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Blue Lady

 — A dream fulfilled. by davidjamie6907/07/084.00

Blue Lightning & the Flower Childrn

 — Our hero, lost in time. by kokshur01/05/054.48

Blue Lightning & The Virgin

 — A superhero proves his sexual power. by kokshur09/11/044.16

Blue Lightning vs. Beautiful Dreamer

 — Can a Superhero do without his powers? by kokshur09/29/044.35

Blue Moon

 — Jack goes on a road trip during an interesting Blue Moon. by Many Feathers01/11/104.62HOT

Blue Waters

 — Humans, nymphs, and waterfalls. by Nieli T.01/11/054.33

Boat Ho Ch. 21

 — Alex is abducted by Aliens. by rckplsky09/26/103.58

Bodies of Magic

 — Her slow transformation to perfection. by howardbeatman12/31/044.22

Body Shifters: C.L.A.I.R.E. Ch. 02

 — They must copulate with a man every two days! by xxxecil03/23/084.69HOT

Body Snatch Ch. 1

 — Scientist's new device sends him on a sexual odyssey. by MagicWand01/10/024.37

Body Snatch Ch. 2

 — Scientist gets in touch with his feminine side. by MagicWand01/17/024.42


 — A human emmisary bonds with her exotic bodyguards. by limitless_lover07/30/094.23

BodyShiftersUniverse: The Audition

 — She'd forced him to cum in his pants! by xxxecil01/19/104.52HOT

Bombs Away!

 — He plants a sex bomb in his cheating girlfriend's house. by MorganHawke09/10/094.16

Book of Flames Ch. 01

 — The Begining. by sexy_skittles01/20/164.64HOT

Book of Flames Ch. 02

 — More questions await her. by sexy_skittles01/25/164.67HOT

Book of Flames Ch. 03

 — Things heat up for Keira. by sexy_skittles01/27/164.70HOT

Book of Flames Ch. 04

 — Keira faces her fears and finds more love. by sexy_skittles01/30/164.75HOT

Book of Flames Ch. 05

 — The big bad comes. by sexy_skittles02/04/164.62HOT

Book of Flames Ch. 06

 — Keira goes dark. by sexy_skittles02/06/164.72HOT

Book of Love Part 01

 — Should you listen to magic books? by glitchedout10/09/114.44

Born on Christmas Day

 — Rebecca's last day temping is a fraught one. by Spencerfiction01/17/153.63

Borrowed Fertility

 — A futa couple need a little bit of help getting pregnant. by conroy3908/01/104.40

Bound in Spirals Ch. 01

 — A young man finds himself stranded by the death of another. by DistortedSense03/24/154.75HOT

Bound in Spirals Ch. 02

 — Samson learns a bit more about this strange world. by DistortedSense05/05/154.76HOT

Bound in Spirals Ch. 03

 — Samson gains an unlikely ally. by DistortedSense05/23/154.81HOT

Bound in Spirals Ch. 04

 — A queen rises. by DistortedSense06/15/154.81HOT

Bound in Spirals Ch. 05

 — Past pains resurface. by DistortedSense07/08/154.80HOT

Bound in Spirals Ch. 06

 — Dangers around every corner. by DistortedSense07/31/154.83HOT

Bound in Spirals Ch. 07

 — Into the land of the elves. by DistortedSense08/21/154.74HOT

Bound in Spirals Ch. 08

 — Chaos in the Leddin forest. by DistortedSense09/11/154.78HOT

Bound in Spirals Ch. 09

 — Sam wins and loses. by DistortedSense10/01/154.78HOT

Bound in Spirals Ch. 10

 — Sam drinks tea in an elven city. by DistortedSense10/22/154.73HOT

Bound in Spirals Ch. 11

 — The messenger delivers a message. by DistortedSense11/11/154.69HOT

Bound in Spirals Ch. 12

 — The Hanged Man acknowledges and despairs. by DistortedSense12/03/154.64HOT

Bound in Spirals Ch. 13

 — The difficulties of insanity. by DistortedSense01/03/164.47

Bound in Spirals Ch. 14

 — Sparring with elves. by DistortedSense01/25/164.56HOT

Bound in Spirals Ch. 15

 — Lived. by DistortedSense02/20/164.56HOT

Bound to the Forest God

 — Sir John's wish to cut down the sacred grove backfires. by EesomeBeastie04/08/114.15

Bound Together Ch. 01

 — Story of magic relics. by sinny43501/22/154.49

Bound Together Ch. 02

 — Some things are explained, brings much more problems. by sinny43502/17/154.55HOT

Boundary Busters Ch. 01

 — A gorgeous girl fights monsters in a sexy virtual game show. by FatjackFallstaff05/12/164.62HOT

Bounded By Souls Ch. 01

 — None of them knew until it was kneeling in front of them. by 69crossfire9609/30/144.29


 — A sadistic killer faces an unusual bounty hunter. by TruKnowledgeSeeker09/05/114.21

Bovine Justice vs. Pussy Whip

 — Pudgy, lactating heroine fights crime villainess. by PhiloHunter05/01/154.17

Bovine-X Pt. 02

 — Ashley awakes to something awesome! by sexgundam66611/19/144.13

Bowstring and Steel: Ep. 01

 — A Ranger and a Paladin find love on the battlefield. by IronDragon01/22/134.77HOT

Bowstring and Steel: Ep. 02

 — Diplomatic missions can be dangerous. by IronDragon02/12/134.68HOT

Boy Sorceress Pt. 01

 — He stumbles upon a ritual that changes him. by sycksycko05/13/164.72HOT

Boy Sorceress Pt. 02

 — He discovers the joys of Sapphic love. by sycksycko05/22/164.74HOTNEW

BPH: A Pair of Goldilocks Pt. 01

 — A cheerleader gets in very sticky trouble. by PrevertOne08/30/104.39

BPH: A Pair of Goldilocks Pt. 01.2

 — A cheerleader gets into very sticky trouble. by PrevertOne09/06/104.47

BPH: A Pair of Goldilocks Pt. 01.3

 — A Cheerleader Gets Into Very Sticky Trouble. by PrevertOne08/31/104.51HOT

BPH: A Pair of Goldilocks Pt. 02.1

 — A college sophomore in a tight situation. by PrevertOne09/05/104.63HOT

BPH: A Pair of Goldilocks Pt. 02.2

 — A college sophomore in a tight situation. by PrevertOne09/07/104.44

BPH: A Pair of Goldilocks Pt. 02.3

 — A college sophomore in a tight situation. by PrevertOne09/08/104.02

Brainbox Ch. 1

 — Sophie is given the opportunity to try something new. by hazmidia09/01/023.88

Brainbox Ch. 2

 — Sophie has a go in Mandy's head. by hazmidia09/03/024.07

Brandon By Day; Werewolf By Night

 — Creature gets the girl. by Nicola_Italia102/14/044.27

Brass Balls and Hysteria

 — Steampunk erotica with steamy sex toys. by CatherineAnna09/19/104.16

Brave Knight and Fair Lady

 — A past-life regression goes very, very wrong. by Feotakahari09/06/123.35

Brave New World Ch. 01

 — A soldier awakes and finds the world changed. by themightyxloph01/24/164.77HOT

Brave New World Ch. 02

 — Someone tries to kill Roy. He gets to know Kyo a lot better. by themightyxloph02/05/164.72HOT

Brave New World Ch. 03

 — Another brush with death. Roy and Chia console each other. by themightyxloph02/11/164.69HOT

Brave New World Ch. 04

 — Travel plans are made. Better sex through nanotech. by themightyxloph03/21/164.77HOT

Brave New World Ch. 05

 — A trip dirtside ends in the Secret Lair of the Evil Genius. by themightyxloph04/08/164.73HOT

Brave New World Ch. 06

 — An escape from confinement, but not from lust. by themightyxloph04/29/164.67HOT

Breaking in the Princess Ch. 01

 — Young Princess Riona begins her training. by Ambiguous_Princess05/29/083.89

Breaking The Chains

 — A knight & a witch meet in the depths of a dungeoon. by Nicadaemus06/08/014.43

Breaking The Curse

 — A wizard and his muse unite. by the_bean11/04/044.42

Breast Spell Bound

 — Pauline's breasts are in my dreams. by oggbashan10/30/144.50HOT

Breathless Ch. 01

 — The city of Midian has never seen someone quite like Sadie. by Evil Alpaca09/27/074.78HOT

Breathless Ch. 02

 — Arbiter Sadie Hewitt meets new friends and enemies. by Evil Alpaca09/29/074.84HOT

Breathless Ch. 03

 — Sadie's personal life takes an unexpected turn. by Evil Alpaca09/30/074.84HOT

Breathless Ch. 04

 — One life is almost lost, but a new life begins. by Evil Alpaca10/05/074.87HOT

Breathless Ch. 05

 — Plot is revealed that the enemy wants to keep quiet. by Evil Alpaca10/12/074.90HOT

Breathless Ch. 06

 — The truth comes out and a war is fought anew. by Evil Alpaca10/20/074.90HOT

Bred in the Pit

 — A succubus slakes her thirst and fulfills her purpose. by Bofunk12/14/124.44


 — Kailyn is sold as a slave to the general's company. by wishfulthinking10/03/064.63HOT

Breeder Ch. 02

 — Breeder escapes his Bondage. by ZacNeuman03/01/034.59HOT

Breeding Station

 — An exploration mission turns into a bizarre experience. by homealone_44708/21/084.47


 — Kylene gets a little tipsy during Brewfest. by ItsJessy10/13/103.98


 — Man lost in an enchanted forest meets a young fawn. by MacDracor01/05/094.15

Brian and Maeve

 — His visions of her haunt him. What are they. by spoon2big05/18/164.57HOTNEW


 — Love, romance, and a happy ending. by Elenia2601/29/05HOT

Brickhouse Vs The Creature

 — Hulking Heroine takes on drug operation and tentacle monster. by PhiloHunter05/23/154.15


 — Sheltered girl is given to a stranger to be his bride. by Salubrith08/01/134.25

Bride of Kong 01

 — Setting the stage, horny - 1965-1993. by Hypoxia10/17/134.20

Bride of Kong 02

 — The game is afoot, horny - 1987-2000. by Hypoxia10/18/134.35

Bride of Kong 03

 — We just go ape over the sex - 2000-2014. by Hypoxia10/19/133.91

Bride of Kong 04

 — Alternate endings with more sex - 2014- by Hypoxia01/23/144.40

Bridge Ch. 01

 — A wizard-turned-escort entertains princes, elves, and more. by FountainOfDreams01/28/154.74HOT

Bridge Ch. 02

 — Wizard-escort visits the Mairie and a half-elf performer. by FountainOfDreams02/05/154.81HOT

Bridge Control

 — Riker & Troi must have sex to save crew. by lirpa02/09/054.13

Bright Lily and the Monster

 — An Erotic Fairy Tale. by GeekFetish10/29/094.67HOT

Brigit Pt. 01

 — What does this goddess want from him? by oggbashan06/09/044.71HOT

Brigit Pt. 02

 — I meet Deirdre. Brigit sent her. She needs my help. by oggbashan06/16/044.73HOT

Brigit Pt.03

 — Goddess Brigit has task for him, or is it us? by oggbashan07/05/044.73HOT

Bubble Bath

 — Woman encounters living, orgasmic bubble bath. by SexGenie09/09/044.30

Buffyverse: Continued Ch. 03

 — Ritual brings slayer and watcher closer. by unrepentant105/14/074.53HOT

Bug Control: Evolution

 — The alien bug is smarter than everyone thought! by homealone_44708/25/144.55HOT

Building a Dream

 — Living in 1870s after being thrown back in time. by SW_MO_Hermit10/29/134.74HOT

Building Utopia Ch. 01

 — Building a civilization in a new timeline. by SW_MO_Hermit12/10/134.48

Building Utopia Ch. 02

 — Exploring his arrival site in a new timeline. by SW_MO_Hermit12/11/134.58HOT

Building Utopia Ch. 03

 — Roger finds new friends during an excursion in new timeline. by SW_MO_Hermit12/12/134.69HOT

Building Utopia Ch. 04

 — Settling in and Planning for the future. by SW_MO_Hermit12/13/134.72HOT

Building Utopia Ch. 05

 — Return to Birmingham with Roanoak colonists by SW_MO_Hermit12/14/134.74HOT

Building Utopia Ch. 06

 — Trouble in the colony and its resolution. by SW_MO_Hermit12/19/134.72HOT

Building Utopia Ch. 07

 — A trip to Florida to visit Margarita's family. by SW_MO_Hermit12/22/134.74HOT

Building Utopia Ch. 08

 — A fight in Florida and collection of more colonists. by SW_MO_Hermit12/23/134.75HOT

Building Utopia Ch. 09

 — Indians bring lost 2010 woman to Roger in Birmingham by SW_MO_Hermit12/24/134.68HOT

Building Utopia Ch. 10

 — Industrial progress finding oil and expanding the settlement by SW_MO_Hermit12/25/134.67HOT

Building Utopia Ch. 11

 — Florida is added to the new nation. by SW_MO_Hermit01/10/144.68HOT

Building Utopia Ch. 12

 — A visit to Britain and short sea battle. by SW_MO_Hermit01/11/144.72HOT

Building Utopia Ch. 13

 — An English invasion and its defeat. by SW_MO_Hermit01/21/144.73HOT

Building Utopia Ch. 14

 — Epilog by SW_MO_Hermit01/22/144.70HOT

Bukkake on Demand

 — New invention revolutionizes the adult industry. by WFEATHER01/06/053.35

Burning Rose

 — A powerful Sorceress meets her match...and bends to His will. by kiara_stryfhart11/13/104.12

Busty Space Pirates Ch. 01

 — Meet the buxom and sexy screw of the Scarlet Rapier. by GeorgeTasker04/03/034.49

Busty Space Pirates Ch. 02

 — Meet the E-cups of the captain of the Buccaneers Revenge. by GeorgeTasker04/09/034.27

Busty Space Pirates Ch. 03

 — Voluptuous action on a space station. by GeorgeTasker04/28/034.50HOT

Busty Space Pirates Ch. 04

 — The voluptuous crew begins its journey. by GeorgeTasker05/11/034.48

Busty Space Pirates Ch. 05

 — Curvy crew gets to know each other better. by GeorgeTasker08/29/034.54HOT

Busty Space Pirates Ch. 06

 — Not forgotten, the buxom crew is still out there.. by GeorgeTasker01/08/114.63HOT

Bustyland Ch. 01

 — A group of friends explore an abandoned fairground... by ColdStar04/12/124.34

Bustyland Ch. 02

 — A group of friends explore an abandoned fairground... by ColdStar04/18/124.45

Bustyland Ch. 03

 — A group of friends explore an abandoned fairground... by ColdStar04/20/124.49

Bustyland Ch. 04

 — A group of friends explore an abandoned fairground... by ColdStar04/23/124.66HOT

Butterfly Dreams Ch. 01

 — Rei is a human brought up by foxes. by Aein02/13/144.40

Buying Love Ch. 03

 — Olivia's body transformed. Joan helplessly enraptured. by gmikeisbad09/09/154.34

By Fire and Ice

 — A post apocolyptic world and new ice age changes everything. by wife2hotblk10/22/093.58

By My Own Device

 — A woman becomes a sexual slave to a computer. by maxout0912/17/154.10

By the Horns Ch. 01

 — Rhuno Sunheart, tauren paladin, is called before Alexstrasza. by AdmiralSquish05/26/154.73HOT

By the Horns Ch. 02

 — Rhuno's journey takes him to a corner of the Blasted Lands. by AdmiralSquish12/09/154.81HOT

By the Light of the Moon

 — For all those who would have a personal goddess. by lilmuse08/05/064.42

By the Sweat of the Succubus' Brow

 — A Z'mbutu story. by Alii Nui10/09/054.54HOT

By The Water Ch. 01

 — Fate brings water spirit & traveler together. by doingmybest02/21/054.47

By The Water Ch. 02

 — Entangled results of erotic encounter. by doingmybest03/03/054.55HOT

By The Water Ch. 03

 — Lovely Pleasure, a gift from Goddess. by doingmybest03/15/054.60HOT

By The Water Ch. 04

 — Sharing an eternity of love. by doingmybest04/11/054.53HOT


 — An explorer finds a surprise on Planet C6R. by WFEATHER01/22/063.38

Cacus Ch. 01

 — From Slave to master in a fantasy world. by Niwa02/19/064.46

Cacus Ch. 02

 — The Master becomes more powerful. by Niwa03/03/064.46

Cajun Payback

 — Patrick experiences a major change. by Bumpman04/14/074.10

Cajun Payback Ch. 02

 — The payback continues as Pat adjusts. by Bumpman04/15/074.35

Caleb Woke Up Ch. 03

 — Naive 18-year-old waits for choir practice to finish. by McBacon06/22/124.49

Caledonia Ch. 03: The Piercing

 — Jack marks Renee as his property. by IrisCitadel05/06/064.49

Caledonia Ch. 04: Kidnapped

 — Renee gets kidnapped by mercenary pirates. by IrisCitadel05/23/064.31

Caledonia Ch. 05: Rescue

 — Jack rescues Renee from the pirates. by IrisCitadel07/02/064.65HOT

Caledonia: Entertaining Guests

 — Jack uses Renee to entertain important men of Baristhan. by IrisCitadel01/06/064.54HOT


 — Finding my way, and back again. by Gethelred12/07/114.63HOT

Camilla Ch. 037

 — Camilla dreams she's 50 feet tall. by MawrGorshin11/24/114.20

Camping Ch. 06

 — The end: revenge served cold. by Rinmer-Dalle05/13/053.51


 — Alone in the Yukon, you never know what'll happen. by ScooterSMP07/05/074.23

Campus Life in the Psychic Age

 — He reads her mind and wishes he hadn't. by thisismessedup11/26/144.54HOT

Campus Life in the Psychic Age Ch. 02

 — She shows him what she can do with HER mind. by thisismessedup12/16/144.65HOT

Campus Life in the Psychic Age Ch. 03

 — They each show each other an 'immersive' experience. by thisismessedup12/31/144.56HOT

Campus Life in the Psychic Age Ch. 04

 — The night proceeds... by thisismessedup10/01/154.53HOT

Campus Witch

 — A trip to a television universe has its risks. by dr13bone04/01/153.97

Can You Hear Me?

 — A young man is shown his destiny. by Maaly09/13/153.67

Can't Keep a Good Elf Down

 — The story of a cyber-elf out of time. by PslyderFTA03/25/044.33

Can't Keep a Good Elf Down Ch. 02

 — The continuing saga of a cyber elf. by PslyderFTA04/20/044.50HOT

Can't Keep a Good Elf Down Ch. 03

 — The continuing saga of a cyber-elf out of time. by PslyderFTA05/02/044.50HOT

Can't Keep a Good Elf Down Ch. 04

 — Cyber-elf gets a surprise. by PslyderFTA05/17/044.20

Can't Keep a Good Elf Down Ch. 05

 — A new player enters the scene. . . by PslyderFTA11/08/054.54HOT

Can't Keep a Good Elf Down Ch. 06

 — Everyone's favorite cyber-elf gets even. by PslyderFTA02/17/064.62HOT

Can't Keep a Good Elf Down Ch. 07

 — A lazy day out on the town. by PslyderFTA09/10/094.57

Candace's Surprise

 — Will her tits make her too slutty for television? by Tdisk12/24/154.48

Candace's Surprise Ch. 02

 — Celebrating Faust with visions of Double Ds. by Tdisk01/06/164.51HOT

Candace's Surprise Ch. 03

 — He has big surprises for the weekend. by Tdisk02/04/164.64HOT

Candace's Surprise Ch. 04

 — Weekend's Exploration of the Perfect Size Tits. by Tdisk02/06/164.47

Candace's Surprise Ch. 05

 — Feeling Huge but Natural in the Company of Trophy Wives. by Tdisk05/14/164.50HOT

Captain Amsterdam

 — Sexy Stephanie Rogers is womankinds last hope. by GratefulFred02/14/063.03

Captain Jack

 — A fantasy of the perfect alien, Captain Jack. by ElloraCat09/23/084.02

Captain My Captain

 — Kidnapped and Blindfolded, Allison is scared but should she? by NaughtyGlitter04/09/154.22

Captain of the Guard

 — Soldier in a dungeon is tortured for love. by hopeulikeit12/05/094.38

Captain's Prize Ch. 2

 — Laurlie learns how to live in her new home. by Azreal Fallen Angel08/10/023.83

Captive Nymphs of Eros

 — Captive nymphs battle for survival in the arena. by hankstr08/10/104.24

Captive of the Captain

 — Lavender-haired Elf girl is bound & interrogated. by bohemian_writer08/24/074.31

Captives of Alien Milkers Pt. 01

 — Aliens turn three female space soldiers into cows. by RamonaE03/18/154.37

Captives of Alien Milkers Pt. 02

 — Three female starship crewmen are turned into human cows. by RamonaE03/21/154.50HOT

Captives of Alien Milkers Pt. 03

 — Three female star warriors continue being turned into cows. by RamonaE03/26/154.49

Captives of Alien Milkers Pt. 04

 — Three female space soldiers endure transformation. by RamonaE03/30/154.47

Captives of Alien Milkers Pt. 05

 — Starship Yeoman given to men as part of her mutation. by RamonaE05/20/154.50HOT

Captives of Alien Milkers Pt. 06

 — Starship crew is ready to be milked. by RamonaE06/04/154.51HOT

Captives of Alien Milkers Pt. 07

 — Final chapter: will they be cows for alien captors? by RamonaE06/06/154.53HOT

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