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Circuit Board

 — Malcolm just can't work out the glitches in his circuitboard. by SunrockSin07/14/084.12

City of Secrets Ch. 01

 — A mind controlling detective story. by Contrarian03/15/114.21

City of Splendors

 — A young lady paladin in Waterdeep, and a bad romance. by Rosaeveningstar07/01/154.73HOT

Claimed by a Goo Girl Ch. 01

 — College dude has a run in with a strange blue ooze. by capn_doggy09/03/164.63HOT

Claiming Edana

 — Star-crossed lovers burn with passion. by Ceilidh_is_here08/22/074.46

Clairiel & The Bad Doctor

 — She can't help the way she is. by NightRAGES07/25/043.77

Clairiel & the Organ Grinder

 — A super-heroine in distress. by NightRAGES08/30/043.88

Clan Tartan

 — He finds his Queen & reacquaints himself. by Pervy Hobbit Fancier05/16/034.52HOT

Clara's Cleavage

 — Busty witch endows young man. by DDDDave04/21/124.68HOT

Clarissa's Ascension

 — A young women discovers the true nature of her life by fantasyhunter201/13/034.48

Cleo's Fall Ch. 06

 — An account of one woman's fantasies put into story form. by CleoRa12/09/143.54

Click Here

 — She's not alone. by Extreme Bohunk06/18/054.33

Clipped Wings

 — A non-erotic side story based on Adventures of Tash and John. by Humaboo_Anon05/21/164.69HOT

Clockwerk Calamity: Prelude

 — Kincade meets and old friend and sticks it to a new one. by Tom_Richter10/08/124.47

Clone Ch. 01

 — A change of circumstances. by Beatnic_jazzman06/20/144.49

Clone Ch. 02

 — Finding my way. by Beatnic_jazzman06/22/144.72HOT

Clone Ch. 03

 — Knowing who I am doesn't help. by Beatnic_jazzman06/23/144.61HOT

Clone Saga: Final War Ch. 01

 — Ben and Streeks' fucked up saga continues. by Axelotl11/29/124.87HOT

Clone Saga: Final War Ch. 02

 — Steel Shark Pirates take what they want. by Axelotl12/20/124.71HOT

Clone Saga: Final War Ch. 03

 — Mia can go fuck herself. by Axelotl01/08/134.76HOT

Clone Saga: Final War Ch. 04

 — Maxine and Streek, uncaged. by Axelotl03/06/134.78HOT

Clone Saga: Tanks for Nothing

 — What does Tank the space pirate do for fun? by Axelotl07/13/124.67HOT


 — Love at first sight may be too good to be true. by Wholemanz10/21/044.21

Cloneworld - the Clone Hunt

 — A beautiful clone is hunted. by Mischiana12/11/163.60

Close Encounters of a Foreskin Kind

 — A man is abducted for a human hybrid integration program. by ucsjm3801/04/154.12

Close Encounters of the Lewd Kind

 — Sensuous escort is hired out to a mysterious prince. by JayTinMan07/19/114.55HOT

Cloudy with a Chance of Pixies

 — A Faeophobia story, sequel to 'What Boys Like' pt1 by xxxecil06/21/104.53HOT

Cloudy with a Chance of Pixies Ch. 02-03

 — A Faeophobia story, sequel to 'What Boys Like' pt2-3. by xxxecil07/10/104.44

Club Fang - Kelly's Story Ch. 01

 — Kelly is about to start work in a very unusual nightclub. by Kalisamurai08/28/113.12

Clutches Of Destiny

 — Love & youth become victims of dark obsession. by AroraDestiny12/19/014.04

Cock Fight

 — Survival and its various faces, by Donick08/12/023.98

Cock Ring of the Gods

 — A down on his luck guy is transformed into a hung God. by nogratis03/07/104.56HOT

Cock Ring of the Gods Ch. 02

 — Annointing and Educating. by nogratis05/04/104.57HOT

Cock Ring of the Gods Ch. 03

 — A Prelude to a New World Order. by nogratis11/02/124.57HOT

Cock Ring of the Gods Ch. 04

 — The Fruits of Power. by nogratis12/29/124.51HOT

Cock Ring of the Gods Ch. 05

 — A God Walks Among US. by nogratis01/15/134.51HOT

Cock Ring of the Gods Ch. 06

 — Of Harems and Temples. by nogratis04/01/134.49

Cock Ring of the Gods Ch. 07

 — Atop the Mountain. by nogratis06/22/134.51HOT

Cockstoppers Ch. 1

 — Gift leads to new ideas for his 18th birthday. by 1badcop07/29/024.24

Cockstoppers Ch. 2

 — Learning about his new powers with a star Volleyball player. by 1badcop07/30/024.50HOT

Cockweasel Meets The King

 — Horny goblin goes on an adventure with a busty mystery girl. by GeorgeTasker06/02/124.79HOT

Coco Dynamo Ch. 02

 — Coco and the Egg Monsters. by therealultimatedarkone10/22/093.75

Codename: Nobody

 — File tweaking turns meek clerk into espionage agent. by The Mutt07/03/044.22

Coffee for Two

 — Stacey tries to deal with her other half. by Brodie4505/15/054.20

Cold Hands

 — Romance sparks between a telekinetic & a young woman. by Kileka04/21/084.09

Cold Phoenix

 — Busty cop rescues a 'damsel in distress'. by ArthurianMorgaine10/27/034.57HOT

Cold Room (Ali with a Large Member)

 — Three forgotten tales to warm even the coldest of nights. by slipperyblisses08/14/144.07

Cold Space

 — Girl falls for an alien in deep space. by sintax08/11/054.70HOT

Colony Ship Eight

 — What would you do to get on the last ship off doomed planet? by The_Technician07/19/154.18

Colors of Lust Ch. 01

 — New machine opens door to any type of sex he feels like. by hotpup07/02/084.31

Colors of Lust Ch. 03

 — Hets old flame, threesome, bdsm with machine. by hotpup07/04/084.47

Come Fly With Me

 — Hot encounter in zero gravity. by Icingsugar02/06/044.71HOT

Comfort the Workers

 — In a dystopian future, Corporations leave no needs unmet. by Surrendera03/26/144.47

Comic Throb

 — A little petty nerd revenge. by Salamando_Flames05/27/164.02

Coming Home Ch. 01

 — Test run of Sethoscope gives old lovers a night together. by corcyra11/13/074.25

Coming Home From Work

 — John discovers fairy magic on his way home from work. by SpicyPepper06/15/084.25

Coming of Age

 — Rowan's debut into society. by Khrystyne12/26/114.24

Coming of Age Ch. 01

 — A tale of a fairy reaching maturity and learning of her race. by RhapsodyXxX09/28/124.42

Coming of Age Ch. 02

 — Rowan's Ball. by Khrystyne01/02/124.56HOT

Coming of Age Ch. 02

 — Renna sees him again learns more of the Eniripsa. by RhapsodyXxX10/03/124.33

Coming of Age Ch. 03

 — Renna wakes up in the Eni camp, and meets Raife's clan mates. by RhapsodyXxX10/09/124.64HOT

Commander Pinter Ch. 01

 — In which our heroine receives needed XP in Frostfire Ridge. by Myrnh02/04/154.64HOT

Commander Pinter Ch. 02

 — In which Pinter rescues a Saberon and reaps the benefits. by Myrnh02/11/154.55HOT

Commander Pinter Ch. 03

 — Mandala reassures Pinter after a day in Shattrath. by Myrnh02/19/154.53HOT

Commander Pinter Ch. 04

 — Pinter captured by the Mok'Gul Orcs: Highmaul Pt. 1. by Myrnh02/25/154.64HOT

Commander Pinter Ch. 05

 — Pinter shows a newb real leadership: Highmaul Pt. 2. by Myrnh03/04/154.56HOT

Commander Pinter Ch. 06

 — In the Hall of the Sorcerer King: Highmaul Pt. 3. by Myrnh03/11/154.63HOT

Commander Pinter Ch. 07

 — Lost in the mysteries of the Everbloom. by Myrnh03/18/154.49

Commander Pinter Ch. 08

 — Things aren't what they seem in Auchindoun. by Myrnh03/26/154.56HOT

Commander Pinter Ch. 09

 — Spending a night in Admiral Taylor's garrison. by Myrnh04/01/154.50HOT

Commander Pinter Ch. 10

 — An Orc invasion; Escape from Skyreach. by Myrnh04/07/154.54HOT

Community Service

 — What did happen on Sylvan? by voluptuary_manque10/21/134.51HOT

Companions Unite Ch. 00: Prologue

 — The Doctor is in trouble, only the companions can save him. by warnos09/18/153.12

Company Hates Misery

 — You can also be in the wrong place at the right time. by bb121203/16/094.49

Company of Lust Ch. 01

 — Braken's Tale: The Hillbilly finds the Priestess. by Lobotron10/15/114.39

Company of Lust Ch. 02

 — Synwe's tale: rescued by the Mountain Man. by Lobotron10/22/114.59HOT

Company of Lust Ch. 03

 — A wolf-woman joins the company. by Lobotron10/26/114.60HOT


 — Jo always did consider herself flexible. by archibael12/06/064.24

Computer Stories

 — Jerry aquires a new computer. by alan5502/04/104.20

Computer Virus

 — She's his ideal woman, but there's a price. by geronimo_appleby05/14/124.23

Conceal Me What I Am Ch. 01

 — Arc Deco #3: our minor magician travels but finds trouble. by Stultus11/12/104.70HOT

Conceal Me What I Am Ch. 02

 — Arc Deco #3: our minor magician travels but finds trouble. by Stultus11/19/104.68HOT

Conceal Me What I Am Ch. 03

 — Arc Deco #3 - Our minor magician travels but finds trouble. by Stultus12/11/104.70HOT

Conceal Me What I Am Ch. 04

 — Arc Deco #3 - Our minor magician travels but finds trouble, by Stultus12/17/104.66HOT

Conceal Me What I Am Ch. 05

 — Arc Deco #3 - Our minor magician travels but finds trouble. by Stultus12/23/104.75HOT

Conceal Me What I Am Ch. 06

 — Arc Deco #3: our minor magician travels but finds trouble. by Stultus12/25/104.75HOT

Conceal Me What I Am Ch. 07

 — Arc Deco #3 - Our minor magician travels but finds trouble. by Stultus01/05/114.78HOT

Conceal Me What I Am Ch. 08

 — Arc Deco #3 - Our minor magician travels but finds trouble. by Stultus01/08/114.74HOT

Conceal Me What I Am Ch. 09

 — Arc Deco #3 - Our minor magician travels but finds trouble. by Stultus01/14/114.77HOT

Conceal Me What I Am Ch. 10

 — Arc Deco #3 - Our minor magician travels but finds trouble. by Stultus01/16/114.75HOT

Conceal Me What I Am Ch. 11

 — Arc Deco #3 - Our minor magician travels but finds trouble. by Stultus01/19/114.75HOT

Conceal Me What I Am Ch. 12

 — Arc Deco #3 - Our minor magician travels but finds trouble. by Stultus01/22/114.77HOT

Conceal Me What I Am Ch. 13

 — Arc Deco #3 - Our minor magician travels but finds trouble. by Stultus01/24/114.75HOT

Conceal Me What I Am Ch. 14

 — Arc Deco #3 - Our minor magician travels but finds trouble. by Stultus01/28/114.77HOT


 — Cirella gives birth. by The_Defective_Pawn07/26/164.50

Conditioned Reflex

 — Old School Cyberpunk with an erotic twist. by valkane03/17/084.09

Confederate America's Time Travel

 — Female time traveler helps South win Civil War. by Samuelx04/12/092.60

Confessions of a Fairy Godmother

 — Diary Entries 1-5: The Case of King Thrushbeard. by RedHotLadybug12/04/104.49

Confessions of a Gym Groupie

 — A muscle stud lover finds the strength god of her dreams. by CrisIdolBouncer07/18/074.28

Confirming Carter Bk. 01 Ch. 01

 — Stargate Atlantis Fanfic. by RibaldWriter08/19/154.59HOT

Confirming Carter Bk. 01 Ch. 02

 — Stargate Atlantis Fanfic. by RibaldWriter08/20/154.79HOT

Confirming Carter Bk. 01 Ch. 03

 — Stargate Atlantis Fanfic. by RibaldWriter08/21/154.66HOT

Confirming Carter Bk. 01 Ch. 04

 — Stargate Atlantis Fanfic. by RibaldWriter08/22/154.67HOT

Confirming Carter Bk. 01 Ch. 05

 — Stargate Atlantis Fanfic. by RibaldWriter08/23/154.73HOT

Confirming Carter Bk. 01 Ch. 06

 — Stargate Atlantis Fanfic. by RibaldWriter08/25/154.77HOT

Confirming Carter Bk. 01 Ch. 07

 — Stargate Atlantis Fanfic. by RibaldWriter08/26/154.75HOT

Confirming Carter Bk. 02 Daedalus Ch. 01

 — Book Two Of The Confirming Carter Series. by RibaldWriter08/28/154.76HOT

Confirming Carter Bk. 02 Daedalus Ch. 02

 — Book Two Of The Confirming Carter Series. by RibaldWriter08/29/154.82HOT

Confirming Carter Bk. 02 Daedalus Ch. 03

 — Book Two Of The Confirming Carter Series. by RibaldWriter08/30/154.86HOT

Confirming Carter Bk. 02 Daedalus Ch. 04

 — Book Two Of The Confirming Carter Series. by RibaldWriter09/01/154.84HOT

Confirming Carter Bk. 02 Daedalus Ch. 05

 — Book Two Of The Confirming Carter Series. by RibaldWriter09/02/154.81HOT

Confirming Carter Bk. 02 Daedalus Ch. 06

 — Book Two Of The Confirming Carter Series. by RibaldWriter09/03/154.87HOT

Confirming Carter Bk. 02 Daedalus Ch. 07

 — Book Two Of The Confirming Carter Series. by RibaldWriter09/04/154.86HOT

Confirming Carter Bk. 02 Daedalus Ch. 08

 — Book Two Of The Confirming Carter Series. by RibaldWriter09/05/154.86HOT

Confirming Carter Bk. 02 Daedalus Ch. 09

 — Book Two Of The Confirming Carter Series. by RibaldWriter09/06/154.85HOT

Confirming Carter Bk. 02 Daedalus Ch. 10

 — Book Two Of The Confirming Carter Series. by RibaldWriter09/08/154.88HOT

Confirming Carter Bk. 03 Changes Ch. 01

 — Book Three of the Confirming Carter series. by RibaldWriter09/09/154.87HOT

Confirming Carter Bk. 03 Changes Ch. 02

 — Book Three of the Confirming Carter series. by RibaldWriter09/10/154.78HOT

Confirming Carter Bk. 03 Changes Ch. 03

 — Book Three of the Confirming Carter series. by RibaldWriter09/11/154.90HOT

Confirming Carter Bk. 03 Changes Ch. 04

 — Book Three of the Confirming Carter series. by RibaldWriter09/12/154.89HOT

Confirming Carter Bk. 03 Changes Ch. 05

 — Book Three of the Confirming Carter series. by RibaldWriter09/13/154.91HOT

Confirming Carter Bk. 03 Changes Ch. 06

 — Confirming Carter Book Three, Changes. by RibaldWriter09/15/154.92HOT

Confirming Carter Bk. 03 Changes Ch. 07

 — Book Three of the Confirming Carter series. by RibaldWriter09/16/154.91HOT

Confirming Carter Bk. 04 Expansion Ch. 01

 — Book Four of the Confirming Carter series. by RibaldWriter09/17/154.87HOT

Conjugal Shoreleave

 — Alien officer on leave seeks relief in her private retreat. by Aestu12/11/124.18


 — Ancient power is released. by Rinmer-Dalle11/09/033.94

Conjuresses Ch. 01

 — A raunchy single mom has a secret from her daughters. by icehead08/28/084.57HOT

Conjuresses Ch. 02

 — Isabelle lets her sister in on the secret. by icehead10/02/084.65HOT

Connie of the South Wood

 — Tired man meets sexy denizen of young growth forest. by anglosextantyen4u01/18/103.50

Connie's Weed Pt. 01

 — Connie learns that she’s somewhat different. by PaulGerard05/09/124.36

Connie's Weed Pt. 02

 — Connie tries to come to grips with what she has done. by PaulGerard05/10/124.41

Connie's Weed Pt. 03

 — Connie tries to set things straight again. by PaulGerard05/11/124.55HOT

Connie's Weed Pt. 04

 — Connie makes a decision that will change some lives forever. by PaulGerard05/12/124.65HOT

Conquered: Spoils of War Ch. 01

 — King deflowers slave before his generals. by wishfulthinking12/28/034.67HOT

Conquered: Spoils of War Ch. 02

 — She begins life as King's love slave. by wishfulthinking05/28/044.76HOT

Conquered: Spoils of War Ch. 03

 — Jolie's life is made difficult by the other harem slaves. by wishfulthinking10/01/044.80HOT

Conquered: Spoils of War Ch. 04

 — The King masters his defiant love slave. by wishfulthinking07/15/054.74HOT

Conquered: Spoils of War Ch. 05

 — Arik captures his runaway princess love slave. by wishfulthinking01/05/064.82HOT

Conquered: Spoils of War Ch. 06

 — Jolie resists being a slave to his sexual whim. by wishfulthinking04/21/094.81HOT

Conqueror's Reward

 — An alien comes to Earth to claim his reward. by CylisDerrens04/14/074.18

Conquest of KoC

 — A raid, a la the ever-popular "Kings of Chaos" game by Tongueflicker01/25/043.10


 — A tribal boy flees home and meets strange visitors. by PulpWyatt04/14/154.21

Conscience Of A Soldier Ch. 00

 — Prologue: New mission, new planet. by LaRascasse10/23/124.40


 — Companion Piece to "There and Back Again". by ElyssaCousland11/13/164.68HOT

Consuming Passions

 — Woman with ambitions must pay the price magic demands. by Freakyus01/27/084.45


 — The data probe from Contact Ship A37 is brought back to Earth. by The_Technician05/20/154.49

Contemplation of Sky City

 — Dreaming about love. by BLOODBRIDE10/23/073.29

Contractual Obligations Pt. 01

 — Caught off guard, a young succubus becomes the prey. by zoemiller07/23/154.56HOT

Contractually Obligated Pt. 01

 — Melody signs away her soul. by DoxyTrainer06/28/154.38

Contractually Obligated Pt. 02

 — Melody's first night and day without her soul. by DoxyTrainer07/01/154.26

Contractually Obligated Pt. 03

 — Melody learns of her world from a futa guide. by DoxyTrainer07/21/154.57HOT

Contractually Obligated Pt. 04

 — Melody's seed is premature and threatens her life. by DoxyTrainer08/20/154.63HOT

Controling Ysera

 — The Twilight Hammer has a new plan...involving Ysera. by MCKing11502/25/153.11

Converging Dreams

 — A man has dreams about a nymphen creatures. by xtcnymphette06/04/094.12

Corn Patch Ch. 03

 — Everything comes to its end. by magmaman12/07/084.67HOT

Corporate Futa's Sex Assistant Ch. 01

 — An out of work secretary applies for an unusual job offer. by Narg11/10/154.63HOT


 — A couple's brush with aliens. by arghjac05/03/053.50

Corruption of a Heroine

 — An amatuer heroine attempts to subdue a villainess' spree. by SSabre03/23/103.76

Corruption Runs Deep Ch. 01

 — When seeing a picture online, becomes a reality. by Futa_Contractor09/30/154.48

Corruption Runs Deep Ch. 02

 — When seeing a picture online, becomes a reality. by Futa_Contractor10/01/154.48

Corruption Runs Deep Ch. 03

 — When seeing a picture online, becomes a reality. by Futa_Contractor04/30/164.75HOT

Corruption Runs Deep Ch. 04

 — When seeing a picture online, becomes a reality. by Futa_Contractor05/22/164.64HOT

Corruption Runs Deep Ch. 05

 — When seeing a picture online, becomes a reality. by Futa_Contractor06/22/164.69HOT

Corruption Runs Deep Ch. 06

 — When seeing a picture online, becomes a reality. by Futa_Contractor07/08/164.58HOT

Corruption Runs Deep Ch. 07

 — When seeing a picture online, becomes a reality. by Futa_Contractor07/29/164.30

Corruption Runs Deep Ch. 08

 — When seeing a picture online, becomes a reality. by Futa_Contractor08/26/164.54HOT

Corruption Runs Deep Ch. 09

 — When seeing a picture online, becomes a reality. by Futa_Contractor10/05/164.50HOT

Corruption Runs Deep Ch. 10

 — When seeing a picture online, becomes a reality. by Futa_Contractor11/10/164.37


 — Tessa, daughter of WW3, visits a friend. by kitty_bitch01/19/154.47

Cosette's Adventure

 — Treasure-hunter's plan goes very wrong. by anitawriter10/28/054.08

Cosette's Adventure Ch. 02

 — Cosette can't resist Goraith. by anitawriter12/28/054.50HOT

Cost of Loyalty

 — Is there a time when sacrifice no longer matters? by PennLady06/27/094.48

Countess of Blood Ch. 01

 — Love, lust, prostitution & voyeurism. by evilernie06/07/034.20

Crab Head Nebula

 — Bored stiff in space? See what's going on in her room. by XO Magick02/24/024.28

Cracked Ch. 01

 — Stan has had enough and his new powers agree. by noye12/11/144.27

Crackpot Spammer

 — Faustus Mortal is banned forever for being a Crackpot Spammer. by Taunus03/03/092.80

Crafting a Love Affair

 — A tale of Halloween love. by EmeraldKitten10/12/104.63HOT

Crash Landing

 — Star pilots traverse far more interesting boundaries. by leapingfox06/16/064.37


 — A stranded human and a mysterious alien must cross a desert. by Snekguy11/28/164.72HOT


 — When Wolf and Vampire meet. by OX210/06/084.07

Creampies and Magic

 — Magical ring brings creampies and more to a couple. by cpluver05/04/074.44


 — To love is to create oneself anew. by Ygraine01/16/064.42

Creation's Guardian Ch. 01

 — Bob meets an unknown Goddess. by bob54z11/09/144.64HOT

Creation's Guardian Ch. 02

 — Bob fucks Aphrodite, gets a new home, and steals a caliph. by bob54z12/01/144.76HOT

Creation's Guardian Ch. 03

 — The mission, its aftermath, Bob fucks Athena. by bob54z01/03/154.76HOT

Creation's Guardian Ch. 04

 — A little something for everyone to hate. by bob54z01/14/154.79HOT

Creation's Guardian Ch. 05

 — Bob adds Hera and Stacy to his stable. by bob54z03/05/154.78HOT

Creation's Guardian Ch. 06

 — Bob takes a day off and adds Selena to his stable. by bob54z04/21/154.65HOT

Creation's Guardian Ch. 07

 — Twists and turns, plans made and remade new family member. by bob54z07/24/154.68HOT

Creation's Guardian Ch. 08

 — Major changes...Olympus falls. by bob54z03/22/164.78HOT

Creation's Guardian Ch. 09

 — The Zeus Incident Artemis's POV. by bob54z04/30/164.81HOT

Creation's Guardian Ch. 10

 — Cassandra's first "Away" mission. by bob54z06/03/164.77HOT

Creation's Guardian Ch. 11

 — Preparations for moving day begin. by bob54z07/17/164.80HOT


 — In a bar, he is chosen and taken. by magiconnecticut11/23/064.12

Creature Ch. 02

 — His visitors return. by magiconnecticut11/30/064.29


 — Brynnea's whole world has always centered on her loyalty. by DMBs_stardust06/02/134.35


 — A musically electrocharged dress sends Jill into convulsions. by darktwin01/16/094.03

Crescent Fall Ch. 00

 — Fall of the last caliphate and its ideology. by apendragongmx08/07/163.41

Crescent Fall Ch. 01

 — Captured. by apendragongmx01/29/173.86

Crescent Fall Ch. 02

 — A patient's deadly payback and a doctor wins a bet. by apendragongmx03/06/174.10

Crime & Punishment in the Year 3241

 — Think twice before committing a crime in the year 3241. by jlorthia05/07/163.63

Crimes and Punishment

 — An idea I had. by eroticjuggalo01/26/162.67

Criss Cross

 — The modern way to deal with the bad guy. by DaisyMontoya11/09/114.07

Crusade Gone Awry Ch. 01

 — Crusaders seeking a demon find a desert full of sex monsters by Tater_Chips07/30/144.51HOT

Crusade Gone Awry Ch. 02

 — The pigmen attack and take a captive! by Tater_Chips09/19/144.54HOT

Cryptids: A Futa Love Mystery

 — Kimara finds herself in a new land and inside a new friend. by AfroEroChubbiez11/09/164.54HOT

Crystal Ch. 04

 — Someone wants to meet Max . . . again. by DarkMatter2305/04/164.52HOT

Crystal Ch. 06

 — A summary of a two month absence. by DarkMatter2306/07/164.46

Crystal Ch. 07

 — Jasper and Crystal make some bad decisions. by DarkMatter2306/15/164.69HOT

Crystal Ch. 08

 — An important discussion, battle, and two people return. by DarkMatter2307/14/164.70HOT

Crystal Ch. 09

 — The first date of many . . . goes wrong in plenty of ways. by DarkMatter2311/19/164.37

Crystal Ch. 10

 — Boyfriends v.s. Girlfriends . . . literally! by DarkMatter2312/06/164.65HOT

Crystal Ch. 11

 — Dr. Genie gets new ideas as she sees potential. by DarkMatter2312/24/164.76HOT

Crystal Ch. 12

 — The Superior Six returns . . . every last one of them. by DarkMatter2312/27/164.63HOT

Crystal Ch. 13

 — Half villainess, half heroine, all mother. by DarkMatter2303/07/174.77HOT

Cultural Exchange Ch. 01

 — New world, new chances. by Tenou09/11/144.77HOT

Cultural Exchange Ch. 02

 — A Crow, a Wolf and a Snake. by Tenou10/04/144.81HOT

Cultural Exchange Ch. 03

 — Learn to stand before you try to run. by Tenou10/31/144.80HOT

Cultural Exchange Ch. 04

 — Everything goes downhill. Then I get married. by Tenou11/10/144.85HOT

Cultural Exchange Ch. 05

 — Two moons, but not much honey. by Tenou05/14/154.80HOT

Cultural Exchange Ch. 06 Closure

 — Farewell and general resume. by Tenou10/05/164.68HOT

Culture Shock

 — How different can they be? by Teneskel12/19/114.48

Cum Dumpster Finds Her Way Pt. 01

 — Christine is taken from her empty life transformed by a bull. by DoxyTrainer11/25/154.34

Cum Dumpster Finds Her Way Pt. 02

 — Jessie Lee tells Christine how Gordon made her a Futa. by DoxyTrainer02/02/164.39

Cum Dumpster Finds Her Way Pt. 03

 — The uncrated Christine takes her first steps hucow. by DoxyTrainer08/30/164.33

Cum For Santa

 — Ashley Cooper gets a visit from Santa Claus. by amandablaze11/17/124.36

Cum Planet

 — In an alternate universe, women pay for his cum. by bakerwoods09/06/034.42

Cum Planet

 — Global warming has unexpected consequences. by GratefulFred09/29/072.06

Cum Wars Episode 01

 — Space traveler is taken prisoner by women. by littlejoe109/04/054.00

Cumming of the Sexcubus

 — A sexual being grows beyond his limits. by Darvinda08/12/074.24

Cumming of the Sexcubus Ch. 02

 — A passionate interlude. by Darvinda08/21/074.21

Cumming of the Sexcubus Ch. 03

 — Further adventures of a Sexual Being and his Sexual Journey. by Darvinda08/22/074.19

Cumming of the Sexcubus Ch. 04

 — Answers to a puzzle, sexual battle of demons. by Darvinda08/22/074.44

Cumming of the Sexcubus Ch. 05

 — The Sexcubus' Endgame: the final 4 parts of this story. by Darvinda08/27/074.31

Cupid's Arrow

 — Two beings steal Cupid's bow and have fun. by Sean Renaud01/24/144.20

Cupid's Deputy

 — Eric wakes up with a new gift. by SilverKey0104/17/134.30

Cupid's Deputy Ch. 02

 — Eric learns a little and experiments. by SilverKey0105/27/134.44

Cupid, His Ex, and Las Vegas

 — Cupid's ex plays a trick on him in Las Vegas. by HornyLilSadie02/03/104.44

Curse of the BBW Anal Invader

 — Witch turns bad guy into sex-addicted freak. by Samuelx12/25/073.20

Curse of the Gypsy

 — Gypsy encounter plays havoc on man's sexcapades. by dr. wankenstein09/10/044.39

Curse of the Mysterious Asteroid

 — A breast expansion space adventure! by Longbow903/27/134.51HOT

Cursed Confessions

 — A demon takes a young sinner's confession. by Sean Renaud07/16/133.96

Cursed in Darkness Ch. 01

 — Kourtney encounters a witch who curses her. by Futa_Contractor09/09/134.10

Cursed in Darkness Ch. 02

 — Kourtney Encounters a witch who curses her. by Futa_Contractor10/06/154.45

Cursed in Darkness Ch. 03

 — Kourtney Encounters a witch who curses her. by Futa_Contractor10/07/154.37

Cursed in Darkness Ch. 04

 — Kourtney encounters a witch who curses her. by Futa_Contractor10/08/154.43

Cursed to Cum

 — Robert has been cursed to cum by a mysterious woman. by BellaStringer05/30/153.80

Curves Ch. 01

 — Three hot, curvy MILFs gain some new curves from an alien. by PrevertOne12/19/134.11

Curves Ch. 02

 — Charlotte is taken by the ship and gets curved. Major preg. by PrevertOne11/15/144.21

Custom Order

 — He was tired of waiting for his perfect match. by Bernard_Marx05/01/143.75

Cybercock Ch. 01

 — Stacy receives a unique sex toy in the mail by mistake. by FelHarper06/25/144.62HOT

Cybercock Ch. 02

 — Stacy invites Liz home for some tech support. by FelHarper07/15/144.82HOT


 — Out of my mind over her. by Beatnic_jazzman02/28/134.56HOT

Cybernetic Dreams

 — A mid afternoon romp between Klaus and Romy. by Rivethead_Jack10/22/064.00


 — The future of sex. by DaddyHeart01/18/084.19

CyberServe Inc.

 — Standing up against the inhuman Cyberdization Laws. by kallion12/20/134.18


 — Online encounter is too real. by hot_n_ginger02/03/023.67


 — Kevin is a regular patron of Cyberwhore. by bradley_stoke02/05/084.06

Cycle of Horns

 — A story about a more 'erotic' world change. by The_Defective_Pawn08/02/163.86

Cygnus Five

 — Couples have their lives transformed on a planet of slavers. by Wifetheif02/03/154.05


 — In the 100th century, Josh goes shopping for his life. by gface300001/30/142.39

Cypris Hotel and Suites 01: Astor

 — Passage of the 28th amendment brings forth a new work force by StretchTacos09/05/164.59HOT

Cypris Hotel and Suites 02: Burlington

 — Benny's and Betty's first time becomes a family affair. by StretchTacos09/22/164.83HOT

Cypris Hotel and Suites 03

 — Jeanie has Daddy issues and finds a new future. by StretchTacos10/07/164.79HOT

Cypris Hotel and Suites 04: Del Rio

 — Derek gains a companion, but she’s not ready. by StretchTacos10/17/164.85HOT

Cypris Hotel and Suites 05: El Dor

 — Elena gets Derek's bat and balls, Francine strikes out. by StretchTacos10/21/164.76HOT

Cypris Hotel and Suites 06: Fairway

 — Family play day and Iris gets more than she bargained for. by StretchTacos10/24/164.82HOT

Cypris Hotel and Suites 07: Garden

 — Ginger Hopes to help Harold and Terri has a terrific time. by StretchTacos10/27/164.71HOT

Cypris Hotel and Suites 08: Hollywood FL

 — You can't choose your family but you can choose who you love. by StretchTacos11/05/164.69HOT

Cypris Hotel and Suites 09: I-70

 — Iris pushes her limits and saves the day. Jeanie is worn out. by StretchTacos12/03/164.90HOT

Cypris Hotel and Suites 10: Junction City, Kansas

 — Jeanie finds a sister riding on her underground railway. by StretchTacos12/07/164.62

Cypris Hotel and Suites 11: Kansas

 — Kim's plans are ruined, Lauren suffers, and Iris meets herse. by StretchTacos12/08/164.50

Cypris Hotel and Suites 12: Longfel

 — Lauren is satisfied in every way possible on her birthday. by StretchTacos12/18/164.67


 — She is out for more than blood. by intriguess11/08/024.45

Daddy's Little Succubus Vol. 02

 — Erin makes a few discoveries, and suffers a transformation. by vallen12/14/114.62HOT

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