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 — Sometimes Nature makes sudden changes. by Alaska704/12/093.76

Transport Ship Arrowhead

 — Lust, love and adventure on the voyage home. by draconus_infernus03/24/084.60HOT

Transport Ship Arrowhead Ch. 02

 — Vas meets a face from her past at Nova City. by draconus_infernus04/12/084.68HOT

Transport Ship Arrowhead Ch. 03

 — James Barret: Prisoner of Planet Haven by draconus_infernus09/01/084.64HOT

Transport Ship Arrowhead Ch. 04

 — Tragedy strikes on the way back to Earth. by draconus_infernus07/09/104.72HOT

Transport Ship Arrowhead Ch. 05

 — The secrets of the Verokk are revealed. by draconus_infernus08/02/114.72HOT

Transporting Brains and Not Bodies

 — Scientist finds a way for people to make dreams come true. by SusanJillParker12/21/124.00


 — Two characters get trapped on a mission. by KarmaMoonfairy03/06/164.00

Trapped in a Game Pt. 05

 — Serra's past comes back to haunt her. by Kousakacomplex04/28/184.69HOT

Trapped in his Favorite World Ch. 01

 — God places him in his Favorite Fictional World! by MangertEternal09/20/184.27

Trapped in his Favorite World Ch. 02

 — He fights a god and summons strong creatures to fight!! by MangertEternal09/25/184.32

Trapped in his Favorite World Ch. 03

 — He will fight all the gods for revenge for Blaze! by MangertEternal10/19/184.26

Trapped in the Thicket

 — A half-elf finds herself at the mercy of a curious witch. by zoemiller01/06/164.56HOT

Trapped on Novas

 — Nicole is chosen to escape a dying earth via spaceship. by slavemalcom06/20/164.52HOT

Trapped on Novas Ch. 02

 — The Arc is lost, and Nicole crash lands on an alien planet. by slavemalcom06/29/164.62HOT

Trapped on Novas Ch. 03

 — As survivors of the Arc explore Nicole discovers the truth. by slavemalcom01/08/174.69HOT

Trapped on Novas Ch. 04

 — The survivors find out they are not alone in the jungle. by slavemalcom07/06/174.54HOT

Trapped on Novas Ch. 05

 — Nicole learns first hand about slavery to the Rutans. by slavemalcom08/25/174.60HOT

Trapped on Novas Ch. 06

 — The Sisterhood emerges whilst another Arc survivor come down. by slavemalcom09/02/174.70HOT

Trapped on Novas Ch. 07

 — Another survivor reaches the planet from the Ark. by slavemalcom12/09/174.69HOT

Trapped on Novas Ch. 08

 — Nicole tries to find more of the Sisterhood for Cronus. by slavemalcom03/10/184.81HOT

Trapped on Novas Ch. 09

 — All might not be as it seems with the Sisterhood. by slavemalcom11/15/184.74HOT

Travelling The Sexual Galaxy

 — A familiar tale takes on a surprising turn. by whambam04/06/104.34

Tray's Emerald Dream

 — Tray is hiding on someone's property, lucky for both of them. by 2alay205/27/124.10

Tray's New Slave, Cherry

 — In a dark dank post apocolyptic world... might makes right. by 2alay205/25/124.12

Treasure Found

 — A warrior finds treasure worth keeping. by BarbaricIntent06/29/084.50HOT

Treasure Found Ch. 02

 — The Winter Travelers. by BarbaricIntent07/02/084.49

Treated Like An Object

 — College girls plot revenge with a supernatural twist. by fgrrtlover11/18/114.04

Tree of Life

 — A seed, a willing host, and a sensual transformation. by DragonflySciFi02/07/114.24


 — why does she care so much about an oak tree? by nicecthulhu11/18/134.75HOT


 — She needed help - of course, he'd make her pay. by DireLilith07/01/07

Tri-ethereal Ch. 00

 — Prologue by BADSAM68910/28/093.69

Tri-ethereal Ch. 01

 — The Sentencing by BADSAM68910/29/094.38

Tri-ethereal Ch. 02

 — Threats and Counter Threats. by BADSAM68911/04/094.75HOT

Tri-ethereal Ch. 03

 — Trimorph Exposé by BADSAM68911/12/094.71HOT

Tri-ethereal Ch. 04

 — The Fight for Freedom. by BADSAM68911/18/094.62HOT

Tri-ethereal Ch. 05

 — The crusade intensifies. by BADSAM68911/22/094.67HOT

Tri-ethereal Ch. 06

 — The Fight to the End. by BADSAM68911/28/094.74HOT

Tri-ethereal Ch. 07

 — Banishment. by BADSAM68912/03/094.68HOT

Tri-ethereal Ch. 08

 — Yearning For Home. by BADSAM68912/09/094.53HOT

Tri-ethereal Ch. 09

 — The Revelation. by BADSAM68912/13/094.69HOT

Trial 1717

 — A man born with a special gift has to save earth. by CatRun04/08/134.42

Trials & Tails

 — Medical experiments have unexpected results for two patients. by cwh31402/04/164.20

Trials in Pannonia: Amala's Tale

 — On the dangerous Roman frontier Amala must focus her passion. by Trinimac12/24/164.38

Trials of a Planeswalker Ch. 01: Rising

 — A young man's spark takes him off across the multiverse. by RaistlinMajere01/16/194.79HOT

Trials of a Planeswalker Ch. 02: Fall

 — Blayne's tale continues across the worlds of the Multiverse. by RaistlinMajere01/17/194.88HOT

Trials of Atlas Bk. 01: Prologue

 — When the mighty Fall... by Young_Atlas01/31/174.13

Trick or Trebor

 — Invitation to Hallowen party takes a strange turn. by Odysseyker10/05/124.53HOT

Tricks Unseen

 — A man must learn to live as a woman after transformation. by syotos4210/27/174.49

Tricky Gods

 — Coyote is causing problems, again. by PaladinInBlack07/28/174.31

Trigger Happy

 — An expedition finds a storehouse of alien weaponry. by JukeboxEMCSA10/25/114.35


 — See the Sun over Trinity. by My Erotic Tale03/26/054.60HOT

Trinity Ch. 1

 — Three creatures unite for a erotic, sanguinary feast. by Palabras10/09/024.00

Trinx Ch. 01

 — A call girl with an unusual talent gets an intriguing client. by VannaJonez09/04/144.67HOT

Trinx Ch. 02

 — A night with Beau, another visitor, and the origins of Trinx. by VannaJonez09/10/144.69HOT

Trinx Ch. 03

 — Lorra and Beau both have surprises for Trinx. by VannaJonez09/18/144.67HOT

Trinx Ch. 04

 — A happy birthday and an unhappy landing. by VannaJonez09/26/144.40

Trinx Ch. 05

 — Trinx's day runs rampantly downhill. by VannaJonez10/04/144.85HOT

Tripletit - The Story So Far

 — Stories about the planet of triple-titted giant women. by oggbashan11/01/184.85HOT

Tripletit 02: Saving The Planet

 — Tripletit is threatened by unscrupulous miners. by oggbashan04/05/084.70HOT

Tripletit 03: Journey to the Planet

 — On the way to a planet of giant three-breasted women. by oggbashan11/22/134.57HOT

Tripletit 04: Welcome

 — I didn't expect such a reception. by oggbashan11/29/134.72HOT

Tripletit 21: Panty Raid

 — I am dying. My wife suggests sex with our giant neighbour. by oggbashan11/23/134.50HOT

Tripletit 31: Healing

 — I took a risk with my health and lost. by oggbashan02/08/194.59HOT

Troll Bridge

 — Why not to cross old bridges at night. by Perky_Goth_Chick05/23/034.64HOTEditor's Pick

Troll Slave Ch. 01

 — Girl is taken & sold to be troll King's concubine. by Goldeniangel07/02/054.34

Troll Slave Ch. 02

 — Carrie is presented to the court. by Goldeniangel07/05/054.46

Troll Slave Ch. 03

 — Carrie reports for her first day of training. by Goldeniangel07/08/054.58HOT

Troll Slave Ch. 04

 — Carrie spends day learning about men from Prince Luke. by Goldeniangel07/12/054.67HOT

Troll Slave Ch. 05

 — She is deflowered before the court by the Troll King. by Goldeniangel07/13/054.59HOT

Troll Slave Ch. 06

 — The conclusion to the series. by Goldeniangel07/15/054.62HOT

Tropical Island

 — A very special fertility clinic. by mating_in_captivity03/16/184.49

Troubled Transformation

 — Rebecca tries a new spell without reading everything. by oggbashan06/29/154.27

Truckstop Takedown

 — A veteran of the Asphalt Arenas makes one final rescue. by Tefler09/13/164.82HOT

True Fantasy Ch. 01

 — Princess Iyva is forced by her betrothed, Lord Matthew. by FlyAwayFromHere10/28/134.43

True Fantasy Ch. 02

 — Iyva becomes braver. The story twists. by FlyAwayFromHere11/06/134.57HOT

True Love

 — Can Tobby understand true love? by My Erotic Tale01/25/054.36

Trysha & Sebau

 — Priestess and a paladin find comfort in a war-torn era. by GildedLily02/12/074.46

Turkin Ch. 01

 — Turkin faces danger when he runs into a sexy elf. by Lesteel04/11/093.74

Turnabout Institute Ch. 02

 — End of James's and Linda's story at institute. by Wifetheif12/08/174.78HOT

Turnabout Pt. 01

 — A paladin finds his life turned on its head by a dragon. by mersennius_prime06/11/184.48

Turned by the Incubus Pt. 02

 — Father Jonathan gets a nighttime visit from Tristan. by Tarash11/24/174.50HOT

Turned Out

 — A male college student gets used by a dickgirl classmate. by irradiatedd02/07/124.51HOT

Turned Out Ch. 02

 — Yet another dickgirl forces herself on Robbie. by irradiatedd02/12/124.65HOT

Turning Japanese

 — One woman's erotic encounter with an Oni . by sheepyboy07/03/124.44

Turning the Tables

 — Luke gets more than bargained for after meeting a cute Omega. by Tarash09/07/184.31

Twas the night before Christmas

 — A woman catches one of Santas little helpers in her house. by rachymcrach12/22/174.40

Twelve Pleasure Slaves Ch. 01

 — Introduction to the pleasure slaves of the royal family. by elucipher02/13/154.46

Twelve Pleasure Slaves Ch. 02

 — Trading parties arrive in Luana. by elucipher06/20/154.53HOT

Twelve Pleasure Slaves Ch. 03

 — With some of the royal family. by elucipher08/16/164.23

Twenty-One Percent

 — A suicidal cyborg hires a prostitute. by RichardBacula09/26/134.24

Twice Bitten

 — Onr more bite and she was his or was she already? by Bakeboss11/22/094.15

Twice Blessed by Eros

 — Violet makes a plea to the gods & is visited by Erotes. by ErosinaScarlett06/18/174.52HOT

Twilight's Pleasure: Prologue

 — A Twilight Dragon develops an...unusual interest in humans. by SirenoftheDeep05/25/144.50HOT

Twin Ch. 01: The Origin

 — How about you read it. by macleen06/23/173.55

Twin Ch. 02: The Origin

 — Twin cont'd. by macleen06/30/174.00

Twin Lust

 — Twins Abel and Raziel make Silaqui an offer she can't refuse. by Xanaphia07/27/103.90

Twin Rose

 — More than an adult fairy tale. by N8Dreams03/07/054.74HOT

Twin Suns of Atlantis: Dorgon

 — Gladiator and princess team up to topple an evil empire. by Blind_Justice02/19/194.84HOT

Twinned Madness

 — Lovecraftian Tale of MtF Lamia Twinning Transformation. by capn_doggy08/05/184.38

Twins of Trallis: Sandstorm

 — A young slave begins to discover her origins. by xelliebabex12/03/134.67HOT

Twins of Trallis: Snowstorm

 — Allora's story. by xelliebabex01/10/144.71HOT

Twins of Trallis: Squalls

 — The discovery of Janus's secret. by xelliebabex02/13/144.64HOT


 — A man with two cocks gives his woman a unique experience. by MasterOfGlory08/21/184.10

Two Elf Princesses

 — Two elvish maids discover love in one another's embrace. by Emma1994UK01/15/134.41

Two for the Price of One

 — Two Faery are pumped for important information. by DungeonsOfDread12/28/124.31

Two Lost Souls Ch. 01

 — People die, a Necromancer is born, sex, and being hunted. by kizkiz08/20/174.70HOT

Two Proud Princesses

 — Elf captured by orcs. by justtheone07/23/134.10

Two Wives, Two Lives

 — Love found, lost, and found. by GToast03/21/084.54HOT

Two Worlds Ch. 01

 — Octavia goes to visit her cousin. by EgyptsGoddess03/05/124.10

Two Worlds Ch. 02

 — Lutane and Octavia. by EgyptsGoddess03/06/124.42

Two Worlds Ch. 03

 — Octavia learns much more. by EgyptsGoddess03/07/124.26

Two Worlds Ch. 04

 — Neo takes Octavia. by EgyptsGoddess03/08/124.55HOT

Two Worlds Ch. 05

 — Octavia's MFM and More. by EgyptsGoddess03/09/124.21

Two Worlds Ch. 06

 — Neo and Milody. by EgyptsGoddess03/10/124.41

Two Worlds Collide Ch. 04

 — The two take it further. by Forgottenrealm09/03/134.70HOT

TXR-92U-2280 – Call Name: Sara Pt. 06

 — Sexual servitude and mass slavery in the 21st century. by epexia07/27/144.66HOT

TXR-92U-2280 – Call Name: Sara Pt. 07

 — Sexual servitude and mass slavery in the 21st century. by epexia10/01/144.50HOT

Tycho the Wizard Ch. 01

 — A wizard finds his way after expulsion from school. by Londongeek08/25/124.41

Tylarah FireWynd Ch. 01

 — An introduction to Tylarah and her world. by NanashiKuro01/27/084.10

Tylarah FireWynd Ch. 02

 — Tylarah gets to know her teacher a little better. by NanashiKuro01/28/084.33

Tylarah FireWynd Ch. 03

 — Tylarah learns a lesson. by NanashiKuro01/29/084.67

Tyr and Tyra

 — A desperate serf undergoes a magic ritual. by sycksycko09/16/134.16

Tyr and Tyra Ch. 02

 — You never know who's around the corner. by sycksycko10/15/134.46

U: Underground

 — Naughty Naga gets everything she wants. by intriguess09/29/023.97

Ubei Dau Vave Tlahi, Muxze Ziitai?

 — On the joys of language and of breast-play. by ollraigth08/10/174.25


 — Alien ship alters balance of power between warring countries. by brunorivera07/20/043.98

UFO Pt. 01

 — Meet Jack by brooke10/12/104.00

UFO Pt. 02

 — Cherry. by brooke03/17/194.03

Ullah - A Gorean Slave

 — Tale of a kajira serving in a paga den. by Vague Eden12/11/034.38

Ulric and Anna

 — The Librarian, his companion and the strange Obelisk. by xtorch12/20/114.78HOT

Ultimate Assassin Saga: Escape

 — What is to become of the Demon Assassin. by Undersought06/26/154.78HOT

Ultimate Assassin Saga: Tundra

 — 2nd chapter. by Undersought07/22/154.74HOT

Ultimate Assassin Saga: Woodlands

 — Danger is around every corner. by Undersought10/22/154.84HOT

Ultragirl Ch. 01

 — There's a new super-heroine in town. Bad guys beware! by OmnislashXX09/21/154.31


 — She claims what is hers unexpectedly. by Xeyda07/16/044.19


 — Captain Williams wondered if he is still a Man? by Birandi07/25/094.40

Uncertain Future Ch. 01

 — A new life circumstance for Lara. by EmPossa04/01/194.30

Uncertain Future Ch. 02

 — Things improved, than turned worse for Lara. by EmPossa04/02/194.59HOT

Uncertain Future Ch. 03

 — A revelation, and a change of fortune. by EmPossa04/14/194.65HOT

Uncertain Future Ch. 04

 — Where would Lara ended up? by EmPossa04/27/194.56HOT

Uncertain Future Ch. 05

 — Waking up, what will Lara see? by EmPossa05/11/194.93HOT

Uncertain Future Ch. 06

 — The return. How will thing changes? by EmPossa05/25/194.94HOT

Uncharted Planet Ch. 01-02

 — Three crewmembers are stranded and have to fight to survive. by pyramidqueen04/04/174.18

Uncharted Planet Ch. 03-04

 — The survivors explore their options on a mysterious planet. by pyramidqueen06/13/174.27

Uncharted Planet Ch. 05

 — Round two of the trio's sexual adventures. by pyramidqueen07/13/174.20

UNCHARTED: Drake's Demise

 — Not all treasure is gold. Not all gold is treasure. by auguy8607/25/164.66HOT

Unconventional Theft Ch. 01

 — Three years later Ashley and Alex's lives have changed a lot. by Pthead05/20/184.61HOT

Unconventional Theft Ch. 02

 — Alex enters Ashley's mind. by Pthead05/25/184.68HOT

Unconventional Theft Ch. 03

 — Ashley and Alex agree to help Corvac and meet another demon. by Pthead05/30/184.82HOT

Unconventional Theft Ch. 04

 — Alex and Kono have a run in with a Succubus. by Pthead06/01/184.71HOT

Unconventional Theft Ch. 05

 — Meg has some fun before Corvac returns. by Pthead06/05/184.82HOT

Unconventional Theft Ch. 06

 — Ashley helps Kono become more confident. by Pthead06/20/184.74HOT

Unconventional Theft Ch. 07

 — The group have fun before they face their worst fear. by Pthead06/27/184.74HOT

Unconventional Theft Ch. 08

 — Meg protects Alex as the end draws near. by Pthead07/05/184.72HOT

Unconventional Therapy Ch. 01

 — A therapist helps a step brother and sister. by Pthead12/05/174.56HOT

Unconventional Therapy Ch. 02

 — A therapist helps a step brother and sister. by Pthead12/06/174.66HOT

Unconventional Therapy Ch. 03

 — Alex and Ashley start to figure out what's happening. by Pthead12/07/174.77HOT

Unconventional Therapy Ch. 04

 — Ashley and Alex confront Sandra. by Pthead01/04/184.72HOT

Unconventional Therapy Ch. 05

 — Ashley and Alex make a deal over the coin. by Pthead01/11/184.82HOT

Unconventional Therapy Ch. 06

 — Ashley spends the day as Alex. by Pthead01/14/184.72HOT

Unconventional Therapy Ch. 07

 — Ashley spends the day teasing Alex. by Pthead01/18/184.83HOT

Unconventional Therapy Ch. 08

 — Ashley and Alex try something new. by Pthead02/11/184.79HOT

Unconventional Therapy Ch. 09

 — Alex and Ashley return the coin and Kate has a surprise. by Pthead02/15/184.83HOT

Uncourtly Love Ch. 01

 — A naughty Lady gives a Knight a sexy handjob. by MikeWrites04/29/104.26

Uncovering A Spy

 — How a lusty ripe warrior gets exposed. by Black Tulip10/18/034.49

Undead American in Ontario

 — African-American zombie living in Ontario, Canada. by Samuelx11/11/111.56

Undead Intercourse

 — Two spirits quench their lusty thirst. by dandelion200708/10/072.70

Under a Genie's Power

 — When a teenage girl gets a genie, sexy fun will ensue. by DragoTime01/16/184.04

Under His Wing

 — Mirabelle's life is saved by an unearthly young man. by BloodAndStarlight10/12/144.55HOT

Under the Falcon's Wing

 — A Mongol warrior falls in love with her youthful captive. by taiyakisoba09/09/154.81HOT

Under the Full Moon Ch. 01

 — He longs for the woman inside the cafe during the full moon. by deepluve05/23/173.73

Under the Full Moon Ch. 02

 — Their first meeting inside the castle under the full moon. by deepluve03/07/184.53HOT

Under the Lily Pad

 — A prince becomes enchanted. by Master_Vassago04/12/044.30

Under the Moon

 — It all starts with a walk in a forest. by Grimknightdude08/28/153.77

Under the Waterfall Ch. 01

 — A Day on Three Sisters Mountain. by flatliner03/18/174.35


 — Naked Asian woman fights biker gang&explores world below. by DaveDevlin06/29/07

Underworld Initiation

 — Sarina succumbs to their ritualistic sexual feast. by NightWarrior07/20/073.89

Undine Chronicles Ch. 01

 — An aging widower and waterman finds new reason to live. by QuantumMechanic04/02/084.28

Undine Chronicles Ch. 02

 — Undine gets a new owner, with a dysfunctional family. by QuantumMechanic04/03/084.74HOT

Undiscovered Countries

 — People trapped in elevators, sure, but escalators? by hammingbyrd706/01/044.40

Undying Love

 — A ghostly lover eases Evelyn's longing for her husband. by SweetMerry02/22/114.24

Unexpected Circumstances Ch. 01

 — A Sin'dorei Paladin captured in the Alliance-Horde War. by Blademane08/23/184.13

Unexpected Circumstances Ch. 02

 — A continuation of the first Chapter. by Blademane08/29/184.40

Unexpected Developments

 — Sacrifice deserves a reward by mersennius_prime06/08/184.59HOT

Unexpected Happenings Ch. 01

 — Cat acquires a relationship in the making she gets a shock. by SinisterMedows06/13/124.19

Unexpected Holiday Adventure

 — Woman finds herself in the company of a strange organism. by joshy02901/19/104.44

Unfaithful Dog

 — A certain man is an unfaithful dog. by DanLockered08/26/164.00

Unfettered Ch. 01

 — An exotic slave commits crimes of passion for his Mistress. by DeviantDreamer01/05/114.61HOT

Unfettered Ch. 02

 — Alliances are forged from carnal desires. by DeviantDreamer03/20/114.54HOT

Unfinished Business

 — You found me once again, and I can't resist. by CountessPrim12/22/124.09

Unfinished Story - Angels and Demon

 — A start to a story; maybe you the reader can finish it? by bomakerasdf12/17/164.43

Unforeseen Circumstances

 — Being trapped in another world can have its perks. by WerewolfatNight11/08/054.59HOT


 — A knight, a lady, and a gypsy curse. by fiestycat8609/17/094.33

Unforgettable Ch. 01

 — She was just trying to sing for her supper. by DireLilith07/04/07

Unforgettable Ch. 02

 — How she made her way up the tree. by DireLilith07/05/07HOT

Unicorn Glade

 — Knight makes a desperate pact for his wife's soul. by Paul Lucas12/29/014.54HOTEditor's Pick


 — Saris is chosen by the Unicorns. by Goldeniangel03/01/054.33

Unidentified Fucking Object

 — A close erotic encounter. The sex is out there. by KenJames09/16/033.80


 — He wakes up in bed next to a strange woman. Very strange. by JukeboxEMCSA05/14/124.43

Uninvited Ch. 01

 — An alien soldier is forced upon a chronic bachelor (X-COM). by Snekguy12/06/164.71HOT

Uninvited Ch. 02: Always Welcome

 — Trying to adapt to a new city he meets an old friend. (XCOM) by Snekguy12/13/164.76HOT

Uninvited Ch. 03: You Shouldn't Be Here

 — He gets in trouble with the law, but can his lover help him? by Snekguy12/14/164.86HOT

Uninvited Ch. 04: The Way Home

 — Our hero and his alien lover fight for their freedom. (XCOM) by Snekguy03/25/174.90HOT

Unity and Destiny Pt. 01

 — Sequel to 'The Strangeness Within'. by rockchaser07/29/184.80HOT

Unity and Destiny Pt. 02

 — A desperate search; clues about Esther's past. by rockchaser08/03/184.80HOT

Unity and Destiny Pt. 03

 — Our heroes run afoul of the Chosen. by rockchaser08/14/184.91HOT

Unity and Destiny Pt. 04

 — The fragile peace shatters. by rockchaser08/23/184.84HOT

Unity and Destiny Pt. 05

 — Fugitives again. by rockchaser08/25/184.93HOT

Unity and Destiny Pt. 06

 — An unexpected truce; more powerful Changed reveal themselves. by rockchaser08/29/184.96HOT

Unity and Destiny Pt. 07

 — Forced cooperation; the team carries out a high-stakes raid. by rockchaser09/04/184.94HOT

Unity and Destiny Pt. 08

 — The team tries to hold together as the world flies apart. by rockchaser09/08/184.95HOT

Unity and Destiny Pt. 09

 — Conclusion: Facing the Mexican. by rockchaser09/18/184.83HOT

Unknown Beginnings Pt. 00: Prelude

 — A woman discovers a new purpose in life. by BigNerdKool06/03/164.00

Unknown Ch. 01

 — Trapped in a place between places, reflections of reflection. by sensanin01/13/154.35

Unknown Ch. 02

 — Is Hell real? Trick question. by sensanin10/12/174.58HOT

Unlikely Breeder Ch. 01

 — Alien race abducts humans to solve a problem. by Sungmehetu01/05/193.82

Unlikely Breeder Ch. 02

 — Derek gets to know his new life. by Sungmehetu01/30/194.28

Unlikely Breeder Ch. 03

 — A human becomes Gank. by Sungmehetu02/08/194.42

Unlikely Breeder Ch. 04

 — Glimpses of home, and Massive Upheaval. by Sungmehetu03/05/193.82

Unlikely Saviour

 — This is a sort of prequel to an upcoming story. by sexgundam66602/01/144.49

Unliving Lust Ch. 01

 — A thief and a druidess track down strange ghouls. by GigglingGoblin02/05/144.31

Unliving Lust Ch. 02

 — Druidess is "detained" by three beautiful pale women. by GigglingGoblin02/13/144.35

Unliving Lust Ch. 03

 — Tied and hypnotized by three women, has Larya met her match? by GigglingGoblin07/04/144.57HOT

Unorthodox Assignment

 — A femdom tale set in the universe of the anime Outlaw Star. by HammerGod08/26/124.40

Unorthodox Punishment Pt. 01

 — A story of two ex-girlfriends, a summoner and a succubus. by Ragnarok38511/07/154.15

Unorthodox Punishment Pt. 02

 — Tim and Kim decide to take matters into their own hands. by Ragnarok38511/07/154.18

Unorthodox Punishment Pt. 03

 — Kim decides to give Jared another chance...maybe. by Ragnarok38511/08/154.24

Unorthodox Punishment Pt. 04

 — Kim makes a deal. by Ragnarok38511/18/154.21

Unorthodox Punishment Pt. 05

 — Bethany gives Jared a night to remember. by Ragnarok38511/19/154.38

Unorthodox Punishment Pt. 06

 — Kim wakes up with a few surprises. by Ragnarok38511/20/154.40

Unorthodox Punishment Pt. 07-09

 — Kim, Tim, Bethany, and Myrla all have a night to remember. by Ragnarok38511/21/154.72HOT

Unplanned Vacation Ch. 01

 — A married couple finds themselves drawn to a resort. by JoeyLakehead12/24/124.36

Unplanned Vacation Ch. 02

 — Sandra gets exposed to an unusually erotic resort check-in. by JoeyLakehead12/25/124.47

Unplanned Vacation Ch. 03

 — Sandra gets some moral support from two resort maidens. by JoeyLakehead12/26/124.46

Unplanned Vacation Ch. 04

 — Eric gets a tour of some of the resort's unique features. by JoeyLakehead12/27/124.50HOT

Unplanned Vacation Ch. 05

 — The resort staff invoke a procedure for loosening Sandra up. by JoeyLakehead12/28/124.62HOT

Unplanned Vacation Ch. 06

 — Eric makes himself comfortable at their cottage. by JoeyLakehead01/02/134.39

Unplanned Vacation Ch. 07

 — Eric and Sandra reunite after their busy morning. by JoeyLakehead01/03/134.66HOT

Unplanned Vacation Ch. 08

 — Sanda is present when Heidi emerges and starts her training. by JoeyLakehead02/18/134.52HOT

Unplanned Vacation Ch. 09

 — Heidi begins advanced training and meets her new roommate. by JoeyLakehead02/19/134.75HOT

Unplanned Vacation Ch. 10

 — Heidi and Kira get to know their new roommate. by JoeyLakehead02/26/134.32

Unquenchable Carnal Thirst

 — A wizard casts a lustful spell on three hot, horny girls. by Appetitefordesire08/16/134.22

Unquenchable Thirst

 — Three girls overcome with insatiable lust by a carnal spell. by Appetitefordesire10/17/114.32

Unrequited Love Machine

 — Can science help those hurt by love? by dr13bone08/06/123.73

Unseen Hands

 — Helen spends a night in a haunted house. by Moondrift01/25/054.04

Untamed Bliss

 — She wanted his seed, he took control. by DireLilith11/15/08

Untitled Ch. 01

 — An end to the peaceful life. by elite107/28/063.25

Untitled Genie Story

 — Guy gets wish granting him his greatest T&D fantasy. by Guitman6907/11/174.49

Untitled: Prologue

 — First step to power. by elite107/23/064.42


 — A simple touch can reveal more to some. by MeanElf08/20/054.56HOT

Unwise Decisions

 — The don'ts and more don'ts of surviving in a monstrous world by DrVulpyne12/15/143.94

Unwise Purchase Ch. 01

 — A girl buys a cursed ring and loses the ability to refuse. by LackofEnthusiasm09/04/124.44

Unwise Purchase Ch. 02

 — A girl buys a cursed ring and loses the ability to refuse. by LackofEnthusiasm10/28/124.46

Up in Smoke

 — When a Djinn wakes up, he likes what he sees. by 2alay206/14/124.32

Up The Beanstalk

 — An erotic twist on a classic fairytale with a female 'Jack'. by _Lorelei_11/14/144.01

Upon a Savage Shore Ch. 01

 — Old style Science Fiction adventure. by RipperFish06/29/144.68HOT

Upon a Savage Shore Ch. 02

 — Old style Science Fiction adventure. with naughty bits. by RipperFish06/30/144.79HOT

Upon a Savage Shore Ch. 03

 — Our hero must make a life or death decision. by RipperFish07/04/144.84HOT

Upon a Savage Shore Ch. 04

 — Sergeant Carter continues to cope with his new life. by RipperFish07/08/144.84HOT

Upon a Savage Shore Ch. 05

 — Liam cooks dinner. M'pel E'kmel asks some pointed questions. by RipperFish07/10/144.85HOT

Upon a Savage Shore Ch. 06

 — Danger in the night leads to something else at dawn. by RipperFish07/14/144.86HOT

Upon a Savage Shore Ch. 07

 — Liam cleans up after the battle. Tem'Ma'tel takes a bath. by RipperFish07/16/144.83HOT

Upon a Savage Shore Ch. 08

 — The young ones enjoy some privacy. by RipperFish07/19/144.80HOT

Upon a Savage Shore Ch. 09

 — Things do not go as planned when M'pel E'kmel takes a bath. by RipperFish07/21/144.83HOT

Upon a Savage Shore Ch. 10

 — The cats enjoy some time to themselves. by RipperFish07/29/144.81HOT

Upon a Savage Shore Ch. 11

 — The castaways begin their journey to a new home. by RipperFish08/05/144.85HOT

Upon a Savage Shore Ch. 12

 — The castaways find a new home. Marines clash. by RipperFish08/08/144.88HOT

Upon a Savage Shore Ch. 13

 — A transitional chapter. No sex or combat. by RipperFish08/15/144.84HOT

Upon a Savage Shore Ch. 14

 — The castaways go hunting and encounter the unexpected by RipperFish08/17/144.84HOT

Upon a Savage Shore Ch. 15

 — The nomads arrive. by RipperFish08/29/144.86HOT

Upon a Savage Shore Ch. 16

 — Sergeant Carter speaks with the neighbors. by RipperFish08/31/144.85HOT

Upon a Savage Shore Ch. 17

 — The castaways are wronged and there is a reckoning. by RipperFish09/04/144.86HOT

Upon a Savage Shore Ch. 18

 — A transitional chapter. No sex or combat. by RipperFish09/16/144.85HOT

Upon a Savage Shore Ch. 19

 — An emergency arises in the kraal. by RipperFish09/18/144.86HOT

Upon a Savage Shore Ch. 20

 — Trouble, trouble and even more trouble. by RipperFish09/24/144.87HOTContest Winner

Upon a Savage Shore Ch. 21

 — Chaos in the kraal. by RipperFish10/01/144.86HOT

Upon a Savage Shore Ch. 22

 — The enemy's ship. by RipperFish10/12/144.89HOT

Upon a Savage Shore Ch. 23

 — The last chapter. by RipperFish10/19/144.92HOT


 — Today the ship re-entered the Sol star system. by JRLonewolf02/27/114.43

Uranus Is a Lonely Place

 — Man on remote moon finds a mystery in his sex simulations. by rockchaser08/15/184.74HOT

Urasiel Files Ch. 01

 — The DemonHunter has captured his prey; will she submit? by DracnKitten12/19/084.24

Urban Fantasy: First Chapter

 — Urban chic and mythical fantasy collide. by Le Gourmand03/04/064.72HOT

Urban Fantasy: Journey's Start

 — The room was hot and damp... by Le Gourmand06/20/084.54HOT

Urban Oddballs: 01

 — Bred to be a Bimbo-Goblin girl becomes an adventurer. by Orbmansuper04/30/174.21

Urban Oddballs: 02

 — Two cheeks One boss- BIG FAT ASSES. by Orbmansuper05/24/174.50HOT

Urban Oddballs: 03

 — Masked Toys- A church of Bimbos? by Orbmansuper05/14/174.08

Urban Oddballs: 04

 — Really Thick. by Orbmansuper05/15/173.75

Urban Oddballs: 05

 — Milf Shakes- Zeba goes on a date. by Orbmansuper05/20/173.50

Urban Oddballs: 06

 — Getting Soft?- Hard fights with soft bodies. by Orbmansuper05/26/174.00

Urban Oddballs: 07

 — Chocolate Milf - Ray-Ray and Quiz go shopping. by Orbmansuper06/02/172.71

Urban Oddballs: 08

 — Gloomy Bitches-Its raining. by Orbmansuper06/12/173.57

Urban Oddballs: 09

 — Swelling-Mansion party. by Orbmansuper06/21/174.00

Urban Oddballs: 10

 — Bitch Days-Slumber Party! by Orbmansuper07/16/173.86

Urban Oddballs: 11

 — Farmy pt 01-Girls go to a milk farm. by Orbmansuper07/26/173.62

Urban Oddballs: 12

 — The Cootie Cats-Puvi and the Cooties Cats~ by Orbmansuper07/30/174.80

Urban Oddballs: 13

 — Farmy Pt. 02-The girls finish up their farm trip. by Orbmansuper08/11/175.00

Urban Oddballs: 14

 — Onions Cry Too-Big tears for big backstory. by Orbmansuper09/04/174.00

Urban Oddballs: 15

 — Asspectations- Gaxi and friends get blown away by Orbmansuper09/09/174.33

Urban Oddballs: 16

 — Puvi-Life and times of a big black ass. by Orbmansuper10/08/174.50

Urban Oddballs: 17

 — Arthur Vicious-Big Daddy! The biggest daddy. by Orbmansuper10/07/174.75

Urban Oddballs: 18

 — Ivory Manor- Super fat ass rich people party. by Orbmansuper11/02/175.00

Urban Oddballs: 19

 — HQ four your ass and you-Annry buys a barn. by Orbmansuper11/29/174.00

Urban Oddballs: 20

 — Everyone enjoys a bath. by Orbmansuper01/06/185.00

Urban Oddballs: 21

 — Some times friends fight. by Orbmansuper03/08/184.33

Urban Oddballs: 22

 — A short stay at Daddy's to get Shawky healthy. by Orbmansuper04/21/184.00

Urban Oddballs: 23

 — Happy One year anniversary a little late though, sorry! by Orbmansuper07/06/183.00

Urban Oddballs: Boss Booty

 — Two cheeks one boss. by Orbmansuper05/10/174.00

Urban Oddballs: Super Guide 01

 — A guide for everyone's stats up to the chapter 'Bitch Days'. by Orbmansuper07/23/174.00

Used Ponygirl Dealer

 — The story of what may happen in a dystopian society. by Boxlicker10108/01/113.53


 — A computer program fulfills its creator's bondage fantasy. by AlexMakin03/30/164.67HOT

Utatrerses The Kushite Vampire

 — African vampire war during Empress Makeda's reign. by Samuelx09/08/17

Utopia Ch. 01

 — All alone in a virtual world for years, Daphne got so bored. by Pindaflash03/22/114.45

Utopia Ch. 02

 — He's dominant, he's rough, he's all she wanted... sort of... by Pindaflash03/25/114.63HOT

Utopia Ch. 03

 — Daphne's new creation won't leave her alone. by Pindaflash04/05/114.58HOT

Utopia Ch. 04

 — A talk about sex fantasies will obvously result in more sex. by Pindaflash05/06/114.55HOT

Uurf Ch. 01

 — A continuation of The Dragon Ring. by Beatnic_jazzman03/05/134.55HOT

Uurf Ch. 02

 — A new world and new mores. by Beatnic_jazzman03/06/134.59HOT

Uurf Ch. 03

 — Driving a chariot. by Beatnic_jazzman03/07/134.52HOT

Uurf Ch. 04

 — Uurf magic. by Beatnic_jazzman03/08/134.54HOT

Uurf Ch. 05A

 — Going out with a bang. by Beatnic_jazzman03/09/134.55HOT

Uurf Ch. 05B

 — Bringing the house down. by Beatnic_jazzman03/09/134.48


 — A young man's vacation goes terribly wrong. by doctorpluto03/09/172.72

VAL v1.4

 — Two entrepreneurs & their wives develop a robotic lover. by nowunuknow09/15/06HOT

Val's Perspective

 — His elf's point of view of their encounter. by ELLERODERICK08/30/084.50HOT

Valdar Ch. 01-02

 — Introduction to a lore heavy erotic fantasy world. by Fendisteel01/06/173.22

Vale of the Hist

 — Princess attempts to rescue her enslaved sister. by MickJay01/26/074.31

Valerie, the Demon Hunter Ch. 01

 — Captain Ramford and his men get a suprise. by SirFapsAlot05/30/123.79

Valeriya The Half Breed Ch. 01

 — A bi-racial girl is kidnapped at a Tokyo mall. by kitty_siam09/20/174.61HOT

Valeriya The Half Breed Ch. 02

 — Valeriya is punished for screwing up her first assignment. by kitty_siam09/21/174.58HOT

Valeriya The Half Breed Ch. 03

 — Valeriya is forced to confront a mountain of a man. by kitty_siam09/25/174.60HOT

Valkeric Favors

 — A young Amazon's minion becomes something more. by WiredJ02/06/063.88


 — Valkyrie. by Maland02/12/153.56

Valkyrie Lost

 — An injured Valkyrie finds a home and a new family. by Sarahdv05/23/194.66HOT

Valley of Water

 — Dark dangerous desires, passion and love in the Valley. by Sunsetbeach61211/27/123.80

Valley of Water Ch. 02

 — Dark dangerous desires, passion and love in the valley. by Sunsetbeach61201/03/175.00


 — Seduction by a Vamp. by sweetkd04/01/093.59


 — Female vampire enjoys a prelude to the feast. by Lilith_09/10/104.41

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