by her Master. by medievalfantasywriter01/26/114.42


 — A vampire romance. by Delirium25007/31/054.50HOT

Bloodlust at Midnight

 — Crimson falls victum of bloodlust and needs Scarlette. by KittyKAOTIC02/08/104.00

Blowjob Universe

 — Cool. You have discovered a world of cock hungry sluts. by Grossman112/20/123.60

Blowjob Universe Ch. 02

 — David enters the world.... by Grossman101/29/134.20

Blue Futanari: Supplicant

 — Alexys Sans can't believe about the temple dig in Peru. by gabrielleprevot04/10/144.67HOT

Blue Futanari: Transformation

 — Alexys Sans, exhausted but in a rare state of bliss, begins transformation. by gabrielleprevot04/29/144.72HOT

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