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Vamp Cleopatra

 — The story of Cleopatra by Blondie218702/20/094.04

Vamp Pt. 01

 — A supernatural romance. by calibeachgirl03/05/124.60HOT

Vamp Pt. 02

 — Chinatown and Precious Jade. by calibeachgirl03/06/124.58HOT

Vamp Pt. 03

 — Not for all the tea in China. by calibeachgirl03/08/124.64HOT

Vamp Pt. 04

 — Italian groceries and a wedding. by calibeachgirl03/09/124.46

Vampire and His Mate Ch. 01

 — Damien and Heather start things off in the tub. by SexyLittleWolf4503/17/114.40

Vampire and His Mate Ch. 02

 — Damien and Heather move from the tub to the shower. by SexyLittleWolf4503/18/114.74HOT

Vampire and His Mate Ch. 03

 — Damien and Heather finish things in the bedroom. by SexyLittleWolf4503/19/114.48

Vampire and His Mate Prequel

 — The story behind the romance. by SexyLittleWolf4503/30/114.40

Vampire Games

 — Hope is hunted, but the hunter gets fucked. by laurambell11/13/093.94

Vampire Games Ch. 02

 — Hope is back once again. by laurambell09/21/104.00

Vampire Nation

 — A history of the vampire community. by Samuelx02/24/053.62

Vampire Not So Cold

 — She gives what he will not force from her. by tissuegirl09/03/074.10

Vampire Seduction

 — She felt a sense of impending doom overcome her. by AuhtorMichelleHughes07/23/124.22

Vampire Uprising in Toronto

 — Life and times of a Haitian vampire heroine. by Samuelx06/15/172.56

Vampires Don't Sparkle - Legacy

 — Many years later, Ben & Emily's daughter struggles with love. by maestro8401/09/194.83HOT

Vampires in Space

 — Vampires escape persecution by going to space. by Samuelx03/18/173.36

Vampires Versus Zombie Nation

 — A female vampire fights the zombie apocalypse. by Samuelx12/03/123.41

Vampires versus Zombies

 — Haitian man fights vampires and zombies in Canada. by Samuelx07/25/122.91

Vampires Versus Zombies: War

 — Vampire queen leads war against the zombies. by Samuelx11/21/122.90

Vampiric Saturday Night

 — Ashley needed a good night but went to bed before the fun. by Damianthesilverwolf08/03/184.43

Vanessa James Goes to the Future Ch. 01

 — A lab assistant falls for her boss. by norasandalwood06/06/133.89

Vanished Pt. 01

 — What happens when 3.8 billion men suddenly disappear? by foxer1710/13/184.66HOT

Vanished Pt. 02

 — Steve & Megan hit the road. by foxer1710/28/184.83HOT

Vanished Pt. 03

 — The farmhouse may be holding a few secrets. by foxer1711/04/184.82HOT

Vanished Pt. 04

 — Megan meets Ariana. by foxer1711/15/184.83HOT

Vanished Pt. 05

 — Things get paranormal. by foxer1711/30/184.80HOT

Vanished Pt. 06

 — What's real? by foxer1712/21/184.59HOT

Vanished Pt. 07

 — An unbreakable bond is formed. by foxer1701/13/194.74HOT

Vanished Writings Ch. 01

 — James finds a magic tablet and uses it on his neighbor. by Texdom10/10/184.39

Vanished Writings Ch. 02

 — Learning to use my magical tablet. by Texdom11/09/184.33

Vanished Writings Ch. 03

 — Lisa and Tabetha meet and the fun continues. by Texdom11/14/184.11


 — For Carly, there is no greater fantasy than herself... by PredicaMr12/31/134.28


 — A shipwrecked guy meets an island goddess. by mellamo05/13/09

Vannerbehn's Luck Pt. 01

 — Here be Dragons. by AspernEssling07/18/184.78HOT

Vannerbehn's Luck Pt. 02

 — Kelsen shares his good fortune by AspernEssling07/27/184.80HOT

Vannerbehn's Luck Pt. 03

 — Lucky, Lucky Bastard. by AspernEssling07/31/184.86HOT

Vannerbehn's Luck Pt. 04

 — Good times, Bad times. by AspernEssling08/05/184.84HOT

Vannerbehn's Luck Pt. 05

 — Friends in High and Low places. by AspernEssling08/10/184.85HOT

Vannerbehn's Luck Pt. 06

 — This could be the start of something. by AspernEssling08/15/184.83HOT

Vannerbehn's Luck Pt. 07

 — Pirate Lords' Night Out. by AspernEssling08/23/184.88HOT

Vannerbehn's Luck Pt. 08

 — Getting in Deeper. by AspernEssling08/30/184.89HOT

Vannerbehn's Luck Pt. 09

 — It's a Trap. by AspernEssling09/06/184.87HOT

Vannerbehn's Luck Pt. 10

 — Secrets Come Out. by AspernEssling09/13/184.86HOT

Vannerbehn's Luck Pt. 11

 — Hit and Run. by AspernEssling09/18/184.87HOT

Vannerbehn's Luck Pt. 12

 — Full House. by AspernEssling09/21/184.90HOT

Vannerbehn's Luck Pt. 13

 — Healing Spells. by AspernEssling09/27/184.89HOT

Vashka: Demon Protector

 — She needs protection, but can she really trust a demon? by La_Reina08/23/084.59HOT

Vegas Dream

 — Victoria's fantasy. by JennyX308/23/124.43

Veil Watchers

 — What happens when those sent to protect, cross the line. by SilenceTeitho07/18/064.48


 — The most beautiful of love dolls longs to be real. by YourLittleAngelle01/17/084.51HOT

Veneris Redivivus

 — An ancient species is reborn. by Kingmaker71108/02/134.34

Vengeful Storm Ch. 01

 — The last hope in a futuristic world. by warrior_wolf01/06/094.54HOT

Vengeful Storm Ch. 02

 — The last hope in a futuristic world. by warrior_wolf01/08/094.61HOT

Vengeful Storm Ch. 03

 — The last hope in a futuristic world. by warrior_wolf01/14/094.58HOT

Venroth's Binding Ch. 01

 — A bloodthirsty demoness is bound by Lord Venroth. by ElidedEgo01/25/093.89

Venroth's Binding Ch. 02

 — Venroth seeks the key to the spread of his world. by ElidedEgo01/29/094.69HOT

Venroth's Binding Ch. 03

 — Blood: Venroth succumbs to a plot for vengeance. by ElidedEgo01/29/094.80HOT

Venturer Ch. 03

 — The road to the wedding is rocky. by xelliebabex12/08/124.76HOT

Venus Ascending Pt. 12

 — The Cartels strike back at Lisa and John. by Oupa9911/12/164.71HOT

Venus Ascending Pt. 13

 — The Cartels launch a counter attack & the revolution is on by Oupa9911/16/164.82HOT

Venus De Milo (A new idea)

 — Milo, thanks to a strange helper, just got a ride to heaven. by IAmControl02/09/164.24

Venus De Milo Ch. 02

 — Milo has landed on Aandora. What happens in dreamland now? by IAmControl07/02/164.00

Venus De Milo Ch. 03

 — The Crazy Story of Milo gets... Well, crazier. by IAmControl01/03/173.91

Venus Needs Men

 — Alien invaders declare to the USA: "Bring us your hunks!" by Carol_J04/06/184.12

Venus' Finest Ch. 01

 — Polyamorous steampunk romance. by bumpercars07/24/184.66HOT

Venus' Finest Ch. 02

 — Polyamorous steampunk romance. by bumpercars09/13/184.65HOT

Venusian Nights

 — Rose Thorne, a prostitute, gets in deep with a dangerous woman. by TamilynBowman01/19/19

Vernal Recollections

 — A witch and a close friend recount past exploits. by Mountain Rider08/27/074.72HOT

Verpa Domini - Introduction

 — A hermit-pontiff strives to create the perfect hermaphrodite. by SecundusPublius02/26/194.30

Version 3.0

 — Making a better person today. by Paul4404/14/084.00

Vessel of Dark and Light Ch. 01

 — A new fantasy world. A long rumored and hidden evil... by EmotionalStorm04/11/194.72HOT

Vestal Virgins

 — Mai the Monster. by demoniker08/10/194.22

Vestalis meets Wilhelm

 — Vestalis meets the man of her dreams. by Celinthia08/10/073.86

Vian Meets Her Squad

 — The story of the Commander of the Rin'oveaus in "Surfacing". by Etaski12/28/164.88HOT

Victory Woman Sluts It Up

 — Victory Woman and her young sidekick slut it up during WW2. by PhiloHunter11/02/164.12

Vigil Pt. 01: Rise from Ashes

 — Vigil returns after the fall of the League. by Artee06/16/194.10

Viking Soul

 — 1,000 years later they finally get it on at a pagan festival. by gythia02/01/084.17

Villain's Redemption

 — A villain redeems himself. by Samuelx11/22/083.25


 — A young woman enters a dark city to discover herself. by Grave clown08/21/054.08

Villains Ch. 02

 — Ailis realize how dark her blood really was. by Grave clown09/05/054.16

Vincent's Future Pt. 01

 — A new beginning. by TheGibbs07/10/144.11


 — A woman is subdued by a man and his vines. by MasterOfGlory11/21/184.22

Vines and Wine

 — An exhausted elf waits up for her bard companion. by Kodoro10/15/164.43

Vines and Wine Vol. 02

 — The morning after. by Kodoro11/01/164.79HOT

Violent Star Ch. 000

 — A scene which gives insight on the story. by Hittfler04/22/184.35

Violent Star Ch. 001

 — Vill meets Livia and acquires a valuable treasure. by Hittfler04/23/184.47

Violent Star Ch. 002

 — His newly-acquired treasure gets robbed away. by Hittfler04/24/184.17

Violent Star Ch. 003

 — Vill's way of life, 3 years later. by Hittfler04/26/184.32

Violent Star Ch. 004

 — Vill reacquires the treasure and haves a passionate night. by Hittfler04/27/184.42

Violent Star Ch. 005

 — View on Livia's life; her friend and family. by Hittfler05/02/184.20

Violent Star Ch. 006

 — Vill gets his 'well-deserved' power and murders some trees. by Hittfler05/09/184.43

Violet Fire

 — A beautiful alien has a fling with her Human Friend. by c00ki301/23/154.27

Violet Fire Ch. 02

 — A bounty hunter and a smuggler meet and raise a little hell. by c00ki310/31/164.48

Virgin and Slut Swap

 — A slut and a virgin swap bodies. by JoseJalapeno401/29/183.33

Virgin Sacrifice

 — Man transformed into goddess loses virginity to a god. by PS_Alexandria05/04/184.27

Virgin Territory: A Space Opera

 — One virgin on a planet obsessed with sex. by TamLin0106/20/164.54HOT


 — A young healer visits a town in trouble. by Captainthulu04/13/154.44

Viria Ch. 02

 — Will Viria find a way to save the lazy beast? by Captainthulu06/19/154.45

Virtual Life Experience

 — It's not just a game. by coldwater105/03/164.81HOT

Virtual Life Experience Pt. 02

 — The world finds out the truth about VLE Corporation. by coldwater106/01/164.87HOTContest Winner

Virtual Life Experience Pt. 03

 — Alien Contact. by coldwater107/11/164.84HOT

Virtual Life Experience Pt. 04

 — The education of Blue by coldwater108/19/164.89HOT

Virtual Life Experience Pt. 05

 — Exodus. by coldwater103/07/174.80HOT

Virtual or Real?

 — College geek creates virtual interactive game for co-eds. by raginrhinoman06/11/124.35

Virtual Pursuits

 — A cyberpunk cybersex experiment. by AngMcFarlane09/27/064.52HOT

Virtual Reality

 — Lightning brings two lovers together over distance. by Many Feathers04/28/074.30

Virtual Reality

 — She looked down and saw her new dick. by OldAndNew07/11/064.31

Virtual Seduction

 — Selena is your Sapphic Host on the Web of the future. by bradley_stoke12/09/013.96

Virtual Sexcapades: Session 01

 — Niki chooses her fantasy, but is it too much? by Jesiryu04/22/084.41

Virtual Sexuality Ch. 01

 — Jack discovers his inner Jacqueline. by dweaver99905/04/074.54HOT

Virtual Sexuality Ch. 02

 — Melanie discovers that likes attract as well. by dweaver99905/07/074.67HOT

Virtual Sexuality Ch. 03

 — Kendra's dreams of pain take on a painful reality. by dweaver99905/13/074.59HOT

Virtual Sexuality Ch. 04

 — Steven helps a friend explore his gay side. by dweaver99905/17/074.44

Virtual Sexuality Ch. 05

 — Conclusion: Connie discovers her 'working' side & the truth. by dweaver99905/21/074.49

Virus Ch. 01-02

 — A tiny mistake changes her forever. by AEisMe05/23/154.56HOT

Virus Ch. 03-04

 — Just a trace... by AEisMe05/30/154.74HOT

Virus Ch. 05-06

 — She is subjected to a different kind of big bang theory. by AEisMe06/12/154.76HOT

Virus Ch. 07-08

 — The infection takes control. by AEisMe07/10/154.78HOT

Virus Ch. 09-10

 — Revelations and transformations. by AEisMe07/30/154.77HOT


 — Man of God is tempted to sin. by Ray Dario05/27/024.21

Visitor from the Mothership Ch. 01

 — Eric comes home to find a visitor waiting for him. by WriteFriend302/08/144.55HOT

Visitor from the Mothership Ch. 02

 — Eric is visited by Edora's mother and meets his new guardian. by WriteFriend302/16/144.69HOT

Visitor from the Mothership Ch. 03

 — Alien Tech can be wicked. And what's with Eric's boss? by WriteFriend302/21/144.71HOT

Visitor from the Mothership Ch. 04

 — Eric has fun with his boss and meets Caitlyn's Guardian. by WriteFriend302/26/144.70HOT

Visitor from the Mothership Ch. 05

 — Eric takes his relationship with Edora and Tama further. by WriteFriend303/19/144.74HOT

Visitor from the Mothership Ch. 06

 — Eric explores the changes made to his family and himself. by WriteFriend304/16/144.78HOT

Visitor from the Mothership Ch. 07

 — Eric questions the future as his new abilities are explored. by WriteFriend307/18/144.70HOT

Viviana's Gift

 — She comes with the power of the gods. by TA_Vee01/06/194.78HOT

Vixen Transformation Ch. 01

 — Young women joins her master in a fantasy of sex & mystery. by VixenErotica12/10/124.19

Vixen Transformation Ch. 02

 — Forgiven. by VixenErotica12/26/124.54HOT

Vixens Ch. 01

 — Were they the product or the object of imagination? by shehushes04/21/084.72HOT

Vladimir Scott Bryan

 — True love, a ghostly curse, deception, & a plot for revenge. by Zenitha_Lee01/09/093.73

Vladimir Scott Bryan Pt. 02

 — True love, a ghostly curse, deception, & a plot for revenge. by Zenitha_Lee08/18/095.00

Voices Behind Walls Ch. 01

 — The child's gender decides the mother's fate. by DreamerByTheDiamonds08/16/184.35

Voices Behind Walls Ch. 02

 — A seductive song. by DreamerByTheDiamonds08/18/184.55HOT

Voices Behind Walls Ch. 03

 — Lady Lahri's secret. by DreamerByTheDiamonds08/23/184.56HOT

Voices Behind Walls Ch. 04

 — The queen's approval. by DreamerByTheDiamonds08/30/184.69HOT

Voices Behind Walls Ch. 05

 — The newest princesses. by DreamerByTheDiamonds09/07/184.85HOT

Voices Behind Walls Ch. 06

 — The destruction of a nation. by DreamerByTheDiamonds09/13/184.83HOT

Voices Behind Walls Ch. 07

 — The Wild Times. by DreamerByTheDiamonds09/19/184.83HOT

Voluptus Ludum Ch. 05

 — Emily receives new power and take on Bell. by sexgundam66605/11/154.73HOT

Voluptus Ludum Ch. 06

 — It's Yami's turn now... by sexgundam66609/08/154.72HOT

Voluptus Ludum Ch. 07

 — Alannah and Clair get their turn on the battlefield. by sexgundam66605/26/164.69HOT

Voodude Ch. 01

 — Guy gets ahold of a lucky voodoo coin. by furzball06/08/083.83

Voyage of the Claymore

 — The Captain's "guest". by FinnAvermann03/14/104.42

Voyage of the Silken Siren Ch. 01

 — A cheater and a thief meet over a game of dice. by Xanaphia02/21/184.44

Voyages Ch. 01

 — Welcome to the Starship 'Hoochie Mama'. by HarryHill12/27/144.26

Voyages Ch. 02

 — Space farce/adventure. by HarryHill09/12/174.69HOT

VR Punishment File 136554

 — Prisoner gets a taste of his own medicine. by DMaster_1407/27/124.36


 — What a spry young velpen you are, Vsrtrm. by Truth7405/19/064.33

Vsr Ch. 02

 — The young velpin faces the consequences. by Truth7403/22/084.14

V_Squared Ch. 04

 — Delma is a BBW camgirl. by Orbmansuper05/06/173.20

W.A.R.S. Tournament Ch. 01

 — Love blooms in the midst of hell. by AAAWRITER11/12/02HOT

W.A.R.S. Tournament Ch. 02

 — Hell continues. by AAAWRITER11/25/02HOT

W.A.R.S. Tournament Ch. 03

 — Max fights one more time. by AAAWRITER12/11/02HOT

W.A.R.S. Tournament Ch. 04

 — Max's struggle to survive continues. by AAAWRITER12/19/02

W.A.R.S. Tournament Ch. 05

 — Max fights one more time by AAAWRITER01/11/03

W.L.I.T. Radio for the Masses Ch. 01

 — A Three Act Comedy. by HarryHill10/31/183.67

Wait a While

 — Jiri finds love after visiting an ancient statue. by sadlittlelostboy11/25/024.03

Waiting Ch. 01

 — Detective thinks back to a strange night. by Bushido71XS07/15/044.32

Waiting For Bahknal

 — Two species experience an ancient mating ritual. by cinful10/02/034.40

Waiting for Purple

 — A mysterious place full of possibilities, pleasure, & pain. by ShyChiWriter03/07/18HOTContest Winner

Waking the Dragon Ch. 01

 — The Dragon's journey. by Belle_in_south01/02/054.52HOT

Waking the Dragon Ch. 02

 — Inside the Queen's Palace. by Belle_in_south01/06/054.58HOT

Waking the Dragon Ch. 03

 — The Girl. by Belle_in_south01/11/054.70HOT

Waking the Dragon Ch. 04

 — The Dragon in Matayla's chamber. by Belle_in_south01/16/054.74HOT

Waking the Dragon Ch. 05

 — The dragon's story. by Belle_in_south01/21/054.73HOT

Waking the Dragon Ch. 06

 — The dragon awakes. by Belle_in_south01/25/054.77HOT

Walker Brigade - Book of Incidents

 — The exploits of Echo squad of the Walker Brigade. by Zeb_Carter05/30/194.85HOT

Walker Ch. 01

 — When Walker comes to town people act...differently! by TheBigandBaldGuy01/03/104.43

Walker Ch. 02

 — Walker trudged his way closer to the small city... by TheBigandBaldGuy04/30/104.15

Walking the Dog

 — Can you really exist in two times? by Zeb_Carter12/29/144.49

Walking Through Shadows

 — A master mage hears a call. by Silver_ink03/05/134.37

Walking Through Shadows Ch. 02

 — Orlaigh looks back. by Silver_ink03/12/134.67HOT

Walking Through Shadows Ch. 03

 — Orlaigh learns about his past. by Silver_ink05/13/134.79HOT

Wandering Gem

 — Accidental wishing leads to interesting results. by dkleiman8711/07/164.23

Wandering Gem Pt. 02

 — Accidental wishing leads to interesting results. by dkleiman8711/11/164.21

Wandering Holes Ch. 02

 — FTM works as a "mobile public relief receptacle". by fggtcunt01/06/184.46

Wanderlust - Sabrina Pt. 01

 — And you thought Sabrina was a handful before! by GeneraZ03/23/194.08

Wanderlust - Sabrina Pt. 02

 — Sabrina's got herself a sugar mama. by GeneraZ03/26/194.58HOT

Wanderlust 01

 — Una awakes in a mysterious room. by Ruby_Sinclair11/25/154.31

Wanderlust 02

 — Una explores outside the Sun Fortress with Aidan. by Ruby_Sinclair11/26/154.55HOT

Want to Have Sex With A Movie Star?

 — Future game show gives sex with star as prize. by Asianlove09/04/024.35

Wanton in Wales Ch. 04

 — Sex at the Chamber. by wirepuller07/28/084.08

Wanton: Elven and Mortal

 — First attempt at coupling fantasy-writing with erotica by LunaErotica07/26/024.11

Wanton: Elven and Mortal

 — He found a human. by LunaEroticaMystica11/12/034.36

War is Not All Bad

 — Earth is at war with an alien empire. by JustALittleCrazy05/11/143.97

War of Lust

 — A warrior struggles to hold out against an army of succubi. by SierraLeeAuthor11/14/164.64HOT


 — Captured by a band of female Orcs, his fate is uncertain. by Snekguy12/08/164.75HOT

Warden Strife's Compassion City.

 — Warden Strife screws the town until compassion city unites! by finebubblebunzart02/09/193.00

Warden's First Time

 — This particular story is based on DA:O. by Seallyn12/30/094.17

Warlock's Tower Ch. 01

 — The Warlock Grimbriar brings home his purchased girl. by xanach12/30/114.37

Warlock's Tower Ch. 02

 — Grimbriar takes Bree's virginity. by xanach05/05/124.27

Warlock's Tower Ch. 03

 — Bree gets lost and meets up with Kimmy. by xanach07/22/124.47

Warlock's Tower Ch. 04

 — Mel and Bree have some futa fun at Kimmy's expense. by xanach11/04/124.56HOT


 — A brother's lust results in a unusual morning. by Draconickiss04/13/113.77

Warm Welcome

 — A naive mage meets two sultry goblin maids offering shelter. by GigglingGoblin04/09/194.38

Warm Welcome Ch. 02

 — The goblin maids seem strangely eager to help him...relax... by GigglingGoblin04/23/194.69HOT

Warmaster and Kajira Ch. 01

 — Dominant warrior chooses new slave girl and makes use of her. by savagetales0108/11/124.05

Warmaster and Kajira Ch. 02

 — Warmaster inducts his kajira to her slave life. by savagetales0108/12/124.47

Warmaster and Kajira Ch. 03

 — Kajira is punished for earlier disobedience. by savagetales0108/13/124.25

Warning: Fairy Tale

 — Young man finds fairies do exist. by jasliz03/17/144.20

Warp Stream Myth Explored

 — Journalists get more than they expect in the warp stream. by Lazarus02/05/064.14


 — The warrior's daughter. by xelliebabex05/25/184.78HOT

Warrior One - Fleet Action Pt. 01

 — Man has finally made it to the stars... by Zeb_Carter01/08/194.84HOT

Warrior One - Fleet Action Pt. 02

 — The interplanetary war continues. by Zeb_Carter01/10/194.85HOT

Warrior One - Fleet Action Pt. 03

 — The Fleet continues its pursuit of the Gar. by Zeb_Carter01/11/194.88HOT

Warrior One - Fleet Action Pt. 04

 — The FOP helps their new ally take back their home. by Zeb_Carter01/12/194.87HOT

Warrior One - Fleet Action Pt. 05

 — The fight for the K'lar's home continues... by Zeb_Carter01/13/194.87HOT

Warrior One - Fleet Action Pt. 06

 — The battle for Rigel concludes...what next? by Zeb_Carter01/14/194.88HOT

Warrior One - Fleet Action Pt. 07

 — What now? by Zeb_Carter01/15/194.89HOT

Warrior's Choice

 — He gets to choose the woman of his dreams as a Warrior. by Zeb_Carter05/30/154.54HOT

Warrior's Infiltration

 — An assassin must undertake an unusual infiltration mission. by FlyGuy777705/11/114.16

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