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Providence Ch. 03

 — Futuristic portrayal of love through Destiny & Fate. by truman1188312/28/034.64HOT

Providence Ch. 04

 — Futuristic portrayal of love through Destiny and Fate. by truman1188301/22/044.62HOT

Providence Ch. 05

 — Futuristic portrayal of love through Destiny and Fate. by truman1188302/12/044.63HOT

Providence Ch. 06

 — Futuristic story of love through Destiny & Fate. by truman1188302/27/044.62HOT

Providence Ch. 07

 — Futuristic portrayal of love through Destiny and Fate. by truman1188303/18/044.64HOT

Providence Ch. 08

 — Futuristic portrayal of love through Destiny and Fate. by truman1188304/25/044.65HOT

Providence Ch. 09

 — Futuristic portrayal of love through Destiny & Fate. by truman1188305/10/044.63HOT

Providence Ch. 10

 — Futuristic love through Destiny & Fate. by truman1188305/31/044.65HOT

Providence Ch. 11

 — He wanted to take it all back. by truman1188306/25/044.68HOT

Providence Ch. 12

 — She cuddled closer to him... by truman1188307/31/044.46

Providence Ch. 13

 — She was everything he had hoped for. by truman1188308/19/044.69HOT

Providence Ch. 14

 — He wanted her...for something. by truman1188309/02/044.42

Providence Ch. 15

 — He needed her, more than he needed air to breathe. by truman1188309/29/044.71HOT

Providence Ch. 16

 — Was it so wrong to want something that seemed so right? by truman1188310/23/044.71HOT

Providence Ch. 17

 — And so the journey began. by truman1188312/18/044.73HOT

Psychedelic Gang Bang

 — Sex gets strange when the drugs kick in. by Dick_Diamond11/18/133.83

Psychic Lovers

 — Sex is all in the mind. Or is it? by bigjerseyguy07/23/174.53HOT

Public Static Void

 — Love is a Fatal Exception. by Alice_Rosaleen05/25/184.70HOT

PuGs Suck!

 — Healers get Screwed, and Tanks get Fucked by Faithful_Shadow11/30/124.40

Pumpkin Pie Passion

 — Love transcends on Samhain. Yummy/sinful pumpkin pie! by LunaEroticaMystica10/01/104.56HOT

Punishment for the Crime

 — A young man receives punishment from the monster in the tank. by Impness02/11/174.45

Puppet Ch. 01

 — Man wants to free beloved programmable sex slave. by Margin Walker02/07/044.58HOT

Puppet Ch. 02

 — He wants to free a beloved puppet. by Margin Walker02/08/044.68HOT

Puppet Ch. 03

 — He wants to free a beloved puppet. by Margin Walker02/09/044.68HOT

Puppet Ch. 04

 — Man wants to free a beloved puppet. Final Part. by Margin Walker02/10/044.29

Puppeteer Ch. 01

 — Niven is a Puppeteer who can take control of others. by Nirkal02/12/093.99

Puppeteer Ch. 02

 — Niven meets Sorr'an, a strange creature in trouble. by Nirkal02/20/094.35

Puppeteer Ch. 03

 — Niven flees with Sorr'an. by Nirkal02/23/094.34

Puppeteer Ch. 04

 — Niven and Sorr'an arrives at Arrandar. by Nirkal02/26/094.44

Puppeteer Ch. 05

 — Niven on his quest to understand Sorr'an. by Nirkal03/02/094.55HOT

Puppeteer Ch. 06

 — Niven and Sorr'an are finally able to talk. by Nirkal03/05/094.44

Puppeteer Ch. 07

 — Niven and Sorr'an prepare for their journey. by Nirkal03/16/094.55HOT

Puppeteer Ch. 08

 — Their journey starts. by Nirkal04/29/094.48

Puppeteer Ch. 09

 — Can they overcome Welf? by Nirkal05/07/094.59HOT

Puppeteer Ch. 10

 — Niven got in real trouble. by Nirkal07/01/094.62HOT

Puppeteer Ch. 11

 — Niven awakes. Is Sorr'an alive? by Nirkal07/25/094.73HOT

Pure Energy

 — What's one to do when one's date doesn't have a body? by FuzzyWonderGoat02/16/094.64HOT

Purgatory Ch. 01

 — The service of a submissive, doesn't end after her death. by DoxyTrainer02/05/18

Purple Heart

 — A recon mission in the Kruger system goes badly wrong. by Snekguy12/11/164.82HOT

Purple Passion

 — A strange encounter between human & an unusual alien. by wife2hotblk03/07/094.34

Pushing Iron

 — In the future, there's still nothing like a woman scorned. by SciGuy09/19/014.36Editor's Pick

Pussy Book Ch. 01

 — Two guys use a magic book to get some action. by LordofLancaster11/29/133.93

Pussy Doll

 — Mentally challenged male skillfully beds caretaker. by venuzian10/30/074.64HOT

Pussy Lips

 — Magic lipstick makes kissing sweet. by AlinaX02/01/194.63HOT

Pussy-Licker: Coming of the Darkula

 — After the coming of the Darkula survival is all that matters. by tristantrotsky03/03/164.21

Put Out My Fire

 — A fireman's date turns hot - really hot. by TheTrueBigBoss07/11/08


 — He's created a monster...a very sexy monster. by Anitole02/25/094.47

Pygmalion Ch. 02

 — Eliza at liberty. by Anitole03/29/094.42

Pygmalion Ch. 03

 — Eliza learns to take it slow. by Anitole04/09/094.51HOT

Pygmalion Ch. 04

 — Eliza returns to Higgins. by Anitole06/13/094.51HOT


 — Love, betrayal & electrostimulation among lesbians in the future. by peterpan09/02/014.37

Q&A Ch. 02

 — More lesbian love, betrayal & electrostimulation. by peterpan01/07/034.70HOT

Quad Trouble Ch. 01

 — Desperate and alone 5 souls call across the universe. by Tara_Neale08/01/144.46

Quagmire of Quantum Quandary

 — A man can stop time and a detective is on his trail. by MagicWand12/30/124.28

Quality of Life?

 — It's happened before. Could it happen again? by Colleen Thomas07/18/054.46

Quantum Theorist

 — In the near future, freedom will be just a memory. by JimBob4402/22/104.45

Quarantine: Failed

 — Fusing the DNA of plants with humans. by sexgundam66607/23/134.39


 — Beautiful Succubus finds his home in the country. by Sas It Up207/17/044.09


 — A mysterious package leads to eggciting changes. by msound107/12/164.42

Queen & Prince Together Forever #5

 — 'Twas a time of Kings, Edward IV, Richard III, & Henry VII. by SusanJillParker08/25/143.78

Queen & Prince Together Forever #6

 — King William meets Emma, a virgin, & is taken by her beauty. by SusanJillParker08/30/143.65

Queen Alicia

 — The King provides her with a romantic evening to remember. by Darkniciad09/11/064.65HOT

Queen Bitch Part 1

 — A man is put in the body of his friend's wife by accident. by Tyger31612/31/014.17

Queen Bitch Part 2

 — Jordan settles into life as woman, or does she? by Tyger31603/09/024.53HOT

Queen Charming Ch. 01

 — Royalty, sex, politics, boobs & treason. by GeorgeTasker10/23/104.44

Queen Charming Ch. 02

 — The voluptuous Queen is still on the killers trail. by GeorgeTasker10/28/104.39

Queen Cleansing

 — Their Queen is very committed to purity. by Capitalist2805/17/184.06

Queen Cserasha

 — A young Twi'lek in a very sexy rags to riches story. by Twileklover07/07/144.57HOT

Queen Cserasha Pt. 02

 — Our sexy Twi'lek heroine is betrayed into slavery! by Twileklover07/13/144.34

Queen Isabella

 — Isabella becomes Queen. by lilahmorgan11/01/073.83

Queen of Anialin Ch. 01

 — A pleasure brunch with The Queen and her 7 Guardsmen. by curiouskitty9106/01/174.49

Queen of Damnation

 — A human warrior attempts to placate an elven princess by TransPunkPrincess10/10/164.54HOT

Queen of Darkness Ch. 01

 — The most evil woman in existence is immortal. by Samuelx12/17/043.71

Queen of Dragons Ch. 01

 — A tale of the voluptuous Dragon Riders of Karne. by James_Lloyd06/03/114.37

Queen of Jarilo

 — The UNN and the Bugs battle over the control of a planet. by Snekguy12/08/174.90HOT

Queen of Kings

 — Couple mysteriously lands in Cleopatra's time. by Rockwell12/30/044.12

Queen of Midsummer

 — A new Queen is crowned and old spirits are awakened. by RandeeFucks23409/23/144.56HOT

Queen of the Amazons

 — Anthropologists find a lost tribe of The Warrior Race. by CoraClarke02/23/063.66

Queen of the Dead Fortress

 — Magic fades and sleeps but never dies. by Falcinator07/02/104.43

Queen of the Dead Fortress Ch. 02

 — Lord and Master. by Falcinator12/03/134.04

Queen of the Forest Ch. 01

 — Ambassador Kyn is captured by primitive warrior women. by LilacLove11/24/104.50HOT

Queen of the Isle

 — On a deserted isle for your anniversary? Make the most of it. by Darkniciad08/24/104.65HOT

Queen of the Underworld Ch. 01

 — Persephone was never kidnapped, she wanted to be Queen. by dirtymermaid05/29/154.54HOT

Queen of the Underworld Ch. 02

 — Chapter 2. by dirtymermaid07/04/154.66HOT

Queen Under The Mountain

 — Spoils of war are made servants. by Falcinator03/11/084.06

Queen Under The Mountain Ch. 02

 — The new slave gets a promotion. by Falcinator02/21/094.20

Queen Wana: Naked Viking Queen

 — A Thick,muscular queen's adventures in Zaiden. by DaveDevlin12/02/08

Queen's Castle: Jeanette's Party

 — Queen Jeanette's party gets a little out of hand. by OrcDominion02/28/174.35


 — The queen welcomes a young guardsman to her bedchamber. by A_Lloy11/08/184.08

Quenndom Tales: Alexia & the Djinn

 — Inspired by The Chat Room The Queendom of Dee. by AlexiaAlexander11/23/184.78

Quest : Invasion Stories

 — Jacob. by no_inhibitions06/30/054.51HOT

Quest Ch. 01

 — Prologue: Lisa finds comfort in a small town. by no_inhibitions05/26/044.31

Quest Ch. 02

 — Lisa meets Rich. by no_inhibitions05/27/044.35

Quest Ch. 03

 — The mystery begins to unfold. by no_inhibitions05/29/044.45

Quest Ch. 04

 — Blonde, redhead, brunette - oh my. by no_inhibitions05/29/044.32

Quest Ch. 05

 — Lisa returns the favor. by no_inhibitions06/10/044.32

Quest Ch. 06

 — Rich's story. by no_inhibitions06/11/044.43

Quest Ch. 07

 — Lisa's story. by no_inhibitions06/18/044.50HOT

Quest Ch. 08

 — The alien's story begins. by no_inhibitions06/23/044.58HOT

Quest Ch. 09

 — Interlude: the early days. by no_inhibitions08/13/044.43

Quest Ch. 09: Special Edition

 — The director's cut. by no_inhibitions08/17/044.40

Quest Ch. 10

 — Sex is used to break out of & into a prison. by no_inhibitions08/27/044.60HOT

Quest for the Dragon Soul Pt. 01

 — After the war, Khaln must face his mother. by James Cody04/12/144.47

Quest for the Dragon Soul Pt. 02

 — Khaln's adventures continue, and he meets a new ally. by James Cody07/09/144.55HOT

Quest for the Dragon Soul Pt. 03

 — Lust, seduction and betrayal in the city of Videsh'Achar. by James Cody11/17/144.56HOT

Quest for the Dragon Soul Pt. 04

 — Powers shift as Khaln inches towards his fate. by James Cody05/05/154.61HOT

Quest for the Dragon Soul Pt. 05

 — Khaln is ready, but a new danger may change everything. by James Cody09/09/164.41

Quest for the Goddess Cock

 — Ten men and ten messy ends. by AlinaX07/10/184.26

Quests of the Cohort Ch. 01

 — Mikael investigates disturbances with Quintia and Ria'torr. by Soebek11010/28/114.57HOT


 — A mother and son struggle to survive a pandemic. by DetectiveSpecialist03/02/114.46

Quetzalcoatl Ch. 02

 — A mother and son struggle to survive a pandemic. by DetectiveSpecialist03/08/114.58HOT

Quetzalcoatl Ch. 03

 — The couple heads for the coast. by DetectiveSpecialist04/07/114.65HOT

Quetzalcoatl Ch. 04

 — The sea voyage. by DetectiveSpecialist04/14/114.60HOT

Quetzalcoatl Ch. 05

 — Landing in Delmarva. by DetectiveSpecialist04/22/114.60HOT

Quetzalcoatl Ch. 06

 — Grandma's house. by DetectiveSpecialist04/23/114.61HOT

Quetzalcoatl Ch. 07

 — Doing what needs to be done. by DetectiveSpecialist05/01/114.65HOT

Quetzalcoatl Ch. 10

 — Confronting Azul. by DetectiveSpecialist06/09/114.67HOT

Quick Silver

 — A woman inherits a castle complete with a new lover. by NaughtyAngel136912/03/114.21


 — Lt. Haskell & Ensign Travis are marooned on an alien planet. by Worker1181106/19/104.36

Quickies of the Cohort Ch. 01

 — Mikael receives a visit from Lucinda. by Soebek11009/27/114.58HOT

Quickies of the Cohort Ch. 02

 — Mikael and Quintia relax on the balcony. by Soebek11011/04/114.65HOT

Quickies of the Cohort Ch. 03

 — Mikael is joined by Kristine in the baths. by Soebek11006/21/124.57HOT

Quiet Waters

 — A love story. by jjcolejr04/11/144.51HOT

Quincunx Ch. 01

 — Taking the long way home. by Beatnic_jazzman01/31/134.46

Quincunx Ch. 02

 — A teaching moment. by Beatnic_jazzman02/01/134.54HOT

Quincunx Ch. 03

 — Practice makes perfect. by Beatnic_jazzman02/02/134.55HOT

Quincunx Ch. 04

 — Onward ever onward. by Beatnic_jazzman02/03/134.52HOT

Quincunx Ch. 05

 — Journy to the center. by Beatnic_jazzman02/04/134.63HOT

Quincunx Ch. 06

 — A first time with seconds. by Beatnic_jazzman02/05/134.54HOT

Quincunx Ch. 07

 — A case is put. by Beatnic_jazzman02/06/134.65HOT

Quincunx Ch. 08

 — New friends. by Beatnic_jazzman02/07/134.69HOT

Quincunx Ch. 09

 — An answer. by Beatnic_jazzman02/08/134.68HOT

Quincunx Ch. 10

 — More is better. by Beatnic_jazzman02/09/134.68HOT

Quincunx Ch. 11

 — Magic the old way. by Beatnic_jazzman02/10/134.63HOT

Quincunx Ch. 12

 — My horizons widen. by Beatnic_jazzman02/11/134.63HOT

Quincunx Ch. 13

 — Life gets more complicated. by Beatnic_jazzman02/12/134.66HOT

Quincunx Ch. 14

 — Cal gets her turn. by Beatnic_jazzman02/13/134.66HOT

Quincunx Ch. 15

 — Things keep getting better. by Beatnic_jazzman02/14/134.66HOT

Quincunx Ch. 16

 — Xen's special treat. by Beatnic_jazzman02/15/134.58HOT

Quincunx Ch. 17

 — Love grows. by Beatnic_jazzman02/16/134.66HOT

Quincunx Ch. 18

 — Real magic at last. by Beatnic_jazzman02/17/134.69HOT

Quincunx Ch. 19

 — Rash needs a favour. by Beatnic_jazzman02/18/134.63HOT

Quincunx Ch. 20

 — Choices are made. by Beatnic_jazzman02/19/134.63HOT

Quincunx Ch. 21

 — Rash's needs grow. by Beatnic_jazzman02/20/134.63HOT

Quincunx Ch. 22

 — Money troubles and more magic. by Beatnic_jazzman02/21/134.67HOT

Quincunx Ch. 23

 — Moving on. by Beatnic_jazzman02/22/134.61HOT

Quincunx Ch. 24

 — More adventures and more Aravig. by Beatnic_jazzman02/23/134.59HOT

Quincunx Ch. 25

 — A first goodbye. by Beatnic_jazzman02/24/134.67HOT

Quincunx Ch. 26

 — A choice made more difficult. by Beatnic_jazzman02/25/134.61HOT

Quincunx Ch. 27

 — A conclusion, of sorts, is reached. by Beatnic_jazzman02/26/134.60HOT

Quincunx Ch. 28

 — The Continued Adventures. by Beatnic_jazzman03/01/154.55HOT

Quincunx Ch. 29

 — Over the sea and far away. by Beatnic_jazzman03/02/154.60HOT

Quincunx Ch. 30

 — Denouement. by Beatnic_jazzman03/03/154.65HOT

Quinn and Grey Ch. 01

 — A short involving two characters from an unwritten story. by TheJane09/22/104.78

Quinn and Grey Ch. 02

 — A second oneshot from Quinn and Grey's story. by TheJane09/30/104.67

R & R Ch. 01

 — A mysterious girl falls into Ryan's life. by Corvecoupe04/06/124.32

R & R Ch. 02

 — An abduction, inconsequential sex, and lots of spilt drinks. by Corvecoupe04/14/124.65HOT

R & R Ch. 03

 — Ryan & Rach get acquainted, and shopping! by Corvecoupe05/28/124.69HOT

R & R Ch. 04

 — R&R face more dangers but celebrate with a first. by Corvecoupe12/05/124.69HOT


 — With Downtime, Red Hood and Starfire Play. by wmj8811/15/123.64


 — Women from two spaceships meet. by patricia5105/25/184.45

R.E.D. Tiger

 — Back from the service his life changes drastically. by TNWTBOD06/06/134.53HOT

R.E.D. Tiger Ch. 02

 — Unexpected consequences. by TNWTBOD06/25/134.72HOT

R.E.D. Tiger Ch. 03

 — Ever feel like you walking into a trap but you can't stop it. by TNWTBOD07/21/134.70HOT

R.E.D. Tiger Ch. 04

 — A little house cleaning is always necessary before any trip. by TNWTBOD11/08/154.72HOT


 — A coup. A test for immortality. Will the gods survive. by macleen11/06/174.58HOT

R.O.A.N.G Ch. 02

 — Raymond's life changes as his world gets more complicated. by macleen02/10/184.74HOT

R.O.A.N.G Ch. 03

 — Maybe being a god isn't all that bad. by macleen09/11/184.71HOT

R.O.A.N.G Ch. 04

 — It always begins with a story. by macleen11/23/184.68HOT

Racers Ch. 01

 — Cheandra and Ryker clash. by Mygypsy12/25/074.22

Racers Ch. 02

 — Cheandra rebels. by Mygypsy01/04/084.49

Racers Ch. 03

 — Is Cheandra planning on leaving the team? by Mygypsy01/10/084.45

Racers Ch. 04

 — Trouble within the team. by Mygypsy01/25/084.43

Racers Ch. 05

 — Where do Cheandra's loyalties lie? by Mygypsy01/28/084.45

Racers Ch. 06

 — The relationship between Chevron and Cheandra strengthens. by Mygypsy03/06/084.58HOT

Racers Ch. 07

 — Will Cheandra leave the team? by Mygypsy06/08/084.49

Racers Ch. 08

 — Actions and consequences. by Mygypsy06/18/084.64HOT

Racers Ch. 09

 — Aftermath of Zack's injury. by Mygypsy02/21/094.60HOT

Radio Days Pt. 01

 — The extraordinary adventures of Ozzie Hanswatter. by coaster201/31/094.68HOT

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